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  1. I've always been a mark for striking finishers so I'd have to say Aleister Black's "Black Mass" or Will Ospreay's Elbow, whatever that's called. It looks sick but I have to admit Will is super unsafe with it and full contact shots to the back of the head are super bad.
  2. Backstory: Alyx Wilde has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in BPZ and currently faces what very well may be his last chance at obtaining the legendary status he promised he would from day one. There is nothing more dangerous than a desperate man with a dream. Born: August 17th 1996 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: Canadian Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Brawler Body Type: Ripped Size: Middleweight Minimum Size: Middleweight Maximum Size: Middleweight Moves: "Man Vs. Wilde" Benadryller, "Enter The Void" SleeperHold Face Gimmick: Something Wholesome Heel Gimmick: Something Cocky Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: Wrestler Picture: Indie CM Punk
  3. Something is really appealing to me about a Finn Balor, Mr. MITB run but I think most of these guys would be pretty fun with the case. I think Kofi will get the last spot and they're just putting him in there because he can pull of rad spots, but I really hope that guy gets his day in the sun one day (WHC Run), cause he deserves it as much as anyone and is just as talented as all the guys in the main event scene rn.
  4. Ricochet vs Velveteen Dream has me hyped beyond words, and they've worked a beautiful feud psychologically in the past week or so with a lot of subtlety. Like the things with the attention seeking VD being outshined by Ricochet's insane abilities like when he leaped out of the ring is such a brilliant way to cast those two and it does so much for the theater nerd inside of me.
  5. The Nia and Ronda thing was anti-climactic at best, Roode v Strowman is two great guys who really shouldn't work across from each other, it just did NOT work for me. Owen v Balor is pretty fun, standard RAW performances from both of them but that's still better than most the roster imo.
  6. Really hope it's nothing to serious with Regal, behind the scenes he is absolutely imperative to NXT, it really couldn't exist without him. Not to mention that he is an incredible on screen personality playing that GM Role.
  7. Nice to meet you, buddy! I hope to see you around the forums and if you have any questions at all or are just looking for someone to chat with, my DMs are always open. Enjoy your stay pal!
  8. As EVOLVE returns from commercial we see an empty room covered in golden foil and filled with various gold props. There is a long, almost eerie silence as we stare at a still shot of the room. Eventually, the crinkle of shoes on foil is heard as "The Greatest Show on Earth" Alyx Wilde walks into the frame, wearing a golden suit with his freshly won Intercontinental Championship thrown over his left shoulder. With the capture of the IC Belt and a victory against NXT Champion Marker to earn himself a place in the Global Championship Triple Threat, this has easily been the most successful stretch in Wilde's career since his historic 2016 run. A large grin grows across the face of Wilde as he sets down his Intercontinental Championship in front of him, basking in his own reflection cast by the brightly shining belt. He slowly looks up at the hard camera and smirks as he says. By now you should know, that gold and Alyx Wilde are synonymous. One cannot exist without the other. A world where I don't have a piece of gold around my waist is a waste of a world. These are the facts as old as the universe, but yet somehow a large portion of you have grown to resent me for how I captured what has been rightfully mine for a long time now, MY Intercontinental Championship. And all I can say is... Wilde lifts the belt from the desk, admiring it in all it's glory before planting a long kiss on the front plate and tossing it over the shoulder before continuing with his speech, now making direct eye contact with the camera. What did you expect? I am Alyx Wilde. I always have a plan. I am Alyx Wilde. I don't wait in line. I am Alyx Wilde. I can't be stopped. Josh couldn't and that sorry excuse for an NXT Champion sure as hell couldn't either. But despite that, degenerates like Angelo Caito think it's a brilliant idea to call me out in some strange, insecure, homophobic rant that did nothing for anyone beyond showing everyone how scared you are of irrelevancy. I get it Brad. I really do, these are desperate times for a once great man. You're going one on one with Ark at Takeover: Fallout for christ's sake, I mean, that's just low, I know you're obsessed with accomplishments because you seem to be incapable of achieving, well, anything really, but was "Least Interesting Match Ever" really on your bucket list? I know you're not a very bright guy so I'm going to keep this simply for you. Wilde leans forward and removes his glasses, reveling his cold, intimidating blue eyes as he stares down the camera, as if to personally deliver these words of warning to Angelo Caito himself. Keep my name out of your insignificant mouth. You'll be a lot fucking safer that way. But I'm done wasting my breath on someone so meaningless to me, especially when there is something much more important on my horizons. The Triple Threat Match at Takeover. My shot at more gold. Gold that needs me. Don't get me wrong, winning my first Intercontinental Title was a very important step in my story, and there isn't a single person on this god damn roster capable of taking it from me, but my work isn't done. I lay awake at night, unable to get any sleep as I hear the Global Championship calling my name at the top of it's lungs, begging for me. Well don't worry my little friend. In just a little over a month your savior will arrive. I will free you from the grips of mediocrity that have held onto you for far too long. Unfortunately for the other two men who have the displeasure of standing across the ring from this specimen, your savior isn't coming. As a matter a fact, nothing can save you or anyone else in this company from Alyx Wilde. Nothing can save you from The Greatest. Show. On. Earth. Wilde smiles and blows a kiss to the camera before posing before it, basking in the power of his own words as the footage slowly fades to black. Alyx Wilde is back, and he just put the whole roster on notice.
  9. The show had some decent moments and didn't drag on as much as usual but it was still only a 5/10 at best. Rehashed segments and pointless DQ finishes made it hard for me to really get into the show at all. Finn vs. Braun is really decent however, I actually really rate their chemistry.
  10. Really glad to hear they're bringing this back, the first one was great and some of the talent that has since moved into the developmental system is incredible, the future of women's wrestling is extremely bright and I'm glad to see them getting the credit and exposure they deserve. (Most of the time.)
  11. Some of the writing in this feud has been some of the shittiest, cornball stuff I've seen in years. Not to mention the classy bit of transphobia. But to be fair Sami has shown some really strong mic skills and it's obvious both guys are trying hard to make this work. I'm assuming Lashley wins here but I really hope that doesn't just leave Sami with nothing to do and nowhere to go, cause as I've said time and time again, the man deserves to be at the top of this business.
  12. Thank you lad, I look forward to our battles for months to come.
  13. May 25th, 2018: BPZ Mayhem An absolute bomb was dropped earlier tonight on the pre-show when it was announced the new holder of the recently vacated Intercontinental Championship would be decided live, tonight in 1 on 1 competition as the man who just lost the belt one month ago, Josh, takes on none other than the self proclaimed "Greatest Show on Earth" Alyx Wilde! We are just moments away from watching two men who have shown potential to be the next big thing in BPZ will do battle for one of the most prestigious belts in the business. With the level of talent about to hit the ring, this match very well bring the house down. And it appears the wait is over as the pumping, dulcet tones of Alyx Wilde's theme begins pulsing throughout the tension filled air. Thick, purple smoke begins drowning the stage and ramp as Alyx Wilde slowly stumbles his way to the center of the mass of fog. As Wilde stands there, the smoke begins to slowly drip off his body to the ground level until finally, Alyx Wilde is fully revealed to the rampant BPZ Universe who meets Wilde with a thundering response, Boos and Cheers come together to form a deafening chorus. Alyx Wilde stands still for a moment, relishing his moment, all eyes on him. He wears a pair of deep purple velvet tights tucked into bright white knee high boots. He also dons his golden high cut swan-esque jacket, this man is a peacock on every level. He suddenly stretches out his arms and arches his back into his signature pose as the roar grows even louder from the audience. He grins and shakes his head as he struts his way down the ramp, staring at the rapid fans with almost a quizzical look. As Alyx Wilde reaches the ring he hops up on the apron and sits there for a moment, allowing his feet to dangle as he stares down at the floor. Whether he wants to show it or not, this moment means everything for Alyx Wilde. This is the opportunity he has been begging for ever since his BPZMania defeat. If he wins, he is immediately one of the main faces of the company, the brand deals and recognition he has been so desperate for will come but most importantly, if he can capture his first Intercontinental Title, he just may be able to prove that he's at least half as good as he thinks. Wilde slowly drags his hands over his face before looking up, as he looks up he sees the camera in front of him, his entire demeanor changes as he remembers, all eyes on him. He shakes his violently before hoping down from the apron and walking up to the camera, grabbing the sides and whispering down the lense You're gonna want to see this. He then shoves the cameraman backwards, causing him to take a hard spill as Wilde charges the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and slowly crawling his way to the center of the ring and violently punching the canvas beneath him several times before popping up to his feet and striking a pose for the crowd once more, it seems every time Alyx Wilde enters the ring their are more questions about him than when he entered. But only question matters now, can he win the Intercontinental Championship? We're about to find out. Wilde slowly puts his arms down before stumbling his way to the far corner and taking a seat, back against the ropes. Suddenly the music of "The Gentleman" Josh hits and an absolute eruption of cheers from the BPZ Universe, they love this guy and they're not ashamed to show it. The happy go lucky former Intercontinental Champion is looking to reclaim his gold tonight, and given his recent run of form, you can't call him the underdog. Josh makes his way down the ramp, William III in tow as he high fives various fans leaning over the barricade. Josh quickly reaches the apron and hops up before using his incredible athleticism to leap up and over the top rope and into the ring. The Gentleman makes his way to the middle of the ring and flashes his classic peace sign before giving the crowd and nod and a smile and heading into his corner as the ref grabs the Intercontinental Championship from a ringside assistant and brings it to center stage. He shows it to both men before lifting the prestigious belt into the air. The ref hands the belt of before signaling for the bell. Here we go. Josh immediately walks to the middle of the stage and extends his hand out to Wilde, The Gentleman is living up to his name and trying to show respect to a guy he's spoken very highly of in the past. Wilde, who hasn't left the corner yet, just stands biting his thumb nail, blankly staring at Josh. Wilde slowly drops his hand from his mouth and begins walking his way towards the outstretched hand of Josh. As Wilde approaches Josh he pauses for a moment before embracing Josh in a tight hug. Josh seems as confused as everyone else, but still politely pats Wilde on the back. As Wilde lets go of the hug he takes Josh's face in his hands and stares into his eyes, smiling at the man he's supposed to be in a professional wrestling match with. But then, like a switch flipping, the smile drops from Wilde's face, leaving just a cold glare in it's wake. The camera barely picks up Wilde calmly saying to Josh I'm sorry this has to happen to you. Wilde then quickly and violently jerks Josh's head down into a Muay Thai Clinch before launching sickening knees into the face and skull of Josh. Josh tries putting his hands up but it's too late, he get's caught with the first knee, which is enough to thwart any attempts at defending himself, as his arms fall to his side, Wilde connects with knee after knee, with little regard for the permanent damage he must be doing to the bright young star. After around the 7th knee the ref decides he has seen enough and begins counting for Wilde to break the hold, but in the four seconds he has to do so he lands about 10 more knees to the defenseless Josh. As the ref raises his hand to count to 5, Wilde lets go of Josh's head and puts his hands up in the air as if to ask what he did wrong. As soon as he stops being supported by Wilde, Josh crashes face first into the canvas at Wilde's feet, he very well may be out cold. The ref looks on in horror for a moment before quickly reacting, shoving Alyx Wilde back into the far corner and coming to the aid of Josh. There is a long, brutal silence as the fans and Wilde alike watch the referee bring Josh back to consciousness and starts talking to him. Josh makes it up to a seated position, revealing to the cameras the thick, crimson blood leaking from his nose. The referee says something to Josh but Josh just shakes his head and starts making his way to his feet, he nearly collapses as soon as he gets up but he uses the ropes to steady himself. Josh is gonna continue the match, unbelievable. You can never underestimate the heart of Gentleman Josh. Wilde just walks back to the middle of the ring and laughs at the persistent Josh, who doesn't take kindly to this as he shoves the ref out of the way and charges Wilde, firing a dropkick straight into his chest, sending The Wilde One flying back into the corner. Josh then runs back to the opposite corner before sprinting full speed and flying through the air with another dropkick, this one catching Wilde square on the chin. Wilde manages to stumble about four steps before crumpling down to the canvas. Josh quickly makes the cover, 1...2..No, just like that it could have all been over for Alyx Wilde. Josh senses how close he was too and he wants to keep the offensive pressure on. He picks up the dazed Wilde and whips him into the ropes looking for a scoop slam but just seconds before reaching Josh, Wilde stops on a dime and lands a superkick square on the jaw of Josh, who drops down to his knees. Wilde looks down at the kneeling Josh before firing himself off the ropes and crashing into him with a picture perfect Shining Wizard, completely laying out The Gentleman. Wilde scrambles onto Josh for the cover 1..2..Josh gets the shoulder up, to the dismay of Alyx Wilde. Wilde is showing no mercy here, quickly picking up Josh and applying a front headlock on him as the blood continues to drip from his nose. Wilde then leaps as high as he can before coming crashing down, sending Josh straight into the mat with a brutal DDT. Wilde doesn't even bother covering this time, instead he pops up to his feet and brutally shoves his boot into the throat of Josh, illegally choking him. Wilde uses the full four count before stepping back and firing a Penalty Kick straight into the side of Josh's skull. The blood is in the water and Wilde wants the kill. He lifts him into a fireman's carry position and throws him end over end but Josh uses his incredible athleticism to land on his feet. As soon as Josh lands on the canvas he leaps up into a massive codebreaker out of nowhere! 1...2...WILDE KICKS OUT. The crowd goes absolutely wild at both the move and kick-out. Josh really believed he had Wilde there but he isn't done yet, as he makes his way to the far corner of the ring and crouches down, stalking Wilde for the spear. Alyx Wilde doesn't look like he knows where he is as he slowly makes his way to his feet, and as soon as he does the strong, muscly build of Josh is sent crashing into his midsection, driving him back to the canvas. That took a lot out of Josh however who has a hard time making the cover. The delay on the pin proves to be just enough as Wilde is able to recover just before the referee's hand hits the mat for the three count. The crowd are on their feet for these two men as a frustrated Josh makes his way to his feet and just stares at Wilde, wondering what it's going to take to keep him down. Josh slowly lifts Wilde to his feet, Wilde suddenly sends a forearm into the face of Josh who fires back with one of his own, then Wilde then Josh then Wilde until out of nowhere Wilde spins around are cracks Josh with a Back Kick. Josh is as good a striker as anyone but there isn't anyone in BPZ who can trade shots with Alyx Wilde and end up anywhere but face down on the canvas, and that's exactly the situation Josh finds himself in as an exhausted Wilde drops down to his knees. Wilde brushes his tussled hair out of his eyes as he slowly gets back to a standing position. Wilde lifts Josh up and shoves Josh back a bit before running and leapfrogging over Josh, catching him with a massive backstabber on the way down, what a maneuver! Wilde lunges into a cover but it's still not enough as Josh somehow manages to kick out at 2 once again. Wilde is so close to that Intercontinental Championship he can taste it, and he's done waiting, he wants to end this right now. Wilde takes long, slow strides before falling back into the corner and stomping his feet. He is looking for the WildeStomp here and if he hits it this one might be over. Josh stumbles his way to his feet, Wilde charges and leaps, but Josh suddenly steps forward and catches him, before planting him with a massive falling powerbomb! This has to be it. 1...2...3, NO, WILDE GOT THE SHOULDER UP. The fans give a standing ovation as The Gentleman Josh can do nothing but collapse beside Alyx Wilde. Both men have given this match everything and have nothing to show for it. That may not be the case for long however, Josh is just one big move away from reclaiming his Intercontinental Championship and he knows it. He lifts Wilde to his feet, Wilde desperately tries to land a haymaker on the jaw of Josh but The Gentleman saw it coming as he catches his arm and pull him into the Great Scott 5.0! This is the move that won Josh the Intercontinental Championship at BPZMania, and now with Wilde trapped in the middle of the ring, he's gonna do it again at BPZ Mayhem. There's no where for Wilde to go, it's just a matter of time now. The ref drops down to ask Wilde when suddenly Wilde uses his free hand to crack the ref right in the back of the skull. There is no way that was an accident but the barely conscious referee doesn't know that. Josh reluctantly breaks the hold and quickly comes to the aide of the ref. Wilde is clutching his shoulder but begins stirring and uses his one good arm to pull himself up. Josh doesn't notice that Wilde made it back to his feet. Never turn your back on Alyx Wilde. Seeing Josh distracted with the referee, Wilde slowly, methodically walks up behind him. Blowing him a kiss and sickly cocking his head before firing one of the most brutal elbows this company has ever seen, crashing into the skull of Josh. As his knees give out and his body goes limp, Josh lays completely unconscious in the middle of the ring. An almost guilty look grows on the face of Alyx Wilde as a deafening cacophony of Boos rains upon but he just shakes his head and tenses his muscles before heading up to the middle rope. He stands up there for almost a full minute. With an outcold opponent, there is no rush, and Wilde takes every second to bask in the glory of his moment eventually striking his pose and leaping onto the top rope and diving through the air before driving the point of his elbow directly into the heart of Josh. Wilde falls into the cover just as the referee makes it to his knees and is able to muster his last bit of strength to count the 1...2...3. The dead silence falls upon the crowd. Alyx Wilde has done it. Just 2 months ago we never thought we'd see Alyx Wilde in a BPZ Ring again, tonight he was won the Intercontinental Championship. A ringside assistant brings the championship ringside, as soon Wilde sees it he crawls over Josh's motionless body, and scrambles to the belt, ripping it from the assistant's hand and clutching it to his chest while scooting into the corner turnbuckle. An uncontrollable grin of pride grows on the face of Wilde, as he quietly laughs to himself, rocking back and forth in the corner. Despite his love for attention, in this moment Wilde may as well be alone in this massive arena. He stops leaning on the buck and just collapses on the canvas, taking long deep breathes while clutching his Intercontinental Championship. After several moments he slowly begins pulling himself to the outside with the bottom rope. As his feet touch the floor his legs shake and give with weakness but he keeps himself upright, he walks to the ring side booth to collect his jacket. He slowly puts it on, allowing every single moment of this to drag on as long as possible. As Wilde eventually get his eccentric wardrobe back on he slings the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder he looks behind him and approaches the barricade. He stares into the crowd for a long time before sliding over the barricade and shoving his way past the security. The last thing the broadcast sees before cutting is Alyx Wilde raising the championship in the air as he disappears into the sea of fans.
  14. Intercontinental Champion

  15. Alyx Wilde

    Life Storys

    Name: Isaac Welks Age: 19 Sentence #: 10 years What did you commit: Unlawful hacking, drug possesion Wrestling Style: Hardcore Brawler  Attire: Handwraps, No shirt, Dark skinny jeans, Doc Martens Favorite Match Type: First Blood Hometown: Portland, OR Signature 1: Adjustment Piledriver Signature 2: Curb Stomp  Finisher 1: Bull Hammer Finisher 2: Sitout Reverse Piledriver Finisher 3: Repeated Knees to the Face Babyface/tweener/heel: Face Nickname: W3LX
  16. Alyx Wilde

    Land Of Kings

    Real Life Wrestler: Luke Harper New Name: Jonathan Knox New Gimmick: Psycho, Jon Moxely type character
  17. Proud of this one.


  18. Alyx Wilde


    The EVOLVE audience is still buzzing from the electric EVOLVE Takeover: Rebellion, as well as the announcement of new EVOLVE GM, Ross. As the excitement starts to settle in the arena, the crowd is sent into an absolute frenzy by the music of Alyx Wilde. The deep, bass-filled notes of the theme struggle to share the air with the rapid response from the Pittsburgh audience. The reaction only grows louder as Alyx Wilde himself steps through the thick purple fog billowing across the stage. Revealing an outfit as flamboyant as ever, an old piece of Alyx Wilde merch featuring the line "Alyx Doesn't Trust You." cut into a sleeveless crop top which sits just above the abs of Wilde. His bleach blonde hair being kept just above his eyes by a bandanna. Those iconic icy blue eyes of Wilde rest behind his purple lensed, gold framed, glasses. Wilde stands center stage, glaring intensely across the EVOLVE Crowd. He bites his lower lip and smirks before arching his back and extending his arms, as if basking in his own presence. Wilde runs a hand through his slightly messy but well styled hair before making his slow decent down the ramp, his intoxicating stare looking through the front row audience members. As he reaches the side of the ring he spots a camera and begins beaconing towards it. This iteration of Alyx Wilde is still full of intrigue and for the most part unknown but one thing has become quite clear over the past few weeks, he loves attention. He slowly pulls himself up and onto the apron before posing once more for the crowd, giving them an almost uncomfortable amount of time to stare at the statue like figure of Alyx Wilde. Rather than entering the ring however, Wilde chooses to sit on the apron. He sits for a moment, swinging his feet like a young girl on an oversized chair. Wilde then spots a ring side assistant and gives them a pleasant, almost sensual smile before slowly removing his sunglasses and saying, I would like a microphone. The assistant just stares blankly for a moment, seemingly hypnotized by the eccentric demeanor of Alyx Wilde. Wilde looks back at them, just now noticing they're lack of action before asking, Is that alright with you? The assistant snaps out of it and nods vigorously before making a walk of shame over to the tech table and fetching a mic for Wilde. The techie brings the microphone up to the seated Wilde who grabs it from him softly before putting it up to his lips and saying What's your name, friend? The assistant is obviously taken aback but as Wilde holds the mic up to the young man, he clears his throat and begins to say "Oh, uh..my name is-" but suddenly he is interrupted as Wilde lowers the microphone away from him and beings softly laughing and shaking his head as the confused techie looks at him quizzically. Wilde raises his head and looks at the man dead in the eyes, with almost a look of disgust. Your name doesn't matter, because you don't matter. You could be named Micheal or Jake or Davis, you could be named anything. But what difference does it make? Under any name, you're still the same nothing. And that's a dark reality, and I'm sorry you have to live it but you know what? Take solace in the fact that your meaningless existence makes mine all the more impressive. You know why? Because my name means something. I have taken something as menial as a label and I have given it true, marvelous, meaning. How, you might ask? That's a great question. Thank you for asking. I'll tell you. Association. That's how I gave meaning to my name, because there is an association. An association with greatness, an association with...Beauty. An entranced silence has fallen over the arena as Wilde delivers this speech in his dulcet toned voice. Alyx smiles at the assistant before blowing him a kiss and sliding himself backwards under the bottom rope. Once in the ring Alyx Wilde rolls backwards up to his knees before bringing the mic back up to his lips. Beauty is all around us. Beauty is inside us all. We are wrestlers. We express our beauty with our art, our performance. Unfortunately for everyone back in that locker room, I am the greatest performer to walk this earth, and I am the most beautiful artist to ever paint this canvas. And nothing can change that. Win or lose, I am still Alyx Wilde. I am still the amethyst of art, the crown jewel of performance...The Greatest Show on Earth. Last week at Rebellion, I may not have won, but I didn't lose. I wasn't beaten. Ark pins Sameer and suddenly I'm robbed of the opportunity I deserve? That's not fair. That's not just. That's not...beautiful. But hope is not lost, our gracious GM Ross has proven himself as at least partially sensible and has given me a match with a spot in the Global Championship 4 Way on the line. But it's much more than just a match, it is a path. A path back to my promise land. There is gold to be claimed, and that gold needs me, and as Alyx Wilde it is my duty to liberate gold from the hands of the unworthy. June 1st I step into the ring with "The Marker", another meaningless name begging for purpose. But it's not all bad for you friend. Because on June 1st, you will be awarded the highest honor any man can receive. You will co-star in The Greatest Show on Earth. I have to warn you though Marker. This story was written long ago. Suddenly Alyx Wilde rises from his kneeling position and allows the grin to drop from his face and he. A look of deep concern grows on the face of Wilde, as if he is genuinely concerned for Markers well being as his sharp jawline slightly slacks and he whispers into the mic. And you die in the end. Wilde then slowly poses once more, dropping to his knees and allowing the mic to drop from his out stretched hand. He faceplants himself forward onto his stomach before rolling out of the ring and slowly walking towards the back, leaving the dazed silence of the arena behind him.
  19. Sign up for my new Soccer/Football Diary!


  20. Player Profile Name: S.A. Tucker Position: CAM/RW Team: Stoke City Age: 18 Personality: Scrappy, determined, driven, fearless. Height: 6'0" Weight: 168 lbs  Appearance: Curly mop of blonde hair, soft mustache, chipped front tooth. Lean, lanky body, tattoos on the arms. Backstory: Academy Product
  21. Gonna have to go with The Bludgeon Brothers, two extremely underrated wrestlers finally getting a real opportunity to be pushed on their own, without being the henchmen of Bray Wyatt. And honestly I think they've been killing it, they took a gimmick that could have been complete shit and turned it into something that has been extremely entertaining and refreshing.

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