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  1. Daredevil youtuber? It has come to light that the masked wrestler Daredevil is apparently the same guy as DaredevilFR on youtube. He has revealed this is his latest video. On this channel he does alot of freerunning content and has a total of 1.5 million subscribers. He decided to reveal who he was so that he could make more video's on his other passion, wrestling! Will him having this platform to promote himself help is wrestling career? Only time can tell... Daredevil near death! During the shooting of a video for his channel, Daredevil almost passed away! The stunt involved jumping from a moving train into water, but he landed straight on this back and went unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital where he is currently recovering, according to the doctors he will be fine but it was a really dumb thing to do. Daredevil beef Daredevil has been having some beef with fellow youtubers Pogan Laul and Pake Jaul. The beef seem to have started when Daredevil made a comment about them not being tough and only doing stupid stuff for views. Daredevil is known as a guy who just says what he wants and doesnt really care what people give to him, will we maybe see a Youtubers wrestling match?
  2. It has come out that Daredevil the wrestler, and DaredevilFreerunning the youtuber are the same person. He has revealed this on his 1 million subscriber video, hoping to gain a little bit more popularity for him as a wrestler. He started out making video's on wrestling when is channel started, but switched to freerunning as it gained him more views. Now he hopes to make some more wrestling content, and put himself and TPW on the map. Add's like a couple pop points to the character, not sure how many though
  3. Daredevil Born: November 5th 1998 Set to Debut: April 2016 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: Dutch Based In: USA Status: Active Wrestler Style: Spot Monkey Body Type: Toned Size: Lightweight Min Size: Lightweight Max Size: Light Heavyweight Move Set: 450 Splash Face: Daredevil Heel: Daredevil Masked Started of on youtube freerunning, eventually made the jump to pro-wrestling. Using his freerunning skills in his wrestling.

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