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  1. SSW

    TV: SSW Live

    PPV: SSW Takeover Boston (PPV for SSW should only be in the major cities of the New England area)

              SSW vs TPW One Night Stand (One Night of SSW and TPW coming together in a Survivor Series type of format.)

    Championship: SSW Light Heavyweight Championship (Specialty Title) or SSW Cruiserweight                                          Championship (Specialty Title if we have enough Cruiserweights)

                                SSW Tag Team Championship (Tag Team Titles obviously)

                                SSW New England Championship (Mid-card Title)

                                SSW World Championship (Main Event Title)

  2. Name: Archangel

    Born: 31th of October, 1991 

    Set to debut: October, 2013

    Gender: Male 

    Race: White 

    Nationality: American

    Based in: Texas 

    Active Wrestler 

    Style: Striker

    Body Type: Muscular 

    Size: Light Heavyweight

    Minimum Size: Light Heavyweight

    Maximum Size: Heavyweight

    Moves:  Black Mass (Spin Kick), Black Death (Modified hanging octopus hold)

    Face Gimmick: Aleister Black

    Heel Gimmick: Some kind of Underworld or Supernatural type

    Mask: None

    Hair: Yes

    Favoured Role: wrestler  


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