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  1. Gotta go with AJ Styles vs John Cena - Summerslam 2016. That match was amazing and a complete shocker to see AJ pin Cena cleanly 1 2 3 in the middle of the ring.
  2. 1 - Kurt Angle 2 - Chris Jericho 3 - Stone Cold Steve Austin 4 - Ric Flair 5 - Sting 6 - Jushin Thunder Liger 7 - The Undertaker 8 - Hiroshi Tanahashi 9 - Rey Mysterio 10 - AJ Styles
  3. Gonna have to go with the Swiss Cyborg himself Cesaro. I fathom to understand how a guy like him hasn't been World Champion or been pushed to be a top star.
  4. Pretty good show Hans. I liked the way you had Flynn refuse to wave the Flag ala Kenny Omega IRL which will definatly cause major resentment by us the Home Team xD.
  5. Name: Alex Costa Age: 26 Nationality: Portuguese Gimmick: Tetsuya Naito's Disposition: Heel Signature Moves: Wings of the Angel (One Winged Angel), Crossface Chickenwing, European Uppercut Finishers: Rite of Passage (Styles Clash), Belem Tower (Walls of Jericho) Theme Song: Enemy by Blue Sthali Attire: Finn Balor's
  6. My pick has to be Wrestlemania 30. Two historical moments happened that night, The Undertaker's legendary streak was shattered and Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a very emotional and exciting Main Event. Nothing comes close to that in my book.
  7. We begin this by looking at the first edition of the Super J Cup which was held on April 16th, 1994 in the Tokyo Sumo Hall in front of 11,500 people. The show which was hosted by New Japan Pro Wrestling (Not all of the Super J Cups were in fact hosted by NJPW), featured 14 Junior Heavyweight wrestlers from 5 Japanese companies, those being besides New Japan, FMW (Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling), WAR (Wrestling Association Revolution), MPW (Michinoku Pro Wrestling) and SPWF (Social Progress Wrestling Federation) alongside the promotion CMLL (Consejo Mundial de la Lucha Libre) from Mexico. The event is remarkable for being the first time NJPW produced a show featuring only Junior Heavyweight Wrestlers. Credit of the tournament goes to NJPW Star Jyushin Thunder Liger (Much like the 2019 edition which he himself is producing). The following wrestlers partook in the event: From New Japan: Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) Dean Malenko El Samurai Jyushin Thunder Liger himself who at the time was the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Shinjiro Otani Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) From WAR: Gedo From FMW: Hayabusa Ricky Fuji From SJPW: Masyoshi Motegi who held the W*ING/WWC World Junior Heavyweight Championship From CMLL: Negro Casas From MPW: Super Delfin who was the UWF Super Welterweight Champion Taka Michinoku The Great Sasuke who held the FMW Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship So with that out of the way let's look at the matches starting with the First Round. Now with an odd number of wrestlers there were two byes in round one which ended up going to The Great Sasuke and Wild Pegasus who therefore immediatly qualfied to the Quarter Finals. Let's see who joined them: Round 1 Gedo (WAR) vs Dean Malenko (NJPW) Man what a way to kickstart the tournament. First off I gotta say Gedo's look in 1994 was amazing: Nothing like the Gedo we know today heh. By comparison I did put his look today so you can see the difference. Anyways this was a match I was very curious to see as on one side we got Dean Malenko a name you all should be familiar with and on the other Gedo. Now I haven't see much of Gedo's early in ring work so this was something I was very curious about. And we all know how much of a great worker Dean Malenko is. This ended up being a very enjoyable match at first with both men showcasing some good Technical skills however I felt Dean was doing the better of the two. However in the end Gedo ended up being the one winning the match after nailing a Scoop Slam of all things with a cover that actually looked like Dean had his shoulders off the mat. That suprised me and in the end I felt it ended up bringing the match down, not to mention I felt it could have gone longer. Plus I felt that Dean Malenko probably should have won here Rating: 2/5 stars Super Delfin (MPW) vs Shinjiro Otani (NJPW) Now this was a match where I was completly blind to both competitors. I had heard of Otani of course mainly because of him being a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion but this was my first time watching him wrestle. And Super Delfin was a complete unknown to me. So I had no ideia what to expect from this match. In the end I was impressed with Otani but Delfin just refused to sell to him which I felt hurt the match. The end came with Delfin nailing Otani with a Swinging DDT before locking both legs for the pin on Otani. Interesting that in both matches thus far New Japan Wrestlers lost both on home turf. Rating: 2/5 stars Black Tiger (NJPW) vs TAKA Michinoku (MPW) In the second of the NJPW vs MPW matches we find two familiar faces to both me and everyone else here in general as a young TAKA Michinoku faces a future WWE Champion in Black Tiger. Confused? Well that's because the man behind the Black Tiger Mask is none other than Eddie Guerrero. Now this was a fun match to watch as both men went full throttle from the get go. In the beginning Tiger was dominating TAKA entirely however TAKA would bounce back and nail some really great Aerial offensive including a Double-Jump Plancha onto the floor. The end would come with a Swinging DDT by Black Tiger to Taka to win the match at 6:47 and give NJPW there first win. Also fun fact Tiger nailed a Frog Splash and two Gory Bombs which to anyone who has followed Eddie's career is bizarre that they didn't end the match Rating: 3.5/5 stars El Samurai (NJPW) vs Masayoshi Motegi (SJPW) Once again I am heading into unfamiliar territory as we look at El Samurai vs Masayoshi Motegi. Now I had heard about El Samurai so I was curious to see how he would perform while Motegi was another unknown. In the end the match wasn't really that good. A bit sloppy at times especially on part of Motegi who botched a couple of moves there. Luckily for me and you all Samurai picked up the win after a Folding Powerbomb but this is a perfectably skipable match. Rating: 0.5/5 stars Ricky Fuji (FMW) vs Negro Casas (CMLL) I had heard of both men before considering Shiba is a resident FMW expert and Arius introduced me to Luchadores during his booking of a Mexican company in the War of the Immortals League and Negro Casas was a name that popped up. In the end the match didn't disappoint as I liked what both men brought to the table in only 5 minutes. However I felt like Negro showcased it a bit more so I was a bit disappointed when Fuji ended up being the one going through after a beautiful Tiger Driver though. Rating: 3/5 stars Jyushin Thunder Liger (NJPW) vs Hayabusa (FMW) Now this was a match I was looking forward to. I've watched both men in the past and in fact I had already watched this particular match before so I knew what to expect. It's a match that you definatly should go out of your way to watch as both men put on a very entertaining contest. This match is also very important in Hayabusa's career as it is in some ways the match that really exposed him to Mainstream audiences in Japan. In the end Liger as expected did go over after nailing a Fisherman's Suplex on Hayabusa on 10:23. Go out of your way to watch it if you haven't. Rating: 4/5 stars Quarter Finals Gedo (WAR) vs Super Delfin (MPW) Now here we get another look at both Gedo and Super Delfin. Gotta admit this was a much better showcase for Delfin as he and Gedo put on a very entertaining match that served as a nice breather from the Liger/Hayabusa encounter. Some pretty good action from both men here but in the end Gedo proved to outsmart Delfin by catching him with an Inside Cradle folllowing Delfin's Swinging DDT to pick up the win and advance to the Semis. Rating: 2.75/5 stars Wild Pegasus (NJPW) vs Black Tiger (NJPW) Well I fully expected this match to be pretty good considering who is in it, Benoit and Eddie. Now it's not really yet up to the level of later matches they have had but for what they were in 1994 this is a pretty good match and another you should definatly give a watch. The finish was a bit weird I do admit with Tiger flying from the top rope only for Pegasus to catch him in a pining combination to win at the 10:23 mark. Rating: 3.25/5 stars El Samurai (NJPW) vs The Great Sasuke (MPW) Here we have Great Sasuke's first apperance in the tournament as he takes on El Samurai who had a pretty bad match to start the tournament. However he does redeem himself in a big way here as he and Sasuke put on a very good performance which did start a bit slowpaced but picked up towards the end. I really enjoyed the final part of this match as both men traded near falls and pretty big moves to the delight of the Tokyo Crowd. In the end Sasuke would pick up the victory after rolling through an Hurricanrana attempt by Samurai to advance to the Semis. Rating: 3.75/5 stars Jyushin Thunder Liger (NJPW) vs Ricky Fuji (FMW) After Liger's great performance in Round 1 against Hayabusa I was expecting him to bring a very good match out of the other FMW representative in this tournament. However it seemed both men really failed to communicate at times in this match which dragged it down for me. In the end after a very short 8 minutes Liger would pick up the much deserved victory after a Diving Rana. Rating: 2.5/5 stars Semi-Finals Wild Pegasus (NJPW) vs Gedo (WAR) So here we get to the Semi Finals as Pegasus takes on Gedo. It was a decent match at best and I don't really understand why Gedo of all people reached this stage (Not like he is booking this unlike today where he is the Booker of New Japan) over people like Negro Casas or Dean Malenko. Still it was good for what it was and thankfully the right man went through as Pegasus picked up the win with the move he would so popularize as his finisher the Diving Headbutt. Rating: 2/5 stars Jyushin Thunder Liger (NJPW) vs The Great Sasuke (MPW) Boy was this match being good...until the end brought it down a bit as Sasuke tripped on the top rope attempting probably a Top Rope Hurricanrana. A shame because the match was being pretty amazing. If you can ignore that botch in the end though this is definatly another match I fully recommend as both men showcased why they are two of the greatest Junior Heavyweights of all time. Sasuke would end up picking up the win after that unfortunate botch by doing a normal Hurricanrana for the 3 count. Rating: 3.75/5 stars Final Wild Pegasus (NJPW) vs The Great Sasuke (MPW) And here we are at the finals. Pegasus vs Sasuke to determine the winner of the first Super J Cup. This was a pretty fantastic match from bell to bell as both men pull all the stops to perform for the Crowd in Attendence which was on fire for it. Pegasus would end up winning the match and the Tournament after a very beautiful Side Superplex at the 18:$6 count. You definatly need to go back and watch this match as it is a classic. Rating: 5/5 stars Overall I enjoyed the show. Clear highlights for me were the final and the Liger/Hayabusa match from Round 1. It's also worth to check out the Liger/Sasuke match as well Black Tiger/Wild Pegasus, especially if you are a fan of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit of course. If you need to skip any match don't bother with El Samurai/Motegi. The only criticism I really wanna give is I would have loved to have seen more of Dean Malenko and Negro Casas in this tournament but it's still pretty enjoyable nonetheless. That does it for the 1994 Super J Cup. Join me next time as we look at the 1995 Super J Cup Tournament.
  8. With the Super J Cup coming up in a week's time in the United States I decided it would be fun to look back and review the past editions of the Super J Cup and give me thoughts on the matches and the Tournament in general, both as a way to promote the tournament as well as provide some exposure to wrestlers who otherwise aren't that familiar to some of our less Knowledgble members of Japanese Wrestling on the forums. Plus you will be very interested in knowing some very well known names have indeed partook in this tournament. So buckle up as we look into the history of the Super J Cup starting with the 1994 edition and going all the way to the most recent one in 2016.
  9. - WWE Championship match AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena Big Show vs Erick Rowan - SmackDown Tag Team Championship: No DQ Match El Dorado (c) vs. The New Day Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Bálor - SmackDown Women's Championship match Becky Lynch (c) vs. Paige - WWE Intercontinental Championship match Adrian Neville (c) vs. Luke Harper Pre Show: Apollo Crews & Shelton Benjamin vs The Colons Bonus Questions Which match will score the highest rating on the card? Cena/Styles And the Tag Team to debut is AOP
  10. Gotta go with the Triple Threat Cena/Rollins/Lesnar. Also the WM 31 match between Lesnar and Reigns really is only remembered because of Seth Rollins cashing in, not for the match itself so I question it's inclusion to be completely honest.
  11. Punk/Cor Von Rey Mysterio Bobby Lashley King Boookah!
  12. Global Series Climax Finals: Flynn vs Bart Tag Team Match: Sameer & Brenden vs Slim & Kenji - And specifically Slim pins Sameer to get a future NWGP Title shot NWGP 6 Man Tag Team Championships: Necce, Marker, and Buddy Ace vs Ropati, Sandman, and Bob Sparks Tag Team: First Class Express (Hans & Xaiver King) vs Mikey & Echo Wilson Singles: Bashka vs Ross - I think Bashka got this one 10 Man Tag Team Match: FDS, Yelich, Raven, Hollow, ICON vs Johnny Kills, Sheridan, Joh, Monda, and Kieron Black Tag Team: Aaron North & Brad vs Joshua Scott & Bulldozer - This one is obvious since you following NJPW booking style. The Young Lion always loses in a match evolving non-Young Lions.
  13. Indeed it will be a great match and you probably right on the money on Will Ospreay to win as this will be apparently Amazing Red's last Wrestling Match.
  14. Match Card for Night 1 in Temple Theater in Tacoma, Washington has been announced 1ST MATCH 20 MINUTES LIMIT Karl Fredericks/Jyushin Thunder Liger (LA Dojo/NJPW Team) vs Ren Narita/Shota Umino (Tokyo Dojo) 2ND MATCH NO TIME LIMIT SUPER J-CUP 2019 1ST ROUND MATCH Rocky Romero (CHAOS) vs Soberano Jr. (CMLL) 3RD MATCH NO TIME LIMIT SUPER J-CUP 2019 1ST ROUND MATCH Clark Connors (LA Dojo) vs TJP (Free Agent) 4TH MATCH NO TIME LIMIT SUPER J-CUP 2019 1ST ROUND MATCH Carístico (CMLL) vs BUSHI (LIJ) 5TH MATCH NO TIME LIMIT SUPER J-CUP 2019 1ST ROUND MATCH Ryusuke Taguchi (NJPW Team) vs Jonathan Gresham (ROH) 6TH MATCH NO TIME LIMIT SUPER J-CUP 2019 1ST ROUND MATCH Robbie Eagles (CHAOS) vs El Phantasmo (Bullet Club) 7TH MATCH NO TIME LIMIT SUPER J-CUP 2019 1ST ROUND MATCH YOH (CHAOS) vs Dragon Lee (CMLL) 8TH MATCH NO TIME LIMIT SUPER J-CUP 2019 1ST ROUND MATCH SHO (CHAOS) vs Taiji Ishimori (Bullet Club) 9TH MATCH NO TIME LIMIT SUPER J-CUP 2019 1ST ROUND MATCH Will Ospreay (CHAOS) vs Amazing Red (Free Agent)

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