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  1. Squad Analysis 2019/20 - Part 1 Goalkeepers Let's look at all the positions in the squad starting with the Goalkeepers. Maarten Stekelenberg At 36, Stekelenberg is past his prime. The former Dutch International has really fell off recently and with his contract coming up at the end of the season plus the interest of several Middle Eastern Teams makes him unwilling to sign a new deal meaning he will probably be transfered during this pre-season. A shame since he's got a great personality for tutoring but this is our only chance to potentially make a profit on him. I won't actively seek to move him out but if the offer comes he will likely be gone. Jonas Lossl Lossl is in a similar situation to Stekelenberg stats wise but he is 6 years younger and would probably have been my backup if it wasn't for the fact he's currently out on loan at Championship side Huddersfield. As it stands he will likely be sold after this season depending on who I get as a backup keeper during the current transfer market. Solid keeper but perhaps not fully Premier League quality. Jordan Pickford Our undisputed starter both in the game and in real life Pickford is looking pretty good in this game. He will more than likely be our #1 Keeper for a while however he does have the concern of wanting to potentially move to a bigger club so we gotta keep an eye out on that. Other than that he should be our top guy here. The Youth Looking into the future there are 3 names that deserve a mention Nicolas Hansen, Jack McIntyre and Zan-Luk Leban. All 3 of them have great potential and I am looking at Hansen as a potential future #1 if he can fulfill it however it will be a long time before he does it. In the shorter term Virginia is coming up and while I will probably give him some games in this Pre-Season I feel he doesn't have the quality to make it unless loans really help him. He will be definatly be loaned out this season. General: In general I feel the plan here is to look into a backup keeper to be there for a couple of seasons someone who can shadow Pickford and help transition before Hansen and either McIntyre or Leban get there. Ideally I'd like to get an English keeper with a good personality but we shall see what the transfer market dictates there. Of course if you got any sugestions feel free to post it. Next time we will be looking at the Defenders. Thanks for reading!
  2. This show was something else, the ending had perhaps the biggest twist I never saw coming. EVIL joining Bullet Club is insane and I can't wait to see how much both that and this win will help capitulate EVIL's stock in New Japan. Other than that I enjoyed Wato vs DOUKI for what it was, I feel both men had a good showcase here. The rest of the matches were ok and a good way to setup tomorrow's show further.
  3. Money In The Bank 2020 Predictions Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs John Morrison Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott Bobby Lashley vs Humberto Carillo WWE Championship Match: Drew Mcintyre (C) vs Randy Orton Women's MITB Ladder Match: Asuka vs Billie Kay vs Peyton Royce vs Lacey Evans vs Naomi vs Sasha Banks Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy Loser's Leave Smackdown Match: Otis & Mandy Rose vs Dolph Ziggler & Sonya Deville United States Championship Match: Andrade (C) vs Austin Theory Smackdown Womens Championship Match: Bayley (C) vs Dana Brooke Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens W/ Rey Mysterio Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: New Day (C) vs The Usos Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn (C) vs Chad Gable RAW Women's Championship Match: Becky Lynch (C) vs Kairi Sane Men's MITB Ladder Match: Angel Garza vs Cesaro vs Drew Gulak vs Apollo Crews vs The Miz vs Buddy Murphy Universal Title Match: Roman Reigns (C) vs Braun Strowman
  4. Have to agree with both of you. Orton in 2017 was indeed having a bad year and another of those periods where he doesn't care about stuff. But now? Orton is arguebly the best thing going on Monday Night Raw as the feud with Edge proved. He'd be a great chellanger for Drew McIntyre and honestly I feel it's a match that can easily Main Event Summerslam this year.
  5. The list is looking pretty good so far, although I'd say Dolph Ziggler and maybe Rob Van Dam could have been a bit higher? It feels Christian's reign wasn't as strong as there's so the arguement is there to bring Christian down a couple spots for those two. Otherwise great list and can't wait for the other names there.
  6. WWA Tuesday Night Showdown - Week 3 Full Sail University Announcers: Mauro Ranallo & Nigel McGuiness Match 1: WWA World Championship Qualfying Match Aleister Black vs AJ Styles We jump immediatly into the action this week as AJ Styles takes on Aleister Black with the winner advancing to the 6-Way Match at WWA Gold Rush to crown our first WWA World Heavyweight Champion. Both men attempted to hit each other with Impactful moves from the get-go with Black opting for his kicking offensive while AJ went for more of hit and run offensive. In the end it'd be AJ picking up the win after hiting Aleister Black with a Phenomenal Forearm at the 12:15 mark. Winner and Qualfying for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship Match at WWA Gold Rush: AJ Styles AJ Celebration AJ celebrates his win post-match for a bit as the Announce Team hypes the World Championship Match and the other two qualfying matches as Samoa Joe faces Drew McIntyre and Daniel Bryan takes on Randy Orton. Roman and Seth confront each other again We move backstage to find Roman Reigns who is asked about his thoughts on AJ Styles, before he can continue however he is once again interrupted by Seth Rollins. The two former Shield Brothers continue there arguement from last week. Before things can get physical the Usos show up to back his cousin and they chellange Seth to a 6-Man Tag Match later tonight. Seth says he's got partners in mind and accepts the chellange. Firefly Funhouse! We then cut to another seguement this time envolving Bray Wyatt who we saw last week interrupt Brodie Lee after his match. Bray welcomes everyone in the WWA to his Firefly Funhouse and promises us a world of fun. He says he and his family are excited to welcome everyone in and he mentions how important family is. The scene then turns dark a bit as Bray mentions a member of his family that has gone astray before ending the seguement saying "he" will bring him back. Who is this "he"? Match 2 Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart Our next match features 3 of the competitors that got eliminated last week as Dakota Kai teams with her enforcer Raquel Gonzalez to take on Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart. It's a pretty fun tag team match but in the end the heels pick up the win as Dakota and Raquel win after Dakota hit Shotzi with a GTK to pick the win. Winners: Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez Hikaru Shida is ready for Asuka next week Next we have a backstage promo from one of the semi-finalists in the WWA World Women's Championship Tournament Hikaru Shida. Shida says she's been looking for so long for the opportunity to face Asuka and says that next week she is more than ready to take the fight to Asuka and beat her! Match 3 Roman Reigns & The Usos vs Seth Rollins, John Morrison & The Miz Our next match pited Roman Reigns and the Usos facing Seth Rollins and two partners who turned out to be John Morrison and The Miz in 6-Man Tag Team Action. In the end despite Seth showing some good chemistry with Miz and Morrison the chemistry between Roman and his cousins were superior and it'd be Roman picking the win after hiting Miz with a Spear followed by a Superman Punch. Winners: Roman Reigns and the Usos Bryan excited about the new competition in WWA We cut then backstage to Daniel Bryan standing alongside our backstage interviewer. Bryan says he is excited about the new competition here in WWA and wants to continue proving to everyone how good he is. He says he's got a long history with Randy Orton but this is new territory and as far as he is concerned a fresh start. Bryan promises he will do whatever it takes to be the first WWA World Heavyweight Champion. Match 4 WWA Women's World Championship Tournament Semi Final Match Kairi Hojo vs Charlotte Flair Our next contest was the first semi-final of the WWA World Women's Championship Tournament as Kairi Hojo took on Charlotte Flair. Both women let all of there offense in Kairi focusing on strikes while Charlotte went for a more grappling power based game. In the end it was Charlotte who would pick up the win after hiting Natural Selection followed by the Figure 8 and forcing Kairi to tap out. Winner and advancing to the Finals of the WWA Women's World Championship Tournament: Charlotte Flair Joe is ready We see Samoa Joe backstage, he's ready as he wrestles Drew McIntyre up next Semi-Main Winner advances to the WWA World Heavyweight Championship Match at WWA Gold Rush Samoa Joe vs Drew McIntyre In our next match Samoa Joe took on Drew McIntyre for a spot in the WWA World Heavyweight Championship Match at WWA Gold Rush. Both men took each other to the limit battering each other over and over again. In the end to the suprise of many it was Samoa Joe who would pick up the win after hiting a Muscle Buster on Drew close to the 20 minute mark. Winner and advancing to the WWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Samoa Joe Randy Orton says it only takes a second to knock Bryan out Before our Main Event we hear about the other competitor in said match. Randy Orton says he heard about what Daniel Bryan said and he agrees with him that it is a fresh start however he says one thing stays the same and it is that the RKO is the most devastating move in Wrestling. Orton says he's got one saved for Bryan tonight and it will only take one second to do it. Main Event Winner Advances to the WWA World Heavyweight Championship Match at WWA Gold Rush Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan .Our Main Event put two big rivals ahead as Randy Orton took on Daniel Bryan to determine the final spot in the WWA World Heavyweight Championship 6-Way Match. Orton and Bryan put on a very competing back and forth match with both men showing there great chemistry together. Both men were at times close to winning it but in the end it'd be Daniel Bryan who would come out victorious with the Running Knee. Winner and Advancing to the WWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Daniel Bryan Randy Orton RKO's Bryan in Anger After the match as Bryan is celebrating his win he is attacked from behind by Randy Orton who RKO's him. The fans boo Orton for ruining the moment. Orton then berates Bryan for this and gets him up and delivers a 2nd RKO. Before he can do more damage officials run in and stop Orton from attacking Bryan. The show ends with Bryan slowly getting up as we see a sinister smile on Orton's face as he walks up the ramp.
  7. Introduction Post To start this off we show our Manager for this journey, meet Patrick Monteiro: Monteiro is of course local being from Liverpool and he supports Everton. His mother is Portuguese so that's why he has Portuguese as a 2nd Nationality. And here's the team we will manage: Very simple Club Culture, we only need to play Entertaining Football. We also possess Superb Training, Data Analysis and Youth Facilities and are Rich which most English Premier League Teams are. A Media Prediction of 9th is very doable I feel but I feel we can do even better. I decided to focus most of my stats onto Youth Managment and Working with Youngsters while killing off all GK Training Stats and Adaptability (The Latter since this is a one team save so) Our news of our signing is here. I really enjoy this new way of introducing things. Our Chairman gives his welcome to the club showing a little introduction screen where the History Accomplishments as well as the Facilities are shown. We then see a Team Report which sugests our best XI here. Dunno if this will be the way we will go but we shall see. In terms of Club Vision we see the Favoured Playing Style. Besides that the Board has plans to build a new Stadium which is realistic to real life since it's actually a thing planned. Working Within Wage Budget is something I already do everytime so no problem. As for this seasons current goals, getting that top half of Premier League and reaching the 5th Round of the FA Cup are important goals for us. The Fourth Round of the Carabao Cup is not as important so we probably gonna use it to play mostly our prospects. Past that the Board just want us to be a top-half team in the Premier League. At some point we will change that but for now this is fine. We decide to all 3 Arrangements. I won't be showing the friendlies but it's always good to do the match between the Senior and U23 Squad. After that I go through my inbox just showing some of the news Pre-Season Training we decided to go for Heavy in order to increase Fatigue. We got plenty of Friendly Matches on the Schedule as well. The Pre-Season Fitness Report was very favroble to us, however we do have an injury Fabian Delph which we will look on the next post. Squad Registration is pretty good as we got enough players to fulfill the rules. In below we will show our current squad as it stands: Join me next time as I go over the entire squad and give my thoughts on all the players and what I plan for them. Thanks for Reading.
  8. Who will win Block A?: Akira Maeda Who will come Runner Up in Block A?: Tatsumi Fujinami Who will Win Block B?: Antonio Inoki Who will come Runner Up in Block B: André the Giant Who will win the ENTIRE IWGP Series/Win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?: Akira Maeda
  9. AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Jon Moxley vs Adam Page Asylum Insanity Match (Cinematic): Chris Jericho vs Broken Matt Hardy TNT Championship Match: Lance Archer vs Darby Allin Women’s Championship Match: Hikaru Shida vs Tenille Dashwood Tag Team Championship Match: FTR vs Young Bucks The Main Event Players (MJF, Wardlow, Brian Pillman Jr, Ricky Starks) vs The Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Billy) Lucha Bros vs SCU (Daniels and Kazarian) vs Dark Order (Lee and Cabana) vs Best Friends Britt Baker vs Rhio Brian Cage vs Joey Janela
  10. Batista VS John Cena (c) (WWE Championship, I Quit match) Cryme Tyme VS The Straight Edge Society (c) (WWE Tag Team championships) The Miz VS Big Show (c) (United States championship) Mickie James VS Maryse (c) (Divas championship) John Morrison/R-Truth VS The Colons Rey Mysterio VS Randy Orton The Bella Twins/Serena/Melina VS AJ Lee/Kaitlyn/Eve Torres/Kelly Kelly Kofi Kingston VS Evan Bourne VS William Regal VS Vladimir Kozlov VS Chris Masters VS Zack Ryder VS Trent Barreta VS Caylen Croft VS Santino Marella VS Yoshi Tatsu (WWE Championship number one contender's battle royal)
  11. Hamburg, Germany We are back on Carnage and we have cut to a pre-taped video shot earlier this week in Hamburg at Night. We see a young couple walking in the distance. When the camera zooms together we see it's Alex and his wife Christina walking on the streets of the city. Alex: Ah Hamburg, it's been so long since we have been here hasn't it? Christina: Indeed, love it's been long since I had the chance to talk with your Aunt Julia and your Uncle Manfred, they seem to be doing well. Alex smiles at that thought Alex: Yes, they always are, it's always nice coming back to Europe to visit family and next week we going to be in Portugal and Spain so I will be hoping to see my folks. My dad is pretty excited ábout the tournament you know. It's weird since he was opposed to me becoming a wrestler at first but now he's like my biggest fan. Shame there is no football match at this time but still gotta rep my boyhood club when we get to the show there. Christina: And then the final week of this tour we going to see my folks, no questions asked. You know Papa wants to see you. Alex: Yes I know your dad and mom keep asking when are we having a kid, same with my folks, that time will come eventually. After a while the scene shifts as we see Alex and Christina go into a Bar Christina: Are you excited about the match this week against Raven? Alex: Always like we said last week, we don't have a problem fighting each other. To be the best in this business you gotta be willing to fight the best and to me Raven is one of the best competitors on the roster. I owe him so much but I can't let it distract me from the fact this is the biggest opportunity of my career. I need to win this Tournament, it's been so long since I have been a champion on BPZ. Alex looks pensieve Christina: Don't worry I am sure titles will come to you soon babe. With me and the rest of the group by your side you can't fail. And yes I know you and Raven gonna tear each other down in that rign but in the end that's what you two have done since you've met. Beat the crap out of each other. Alex: Yeah, you can say our relationship is that weird but that's what it makes it pretty good. Anyways tomorrow we got more training to do, tonight it's just for us. Alex orders two beers from the barmen before handling one to his wife Alex: Let's drink to the future. Christina: Agreed. Alex: Ah German Beer always been the best! The seguement comes to a close as the couple enjoy there drinks as Alex looks on focused for his match this weekend in Berlin against his stablemate, mentor and long time friend Raven. Who will win in this hard-fought contest?
  12. Match 1 SFW Continental Championship: Julius Jones (c) VS Alex Costa Match 2 SFW Lightweight Championship: Ropati (c) VS Overheel Match 3: Brass Knuckles Club VS Crescent Fall Match 4 SFW Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (c) VS The Roundtable of Excellence Match 5 SFW Television Championship: Kin Takeshi (c) VS Angelo Catio VS CJ Sellers VS Benjamin Wolfe Match 6, Street Fight: Ryan Reeves VS BIC Main Event, SFW World Championship: Yelich Anderson (c) VS Arius Bonus Questions Will there be any debuts? Yes How many Title Changes will there be if any? 2 Do any of these matches not end in a pinfall or submission? If so which one(s)?
  13. A big fan of this changes, it really annoyed me how the booking of this title's been ever since Goto lost it to Elgin right up until KENTA's reign. Too much hot potatoing was done and Taichi got absolutely shafted for this. I do agree with keeping the short Ibushi run while yes it was short it does build into the larger narrative with Ibushi so I am fine with it. And yeah looking back it's hard to justify Will Ospreay's reign. While it was good hindsight is 20/20 with what we know of him now so.

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