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  1. Benfica - 2013/2014 This was perhaps the best season I've seen Benfica play for a long time. We won every single internal competition, beating our most heated rivals Sporting to the league title by 7 points and only losing twice across the entire season, coupled with winning the Cup double and most importantly we reached the final of the Europa League that season only losing on Penalties to Sevilla and although we dropped from the Champions League we scored a great run in the Knockout stages of the earlier competition knocking out PAOK and AZ sure but more importantly knocking teams like Tottenham and Juventus out. I was a bit sad we didn't win the Europa League as I feel we did enough to deserve to win it, even more than the previous year but unfortunatly it wasn't meant to be.
  2. I have to back and nominate one of the classic Royal Rumbles and specifically the one I consider the greatest Royal Rumble Match of all time, the 1992 Royal Rumble Match for the Vacant WWF Championship and it's mainly down to two men. Ric Flair and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Flair's entire journey through that match was amazing. First because he came out at #3 which Heenan sold it out perfectly. His constant cheerleading of Flair and concern anytime some got close to eliminate the Nature Boy was perfect Heel Commentary at his best. I also really loved the ending of the match with Hogan screwing Sid because he eliminated him which inadvertly led to Flair winning and becoming the WWF World Champion. And finally that post-match promo by Flair was perhaps one of the best promos of all time. Really if you haven't watched this match yet, you doing yourself a big disservice. I feel this picture captures everything that I just said perfectly.
  3. I happen to agree with Toxik here. Taker's time has come and gone and personally I feel that having him at Wrestlemania nowadays is not necessary. He had such a great career but in the last couple of years I feel that he is hurting his legacy the more he continues to compete. Naturally of course it's probably hard for him to let go and I don't blame him for wanting to continue to perform but it's clear he is way past his prime and I fear he might end up hurting himself or someone else if he continues. That said if he wants to show up just to appear and pop the crowd a bit, that's fine. He is the Undertaker, people will pop for an apperance by him.
  4. That'd be good and all except Kelly is no longer with WWE from what I gathered Arius. Dunno much about her but I will be curious to find out more about her on NXT UK from now on. In regards to Taya I wouldn't be shocked if WWE did go for her when her contract with Impact comes up.
  5. Like Bart I don't like pick sides in a Wrestling "war" because at the end of the day a fan needs to love Wrestling for Wrestling per se, not because of a company in particular. That said I did post up in here earlier that I was leaning on WWE, but recent months have altered my view. As of right now AEW is offering a more solid and consistent show. Yes it still has its faults normally in the form of a Weak Women's Division and a very lackluster midcard as well as the insistency in pushing concepts the fans can't get behind like The Dark Order and now the Nightmare Collective, but overall I get more enjoyment of watching an episode of Dynamite than an episode of Raw or Smackdown these days. So now I gotta have to say AEW.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: STARDOM Bought over by Consortium Early breaking news have come out of Japan today with the big announcement that Joshi company World Wonder Ring Stardom has suffered a takeover by a Consortium featuring some of the top Joshi wrestlers in the world. The Leader of said consortium, Japanese Joshi Legend Manami Toyota has officially took over as the new President of the Company. In a short Press Conference on the topic, Toyota who was accompanied by fellow Joshi Legends Akira Hokuto and Bull Nakano revealed the move was done in an attempt to counteract what many felt as an attempt to "Westernize" the promotion. Toyota has promised that while the expansion of the brand Worldwide is to continue, attempts to keep the brand more close to it's Japanese roots will be in place. Also in attendence at the Press Conference debating the new ownership was World of Stardom Champion Mayu Iwatani who was asked to comment on the change. The Champion didn't comment much, instead prefering to focus on what the future brings to her just a couple of weeks after her title defense against Heidi Lovelace. The Champion is expected to make a title defense at the Anniversary Show in a couple of days though a chellanger is yet to be announced. More news are expected in the next couple of days.
  7. Universal Championship - The Fiend Bray Wyatt (c) vs Roman Reigns WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) vs Kevin Owens Raw Women's Championship - Becky Lynch (c) vs Shayna Baszler Smackdown Women's Championship - Bayley (c) vs Sasha Banks John Cena vs AJ Styles - With news Cena wants a prominent match at Wrestlemania I figure they could revisit this old rivalry Edge vs Seth Rollins Similar to above WWE Intercontinental Championship - Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Daniel Bryan WWE United States Championship Title vs Career Match - Andrade (c) vs Rey Mysterio With news Rey is retiring after WM 36 I feel having Andrade do it would be a great choice. RAW Tag Team Titles - Viking Raiders (c) vs Authors of Pain Smackdown Tag Team Title Ladder Match - New Day (c) vs Usos vs Heavy Machinary vs The Revival vs Miz/Morrison vs Roodolph André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Women's Battle Royal
  8. Seems to me Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is quite becoming a recruting ground for WWE to pick up Backstage Interviewers. I dunno much about her but we will see how she does in her new role.
  9. This is cool. Wasn't the biggest fan of Sylvain Grenier as a Singles Competitor but I have fond memories of La Resistance as a Trio so to see him come back in this backstage role is pretty cool. Hope he does well.
  10. Honestly I will be glad to see Matt leaving WWE, since they completly tanked his momentum. The Broken character was ingenious and quite innovative, turning Matt into an instant star, however with WWE, we know they like to control the characters they present on screen, so he was never allowed the freedom he enjoyed in TNA. I will be curious on his future, he could retire peacefully I presume, but I feel a mind like Matt's will want to continue to contribute to the Wrestling Business. Personally I'd like to see him reopen OMEGA (I presume he still holds the rights to the name) as it would allow another place for wrestlers to work at. Failing that I wonder if Impact or AEW would be interested in him?
  11. Adam Masters VS KENJI Match 2: Overheel & Dikey VS Hans Clayton & Ropati Match 3: David Haskins VS Connor Bramson Main Event: Julius Jones & Kin Takeshi VS Angelo Catio & Prince Jack III
  12. Well gonna try and revive this thread a bit. Can't believe this song is turning 20 this year. Probably one of Eminem's best songs.
  13. Alex Costa

    Held Down

    Alex steps forward as the crowd boos harder Oh please, do you think I give a shit what you morons think? Alex pauses to soak a bit on the boos of the crowd Now my partner said essentially our purpose in being here, but I have to add this extra info. See there has been rumors that we have actually been in cahoots with Sheridan all this time to screw D.N.A over. Well let me make this clear so even you brainless idiots understand. WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT SHERIDAN'S PROBLEMS WITH D.N.A AND VICE-VERSA! Alex pauses a bit before continuing as Mikey whispers something into his ear and Bob looks there behind his sunglasses staring at the crowd At Night of Legends, we did what we do best, and well it seems the Tag Division is basically left to two teams now. Us and the Champs! Let me tell you a bit of a personal story, see I have followed Bart and Eli Smith's career for a couple of years now and I have to say they are two of the most talented men I have ever seen lace a pair of boots. Alex pauses a bit as the crowd cheers for the champs mention Two very talented individuals indeed, one of them a two time World Heavyweight Champion, one without a shadow of a doubt a future World Heavyweight Champion and a former Undisputed Champion. Together they have proven to be a dominant force, beating the First Class Express, beating Invictus. Here's the thing. Alex brings Mikey up front and begins pointing to him both We aren't the First Class Express, you saw what happened we beat them and exposed Isaiah as a weak link that our great leader took care off. We aren't Invictus who despite being a pretty great tag team, they are more concerned with achieving Singles Glory. Afterall KENJI went to war with the man, our dear friend Bob will expose as a fraud at the Royal Rumble, to keep his precious North American Championhsip while Arius is more concerning about winning the 2020 BPZ Rumble and headlining BPZMania. Alex pauses for a bit more No while everyone cares about the Rumble, even our Tag Champs, we care about one thing and one thing only! We want those Tag Team Championships! So Champs, we hope you in the back are listening, we don't care when it happens, we don't care how it happens, you can bet your arses we are winning those damn titles because WE ARE FIRING SQUAD! JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONERS! AND WE SENTENCE YOUR TAG TITLE REIGN TO DEATH! Alex let's a bark of war before showcasing the back of his new shirt which says "STONE PITBULL, HARD HITTER" as the final member of the trio Bob Sparks prepares to speak. OOC: Reply planned
  14. These are in no particular order and naturally exclude me NXT: Cody, Owen, Amai, Steph US: Meko(again), Bob, Mikey (Again), Sheridan Premium: FDS, Eric Shun, Gunner, Gwynfro NA: Bob, Meko, Mecko, Odd IC: Hans, Bart, FDS, Ropati Undisputed: Flynn, Arius, Smith, Gwynfro World: Arius, Bart, Hans, Bailey
  15. Tommaso Ciampa VS Big E Adrian Neville VS Aleister Black Adam Cole VS Shinsuke Nakamura Kevin Owens VS Finn Balor

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