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  1. The ideia that Kofi decided to completely ignore the fact he just lost the WWE Championship after one week did puzzle me. I'd get it if he ends up being drafted to another brand than Lesnar on Monday but they shouldn't have ignored it. The new Bayley is awesome though. Love the change. I've always been curious how an heel Bayley would look like and suffice to say not totally disappointed.
  2. BiC brought a good point since many of the draft picks ended up being not true picks since they were already there besides Fiend and Sasha going to Smackdown for exemple. Big travesty Cesaro went undrafted and that Lacey went over Kevin Owens. Like wth!
  3. Feel sorry for Ember, her luck hasn't been good since joining the Main Roster as injuries have been plaguing her. Hope she gets better.
  4. Shotzi Blackheart Receives WWE NXT Contract at EVOLVE 137
  5. Much like the Cain vs Brock, I am not much interested in this match. It's good to maybe get some mainstream attention nothing more. No ideia who wins though I could see Fury beating Braun because WWE is usually like that. Even though Braun should win.
  6. So wait is this a Non-Title Match? If so I can see Cain beating Brock since the title won't be one the line and this is afterall just a glorified house show. Either way not gonna lie I have zero interest in this match at all since I am not a big MMA fan. Edit: Plus we not getting Lucha Cain which is more fun than MMA Cain for me at least.
  7. 1 - Flynn 2 - Bailey 3 - Smith 4 - Slim 5 - Nebakos (Did look some of his promos he was pretty good.)
  8. Alex paces himself for a bit Alex Costa: You wanna know my strategy? Alex paces himself a bit more Alex Costa: BAKERSFIELD! You'll wanna know my strategy? Crowd Cheers as Aidan looks on Alex Costa: My strategy is pretty simple Aidan. We will be in this ring. Me, you, Mirage, Mikey and whoever else decides to join the party. We gonna beat the living piss out of each other. Somehow Mikey will find a way to get his buddies envolved. I will just fight them all because I don't give a damn if one of them is the GM of this Show and our Undisputed Champion as well. Crowd oohs Certainly won't care if two others are the Tag Team Champions. I will beat you two. Mirage over there as well. I will turn you body upside down, hook up my legs behind your arms and my arms around your legs and hit you or some other unfortunate fool with the Path of Salvation. I will cover said person 1, 2, 3. I will get my hand raised as the Announcer there says: "Your Winner and NEW BPZ United States Champion, The Portuguese Archangel Alex Costa" Crowd cheers I will walk to the back, grab a bottle of the Bubbly and celebrate with my hot wife over there. Alex points to his wife Christina Watch the rest of the show. Go home, take a rest, come back the next day for Carnage, do whatever new champions do, etc...etc... Crowd cheers as Aidan looks annoyed Was that you wanted to hear Aidan? Because quite frankly me descrbing this whole process felt the same as me explaining to my 12 year old niece how to ride a Bike. Seriously for some who calls himself a "Perfect" individual you appear to be quite dull. Crowd chants OOOH as Aidan begins to look angry But then again you should be used to that since your whole career has been dull, you talk yourself about being Perfect. The only thing Perfect about you is how much of a dissapointment your career has been. You say Mikey and yourself are superior to me? Please just because you happen to be good at scoring Triples with a Basket or Strikes in Bowling doesn't make you Perfect. It just means you are good at playing Basketball or Bowling. Congratulations! Wanna know how much that matters inside this ring? NOTHING! Alex looks Aidan directly in the eyes What matters inside this ring is your ability inside it. And quite frankly Aidan right now you are an enigma for me. But you and I both know that being away from it so long means a little bit of rust is always there. And while yes you gonna have one match before Halloween Havoc, it's against Arrow who unfortunatly ain't real competition. Meanwhile I've been since my debut, busting my ass every single match I've been. Yeah, I've lost quite a lot true but unlike some other people I didn't take my ball and go away. Alex then turns to the Back Or try to kiss the ass of the boss by becoming his lackey so I could get the title handed to me like a ****. Crowd Cheers No, I've stayed true to myself. I've fought hard to get here and I am not gonna let you, Mikey or whoever else stand in my way. Like I said I am done playing nice. Consider what I have been doing to Mirage a warning. Stand in my way, I will knock you out. Because you may beat me, but you will only survive if I let you. Alex drops the mic and begins heading out before turning back Oh by the way, one last thing. Next time you threaten my wife, not only I will kick your ass. She might beat yours. Alex and Christina leave the ring as Alex's theme Song plays Subconscious Alex walks to the back shaking hands with the fans as his wife comes alongside him. Christina walks to the back as Alex stares down Aidan from the top of the ramp
  9. Name/Nickname: "The Portuguese Archangel" Alex Costa Preferred Figurehead: Shinsuke Nakamura Wrestling Style: Puroresu/Technical Style Signatures (up to 2): Wings of the Angel (One Winged Angel), Hell's Devastation (Bloody Sunday) Finishers (up to 2): Path of Salvation (Styles Clash), Golden Gates (Walls of Jericho) Background: Most info is on my kayfabe page, to summarize former big star in both Japan and the UK scene before making his way to America and BPZ Heel/Face/Tweener: Face
  10. Well it really sucks for Joe but he is at a point where his career will be starting to slow down eventually. I kinda feel he is the type of guy WWE should have got in way sooner. When it comes to Cain, well this could explode back on there faces. Pretty sure the only reason they had Brock win the title back was to do this marquee match to please Fox Executives. Now it might not even happen.
  11. WWE Referee Explains Controversial Decision to End Hell in a Cell Main Event In case you didn't watch the WWE youtube series The Bump where they had a Mock Draft today to hype up the WWE Draft on Friday, they had Rod Zapata the official for the Hell in a Cell Match explain his actions. Why in the world didn't they have this on Raw I wonder?
  12. Sad to hear this, but in a way this could be a blessing in disguise. With the Cruiserweights now on NXT, they might get a bigger focus and attention they were getting on 205.
  13. Forgetabble Raw, well next week will be the beginning of a reset for WWE with the draft so we will have a brand new Raw roster to work with.

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