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  1. Alex Costa

    Best Part Of Forums (Your Opinion)

    Well I have been having a lot of fun with Kayfabe but I also love the discussions about the matches
  2. Alex Costa

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    1 Flynn 2 Bailey 3 Bart 4 Arius 5 Echo Wilson
  3. Alex Costa

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: February 19th 2019

    Let me address the questions then Will the NXT Takeover continue? Like FDS said I hope they just use the people they used last night because they have brought a lot of people over the past couple of months. Heck we didn't see ECIII and Nikki Cross at all last night and Lacey Evans and Heavy Machinery were in a seguement which I still don't know what it was about. How will Charlotte Flair react to Becky Lynch's assault? I think this will setup a match between the two at Fastlane that Becky will win and have her be added back into the Wrestlemania match that way. I just hope they also use tonight's Smackdown for the actual Smackdown Women's Champion! Asuka really should fight someone at Fastlane too, now that the Women's Tag Champs have been crowned and there first feud will be with a Raw team, just give some of the Smackdown Women a chance to fight Asuka. Can Kofi Kingston rebound from tough Elimination Chamber defeat? He will and hopefully face Bryan 1 v 1 at Wrestlemania The Miz to issue a public apology to Shane McMahon Probably not going to happen but I hope Shane turns like FDS said. The last thing we need is Miz doing the same as Elias and Ambrose. "The New" Daniel Bryan's Fastlane opponent to be revealed Probably Mustafa like FDS said.
  4. Alex Costa

    NXT Championship address

    Alex proceeds to walk back the ramp at everyone standing in the ring and then begins screaming "No one will take this title from me! No one! It belongs to me! You all are losers! None of you will take it from me!" The Sequement ends with Alex Clutching his Head but holding the NXT Title close to him
  5. Alex Costa

    NXT Championship address

    Alex goes down from the Kendostick attacks but rolls out of the ring before Arrow could do more damage.
  6. Alex Costa

    NXT Championship address

    Alex addresses first Arrow Let me apologize for the disrespect Bulldozer showed you, since you come out first. Now I haven't yet made my name, I am always doing that and I plan to continue to do it at BPZMania trust me. But Arrow if you truly think you deserve this championship then you have to prove it by beating me. He then turns to Bulldozer Now as far as you are concerned, you talk a big game for someone who hasn't even had a match in this company. Let me advise you on something, you don't want your first match to be a loss. And trust me if you wanna face me you will lose because your arrogance will be your downfall. But hey like I said I am a fighting champion but I am also not an idiot and I know what you two are planning to do so let me tell you something... Alex proceeds to attack Arrow before he can react and nails him with a powerful Powerbomb. However before Bulldozer can attack him the lights go out and...
  7. Alex Costa

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: February 18th 2018

    This crowd was the absolute worst to debut the NXT Stars in. So much so fans from the usual Hot Crowd Cities completely trashed the fans in Lafayette. I kinda wish they had held the debuts for a week as Atlanta would have probably popped hard for them, but I understand next week's episode will be more focused on Ric Flair and by association Charlotte, Becky and Ronda in some capacity. Still I liked the way they debuted Ricochet having him team up with Balor was amazing and Aleister Black really showcased himself against Elias (Why the heck is Elias a heel again, this soon after the Face turn?!) Gargano and Ciampa teaming up does not help with the NXT Storyline but it was a good callup to there rivalry back in 2016 with the Revival so I liked it. Also what's the deal with Lacey Evans and Heavy Machinary? Is she going to be there manager or was this just another of those pointless seguements to feature them. Ambrose is also suffering from the same syndrome as Elias in that he turned back to being a Face and he acted like the last couple of months didn't happen, even going as far as addressing Seth like they were still apart of the Shield. Good on Seth though for calling him out on it. The Ronda/Ruby and Strowman/Corbin matches didn't appeal much to me since I saw the first last Sunday and it was a boring squashfest and the latter has just been overdone over and over and over again. Overall it was a good show but the crowd really sucked.
  8. Alex Costa

    WWE Hall of Fame Classes Prediction and Discussion

    I am very happy to see D-Generation X going in, but like many here I was expecting Triple H to fully retire and go in on his own first. Still cool to see them get the nod and probably the only way they could put Chyna in right now without being controversial. Thing is will Billy Gunn be present? The fact he is working for All Elite Wrestling right now makes me think he won't be there but they are including him in the induction so who knows.
  9. Alex Costa

    NXT Championship address

    The NXT Audience is on its feet as the NXT Champion Alex Costa comes out with his theme blasting off and the crowd cheering for the Portuguese Cyborg Costa walks with a smile on his face as he holds the NXT Title in his hand The Champion walks into the ring with purpose before entering through the middle rope and raising his title for the Crowd to see So it seems that since I won my title, a couple of guys have come out to address my chellange for competition. Now let's get the obvious out of the way. Mave Deltzer, you my good sir are not even worthy enough to lick my boots, let alone chellange for this title. So my advice to you is to chellange someone at your level of being a loser and do not bother me with pointless chellanges again, lest I make an exemple out of you once again. Alex repositions his title a bit before addressing the next competitor Now that the obvious is out of the way, let me address my real competition. Now Maasa, you and I, we still have some unfinished business after you brutally assaulted me and cost me the chance to beat our new United States Champion Arius at the time. So you call me your prey. Well the truth is, you are the prey and I am the shark that's going to feed on your carcass. But it seems you have your own issues with this newcomer called Bulldozer. Some cheers at the mention of Bulldozer Oh you guys like him, heh? To be honest I don't. Bulldozer is nothing more than an Arrogant Fool if he belives I am scared of him. The truth is nothing scares me and your words are a facade much like I was forced to be one when I joined this company. Do not make the same mistake I did Bulldozer, prove yourself because right now you haven't proved yourself worthy of chellanging for this. So if you really wanna fight Maasa on your own, feel free to do it. And this finally brings me to Jack Bishop. Now Jack you are the only guy here I actually respect and if you and Hans want a shot at me, you got it. Heck you can even tell your Big Man buddy Wall Ace that I will take on him too. But here's the thing, can you all trust each other when you fight for this Singles title? I don't think you can and that will be your downfall. But see like I said I am a fighting champion so if anyone else wants a shot, feel free to come out right now and make your case. Alex waits patiently
  10. We a couple of minutes into this exciting NXT Championship match as right now Maasa is looking good as he proceeds to deliver a Rainmaker to Dikey Before he takes the advantage however CodyCage comes in from behind and hits Maasa with a Gutwrench Piledriver pilling him on top of Dikey Cody then poses a bit for the fans as both his opponents are down for the count: However before he takes advantage Alex hits from behind and throws Cody into the corner post with a Buckle Bomb before hiting the Superkick on the prone Cody Afterwards he picks up the fallen Maasa and beings spinning him around to the delight of the fans in attendence After the Swing Odyssey Sellers catches Alex from behind taking him down and locking him in the Crippler Crossface in the center of the ring as Alex screams in pain Jack Bishop however breaks the submission hold before Odyssey can tap out Alex and then picks him up and nails him with the Lion-Plex before going to a pinfall which is broken by Cody Cody then proceed to throw both Jack and Odyssey out of the ring before picking up the prone Maasa and nailing him with another Gutwrench Piledriver. However before he can do the pinfall the lights go out and when they come back in Cody is busted wide open while down in the ring As Cody isn't aware of where he is Alex who is now in the outside nails him with the Phenomenal Forearm and knocks him down He then locks in the Gates of Belem (Walls of Jericho) in the middle of the ring as Cody taps out immediatly before Jack could break the submission Before anyone could realize what happened Portuguese Made begins to play as Alex is handled the NXT Championship, crowd cheering on for the Portuguese Cyborg Your Winner and NEWWWWWWWWWWW NXT Champion! "The Portuguese Cyborg" Alex Costa Alex celebrates with his hands raised high as he looks at the BPZMania sign knowing this could be his ticket to the Showcase of the Immortals as a disappointed Jack Bishop looks down Alex then walks to the back posing at the top ramp holding the NXT Title in his hand for the fans
  11. Alex Costa

    Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin

    Well I wanna say it now. You were wrong mate.
  12. Well in the end Ruby came out of this looking worse. She was a complete afterthought as Ronda dominated her. The real story happened after the match though with Becky coming out and even on one leg just destroying both Ronda and Charlotte. As for the match itself, it's a DUD!
  13. I was actually suprised that the Usos ended up picking the titles here. I was expecting Shane and Miz to at least hold them to Fastlane. Good match but suprising result.
  14. This was by far the best match of the night. I agree with Yelich though, Joe was eliminated way before he should have. Kofi though showcased that he deserves a run with that title. Very impressive stuff from him and Bryan and I hope we get Kofi vs Bryan at Wrestlemania!
  15. This was a good match for the Kickoff. Akira Tozawa outperformed the champion here I feel and honestly I felt at times he could have beaten Buddy Murphy. In the end the champ retained which was the right call. Solid 3 star match.