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  1. Old fart

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      And Alex and Blade and Brenden

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      Whippersnappers these days. Back in my old days, young kids respected there elders.

  2. We cut backstage after the brutal Fatal Four Way Hardcore Match to determine the #1 Contender for the BPZ North American Championship. We see a very Bloody looking Alex walk into the back He arrives onto the Press Conference deeply exhausted as we can hear Aaron's theme in the background He sits on the chair deeply exhausted before he begins speaking slowly Alex Costa: Another loss...ANOTHER DAMN EFFING LOSS!!! And once again I wasn't the damn one pinned. My chance, my shot at the North American Title slipped away, BECAUSE OF A DAMN ROOKIE WHO GOT LUCKY TO BE PUT IN THIS MATCH! Alex breathes heavily But you know tonight it was a brutal war. Aaron was the better man tonight. And I know he can unseat whoever wins the North American Championship Match (This was before the NA Title Match happened). But this isn't over. I will not rest until I get my shot at that title. But that is for the future. Now my focus is on Judgement Day. I still don't know who I will face then but I am tired of constantly be on the losing end. A Journalist does ask why was Alex talking to Raven You see, me and Raven we go way back. Back when I was starting in the UK Scene, Raven was important for me, he was my mentor. My former Tag Partner, I was just a wee little kid starting out and he was already a legend in the UK Scene. But he took me under his wing and we dominated British Tag Wrestling. But those days are gone, the fact he thought aligning with a bunch of Jobbers was a good ideia. Thankfully he realized his mistake but I still don't know whether my old mentor is back or is he still shackled with that stigma of a Jobber. One thing is certain, they are few men I respect in this business and he is one of them. Alex poses the mic and walks out, visibly tired and still bloody.
  3. Blocks announced today on Kizuna Road Show: A Block IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada Revpro British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr Hiroshi Tanahashi Kota Ibushi Evil Sanada Bad Luck Fale Lance archer Will Ospreay Kenta B Block IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito NEVER Openweight Champion Tomohiro Ishii Juice Robinson Toru Yano Hirooki Goto Jay white Jeff Cobb Shingo Takegi Taichi IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley
  4. This would be a really bad ideia as there match at Supershowdown showed. Both men really need to stay retired as that match was really bad and sloppy as hell. People do mention the heat where the ring was and maybe that could be a reason but after that match I feel no interest in watching Undertaker or Goldberg wrestle anymore.
  5. I think either Option 1 or 2 in combination with option 3 would be the best option for Sasha when they bring her back. Have her turn heel on either Becky or Bayley would be very interesting.
  6. As fun as a Kofi vs Shane match could be, I don't think I want Shane anywhere near close to the WWE Championship. It's already bad enough they are having him constantly be a focus of the shows and having him beat Roman, we don't need him to be WWE Champion as well. And as for Kofi vs Vince, no just no.
  7. I am sure they could be an interesting player in the Mexican market but other than that I don't see them making much of an impact states-side. Still that is a pretty neat roster not gonna lie. Also man ADR's dad still wrestles? And Tinieblas?! How old are those two jeez!
  8. Right now: 1 Julius 2 Arius 3 Kenji 4 BiC 5 Bart
  9. Powertrip Cup Finals: Julius vs BIC Undisputed Championship Match: Bart (C) vs Flynn North American Championship: Arius (C) vs Kenji Mikey vs Toxik NA Number One Contenders Hardcore Match: Hans vs Bob vs Alex Costa vs Aaron North BPZ Tag Team Championship No DQ Match: Big Ballers (C) vs Royal Flush Josh vs Sir Raven Monda vs FDS Nanovirus vs Bashka Buddy Ace vs Blade
  10. Here is a match from earlier in the decade that can be in contention: This is perhaps one of the best matches ever at Wrestlemania. Not as good as his WM 25 match but still pretty epic... And I see that Crippler got to it before me. Well at least I left the match on here so take that Crippler.
  11. Damn this sucks. I hope this is just a scare. Last thing Sullivan needs is to get an injury after his push just started, considering what happened at the start of the year with him.
  12. Luna Vachon Brian Pillman Ladd and his two mystery partners Mark Callway
  13. This is already looking like it could be one of the bets G1's of the last couple of years. The names you already got in it like Moxley, Jericho, KENTA, all three names very well known to any who follow WWE and Western Wrestling in general will probably help bring a lot of new eyes to the product. Then you got two of the best current Junior Heavyweights in Will Ospreay and Shingo Takagi coming in which will add some new unique offensive to the tournament. Juice and Hoyt are two names you probably might think will be in that second tier of talent but both have proven they can hang with the best so I will be curious how they perform. Also I expect these names will likely be in it too: Okada, Naito, Ibushi, Sanada, EVIL, Tanahashi, Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr, Ishii, Goto, Davey Boy Smith Jr and perhaps Jeff Cobb as well.
  14. I heard interesting thing about Martina. She certainly has a unique character and name so her addiction to the NXT UK Women's Division will be interesting.

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