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  1. Feels a bit too early, but I will admit I have been waiting to see this match for a long time. That said I expect some shaninigans to happen a non-finish of some kind.
  2. I still feel this is way too early for Lacey. Considering Becky will have to likely lose one of her two belts soon, I don't think it will be the Raw Women's Title though. So I feel Becky will retain here in a decent match.
  3. Solid Raw, kinda excited for the potential AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins match but let's hope they actually don't screw the buildup. I don't think Seth will lose it but on the other hand a loss for AJ right after joining Raw is also not a good ideia. Which makes me think they will find a way to do a non-finish. The two Triple Threats were solid although I prefered the first one. Seeing Bo...I mean Robert Roode back as his old heel character from NXT is making me excited. I feel it's now or never for him in terms of getting a push. Good match against Ricochet and I wouldn't mind seeing them feud for a bit while Joe will likely do one more title defense against Rey or maybe all 4 will be in contention for MiTB (I feel Ricochet needs to be in that match no matter what, because he will pull some crazy High Flying Spots off ladders) Tag Team wise, thank god they changed the Viking Experience to Viking Raiders. Much better name and loved how they squashed the Lucha House Party. Also Usos vs Revival so we getting two tag team feuds on Raw?! Wow that is rare. On the Women's side I kinda didn't care about the IIConics vs Naomi seguement that much to be fair. The Becky/Lacey seguements were good and I feel Lacey can really hold herself well in a promo but I really wanna see more of her in ring. Decent match between Becky and Alicia (Sometimes I really forget Alicia is not that bad in the ring, probably because she has the presence of a dry wall?) Bray Wyatt's new character is going to give me nightmares and as for Sami Zayn I gotta admit he is now my favorite heel on the Raw roster. Man he is so good at being an A class douchebag.
  4. What's more is WWE continues to give him push after push. Not going to lie but the fact he was the one beating Kurt Angle in his final match out of everyone on the roster is dumb.
  5. Speaking of kickass Female Entrance Themes I still am completely in love with this Entrance Theme, the guitar riffs, the lyrics they fit Rhea's gimmick so much.
  6. Props to you Arius for mentioning my fellow countrywoman the beautiful but deadly Killer Kelly, which I agree she is a future NXT UK Women's Champion and should be the one to dethrone Toni eventually since they have a lot of history together as both opponents and partners. Right now on the main roster I'd have to say Ember Moon is my pick. She is the total package, great character, kickass theme song, a finisher that is over as hell. Only point where she can still improve I feel is her promo work but again nobody in the Women's Division is perfect on that with the exception if your name is Alexa Bliss.
  7. People have really given good picks, here's mine John Morrison At one point he was riding a very big wave of momentum especially around the start of 2012, as it seemed he would be getting to take the WWE Championship off Miz. Alas he never got the opportunity quite which is such a shame as I feel he deserved it. Very good in ring and his promo skills weren't bad (although I think he has improved since leaving WWE)
  8. Weird how they changed Andrade back to Smackdown. I wonder if it's due to a certain Flair? Either way it's too early to really discuss who won the Shakeup. Of the people shook to Raw AJ Styles and Lacey Evans appear to be the two biggest winners as of right now since they both getting title shots at Money in the Bank but we will see.
  9. You know you got it good when you got Minoru Suzuki's theme is stuck in your head and you wanna beat up some Young Lion.

  10. Brian Pillman Jr What I have seen of him, has deeply impressed me. It's not everyetime a multi-generational star can live up to his parent/s however from what I can see I think Brian Jr will definatly live up to his old man's name.
  11. Alex smirks and turns around to leave only to slap Hans and the two begin fighting all over the arena The two men pummel on each other for a couple of minutes before Security and other members of the Locker Room come out to separate both man. In the end we see Alex backing away smiling while busted wide open in the mouth with a evil smile on his face. In the ring Hans raises his NXT Title as the crowd cheer for him before going to the break
  12. We come back from the break as Stardust by KAZSIN starts playing The Crowd booing as Alex Costa comes out with a very determined look in his eyes, ready to address the crowd and the viewers at home. He waits for his entrance theme to fizzle out before sitting out in the middle of the ring. Alex Costa: I have some things to get off my chest and I hope you all are ready to hear them. Crowd boos You can boo all you want I am still going to talk. The past couple of weeks, I have been hearing rumors about me. About the way I chickened out of the title match at BPZMania. About me being just a flash in the pan. A one hit wonder. And I will admit those words did hurt and sting a little. People in the back talk and talk but in the end what matters is what happens in this ring. And the fact is I won the NXT Championship in my 2nd match in this company. Half the guys in the back have been here longer than I am and yet they have never even won a single damn match yet they talk and talk and talk and just really annoy me and all of you. Mixed Reactions But if there is a truth on something is that my opponent this Sunday is not one of those guys. See Hans I actually do like you. Unlike most of the guys in the back who talk too much, you do actually back your words up. What I don't like is that you still cling to this notion that you are the rightful NXT Champion because at the end of the day I was never pinned, I wasn't submitted, heck I wasn't even thrown over the top rope. I took myself out. And you know why? Alex gets up Because I got sick and tired of being forced to defend that title against wannabes and washed up losers like those guys at SSW Club or Jack Bishop who have never done anything worth to face someone like me or you! Crowd cheers at this as most don't like SSW Club although some boos can also be heard When I came to this company four months ago I expected to face the very best wrestlers in this business, not stuck in some worthless matches with guys who couldn't even lace my damn boots. I wanted the chance to face guys like you Hans or Kenji, yet in all of my matches, some random jobber gets added in last minute and either I end up losing because that idiot gets pinned or I beat them without breaking a sweat like when I won the NXT Title. But this Sunday, it will be different, this Sunday I finally get the chance to face someone worthwhile 1 on 1. And that that just makes me happy. Happy to know I finally face worthwhile competition. So I wanna thank you for this Hans but trust me at Backlash I am going to show you and the world why I am the Best. And trust me not you nor anybody else are going... Another theme song interrupts Alex
  13. Time to start the new season like Julius said. Really intrigued on who will chellange Rollins at Money in the Bank. I feel it will be someone minor like a Corbin and they will put the rest of the top guys in the MiTB Ladder Match. On the Women's side I really hope to see more of Lacey Evans. I am still not totally convinced on her as a credible contender for Becky. Tag Team wise I am hoping they change the Viking Experience name because ugh. Other than that I hope they will be next in line for the Raw Tag Belts.
  14. Alex Costa

    Project Exodus

    Love the ideia Slim. Can't wait to see where some of the top players end up at. It will be very interesting to see where Lebron and Durant for exemple end at.
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