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  1. If we would just use history as a relevant point, then we would also have to question Tottenham's spot in the Big 6 since they have failed to win any major trophy for the last couple of years, yet in my mind there is no doubt, Tottenham are a big 6 club. Arsenal I feel could be losing that spot soon if tendencies continue and certainly Leicester seem to be the team ready to take that spot. For now I would say no but I would argue that they will eventually take it if they continue improving and Arsenal continues this fall.
  2. G1 Climax Night 4 (September 24) Preview B Block do battle in Ota
  3. IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun) NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champion Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) vs Kota Ibushi (NJPW) 🤘Yujiro Takahashi (Bullet Club) vs Kenta (Bullet Club)🤘 KOPW2021 Holder Toru Yano (Chaos) vs Great O-Khan (United Empire) Bonus Match: Yuji Nagata (NJPW) vs Tanga Loa (Bullet Club)
  4. I think the original Lion King was the first movie I remember watching and I remember really loving it at all. Even to this day its still one of my favorite movies ever.
  5. Alex has listened carefully to the offer brough on by Ozymandias and Bashka. Suffice to say, the champion was willing to give them a listen. Afterall Alex was nothing more than pragmatic. As he listened more and more, his interest waned as they asked him to give away the Atlas Championship. Still Alex felt he might as well entertain them so he took to the mic as Bashka finished speaking. "So the great Ozymandias finally decides to grace me with his presence and suffice to say, you have impressed me. In just 3 months with this company, you have taken it by storm, you defeated Julius to claim the Universal Championship and you have amassed an interesting group around you. And yes perhaps we got a similar outlook on the future of this company. That the Old Guard needs to fully step aside. You done a good job in forcing The Good Brothers to step aside. Julius gone, no idea when he will return, Slim retired perhaps because he fears the changing times and who knows where Ropati went. Meanwhile I broke the fighting spirit of the most dangerous man to ever step foot in this company, forced Slim's old buddy out too. Truly times are changing and right now it seems your group is set to dominate and I would be a fool perhaps to pass on the opportunity but..." Alex pauses for a minute to allow the crowd to get some time to react as they get more fired up, Alex taking off the Atlas Championship off his shoulder before he resumes speaking. "The moment you asked me to relinqush my Atlas Championship was the moment I realized this offer was not at all serious, that you had no intention of geniunely add me to the group, but rather this was all a way to get me out the way so Steph over there could finally hold an actual relevant championship for once!" Steph gets a bit angry as Kabu holds him back and Alex laughes a bit. "Lighten up kid, it was a joke. See I would have accepted your offer if you never asked me to relinquish my Atlas Championship. At the end of the day I can see where the winds are going, and they seem to be in your favour but here is the thing. I never needed the help of anyone, twice I have been aligned, twice it led me to become the pawn of less deserving overrated talent who couldn't measure up to the talent I possess. When I left FD-Gun last year, I made a promise that I would never again fall into the trap of being someone's lackey, someone's bitch. At King of the Ring when I beat FDS, I proved that I never needed FD-Gun to get where I am and I certainly don't need any of you to retain either of my titles" "So my answer to your offer is NO!" The crowd pops hard for Alex's refusal of Ozymandias offer, this enrages Ozymandias for a second but he then whispers something to Kabu. Alex knows he is outnumbered and this will be a tough fight but before things can get going, another theme song plays. (Reply Planned)
  6. Discuss this week's episode of NXT below
  7. Top NJPW Star Out Of G1 Climax Due To Injury This really sucks especially after Naito and Zack Sabre Jr put on an absolute classic last Saturday. You guys know that Naito is my favorite wrestler in NJPW so this news really made me pretty sad. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery but yeah it blows.
  8. Alex Costa


    We are live on Carnage 48 hours removed from Superfight as we saw a lot of changes fall upon BPZ. A New Universal Champion has been crowned in the form of Ozymendias as for the other championship matches both champions were sucessfull in retention. And it is the song of one of those champions that plays as "Do I Wanna Know?" by the Arctic Monkeys plays, signifying the arrival of the BPZ World Heavyweight and Atlas Champion Alex Costa, fresh off a sucessful title retention against Riley Emerson. The champion appears to exhude more confidence before. It seems that he isn't fazed at all that the match was close at times and Riley Emerson had indeed come close at times to unseat Alex for the Atlas Championship. But that seems to not cross the mind of Costa who walks with a pretty confident step. Both titles are adjusted on him as he fist bumps someone in the crowd before approaching the ring, the crowd giving the Double Champion all the appreciation in the world. As Alex grabs a mic, he waits for the music to die down, before he begins to speak. "What's up Carnage? 48 hours ago I walked into Valor Superfight with the thought that I knew no matter what ever Riley said, I was walking out victorious. That said I got to give credit where credit is due, Riley Emerson, I know you are watching. You put on a hell of a fight, you showed heart, determination, a willingness to never give up. For that you have earned my respect, because you aren't a coward, unlike other people there in the back or others who took their ball and went home, because they couldn't get the job done. You have what it takes to go far, keep that spirit up, hold your head high and don't listen to what others might have to say. Keep fighting and maybe one day you will prove all those naysayers wrong. And when that day comes I will gladly defend one of these titles against you again." Alex's encouraging words towards Riley Emerson come as a bit of a surprise to many, who didn't expect Costa to heap praise at his opponent for Superfight. With that out the way, Alex looks at the crowd who are happy to cheer that on. But Alex now continues as he prepares to address another topic. "Speaking of nay-sayers and disrespectful people, it seems now Carnage is now run by the biggest of them all and not only that, just barely a month into the job and he already is taking opportunities away from far more deserving talent. Carter last week I said I respected you, because you want to be World Champion to make your daughter proud. But your actions so far have proven the reverse to me. You are still the same Isaiah Carter as ever. An arrogant, self-centred prick that is an entitled silver spoon. You are correct in saying you did beat me last year at Survival Games, but here is a little truth to you. I wasn't in Survival Games last year to win. I was merely put in there by FDS to ensure his Golden Protege made the finals. I could have easily finished you at any point, take the glory to myself, but I chose not to, foolishly hoping I had weakned you enough that FDS plan would work through. But when you beat KENJI to get to the Survival Games final, that's when I begun to realize had I beaten you, I would have gone to the finals. Had I not subconciously thrown away the match with KENJI and I actually finished the job on you, I could have won the whole thing. So I guess I got you to thank Isaiah, you sowed the doubts in my head that led me to split away from FD-Gun. You made me realize I could be more than just a cog to help rise the most overhyped talent in the history of this company. Well where is he now? Took his ball when he couldn't get the job done and went home, meanwhile I have gone beyond what people expected of me. I took my chance and it finally paid off. All the hard work I put through, all the suffering, all the nay-sayers saying I was never gonna be anything, and I shut them all up. I became the World Heavyweight Champion. And over the past two and a half months I have carried this company on my back as the World Champion. I have made this title feel important again. Before me, no champion had held this belt long enough this year. I am bringing this championship back to where it belongs, but more imporatantly I am becoming the stablizing force this title needs, that this company needs. But you Carter, you represent what is wrong with this company. The old guard. Washed up entilted has beens who believe things should be handled to them because of status. Carter I am not going to buy this arguement from you, that you are entirely doing this for your daughter. Deep down I know you are jealous that people only remember you as the lucky entilted prat that won 3 World Championships only to then lose them right away. Maybe that's why you chose to come after me now? Jealousy that it took me one title run and 2 months to surpass what you did in 3 title reigns who are all mere footnotes in history." Alex's speech drove partial responses from the crowd as they know Alex threw some shade away. Perhaps it was still frustation but ironically none were seen in the face of the Heavyweight Champion. Some realized a lot of what he said, was true, which was entirely what Alex hoped to accomplish here. "Carter, I know you will probably deny what I said, but trust me, I have met people like you. You have all the talent in the world and that makes you arrogant. Talent like you, don't deal with loss well. You talk about being passionate, I am the most passionate wrestler in the world. I love this business, I have since I was a kid. It was this love that brought me to Britain, to the house of the current BPZ Intercontinental Champion to learn to bump and trust me, he will be the first to tell you, how tough of a student I was. It was passion and love for this business that brought me to the Land of the Rising Sun as a young adult looking to learn in the toughest dojo system in the world. It's this passion that keeps me here, performing in front of you guys. At Bad Blood, Isaiah Carter you will learn just how much this passion drives me, when I beat you to retain my championship and prove just why this new era of BPZ is defined by me!" Alex finishes the speech and seems ready to leave but it isn't his music that plays next, neither is that of Isaiah Carter. The crowd is surprised to say the least. Reply Planned
  9. Forgot to post Night 2 Preview so I will put it up hre G1 Climax 31 Night Two (September 19) Preview 【G131】 B Block gets underway in Osaka G1 Climax night 3 (September 23) Preview Night two of A Block in Ota-ku
  10. Juice vs Hikuleo Texas Bullrope Match official for Autumn Attack! 【NJoA】
  11. I at first wondered why this match was even taking place but then I remembered before the Bayley injury, these two had a bit of a minor story going so I guess it is cool that WWE bringing this back. Not that I feel this will be more than a Kick-Off Match but I could be wrong. I will say Liv Morgan wins since they can set her up as a future challanger for Becky Lynch.
  12. As you probably know I am not the biggest fan of Brock's second extended WWE run, mostly cause having your World Champion be a part timer is something I don't like. That said he has had plenty of great matches during this. However my favorite Brock match and it might be Nostalgia speaking will always be this: I probably don't need to say a lot more. Any of the Brock vs Kurt matches easily could be here mind you.

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