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  1. Adam Masters VS KENJI Match 2: Overheel & Dikey VS Hans Clayton & Ropati Match 3: David Haskins VS Connor Bramson Main Event: Julius Jones & Kin Takeshi VS Angelo Catio & Prince Jack III
  2. Well gonna try and revive this thread a bit. Can't believe this song is turning 20 this year. Probably one of Eminem's best songs.
  3. Alex Costa

    Held Down

    Alex steps forward as the crowd boos harder Oh please, do you think I give a shit what you morons think? Alex pauses to soak a bit on the boos of the crowd Now my partner said essentially our purpose in being here, but I have to add this extra info. See there has been rumors that we have actually been in cahoots with Sheridan all this time to screw D.N.A over. Well let me make this clear so even you brainless idiots understand. WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT SHERIDAN'S PROBLEMS WITH D.N.A AND VICE-VERSA! Alex pauses a bit before continuing as Mikey whispers something into his ear and Bob looks there behind his sunglasses staring at the crowd At Night of Legends, we did what we do best, and well it seems the Tag Division is basically left to two teams now. Us and the Champs! Let me tell you a bit of a personal story, see I have followed Bart and Eli Smith's career for a couple of years now and I have to say they are two of the most talented men I have ever seen lace a pair of boots. Alex pauses a bit as the crowd cheers for the champs mention Two very talented individuals indeed, one of them a two time World Heavyweight Champion, one without a shadow of a doubt a future World Heavyweight Champion and a former Undisputed Champion. Together they have proven to be a dominant force, beating the First Class Express, beating Invictus. Here's the thing. Alex brings Mikey up front and begins pointing to him both We aren't the First Class Express, you saw what happened we beat them and exposed Isaiah as a weak link that our great leader took care off. We aren't Invictus who despite being a pretty great tag team, they are more concerned with achieving Singles Glory. Afterall KENJI went to war with the man, our dear friend Bob will expose as a fraud at the Royal Rumble, to keep his precious North American Championhsip while Arius is more concerning about winning the 2020 BPZ Rumble and headlining BPZMania. Alex pauses for a bit more No while everyone cares about the Rumble, even our Tag Champs, we care about one thing and one thing only! We want those Tag Team Championships! So Champs, we hope you in the back are listening, we don't care when it happens, we don't care how it happens, you can bet your arses we are winning those damn titles because WE ARE FIRING SQUAD! JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONERS! AND WE SENTENCE YOUR TAG TITLE REIGN TO DEATH! Alex let's a bark of war before showcasing the back of his new shirt which says "STONE PITBULL, HARD HITTER" as the final member of the trio Bob Sparks prepares to speak. OOC: Reply planned
  4. These are in no particular order and naturally exclude me NXT: Cody, Owen, Amai, Steph US: Meko(again), Bob, Mikey (Again), Sheridan Premium: FDS, Eric Shun, Gunner, Gwynfro NA: Bob, Meko, Mecko, Odd IC: Hans, Bart, FDS, Ropati Undisputed: Flynn, Arius, Smith, Gwynfro World: Arius, Bart, Hans, Bailey
  5. Tommaso Ciampa VS Big E Adrian Neville VS Aleister Black Adam Cole VS Shinsuke Nakamura Kevin Owens VS Finn Balor
  6. Honestly with the way both Owens and Asuka been used during there period on the "main rosters", a trip back down to NXT could work well for both of them. I like that WWE is really trying to turn NXT into a 3rd Brand equal to Raw or Smackdown so to me this is not a demotion but rather them just switching for one brand to another. Maybe it's time WWE officially turns Evolve into there developmental since it's clear they are a pseudo-Dev already so people can stop treating NXT as a Dev Territory.
  7. Predictions Board WWE Championship: Adam Cole (C) vs Bray Wyatt Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Kevin Owens WWE Womens Championship: Becky Lynch (C) vs Asuka Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Smackdown vs Team RAW Brand Warfare: Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan Brand Warfare: War Raiders vs Undisputed Era Brand Warfare: Dijak vs Ricochet Brand Warfare: Charlotte vs ??? Brand Warfare Battle Royale: Shinsuke Nakamura Bonus Questions Who Will Be The Sole Survivors Of The Winning Team: Finn Balor and Jordan Devlin Who Will Be The Smackdown Rep Against Charlotte: Ronda Rousey Will Any NXT Stars Make There Debut: None
  8. This is a pretty cool signing not gonna lie. I am a big fan of Brian Cage's work and seeing him do the jump from Impact to AEW is pretty cool. Can't wait to see him match up with guys like Kenny Omega, PAC, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho to name a few. They should be very interesting matches.
  9. Mine as of right now: Meckolegend aka Tiger Shiba (If he decides to do more Kayfabe) Bob Meko (Raven - He will probably break into IC with me this year I feel) Toxik (Mirage - If he drops the arguing in chat)
  10. Predictions for WWF Wrestlemania XIV - WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels (c) - Hell in a Cell match Kane vs The Undertaker Owen Hart vs Triple H - WWF Intercontinental Championship match Ken Shamrock vs The Rock (c) - WWF European Championship match Dan Savern vs Steve Blackman (c) WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Marty Jannetty vs Brian Christopher (c) Cactus Jack vs Jeff Jarrett - WWF Tag Team Championships match New Age Outlaws (c) vs Goldust/Mero vs Headbangers vs Los Boricuas Bonus Questions One of these matches will end in a No Contest, which match will that be? Owen/HHH Which Superstar will get the highest in-ring performance? Michaels How many title changes will occur during the show? 3
  11. We are live on the first Carnage post Night of Legends as we are building up towards the Royal Rumble in two weeks headlined by the namesake match. We will also be seeing the United States Championship on the line as Aaron North defends his title against Raven, Maasa, Buddy Ace and Mirage after Alex called out earlier announcing that he was dropping out of the match, a move which suprised a lot of fans. We immediatly cut backstage as we see Raven arrive in the arena. The Monster Murderhawk looks pissed off after losing the North American title match last night and he looks ready to murder someone. As he is walking into the arena he is suddenly jumped from behind by two men who quickly reveal to be the two remaining members of Firing Squad, Alex Costa and Mikey. Alex and Mikey begin brawling with Raven who gives as good as he can as the Commentary team keeps calling for Security to stop them. As the 3 men continue to brawl they begin heading towards the ring as the Crowd is going wild for the action. Eventually the 3 man enter the ring as Raven begins to get the upperhand nailing Mikey with a powerful Big Boot. Alex attempts to fight his old mentor, however Raven locks him in with the EBD Claw momentarily He manages to keep it locked for a minute before Mikey nails him in the back with the Steel Chair, freeing Alex from the grip and allowing them both to ground Raven out with the number game putting him down with a Magic Killer. As Alex and Mikey grin looking at a job well down we hear the Bulletproof soundvoice pop out as a new theme begins to play... OOC: Reply is planned
  12. Love this ideia of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic being WWE's version of the World Tag League, I guess we should expect a WWE G1 Version which should be cool to see. Keep it up Smith.
  13. End of Year 1 part 3 Julius Jones - Julius still hasn't been signed by any company by the end of this year, however he's had two matches on Indy shows unfortunatly for him he lost both though. Let's hope he gets signed somewhere in 2007. Best Match: Him and Tracy Smothers losing to Spike and Steel (33) - American Independent Show September 2006 Worst Match: Him losing to Cody Rhodes (26) - American Independent Show October 2006 KENJI - KENJI had a pretty sucessfull 6 months with NJPW rising up to Midcard level. It won't be long before the Resonator becomes a champion in NJPW I feel and 2007 could very well be his year. Best Match: Him and Hido losing to Bernard and Mikey (84) - On a damn Pre-Show!!! Tour date Week 4 November 2006 Worst Match: Him losing to Jado (64) - PreShow Tour Date Week 1 July 2006 Match Record 2006: 5 wins, 38 losses Madrix Delgado - Madrix hasn't wrestled at all in 2006 and at the time of the Sim right now is yet to get a contract offer. Things are looking bleak for the Filipino if he can't find a job in 2007. Mikey James - Mikey once again had a very interesting end of 2006 finishing his Tour with DG before going over to NJPW for the final months of year, establishing himself as a Midcarder. He has also like Gunner, received a contract offer from Chikara to start 2007 so it will be interesting to see how he does in North America. Best Match: Him and Lesnar beat The World Class Tag Team (88) - NJPW Tour date Week 4 December 2006 Worst Match: Him and Arai losing to The Metabolic Brothers (65) - DG Pre Show Tour date Week 1 July 2006 Match Record: 7 wins, 1 Draw, 32 losses Mirage - Mirage finished 2006 by touring with Pro Wrestling NOAH as well as competing for a couple of more matches for WLW before he left them two months before WLW would go out of business. He now sits at home waiting on a new contract to come up after he finished his tour. Best Match: Him losing to MAGNUM Tokyo (86) - DG Tour Date - Week 4 July 2006 Worst Match: Him losing to Keith Walker (60) - WLW - Week 3 July 2006 Match Record 2006: 32 Wins, 2 Draws, 51 losses Sailor Meko - Meko has been one of the stars in the Sim. Not because of GSW where she has barely featured but because she has been a breakout star for JDStar reaching Main Event status by the end of this year and helping them grow up to Regional. I feel it won't be a matter of time before she becomes a World Champion. Best Match: Her losing to Ayako Hamada for the TWF World Women's Championship (80) - JDStar Dreamer - Week 4 December 2006 Worst Match: Her and Takahashi losing to Ozaki and Kansai (64) - JDStar Grapple Beauty - Week 2 August 2006 Match Record 2006: 18 wins, 18 losses Sheridan - Sheridan ended up wrestling a lot on her final month touring with Shimmer however she would wrestle one match after August wrestling on the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show in September. Let's hope she gets picked up in 2007 but it will probably require her to want to go to Japan. Best Match: Her beating Rebecca Knox (57) - SHIMMER Tour Date - Week 4 July 2006 Worst Match: Her losing to Tanny Mouse (28) .- Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show - September 2006 Match Record 2006: 2 wins, 6 losses. The Tiger - Tiger caps out 2006 working in the UK and having become one of ICW's biggest stars. It is surely only a matter of time before the big man wins the ICW World Heavyweight Championship or he moves to greener pastures. Best Match: Him losing to Johnny Moss for the KSW British title (63) - KSW Law of the Jungle - September 2006 Worst Match: Him, Travis and Lightning losing to Thomson, Omen and Fite (39) - ICW Dominance - October 2006 Match Record 2006: 6 Wins, 11 Losses Zion Martinez - Zion unfortunatly didn't get to wrestle at all in 2006. Let's hope AAA and CMLL take a gamble on him eventually or another company.
  14. Borussia Dortmund (GER) v Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) Atlético Madrid (ESP) v Liverpool (ENG, holders) Atalanta (ITA) v Valencia (ESP) Tottenham Hotspur (ENG) v Leipzig (GER) Chelsea (ENG) v Bayern München (GER) Napoli (ITA) v Barcelona (ESP) Real Madrid (ESP) v Manchester City (ENG) Lyon (FRA) v Juventus (ITA)
  15. I'd like to add two names we will probably see pop up in AEW before 2020 is over, The Revival. I feel a move to AEW would clearly help them as AEW thrives and prides on having a very strong tag team division something which would really benefit Wilder and Dawson a lot in the long run. P.S: Someone tell Brenden to keep this thread in mind when he does his AEW Series on TEW 2020 xD.
  16. Why is this still a thing? Like seriously this has been going on for the last half of 2019 and it's not been doing anybody any favours, only making me care less for Baron who honestly I just feel the year of 2019 has killed any chance of him being accepted. Roman just needs to win and end this feud so we can move on period.
  17. End of Year 1 - Part 2 Echo Wilson - A name I forgot to go over in the mid-year part, Echo has been doing pretty well for himself in 2006 establishing himself as a solid name in his home promotion as well as in 2CW alongside fellow graduate Epic who I will go over next. Included are presences in CZW's Tournament of Death this year. Overall a pretty good year for the American. Best Match: Him losing to Epic actually (58) - 2CW Betrayed 2006 - Week 3 October 2006 Worst Match: Him losing to Bailey and Dahmer for the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title (37) - CZW Tough Love 2006 - Week 1 February 2006 Match Record 2006: 5 wins, 8 losses Epic - Epic much like Echo had a pretty good 6 months with the same two companies, however it seems he is being positioned as a potential future CZW World Heavyweight Champion as he has numerous title shots over the year. Can Epic win the title in 2007? Best Match: Him losing to Super Dragon - CZW World Heavyweight Championship (83) - CZW Break like the Wind - August 2006 Worst Match: Him, Echo and Morgan beating Equinox, Montoya and Titus (50) - 2CW Revenge - August 2006 Match Record 2006: 7 wins, 8 losses Gunner Bronson - Gunner ended up not wrestling at all in 2006, however not all is bleak for him as in the first day of 2007 he has received a contract offer from CHIKARA. H.R Puffnstuff - Puffnstuff had a couple of dates with NJPW in the second half of 2006 before leaving in October. In more tragic news on a personal level he has split up with Daffney in November. In the end he did manage to sign a Touring deal with ZERO1-Max for the start of 2007 so it will be interesting to look at how he does over there. Best Match: Him losing to Kohei Sato - Pre-Show (61) - NJPW Tour Show - Week 2 August 2006 Worst Match: Him and Metalik losing to Segura and Chris (32) - Mexican Independent Show - Week 2 October 2006 James Hunter - James had a pretty sucessfull 2 months joining NJPW in November and pulling an amazing end of the year capping it off by winning the IWGP TV Asashi Championship (In canon name for it) becoming the first wrestler in the sim thus to win a championship in this Sim. Best Match: See Aaron North Worst Match: Him losing to Aaron North (54) - NJPW Tour - Week 2 December 2006 Match Record 2006: 27 wins, 25 losses
  18. Tommaso Ciampa VS Drew McIntyre Adrian Neville VS Sami Zayn Finn Balor VS Johnny Gargano Adam Cole VS Seth Rollins Bobby Roode VS Big E Kevin Owens VS Samoa Joe Bo Dallas VS Shinsuke Nakamura Andrade "Cien" Almas VS Aleister Black
  19. Ugh this is a bad decision especially if the title isn't on the line at all. It's WWE basically telling the fans no one is on Brock's level to chellange it. At least the fact he's entering at Number 1 makes me fully believe he won't be winning the whole match since I can't see Brock wrestling over an hour, I feel he'd become way too gassed by the end of the match in my honest opinion. However I do say it could be a great moment if you have someone take Brock out the match like Kevin Owens or Drew McIntyre to set up the match for Wrestlemania we shall see.
  20. Pre Show Womens Battle Royal (Marti Belle, Jamie Hayer, Zoe Lucas, Velvet Sky, Kiera Hogan, Jenny Rose) Brian Milonas vs Jay Lethal 4 Way Tag Team Match: The New Heavenly Bodies vs The Boys vs Rhett Titus and Vincent vs Tyler Bateman and Ryan Nova Main Show The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs The Colons - ROH Tag Team Titles Bully Ray vs Cabana Cass w/ Summer (c) vs Dalton Castle - ROH Television Title Lucha Style (c) vs Villain Enterprises - ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Angelina Love - ROH Women of Honor Title Marty Scrull (c) vs Matt Sydal - ROH World Heavyweight Title Bonus Questions Who will be the new 4th member of Villain Enterprises? Zack Sabre Jr What will be the highest rated match on the card? Scrull/Sydal Who will get the most eliminations in the Womens Battle Royal? Jamie Hayter
  21. I guess I am winning the Rumble now. Sucks to be you all.
  22. Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Alex Costa Weight: 214 lbs Height: 6'1 Finisher(s): Archangel's Wings (Stardust Press), Heavenly Cross (Crippler Crossface) Signature(s) Gloria, Eye of the Falcon (Spinning neckbreaker), Heavenly Kick (V-Trigger) Gimmick: Wrestler that has wrestled all over the world, tries to put on the best match of the night every single time he's in the ring Attire: Similar to Will Ospreay Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Face Tag Team: Up to you
  23. I really haven't been watching Impact lately but I might need to check out this PPV especially since it appears Tessa can be on the cusp of making history like Arius mentioned. Really hope she does win the World title even if it isn't at Hard to kill. No knock on Sami who I presume has been a terrific champion for Impact.
  24. Honestly while it seems to be a good deal money creatively I feel ROH is looking like a sinking ship of irrelevance these past few months so I question how wise this move is on the part of Scrull. Although not gonna lie I hope he gets to be used in Japan as well by NJPW.

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