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  1. What's up? I am from MA, USA. I have been a long time wrestling fan and wrestling games fan, with TEW definitely being my top. I watched Brenden's content for a long period of time, casually watching him for while, but then when he started his TNA TEW series, I started watching him a lot. I never was a member of the forums, and if I was I don't remember the account name. Anyway, I took a hiatus from his content, as I am just the type of person who has to change his focus once in a while, but recently I have came back and I'm looking forward to re-joining the community!
  2. Martin Crypt Born February 5 1991 Set to debut: April, 2014 Gender: Male Nationality: New Zealander Based in: USA Status: Active wrestler Style: Regular wrestler Body Type: Toned Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: Middleweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Move Set: Wrath of The Gods (STF Rear Naked Choke) Face Gimmick: Show Stealer Heel Gimmick: God Complex (He is so confident in himself that he views himself as more than human) Mask: No mask Hair: Yes Favored Role: Wrestler Bio: Martin Crypt was considered one of the most promising stars in wrestling when he first emerged onto the scene. Many thought he had the potential to be one the biggest names of the industry. However, over time Martin started to let the hype get to his head, and as he continued his career, he became more and more confident. It came to a head when Martin captured a world title, and something in his brain changed. His killer instinct has been replaced with relentless and delusional narcissism calling himself a god. He ended up losing the title on his first defense due to his lack of effort, and it has been downhill since. Even now, it clear to see when Crypt tries he can be as good as anyone out there, but due to his poor judgement and god complex, he can't seem to stay focused long enough to take out higher level opponents. Only time will tell if Crypt will get a wake up call from his dissolution and go back to his original form, but things are looking bleak at the moment...

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