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  1. What's up? I am from MA, USA. I have been a long time wrestling fan and wrestling games fan, with TEW definitely being my top. I watched Brenden's content for a long period of time, casually watching him for while, but then when he started his TNA TEW series, I started watching him a lot. I never was a member of the forums, and if I was I don't remember the account name. Anyway, I took a hiatus from his content, as I am just the type of person who has to change his focus once in a while, but recently I have came back and I'm looking forward to re-joining the community!
  2. Martin Crypt Born February 5 1991 Set to debut: April, 2014 Gender: Male Nationality: New Zealander Based in: USA Status: Active wrestler Style: Regular wrestler Body Type: Toned Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: Middleweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Move Set: Wrath of The Gods (STF Rear Naked Choke) Face Gimmick: Show Stealer Heel Gimmick: God Complex (He is so confident in himself that he views himself as more than human) Mask: No mask Hair: Yes Favored Role: Wrestler Bio: Martin Crypt was cons

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