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  1. Xtreme Wrestling Promotion: March 2010 https://gyazo.com/01f91b67399278fc84429974c1b24549 (Week One) https://gyazo.com/39172de6aa98b1c1ec7684b470dbdf65 (Week Two) https://gyazo.com/8c495b9b4cdc2411f9c5eac0c07daec7 (Week Three) https://gyazo.com/9cf5744e61c59c10bcf8d5fffd567d2c (Week Four) https://gyazo.com/a1395648b48fc54521a053cc7b59e4f6 (PPV (Conflict)) https://gyazo.com/697e9cea6bb59d9ba2ffd53ebcab8c18 (Popularity) https://gyazo.com/7a25b6916cb243d490d01876ab0b1f6c (Finance) https://gyazo.com/b04449e16c1ad6ee9500b8c4c9a4b0c9 (Importance)
  2. Xtreme Wrestling Promotion: February 2010 https://gyazo.com/7c1f0320af358d3694fbddcc36f4f6e4 (Week One) https://gyazo.com/c07bc7b4eb4a5fadca49f1f3575c09c7 (Week Two (Aiden English was brought in as enhancement talent, his pop was 6)) https://gyazo.com/b5a1a1501a45eff9d47d62d657ecf642 (Week Three) https://gyazo.com/bd360a172190f95867e5cd30bcb57796 (Week Four) https://gyazo.com/509c5af652f03c1229603111615f2c22 (PPV (Evie was brought in as enhancement talent, her pop was 2)) https://gyazo.com/9c10efa5cb72b9a8893a99a254dbb869 (Pop after Feb) https://gyazo.com/f6adf3bde4e4909fe7132ebdeb5b4922 (Finance after Feb) https://gyazo.com/e03ed20ed709626cb18cb25ebd326fa1 (Importance after Feb)
  3. Xtreme Wresting Promotion: January 2010 https://gyazo.com/85d441691d6c212d2b5eeb83aa1a0781 If the link doesn't show you what happened (haven't used Gyazo before so unsure if this will work), Mr. Kennedy decided to be on drugs. https://gyazo.com/df9ce247b0279565882dc0499ac649cf https://gyazo.com/6c187ecc90dd935c851059dd66e915e6 So Cena's out of the PPV. And that's why he lost to Paul Orndorff. He was originally supposed to win but he got injured. https://gyazo.com/9e113c96866513af1a5f54cedfafbfe0 https://gyazo.com/38901c6acc2d3692de8bf24ad4750c23 https://gyazo.com/05bc9de5d741525cad03e3e692dc3ecb 0.24 is not bad for the first PPV. https://gyazo.com/ca8e144b80d6773ec8c561180ad7a348 Got myself a good profit. Happy about that considering Cena's injury, Kennedy being sent to rehab, the third show being quite bad compared to the rest. Happy that in the end, I got myself a good profit. https://gyazo.com/5139647ce9b03978c4a49da1ea4a54a3 All other places in the world had all regions just go up by one point in popularity.
  4. Company: Xtreme Wrestling Promotion (I know the logo is quite big, I'll get a smaller logo) Location: New England (USA) Roster: Alundra Blayze Awesome Kong Bam Bam Bigelow Brian Knobbs Cody Rhodes Eddie Guerrero Gangrel Ivory Jacques Rougeau Jerry Sags Jim Cornette John Cena Ken Kennedy Kevin Sullivan Konnor Ludvig Borga Luna Vachon Marty Jannetty Nick Bockwinkel Paul Orndorff Paul Roma Pierre/Carl Oulette Rick Rude Rick Steiner Ricky Morton Rikishi Robert Gibson Rhonda Singh Savio Vega Scott Norton Shelton Benjamin Tatanka Ted Dibiase Jr Vader Viktor (Bold are from trades, Italic are from claims) Tag Teams: The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) Pretty Wonderful (Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma) The Quebecers (Jacques Rougeau & Pierre) The Rock 'N' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) Priceless (Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr)
  5. In. Xtreme Wrestling Promotion (just because Xtreme is there doesn't mean it's a hardcore company like ECW lol)
  6. Brett just laughs in the face of Odyssey. Then turns his back to Mave. Brett: "Mave, I'm not even going to look at you now simply because you've taken up far too much of my time and quite frankly, you don't deserve any of my time to begin with. Odyssey, I don't want to be you. I don't mimic others. I don't speak like you, I don't act like you. I don't do anything like you. Because unlike you who makes up random things up to sound like the cool guy, I say what I'm actually thinking. What you see in front of you is real. You are not. You say your insane, you say your evil, but like all other people we've seen over the years say that sort of stuff, we all know that your not. You know your not. You say I don't know what you're capable of, but then tell me what you've done. Making that entire part of your argument utterly meaningless. Barbed wire around the throat. You think that's hardcore, I've seen many wrestlers much more hardcore than you. Hell, there's many Hardcore promotions where all they do is crazy stunts which are a lot more hardcore than what you do. I do have experience outside BPZ like apparently you do as well which no one knew and I doubt you knew about until I said about my experience outside BPZ. But I've not wrestled in bingo halls, not in washed up basements like you think I have. I've been all around the world. Wrestling the top professional wrestlers in the world and I've defeated them. Not only that but I've destroyed them. I've been to the top of what you called "indies" . Hmm, I knew that whenever people speak about what I've done outside BPZ, they'd say it's in the "indies", but no one here knows what I've done. Unlike you, I won't give away anything that I've done outside of BPZ, I'm not going to give specific details about me because if I do, that can be used as a weakness, I'm smart like that. Something we can both agree ole Deltzer here is not." Brett looks around with a smile across his face. Brett: "What you've said about me is utter nonsense, which in one sense, means at least your being consistent. You say I waited for you to speak before making my first move. Well if you actually did some research, you would know that I've already called you out. Before you said a word about me, I was calling your a$$ out to this ring. You say I didn't give you time, I gave you several minutes to come out but what happened? You didn't come out. You say you were in your locker room so why? Why? What's your excuse? You don't have one. You admit to killing people which you obviously haven't done or you would be sentenced to life in prison. Which adds to my point of everything about you being fake. You say you were in your locker room but if your this mysterious character, shouldn't you be.....I don't know in an undisclosed location?! You say you're this narcissistic guy but you kick mirrors in an uncontrollable rage like a maniac, you say you're insane but your not! Everything that I've said about myself is real. I've truly wrestled outside of BPZ. I've truly been successful. Am I being narcissistic? Maybe, but I sure as hell ain't copying you as that would mean be someone who I am not and look what that got me before. A s***** US Title Reign and that's it! Everything you've said about yourself is absolute rubbish! You know what? Now I realize, you're not worth it neither. None of my opponents are worth it. So if you're gonna call me out again, hard luck kids, as I'm not gonna respond as instead of training my mouth to talk, I'll be training to whoop all 3 of your a$$es at Night of Legends." Brett Storm then goes out the ring and on the apron before turning round. Brett: "Almost forgot, Odyssey, I accept your challenge for Royal Rumble. Will give me a good training session for the Rumble match itself." Brett then throws his mic back to Mave Deltzer and shouts. Brett: "Go ahead and make the fans and Odyssey lose more brain cells if you want." Brett then walks off. OOC: I know this may have broke kayfabe a little bit but I was told I can do it from time to time so this will be one of those times because I couldn't think of anything else. lol
  7. Not a twitch sub Twitch Name: 1ofthekind Company Preference: ACW or BPZ
  8. Once Brett goes backstage he goes to his locker where he watches Mave Deltzer in the ring. He then turns off the TV and throws the remote, breaking it. Brett: "So I wait for ages for a response and only when I go backstage, does one of my opponents go to the ring. OK. I get it. I said it before. I said the reason you waited to respond when I'm out the ring. You're scared of me. You're so scared you didn't even mention me because you know you aren't in my league. You know it. Odyssey knows it. Bubba knows it as he's not even responded to any of us. Night of Legends will be an easy night. Odyssey is scared of me for refusing to face me like a man. Bubba is scared as he hasn't decided to show up. Mave Deltzer is scared as he doesn't even want to insult me because he is scared that I will end his career before it even started. Hell, he barely said anything at all to Odyssey which tells me that somehow, Odyssey has successfully scared someone. So....good on you. You proved me wrong. Hold on....." Brett goes out of his locker room and walks up to an interviewer. Brett: "Is Mave Deltzer still out in the ring?" Interviewer: "Yes, he is" Brett: "Perfect" Brett then walks down to gorilla position while talking into the camera. Brett: "Mave Deltzer, stay right where you are, I'm coming. If you run away then what I plan to do to you at Night Of Legends will be much worse." Brett walks out to the ring and goes up into Deltzer's face and snatches his microphone. Brett: "I respect the fact you didn't run. Now I can say what I want to your face. You aren't up to scratch. You don't have what it takes to be in BPZ. Because if "That is your new character? What in the hell are you going through, dude" is all you can come up with, well I doubt you'll make it here in BPZ unless you change like I have. If you seen what I was before, then look at me now, it's like a different person altogether. I've changed and now I'm a future World Champion. I GUARANTEE IT! The way you're currently going isn't looking good. I'll admit, I used to be like you, someone who could barely insult a man, that wasn't how I was back in 2015. But now, with my years of experience outside of BPZ, I know what it takes to win now. I know you need to do whatever it takes to win. Win if you can, lose if you must but always cheat. Because if you don't bend the rules to your will then your opponent won't have any problem taking advantage of that weakness. You need to understand what it takes to win to get far in this business. But I don't think you will ever understand. No. I KNOW you'll never understand. Because I may have said I was like you, terrible at speaking my mind about other professional wrestlers but while I was just plain bad, you are and will forever be on another level below me. Hell, at Night of Legends, I won't even need to cheat. Two reasons, one is because it's no disqualification due to being a 4 Way match. And two, because my opponents are guys who haven't proved anything. You've not proved you have a killer instinct Mave, Bubba hasn't proved he has balls & Odyssey hasn't proved that he has balls neither. Fact is, Night of Legends, like I said before will be easy. No I know you don't agree with what I said. So I'll give you the same thing I gave Odyssey Sellers. The chance to speak out. Go ahead, speak out against me! Because you got cold feet beforehand when you had the chance to talk about me." Brett hands the mic back to Mave Deltzer and waits for a response.
  9. After a while Brett just sits up from his chair and throws it back to the timekeeper's area. "You know it doesn't take this long to come up with a response. Hell there shouldn't be any need to come up with one you should've just came out here look in my eye and say everything you said about me. But nope, you decide to stay in whatever circus you live in. At Night Of Legends, I'll win. The guy that actually came out to this ring is gonna win. Me. I'm gonna win. Not some coward in Odyssey Sellers, not some guy who is too stupid that he comes up with a name where even a professional wrestling fan with half a brain will be able to know the dumb reference in Mave Deltzer who also didn't come out to face me like a man, not some apparent second generation wrestler who we all know will have "wrestling in his blood" like all second generation wrestlers apparently do in BubbaJr who ALSO didn't come out here to face me like a man. You know just listing my opponents makes me feel sad. If these are the kinds of people who the people on top of the Carnage brand deems worthy of being showcased then there must be something terribly wrong with this brand. But that doesn't matter, as these are the kinds of people I'll gladly kick out of the Carnage Brand on my road to one of the two World Championships in BPZ. BubbaJr, Mave Deltzer & the coward Odyssey Sellers, you 3 are in for a long night when the legend of Brett Storm starts being made." Brett Storm walks up the ramp before looking up at the titantron. "You could've easily come out Odyssey, instead you decided to stay in your circus." Brett Storm walks to the backstage area when the camera fades to the next segment.
  10. My first memory of watching TNA was in January 2013 when I found out TNA was on a UK TV Channel called Challenge so I started watching it. It was when Jeff Hardy was World Champion and the Aces and Eights storyline started revealing who was underneath the masks. So I think the first match I watched in TNA was a match between James Storm and Kazarian. May be wrong but I'm pretty sure that was the first TNA match I watched.
  11. The camera then switches to the ring where Brett Storm is already in the ring with a serious look on his face. "So the guy that was The Crippler has turned himself into a bland spooky dude called Odyssey Sellers. You don't scare me. No one is scared of you. Superkicking a mirror, you think that's supposed to intimidate me? I've dealt with a lot more bigger, badder, meaner wrestlers than you. I don't expect people to bow at my feet. No, no. What I know is going to happen is everyone who faces me, everyone who gets on my bad side will look up at the lights after I knock them out. And Mr. Sellers, you're on my bad side. So you'll be knocked out. You think you're the only one who can be a sick, twisted individual well you haven't met me. You haven't seen what I can do. I'm not a guy who should be taken lightly. I'm a guy who can be a World Champion. I've proven how sick and twisted I can be while I was outside of BPZ, honing my craft. I'm a guy who carry a brand on my back and make it interesting. You're just a guy who thinks he's scary, who thinks they can hang but I got news for you. You can't hang with the top guys. Now you may think I am not a top guy, so you'll be able to hang with me but that's just not the case. Watch what I can do, I've been Champion elsewhere outside of BPZ. I'm a top guy. Hell, the weaker side of me, the side of me that I now despise won a Championship here, what does that say about the competition here in BPZ? It tells me that I'm going to be World Champion in BPZ. That's my goal. I'm a top guy. You think you'll be the greatest in BPZ, that's delusional, which isn't surprising considering you think you're something your not. You think you're a big deal when you've not proven yourself. Not here, not anywhere. I've proved myself outside of BPZ winning many Championships including World Championships. Here, the side of me that was "happy to be here" & did everything for the fans, that side of me became United States Champion. So I know I'm going to be World Champion. I know this new side of me is going to be World Champion. I won't let someone like you, with your unoriginal insults, your unoriginal personality, I won't let someone like you have the pleasure of beating me." Brett Storm just laughs as he looks up at the tron. "You decided to talk trash about me behind my back, in an undisclosed location. I'm out here, in the ring. I'm in a position where we can talk trash about each other, face to face but instead you, the guy that's thinks he's scary, supposed to be scary, is the one acting like a coward, choosing to talk ill of me far away from the arena. I'm not scared but I know who is. Odyssey Sellers is scared. Because he doesn't know what I can do. He's scared because he's going into the unknown as he has no idea what I'm capable of. You say I'm old news, when the spooky, scary persona you're wanting to show off has been going on for decades now. You have indeed arrived, and at Night Of Legends, you'll go back where you came from like so many supposed spooky guys do. I ain't afraid of you Odyssey." Brett then is about to leave but decides against it. "You know what, I'm gonna stay in this ring and give you the chance to grow a set and face me in the ring to repeat what you said about me. So come on." Brett grabs a steel chair from ringside and sits on it in the ring.
  12. June 12th 2016. XWP's final hour...…...or so it seemed. More than 2 Years Later. XWP Returns. Bigger. Badder. Better. Yes. The XWP Diary is back but with a twist. There will be a Brand Split. There will be an XWP Brand representing the forums (and to sign up for XWP check the Info needed below) & there will be an XWP Brand representing the XWP I make on YouTube featuring CAWs from my Subscribers (it will be different storylines here than on my YouTube account). XWP RAW will feature people from the Forums XWP Smackdown will feature CAWs from the actual XWP I make videos on. Championships for RAW XWP Universal Championship - Vacant XWP European Championship - Vacant XWP RAW Tag Team Championship - Vacant XWP Hardcore Championship - Vacant Championships for Smackdown (basically current Champions in XWP on YouTube) XWP World Heavyweight Championship - Cycloper XWP Championship - Sean Avery (will be unified with World Title) XWP United States Championship - Zachary Welch XWP Intercontinental Championship - Max Mercury XWP Smackdown Tag Team Championship - Rebellion (David Mill & Dustin Martinez) To sign up and be a part of the XWP RAW Roster, please tell me: Name: Disposition (Face, Heel, Tweener): Finisher: Signature Gimmick: Fighting Style: Backstory (Optional): To see who's a part of the XWP Smackdown Roster check this link (It has them in separate rosters as that's how it is on my YouTube videos): https://undiscovered-caw-talent.wikia.com/wiki/XWP PPVs will go like this: Betrayal (SD) Outlaw (RAW) Broken Bonds (SD) Pick Your Poison (RAW) Money In The Bank Summerslam Psychopath (SD) Nightmares (RAW) Survivor Series Take It Or Leave It (SD) Royal Rumble Danger Zone (RAW) Unforgiven (SD) WrestleMania (Any Questions about XWP then private message me)
  13. Name: Brett Storm Gimmick: Ruthless Killer (like how Drew McIntyre was portrayed against Kurt Angle) Finishers: Bullhammer, Storm Kneebar (TJP Clutch) Signatures: Spear (Running or Diving) Wrestling Style: Brawler Fav Weapon: Chair (to wrap around victim's leg and stomp on it) Employment History: ICW, Defiant, Progress
  14. RAW: Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins SD: Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Becky Lynch NXT: Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black (although Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole could easily be in the top 3) 205: Buddy Murphy, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali NXT UK: Pete Dunne, Zack Gibson & Joe Coffey
  15. Brett Storm's music hits and he walks down the ramp slowly, soaking in the crowd's reaction. "Ladies and gentlemen, the Storm has returned. Once again, I am back but unlike last time, I won't leave after just a few days. It's been nearly 4 Years to the day that I first joined BPZ and what do I have to show for it? A terrible United States Championship Reign. That's it. What was memorable about that reign other than it being the same as my initials. BS. What I plan to do......is remedy that. This time, the reason I am back isn't for a quick "hello, remember me" but to add to my resume. To win Championships. To get to the top of the mountain and stay there. I don't care who it is I need to go through to get what I want. And well.....it just so happens that Carnage is holding a show called Night Of Legends and I'm competing in a Showcase Match against The Crippler, BubbaJr & GeorgeAK in a Four Way. That's an insult. Who the hell are these guys? But you know what, I don't even care. Because all The Crippler, BubbaJr & GeorgeAK will be is a statement which will tell people who I am now. I'm not a guy who would be lucky to win matches anymore. I'm a much more driven, dangerous competitor. You 3 will find that out first hand. I've been World Champion nearly everywhere I've been....except here. That's what I'm going to do. I will be a World Champion. Mark my words. Doesn't matter if it's in a couple of days, in a couple of months, in a couple of years, doesn't matter. I will be a World Champion in BPZ. Crippler, Bubba, George, you are just 3 of many stepping stones I'll go over on my path to a World Title. Now I know, because of what I have just said...…..I've put a target on my back. That's fine. As I wouldn't have it any other way. React to me any way you want because I won't care as I'm focused on becoming Champion. And I'll do whatever it takes to get there." Brett Storm walks out of the ring & up the ramp with a determined look on his face.
  16. I think it would be interesting to find out what people have booked in Brenden's TNA Save ever since he stopped playing it. For me, I'm in February just coming off a 98 rated Against All Odds PPV where Abyss has just won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from AJ Styles (it would've been Lashley if he didn't accept another MMA Fight). The results of Against All Odds were (including Pre-Show): Pre-Show: Mickie James wins a Battle Royal - Rated 79 Pre-Show: America's Most Wanted def. Kings Of Wrestling - Rated 96 Pre-Show: Matt Morgan def. Rhino - Rated 81 Christian Cage def. Jeff Jarrett (c) & Fallen Angel to win the TNA United States Championship (a Championship I introduced because there was a custom TNA US Title in the pic pack I'm using & to give other guys something to do) - Rated 96 Christian taunts Daniels after the match - Rated 100 Amy Dumas (Lita) (c) def. Melina to retain the TNA Knockout's Championship - Rated 92 (Shocked at that rating) Mickie James attacks Dumas after the match - Rated 85 Team 3D def. Motor City Machine Guns - Rated 99 The Hardyz def. Aries & Strong - Rated 99 Team 3D attack Hardyz - Rated 100 Chris Jericho & Samoa Joe (c) def. Scott Steiner & Booker T (of Main Event Mafia) to retain TNA Tag Team Championship - Rated 94 Homicide (c) def. CM Punk & Jay Lethal to retain the TNA X-Division Championship - Rated 91 CM Punk beats down Homicide - Rated 88 Muhammad Hassan (c) def. Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the Impact Global Championship - Rated 99 Abyss def. AJ Styles (c) to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Rated 99 Insane Asylum celebrate Post Match - Rated 88 Future plans for each Title (as long as nothing bad happens): World - Abyss & Styles feud until Slammiversary & Abyss holds Title until Joe wins it in Triple Threat Also involving Chris Jericho X - Homicide gets World Title match at Destination X & holds Title until Lockdown where CM Punk will become Champion US - Christian holds Championship to Slammiversary; losing to Fallen Angel to end their feud Tag - Jericho & Joe lose Titles to 3D at Destination X & Jericho turns on Joe (like what Brenden did with Jericho/Christian but as Joe recently turned, Chris is turning) Global - Hassan holds Title to BFG at least (partially due to the BFG Series); unsure who he'll lose Title to KO - Mickie wins back Title at Slammiversary; unsure who she'll lose Title to after that How did you book TNA following Brenden's Playthrough on it? If you downloaded his save file.
  17. I agree with this. At first I was excited as I started watching Wrestling in 2007 so it would've been interesting to book that time period but there was a lot of problems with that mod. If I'm thinking of the same mod you are.
  18. Would have to be the WWE 2017 mod by TheWho87 because the popularity of the midcarders are at 30 or less and WWE is set as an international company meaning I lose a lot of popularity because of it. The only people with good popularity of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker (but because we thought he retired at that point, he was retired in the game), HHH & to a stretch Roman Reigns. Everyone else was 70 or below unless I'm missing someone. Oh and Jinder Mahal was WWE Champion so my World Champion on Smackdown had 55 Popularity.
  19. Well, I've now been to 3 more Live Events since that post was posted so my updated answer is Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship at an NXT house show in Aberdeen last year. Even if Drew missed my hand when high fiving everyone afterwards. lol.
  20. My longest save is WWE 2009 (now into 2010) and it's 8 months in (I like switching around a lot). My current Champions: WWE: Edge (previously HHH) World: Undertaker (Previously Cena) US: CM Punk (Previously Miz) IC: Ted Dibiase (Previously John Morrison) Unified Tag: RVD & Rey Mysterio (Was Batista & Mysterio but Batista got hurt & previously Jeri-Show) Divas: Mickie James (Previously Natalya) Womens: Kharma (Previously Trish Stratus) Cruiserweight (brought belt back): Christopher Daniels (previously Kaval) ECW Heavyweight: Matt Hardy (Previously Mark Henry) ECW TV: Chris Sabin (previously Evan Bourne) ECW Tag: Roode Rippers (Bobby Roode & Paul Burchill; previously Motor City Machine Guns) Other Accomplishments: KOTR: CM Punk MITB: John Morrison RR: Undertaker

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