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  1. XWP Show No.8 now available to see

  2. XWP Pure Chaos PPV is finished

  3. Just typing the main event of XWP Pure Chaos and then it will be finished

  4. Come on chat for updates on when XWP Pure Chaos will be finished because I am starting to type it up

  5. If you havent seen it XWP Show No.5 is now available.

  6. If you haven't checked it yet the next XWP show is available.

  7. XWP Hell's Way PPV finished

    1. Ryan Reeves

      Ryan Reeves

      Loved it,1ofthekind! Keep it up!

  8. Come on chat for updates on when Hell's Way will be completed

  9. XWP Hell's Way Pre-Show completed

  10. With this very post right here I have reached 500 posts #beast
  11. XWP Show No.3 is finished an available

  12. The 2nd XWP show is now available in the Diaries section

  13. Italy as Italian food is brilliant. As far as who to travel with I don't know.
  14. The first XWP Show is now available.

  15. My new Forums name 1ofthekind

    1. bailey14
    2. Apex
    3. '1ofthekind' Brett Storm

      '1ofthekind' Brett Storm

      yes HBK 4 Da Win and I changed it to 1ofthekind

  16. Check out my facebook universe mode

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