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'1ofthekind' Brett Storm

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  1. I need your guys support,My Asthma is killing me, i can barely breathe at night, Which makes me stay up all night.  and I've been coughing up blood  

    #PrayForSameer :(

  2. I have a question: For someone not an American, can you give your opinion on my gimmick? I'd love to know.

  3. I am back on the BPZ Forums

    1. '1ofthekind' Brett Storm

      '1ofthekind' Brett Storm

      By the way. It still says I am BPZ US Champion above my picture when I post a post

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  4. Sorry I haven't been on. Messed up my arm in a car crash.

  5. I love what they're doing with Drew. Having him being the voice of pro rasslin'.

  6. The title vote begins in 18 hours!

    1. '1ofthekind' Brett Storm

      '1ofthekind' Brett Storm

      Great. I wonder if The Big Guy will cash in Money in the Bank.

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  7. Before anyone say "What a horrible gimmick" this isn't my gimmick

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