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  1. Wallace227

    Class Begins

    *The camera turns on in a classroom, pointed at a chalkboard with the name Mr. Ace on it, the classroom door opens and Mr. Ace walks through* Mr. Ace - Wow, you came early... *Sips coffee* Well, since you are here I do have some things to say. Last time BPZ saw me I was apart of a team called The New Bloods, a kinda guerrilla group who was set for glory....... that sadly, we never achieved. Now we have gone separate ways I had to make some extra income. So, I got a degree and now I teach quantum physics, which is too complicated for the like of you mindless, inbred, jackasses. The worst of all of you is Raven, the guy you call the NXT Champion... *Sips coffee* He is so ignorant he is a disgrace to that promising title..... so when he does have enough balls to accept my challenge, I'm going to Chalked him him out, *Laughs* You see what I did? No...... Figures. *Stands up* You're brain is so small you could be classified as a lizard, well that's all I have for class today, please make sure to write notes Raven.... you meant need to use them when your wrestling career fails.... *Mr. Ace stands up and walks out of the classroom as the camera fades to black*
  2. Name: Mr. Ace Nickname: "The Studious" Gimmick: Teacher (You imbalance imbreds) Alignment: Heel Backstory: Needed a job on the side to keep his wrestling career going, Wall Ace takes up teaching and is now using his new intellect to kicks people asses. Moveset: Complicated Moves like the Canadian Destroyer and such Fighting Style: Technician and Brawler Regular Moves: Suplexs, submissions, kicks Signatures: Teacher's Ed (Superkick) and Break Room (Kimura Lock) Finisher: Chalked Out (Sleeper) and Detention (Canadian Destroyer) Taunt: Points at cerebrum "Out Smarted" Theme: "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger
  3. *The camera slowly zooms out off of the chalkboard and Mr. DeMoranville is sitting at her desk* Mr. DeMoranville - Hello class.... today we have a very serious problem. *Mr. DeMoranville stands up and starts to write on the chalkboard* Mr. DeMoranville - It's about Mental Illness. *Mr. DeMoranville writes "Bob" on the chalkboard* Mr. DeMoranville - This man here needs our help. To knock his brain back into position. *Mr. DeMoranville scribbles out "Bob" name* Mr. DeMoranville - At BPZ Judgement Day. Bob I want a match against you. To provide you're nothing then a kid with a few unscrewed nuts! *Mr. DeMornaville cleans the chalkboard* Mr. DeMoranville - That is all for today.....
  4. *The camera cuts into a classroom with someone sitting on behind the desk* ??? - Hello class, take a seat please..... *??? writes on the chalk board his name and the new lesson* ??? - I'm Mr. DeMoranville and today I'm teaching a lesson about respect or being the best. Mr. DeMoranville - So, I bring to you a picture of what the best looks like.... *Mr. DeMoranville pulls out a picture from behind the chalk board* Mr. DeMoranville - Now that is greatest in the making, and handsome as hell. Mr. DeMoranville - Now to show you a loser. *Mr. DeMoranville pulls a picture out of the trash and it's a picture of Bob with the NXT Championship* Mr. DeMoranville - It's so sad that a championship of that prestige is on the shoulder of a fetidness. *Mr. DeMoranville puts the title back in the trash* Mr. DeMoranville - I need to fix that. I need to take that title away from that loser Bob. So Bob watch you back..... *Mr. DeMoranville scratches the chalk board with his nails as the bell rings and says* Mr. DeMoranville - CLASS DISMISSED!!! @BobdaBomb
  5. Wallace227


    Thank you for just being on and being a cool person to talk to. You make amazing edits and I know I have a Somewhat friend in you. I'll see you again one day.
  6. Wallace227

    The Facts

    *The Music Turns Out To Be The Royal Music of Lord Wallace* Lord Wallace says "You really are a fool! I'm not afraid of you. I have been off doing great things, making more money then you can ever imagine. I'm just to important and to fantastic to waste my time in this Pig Slop you can the BPZ Arena. But, seeing you want t see me so badly. Why don't he have a fight right now?" *Lord Wallace gets up out of his throne and makes his way to the ring and gets up on the apron* Lord Wallace then laughs and says, "You really think Lord Wallace was going to step into this ring? I'm to busy to deal with a chum like you." *Jumps off the Apron* "But I do have an idea of how you can deal with your angry" (5 Servants Jump The Barricade ans Surrounds the Ring)
  7. I might turn this into a WWE 2k league Vote ----------} https://www.strawpoll.me/17843209
  8. Paul Burchill defeated Kevin Owens to continue on the Tournament @Arius
  9. The Following Contest is a First Round Match in a Tournament for the Vacant RCW Universal Championship Paul Burchill vs. Kevin Owens Voting Ends In 1 Hour Vote Here ----------] https://www.strawpoll.me/17833315 @Arius @Angelo Caito
  10. This is the Tournament Bracket for Vacant RCW Universal Championship https://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=ETqazJjnYy
  11. The Following Contest is a Fatal Four-Way Match for the RCW Hardcore Championship Glacier vs. Tetsuya Naito vs. Santino Marella vs. RCW Hardcore Champion The Boogeyman Voting Ends In 15 Minutes Vote Here ----------] https://www.strawpoll.me/17833115 @MARKER @Alex Costa @Maddrix2900 @BrendenPlayz
  12. The Boogeyman has defeated Hurricane Helms, John Laurinaitis, and Paul Burchill to win the RCW Hardcore Championship
  13. The Following Contest is a Singles Match for the RCW Hardcore Championship The Boogeyman vs. Hurricane Helms vs. John Laurinaitis vs. RCW Hardcore Champion Paul Burchill Voting Ends In 15 Minutes Vote Here -------} https://www.strawpoll.me/17827436 @BrendenPlayz @Smith @Bart @Arius
  14. Paul Burchill has defeated "The Demon King" Finn Balor Retain his RCW Hardcore Championship
  15. The Following Contest is a Singles Match for the RCW Hardcore Championship “The Demon King” Finn Balor vs. RCW Hardcore Champion Paul Burchill Voting Ends In 15 Minutes Vote Here ----------] https://www.strawpoll.me/17827028 @Maasa @Arius

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