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  1. Wall Ace is standing in the middle of an empty ring, looking around an empty arena and smiling. Wall Ace - A lot of people have asked me to come back, and you know I've been thinking about. Sitting over in the commentator booth is fun and all and I love my crew but, I crave something more. I crave the spotlights of this ring and I crave the BPZ Universe..... I just need one more chance, so this coming June... I'll be back in this very ring. So help me god.... I'll see you all at King of the Ring." Wall Ace winks at the camera, then we starts to runs the ropes as the camera fades.
  2. Wallace227


    I AM BACK!!!!
  3. *Farmer Wally opens the front door for the Cameraman..... the Cameraman not being dumb asks if Farmer Wally would go it first* Farmer Wally - "What do ya think I would clobber you? With this shovel......" *Farmer Wally gives a death stare to the Cameraman then throws the shovel into the fields laughing* Farmer Wally - "See nothing to worry about!" *Farmer Wally continues to laugh slapping the Cameraman's back super hard as he steps into the house, the Cameraman stumbles but laughs nervously* Farmer Wally - "Grab a sit Boy, my dinner is almost ready." *The Cameraman still super nervous sits down and waits for the food, having his foot tap against the floor and fingers tap against the table* The Cameraman - "What did you make?" *He smells the air to an almost beefy aroma* Farmer Wally - "Well..... I made my Mother's famous Shepherd's Pie..... ah how I miss her cooking..... this will never be as good as hers but, it'll do." *The Cameraman laughs just a little as Farmer Wally gives him his share* Farmer Wally - "Seconds will be on the stove." The Cameraman - "I don't thi-- *Takes a spoonful of the pie and eats it, his eyes widen* Omg it's amazing!!!" *Farmer Wally surprised then looks at him* Farmer Wally - "You think so? I always thought it was too much meat." *The Cameraman is scuffing down the food super fast* The Cameraman - "What kind of meat is it? *He gets up for seconds* Farmer Wally - "Let's say.......... a chef never tells." *Both The Cameraman and Farmer Wally laughs as they enjoy there meal*
  4. *As Farmer Wally and The Cameraman walks, the sun goes lower and lower in the sky with the moon lighting up the fields in a kinda light blue tint* Farmer Wally - "Ain't it beautiful and *He pauses and takes a deep breath* quiet and just look at those stars... can see that perfectly....." *The Cameraman is know a little more comfortable but still has his guard up* The Cameraman - "Yeah it's nice I guess but why did you leave BPZ, I want a straight answer...." *Farmer Wally sighs and looks around* Farmer Wally - "You just don't know when to quit..... do ya." *Farmer Wally keeps walking kinda mad at the cameraman* Farmer Wally - "What rights do you have to come down to my farm and ask these dumb questions? How did you even find me!!!!!" *The Cameraman falls silent as Farmer Wally nods his head* Farmer Wally - "Exactly.... now follow me you're gonna catch a cold." *Farmer Wally turns around and keeps walking down the path, The Cameraman walks behind him, lagging behind when the corn crops starts to shake there is no breeze, The Cameraman is about to go into the corn stalks when Farmer Wally yells* Farmer Wally - "I SAID LET"S GET INSIDE DIDN'T I?" *The Cameraman rushes to Farmer Wally as the corn stalks stops shaking*
  5. *A Cameraman is heading down a long dirt road in the middle of the woods, the sun barely shining through to light his path he checks his map and realizes he is close he keeps walking as the woods start to open into a giant field with what he thinks is filled with corn stocks and a scarecrow he then sees the man himself..... Wall Ace* Cameraman - "Excuse me!!!!! Wall Ace." *Farmer Wally looks up confusingly at the man and laughs* Farmer Wally - "Why I haven't heard that name is so long!!!* *Farmer Wally waves his hand for the cameraman to come closer* Farmer Wally - "Hiya.. looks like you know who I am. Who are you?" *Farmer Wally smiles and holds his hand out, the cameraman cautiously shakes the Wall Ace's hand* Cameraman - "Well, Wall A-- Farmer Wally - "Come on, don't call me that. That's pasted me I'm a farmer now.... and I'm here to serve the masses with my crops and work here at D&B Farms. So please call me Wally or Wallace." *The Cameraman gulps* Cameraman - "Okay....... Wally umm Farmer Wally. I like to ask you a few questions on BPZ.... like where have you been." *Farmer Wally laughs and slaps the back of the cameraman* Farmer Wally - "Well, can't you see.... I've been here turning 50 acres of my 100 acres land into farmlands... let me tell you it's has been a blast doing this here work. *The Cameraman looks confused* Cameraman - "But why did you leave......" *Farmer Wally looks ta him* Farmer Wally - "......Well to be honest..... I was getting tried of losing.... overlooked and pushed aside.... so I kinda came to this point where I decide to take up another passion in my life. So here I am.... it ain't much but it's honest work." *The Sun starts to set as Farmer Wally look at his watch wiping the sweat from his brow* Farmer Wally - "Well, it's getting late and I would hate for you to walk all the way back to your car at night.... so you can stay here for the night" *Before the Cameraman could answer Farmer Wally puts his arm around the cameraman and starts to walk to his house*
  6. Liv Morgan (@wwefan_slime_3cw): W-20 L-9 Current ASW United States Champion - 1x European/3x 24/7 Bray Wyatt (@the_face_of_wrestling_): W-16 L-13 T-1 1x Universal/1x Hardcore/4x 24/7 Kofi Kingston (@kofi.mania.x): W-15 L-12 T-2 Current ASW RAW Tag Team Champion - 1x 24/7 Randy Orton (@vinnie_mcelduff): W-12 L-11 1x 24/7 Big E (@the_king_rollins): W-10 L-4 T-1 Current ASW RAW Tag Team Champion David Otunga (@2k.kings_): W-10 L-5 L-1 1x European/1x 24/7 Ricochet (@deptrified): W-10 L-9 Current ASW Universal Champion - 1x 24/7/1x RMITB Sting (@jenkinscamron): W-10 L-10 2x 24/7 René Duprée (@la_reistance_rp): W-9 L-5 2x 24/7 Finn Balor (@ecw_the_shield.19.16): W-9 L-6 T-1 3x Universal Nina Samuels (@diamcndtessa): W-9 L-6 3x 24/7 Luke Harper (@bomber_come_ciciretti): W-7 L-5 Bobby Lashley (@bobby_lashley21): W-7 L-6 T-1 1x 24/7 Dean Ambrose (@mr_roman_reign_fc): W-7 L-6 T-1 1x European/1x 24/7 Roman Reigns (@maskedman988): W-7 L-10 T-1 (Strike 2) Kenny Omega (@slime2kknicks_destiny.rockets): W-7 L-13 1x NXT/1x European Sammy Guevara (@multirp_08): W-6 L-3 1x 24/7 Maria Kanellis (@moriah_mills_steiner): W-6 L-6 Matt Riddle (@hisunequaledcharisma): W-6 L-8 Current ASW European Champion Braun Strowman (@braunstrowman_rpg): W-5 L-3 Pagano (@kidj19): W-5 L-3 1x 24/7 Chris Benoit (@hisrabidwolverineways): W-5 L-4 (Strike 1) 1x Hardcore Cody Rhodes (@mr_wwe_supercard): W-5 L-4 1x 24/7 Razor Ramon (@dontae_pittman): W-5 L-6 2x 24/7 Aleister Black (@sadisticheel): W-5 L-11 Batista (@andyangels1995): W-4 L-2 T-1 1x 24/7 Sylvain Grenier (@la_reistance_rp): W-4 L-3 MJF (@jcorona2006): W-4 L-4 1x 24/7 The Rock (@gameingog360): W-4 L-4 1x European Taynara Conti (@classybosstime): W-4 L-4 (Strike 1) 1x CW/1x 24/7 El Phantasmo (@pete_corvus_rp969): W-4 L-5 Rhea Ripley (@sofiacatainxox): W-4 L-5 2x 24/7 Shawn Michaels (@conservativereflexdeweygravity): W-4 L-6 1x European/1x 24/7 Velvet Sky (@alexis_oof_1209): W-4 L-7 T-1 Naomi (@womensnetworkleague): W-4 L-7 Sexy Star (@heyits.sxsha_13): W-4 L-10 T-1 Christian (@real.wrestling.league): W-3 L-1 Tyler Bate (@obsolete_showstopper): W-3 L-2 T-1 (Strike 1) Shayna Baszler (@2k19games): W-3 L-2 (Strike 12 CM Punk (@pwawrestlingalliance): W-3 L-3 1x European/1x 24/7 Chris Jericho (@kingofthearrow): W-3 L-4 (Strike 1) Aliyah (@womensleagues): W-3 L-5 T-1 Bruiser Bonifer (@bayley_rp_22): W-3 L-5 Current ASW 24/7 Champion Drew McIntyre (@thisisdrewmcintyre): W-3 L-5 Kristal Marshall (@kiera_diamond_steiner): W-3 L-5 Nia Jax (@the_kengslayer): W-3 L-5 Animal (@kingshack24): W-3 L-6 2x 24/7 Kevin Owens (@awfl_wrestling_league): W-3 L-6 (Strike 1) Pete Dunne (@blue_flame_1569): W-3 L-7 T-1 1x 24/7 Michelle McCool (@bella02_fan): W-3 L-7 (Strike 1) 1x 24/7 Daniel Bryan (@adam.barrett_): W-3 L-9 (Strike 1) Renee Young (@rondarouseyjane): W-2 L-2 Tommaso Ciampa (@tj_smallwood_wwe): W-2 L-3 Big Cass (@heel.dolph_ziggler): W-2 L-4 Samoa Joe (@gerdfe04): W-2 L-5 Bruno Sammartino (@romanreignsloves1): W-2 L-7 1x Simulation Mandy Leon (@magicqueenofleon): W-1 L-0 Prince Puma (@rey_fenix_rp): W-1 L-0 Candice Michelle (@wwefemale_edits_setups): W-1 L-1 (Strike 1) Corey Graves (@eastcoast_prowrestling): W-1 L-1 Hawk (@kingshack24): W-1 L-1 Juice Robinson (@explosivewrestlingleague): W-1 L-1 Kota Ibushi (@goldenstarlover): W-1 L-1 (Strike 1) The Big Show (@danielpetervanz): W-1 L-2 EC3 (@sethrollins1_rp_): W-1 L-2 Elias (@walkwitheliasrp06): W-1 L-2 Rockstar Spud (@rock_star_spud_rwl): W-1 L-2 Tamina (@kraft3257653): W-1 L-2 Travis Banks (@heelish.wrasslin.league): W-1 L-2 1x European Mark Andrews (@jenkins_jenko): W-1 L-3 T-1 Current ASW Cruiserweight Champion Noam Dar (@kennywilliams_uk): W-1 L-3 Rick Rude (@wolfrumj13): W-1 L-3 (Strike 1) 1x Simulation TJP (@_thegamingdadder_): W-1 L-3 Ahmed Johnson (@pacistheking1_34rp): W-1 L-4 T-1 John Cena (@i.w.l.e): W-1 L-4 (Strike 1) Andrew Everett (@larenz_mayer): W-1 L-5 Lars Sullivan (@alldawwe): W-1 L-5 (Strike 2) Hermit Crab (@crabby_mccrab): W-1 L-6 (Strike 1) King Kong Bundy (@money_maker_wrestling_league): W-1 L-6 (Strike 2) Wade Barrett (@garcianathan25): W-1 L-6 Montez Ford (@prestigiousarchitect): W-1 L-8 Audrey Marie (@her_gorgeous_wayz): W-0 L-0 Lola Starr (@sashabanksisnumber1): W-0 L-0 Sonny Kiss (@theblissesleague): W-0 L-0 Santino Marella (@bseaton_gfx): W-0 L-0 T-1 Christian Casanova (@unparalleledtyrant): W-0 L-0 Brooke Tessmacher (@unwantedimcarmella): W-0 L-1 Dark Allie (@soul_lessdarkallie): W-0 L-1 (Strike 1) KENTA (@hideo.kenta.itami): W-0 L-1 Taya Valkyrie (@taya_rp_3cw): W-0 L-1 Kurt Bale (@tiernan_man): W-0 L-2 (Strike 1) La Luchadora (@burninbliss_): W-0 L-2 Joy Giovanni (@k.b.y.t.l): W-0 L-3 Ric Flair (@koehler_s3): W-0 L-3 Joey Janela (@ubwwrestling): W-0 L-4 (Strike 1) El Hijo Del Ice Cream (@i_am_clueless): W-0 L-13 Alex Riley (@dat_crazy_alexander_): W-27 L-4 T-2 Current ASW Intercontinental Champion - 3x 24/7 Neville (@rosepetal_beauty.rose): W-19 L-2 Current ASW Internet Champion - 1x Internet/1x European Kurt Angle (@impact.section): W-18 L-6 Current ASW SmackDown Tag Team Champion - 1x Intercontinental/1x SDTT/1x European/1x ATGMBR Karl Anderson (@machinegun_anderson): W-18 L-8 T-1 Current ASW SmackDown Tag Team Champion - 1x 24/7 Brian Cage (@brutecanine): W-14 L-7 Current ASW Champion - 1x 24/7/1x SD MITB Becky Lynch (@sashabanksfan_1): W-12 L-6 1x Universal Sonya Deville (@patrick_kay_): W-11 L-8 1x Internet/2x European The Bunny (@wwe_cool999): W-10 L-3 T-1 1x Eureopean/2x 24/7 Scott Steiner (@big_papa_pump__): W-8 L-6 1x ASW Diamond Dallas Page (@ma_rk8115): W-8 L-9 3x 24/7 Bayley (@softxbayley): W-7 L-6 4x 24/7 Brandi Rhodes (@kiera_diamond_steiner): W-6 L-4 (Strike 1) Kairi Sane (@the.boss.flair): W-6 L-6 Kazuchika Okada (@wwealy): W-6 L-7 3x 24/7 Will Ospreay (@ryan_black92101): W-6 L-9 1x Simulation Jey Uso (@eddie_the_champ_2018): W-5 L-5 (Strike 1) Molly Holly (@sasharollinzfan): W-5 L-5 1x European/1x Simulation Sin Cara (@_sin_freakin_cara_rp): W-5 L-5 Rey Mysterio (@shanekiller16): W-5 L-7 Jimmy Havoc (@loganclark_199): W-5 L-8 T-1 nZo (@_baddaboom_moxley): W-5 L-8 (Strike 2) 2x 24/7 Fenix (@kgw_wrestling_offcial): W-5 L-9 (Strike 1) Paige (@paige1234937): W-5 L-10 (Strike 1) 1x 24/7 Tony Nese (@ruby_rose_houndoom): W-4 L-2 T-1 Tommy Dreamer (@aew_league1): W-4 L-3 T-1 1x 24/7 Torrie Wilson (@wwewomensearch._): W-4 L-3 Trish Stratus (@asuka.aww): W-4 L-3 Rob Van Dam (@willingunderdog): W-4 L-4 Curt Hawkins (@jobbare_alla_hawkins): W-4 L-6 T-1 1x 24/7 Pentagon Dark (@intoxic_switchblade): W-4 L-8 Kalisto (@fearless_heel_warrior): W-4 L-13 (Strike 1) Dolph Ziggler (@xander.haviland): W-3 L-2 Buddy Murphy (@aussiejuggernaut): W-3 L-3 1x 24/7 Jordan Oliver (@gazzascar799): W-3 L-4 1x 24/7 Kevin Thorn (@xkevinxthorn): W-3 L-4 (Strike 1) 1x 24/7 Baron Corbin (@hectorapalacios4): W-3 L-5 T-1 1x 24/7 CJP (@megacjp): W-2 L-0 Io Shirai (@resilientguile): W-2 L-0 Reby Sky (@rebyskyy): W-2 L-0 Micheal Tarver (@micheal_tarver_wwe): W-2 L-2 1x Hardcore Shawn Spears (@undisputed_world_wrestling): W-2 L-2 R-Truth (@joey_ze_baby_kangaroo): W-2 L-3 T-1 (Strike 1) PCO (@yhung_beastie): W-2 L-3 1x 24/7 Cedric Alexander (@cedric_alexander_uwl): W-2 L-4 Stardust (@dashing_star137): W-2 L-5 Ryback (@_hizbigdogwayz_): W-2 L-6 Killian Dain (@ajwolfey7): W-2 L-7 Sami Zayn (@thelowone): W-2 L-9 1x 24/7 Tessa Blanchard (@intoxic.diamond): W-2 L-9 1x CW Xia Brookside (@xia_brooke_fan_4ever): W-2 L-11 (Strike 2) 1x European Pete Corvus (@yhung_clan_offical): W-2 L-12 Consequences Creed (@hardcoreconsequences.ddts): W-1 L-0 Heath Slater (@slaterbaybay): W-1 L-0 Luchasaurus (@zane_haviland): W-1 L-0 No Way Jose (@no_way_jose_wpl): W-1 L-0 Ali (@2kfantasymemphis19): W-1 L-1 (Strike 1) Hitman Jones (@gts_hitman_jones_rp): W-1 L-1 Bruiser Brody (@the_bruiserbrody): W-1 L-2 Chyna (@exlipsing_exber_moon): W-1 L-2 Jeff Hardy (@ricochetwrestling): W-1 L-2 Nikki Cross (@ajw_league): W-1 L-2 Scarlett Bordeaux (@thesmokeshow_scarlett): W-1 L-2 (Strike 1) 1x 24/7 Rosa Mendes (@wrestling_womens_league): W-1 L-3 Billie Kay (@urgirlbilliekay): W-1 L-4 Cathy Kelley (@cathy_kelley_rp): W-1 L-4 1x 24/7 Kip Sabian (@tommy_steele_wrestling_): W-1 L-4 Matt Sydal (@sydal_rp): W-1 L-4 (Strike 1) WALTER (@theleaguegeneral): W-1 L-4 Zack Ryder (@herbluetongueways_): W-1 L-5 T-1 Love Jones (@codyvan_horn): W-1 L-5 Matt Taven (@kennyomega_mox_rp): W-1 L-5 Victoria (@dominator_crystal): W-1 L-5 (Strike 2) 1x 24/7 Lacey Lane (@brandi_rhodes_rp_): W-1 L-6 Adam Cole (@wrestlingmisfitsunited): W-1 L-7 Goldberg (@goldberg_3cw): W-1 L-7 Mojo Rawley (@wwl_league): W-1 L-8 T-1 (Strike 1) 1x Internet Shinsuke Nakamura (@reflexgravitytulso2020): W-1 L-10 Angelico (@fall.of.the.angxls): W-0 L-1 Damien Sandow (@yourintellectualsavior): W-0 L-1 (Strike 1) Flip Gordon (@mrminidraw_crist): W-0 L-1 Humberto Carrillo (@faysal2475): W-0 L-1 Ronda Rousey (@rondarouseyfinnbalor): W-0 L-1 Kacy Catanzaro (@mighty_multi_rp): W-0 L-2 T-1 Beth Phoenix (@divas_division477): W-0 L-2 Elliot Russell (@savannah_and_friends293): W-0 L-2 (Strike 1) Emma (@wwes.womens.league): W-0 L-2 Glacier (@dean_ambrose_tb1): W-0 L-2 Vance Archer (@nathan_11_0): W-0 L-2 Austin Theory (@theorycoming): W-0 L-3 Fuego Fungus (@codyvan_horn): W-0 L-3 Jessicka Havok (@shemalebliss): W-0 L-3 Shelton Benjamin (@shelton_benjamin_uwl): W-0 L-3 Sigmon (@savannah_and_friends293): W-0 L-3 (Strike 2) Will All Day (@kennyomega.rp): W-0 L-4 T-1 Brock Lesnar (@suplexcityguy): W-0 L-4 Mecha Wolf 450 (@world.war.wrestling): W-0 L-4 (Strike 2) Nikki Bella (@nikki.bella.rp02): W-0 L-4 (Strike 1) Christopher Daniels (@christopher_daniels_pow): W-0 L-5 (Strike 1) Lana (@xo.ravishing): W-0 L-5 (Strike 2) Manik (@zwf_fights): W-0 L-7 (Strike 1) Alexa Bliss (@wwe._.women._3cw): W-18 L-8 Current ASW North American Champion - 1x North American/1x Hardcore/1x 24/7 AJ Styles (@the_phenomenal_heel_): W-16 L-5 ASW NXT Tag Team Champion John Morrison (@elias.3cw.drifter_): W-15 L-5 Current ASW Hardcore Champion 3x 24/7 Johnny Gargano (@rybread531): W-15 L-8 1x Intercontinental/1x 24/7 Triple H (@triple.h.apw): W-15 L-8 2x 24/7 Seth Rollins (@ghostfan5402): W-15 L-11 1x NXT Eddie Guerrero (@bulletclub.eddieguerro.ywf): W-14 L-4 T-1 1x European/2x 24/7 Mr. Wyatt (@beckynoballs): W-14 L-9 Current ASW NXT Champion - 5x 24/7/1x NXT-MITB Mandy Rose (@mandyrose_rp_): W-11 L-1 Current ASW United Kingdom Champion - 1x European The Velveteen Dream (@el_suanin): W-10 L-12 Current ASW NXT Tag Team Champion - 1x 24/7 Alicia Fox (@wwe_.forever): W-8 L-7 T-1 2x 24/7 AJ Lee (@eraofnikki): W-8 L-7 1x NXT/1x European Big Boss Man (@thetomaydreamer): W-8 L-9 (Strike 1) 1x 24/7 Charlotte Flair (@theecwimpactkingdom): W-7 L-5 Edge (@theratedrsuperstaredge_rp): W-7 L-7 (Strike 1) 1x European The Undertaker (@itzzz_batman): W-7 L-9 Carmella (@mella_is_wwe): W-6 L-6 Sasha Banks (@lady.lacey.evans): W-6 L-7 (Strike 1) Ruby Riott (@lorielbanlangue): W-6 L-10 T-1 (Strike 1) 1x United Kingdom/1x 24/7 “Broken” Matt Hardy (@lonewolf_hardyboyz): W-6 L-11 T-1 Ashley Massaro (@obsolete_stratusphere): W-5 L-3 1x European Maryse (@frenchurbane): W-5 L-7 1x 24/7 Noelle Foley (@multi_wrestlerp): W-5 L-7 1x24/7 Kane (@devils_play_toy): W-5 L-9 T-1 (Strike 1) The Blue Blazer (@owen_hart_king_of_harts_fans): W-4 L-2 1x 24/7 Bad Luck Fale (@bulletclub_unoffical): W-4 L-5 (Strike 2) Killer Kross (@killerkross_rp): W-4 L-5 Mason Ryan (@mr450splashways): W-4 L-8 1x European/2x 24/7 Jay White (@jaywhite_sw): W-4 L-13 T-1 1x 24/7 Joey Ryan (@thetechinalwizardjoeyryan): W-3 L-1 Brie Bella (@ava_kolker__): W-3 L-2 T-1 (Strike 1) Shane McMahon (@economicalslayer): W-3 L-2 T-1 Rob Conway (@mauriciogoal): W-3 L-3 T-1 Hulk Hogan (@absolution_league_uk): W-3 L-3 (Strike 1) Mickie James (@hermickkickways): W-3 L-3 (Strike 1) Kelly Kelly (@201liv_livin.large): W-3 L-4 1x European Mankind (@_burning_memes_): W-3 L-4 1x 24/7 Chad Gable (@all_pro_wresing_for_me): W-3 L-5 Lacey Evans (@womenswrestlingdeluxghana): W-3 L-7 T-1 Corey Storm (@jacob6905badballer): W-3 L-7 Buddy Rogers (@wrestling_title_history): W-2 L-2 1x 24/7 Ember Moon (@ember_moonrp): W-2 L-2 Tyler Breeze (@mmmgorgeous33): W-2 L-2 The Boogeyman (@king_rebel24): W-2 L-5 Andrade (@andradecientbl): W-2 L-7 T-1 (Strike 1) Bianca Belair (@charlottewwe4): W-2 L-7 Layla (@mandy_rose_golden_goddest_): W-2 L-9 T-1 (Strike 1) Luke Gallows (@_luke_gallows_rp_): W-2 L-11 T-1 (Strike 2) Sunil Singh (@gurv_thepride): W-2 L-13 T-1 Bobby Fish (@_bobby_fish_): W-1 L-0 Drake Maverick (@wingedaerialist): W-1 L-0 Ezekiel Jackson (@y2jacopo137): W-1 L-0 Kiera Hogan (@kiera_hogan): W-1 L-1 Britt Baker (@britt_baker102): W-1 L-2 1x 24/7 Cesaro (@baron_corbin_fans): W-1 L-2 Darby Allin (@darby_fn_allin.ddts): W-1 L-2 Dash Wilder (@dashwilderfan): W-1 L-2 Zoey Dust (@death_jessicka_havok): W-1 L-2 (Strike 1) Willow (@the_obsolete_enigma_) W-1 L-4 T-1 John Bradshaw Layfield (@wwe_fan2995): W-1 L-4 (Strike 1) Xavier Woods (@cincy_sports_news): W-1 L-4 Toni Storm (@x.wweeditwars.x): W-1 L-4 Keith Lee (@keith_lee_uwl): W-1 L-5 Ultimo Dragon (@antfrio02): W-1 L-5 Samir Singh (@hv_sihra): W-1 L-12 (Strike 2) Fandango (@jquaviusb0987): W-0 L-2 (Strike 1) Gail Kim (@toosweetleague): W-0 L-2 Kaitlyn (@thexbossxcrew): W-0 L-2 Yujiro Takahashi (@big._.show._): W-0 L-2 (Strike 1) Robbie Eagles (@memezandank): W-0 L-4 T-1 Babatunde (@monsterjame507yt): W-0 L-4 Bobby Roode (@nick_araneo): W-0 L-5 (Strike 2) The Miz (@wrestling.squad_): W-6 L-3 T-1 1x ASW European Champion Kobra Moon (@kobramoon): W-1 L-1 Candice LeRae (@grusomecupcake): W-1 L-4 T-1 Rikishi (realrikishi_toocool): W-2 L-2 1x ASW Champion Rosemary (@thedemonassassinx): W-16 L-7 1x ASW European Champion and 24/7 Champion Eminem (@friendly_peter_parker): W-10 L-6 T-1 1x ASW Big Gold Champion Abyss (@abyss.themonster.rp): W-9 L-12 2x ASW European, 1x ASW Simulation and 24/7 Champion Ruby Rose (@alex_riley_wwc): W-4 L-1 1x ASW SuperStardom Champion Bully Ray (@corratheentertainer): W-4 L-6 1x ASW 24/7 Champion Joe Coffey (@lucas_k._moore): W-3 L-3 1x ASW Hardcore and 24/7 Champion Teddy Goodz (@all_star_wrestling_asw): W-1 L-3
  7. *Wall Ace is storming up the flights of stairs, throwing punches at Security and kicking them down the stairwell, Wall Ace finally makes it all the way up to the Brenden's office* Wall Ace - OPEN UP BRENDEN!!!!! I'M COMING IN!!!!! *Brenden is seen holding a baseball bat and barricading the doors* Brenden - I'm not scared Wallace!!! Just leave now before you're brains are on the floor!! *Wall Ace starts to laugh manically, but all of a sudden, the laughing stops, all Brenden can hear is this own heartbeat* Brenden - he is gone..... *As he says that Wall Ace busts through one of his office walls* Wall Ace - OHHHHH YEAH!!!!! WHAT YOU THINK I WOULD GIVE UP?!?! *Brenden screams and swings the bat as he misses Wall Ace spears Brenden through the other wall, Wall Ace then grabs a chair and puts it around Brenden's neck, applying a little pressure* Wall Ace - ADD ME!!!!!!! *Brenden is nodding his head a little, but Wall Ace can't see and he applies a little more pressure* Wall Ace - BRENDEN ANSWER OR YOU'LL END UP LIKE DROZ!!!!!! Brenden - You are already added..... *Coughs* *Wall Ace looks around* Wall Ace - Cool, cool *Picks up the Bat* *Wall Ace starts to beat Brenden with his own Cricket Bat* Wall Ace - THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! *Wall Ace walks away taking Brenden's Cricket Bat with him*
  8. *Wall Ace is now forcing his way into BPZ Headquarters* Wall Ace - I NEED TO TALK TO BRENDEN!! WHY THE F*** IS HE?!?!?!?!?! *Wall Ace starts to tear up and destroy the lobby of the BPZ Lobby, when Wall Ace corners an employee when some brave person named Sheri* Sheri - Stop!!!!!!!! She did nothing to you!!!! Wall Ace - WHO THE F*** IS YOU!!!! Sheri - I'm here to calm you down okay? Just say sorry... *Wall Ace looks down* Wall Ace - i'm sorry, i didn't me- Sheri - It's okay let her go, I'm just gonna take the Baseball Bat from you...... *Sheri reaches for the bat, Wall Ace pulls it away and starts to beat Sheri with it* Wall Ace - I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! *Wall Ace then leaves the bat and takes the stairs up, the camera fades away*
  9. Wallace227

    Add Me!!!!

    *Wall Ace is backstage of BPZ, attacking every employee he sees, until finally he picks up the dropped camera* Wall Ace - You see what I can do!!!! I am the evil within BPZ, and I'm not afraid to maim, injury or kill anyone of your employees!!! *Wall Ace sees an employee a crawling away in the background so, Wall Ace sets the camera up to where you can see me bash the employee repeatedly with a chair, as all this is happening Wall Ace starts to yell* Wall Ace - ADD ME!!! ADD ME!!! ADD ME!!! ADD ME!!! ADD ME!!! ADD ME!!! ADD ME!!! *Wall Ace finishes as the employee is bleeding from his skull, laying on the ground motionless* Wall Ace - Can you see me now Management!!!! Can you fucking see me!!!!! You better add me, before more shit like this happen, maybe even to you! *Wall Ace throws the camera, making the screen crack as Wall Ace storms away, still messing up the backstage area*
  10. *In the distance, you can hear Mr. Ace yelling at someone, as the yelling stop you can now hear screaming and glass breaking, Mr. Ace busts down the door and attacks the cameraman, stomping his head repeatedly leaving him motionless on the ground* Wall Ace - I'm done playing Mr. Nice fucking guy. I tried I really did, but this got me no where!!!! I'm not playing around, I'm gunning for that vacant NXT Championship, and I swear to god if I do not get a shot at that damn title at Emergence, I'll make everyone's life a living Hell !!!!!! *Wall Ace throws the camera to the ground, leaving the classroom set, the camera drops at the perfect angle to see him attacking more workers and employees, until finally after 10 Minutes, all the screaming stop, as Wall Ace walks out slamming the door*
  11. Predictions for WWE SummerSlam 2016 - WWE Championship match AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship match Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins - SmackDown Tag Team Championships match ??? vs. The New Day vs. Prime Time Players - RAW Women's Championship match Bayley vs. Natalya Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Bálor - United States Championship match Kevin Owens vs. Rusev vs. Sami Zayn vs. Zack Ryder - SmackDown Women's Championship match Becky Lynch vs. Paige - RAW Tag Team Championships Tables match Enzo & Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz - WWE Intercontinental Championship match Adrian Neville vs. Apollo Crews vs. The Miz Cesaro vs. Sheamus Bonus Questions Which match will score the highest rating on the card? WWE Championship The SmackDown Tag Team Championships match will change throughout the show, who are ??? (One point per each correctly guessed wrestler) The Vaudevillians Despite his ban, will Chris Jericho interfere in a match on the SummerSlam card? Yes
  12. Wallace227

    Class Begins

    *The camera turns on in a classroom, pointed at a chalkboard with the name Mr. Ace on it, the classroom door opens and Mr. Ace walks through* Mr. Ace - Wow, you came early... *Sips coffee* Well, since you are here I do have some things to say. Last time BPZ saw me I was apart of a team called The New Bloods, a kinda guerrilla group who was set for glory....... that sadly, we never achieved. Now we have gone separate ways I had to make some extra income. So, I got a degree and now I teach quantum physics, which is too complicated for the like of you mindless, inbred, jackasses. The worst of all of you is Raven, the guy you call the NXT Champion... *Sips coffee* He is so ignorant he is a disgrace to that promising title..... so when he does have enough balls to accept my challenge, I'm going to Chalked him him out, *Laughs* You see what I did? No...... Figures. *Stands up* You're brain is so small you could be classified as a lizard, well that's all I have for class today, please make sure to write notes Raven.... you meant need to use them when your wrestling career fails.... *Mr. Ace stands up and walks out of the classroom as the camera fades to black*
  13. Name: Mr. Ace Nickname: "The Studious" Gimmick: Teacher (You imbalance imbreds) Alignment: Heel Backstory: Needed a job on the side to keep his wrestling career going, Wall Ace takes up teaching and is now using his new intellect to kicks people asses. Moveset: Complicated Moves like the Canadian Destroyer and such Fighting Style: Technician and Brawler Regular Moves: Suplexs, submissions, kicks Signatures: Teacher's Ed (Superkick) and Break Room (Kimura Lock) Finisher: Chalked Out (Sleeper) and Detention (Canadian Destroyer) Taunt: Points at cerebrum "Out Smarted" Theme: "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger
  14. *The camera slowly zooms out off of the chalkboard and Mr. DeMoranville is sitting at her desk* Mr. DeMoranville - Hello class.... today we have a very serious problem. *Mr. DeMoranville stands up and starts to write on the chalkboard* Mr. DeMoranville - It's about Mental Illness. *Mr. DeMoranville writes "Bob" on the chalkboard* Mr. DeMoranville - This man here needs our help. To knock his brain back into position. *Mr. DeMoranville scribbles out "Bob" name* Mr. DeMoranville - At BPZ Judgement Day. Bob I want a match against you. To provide you're nothing then a kid with a few unscrewed nuts! *Mr. DeMornaville cleans the chalkboard* Mr. DeMoranville - That is all for today.....
  15. *The camera cuts into a classroom with someone sitting on behind the desk* ??? - Hello class, take a seat please..... *??? writes on the chalk board his name and the new lesson* ??? - I'm Mr. DeMoranville and today I'm teaching a lesson about respect or being the best. Mr. DeMoranville - So, I bring to you a picture of what the best looks like.... *Mr. DeMoranville pulls out a picture from behind the chalk board* Mr. DeMoranville - Now that is greatest in the making, and handsome as hell. Mr. DeMoranville - Now to show you a loser. *Mr. DeMoranville pulls a picture out of the trash and it's a picture of Bob with the NXT Championship* Mr. DeMoranville - It's so sad that a championship of that prestige is on the shoulder of a fetidness. *Mr. DeMoranville puts the title back in the trash* Mr. DeMoranville - I need to fix that. I need to take that title away from that loser Bob. So Bob watch you back..... *Mr. DeMoranville scratches the chalk board with his nails as the bell rings and says* Mr. DeMoranville - CLASS DISMISSED!!! @BobdaBomb

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