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  1. Keirso’s titantron appears on the arena’s screen and ‘In My Element’ rings out through the arena. Prince stands his ground with a smug look on his face before the music stop and the titantron goes back to normal. Prince lifts the microphone to his mouth to gloat and insult Keirso, when, The Architect himself sneaks in the ring from behind before executing Prince with a Curb Stomp. Keirso picks up the mic and begins to address the crowd ”I accept your pathetic challenge. You call yourself “The Prince” so consider me the revolution and at Emergence your monarchy will be axed.” ”Around these parts I’m considered a joke but I know I’m better than every single performer in this promotion and I’m ready to put my words into actions.” ”The Prince’s challenge is just the opportunity I need to begin my climb up the BPZ ladder.” Keirso drops the mic and vacates the ring leaving Prince in a heap whilst he struts proudly towards backstage.
  2. What happens if the person is caught are they stripped of their title? (assuming it’s a title match and they won)
  3. Arsenal are rumoured to have agreed a few of £80mil for Nicolas Pepe, great signing if it goes through he’s still in his early 20s and is off the back of an exceptional season definitely better than their previous target Zaha. Ornstein is the most reliable journalist for Arsenal transfer news so this is pretty full proof stuff.
  4. An unfamiliar song echos through the arena, the crowd are confused until an old but familiar face makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. “Success, it’s something we all want to achieve. I went through hell for success here but I never got to taste it.” “For many months I’ve been absent but if you think I’ve been sitting on my ass then you don’t know me well enough, I am 10x the competitor you used to know with a lust for gold!” “My mind is set on working my way to the top, starting with the NXT title.” Keirso drops his mic and vacates the arena.
  5. Keirso

    Enough is Enough

    THE ARENA IS FULL AS THE BPZ CROWD AWAIT SOMETHING TO HAPPEN UNTIL ON THE TITANTRON A STATIC APPEARS THEN KEIRSO APPEARS IN A LOWLY LIT ROOM LISTEN HERE BiC, OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS, I DON'T KNOW WHO ON EARTH YOU THINK YOU ARE BECAUSE WHAT YOU DONE WAS UNACCEPTABLE, YOU HAVE AWOKEN SOMETHING DEEP INSIDE OF ME THAT HAS INFURIATED ME! THIS IS NO LONGER JUST ABOUT THE PREMIUM TITLE THIS IS NOW PERSONAL. THE FACT THAT YOU SNEAK UP ON ME WITH YOUR PITIFUL FINISHER HAS TOOK ME TO BOILING POINT! KEIRSO VIOLENTLY THROW CHAIRS AROUND THE MYSTERIOUS ROOM THEN GRABS THE CAMERA AND BRINGS IT TO HIS FACE I am here to make myself into something great that's an architect's job right? I am going to transform myself from a pebble into a skyscraper and BiC, Smith, Echo Wilson well you are all just blueprints to help me build all the way to the top and trying to stop me will only make me better, let's use an example say the planets align and one of you slackers knock me down, I will rebuild myself with stronger material as I have time and time again. I have been cheated out my treasure one too many time but this time there's no stopping my masterplan. Enough is enough it's time to get serious. KEIRSO PLACES THE CAMERA ON A LEDGE AND SITS HIMSELF DOWN BiC I will throw the gauntlet me vs you, no gimmicks no funny business I just want revenge. So if you think you're up to the task come on out but if not you can live to die another day... The choice is in your hands... What's it gonna be? THE STATIC REAPPEARS AS THE CROWD AWAIT THE ANSWER OF BiC...
  6. So I am starting a new diary leave your character with this information Name: Gimmick: Signature 1: Signature 2: Finisher: Finisher 2 (optional): OMG Moments/Big spots: Wrestling Style: Hometown:
  7. I'm back, with gold on my mind


  8. Keirso enters and makes his way to the ring for the first time since WrestleMania as Sound of Madness blasts around the arena... I know nobody wanted me back and I honestly could not care less. COMMENTATOR: YOU'RE NOT WRONG! EVER SINCE YOU GOT EMBARRASSED BY NECCE & CPE NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU! There is one goal for me and that is domination. Summer, Smith I'm coming for ya! So if you think that for one moment I'm going to lie down to you then well you are delusional because I have changed there is no more pretty boy okay? COMMENTATOR: THAT IS A BOLD STATEMENT FOR SOMEONE WITH ONLY 1 WIN TO HIS NAME AFTER AN UPSET OVER NEBAKOS! SummerGamz... I have been doing my research and quite frankly I know your weaknesses and I will decimate you but there is one huge problem, I am a free agent... it's not all bad news though because at Survivor Series you can no longer hide! COMMENTATOR: I THINK HE'S FORGETTING THAT HE'S LAST IN PECKING ORDER... As for Smith you probably think that you're out of my league but for a long time I have been lurking and studying every single move yours I want your title, and I always get what I want so you need to get that through your head, that goes for all of the other slobs in this arena! I will claim the treasure and I will become the double champion... Premium and United States belongs to me. The Treasure belongs to me and only me so anyone that says otherwise can come say it to my face, I'll be waiting. KEIRSO STANDS ALONE IN THE RING AWAITING A CHALLENGE...
  9. Keirso

    Keirso's Avis

    So I have started using GIMP and my design has improved a lot here is an example, my current avi
  10. It's my birthday! For UK time anyway.

  11. Teaser No.1: 

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  12. Like and rep please ;)

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