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  1. Family Fun Wrestling February 2004 Week 1 - The first ever episode of Family Fun Wrestling would kick off as we see none other than the man in charge himself Dusty Rhodes make his way down to the ring much to the liking of the FFW faithful here tonight. He would go over the usual for a first show, welcoming the fans and making big promises about the future here in Family Fun Wrestling. His first major announcement would be that over the course of the month FFW will be holding a tournament with the best talent FFW has to offer. The winner of the tournament being crowned the first ever FFW World Heavyweight Champion! The contestants were announced to be the following; Terry Funk, Paul Burchill, Dragon Kid, David Flair, Dick Togo, KUSHIDA, Kenzo Suzuki, and Jim Neidhart. A fairly mixed and diverse group of wrestlers all set to fight for the right to be the first ever FFW World Champion. - FFW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round One Matchup: Terry Funk vs. Paul Burchill | In the first match of the night we would see a fairly contested matchup between the veteran Terry Funk and young blood Paul Burchill. Both of these men would give it everything that they had, wanting so badly to be crowned the first ever FFW World Heavyweight Champion. In the end however, Terry Funk defeated Paul Burchill in 9:04 after he was able to put him away with a Piledriver. Terry Funk is successful here tonight as he moves one step closer to becoming the first ever FFW World Heavyweight Champion. - We then cut into a pre-recorded vignette hyping up one of the newest “superstars” in the wrestling world. FFW’s own...The Boogeyman. The most vile, evil, sadistic wrestler that has ever graced this business is set to start his career off here in FFW and the entire world should be afraid. No one on this FFW roster is safe anymore now that the Boogeyman is here. Anyone can feel the wrath of the Boogeyman, it’s simply up to the Boogeyman who will feel it. So FFW faithful get ready cause here comes the Boogeyman...and he’s coming to GET YA! - FFW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round One Matchup: Dragon Kid vs. David Flair | An intriguing matchup coming up next as the son of the Nature Boy David Flair is set to go head to head with Dragon Kid. Both of these competitors are young and hungry wanting to prove themselves. Tonight could be a great get off point here as they look to capture the FFW World Heavyweight Championship, a win gets them one step closer. In the matchup, despite Dragon Kid’s best effort, David Flair defeated Dragon Kid in 7:32 after he forced him to submit to the Figure Four Leglock. David Flair makes his father proud as he gets himself into the next round of this FFW World Heavyweight Tournament. - After the match we would see one of the bigger names on the FFW roster make his way down to the ring in Rick Steiner. Steiner not being in the FFW World Heavyweight Championship tournament was a surprise but he is here tonight and ready to go nonetheless. Steiner would say that it’s fine he is not in the tournament. He has been living most of his life in the shadows, he knows how to deal with it, overcome it. He knows deep down that he is the biggest DAWG that this roster has whether they want to see it or not. So to anyone in the back who thinks they can take him down, why don't you come on out and make a name for yourself. Sure enough someone would step out onto the stage...Dutch Mantel. Steiner would laugh as Mantel stood there with a mic. The laughter wouldn't last long as Mantel begins to speak, asking Steiner a simple question. “You know what they do with old no good to anyone DAWGS? They put them down.” Suddenly from behind Steiner would be jumped by none other than Snitsky. Snitsky laying out Steiner beating the hell out of him even powerbombing him off the stage as we seem to have found our first dominant force here in FFW in the alliance of Dutch Mantel and his client Snitsky. - FFW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round One Matchup: Dick Togo vs. KUSHIDA | Our third matchup of the night comes up next as Dick Togo will take on newcomer KUSHIDA. Just like the rest of the talent in this tournament, a win here is vital if they are looking to establish themselves as one of the top guys here in FFW right out of the gate. KUSHIDA fresh onto the scene could have that natural talent to take this company by storm. However Dick Togo, this is not his first rodeo and he should have the advantage with that said. In the match, Dick Togo comes out on top putting away KUSHIDA with a diving senton in 12:04. KUSHIDA pushed the veteran no doubt but that experience came in vital later on in the match pushing Togo onto the next round of the FFW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. - We now take you backstage where we see perhaps the biggest name we have under contract in FFW, Jim Neidhart. The Harts always leave a mark on wrestling and it seems like Jim’s job to hold down the fort here in FFW. He has a big main event match up next as he is set to clash with Kenzo Suzuki in our final round one matchup of the FFW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Neidhart states that it’s his mission to win this tournament and bring that title to the Hart Family. It doesn’t matter if it’s Suzuki, Funk, or Flair he's taking down anyone that gets in his way. He is going to bring that FFW World Heavyweight Championship...home. - FFW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round One Matchup: Kenzo Suzuki vs Jim Neidhart | We have a good one in store for you tonight as Kenzo Suzuki will clash with Jim Neidhart who we heard from just before this. Neidhart promised to take this tournament by force, this FFW World title by force and bring it home to the Hart Family. He has some stout competition though as he clashes with Kenzo Suzuki in a stacked round one matchup. In our main event, Kenzo Suzuki would take down Jim Neidhart in 8:44 after hitting Demon’s Creed (Inverted Facelock Backbreaker). A shocking close to our show tonight as Kenzo Suzuki takes down the tournament favorite Jim Neidhart and stands tall to close the first ever episode of Family Fun Wrestling.
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    “We’ll Never Get Free...Lamb To The Slaughter” The all too familiar phrase rings throughout the arena to kick off Valor, as the crowd erupts. Bob Sparks, is he back? Could it be the Bracket Buster himself? The crowd wants it to be clearly but just as usually would appear we hear the music short out. The crowd raining in with boos but then just as they start booing the track begins to play again...this time though different. A female voice, an all new cover of the song begins to play as the crowd is no longer angry, just confused. Their confusion however does not last long as we see none other than the name Alexa Merci appear on the titantron. The wife of Sparks stepping out onto the stage, not at all like the last time we saw here however, sporting a whole new look. The crowd cheering her on in full support of this "new" Alexa as she makes her way down the entrance ramp and to the ring. Quite the shock to kick off this Valor show as maybe this is the spark plug that BPZ has been looking for. As she steps into the ring we see her given a microphone by ringside personnel. Merci a smirk on her face as she stands in the center of the ring, soaking in the response that she is receiving from the BPZ faithful live on Valor. It’s been a long time since the Sparks have stepped in the ring, hell been on BPZ programming at all, too long some would say. Their period of absence over tonight though as Merci stands in the ring and everyone in the crowd seems overjoyed by her presence. Eventually the crowd would die down a bit wanting to her what our returning superstar has on her mind, as Merci raises the mic to her lips. “Just because the war ended does not mean the violence has to. My husband who I am positive you are all curious about...first off is not here tonight, nor will he be for quite some time. As much as you might be upset by that statement." "You see he accomplished his mission before he left, ended the war that he had been fighting for a majority of his career. To no one's surprise he came out on top in that war. The triumvirate stuck on his back ripped off and thrown away once and for all. You know of it so I will not waste my time giving you all a history lesson full of old news and spoiled tea. Instead I simply tell you this, with war comes causality and unfortunately for Robert, that’s what he became. A causality of that war. Stress, pain, depression back in full force. So if you are asking yourself where he is or has been, I hope I was able to ease your thoughts. But not to worry while he is off treading the path to get back here, I will be here paving a path of my own.” “Unlike my husband I am not here for jokes, a good time as he stated while he was here fighting the likes of Slim, Bailey Justin, Hans Clayton. I am here to make a mark, a mark that his company seems desperate for at the moment. I've seen from home just what has been happening to this place, sickening. Talent slipping through the cracks, fans growing tired, the ratings just continuing along a downward track. I know you read the reports online. I'm sure you have heard about how the higher ups have been begging, praying. They needed a way out of the same old same old, they needed Merci. Low and behold they were given exactly that. Maybe not exactly what they envisioned, but they got more then they could have ever hoped, I promise you that." "You've seen my past, sitting on the sidelines while my husband stepped into the ring. This time though that is not my intention. I’m not here to be another pretty face again, a mouthpiece without action to back it up. I want so much more for not only to prove to all of you just what I am capable of but to prove it to all of those people who told me to sit on that sideline for my husband. Be a good wife, keep him happy. No longer, that's not the Alexa Merci that I was brought up to be. No, no, no. I’m here to make a bit of trouble, stir the spot that’s grown cold, and who knows, maybe get a bit of gold around my waist along the way.” “Perhaps I’ve grown a bit crazy with my dreams here, attempting to fill my husband's shoes. But you know what there’s nothing wrong with crazy. In fact what's the fun in being boring, vanilla, basic. That’s not what you all want, that’s not what I want. Life’s too short to try and go live it by the book. You can be a sheep or a wolf, a follower or a leader, a loser or a winner. Alexa Merci is a winner. So darlings it's as simple as this. Cheer me if you wish, follow me if you dare. We’ve got quite to road ahead of us BPZ, you better get ready for the ride. Whether you like me or not, stand beside or against me just know. Whichever side of that road you find yourself on, you will at some point come begging for Merci.” A full blown smile would appear on the face of Alexa, the crowd giving her a mixed reaction this time around. Some continued to cheer her on, some of the other fans not knowing how to respond. Merci would exit the ring though just as confident as she stepped into it as she makes her way off backstage. The return of Alexa Merci is quite the start to Valor here tonight as we assure you the night is only getting started and much more is promised for later on. The fans are excited for the return of Merci though by the looks of it as we still have many questions about what Merci’s intentions are here on Valor? Will she align herself with the Cut-Throat Crew like her husband did? What are her plans to kick start her career, and what title and or titles could she have her eyes set upon? So many questions, but by the looks of it we are not going to get any of those answers here tonight on Valor.
  3. World: Bailey, Slim, Bailey, Slim, Bailey, Slim, Bailey, Slim, Flynn IC: Alex Costa, Hans Clayton, Ropati, Julius US: Sheridan, Tiger King, Meko, Steph Premium: Gunner Flynn, Crip, Riley Emerson, Alex Costa (after Sheridan fires him) NXT: who cares? Tiger wins again lol Universal: Slim, Ropati, FD, Gwyn Undisputed: Flynn, Hans Clayton, Bailey, Sheridan Atlas: Austin Omega, DANTE, Nathan Sawyer North American: Meko better fucking win this belt, think Echos on this brand, and we will also throw Kiera in the mix BMF: Julius, Bailey, Flynn, Sheridan
  4. NWA Women's Championship Serena Deeb (c) vs. Riho AEW World Championship Kenny Omega (c) vs. Orange Cassidy vs. PAC AEW Women's Championship Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Britt Baker Cody Rhodes vs. Anthony Ogogo Casino Battle Royal: Christian Cage "Hangman" Adam Page vs. Brian Cage AEW TNT Championship Miro (c) vs. Lance Archer: DQ/Double Count Out Finish Stadium Stampede Match The Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle Sting & Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page AEW World Tag Team Championship The Young Bucks (c) vs. Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley (The Wild Things) Bonus Questions: What will be the first match on the the PPV? (Not Pre-Show): Casino Battle Royal What will be the second-to-last match on the PPV? Omega vs PAC vs Cassidy Who will be the mystery participant in the battle royal?: Andrade
  5. FFW Homefront PPV We welcome you all to CoolToday Park as FFW brings you the Homefront PPV. We have a night full of festivities tonight for you all as we celebrate Family Fun Wrestling’s big move to Florida! With all of the championship titles on the line along with live music, meet & greets, and the stadium open to independent food and merchandise venues it is sure to be a party here tonight. Family Fun Wrestling is looking forward to tonight and the FFW faithful have shown up in huge numbers so let’s not waste anymore time and get this show underway. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to FFW Homefront! We kick off the night with one of the more anticipated matchups of the night as the newcomer MJF will clash with former FFW World Heavyweight Champion EC3. EC3 attempted to work with MJF earlier tonight but ended up costing him both of the matches they competed in, one of which cost MJF an opportunity at the FFW World Heavyweight Championship. MJF is looking for a bit of redemption against EC3 here tonight at Homefront. This match promises to get the show off to a strong start with both of these men in a must win scenario here tonight. Singles Match: MJF vs EC3 vs. In our opener tonight, MJF defeated EC3 in 10:03 after he was able to pick up the victory with a South Hamptons Plunge Hammerlock DDT. MJF is able to knock off EC3 here to kick off the show as he now has two wins under his belt already in FFW. MJF would celebrate after the match shouting insults at EC3 as he leaves the ring. EC3 once again falls short as he continues to fall further and further down the pecking order here in FFW after being at the top not too long ago. Winner: MJF via pinfall Rolling along with the night we will see the FFW Tag Team Championships on the line as the Young Bucks defend their championships against the recently debuted team of MIRO & Kip Sabian. MIRO & Sabian were able to shoot pretty much straight to the titles this month with big wins over Heavy Machinery and Imperium along with some good old fashioned trash talk. The Young Bucks looking to continue their dominant reigns as FFW Tag Team Champions against MIRO and Sabian and the nWo promised that they would continue to run rough shot on FFW, we will just have to see if they are able to live up to that promise or if MIRO & Sabian are able to dethrone them. FFW Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks (c) vs MIRO & Kip Sabian vs. In this matchup, The Young Bucks defeated MIRO & Kip Sabian in 8:50 to retain the FFW Tag Team Championships. In the end they would be able to put away Kip Sabian with the Meltzer Driver to pick up the win tonight and make yet another defence of their tag team championships. MIRO would be furious after the match heading backstage leaving Sabian behind. The nWo though were able to make good on their promise thus far tonight at Homefront as the FFW Tag Team Championships are still under their control. The Young Bucks celebrate after the match to the crowds displeasure as the show continues on. Winners: The Young Bucks via pinfall Next we will see Ronda Rousey step into the ring for her first singles match in FFW as she will face off with the best FFW has to offer in the 2x FFW Womens Champion Kairi Sane. Both of these women came to the aid of their friends Asuka and the FFW Womens Champion Shayna Baszler quickly finding themselves at odds. Asuka and Shayna will battle later on in the night for the FFW Womens Championship but first we will see these two go at it. Rousey is new here in FFW as Kairi Sane is perhaps the best woman to ever step foot in Family Fun Wrestling. This match will no doubt show us how good both of these women are at the moment, and find out who could be the next challenger for the FFW Womens Championship whether Asuka or Shayna Baszler is the womens champion. Singles Match: Kairi Sane vs Ronda Rousey vs. In this bout, Ronda Rousey defeated Kairi Sane in 14:11 after Ronda Rousey was able to make Sane submit to an Armbar. Ronda Rousey makes her mark early here in FFW as in her first singles match she was able to knock off the top woman this company has ever seen. Both of these women went to war in this matchup and Rousey was able to come out on top in it. Rousey is able to knock off Sane here as the attention will now turn to the FFW Womens Championship as we await to see if it will be either Asuka or Shayna Baszler that walk out of FFW Homefront as the Womens Champion. Winner: Ronda Rousey via submission As we head into our next match the womens action will continue as the FFW Womens Tag Team Championships will be on the line as The Natural Aces defend their titles against EMPIRE. There is no doubt at the moment that these are the top two tag teams in the womens tag team division at the moment. The Natural Aces have not ducked any challenge thus far and are set to take on another premiere tag team here tonight. This should be one hell of a match in which either team could come out on top so let’s get right into it. FFW Womens Tag Team Championship Match: The Natural Aces (c) vs EMPIRE vs. In the Womens Tag Team Title Match, The Natural Aces defeated EMPIRE in 13:12 after Hikaru Shida was able to put away Bianca Belair with a Falcon Arrow. A hell of a match between these two teams as the Natural Aces are just able to escape with their titles here at Homefront. This certainly will not be the last we see from EMPIRE as they brought the womens tag champs to their limit tonight. The Natural Aces although are victorious as they remain the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions. Winners: The Natural Aces via pinfall We now get set to see the FFW North American Championship on the line as Randy Orton will be defending his title against Kento Miyahara. Miyahra and Orton battled earlier this month in which Miyahara shockingly was able to pin the FFW North American Champion. Orton was furious with the result and quickly a rematch was made in which the North American Championship was put on the line. Miyahara has found some help from Japanese legend Masahiro Chono as he looks to fend off the nWo and become the new FFW North American Champion. FFW North American Championship Match: Randy Orton (c) vs Kento Miyahara w/ Masahiro Chono vs. In our North American Title match, Randy Orton defeated Kento Miyahara in 8:47 after he was able to put away Kento Miyahara with an RKO. Orton is able to take down yet another challenger as his dominant run as FFW North American Champion continues. Kento Miyahra would put up a solid fight but a low blow when the referee was down and out spelled the end for his North American Championship hopes as an RKO followed not late after. Orton and the nWo victorious here tonight as they continue to take down any and all challengers that rise up to face them. Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall Next the FFW Womens Championship is set to be defended as Shayna Baszler and Asuka square off. Baszler has been perhaps the most dominant womens champion that this company has seen but she could be facing her toughest challenge yet as she steps into the ring with Asuka. Shayna Baszler’s friend Ronda Rousey was able to knock off the other half of the Kabuki Warriors in Kairi Sane earlier on in the night as Baszler is looking to join her. Asuka though didn’t return to FFW simply to lose and will give Baszler one hell of a run for her money despite her dominance in recent times. The two women make their way down to the ring as we get this one underway. FFW Womens Title Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs Asuka vs. With the FFW Womens Championship on the line, Shayna Baszler defeated Asuka in 19:44 after she was able to make Asuka submit to the Kirifuda Clutch. Shayna Baszler is able to knock off Asuka in a great match as both of the Kabuki Warriors fall short in their matchups here tonight. Baszler continues her dominant run here in FFW as she is able to take down yet another big name. At the moment it does not seem like anyone in womens wrestling, let alone the FFW roster can take the title from her. Asuka is defeated here tonight as the future of the Kabuki Warriors is unknown. Winner: Shayna Baszler via submission Rolling along we see two of the rising factions in FFW set to go to war as the Dark Order and the Undisputed Era are set to clash. Both of these groups want to prove that they truly are the best in the company and a win in this one would go a long way toward doing that. Tensions between the two stables developed over the month with the two at eachothers throats and they will get to go at each other here tonight. It should be a hard hitting brawl between these two sides as we await to see which group comes out on top tonight and establishes themselves as the top dogs in this company. 8 Man Tag Team Match: Dark Order vs Undisputed Era vs. In this absolute brawl, The Dark Order defeated The Undisputed Era in 15:25 after Bray Wyatt was able to put away Roderick Strong with a Sister Abigail. The Dark Order victorious over the Undisputed Era as the promised the darkness would take over this company and they get one step closer to that as they are able to take down the Undisputed Era here at Homefront. Both these groups went all out to come out on top in this one with all sorts of weapons and tables being used. In the end though the Dark Order is victorious as the Undisputed Era’s start in this company is not what they had hoped for. Winner: The Dark Order via pinfall It’s time for our main event now as the FFW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line. Hangman Page defending his championship against the man he won it against months ago, WALTER. These two considered the two pillars behind Family Fun Wrestling. They will clash once again as this is set to be one of the most hyped up matches in the company's history. Both men seem to be as confident as ever and each of them truly believes that they are the man that should and will lead this company into the future as it’s FFW World Champion. It’s going to tear the house down so let’s get it underway. FFW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Hangman Page (c) vs WALTER vs. In our main event, WALTER defeated Hangman Page in 21:22 to win the FFW World Heavyweight Championship. WALTER continues his dominant run in recent months as he recaptures his FFW World Heavyweight Championship but means off a Big Boot to Page when he was looking for a Buckshot Lariat. WALTER is once again your FFW World Heavyweight Champion as the show comes to a close. WALTER standing on the top of the ramp as the fireworks begin to go off. Hangman Page sitting in the ring just looking at WALTER, disappointed not knowing what to think as his run as the FFW World Heavyweight Champion is over just like that. Winner: WALTER via pinfall
  6. Family Fun Wrestling Year 3 / May 2022 Week 1 We kick off yet another month of FFW as we kick off tonight's show off with the FFW Womens Champion Shayna Baszler. We are coming hot off the World War 4 PPV in what was a huge night for wrestling. At the show Baszler was able to cement herself as the top womens wrestler in the world after knocking off Io Shirai in what was dubbed one of the better matches of the night despite the stacked card. Baszler makes her way down to the ring as we await to see what is going to happen next for not only the FFW Womens Champion but Family Fun Wrestling as a whole post World War 4. Baszler would step into the ring officially dubbing herself as the best women in professional wrestling, no one can touch her. She has decimated every woman in her path so far. Whether here in Family Fun Wrestling or anywhere else. There is simply not a woman back there that is left for her to beat. So with that being said she has taken a page out of another top name in this company’s book in WALTER. She put the challenge out to management, find her a worthy challenger. Any woman from anywhere in the world who they think can step into the ring with her and not embarrass themselves. Baszler would then wait for a moment as the next challenger arises as none other than the returning FFW talent Asuka! She would make her way down to the ring as the two have a short staredown. Baszler would hold her title high sending a message to Asuka as we head into our first match of the night. This would lead us into our first match of the night where Asuka will make her in-ring return to FFW as she takes on one half of the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions in Hikaru Shida. Shayna Baszler has made her way to the commentary table for this one. For Baszler and many of the FFW faithful, Asuka still needs to prove herself as a worthy challenger despite being handpicked from FFW management. Defeating one of the other FFW Womens Champions that this company has to offer would go a long way in doing that. If she falls short though there is no doubt that Shida could find herself getting the opportunity instead. Singles Match: Asuka vs. Hikaru Shida In this matchup, it would be Asuka picking up the victory in 14:33 after she was able to make Hikaru Shida submit to the Asuka Lock. Shida would bring one hell of a fight to the returning superstar though as she has Asuka down, preparing for a final blow hitting her signature knee strike. Asuka would just get out of the way of it though ducking to the side and then grabbing Shida from behind and locking in the hold. Shida would do everything in her power to escape it but would ultimately be forced to submit. Asuka would then stare down Baszler who would stand from the announce table as there are now no questions about the legitimacy of Baszlers next challenger come FFW Homefront. Winner: Asuka via submission The show then continues on as we see a vignette begin to play as it replays footage from the trio's match at the co-run show World War 4 between FFW and GPW in which we saw the reunification of the Undisputed Era. Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish. All four of the men have been known to get things done whether in singles or tag team action, although earning major success together as a tag team in past times. The group’s shocking reunification has the entire wrestling world buzzing as they await to see what the next steps for the group are going to be. Adam Cole has recently won the FFW Men’s Grab Your Glory briefcase so he has a guaranteed shot at the FFW World Heavyweight Championship. Many have suspected that we could be seeing that opportunity cashed in sooner rather than later. The group is hyped up in the video and in the end we are able to find out that the group will appear on FFW live to address what is in store for them here in FFW and what is in store for Family Fun Wrestling because of that. Many are wanting to hear from the group and we are with you in that but the show tonight continues to roll along. Cutting back to the ring we will see the debut of a new FFW superstar and the return of one as MIRO & Kip Sabian will team up to take on Heavy Machinery. There is a lot of uncertainty about both of these teams at the moment as MIRO has an up and down past run in FFW, Sabian a new face, and Heavy Machinery losing their steps with a large number of losses packing up in recent times. Both of these teams are looking to really get something behind them and tonight one of them will get that. It should make for a competitive matchup so let’s get right into this tag team bout. Tag Team Match: MIRO & Kip Sabian vs Heavy Machinery vs. In this tag team bout, it would be MIRO & Kip Sabian picking up the victory in 8:41 after MIRO was able to force Otis to submit with the Accolade. MIRO and Sabian pick up their first victory as a tag team tonight knocking off the former two time FFW tag team champs even if they are in a downturn. MIRO & Sabian looked fairly dominant tonight as they look to rise up the rankings of the tag team division. Heavy Machinery falls short once again as they have to figure out what is wrong and fix it sooner than later. Winners: MIRO & Sabian via submission Cutting backstage we see Triple H in his office. He is sitting there talking with the EC3 who is complaining once again demanding another shot at the FFW World Heavyweight Championship as per usual. The two are talking when a third man walks into the room. It’s the newest addition to FFW, the winner of the second King of the Jungle Rumble MJF. He would enter himself into the conversation saying that instead of giving EC3 another opportunity that he will ultimately waste. MJF proved he is world champion material when he threw Daniel Bryan over that top rope and outlasted 29 other men. EC3 would counter saying that he has already been an FFW World Champion if he wants results EC3 has proven that he can already get them. Triple H would look at both men shaking his head as they continue to argue their points. Triple H would eventually cut them both off telling them that if they both want an opportunity they can have it. In tonight’s main event it will be MJF vs. EC3….vs WALTER. With the winner going on to face Hangman Page for the FFW World Heavyweight Championship at Homefront. Cutting to the ring we get set to see the FFW North American Champion in action as he takes on newcomer Kento Miyahara. Miyahara made his FFW debut a month ago and has gotten off to a hot start. Tonight he steps into the ring with one of FFW’s best Randy Orton. Orton is the FFW North American Champion so this match will prove to really see how good Miyahara is. Orton has been running through all of his opponents in recent months so it will be interesting to see how long his winning streak continues. Singles Match: Randy Orton vs Kento Miyahara vs. In the matchup, it would be Kento Miyahara picking up the victory in 9:04 after he would pick up the win with a quick roll up. Orton would be furious after the match although Miyahara would be able to roll out of the ring before Orton is able to strike. Orton would be furious as it seems that he has a clear new challenger knocking on the door as Miyahara is able to knock him off tonight. We will keep you updated as this develops between these two as we continue on with the show. Winner: Kento Miyahara via pinfall Cutting backstage we see the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions, the Natural Aces. Shida has an ice pack on her right knee as Mei Suruga and her are talking. Shida fell short earlier tonight against Asuka but still remains half of the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions. The two would be joined eventually though as we see one of the other top tag teams in the division EMPIRE confront them. They would begin to mock Shida about her loss earlier tonight, saying she really got her ass handed to her. So sure they are the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions but they are not untouchable, right now they seem vulnerable. We would then see Mei Suruga stand in the face of Belair as she stands up for her partner. She would say that Shida brought one of the greatest womens wrestlers ever to her limit tonight. If Belair was in that situation she would have been embarrassed. Belair, not one to back down from a challenge, would take Mei up on her statement. She would say that she is going to make a match between herself and Asuka for next week and if she wins that match the EMPIRE gets a shot at the FFW Womens Tag Team Titles. The two would then walk off leaving their stipulation with the Natural Aces. We now get set for our main event as three of FFW’s best step into the ring together. The winner of this match will go on to face “Hangman” Adam Page for the FFW World Heavyweight Championship. Each man has their own claims for an FFW World Heavyweight Championship and one of them will be able to cash in on those claims tonight. The FFW faithful are divided in who they think will come out on top in this one although WALTER is the slight favorite heading into this one. Let’s not waste anymore time though and get right into this matchup and find out who will face off with Hangman Page. FFW World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match: WALTER vs MJF vs EC3 vs. vs. In our main event, WALTER was the victor in 17:50 after he was able to put away EC3 with a Big Boot. WALTER coming out on top here tonight as he will clash with Hangman Page for the FFW World Title come the event. WALTER would stand tall to close the show as MJF is furious after the match as he feels EC3 cost him this match tonight. The futures for both MJF and EC3 are unknown but WALTER’s less so as he will look to recapture the FFW World Heavyweight Championship. Winner: WALTER via pinfall Family Fun Wrestling (Minor Show 1) Kip Sabian def. Peter Avalon in 4:11 Braun Strowman def. Tino Sabbatelli in 1:40 MIRO def. R-Truth in 5:32 Roderick Strong def. Jinder Mahal in 11:54 Family Fun Wrestling Year 3 / May 2022 Week 2 Welcome to another week of FFW as we kick off with the new number one contender for the FFW World Heavyweight Championship, WALTER. We all saw this coming sooner rather than later with the role that WALTER has been on in recent months and the history between these two men. Page was the man that dethroned WALTER at Paradise City a few months ago capturing the championship for himself. Ending off a breakout year for him with the FFW World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. WALTER though seems more driven than ever to recapture his championship. As he steps into the ring we see him begin to address that champion stating that this has been a long time coming. WALTER has made it his mission to beat the best in the world, and Adam Page is the top name in this company at the moment. A title that should belong to the Ring General. Sure enough we wouldn’t see WALTER left alone in the ring for long as the FFW World Heavyweight Champion himself would make his way down to the ring. Undoublety the two biggest names in FFW standing face to face as this clash is set to tear down the house come Homefront. Page would tell WALTER he respects everything he has done for this company, everything he has done in this ring. But if he thinks that he is going to take him from the top of the mountain that ain’t gonna happen. It’s gonna be the fight of his life and he knows that but he is fully prepared to win. Tonight though they have to work together, handle business. So if WALTER wants to beat this shit out him after that, fine. But first the two of them gotta take down MJF & EC3 in the main event. Settle that, then they can settle their own business. Next we head into our first match of the night and it’s a big one as it will be Adam Cole going head to head with Bray Wyatt. Both of these men are on the top of the roster both with followers behind them. Adam Cole with the Undisputed Era which will be appearing here later tonight and Bray Wyatt with the Dark Order. Bray Wyatt bringing one of his followers Alexa Bliss down to ringside for this one. This match is a big one not only for the names involved but because it could go a long way in showing who is the top stable here in FFW. Should be a great match to kick us off so let’s get it underway. Singles Match: Adam Cole vs Bray Wyatt w/ Alexa Bliss vs. In this matchup, Bray Wyatt defeated Adam Cole in 11:44 after he was able to pick up the victory with a Sister Abigail. These two men would go back and forth throughout this match in a hotly contested bout, the X-factor in this one being Alexa Bliss as she would get herself involved throughout the matchup. In the end this would cost Cole the match as Bray Wyatt is able to spoil the Undisputed Eras arrival tonight. We will hear from the Undisputed Era later on tonight however and Adam Cole will no doubt have to address this loss. A win for Bray Wyatt as he looks to get back into the world title picture. Winner: Bray Wyatt via pinfall Cutting backstage we see the FFW North American and FFW Tag Team Champions, the nWo. A week ago we saw Randy Orton suffer a shocking loss against FFW newcomer Kento Miyahara. The group has had it’s up and downs but at the end of the day still hold the FFW North American and Tag Team Championships. They would begin to talk about what the future holds and what potential challengers for their championships. Orton would address his loss a week ago telling Miyahara that he got lucky. For him though that luck did him a favor. At Homefront he's going to get another shot at Orton, this time Orton is going to put down any dreams or momentum that Kento Miyahara thinks he has. The Young Bucks would then begin to chime in talking about the newest tag team to enter their division, MIRO & Kip Sabian. They say that they have been hearing all of these online fans talking about these guys as if they are the second coming. Dominant, a real threat. All of this talk about the new guys, when people should be talking about the greatest tag team in pro wrestling today The Young Bucks. So just as Orton is going to do with Kento Miyahara, the Young Bucks are going to do with MIRO & Sabian. Congrats boys it’s your time to shine come Homefront, be prepared to be embarrassed. Rolling along with the night we will see womens action as Asuka will go head to head with Bianca Belair. Belair made this matchup with Asuka to prove a point to the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions. If Belair is to win this match herself and Naomi will receive a tag team title shot come FFW Homefront. Asuka is already in line for a Womens Championship match against Shayna Baszler. Asuka will look to keep her momentum going before that matchup. Both these women have their own reasons that they need to come out on top so let’s find out which one is able to tonight. Singles Match: Asuka vs Bianca Belair vs. In this matchup, Bianca Belair defeated Asuka in 15:31 after she was able to pick up the win with the KOD. Belair has earned herself a FFW Womens Tag Team Title shot with this victory. Belair was able to pick up this win with some help from the FFW Womens Champion herself in Shayna Baszler. Baszler would even attack Asuka after the match looking to take her out before she even gets a shot at the tite. Before she could do too much damage though she would be chased off by Kairi Sane! The Kabuki Warriors back tonight as things might have just gone from bad to worse for Shayna Baszler. Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall Cutting backstage we see EC3 getting ready for tonight's main event where he and MJF will team up to take on “Hangman” Adam Page and WALTER. Eventually we see him joined by his tag team partner for tonight MJF who is upset that he was just thrown in this match. EC3 lost him an opportunity at the FFW World Heavyweight Championship a week ago and now he has thrown him into this tag team matchup. EC3 would smirk looking at MJF despite him being pissed off as he begins to talk with him. EC3 would tell MJF that he sees something in him, something that reminds him of himself a bit. He’s been at the top of this company before and he can take MJF back up there with him when he eventually gets back his FFW World Heavyweight Championship. MJF would laugh, telling EC3 that he is already levels above him and he does not need his help to get where he wants to be. He would also tell EC3 not to get in his way later tonight in their match if he wants a rare win. We now head into singles action as Randy Orton will go head to head with Kip Sabian. Sabian teaming with MIRO at the moment as the two seem to be heading toward a FFW Tag Team Title Match against the Young Bucks. Tonight Kip will be taking on another part of the nWo when he clashes with the FFW North American Champion Randy Orton. Both men, although not facing each other directly come FFW Homefront are on opposite sides of the war and will clash here tonight. So let’s not waste anymore time and get this one underway and see who can get some momentum going for their side. Singles Match: Randy Orton vs Kip Sabian vs. In this matchup, Randy Orton defeated Kip Sabian in 7:38 after he was able to pick up the victory with an RKO. A win here for the nWo as they are able get some momentum going for themselves ahead of the championship matches at Homefront. Kip Sabian falls short as Orton seems to be unfazed by Kento taking him down a week ago, picking up where he left off. The nWo standing tall after the match as we then continue to move along with tonight's show. Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall Next we see the Undisputed Era make their way down to the ring. The group addressing the FFW faithful here tonight for the first time as a group. Adam Cole appeared earlier on in the night in which he was defeated by Bray Wyatt. The group still stands in the ring tall as they begin to talk. They say that this reunion has been in the works for a long time and that FFW was the perfect place to do it. This company has some of the best talent but it needed a shakeup. Something to take it to that next level and the Undisputed Era is exactly that. But their big first night here...has been spoiled. Bray Wyatt was able to take down Adam Cole earlier tonight but he couldn't do it on his own. He needed the numbers advantage to pick up that victory. So here is what the Undisputed Era proposes to the Dark Order. At Homefront the Undisputed Era against the Dark Order to really find out who the better group in this company is. The Undisputed Era did not come here to make friends they came here to win championships. The Dark Order made their mark by laying out Cole after the Men's Grab Your Glory match. Now it’s time for the Undisputed Era to make theirs at the expense of the Dark Order. The group would then go to leave the ring when the lights would suddenly go out. When they come back on, the Undisputed Era looks ready for a fight but all we hear is the laugh of Bray Wyatt echo through the arena. We now get set for our main event as four of FFW’s best face off in tag team action. This match will no doubt have big implications on all four of these men and this company as a whole. WALTER was able to knock off both MJF and EC3 a week ago to earn a shot at the FFW World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight he has to team up with his future opponent to “settle business” as they described it earlier. This should be a good one so let’s get it underway. Tag Team Match: WALTER & Hangman Page vs MJF & EC3 vs. In our main event, WALTER & Hangman Page defeated MJF & EC3 in 14:09 after Hangman Page was able to put away EC3 with a Buckshot Lariat. EC3 cost MJF yet another match here in FFW tonight. The FFW World Champion and his challenger were victorious here tonight as they were able to settle business as they had talked about before. The two would stare down to close the show with Page holding his title high, neither man getting physical but the tensions between the two starting to appear a bit. Winners: WALTER & Hangman Page via pinfall Family Fun Wrestling Year 3 / May 2022 Week 3 - The show kicks off with MJF who talks about his experience in FFW thus far and how EC3 has been screwing him over every chance he gets. He says EC3 has had his moment at the top and it's over. This whole game that he has been playing with MJF is going to end as well. If EC3 is trying to stop him from taking the spot he feels should be his then he will get his chance. It will be MJF vs EC3 at Homefront and MJF is going to put the final nail in the coffin because EC3 has never been as good as he thinks he is. - MIRO defeated Randy Orton via a Machka Kick in 8:50 sending yet another message to the nWo as the match gets the show really rolling as we head into our next segment. - We would then see the Kabuki Warriors in the ring as they begin to talk about the FFW Womens Champion Shayna Baszler. Kairi Sane explains that she has had differences with both Asuka and Shayna in the past and there has been a big difference between the two. There is a level of respect between herself and Asuka whereas she holds no respect for Shayna despite their battles. So she wasn't going to watch Shayna attempt to take out Asuka before she ever got her chance. The two would be interrupted by Baszler herself as she tells them she is sick of all of the games and bullshit that comes with this womens division. So tonight they are going to fight the Kabuki Warriors against Shayna Baszler. Shayna then promises that she has an old friend that is going to fight by her side later tonight, so stay tuned. - Kento Miyahara & Kip Sabian defeated The Young Bucks after Kip Sabian was able to put away Nick Jackson with the Deathly Hallows in 9:21. The nWo falling to 0-2 tonight as their challengers come FFW Homefront have all of the momentum behind them at the moment. - A sit down interview would then begin as we see the #1 Contender for the FFW World Heavyweight Championship WALTER sitting down with Renee Young. They would talk about the upcoming match between WALTER and Hangman Page dubbing it as one of the biggest in the company's history. WALTER would say that two respect each other simply because they recognize what each man has done for FFW. But there is only one man that can lead this company and Page is not fulfilling his duties. Ever since winning that championship, no one has talked about him as the top guy. All of the talk has been about WALTER. He took down Brock Lesnar, main evented Madison Square Garden. Things that Hangman Page should have done, but he didn’t. WALTER has been the top guy here since day one and he intends to prove that by recapturing the FFW World Heavyweight Championship at Homefront. - Braun Strowman defeated Roderick Strong in 6:01 via a Running Powerslam as the Dark Order gets one up on the Undisputed Era as the two groups are set to go head to head come Homefront. - Cutting backstage we see the FFW Womens Tag Team Championships, the Natural Aces. They are set to take on EMPIRE Bianca Belair and Naomi at Homefront in a match that their titles will be on the line. The two say that Bianca Belair proved herself a week ago to everyone by taking down Asuka even if she needed some help to do it. At Homefront though there will be no help for EMPIRE when the Natural Aces run through them and continue their run as the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions. Ever since winning these titles the division has been talked about more, respected more and they are not going to give that up. So EMPIRE better be ready for a fight, because they are damn sure going to get one. - Shayna Baszler and the debuting Ronda Rousey def. The Kabuki Warriors in 16:07 after Shayna Baszler was able to make Kairi Sane submit to the Kirifuda Clutch. The two would stand tall as Shayna Baszler has a new friend here in FFW and the whole womens division has been put on notice. Family Fun Wrestling (Minor Show 2) The Young Bucks def. Jay-AA in 9:00 Maki Itoh def. Satana Garrett in 5:21 Dirt Sheet def. XXXL in 4:36 Kairi Sane def. Shanna in 7:24 Family Fun Wrestling Year 3 / May 2022 Week 4 - The go home show for FFW Homefront kicks off with perhaps the top four womens wrestlers in the world at the moment as we see both the Kabuki Warriors, Kairi Sane and Asuka. As well as the FFW Womens Champion Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey. As previously announced by FFW on twitter Ronda Rousey will go head to head with Kairi Sane at FFW Homefront joining an already stacked card. With all four of these women set to square off in just a few days they would not talk much. Getting some final shots in before a brawl would eventually erupt. Kairi and Asuka would even manage to throw Rousey and Baszler out of the ring as they held the ring, gaining a bit of momentum for themselves ahead of the event. - MIRO & Kip Sabian def. Imperium (Marchel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) in 13:45 after MIRO was able to make Fabian Aichner submit to the Accolade. A good solid win here for MIRO & Sabian as their winning streak continues as they look to make the Young Bucks the next name crossed off their list. - Backstage a brawl would erupt as EC3 and MJF are going at it. EC3 was clearly not happy with what MJF had to say about him a week ago here in FFW Live and he is taking it out on the newcomer. The two would brawl throughout the backstage and eventually the former FFW World Heavyweight Champion would slam MJF through a table before standing over him and shouting at him. EC3 sends a clear message to his opponent at Homefront as he leaves MJF out cold tonight. - Mei Suruga def. Bianca Belair in 8:13 via a quick roll up. One half of the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions proving exactly why she is a champion in this company. The Natural Aces grabbing a victory over their challengers here tonight as they will look to repeat this come Homefront. - Next we would see the nWo make their way down to the ring for one last time ahead of Homefront as they deliver one final message to their upcoming challengers. They would say that name after name has attempted to take down the nWo and each and every one of them have fallen short. Promises to take the North American Championship, promises to take the FFW Tag Team Championships. Promises that have fallen upon deaf ears. The nWo is here to stay and will continue on the path that they are on and there is nothing MIRO, Kip Sabian, or Kento Miyahara are going to do about that. - WALTER defeated John Morrison in 8:02 with a Powerbomb. WALTER picks up yet another victory ahead of his matchup with Hangman Page. The champ would make his way onto the stage as the two would stare each other with Page holding his title high before the Homefront PPV event. - Cutting backstage ahead of the main event we see the next challenger for Randy Orton’s North American Championship, Kento Miyahara. Eventually we see him approached by none other than Masahiro Chono. Chono would tell Miyahara that he has dealt with the nWo before. Knows their strategies, how they work. If he wants that North American Championship he is going to need some help. Chono would then tell Miyahara that come Homefront he is going to be in his corner, have his back. - Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) def. The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) in 17:22 after they were able to put away Kyle O’Reilly with the Fatality. The Undisputed Era and the Dark Order would brawl to close the show, the Dark Order standing tall to close the show as we head into FFW Homefront. Homefront PPV Match Card MJF vs EC3 FFW Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks (c) vs MIRO & Kip Sabian Kairi Sane vs Ronda Rousey FFW Womens Tag Team Championship Match: The Natural Aces (c) vs EMPIRE FFW North American Championship Match: Randy Orton (c) vs Kento Miyahara FFW Womens Title Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs Asuka Dark Order vs Undisputed Era FFW World Heavyweight Championship Match: “Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs WALTER
  7. 76ers vs. Wizards: 76ers in 6 Knicks vs. Hawks: Knicks in 5 Bucks vs. Heat: Bucks in 7 Nets vs. Celtics: Nets in 4 Jazz vs. Grizzlies: Grizzlies in 7 Clippers vs. Mavericks: Mavericks in 6 Nuggets vs. Trail Blazers: Nuggets in 5 Lakers vs. Suns: Suns in 6 76ers vs. Knicks: 76ers in 4 Bucks vs. Nets: Nets in 5 Grizzlies vs. Mavericks: Mavericks in 4 Suns vs. Nuggets: Nuggets in 5 76ers vs. Nets: Nets in 5 Suns vs. Nuggets: Nuggets in 7 Nuggets vs. Nets: Nets in 6
  8. BobdaBomb

    Even if...

    “We are tested...not to show our weaknesses but to instead discover our strengths.” The scene appears on our screen, dark. A dark room with lights appearing here and there barely imminent. We are in an old high school gymnasium, a band on a makeshift stage playing a slow song. The lead of the band's voice flowing through and filling up the room. Couples have made their way onto the floor as they are dancing along to the song, holding each other close. Our attention focuses on one couple however. The two are familiar to the BPZ audience although they look different. A much younger pair of Bob and Alexa Sparks stood in the middle of the crowd, holding each other close, and swaying back and forth. Despite the smiles on the surrounding couples, the expressions on both Bob and Alexa are much different. Something seems off. Alexa’s eyes glossy, Bob Sparks just looking down as they sway back and forth. Bob Sparks: “Why us, why now? Why are we being punished for doing everything the “right” way? Tonight wasn't supposed to be like this.” Alexa: “It’ll be okay, Bobby. It’ll be okay. We’re here, everything is good.” Bob Sparks: “It’s not though, this was supposed to be, this night was supposed to be one of the good ones. But then...I don’t get it Lex, why us? Alexa: “I love you, you know that? I’ve got you even if they don’t. I’m here, I love you.” Bob is clearly messed up, something is bothering him. Alexa is doing her best to console him, as he still has not looked up attempting to hide his emotions. Bob is known to keep to himself, but whatever happened earlier tonight is not something he can keep bottled up despite his efforts. Alexa is even a bit shaken up but knows that he is taking whatever it is alot harder as she tries her best to be there for him. The two are getting some side glances from other couples now although they can’t be asked to deal with them at the moment, bigger issues at hand. We hear some sniffles from the much younger Bob Sparks as he just tightens his arms around Alexa, not hurting her but making sure to hold her close. Alexa resting her head on his chest, a few tears running down her face. She would wipe the tears before returning her hand to Bob’s back. The two just sway back and forth as it seems like it is just the two of them in the room with how different their world seems at the moment. Whatever they are dealing with is clearly significant, they are strong though. Attempting to push through it the best that they can, still making their way to this dance. Bob Sparks: “I can’t. I can’t lose you too. I don’t know what I’d..” Alexa: “I’m not going anywhere. Don’t worry we are gonna figure this out, get through it. Even if it takes a while.” Bob Sparks: “I just...I. What did I do, where did I go wrong? I thought I was doing good.” Alexa: “This isn’t on you. This is on them. Look at me Bobby, c’mon. Just look at me” It would take a bit but he would eventually look up at his future wife. His eyes would be red, tears running down his face. He doesn’t know what to say as he looks past Alexa for a moment as he sees another couple. Happy, not a care in the world. They would catch a look at Bob and make eye contact as they are shocked to see him in the condition that he is in. Alexa would grab him though, kissing him and attempting to turn his focus solely back to her. Not in need of attention but wanting to get his mind onto better things. The two would then embrace again as Bob buries his face into her shoulder, attempting to “hide” in a sense. Alexa after a bit would turn her head as she whispers into Bob’s ear. Alexa: “I love you.” The two would just stay there swaying back and forth for a few more songs, just a few minutes for us but what feels like forever for the couple. Just wanting to stay there, safe from whatever is going on outside of this dance. Even if just for one more song, to be free from it. After a few more slower songs go by the tempo would begin to pick up again as some upbeat music takes over. The couple is not in the mood for it but just as they are making their way off the floor we see them caught up, running into some friends of Bob. Teammates of his as they are here having a good time by the looks of it. Jack: “Ay, Sparks! There he is, we’ve been looking for you kid.” Jake: “You good big guy?” The two look at Bob who does his best to mask what is going on. He flashes a quick smile but it is clearly forced. Doing his best to look strong in front of his friends as he is trying to keep the situation under wraps as much as he can. Before things grow to awkward though Alexa would chime in making sure that he doesn’t have to. The two boys would look to her confused as she and Bob are holding hands, Bob attempting not to look at them. She would begin to speak to them as she is doing her best to get Bob out of this as quickly as possible. Alexa: Hey guys! We were actually just heading out. Hope y'all have a nice time though. The two would let the couple past, and just as they are about to head out the side entrance doors one of them shout out to their friend. Bob and Alexa would turn, still hand and hand as the two boys clearly have some bit of understanding about the seriousness of the situation. Bob Sparks not usually in this sort of a mood. One of them, Jake would put his hand on the shoulder of Bob as he looks him in the eye. A bit of the situation even getting him to a bit as we can hear it in his voice. He would look at his friend reassuring him the best that he can. Jake: “Hey. Sparks if you need us, just let us know okay. Whatever it is, we are here for you.” Bob would flash him a weak smile and give him a nod. Alexa would then look at him as the two head out. The two boys watch them as they do before eventually heading back into the dance. Alexa and Bob would make their way to Bob’s truck as they get in. Alexa getting in the driver's seat, both her and Bob knowing he is not in the condition to drive at the moment. She doesn't start it though as the two just sit there just thinking, nothing between the two but silence. Eventually though, the silence is broken. Bob Sparks: “You think what happened to them...it’ll happen to us?” Alexa: “No Bobby. It’s gonna be okay. We are gonna be okay.” Bob Sparks: “Even if…” Alexa: “Even if…” Alexa would reach over grabbing the hand over Bob as she squeezes it, holding it tight and kissing it. Bob looks at her as he is able to give her a better smile now, leaning over as they share a kiss. He would then get out of the truck as he makes his way over to the drivers side, opening the door. Alexa would go to get out as he helps her. He would hold her there for a moment though, kissing her on the forehead and holding her close once more. Eventually,the two would then get back into the truck, whatever the issue is still out there but the two are going to do their best to tackle it. They are hurting from what we have seen here tonight but not dead yet and are going to give whatever it is the fight of their lives. The truck starts up and drives away as the scene comes to a close with the taillights disappearing in the distance.
  9. WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman Universal Championship Match Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cesaro SmackDown Women’s Championship Match Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match Dolph Ziggler (c) & Robert Roode vs. Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio Lumberjack Match Damian Priest vs. The Miz Bonus Questions: What will be the first match on the the PPV? (Not Pre-Show) Smackdown Tag What will be the second-to-last match on the PPV? RAW Womens Will The Usos turn their back Roman Reigns? No Does Jinder hinder Drew McIntyre in the WWE Championship Triple Threat? No Will The Hurt Business gain a new member, if so who? No Will there be a return or debut tonight, if so who? No
  10. FFWWeek 1 The show kicks off with the owner of FFW Vince McMahon. He would hype the company up, laying out its plans for the future. Announcing that there are three titles here in FFW, the FFW World Championship, the FFW Tag Team Championships, and FFW Womens Championship. Vince would focus on the World Championship though saying it needs to be held by a man that can stand tall as the face of this company. The Big Show would come out as Vince would go to hand him the title, but they would be interrupted by Vince’s son Shane. Shane McMahon would say that the first champion needs to earn that spot and he has a man that he knows can kick the Big Show’s ass. Shane’s man would be revealed as Dusty Rhodes as the two stare down in the ring. A third man would appear though in the Rock as it seems like we have three men now with their eyes all set on the FFW World Championship. This would set up our first match as The Rock goes one on one with The Iron Sheik. The match would go for 7:42 as the Rock was able to put away The Iron Sheik with the Rock Bottom. The Rock building up his claim to be the first ever FFW World Champion with this victory as we now continue along with the show. We would then cut backstage as we get set for Piper’s Pit. Roddy Piper would say that he promises to be one of the top names in this company and there is no one in this company that is going to stop him from doing that because he is simply superior. He would eventually be cut off as Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat interrupts him. Piper would tell him he didn’t have any guests planned and certainly not someone like Steamboat. Steamboat would then tell Piper to just watch him in the main event. Because he will be next after Dusty Rhodes. Moving into our next match we will see Ken Shamrock face off with Jim Duggan. Both of these men are in an interesting place on the roster as they really don’t have a place as of yet. In the match though, Ken Shamrock would pick up the win in 9:42 after putting Duggan away with an Ankle Lock forcing him to tapout. Before our main event match tonight we see “Stone Cold” Steve Austin make his way down to the ring as he goes through his usual spiel. He would eventually begin to state his reason for being out here as he says there are a lot of guys back in that locker room who think they have what it takes to step into the ring with him, well there isn’t. Next week though Stone Cold is going to come down to this ring once again and whoever has the balls to come out here, can have a one on one match with Stone Cold come PPV time. We now get set for the main event of the evening as Dusty Rhodes will go one on one with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in our main event. Dusty Rhodes was handpicked by Shane McMahon earlier tonight to be a part of the triple threat for the FFW World Championship come the PPV. Dusty Rhodes looks to send a message to Shane McMahon that he made the right decision. Steamboat is looking to send a message to Roddy Piper as well. In the match, Dusty Rhodes defeated Ricky Steamboat in 12:31 after he was able to win the match with the Bionic Elbow. Shane and Dusty would stand tall to close the show, Roddy Piper laughing at Rocky Steamboat from behind the commentary table. FFW Week 2 To kick off the show we see the Wall Street Knockouts (Ted Diabise and Steve Williams). They say how they are going to rule over the FFW Tag Team Division. They were able to strike a deal with Vince McMahon securing their spot in the FFW Tag Team Title Match come the FFW: In Your Face PPV. So whoever the sorry team is that earns that other spot be ready because you are going fall, afterall everybody has a price. In our first match of the night we will see Batista go one on one with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Neither of these men appeared on FFW last week and will look to solidify their spots on this roster with a victory here in this one. In the match, Batista would put away Jake “The Snake” Roberts in 9:41 with the Batista Bomb. Batista wins this one as he is no doubt going to be one of the top names in this company we will just have to see who he faces next. Rolling along with the show we see “Stone Cold” Steve Austin make his way down to the ring. A week ago he sent a message to the locker room telling all of them that he wants a fight and is willing to take on whoever steps up to face him. We would see challenger step up as Orange Cassidy makes his way up. Steve Austin would look confused by Cassidy but accepts the challenge nonetheless. Austin vs. Cassidy now set for FFW: In Your Face. Next we get set for tag team action as four of the best women that this company has to offer. It will be Jaqueline teaming up with Bianca Belair to take on Becky Lynch and Paige. The winning team will face off come the FFW: In Your Face PPV for the Womens Title. A bit of teamwork leading to facing off come FFW: In Your Face. In this match it would be Bianca Belair and Jaqueline picking up the win in 11:21 after Jaqueline was able to pick up the win with a Tornado DDT. It will now be Bianca Belair and Jaqueline going head to head for the FFW Womens Title at FFW: In Your Face. Cutting to a local bar we see Razor Ramon sitting down enjoying a few drinks. All of the sudden we see him joined by another FFW superstar Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Time would go by as the two have one to many drinks and eventually start to argue. Ramon would make fun of Jake for jobbing out earlier in the night and Jake would eventually have enough smashing a beer bottle over the head of Razor before walking out of the bar the two clearly not getting along. Now our main event of the evening as we will see two out of the three men in the FFW World Championship match clash as The Rock takes on Dusty Rhodes. Both are looking to keep the ball rolling here tonight as they were both able to pick up wins a week ago. In the match though, The Rock would pick up the win in 16:31 after he was able to put away Rhodes with a Rock Bottom. The Rock stands tall to close the show as he seems to be the favorite at the moment. FFW Week 3 The show kicks off with The Rock as he begins to speak on his opponents come the FFW: In Your Face PPV. He calls them both fat as hell and he has no problem whipping both of their candy asses. Vince talked about leading this company and these two couldn't even lead themselves to stay on their diet plans. Both of them damn sure know what the Rock is cooking but they're gonna be eating an ass whooping at the hands of the Rock when he wins the FFW World Championship. We then head into our first match of the night as we will see Roddy Piper go one on one with Hillbilly Jim. Piper by the looks of it is already set to square off with Ricky Steamboat come FFW: In Your Face. Hillbilly Jim simply attempted to play spoiler here tonight. In the match, Roddy Piper defeated Hillbilly Jim in 6:30 after he picked up the win with a sleeper hold after a shot to the head with a steel chain. Roddy Piper comes out on top tonight as he looks to repeat this victory when he squares off with Roddy Piper. We cut to outside of the arena where we are with Big Boss Man. He is driving around as we see a car ahead of him as he goes to pull it over. He pulls it over as we follow him up to the car. Inside is New Jack and Mustafa Saed. Big Boss Man would write them up a ticket telling them that they were speeding. New Jack would look at him and tell him to fuck off, with his big cracker ass. The two would then tear up the ticket and drive off as Big Boss Man tells them he is gonna settle it in this ring later down the road. We will now get set for our next match of the night as we will find out who is going to face the Wall Street Knockouts for the FFW Tag Team Titles come FFW: In Your Face. It will be the Natural Disasters facing off with the Guerrillas of Destiny. In this match it would be the Natural Disasters coming out on top after Earthquake was able to put Tanga Loa away in 7:42 after hitting him with an Earthquake Splash. It will now be the Wall Street Knockouts going head to head with the Natural Disasters with the winners being crowned the FFW Tag Team Champions. Cutting backstage we see Batista and Ken Shamrock. The two are brawling as something here backstage seems to have blown up. The two are going at it and both being some of the more dangerous men in the company this one gets out of hand quickly. Eventually Shamrock would get the advatage dropping Batista with a big right hand. Both men though are bloody and bruised as they beat the hell out of each other here tonight. Steve Austin def. Razor Ramon in 13:31 FFW Week 4 Steve Austin & Rock promo and team up tonight for the main event as they will go head to head with their opponets come FFW: In Your Face Steve Williams def. Earthquake in 5:21 Big Boss Man is attacked by the Gangstas ahead of their match at FFW: In Your House Ken Shamrock def. Jake “The Snake” Roberts in 9:46 Bianca Belair and Jaqueline go back and forth on the mic Steve Austin & The Rock def. Orange Cassidy & Dusty Rhodes in 18:05 FFW: In Your Face PPV The Gangstas def. Big Boss Man in 6:31 Bianca Belair def. Jaqueline in 10:21 to become the first FFW Womens Champion Razor Ramon def. Jake “The Snake” Roberts in 14:21 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin def. Orange Cassidy in 11:25 “Rowdy” Roddy Piper def. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboast in 12:41 Wall Street Knockouts def. Natural Disasters in 9:50 to become the first FFW Tag Team Champions Batista def. Ken Shamrock in 13:11 The Rock def. The Big Show & Dusty Rhodes in 17:31 to become the first FFW World Champion
  11. Bob Sparks NFL Mock Draft 1. Jags - Trevor Lawerence 2. Jets - Zach Wilson 3. 49ers - Justin Fields 4. Falcons - Kyle Pitts 5. Bengals - Penei Sewell 6. Dolphins - Jaylen Waddle 7. (TRADE) Patriots - Trey Lance 8. Panthers - Rashawn Slater 9. Broncos - Jaycee Horn 10. Cowboys - Patrick Surtain 11. Giants - Ja'Marr Chase 12. Eagles - DeVonta Smith 13. Chargers - Alex Leatherwood 14. Vikings - Christian Barramore 15. (TRADE) Lions - Micah Parsons 16. Cardinals - Greg Newsome ll 17. Raiders - Christian Darrasaw 18. Dolphins - Jaelan Phillips 19. Football Team - Teven Jenkins 20. Bears - Mac Jones 21. Colts - Elijiah More 22. Titans - Caleb Farley 23. Jets - Azeez Ojulari 24. Steelers - Alijiah Vera-Tucker 25. Jags - Landon Dickerson 26. Browns - Kwity Paye 27. Ravens - Zaven Collins 28. Saints - Jamin Davis 29. Packers - Rashod Bateman 30. Bills Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah 31. Ravens - Joe Tryon 32. Bucs - Najee Harris

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