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  1. BobdaBomb


    Carnage would come back live as we cut to the Sparks residence. We see none other than Bob Sparks sitting there with Alexa Merci by his side. We see Bob and Alexa on the couch as we eventually see Bob sit up as Alexa listens on holding a wine glass and taking a sip. Bob Sparks would simply sigh before beginning to talk, not sounding angry today as he seems to be somewhat disappointed with an undertone of that feeling behind his voice. You know time after time I try to explain. I try to sympathize with these people. I try to stay level headed with them but their clear lack of intelligence and clear lack of understanding truly upsets me. You see when I came here I expected to see the best talent in the world I really did. But when I look around, I see a few good things surrounded by a lot of bad. As much as I hate the people in that arena and as much as I am at odds with them time after time, I do listen. I do listen because I’m not intolerant. I listen to their chants and their beliefs and to what many may find surprising I agree with some of them. I listen and watch as they rant online about undeserving wrestlers coming back and taking spots. The lack of fresh talent being given that chance at the top. Yet it is so clear to everyone here yet they seemingly don’t want to accept the reality of this company. The same guys getting the big matches, the same guys getting title shot after title shot, after title shot. It truly is sickening looking at the big picture. Now I have made it my mission to change this but every time I take one down another one seemingly arises. A new broken down man coming back for one last ego trip, one last paycheck. Another man I have to break down to move forward. Another man I must break down so that others have the chance to move forward. Another man to fall under my boot as I attempt to save this company for the travesty that it has become. Bob would lean over and grab a jug of moonshine sitting on the coffee table in front of him. He would take a few sips as he looks up to the ceiling thinking. We would see Bob then grin before placing down the jug of moonshine back on the table before turning his focus back to the camera. A smile would appear on the face of Alexa as Bob begins to talk once more. There was one safe haven from this though. One section of this company that was full of the most talented men on this roster, full of men who actually cared about the future of this company not only themselves. But that has broken down hasn’t it? Not because we were at odds, no. It broke down because the men that need to put others down to stay at the top twisted the narrative. The men that I am facing come War at World are perfect examples of this. They painted us out to be the bad guys, painted us out to be the ones that are the issue with BPZ Wrestling. No, that is simply not the case and every single person in this company knows that, whether they want to accept it or not. You twisted and turned everything against us. You, the same people that still to this day politic backstage with your cliques and backstage bullshit. You, the same people who because of your name get that big match, not because of how much work you put in, not because of every blood sweat and tear you put into this business. No it all falls back on one thing and one thing only, your legacy. A word I have lived under in my past days, part of a group that named ourselves that, we were at the top of the world until one of those top guys saw a threat, until one of those top guys couldn’t put his ego aside for a moment. Couldn’t put it aside so that together we could dominate this company. By doing this though he threw away that golden ticket, that golden ticket to lock up that top spot forever in Bob Sparks. Bob would now laugh thinking about his past with the Legacy better known as the Inner Circle now. He would look over to Alexa as he would grab her hand as the two would smile. Bob would then turn his focus back to the camera as he is showing teeth. Bob begins to talk once again with his and Alexa’s hands firmly locked together. This brings me to my next point: Slim's ego trip was not the only thing wrong with Legacy, believe it or not. This was another factor we never really got down, another ideal that I never really understood till I joined forces with Bulletproof. The simple yet hard to come by idea, the feeling of unity. The feeling of standing beside your comrades not having to worry whether one of them will stab you in the back everytime you are with them. You see, Bulletproof was never like that. We wanted the best and we had the best. The best guys in this company had that next level drive, that next level yearning to be one of the best to ever do it. I look across the ring at my opponents come World at War and I don’t see unity, I don’t see three men working for what is best for the group. No, I see three individuals, three guys all in that match for their own wants and needs. No name you label yourselves will fix that either Mr. Carter. Aces High is a joke, a “team” that at most will last a few months before one of your egos get out of control and stab your so called brother in the back. Bulletproof though we don’t have that problem. We don’t have these blown up egos that we can’t control. No, we are three men untitled for the same cause. United for the same idea. The idea of walking into that War Games match and dominating every sorry ass that steps into that structure with us. So by all means try and tarnish and shit on the legacy of Bulletproof because after this match there will be no more debates, no more games and jokes. There will be three men standing tall after that match and those men will be simply Bulletproof. We see Alexa then whisper something in Bob’s ear as he smiles clearly amused by what she has told him. Bob would then lean over and kiss her on the check as the two are still holding hands. Bob would then look into the camera once more as he begins to talk with Alexa by his side. So at World at War, trust me when I tell you the rag tag bunch made from a cowboy, a demon, and a washed up old man will fall not only under the boot of Bob Sparks but to the banner of Bulletproof. A match made for a man like me, old bones and muddled minds locked inside with the monster you claim me to be. A meathead under your description yet smart enough to lure you into my trap. Over hyped and overrated by your description yet breaking the wills of the best and beating the hell out of every man who stands against me. A backstabber and an untrustworthy beast yet I will show you the true power of a united front as Bulletproof runs through all three of you. A mediocre man destined for nothing but the mid card by your claims yet I will run through you and beat you because just like so many before you, you underestimate me. So at the end of it all Isaiah Carter, Buddy Ace, and Nebakos I will be more than happy to stand above your broken bodies with the most dominant group this company has ever seen as your claims become nothing more than false wishes as you learn the true power of Bob Sparks and you understand the true power of the thing you swore to destroy. Once again Bulletproof will reign supreme and you three will go down as just another group of guys that tried to put an end to us but ultimately failed to do so. So bring your claims and bring your self minded needs because Bulletproof will be more than happy to put an end to your twisted and egocentric wants. Isaiah Carter, Buddy Ace, Nebakos I will leave you with this. Just trust me when I tell you….boys...I’ll be seeing you. Bob and Alexa would then stand up together walking off out of view of the camera. The camera would then slowly fade away to a black screen as Bob Sparks has made his message clear here tonight. Run through each and every man who stands against him inside War Games and cement the legacy that the opposing trio tries to take away from Bob Sparks and Bulletproof.
  2. AEW ALL IN PRESS CONFERENCE Streaming live from youtube we welcome you to the press conference for the first ever AEW PPV All In. We will hear from the AEW known as the Elite here tonight as we get set up for what is sure to be a history changing event in the wrestling world. We will be sure to hear from many surprises here tonight with some new faces and new names confirmed for AEW All In. We would hear some music go off as Kenny Omega would make his way to the podium. As Kenny is making his way to the podium though we see him attacked from behind! It’s Jay White, Jay White is here at the AEW Press Conference we would see him over Kenny pummeling him with punches. We would eventually see AEW security pull White away as clearly these two are seeing their tensions now go from NJPW to AEW here tonight. Kenny was seemingly going to come out here tonight and talk about what he was going to be doing at AEW All In but I think we have a pretty good idea of what that is going to be now. We would see Kenny then see checked on medical personnel as Jay White is escorted away. Kenny would eventually make his way off the press conference stage as we would then shift our focus as Brandi Rhodes would make her way out to some cheers. Brandi was named the leader for the womens division here in All Elite Wrestling so she will most likely have some news relating to the womens division here tonight. We see her begin to talk. Brandi would talk on the womens division stating how AEW is going to thrive where other companies lack. Brandi would state how the women in AEW are not going to be seen as a second fiddle division and will be taken seriously by All Elite Wrestling management. Brandi would then also state that we will see the first ever womens match at AEW All In including this women… We would then see Awesome Kong make her way out to the surprise of the fans who would cheer. Kong would then stand with Brandi as she continues to talk. Kong towers over Brandi as she will clearly be a force to be reckoned with here in All Elite Wrestling. Kong would then officially announce that she will be issuing an open challenge at AEW All In and any woman who wants to step up to the plate is more than welcome to. We would then see Kong leave as the press conference continues on. We would then see Brandi joined by Cody as the couple exchange a kiss as Cody stands with Brandi. The power couple of All Elite Wrestling in front of us as the crowd cheers them on. Cody would then begin to talk introducing a new system that AEW will introduce. Cody would state that All Elite Wrestling will be introducing a win loss system starting at AEW All In. Superstars will be receiving title shots and bigger matches based on their results also this will help determine seedings in future AEW tournaments down the line. The records will be split into singles and tag matches with both an all time record and a yearly record. Cody and Brandi would then thank everyone for showing out as the two look to be heading off before we see them cut off as Mike and Maria Kanellis would appear standing face to face with the couple. Maria would begin to talk as she states that this whole new power couple idea is a joke. It ruined the WWE and Maria is not going to let it happen here in AEW. Maria and Mike would then challenge Cody and Brandi to a match at All In which would be accepted. The cameras would then suddenly cut away. We would then see in the parking lot two men going at it! That’s...thats Bobby Lashley….and Matt Riddle! Two former MMA bad asses beating the hell out of each other here in All Elite Wrestling not even making it to the stage! We would eventually see Cody and some other AEW faces make their way over to break up the fight as Bobby Lashley is furious bleeding from the mouth as Matt Riddle curses at him as the two are being held back from one another. Cody would then yell at the two saying if they want a match so badly then they can have at AEW All In in a No Holds Barred Street Fight! We would see Riddle flash a cocky smile and middle finger at Lashley as the two would exchange words being driven further and further apart from one another. Cody would stand there shaking his head as we would then cut back to the podium as the press conference carries on. AEW is off to a hot start here tonight to say the least and it seems like this press conference is going to make sure for a great show come All In. We would cut back to the podium as we would see the Young Bucks make their way out. The pair would begin to speak stating that tag team wrestling will actually matter here in AEW. No more using the tag team titles to push only singles guys the focus of the tag division will be on the true tag teams in AEW and they would then state that they are looking to lead this division as they are the best tag team in the world. We would then see the Lucha Bros cut off the Young Bucks clearly not in agreement with their bold claim. We would see the two teams staredown for a bit as they would then eventually come to blows. As the two teams would brawl, the Lucha Bros would eventually come out on top laying out the Young Bucks. We would see the Lucha Bros walk off as the tag division here is going to be something special. We would then see a MJF make his way to the podium a bit unknown with the crowd but clearly he is not here for them as we see him laughing at them and ignoring high fives as he makes his way to the podium. MJF would then begin to talk introducing himself and very quickly making his name known bashing on the fans and many of the favorite wrestlers in AEW. MJF would then issue a challenge for All In calling out any veteran who has an issue with what he says. MJF would call out anyone saying he is the fastest rising star and no one on this All Elite Wrestling roster. In fact, no one in the world can touch him, not Cody, not Kenny Omega, not even those overrated and overhyped WWE guys. MJF would say that at All In he will leave his mark here in All Elite Wrestling early by starting his historic rise to the top by beating whoever sorry ass shows up. We would then reach the end of the press conference as we would see Chris Jericho make his way out to the podium to the cheers of the fans. Jericho though does not care about the fans opinions as he reaches the podium and begins to talk. Jericho begins to address his status with All Elite Wrestling and the All In PPV. Jericho would state that he is All In with All Elite Wrestling. Jericho would hype up All In for a bit before his speech would take a turn. Jericho would state that the only reason All In sold out and that anyone is here tonight is because of him. Jericho would then demand a world title match at All In and call out whoever wants to grant it to him to come and do it. Whether it’s Tony Khan, Cody, Brandi, or any of the Elite. We would then see someone come out but it’s not who Jericho called out. The fans would erupt as we would see Kurt Angle appear. Jericho would stare at him a bit shocked as we would see Angle high fiving fans and making his way to the podium. The two would then stand face to face as Jericho would break a smile. Jericho would laugh as Angle begins to talk. Angle would tell Jericho the idea that management came up with. At All In it will be Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle going one on one with the winner earning a guaranteed title shot as AEW All Out. Jericho would laugh as he would tell Angle he will just kick his ass like the old days as their historic battles will play out one more time this time here in AEW. The cameras would then fade out as the press conference with the image of the two wrestling legends standing face to face.
  3. WWE Reborn Presents: Bloodsport Predictions Kevin Owens (C) vs Brock Lesnar - Universal Championship A Listers (C) vs The New Day - RAW Tag Team Championship Toni Storm vs Bianca Belair Shelton Benjiman vs Chad Gable Dominik Dijak (C) vs Luke Harper - United States Championship ______ A WWE Legend Is Going To Interrupt Seth Rollins 'Messiah Sunday Session', Who Will It Be? Edge Will The Fiend Show Up? Yes How Many German Suplexes Will Brock Lesnar Hit? 12
  4. BobdaBomb


    We would see a large figure slowly make his way out from the shadows, the earth crumbling beneath his feet. The man would then let out a bellowing laugh as we would see him a bit clearer now. It’s Bob Sparks, Bob would step out of the shadows and stand at the side of Hans Clayton. He would then grin as he looks into the camera, beginning to talk with a harsh tone in the dark setting. First Class Express was truly something special was it not. A team that dominated BPZ for months but now I look back at and realize that was never really a true team was it. You see a true team is when two people put in the same effort to build something great and put in the same work to achieve the results that they want, but that, that simply was not the case. You see BiC you saw a young stud rising up the ranks by the name of Hans Clayton, you saw a chance to revive you career and with no true talent of your own you did. You should thank Hans Clayton for making you far more relevant than you ever have here in BPZ Wrestling. Before Hans Clayton Isaiah Carter was nothing and was going to go down as just another guy here in BPZ Wrestling. Thanks to Hans Clayton, the name Isaiah Carter actually means something once again here in BPZ. This privilege that you have received thanks to Hans Clayton and Bulletproof is something you seemingly want to destroy. Isaiah you bit the hand that fed you and now that once relevance we gave you we are going to take back. After War Games there will be no more piggybacking off of Hans Clayton and no more relevance you can take from others. So at the end of the day you can try and replace Hans Clayton with Buddy Ace to make you relevant again but the one label Hans gave you that you won’t be able to get rid of is simply this. Isaiah you are going to go down as the second man in First Class Express and you are going to go down as nothing more than Hans Clayton’s bitch. Bob would then show off a grin revealing his teeth. Clean, white, and pure something not many think of when looking at Bob Sparks. A seemingly pure sight of the monster many make Bob out to be. Bob would then return to a serious stone expression. We would see him then begin to talk once more shifting his focus from Isaiah Carter to Buddy Ace. Speaking on privilege, look who decided to try to take down the man who made him. That’s right Bob Sparks made Buddy Ace and that is a cold hard fact. Let me take you back Buddy alright, the hWo. What would have been the end of both of our careers but thanks to me you were able to reach the heights that you have today. You know that if I did not put that chair in your back you would have been stuck in that midcard still withering away your pointless and insignificant career. I look at you now and I am proud, believe it or not. Proud of the man I made, proud of the man I saved. Saved from the hWo, saved from irrelevance, and saved from being just another bottom feeder. But cowboy you're getting too big for your boots. Trying to follow in Isaiah Carter’s footsteps taking down the man who made you relevant, trying to take down Bob Sparks. But no doubt no man has been able to put me down no matter how they try and no man will ever be able to. So Buddy trust me when I say I’m not going to fall to the man I created. I am not going to fall to the man I made. Buddy Ace when we step inside those steel walls trust me when I tell you I am going to put an end to what I created. I am going to put an end to Bob Sparks bitch. Bob grins once more looking at the camera. The camera looks up at Bob Sparks as he shows that devilish grin. Bob would then take a step toward the camera looking into it directly much closer than before. Bob Sparks’ grin turns to stone once more as he addresses the returning BPZ legend Nebakos. It was a trap, old man you were just to blind to see it. I heard your message of making an example of a BPZ superstar at Mania and I wanted you to try and come after me. But that did not happen, no instead a travesty occurred. You all watched as Nate came away with that win and nothing more since joining this company has set me into more of a rage. A win that should have been mine, a win that I deserved but yet you all decided for that not to happen. Now though the agony of my defeat is going to be something you have to deal with. I wanted this match Nebakos I wanted to break down another old fuck like yourself just to prove how dominant I have been. In one short year I broke Necce and drove him mad, I turned what everyone saw as a BPZ legend into a man possessed. Then I broke Bailey, ended his Hollywood bullshit and turned him into what he is now. I relit the fire under them Neb so this will just be another example of this. You see it only takes a spark to light a fire and Neb I am going to light that fire under you once more. Ignite something you no longer have, at War Games I am going to turn your old bones to dust and revive yet another career. You see that is what Bullet Proof does we revive careers yet you all see us as the bad guys right. Don’t mind the Inner Circle running roughshod on this company. At the end of the day we are going to run through you three bums and re-establish what the true talent in the company is. Not cowboys, bitches, and broken bones. No true men. Guys who actually give a shit about people around this company, not just themselves. You three once revived by these hands will now fall as the games come to an end. Bob Sparks would not grin, keeping the same stern face. We would hear a branch snap from behind Bob and Hans as we would see the men smile as we see another figure appear in the dark. A man not recognizable yet but seemingly known.
  5. World: Bailey, Tamer, Arius, Hans Undisputed: Arius, Flynn, Hans IC: Alex, Bailey, Sameer NA: Me, Alex, Gunner, Nate, Crip US: Me, Mikey, Toxik, Arrow NXT: Austin, Addy, Sheridan , Yuvraj
  6. WrestleMania 36 Match Card: Night 1: Universal Championship Match: AJ Styles (C) vs Alesiter Black SD Women’s Championship Match: Lacey Evans (C) vs Charlotte Flair Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor (C) vs John Morrison vs Bobby Lashley SD Tag Team Championship Match: Samoan Strong Style (C) vs Rey Mysterio and Ricochet vs #DIY vs Undisputed Era Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre Street Fight: Randy Orton vs Shane McMahon John Cena vs Goldberg Women’s Memorial Battle Royal : Mandy Rose Night 2: WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (C) vs Roman Reigns RAW Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (C) vs Andrade Cien Almas vs Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander RAW Tag Team Championship Match: KOZayn (C) vs Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Boss N Hug Connection (C) vs The Bella Twins vs Trish Stratus and Lita The Undertaker vs Sting No Holds Bar Match: Triple H vs Edge Jeff Hardy vs The Miz Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal : Otis Bonus: Which Match will Open Night 2 TRIPLE H VS EDGE Will any NXT Superstars be in the Battle Royals YES Who will be the final elimination of both Battle Royals SONYA DEVILLE AND BIG SHOW Will The Rock Show up? YES How Many Championship Changes Will there Be 5 How Many Matches will go over 20 Minutes? 4 Will there be any surprise matches? No
  7. WrestleMania 36 Predictions Liv Morgan vs. Natalya (Kickoff) Cesaro vs. Drew Gulak (Kickoff) Women's Tag Team Championships: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley Elias vs. King Corbin Raw Tag Team Championships: Street Profits(c) vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza Jr. SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Miz & Morrison vs. The Usos vs.The New Day (Ladder Match) Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn(c) vs Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley(c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi vs. Tamina NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley(c) vs. Charlotte Flair Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch(c) vs. Shayna Baszler Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) John Cena vs. The Fiend (Firefly Fun House Match) The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Drew McIntyre Universal Championship: Goldberg(c) vs. Braun Strowman Bonuses: Will Ronda Rousey show up? Will Gronk interfere in any matches? How many title changes will we get? No, Yes, 5
  8. TEAM BOB Rhyperior Aerodactyl - Mega Tyranitar Archeops Armaldo Lunatone Minior Nihelego
  9. NFL REWIND The National Football League is by far the top football association in the world dominating the world of american football for decades. With great moments year after year and unforgettable games the NFL has truly become something special and has a cemented place in american culture today. What if we ran it back though? What if we ran it back let’s say two decades to the year 1990. What would end up winning differently? Would dynasty’s we see come together today never happen? Would different players flourish in this second chance and would others flop? In this diary we will be discovering this. We will be going year by year seeing what ends up happening in the NFL. NFL DRAFT This will no doubt have the biggest influence on the sim as hall of famers will find themselves at different times along with some new players. Now with creating these diaries not every player can be 100 percent correct and some draft classes simply suck. So this is where you come in, down below is the signup format for your own players. All I ask is that you don’t copy a real life player and try to keep your height and weight in the limits of the game. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Player Name: Position: Player Age (20-24): Height: Weight: Short Backstory: So to finish off this will be a fully sim diary as I will have no influence on who wins and who loses. I will not have everything set on auto and will cover things week by week in a diary post. I will also bring storylines in along with the sim which will greatly affect the future of the sim. Hopefully this will be a long and successful diary. So I can’t wait to see who you come up with for your custom characters and I will see you all again in the first diary post.
  11. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the BPZ Wrestling draft streamed live tonight on ESPN! Tonight we will see the making of the brands in the coming years. First, the flagship show that has led BPZ to the heights it is today led by none other than returning BPZ superstar Zombie. With Zombie in charge who knows what will happen tonight for Carnage and it’s draft choices. It should make for a very new feel Carnage which could be for the best with new challengers seemingly showing up here tonight. We will also see the returning brand of Evolve stepping up here tonight to try and take down it’s former foe in Carnage this time around led by Sheridan. Sheridan is a clear choice made by BPZ owner Brendenplayz here to bring in a new female audience. Will that work we will have to wait and see but who knows maybe Sheridan takes Evolve to that number one spot. To do that though she will have to outperform her boss in Brenden himself as he is taking on the job of establishing the newest brand to BPZ Wrestling, Valor. Valor with no clear identity yet and no established name can go in all sorts of directions which will be decided here tonight by none other than the owner of Brenden himself. Well the draft is starting so let’s get right into it! We would see Keeley make her way out to the podium as the fans seem a bit surprised to see her here tonight as normally Keeley works behind the scenes and not out in front of the fans. Tonight though is no ordinary night I suppose so let’s see what she has to say. Keeley: We here at BPZ Wrestling would like to welcome the world to a new era of BPZ Wrestling as we kick it off with a 3 brand draft here tonight. Tonight’s draft will be composed of all current BPZ superstars as trust me when you have seen nothing like this before. Some simple rules to operate before we get started though, first things first this draft will operate as an BPZ Snake Draft and if you don’t know what that is...well you have a phone just google it. Every single superstar will be drafted one at a time as there will be no package deals and tag teams will likely go their separate ways here tonight. Last but not least each team will receive a 5 minute time limit per pick and if they can not make a pick within that time limit their pick will be skipped. So let’s get right into it as the draft order has been recently decided among the board of directors, we will see Evolve recive the first pick, followed by Valor, with Carnage rounding out the group. So let’s get right into it! We would thens see the 3 brands' general managers make their way out to the podiums as we hear a mixed reaction from the crowd with cheers for Zombie yet Brenden and Sheridan receive boos. We would then see Keeley make her way back to the podium as she seemingly forgot to mention something. The general managers would all look confused as not even Brenden was aware what she was on about. EVOLVE VALOR CARNAGE Keeley: Oh and I almost forgot, each brand has received one wrestler courtesy of yours truly. So first for Zombie I have assigned someone who I think you will get along with quite well, everyone let me hear a loud warm welcome for MIKEY! We would then see Mikey make his way over to stand by Zombie as the two would shake hands as we seemingly have found out one of the names heading to Carnage before the draft even started. We would see Mikey whisper something in Zombie’s ear as Zombie would look a bit surprised but follow it up with a devious smile. Mikey would then walk backstage as Keeley would begin to talk once again as the crowd simmers down. Keeley: Next up we will see Valor’s first ever wrestler! Bren, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Everyone please welcome, Gunner! We would see Brenden shrug his shoulders, not impressed or disappointed by Keeley’s choice as the two would shake hands and Gunner would head backstage. Keeley would then begin to talk once more announcing the wrestler that she has chosen for Evolve. Keeley: Last but certainly, well maybe least but we will see Evolve. Sheridan I have picked out one of your favorite wrestlers in this company, someone in fact I hear you get along quite well with. Everyone please welcome my pick for Evolve, Bob Sparks with Alexa Merci! We would see Sheridan look confused as Bob Sparks and Alexa Merci make their way out onto the stage together. Bob would look at Sheridan and simply nod, which would be answered back by Sheridan flipping Bob off as Bob and Alexa would simply grin before making their way backstage. Keeley would then make her way backstage as the draft is now seemingly under way! Sheridan: Well now that is all dealt with and out of the way let’s get started with the BPZ draft shall we. It is my honor to announce the first ever pick of the BPZ 2020 Brand Split draft and with Evolve’s first pick we select FLYNN! FLYNN HAS BEEN DRAFTED TO EVOLVE Flynn would make his way out onto the stage as we would see him smile at Sheridan as someone would hand Flynn an evolve t-shirt as he would put it on. Flynn would shake the hand of Sheridan before making his way backstage clearly ready to lead Evolve in the coming months. We would then transfer over to Brenden as he announces the second pick in the draft for Valor. Brenden: Alright cute pick Sheridan but clearly you don’t know who the true GOAT of BPZ Wrestling is. So Valor will already establish itself as the top brand of BPZ Wrestling with this pick, because the Valor brand selects SLIM! SLIM HAS BEEN DRAFTED TO VALOR Slim would make his way onto the stage with heavy boos from the crowd as he simply smiled and shook the hand of Brenden. Slim would receive a Valor t-shirt and put it on as he then walks backstage seemingly the leader of the Valor brand. Attention would then turn to Zombie as he begins to talk laughing at both Sheridan and Brenden. Zombie: Damn are we talking about who the GOAT of BPZ is, you must have not done your homework. Returning to Carnage full time thanks to a bit of negotiating. Everyone welcome my good friend, NEBAKOS! NEBAKOS HAS BEEN DRAFTED TO CARNAGE The crowd would erupt as clearly they did not expect to see Nebakos here tonight. Nebakos would make his way out to the stage to a thunderous crowd. Clearly we would see Carnage already shaking up the draft tonight as Zombie would take Nebakos first overall. We would then see Nebakos begin to speak once again as Nebakos celebrates on the stage. Zombie: Wait, I’m not done with my next pick to secure a strong foundation for us here on Carnage we take another man considered to be the GOAT of BPZ Wrestling please welcome, Bailey! BAILEY HAS BEEN DRAFTED TO CARNAGE We would see Bailey make his way out onto the stage as we see Nebakos look at him with a grin. The two would stare down in an historic moment here tonight as both Sheridan and Brenden look on a bit worried. If you want to talk about star power there is no doubt Carnage has it. Nebakos and Bailey would then head backstage as we would see Brenden begin to speak once again. Brenden: Props to you Zombie I did not see that one coming to be honest. No doubt though it’s time to continue building the best brand here in BPZ and that’s Valor. So with our second pick the Valor brand selects, Smith! SMITH HAS BEEN DRAFTED TO VALOR We would then see Smith make his way out much to the surprise of the crowd. Maybe a bit of an early pick but great value pick with Smith heading to Valor. Brenden would shake hands with Smith and pose for a picture as Smith would then head backstage as we now see Evolve back on the clock as Sheridan begins to speak. Sheridan: Wow Brenden shit pick there for sure. No matter though it’s time for the superior brand in this company to solidify itself once again. With our next pick the Evolve brand selects HANS CLAYTON! HANS CLAYTON HAS BEEN DRAFTED TO EVOLVE Sheridan: That's not it though with our next pick the Evolve brand also selects one of the best superstars we have ever seen here in BPZ, ARIUS! ARIUS HAS BEEN DRAFTED TO EVOLVE Sheridan would give a smirk over to Brenden and Zombie clearly proud of her picks as Brenden would simply shake his head as Zombie would seemingly be not entertained as the draft would roll on. Here are the results of the 2020 BPZ Draft.
  12. Too the crowds shock that hellish bomb siren can be heard as Bob Sparks appears on the stage with nothing more than a pissed off look on his face. Anticipation would build as we see the two stare each other down for a bit not crossing paths since very early on in Bob’s career. We see Isaiah’s anger shift a bit more toward confusion as we see Bob lift the microphone to his mouth and begin to speak, no mellow and calming tone a much more sinister harsh tone under Bob’s breath this time around. Disappointing, everything relating to me seemingly has that within the fine print. Now I traced it back to its roots and my main issue with that is it led me back to the sorry excuse of a man I see standing before me here today. You see Isaiah you led me down a false path that if I just wait everything will come. People like you led me to believe that good things come to those who wait and I am sick and tired of waiting around while guys come back and steal moments that were meant to be mine. You can give everything to this shit and if you sit patiently and wait your turn this business simply spits in your face and moves onto someone else as if your hard work and daily suffering means nothing at all. I remember when it first started between us. A young up and coming rookie and a solidified star finally hitting his prime battling it out in an all out war. The circumstances are very different now though aren’t they. I mean I look at you right now and that is not the man I tore the house down in the Power Trip Cup, no. That man is dead, killed by his once brother in arms Hans Clayton. Now this was to be expected of course, I mean let's face reality right now Isaiah not everyone on this roster was made to be Bulletproof. So when you stand there broken and seemingly lost, I can’t help to feel that someone has to put you out of your misery and who better to do that than me. I let you get the best of me once but I’ll be damned if I let you do it again. I figured out what my issue was, but you, you still have no idea how to fix what has gone wrong with you. Isaiah Carter would look up at Bob confused clearly not following what Bob is saying. Bob would look at him with nothing more than a sinister grin as he laughs a bit. Bob would watch as the crowd would then pour in with boos as Bob Sparks seemingly soaks it in. Bob would then lift the microphone to his lips once again as the sinister tone remains. Right now I look at you Isaiah, a man I considered to be one of the top names in this company with nothing but a look of disappointment. Isaiah I have been seeing you around this company doing nothing more than sucking up to these people because you look for any sense of self confidence and ego boost that you can scrape up. So this sick and twisted fake love you show to these people although I understand completely I find disgraceful. You people believe this load of crap that he says and to be honest I can understand why. All you people are is sheep follow the same guys over and over and help fizzle out new guys because you can’t be damned to change. All of these issues are your doing Isaiah giving these people a sense of power and legitimizing their actions and to be honest it’s a shame. It’s a shame because I don’t even think you understand what you are doing Isaiah. Don’t worry though because just as I have done before let Bob Sparks explain what people like you are simply to incompetent to understand. Bob would then watch as a man in the front row would flip him off and spit at him. Bob would simply shake his head and point at Isaiah asking the fan if that is his hero. Bob would then laugh as the fan would answer yes. We would then see Bob speak again as we hear nothing more than an underlying factor of hate under Bob’s breath. Raven, Rory Orton, Siege, and Aaron North are all men that you people chased off as you refuse to acknowledge this company's future. For what, so we can continue to see the same guys hold the gold and dominate. So we can see guys like Slim hold the world title time after time because you people are immune to change. Now Isaiah you support these actions through your support of these people. Now I might not have been buddy buddy with some of the guys I mentioned but I can understand true men when I see it and a guy like Raven deserved better than what he got. You people have the audacity to blame me, well fine because I blame you sheep because all you do is support the same guys time after time and not open yourself up to new faces and names. Oh you don’t believe me...well let me bring you back to BPZMania just a bit back. You instead of supporting the only sane and competent superstar in that battle royal you supported Nate. A guy who comes back and is handed things time after time and I am simply sick off it. If this trend continues you people will watch BPZ crumble as it’s future leaves because they can’t stand to deal with your bullshit any further. Bob now is infuriated as he stares Carter down directly as he begins to speak in a tone we have not heard Bob go to, full of hate and full of anger far worse than we have seen before as he begins to speak with Carter listening in. Isaiah, no more. No more of this bullshit with guys like you taking spots and stunting the clear future of this company. I will not allow for this backstage bullshit and twisted group of sheep to hold me back, no. No longer am I going to wait around and let my spot simply come to me because now I am going to take my spot. It’s time to clear house and Isaiah that starts with you. Guys like you, Slim, Bailey, Nate, and hell even Nebakos it’s time to go. A new age is upon us here in BPZ Wrestling and I am going to be at the front of it. No more bullshit, no more undeserved wins from guys who simply are not here for the wrestling but here for a quick ego boost. Isiah I look at you right now and I can sense it your time is running out as we speak. You see, Isaiah the clock is ticking and Bob Sparks is here to simply put you out of your misery. Bob would then stare Isaiah down as we see Bob clearly pissed off as Isiah would then look at Bob returning a similar look as he is clearly not a fan of what Bob has said here tonight. We would then see him speak once more as Isaiah answers Bob Sparks.
  13. EPW ROADBLOCK PPV In a stellar match, Hangman Page defeated Andrade. Hangman Page was just able to pull this one out as both men gave it everything they had here. Page stays in EPW as Andrade hits the road now. Hangman Page looks to have a bright future here in EPW starting off with a big win here tonight. In a solid match, Ember Moon defeated Kay Lee Ray with a quick roll up to capture the EPW Womens Championship. Kingdom would be furious after the match as the four women would beatdown on Moon after the match looking for revenge. Ember Moon though is your new EPW Womens Champion but having to take a beating after it. In a solid match, The Big Show defeated Seth Rollins after hitting him with a Knockout Punch. Rollins went all out here tonight but one mistake cost him yet another win. The Big Show picks up a huge win here for himself as he now looks forward to Starbound. But what is next for Seth Rollins after yet another loss here tonight? In a good match, The Hype Bros defeated Heavy Machinery to win the EPW Tag Team Titles after Zack Ryder defeated Tucker with a Rough Ryder. Both teams looked great here tonight but the King of EPW was the X-Factor here bringing home the win for his team and more importantly bringing home the EPW Tag Team Titles. In a excellent match, The Miz defeated WALTER after Triple H interfered in the match hitting WALTER with a Pedigree and putting a lifeless Miz on top of the champion along with a quick 3 count. WALTER was screwed here tonight by the CEO of EPW Triple H. This will clearly have a big aftermath heading into Starbound but the Miz has captured the EPW North American Championship here tonight with some unlikely help. In a stellar match, The Fiend defeated John Cena after hitting him with a Sister Abigail. John Cena brought everything he had and a little bit more but it simply was not enough for the Fiend here tonight. The reign of The Fiend continues here tonight as darkness continues to loom over Empire Pro Wrestling heading into the companies biggest event Starbound.

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