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  1. FFW Full House PPV Welcome everyone to FFW Full House as we no doubt have a hell of a night planned for you all. We have plenty of highly contested matchups and hot feuds culminated here tonight. As we kick off the show we will kick it off with a great showcase of how talented this FFW roster is. Two of the coldest and most sadistic wrestlers in the sport will go one on one, as we will see WALTER face off with Randy Orton. WALTER took issue with Orton’s return, laying him out minutes after he appeared. Orton though answered back with an RKO the following week so it
  2. BobdaBomb

    Baby Names

    We see Valor cut to a video segment as we head to the Sparks residence. Bob Sparks in front of us lifting weights. Him and Alexa in the gym getting a good workout in and talking while doing so. The two both doing their best to stay active for not only their own health but for putting out their best selves on BPZ Wrestling programming. Bob no doubt struggling so far in Survival Games going 0-2 but by the look of it he seems to be fine with that. You know I really thought that I was going to do better in Survival Games when I signed my name up for it. But it really a
  3. Yokozuna vs Vince McMahon: Vince McMahon looks to defend the honor of not only his company but all of America against the large foreign brute Yokozuna. Owen Hart vs Bret Hart: Brother vs Brother Shawn Micheals vs The Rock: Did not do it in real life so lets do it here.
  4. Family Fun Wrestling Year 2 / May 2020 Week 1 We kick off FFW once more as we kick it out in a huge way as the owner of FFW Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring! Vince has taken much more of a backstage role here in FFW, not appearing on screen a lot but here tonight so whatever he has to say must be pretty big. Vince would get a roar of approval from the crowd as the FFW faithful are no doubt glad to see him. He would begin to talk as we wait to see exactly why Vince is out here. Vince would begin to say how he see
  5. BPZ Wrestling | EVOLVE: Episode Three (September, Week 3) We welcome you all back to the GOAT brand of BPZWrestling as we get set for yet another great night of Evolve as we got some big plans for tonight and it will no doubt be another stellar show. We would kick it off the same as last week as we see our world champion The Bailey make his way to the ring. He once again gets booed out of the building but a hater is gonna hate, as the GOAT is just going to do his thing. He would grab a mic and wait for the crowd to die down as he begins to speak to them all letting them know exactly what
  6. BobdaBomb

    Yin and Yang

    Valor comes back live as we see Bob Sparks making his way down to the ring, the old bomb siren back as the crowd erupts. Blood//Water playing through the arena as we see Bob appear on the stage, looking around at the fans who are still behind him. Bob would slowly make his way down to the ring taking it all in as a smirk appears on his face. He would grab a mic and enter the ring as the Bracket Buster is going to share his thoughts with us here tonight, live on Valor. It’s funny I expected so much more. Necce is a guy that I have a lot of respect for and to an exte
  7. "Sheridan, she really writes some good bullshit" Big W Also what a GOAT plug
  8. Name: Robert Sparks Nationality: French Club: Paris FC Height in cm: 214cm Weight: 311bs Position: Striker Role/Play Style: Target
  9. BOB JAPAN PRO WRESTLING “COOCHIE CROWN CUP”: Round 1 Night 4 Match One: CCC Round 1 Match: Aja Kong vs Chardonnay In a good match, Chardonnay defeated Aja Kong in 14:41 after Chardonnay managed to pin Aja Kong with a quick roll up. Chardonnay picks up quite a big win here tonight as she moves onto round two of the Coochie Crown Cup. Match Two: CCC Round 1 Match: Mayu Iwatani vs Tam Nakano In a solid match, Mayu Iwatani defeated Tam Nakano in 13:24 w
  10. BobdaBomb


    The scene kicks off, Bob Sparks in front of us taking up our screens. A different man than before. Bigger, sitting up straight. He is sitting somewhere backstage, but we are not quite able to figure out where. We would hear chatter here and there of people walking past in the distance but we don’t see anything other than Bob Sparks. His face serious, no smirk, no scowl, just a serious look about him. As he begins to talk we begin to make more sense of how he is feeling. People change, they outgrow, move on. Change just out of the natural cycle, heartache, or becaus
  11. BPZ Wrestling | EVOLVE: Episode Two (September, Week 2) Evolve kicks off once again as we kick it off in style with the new Global Champion, Bailey Justin as he makes his way down to the ring. He has a smirk on his face as he makes his way down to the ring, the crowd booing as he does. He does not care as he grabs a mic and laughs a bit. He would step into the ring and begin to talk addressing the audience who seemingly hates him. “I told you….I am the fucking GOAT”. Bailey would then drop the mic with a smirk before heading backstage with the crowd getting even more upset
  12. BPZ Wrestling | EVOLVE: Episode One (September, Week 1) We would see the show kick off the show in style as the new revamped Evolve kicks off with none other than Bob Sparks. Bob makes his way down to the ring not all dressed up in a suit or anything except in normal clothes thinking of himself more as a member of the roster and not above the men that he drafted to represent Evolve. Bob would step into the ring with a microphone and begin to welcome the crowd to Evolve the new premier show here in BPZ Wrestling. Bob would begin to speak on how terrible Sheridan has alrea
  13. FFW Homefront PPV Event In our first match of the night we will see the conclusion of the FFW Mixed Match Challenge Finals. It will be Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss taking on Bayley and Johnny Gargano. Both these teams making it to the finals so it will be no easy test for either of these teams to walk out on top here tonight. The winners getting both a world title shot and a womens title shot so a lot on the line here tonight. Let’s not waste anymore time and get this show rolling. In a hell of a match, Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss
  14. BPZ Wrestling | Evolve Championships BPZ Global Championship BPZ United States Championship BPZ Tag Team Championships (Co-Branded) BPZ Wrestling | Evolve Schedule BPZ Evolve: Unforgiven (October, Week 1) BPZ Survivor Series (November, Week 2) (Co-Branded) BPZ Evolve: Winter Warfare (December, Week 3) BPZ Royal Rumble: (January, Week 4) (Co-Branded) BPZ Evolve: Great Balls of Fire (February, Week 4) BPZMania VI (April, Week 1) (Co-Branded) BPZ Wrestling | Evolve Roster Julius (Evolve’s #1 Draft Pick)

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