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  1. Heartland Productions (Stage One) Movie One - Hitman 2020 Main Cast List Mark Strong - Agent 47 (Main Hero) Anne Hathaway - Tenille Atkinson (Heroine) Jim Carrey - Daniel Spike (Main Villain) Angelina Jolie - Lilly Spike (Main Villain) BD Wong - Don Akane (Minor Villain) Hayden Christenseen - Jacob Wilcox (Minor Villain) Bryce Harper Howard - Amber Howard (Minor Hero) Movie Breakdown The mov
  2. Picking better people to surround myself with and being less hard on myself.
  3. BobdaBomb


    The man looking back at the two none other than Bob Sparks. A bit of pep in his step as he notices that he is the last of the bunch to arrive. He is dressed quite casually, a Sameer t-shirt along with a fresh pair of jeans, the outfit brought together by some custom Bracket Buster sketchers Bob had gifted to him in a brand deal with the company. As he looks over to the booth his teeth start to show flashing a smile back at Hans and Sheridan. He eventually sits down next to the two talking to a member of the staff as he does. Bob Sparks: Ay Tony! I’m gonna do the usual but double
  4. BIG & DARK MAIN EVENTER: Bray Wyatt (2.40 MIL) MIDCARDERS: Keith Lee (.95 MIL) Otis (.85 MIL) R-Truth (.65 MIL) Boa (.30 MIL) WOMAN: Alexa Bliss (.50 MIL) OPEN CHOICE: Xia Li (.35 MIL)
  5. Saturday Night Dynamite Predictions Roman Reigns vs. Kota Ibushi (AEW World Championship) - Lucha Brothers vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (AEW World Tag Team Championships) - Will Ospreay vs. PAC - Brian Cage (c) vs. Shingo Takagi (AEW FTW Championship) - Darby Allin (c) vs. Alexander Wolfe (AEW TNT Championship) - Based World Army Open Challenge (Shawn Spears & Austin Theory) - Tag Team Championship #1 Contendership Gauntlet - The Hybrid2 vs. The Usos vs. TMDK vs. Stu Grayson/Evil Uno of The Dark Order vs. Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager - Bonus Q
  6. We have for you all a BPZ Exclusive! We take a trip to the beach today as we join The Sparks family. Bob, Alexa, Pixie, and Sydney all making their way down to the beach today for some sunshine and some fun. Bob finds himself in a back and forth as of late with numerous other BPZ Wrestlers as each man claims his stake to win the BMF Gauntlet match come Night of Legends. So far the front runners being The Tiger, Bob Sparks, and Brandon Hendrix from the looks of it. One of those men on our screen at the moment as the father of two stands before us. Shirtless and in good spirits.
  7. To Carnage: Sameer, Sheridan, Smith, Addy, Gunner, Nardie To Valor: Bailey Justin (Will still defend his title on Carnage till he loses it), BiC, Prince, Mecko, Steph, Jo Nathan
  8. BobdaBomb


    BPZ comes back live as Valor is underway, a solid show thus far as we continue to roll along. Heading into our next segment we would see a video begin to play, and by the looks of it we are going to add a bit of a spark to this show tonight. It’s not Bob Sparks though, it’s his wife Alexa. She would give a wink to the camera and a grin as we hear the crowd begin to cheer. The newfound mother of two in just a few short weeks has had a bit of an interesting month to say the least as her and Bob’s wife seems to be wild at the moment. The wife of Bob Sparks and the mother of two would begin to spe
  9. WCW Road Wild PPV We are finally underway with WCW Road Wild as we get set to see our first match of the night. We will see the United States Champion Jeff Jarrett defending his title against both Raven and The Giant. All three of these men have had issues with each other in recent times and all three of these men are expected to be big things here in WCW’s future. This should be one hell of a match to start off the show so let’s get right into it as Road Wild is underway. WCW United States Championship: Jeff Jarrett (c) vs Raven vs The Giant
  10. BobdaBomb


    We cut to the home of Bob Sparks as we see him once again on the couch as he is sitting down with Pixie as they are watching the new season of Cobra Kai on Netflix. We would see Pixie look over to her dad as she would pause the show. Bob Sparks is holding his head, Pixie looks concerned a bit as she begins to speak with her father trying to figure out what is going on with him. It’s been a bit of time since we have heard from Bob Sparks and maybe this has something to do with it. Pixie Sparks: Dad, you good? You’ve been looking rough for the past couple of days.
  11. @MikeyAlways has a positive attitude I feel like and always been friendly to me. Bailey fucks him over alot in booking division and being someone else that has been fucked over by Bailey I feel his pain. But we have worked together in the past and he has gotta be one of the more open minded people to my wild ideas. He never shut them down even if they were bad so props to Mikey, hell of a guy and glad we have him here on the forums.
  12. BPZ Wrestling | EVOLVE: Episode Six (October, Week 4) We would kick off another episode of Evolve as we kick it off with the GOAT himself Bailey Justin. Bailey making his way down to the ring with the Global Championship over his shoulder. This time though he is joined as flanking him is the new BPZ United States Champion Austin Omega. The two seemingly formed a partnership a week ago as The GOAT Bailey Justin helped Austin Omega pick up the United States Championship in the main event. Bailey would begin to speak as he would say that what everyone is looking at is not on

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