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    The Reform

    We cut back from commercial to Carnage and see a video begin to play as we cut to the home of Bob Sparks. We have not seen Sparks in quite a bit. Last time we saw Bob on screen he promised a big change was coming with his recent rise to the U.S Division. We pan across the walls on Bob’s home seeing old pictures of his recent career achievements including his NXT title win. We then hear a voice begin to speak and it’s Bob Sparks! Although we don’t see him yet. It is indeed the moment you have all been waiting for. The reveal you internet dweebs and you so called wrestling fans have been waiting for. The reveal that is going to change the career of your very own Bob Sparks and BPZ Wrestling as a whole. You see a reveal can be meaningless or some may call it a mirage an image that seems a lot more important than it really is. Trust me though that this much more than an illusion or a meaningless change, this is a reform. A reform of a man who was already a top rising star. A top rising star who is now destined to become the star of BPZ Wrestling. A man who will now take his spot at the top of this company and with that make it relevant again. Bob then laughs for a moment in the distance still not revealing his face. Although his voice sounds a bit deeper than usual. We then see the camera then cut over a bit but we still can’t see Bob. We are getting closer though as we can hear the laughter grow as he is much closer now. You see if you look around this company we see it riddled with factions of guys throwing themselves together trying to scratch and claw for any relevance they can get back. Any tiny bit of reputation they can gain to make themselves feel more important than they really all. Some go as far as to call themselves Bullet Proof. You see it’s just too bad that wrestlers don’t shoot guns. Although that would be something wouldn't it. All in all, it’s just a shame to see the lack of real men on this roster. What happened to the guys who come to work and kick ass and don’t get all caught up in there egos that don’t ever go anywhere anyways because at the end of the day none of them will ever have success in Hollywood or in other sports. All of them will be on go fund me in a few years begging for change because they can’t handle all other their injuries and get caught up with stuff like drugs and alcohol and lose their damn minds. You see Bob Sparks is now more mentally tough no more talking to ghosts and breaking down. Now it’s time to end careers and break skulls like a true man should do. We then see a hand grab the camera and pull it toward him as we see a man stares into the camera and it’s Bob Sparks but he looks a lot different. He seems to be much stronger and bigger as Bob Sparks seems to a new man. Bob then laughs at the camera as he speaks once more. Feast your eyes on the next big thing. The man who will drag this company back to relevance and cleanse it of this joke of a roster we see today. Cleanse it of the weak and the bland, the poor and the weak. Allowing for men like me, men who are strong and important, and rich and powerful to rise to the top. Just like things should be, just how the world works. And trust me when I say you can believe that. We then see Bob throw the camera down as it crashes to the floor onto its side. We then see Bob walk out of his house, leaving out the front door. As it seems like a whole new force is about meet BPZ Wrestling. And that force is the new and improved Bob Sparks.
  2. King of the Ring PPV U.S Championship 6 Man Elimination Match: Punk vs Joe vs Miz vs Cena vs Balor vs Ziggler In a good match to start the show Finn Balor would win the United States Championship after pinning Samoa Joe to win the matchup. Doplh Ziggler was the first eliminated as CM Punk defeated him with a GTS. Next up The Miz would be eliminated after Samoa Joe would make him tap to the coquina clutch. After that John Cena was defeated after he was defeated by CM Punk with a GTS. Following that CM Punk would pass out to the coquina clutch after interference from Shane O'mac. Then the finish would take place and Finn Balor would become the U.S Champ. Smackdown Womens Championship: Becky Lynch vs Ember Moon In the first SmackDown match of the night, Becky Lynch would retain her SmackDown women’s title against Ember Moon, submitting her with a Dis-Arm-Her. Becky Lynch celebrates, but her mood is clearly still anger after the recent attacks by Sasha Banks. Intercontinental Championship: Ali vs Andrade In a stellar bout, Mustafa Ali would retain his Intercontinental championship after an 054 to Andrade. After the match, Ali would celebrate, but he would be interrupted by the music of Buddy Murphy. Ali would look towards the entrance ramp, and he would see Murphy. However, Murphy is unconscious, and is being dragged to ringside by Lars Sullivan. Sullivan then dropped Murphy on the top of the ramp and charged the ring, brawling with Ali. Though Ali gives as much of a fight as he can, he’s tired from his previous title defense and is no match for Sullivan, being laid out by a Freak Accident. Lars would then turn his attention to Andrade, and Andrade prepares for a fight. However, both men then laugh, and Sullivan shakes Andrade’s hand. Sullivan, Andrade and Zelina Vega celebrate the carnage they just caused, and with Sullivan now watching Andrade’s back, Ali’s Intercontinental title reign might be in more jeopardy than ever before. Raw Womens Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James In a short match, Alexa Bliss would defeat Mickie James with a Twisted Bliss. Bliss looked dominant here as she truly proved why she is one of the top women in the WWE at the moment. Alexa would defend her title her is it seemed Mickie really did not stand a chance here tonight. Smackdown Tag Team Championship: 3MB vs The New Day In a high-energy tag team bout, 3MB would manage to retain their tag titles, with Slater pinning Xavier Woods. Though the New Day got one over on 3MB last SmackDown, 3MB would pick up the win on this occasion and continue their tag title reign. Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton In a great match, Randy Orton defeated Brock Lesnar after beating him with a low blow when the referee was distracted then hitting him with a pair of RKO’s. Randy was able to pull of a huge upset here as the Beast has finally been defeated at the hands of the viper Randy Orton. Raw Tag Team Championships: Bryan and Rowan vs The Fiend and Braun In a short match, The Fiend and Braun Strowman defeated Bryan and Rowan to win the Raw Tag Team Championships. The Fiend and Strowman looked dominant here as Bryan and Rowan really did not stand a match here. With us crowning new tag champs. WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston In a fantastic match, Drew McIntyre would score his second consecutive victory over Kofi Kingston. With him in control of the WWE title, while Jinder and Slater hold the tag titles, 3MB has total control over SmackDown right now, and if even the New Day weren’t able to overcome them, who can? Womens Tag Team Championships: Flair and Evans vs Kabuki Warriors In a stellar bout, the Kabuki Warriors would scoop tag team gold after an In-Sane Elbow to Lacey Evans. Paige, Kairi and Asuka would celebrate after the match, with Kairi tasting her first bit of championship gold on the main roster. QOTR Finals: Bayley vs Sasha Banks In a heated clash between former tag team partners, Sasha Banks would continue her impressive roll by forcing Bayley to submit to a Banks Statement. Sasha Banks has become the first ever Queen of the Ring, and after the match, she grabs a microphone and simply says… “Becky, you’re next. Bank on it.” KOTR Finals: Robert Roode vs Seth Rollins In a great match, Robert Roode defeated Seth Rollins after hitting him with a Glorious DDT. Roode pulled of quite the upset here as Rollins was the expected victor. We have seen a very different Robert Roode after this fresh start and he is now King Roode.
  3. War Between Worlds Diary : Hell in a Cell PPV Video
  4. BPZ Pizza: Season 1 Episode 8 We kick off the episode a bit differently as we hear a school bell ring and we see Arrow our BPZ dishwasher walking into school as it’s his first day back since summer vacation. Arrow has had his problems at BPZ Pizza but with school starting up it gives him something else to do then focus on Julius and the rest of the gang. We see him walk up to Steph who we have seen once before. They two smile at each other as Arrow begins to talk. Arrow: What’s up Steph? You ready for this shit again. Back on the grind. Steph looks at Arrow and grins as he grabs a textbook out of locker and begins to talk back to Arrow as he sees a group of guys approaching in the distance. Steph: Doing pretty good and no I am not. Especially with those guys still basically running the school. Maybe we won’t be their targets this year though. Arrow looks over his shoulder to see a group of guys approaching, it’s the most popular kids in school also known as the Cliq. First, there is Icon to be honest just another rich white kid who took up football and is now the captain of the football team. Second there is Akki, the famous sound cloud rapper, no one knows why he still comes to school and focus on his rap. Most think it’s to make himself feel a bit better about something. Last there is Mikey, he is probably the nicest of the three but Icon usually gets him do things he probably shouldn't. We see Icon walk up to the two guys laughing as Steph looks disgusted. Icon: What’s up dickwads? What have you two been up playing minecraft and continuing your historic run of virginity? We see Steph storm off clearly upset as Arrow looks back at Icon annoyed. Arrow: Why do you have to do this every year Icon? Can’t you just leave me and my brother alone for once. Like what did we ever do to you? Icon looks back at Arrow and laughs as his possy, Akki and Mikey laugh with him. Icon: Jeez Arrow just because your bitch of a brother ran away doesn't mean you have to take your period out on us. I was just asking a question bro. Icon pats Arrow on the shoulder as Arrow shrugs it off as he stares at Icon clearly mad. Arrow: Just fuck off Icon! We see other kids begin to look over as it seems Arrow has made quite a scene. Icon just looks at him and shakes and head before grinning and winking at him as him and his possy walk off. The bell then ring as Arrow heads off to class the school year already off to a rough start as the cameras cutaway. We cut to Kai sitting on a couch in some random couch skipping school like usual as we see him playing some 2K and eating some chips. Kai: Bro my player is broken, he can’t make a shot. Oh my god! I am not getting shut out again! Suddenly we see the door open as none other than Bailey walks in with Josh as we see Josh pull out a stopwatch and look at Bailey and nod. Kai looks shocked as he does not know what to do. Kai: Ummmm… Hi dad. What are you doing here? Bailey just cracks his knuckles as he looks at Kai and laughs. Bailey: It seems like you already know. Kai then begins to try and get away as Josh starts the timer and Bailey moves in on Kai looking to beat the living hell out of him. We see Josh leave the room closing the door behind him leaving no escape for Kai. Kai: I’m sorry dad! I didn't mean to snitch, I was just mad. Please don't beat me. Bailey laughs as he keeps coming after Kai who just keeps backing up trying to get away from Bailey and the beating that will ensue if Bailey can get his hands on him. Bailey: Well you know what they say son actions have consequences. Bailey then takes off his belt as he has trapped Kai in a corner as we see Kai begin to cry as he knows he is fucked and is going to get his ass beat. Kai: Dad please don’t do this! Bailey doesn't react to that instead moving closer and beginning to strike Kai with the belt. We see Kai fall to the ground as he is in the fetal position as Bailey goes to town beating Kai senseless. We hear the lashes one by one as Kai screams in pain after each one eventually leaving Kai bloody and crying on the floor. Kai begins to mumble though. Kai: Fuck you dad! I hate you! We see Bailey grab Kai and slam him through the coffee table as chips fly everywhere and Kai is left motionless in the middle of the room. Still alive but badly hurt both mentally and physically. Bailey: Snitches get stitches son and it looks like you know that now. We then see Josh open the door as Bailey walks off with the cameras as it seems Bailey has finally gotten some revenge on Kai as the cameras cutaway. We cut to the Pizza Place as we see Brad standing on the dock smoking a cigarette! We though Brad died in that car crash the other day but here is he is cut and bruised but still alive. Here is he just standing there alive and just staring off into the distance. Brad: Those two will get here eventually. It’s time for something to change. We see a car pull up in the parking lot as we see Brad throw his cigarette in the lake as he turns around to see Brenden get out of the car and approach him. The two men shake hands as they begin to talk on the dock. Brenden: Brad, it’s nice to see you. A bit of a surprise, but tell me what are you up to here on my dock this early in the day? We see Brad grin at Brenden who is standing there confused. Brad begins to talk as we hear the wind begin to pick up a bit. Brad: Two of your boys have just been let’s say messing around with my life a fair bit over the past few weeks. They ruined my relationship with my wife, lot’s me my reputation with my boys at my work, and nearly killed me the other day. Brenden looks at him in shock as Brenden can’t see anyone at his work really capable of what Brad is claiming to be true. Brenden looks even more confused than he was before. Brenden: What do you mean? No one that works at BPZ Pizza would ever do such a thing. Are you sure you are thinking of the right people Brad? Brad looks at him and grins as he spits into the water as we see his spit shaded a bit red from blood. Brenden just watches on as we are seeing a different side of Brad here. Brad: Although Brenden it is noble for you to stand up for your workers here and trust me I respect you greatly for that. Your boys Hans and BiC made my ruined my life and I have to do something about that sooner than later. We see Brad open his jacket to reveal a gun. Brenden looks at him petrified as he doesn't know how to react to this at all. Brad: It’s okay Brenden. All will be settled soon. But not today. Congrats Brenden your respect and high opinion of these two men has bought them some time. I do not know for how long but it has given them time. And time, well time is the most valuable thing is this world isn’t it. We then see Brad walk off patting Brenden on the shoulder and leaving him there in absolute shock as he doesn't not know what to do now as the cameras cutaway. We cut a bit later in the day as the staff has now arrived as the day is underway. It’s a bit of a slower day today as we see Toxik sitting at the waitstation as he can be seen staring at Keeley who is across the restaurant helping a customer. We would see Keeley eventually notice this as she walks over to him smiling beginning to talk. Keeley: So you like what you’re seeing or something? We see Keeley say as she smiles and Toxik smiles back as he looks to be quite excited as the camera then cuts up a bit. Keeley looks down and blushes as Toxik doesn't seem to notice. Keeley: Wow I’ll take that as a yes. Well you know what I think we need to handle that a bit later what do you think? I could use a nice workout if you know what I mean. We see Toxik nod a bit weird but Keeley for some reason finds it attractive as she just smiles and goes to walk away as we see Toxik then grab her ass! Keeley then turns around to face Toxik as she grins at him and looks extremely happy. Keeley: Listen Toxik you know we can’t do that here. If someone sees that like Sheridan did well I can’t get everyone fired let’s be honest. So as much as I love you, you need to be a bit more careful at least in public. When we are in private, well let’s just say you can do whatever you want. Keeley then walks away leaving Toxik overjoyed as lucky for them it seems as if no one noticed their secret relationship this time around as the cameras cut to a new scene. We cut back to the kitchen more preferably the salad station we see Bart walk up to Arius as it has been the usual lately as Arius has been giving Bart riddles to solve his issue of having to deal with these people everyday. Bart today walks over a bit upset as he looks at Arius and holds out his hand just wanting to get this riddle over with. Arius: Last one make it count. Arius then hands it Bart as Bart reads the riddle out loud. Bart: What is it that will break everytime you name it? Bart just looks at him slightly confused as he just stuff the riddle in his pocket and walks off to his office with the riddle as Arius continues cutting up some lettuce. We hear the phone ring from Bart’s office as he slams at cabinet on his way back not looking forward to the call as the cameras cutaway to a new scene. We cut back to Brenden outside on the dock as he is talking with the camera crew about the current situation of the Pizza Place. He seems a bit shocked still from learning about what has been going down with the First Class Express. Brenden: I’ll be honest, I don’t know what is going on around here at the moment. Business why we are doing great but behind the scenes as you all can tell things are nowhere near perfect. I mean I had to fire two of my best workers in Sameer and Sheridan cause they were accusing the love of my life of cheating on me. Now Sheridan was just mad they she got caught selling herself off to the rest of the office. I still don’t get why Sameer would do that, I mean the guy was one of my best friends I guess he mind just got clouded for his lust from Sheridan. Brenden then sighs as he seems to have some regret in firing the two even after what they did. Brenden the continues talking as the issues don’t stop there. Brenden: Then we got people getting into fights here is seems like everyday whether it’s Arrow and Julius or Bailey beating the hell out of his son Kai. Now the Julius stuff I don’t mind because he is just protecting himself. For the whole Bailey situation I am glad he is getting help with his anger issues and trying to improve his relationship with his son. Brenden pauses as he looks up at the stars as it is now night and we can see him look back at the restaurant as we see the last of the customers leave and he smiles a bit but that fades quickly as he continues to talk. Brenden: And now we got my delivery boys getting death threats and I don’t know what to do about it to be honest. I would go to the police stations but that is just gonna make things worse. I mean I don’t want my restaurant with a bunch of police cars around it. Plus I don’t know what my boys did if they messed up real bad and made Brad turn into that I don’t think the cops will be on their side in this whole mess. We then see Keeley walk out onto the front porch on the restaurant and wave at Brenden as he sees this nods to the cameras and walks off. The cameras then cut away to a new scene as the night is nearly over but not quite yet. We then cut to Julius outside as he is taking a smoke break and texting someone on his phone. He looks over as we see Arrow walking up to him as Julius laughs as he puts his cigarette out as Arrow begins to talk with him. Arrow: Listen, after my first day of school I have been thinking a lot. Now I just want to apologize for trying to attack you over the past few weeks. I know we never were successful but it’s just the idea that I wanted to beat you up. I am on the other end of that at school and I just wanted to see what the other side is like. Julius laughs at Arrow as Arrow looks confused. Julius then looks at him and pats him on the shoulder. Before speaking to him and giving him some advice. Julius: Listen kid. I don’t know what is going on with your school situation and all that but if you ever need some help you know my number. For the whole situation between us it’s all good but if you try anything like that again I will just have to kick your ass. Julius then walks off leaving Arrow alone to think about what Julius just said he seems a bit confused but we see him smile knowing he has Julius to back him up. We cut to Sameer’s apartment as we see him watching some movie on his T.V as he is on his phone texting someone. We see his phone as he is texting Sheridan. Sameer: Well you now I figured since I got her number I might as well text her. I mean I know she has a boyfriend and everything but he ain’t nothin like me. Sameer then laughs as he sees the next text from Sheridan as he sent him this: Sameer then looks at the camera and winks as it cuts away. As Sameer begins to drive over to Sheridan’s house excited for a great time. We cut to Sheridan in her home as we see hear sitting on her couch all dressed up for Sameer as it seems this relationship is turning into much more than a friendship. We then hear the doorbell ring as Sheridan runs to the door and sure enough it’s Sameer! Sheridan: Hey there! Glad you could make it. Get’s a bit lonely here when Ropati heads out. This whole house to myself and no one to share it with. Bit of a shame not gonna lie. Sameer looks at Sheridan as she has made her message pretty clear as he walks in shutting the door behind him. Sameer: Someone is looking fine tonight. Glad I could make my way over looks like you have a fun night planned. Sheridan looks at Sameer and smiles grabbing his hand as she begins walking somewhere when suddenly we see another car pull up in the driveway it’s Ropati. Sheridan: Oh shit. C’mon we have to get you out of here before he sees you. Here we can sneak out the back door. He was at the bar and you know he gets a bit upset when he gets drunk. The two run to the back door as Sameer looks at Sheridan who is clearly afraid of what is going to happen with Ropati. Sameer looks at her now afraid for her. Sameer: Come with me. You don’t have to deal with him anymore. Sheridan thinks about it for a moment looking back into the house then at Sameer. Sheridan: Sameer I can’t I still love him he will change. Everyone does eventually. We then see Sherdian close the door as Sameer walks off defeated as he sneaks around the house eventually making his way to his car driving off leaving Sheridan alone at home with Ropati who is most likely drunk and mad. We aren't done there as we cut back to the house to Sheridan. Ropati: Babe where are you I need you now! We see Sheridan walk out from the back of the house to meet Ropati as he smiles. But quickly that smiles turns into a scowl as he looks at Sheridan very upset for some reason. Ropati: How could you! I saw his car out front, I know you’re cheating on me with that ni-. Sheridan interrupts him as she is clearly afraid of Ropati right now. Sheridan: I would never you know that I love you, and always will. You’re my one and only Ropati. Sheridan goes to hug Ropati but he pushes her away as Sheridan is now crying. Ropati: Shut up bitch! Ropati then grabs Sheridan and throws her at the wall! Then knocks her down with a big right hand. Sheridan is on the ground crying as we are clearly seeing the worst of Ropati here. Ropati: Worthless! Nathan was right you’re nothing more than an insignificant women. Ropati then walks off leaving Sheridan on the ground bruised and bloody with tears pouring down her face. Ropati doesn't seem like a nice guy and tonight proved that to us. The epsiode then ends with Sheri in tears.
  5. BobdaBomb

    UFC: Our Time

    Jake Matthews vs Abel Trujillo Erick Silva vs Cm Punk Charles Rosa vs Clay Guida Travis Browne vs Mark Hunt Khabib vs Will Brooks Nate Diaz vs Bobby Green Connor Mcgregor vs Anthony Pettis
  6. Wendy's or Popeyes it depends on what mood I am in to be honest. But those are my go to options whenever I want or need fast food.
  7. BobdaBomb

    War Between Worlds

    Jason Jordan vs ???: ??? Golden Lovers vs Takeover: Golden Lovers Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch (C) NO DQ: Sasha Banks Jimmy Havoc vs Shingo Takagi (C) Hell In a Cell: Shingo Kevin Owens vs Pac vs Dolph Ziggler: Owens Seth Rollins (C) vs Tomasso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano Hell in a Cell: Gargano
  8. BPZ Pizza: Season 1 Episode 7 The episode kicks off a lot earlier in the day than usual. It’s around 8 AM and we see Bailey walking into the same building as last time coffee in hand as he seems to be heading to another meeting. Bailey doesn't look happy but it’s the easiest way for him to keep custody over his son Kai at the moment. We see Bailey walk in and sit down as he is a bit late but Josh begins to talk. Josh: Hi Bailey glad you could join us today. Bailey just looks at Josh and takes a sip of his coffee as he doesn't say a word as Josh continues on with the meeting despite Bailey’s silence. Josh: Okay guys what we are going to do next is I am going to show you all a picture and I want you to tell me what you see. Josh begins to show the picture as the men in the circle tell what they see one by one as it gets to Bailey and he looks at the picture. Bailey: Well I see the devil, his horns and wings it’s pretty clear. Josh smiles as he begins to talk to Bailey. Josh: Now Bailey Kai feels as if you are the devil. I met with him the other day and he said the devil otherwise known as Bailey. Bailey laughs as the men in the circle look at him confused. Bailey: Yep, I’m the devil. Well that’s what I will be when I get my hands on that boy again. We then hear a bell ring as the meeting ends and Bailey leaves and heads off as he has work later today at the BPZ Pizza Place. We then cut to a car driving down a country road as we see Bailey and Keeley inside as it’s sometime in the afternoon and they are seemingly on there way to the Pizza Place. Brenden begins to talking as Keeley looks out the window. Brenden: Man it’s a shame I had to fire Sameer and Sheridan, romance in the workplace just never seems to end up well. Well except for us, I would say we are doing pretty well. Brenden says as he smiles but we see Keeley’s face looks a bit sad as she seems to feel a bit of regret for what she is doing to Brenden behind his back. Brenden notices this as he talks once again. Brenden: What’s wrong babe? You look a bit down, everything okay? Keeley looks at him and smiles as Brenden then smiles back figuring that everything is okay. Keeley: I just wish I hadn't caught Sheridan sleeping around with the kitchen staff for cash. You know I heard she made 1K with a night with Arrow. Took his V-Card and everything. I’m happy I caught her before she came after you though. Brenden laughs somewhat awkwardly as he doesn't fully believe this story but it’s his girl so he has to go along with it to keep her happy. Brenden: Yeah we can’t have prostituion in the workplace, don’t want that ending up on the news for sure. Wouldn't be good for business. Keeley smiles as she once again out the window. Brenden: It’s just a shame Sameer got caught up in all of this, especially making claims like that the other night. You know a guy so long and he goes and does something like that. It’s just sad. We then see Brenden pull into the Pizza Place parking lot as they park and head into work for the day as Brenden heads in the back door and Keeley in the front. We then cut away from the Pizza Place to Sheridan as we see her walk into a coffee shop as she enters and looks around eventually finding Sameer sitting at a table in the corner of the shop. We see the two hug as Sheridan sits down as the two begin to talk. Sheridan: I got your text clearly what did you wanna talk about? We see Sheridan smile as Sameer takes a sip of his coffee before speaking. Sameer: Well there was a couple of things actually but I guess first off I was wondering why you even want to go back to the Pizza Place? I mean I have my reasons but no matter how much I think about it I just can’t come up with a reason. Sheridan laughs at Sameer’s answer before she answers it. Sheridan: Well you’re right I don’t need to work there Ropati’s got all the money in the world enough for me never to work a day in my life. But for me I grew up having to earn my own money so I guess that trend just continued. Plus if things with Ropati don’t work out I am going to need to have a way to make some money. Sameer then nods his head as Sheridan talks again before Sameer can say another word. Sheridan: Okay well if you are gonna ask me all these questions it’s only fair I get to ask some back. So Sameer, you seem like a pretty smart guy why have you stuck around at the Pizza Place? Sameer laughs at Sheridan as he clearly does not think that highly of himself, Sheridan looks at him a bit confused but Sameer then goes and answers the question. Sameer: Well it’s more loyalty than anything. I grew up around here and plan on staying here for a big chunk of my life. Also I worked with Brenden at a previous job, so when I heard he was opening up his own business and he would give me better pay I decided to join him. We see Sheridan nod her head as she is somewhat surprised by Sameer’s question but quickly responses with another question. Sheridan: Can I ask you something kind of personal? I know we are supposed to talk about getting our jobs back and everything but something has just been eating at me for a while now. We see Sameer nod his head as Sheridan continues an Sameer leans in a bit paying full attention to what Sheridan has to say. Sheridan: When you came over to Ropati and I’s house, what did you think of Ropati like did he seem like a nice guy and all? Sameer seems a bit surprised by Sheridan’s question but he goes to answer it to the best of his ability as he doesn't want to upset her but also wants to be honest with her. Sameer: Well he seemed pretty nice to me. What makes you ask though? We see Sheridan mess around with her hair a bit as she looks out the window as she seems a bit shook by Sameer’s question but she goes ahead and answers it anyways. Sheridan: Well sometimes he can get a bit angry when he drinks to much like after you left he got upset telling me he never wants a n-. Sameer stops her from talking anymore as it is very clear what Ropati had said about Sameer. Sameer: Well you know alcohol can change people I won’t hold it against him. If you do love him like you say you do something like that should not affect that. Even if it is messed up. Sheridan nods her head as we hear here phone ring and it’s Ropati, Sameer grabs the phone and answers it before Sheridan can. Sameer: Hey Ropati, Sheridan is in the bathroom right now so she can’t really answer the phone. We see Sameer’s face in a bit of shock at the words Ropati is saying to him we see Sheridan watch on both nervous and curious to what Ropati is saying. We then see Sameer hang up the phone and hand it back to Sheridan before speaking. Sameer: Well he was definitely drinking. But I’ll tell you what if you ever need somewhere to get away from him for a bit my door is always open. But I have to go now, I will talk to you soon. Sameer then gets up as him and Sheridan hug. Sameer then walks off as we see Sheridan sit alone in the coffee shop as we see her thinking about something really serious as the camera then cuts away back to the Pizza Place. We cut to see Bart walk up to Arius and hold his hand out as Arius looks at him and chuckles. We see Arius pull another sticky note out of his pocket and places the note in the hand of Bart. We see Bart then look at the note as he reads it out loud. Bart: A boat crashes in a lake between Canada and the United States, where do they bury the survivors of the crash? Bart then looks at Arius and shakes his head and walks off as he still has to solve these riddles eventually, if he wants the answer from Arius. The camera then cuts away to a new scene. We then cut to the First Class Express on the road as they seem to have had a pretty easy day so far as they are just driving around for the hell of it at this point. We then see BiC look in the back room mirror as he then speeds up as we see a car come up from behind as the car is clearly chasing the First Class Express. Hans: Bro what the hell is going on? We see BiC look in the rear view mirror as the camera man turns around as we see Brad is the one driving the car as he seems to be hunting down the Hans and BiC and he has just found them. BiC: It’s that cuck Brad. I think he has had enough of us fucking his wife. Too bad his bed skills are just like his driving skills no match for mine. We then see BiC take a sharp left as Brad tries to do the same but ends up losing control and going off the road. We see BiC let up on the gas a bit knowing they are in the clear. Hans looks a bit a bit concerned hoping that Brad is not dead. The cameras then cut away as Hans and BiC drive off away from the car crash. We cut back to the Pizza Place to see Julius with the camera crew in the walk in as they ask him about what had happened with Arrow last week, we also see Julius laugh at the question but he answers it as honestly as possible. Julius: All it is, is a bunch of beta male boys trying to take down a real man. Do I enjoy beating up teenagers? Hell yeah, it’s tons of fun. If I can take you and all your little buddies down I’m gonna do it in style. I mean when is the last time you saw a guy swing someone into a lake while fighting 5 other guys. Yeah it does not happen a lot but you know I just have to show my dominance. If that bitch Arrow wants to come around and try me again I am more than happy to pound him into the ground like I did with his buddies. Julius then walks off with a big grin on his face as the camera then cuts away to a different scene in the Pizza Place. We then cut to the bar as we see Bob and Meko completely wasted once again. The two are singing Sweet Caroline behind the bar as the last customers leave. We see Bob begin to dance on a barstool but it breaks under his weight as Meko laughs at Bob knocked out on the floor before passing out himself behind the bar. We then cut to camera man as he is walking behind the shop as he is investigating where Smith and Bashka have gone. We see the camera come up to a gate but it is locked as we can hear Bashka and Smith behind it laughing. We can’t tell what they are doing but we know where they are going now and I don’t think that is where the garbage goes. The night is over as we see Brenden walking around the kitchen as he is saying goodbye to everyone before he runs into Toxik. Brenden pulls Toxik aside as the two begin to talk. Brenden: I just want to let you know that despite the rumours going around about you sleeping with my girl, I still trust you here. I don’t believe them just to let you know. I am going to have your back through this just don’t make me regret it. We see Toxik smile as Brenden and him shake hands as Brenden begins to walk off before turning around as Toxik looks back and Brenden talks once again. Brenden: Toxik if I do find out this is true though, I will kill you. Now you may think that I am just joking with you here Toxik but trust me I am not joking. I am more serious than I have ever been. If you and Keeley are doing stuff behind my back and I find out. I will make sure you both can sleep together forever only thing is, you’ll both be 6 feet under while you do it. Brenden then walks off and heads home with Keeley waiting in the car. We see Toxik looking very nervous as Brenden walks off. It is very clear to Toxik now that he fucked up. The episode then ends with Toxik left alone and very afraid of his future in the Pizza Place.
  9. Name (First And Last) : Reggie Knox Height (Maximum 7,0) : 6'4" Weight (Maximum 400) : 243 lbs Skin Color: African American Is Your Best Speed, Strength, Agility, Or A Mix Of The Three: Speed What Is Your Personality - Humble, Aggressive, Cocky, Other: Aggressive What Do You Bring To The Team: A ridiculous hit power that could knock people out cold in college Position: SS
  10. King of the Ring PPV U.S Championship 6 Man Elimination Match: Punk vs Joe vs Miz vs Cena vs Balor vs Ziggler Smackdown Womens Championship: Becky Lynch vs Ember Moon Intercontinental Championship: Ali vs Andrade Raw Womens Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James Smackdown Tag Team Championship: 3MB vs The New Day Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton Raw Tag Team Championships: Bryan and Rowan vs The Fiend and Braun WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston Womens Tag Team Championships: Flair and Evans vs Kabuki Warriors QOTR Finals : Bayley vs Sasha Banks KOTR Finals : Robert Roode vs Seth Rollins Predict the PPV down below! ( 11 in Total )
  11. Monday Night RAW The date is September 9th and Monday Night Raw is live from the Madison Square Garden for the first time in 10 years. Right here in New York will we see the Raw QOTR and RAW KOTR representatives chosen from the winners of the final two matchups. We will also see Stone Cold make an appearance tonight as he talks about the upcoming Universal Championship Match between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton we have an exciting show tonight so let’s get right into it. We kick off the show as we hear Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hit as he makes his way to the ring. Stone Cold is here tonight to talk about the upcoming match between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar at the King of the Ring PPV. We see him get in the ring as he poses for the crowd before he goes to talk. Before Austin can talk though we see Brock Lesnar make his way down to the ring before the two would stand face to face in the middle of the ring. We would then see Brock Lesnar F5 Austin! The crowd boos Lesnar as he just walks backstage not letting Austin get his opinion out on his upcoming match. We see Bayley and Nia Jax make their way down to the ring as we are about to find out who will represent RAW in the QOTR Finals. Both women would benefit greatly from winning this tournament as it would give them a big boost in this new fresh start. We hear the bell ring as the match starts as we wait to see who will come out on top. Match 1- Bayley vs Nia Jax In a solid match, Bayley would defeat Nia Jax after Bayley hit her with a Bayley to Belly. Nia Jax came out hot but Bayley would fight back eventually gaining momentum from the crowd and dominating the rest of the match. Bayley now goes on to the KOTR PPV to represent RAW in the QOTR Finals. We see The Miz pop up on our screen as he is at home with his kids and his wife Maryse as we see him begin to talk about his upcoming match. So I have a shot to win the United States Championship for a third time in my career and trust me I make the most of my opportunities. Now I look at the men and this match and I will be honest there is a load of talent in this match. There are 5 other men that want this title almost as much as me. Then again going into this match what do I have to prove to you all. I have a beautiful family, I have won every possible title the WWE has to offer and I am when it comes down to it one of the top guys in the company and there is no doubt in my mind. So to the other men in this match if you think it is just gonna be a walk in the park against me you have another thing coming. The camera then cuts away as it seems the Miz is more than ready for his match this Sunday. We see CM Punk and John Cena set up to tag with each other against Finn Balor and Samoa Joe as we see 4 of the 6 men competing in the United States Championship Match compete here tonight. Both teams look to gain momentum heading into the championship match. Match 2- Cena and Punk vs Balor and Joe In a solid match we would see Finn Balor and Samoa Joe defeat John Cena and CM Punk after Finn Balor beat John Cena with a Coup de Grace. We would then see Joe lock Balor in a coquina clutch after the matching making him pass out. Joe would show his dominance here going into his title match at the KOTR PPV. We cut backstage to see Rowan standing outside the locker room keeping watch for Daniel Bryan who was recently attacked by the Fiend. Rowan stands there as we see the lights flicker and eventually go out. We then hear Rowan getting beat down as the lights turn back on and we see Bruan Strowman the Black Sheep standing over Rowan. We see Bryan open the door to see Strowman but the lights go out once again as we see Strowman disappear. We see the Womens Tag Team Champions in action against Fire and Desire. Fire and Desire look to pick up a big win here as Flair and Evans look to pick up a win here heading into their match at the KOTR PPV. Both teams could use a win here we will just have to see who comes out on top. Match 3- Flair and Evans vs Fire and Desire In a decent match, Fire and Desire would defeat Flair and Evans after Sonya Deville would defeat Lacey Evans after interference from the Kabuki Warriors. We would see the Kabuki Warriors celebrate in the crowd as Flair and Evans were furious in the ring. We cut backstage to see Alexa Bliss standing by with Charly Caruso as she grabs the mic from Charly and begins to talk completely ignoring any questions Charly had. Mickie James this Sunday I cannot wait to send you packing to the retirement home. Mickie you need to face the facts you are irrelevant and just take a paycheck away from a much more talented wrestler that have to waste years of their prime on the indie scene or in NXT because people like you sit here in the back in catering and take that spot away. So at the King of the Ring PPV, Mickie I am going to free up that spot and any NXT girls that want this title are welcome to come up and try to take it from me. Alexa then walks of as she hands the mic back to Charly and we cut to the ring. It is time for our main event as we will find out who will represent RAW in the KOTR Finals at the KOTR PPV. Both men would love to move onto the finals here but only one can so we will have to wait and see who comes out on top here. Match 4- Robert Roode vs Roman Reigns In an excellent match, Robert Roode defeated Roman Reigns after he hit him with a Glorious DDT. Both men looked great here but Roode was able to pull it out last second to pick up the win. Some may say Reigns was the favorite to win this one but Roode came through with the upset. Roode now moves on to represent RAW in the KOTR Finals.
  12. War Between Worlds Diary : WWE Vengeance PPV Video
  13. BobdaBomb

    War Between Worlds

    Omega White Banks PAC Ospreay Gargano
  14. BPZ Pizza Place: Season 1 Episode 6 The episode starts off as we see Julius walking into work as he then stops as we see a group of young men lead by Arrow surround him. Julius laughs as he takes off his jacket and gets ready for a fight. Arrow just points at Julius as they group swarms him but Julius is ready. We see the first few come at Julius but Julius drops them both immediately with two big punches. Arrow looks surprised but him and the rest of the gang keep coming for Julius. Julius smiles as he looks to only be getting started with them. We then see a smaller guy try to jump on Julius and he does but Julius grabs him by the feet as the guy looks shocked. Julius begins to swing him around before he launches the guy into the lake. Julius laughs as Arrow is only has 2 guys left with him. One of them walk up to Julius really confident and take a swing but just like when Arrow tried it Julius dodged it then answered with a big right hand. The guy lies their motionless as Julius steps over him toward Julius and his friend as they look shook. We then see Arrow and his friend try to run away from Julius. Julius laughs as he gives them a bit of a head start before he then starts running. Julius begins to chase down Arrow and his friend as he doesn't seem done yet. Julius eventually chases the two boys down as he grabs them and props them up against a fence. The two boys look scared as Julius clenches his fist before he laughs at them. Julius: You really thought you could take me with your little friends Arrow? Nice try kid. We see Arrow’s friend begin to talk as he is sweating like crazy. Steph: Listen Sir, Arrow made me do it he said if I did--. We see Julius cut him off by knocking the two boys by slamming their heads against the fence. He just laughs at the two boys laying on the ground before walking away back to the Pizza Place as the camera cuts away leaving Arrow and Steph laying there. We then cut to the restaurant where we see Toxik hanging out at the wait station waiting as he seems pretty happy. He and Keeley are now the only waiters in the Pizza Place as Sheridan was fired last night. So they have the front of the restaurant to themselves for the most part as Bob and Meko at the bar don’t really count seeing as they are always drunk and don’t remember much about what happens at work. We then see Keeley walk up to Toxik as the two begin to talk. Keeley: What’s cookin good lookin? Toxik looks over at Keeley as he seems a bit confused at first then laughs as he gets the pick up line after a bit of thought we see Keeley roll her eyes as she smiles at Toxik. Toxik: Wow that is funny. How did you come up with that? Keeley just look confused as she laughs at Toxik before we see her kiss Toxik. Toxik doesn't move though so it makes for a pretty awkward kiss. Keeley: Well listen I’ll see you later ok. Meet me at the dock when the last customer leaves. I’ll have a special surprise for you. We then see Toxik reach out for Keeley as she walks away. Toxik seems very excited for this surprise as the camera pans up a bit. We also see Meko in the background as he looks confused but we just see him laugh and chug down a customers beer. The camera then cuts away as the customer looks at Meko very upset. We then cut to the back where we see Arius cutting up some lettuce as we see Bart walk over to him with the post it notes as he seems a bit confused but a bit mad also. Then again though Bart always seems mad when he is working at the BPZ Pizza. Bart: Ok bro, what the hell do these mean? I have been trying to figure them out for a while now and still have no idea. Like tell--. We then see Bart get cut off as Arius places another post it note on his mouth as Bart looks at him in shock but then takes it off of his mouth and reads it. Bart: I can float but can’t swim, I can sway but can’t dance, I make the waves sing but can’t sing myself. What am I? Bart just looks at Arius confused as he then walks away back to his office as he tries to figure out the riddle we see Arius smirk a little as he seems to be showing some emotion now which is good. The camera then cuts to a scene away from the pizza place. We cut to Sameer at a home somewhere in the countryside as we see Sheridan answer the door as she smiles and the too hug. It doesn’t last long though as we see Ropati come to the door to greet Sameer as we see Sameer put on a fake smile. Ropati: Sameer great to see you man. Sorry to hear about the news but I am more than ready to help you two get your jobs back. Sheridan obviously the most but I think I can help you out two Sameer. BPZ Pizza won’t be the same without you two. Sameer then nods his head as the three then walk inside as we see Ropati pull Sheridan a bit closer as he seems to be a bit intimidated by Sameer. Sameer notices this as we see him hold back laughing as we see him grin into the camera. Sheridan: Sameer what do you think of the house? Ropati’s dad left it for him when he moved down to a retirement home a couple of years ago. We had to fix it up a bit but it’s looking pretty good now I would say. We see Sameer look around as their is expensive furniture all over the place and fancy paintings on the walls. Sameer then looks through a giant window showing the backyard where we see a giant inground swimming pool, a full court basketball court, and a personal mini golf course. He then begins to talk as he takes in his surroundings. Sameer: Well it’s definitely nice for sure must have a pretty nice job Ropati to afford all of this stuff. Cause I know that I couldn't afford all of this with my BPZ Pizza job. We then see Ropati laugh as the three sit down in the living room as a personal chef comes up to them as she hands Sameer a beer and pours Sheridan and Ropati some wine as she then walks off as Sameer looks a bit confused as Ropati begins to talk. Ropati: Actually never worked a day in my life. My dad left this all to me and he still has billions of dollars in reserve. He owned a plantation back in the day growing tobacco so he made a lot of money back in the day. All free labor to which was g--. Ropati stops mid sentence as he looks at Sameer and stops immediately. We see Sameer stare at him as the room has gotten quite awkward now. About a minute goes by before Sherian finally breaks the silence and begins to talk. Sheridan: Well I think we should talk about the plan Ropati. Sameer you should hear this it’s actually pretty good. The money helps too. Sameer leans in looking at Ropati who we hear gulp before he finally talks stuttering but getting the words out as we see Sameer hold back a smile. Ropati: Well okay the plan is pretty simple honestly. We are gonna set up a camera in the Pizza Place at night. Should be pretty easy to break into. We are gonna set up these cameras then the in a few days you two will go in as customers and collect the cameras. Then hopefully we can find some footage on them revealing Toxik and Keeley’s relationship. Showing Brenden the truth and with that getting you two your jobs back. Sameer nods his head as he seems to agree with the plan as Sheridan smiles happy that they can all agree and now act on the plan. We then see the Ropati get Sameer’s phone number as the Sameer then leaves with the plan all set up to get their jobs back. The camera then cuts back to the Pizza Place as we continue the episode. We cut to the walk in as we see Nathan standing there with the camera crew as he begins to talk as he seems overjoyed right now. Nathan: Yes finally we are free of that annoying bitch Sheridan. Brenden finally grew some brains and fired her ass. The lord is looking down upon me right now as he has answered my prayers. She is gone and no longer do I have to hear he bitch and moan every day about the myth of the wage gap and male privilege. Yeah but as you can see I am very happy. Now if you’ll excuse me I have dishes to wash. We then Nathan walk off in a great mood as he no longer has to deal with Sheridan at BPZ Pizza anymore. The cameras then cut away to a new scene. We cut Bailey who walks into a room to find about 10 men sitting in a circle including the CPS Worker Josh who has a clipboard. Bailey sits down as he shakes his head as he can’t believe what is happening right now. Bailey sits there as Josh begins to talk. Josh: Everyone I would like you to welcome Bailey to our group. He lives around here and he works at the BPZ Pizza Place a few miles away. Bailey then looks up and laughs as we see everyone in the group say, “Hi, Bailey”. Josh then continues to talk. Josh: Well Bailey let’s start with you why are you here? Bailey looks at Josh and laughs as he sits back in his seat before answering the question. Bailey: I am here because my son is a pussy and a snitch. He couldn't take a beating like a man so he snitched to CPS now I am being forced to come to these meetings. We then Josh take some notes as the rest of the group looks on as Bailey is just becoming more and more confused as to what is happening. Josh then starts to speak. Josh: Bailey I can sense a lot of anger in you. Why do you feel like this? Bailey laughs and shakes his head as he looks straight at Josh and begins to talk. Bailey: The problem is that I have to come to this stupid ass meetings cause my son is a little bitch thats what. We then see Bailey get up as he has had enough already as he walks out. We hear Josh in the background speaking to Bailey. Josh: I’ll see you at our next meeting, it might not seem like it right now but we actually got a lot done here today. We then see the camera cut away back to the Pizza Place as Bailey walks out of the meeting. We then cut to the front of the Pizza Place as we see Brad walk in! He comes up to the bar as he begins to talk to Meko. Meko just looks at him while he starts to chug down a bottle of whiskey. Brad begins to talk to him as Meko is kind of paying attention. Brad: Hello sir, do you know where I can find BiC? I have been looking for him and his car but I can’t seem to spot them. Meko looks at Brad and laughs as he grabs his nose and makes a beeping noise. Meko then begins to kind of talk. Meko: Vroom, Vroom. Brad just looks at him confused but then watches as Meko is pretending the whisky bottle is a car as he drives it across the bar. Brad then nods as he walks out of the Pizza Place as he is on the hunt for BiC still as he Meko continues playing with the whisky bottle in the bar. The camera then cuts away to a new scene. We cut again to the back window like yesterday where we don’t see anything this time though as Smith and Bashka are not back there. We then hear the back open as we see Bashka and Smith walk in as Smith looks at the camera shakes his head as he just seems to be annoyed by the suspicion at this point. The camera then cuts away as the night is over and the customers have all left and we cut to a new scene. We then cut to Keeley as she looks to head to the dock but we see Brenden catch up with her at the front door. Keeley looks annoyed but as she turns around though with a big smile on her face once again hiding her true emotions from Brenden. Brenden: Where you off to in such a hurry? You weren't gonna head home without out me right? I mean I would rather not walk home tonight. We see Brenden then laugh as Keeley joins in laughing as you can clearly tell that Keeley’s laugh is fake. Brenden doesn't seem to notice though. We then see Keeley glance out the window as we see Toxik waiting on the dock. Keeley: Was just going to get some fresh air is all. But we can head home now if you want. I bet we can do something fun. We then see Keeley kiss Brenden as the two walk outside. Brenden looks over and sees Toxik standing on the dock staring at them. Brenden: What a weird fucking guy. C’mon Keeley let’s head out. I can’t believe Sameer thought I would believe that you would cheat on me with someone like that. We then see Brenden laugh as Keeley looks out the window at Toxik as they drive away. Keeley: Yeah that is pretty crazy. The two then drive home leaving Toxik alone on the dock as the episode ends.
  15. Loved it. Now the women were eh but I like battle royals so it was not completely awful. The ladder match was entertaining for sure and the debut of LAX was great. I think they should be one of the top teams in AEW at least for now. I really enjoyed the triple threat had some great spots in that match. PAC vs Omega was my favorite of the night and it was surprising to see PAC win but I am all for PAC getting a push right off the bat. Jericho winning the title was a great decision and I liked the match. Overall a pretty solid show looking forward to seeing them on TV in the near future.
  16. Bills fall to Browns 45-32 Quarter One In the first quarter we would see a lot of big plays end up allowing each team to score. It would start off with Kareem Hunt finding the endzone after a 54 yd run. The Bills would answer right back though as Josh Allen would find Cole Beasley for a 52 yd TD. The scoring would not stop their though as Kareem Hunt would find the endzone once agaIn for a 27 yd TD run. The scoring would stop there though as Joe Schobert would stop the Bills following drive when he intercepted Josh Allen after the Bills were putting together a solid drive. The Browns would go into the second quarter up 14-7. Quarter Two In the second quarter the scoring would continue but it was pretty one sided as the Browns would have a great quarter it would start off with the Browns finding the endzone twice Nick Chubb would have a 3 yd TD then Kareem Hunt would have a 1 yd TD. The Bills would answer back though with a pair of field goals as Levi Wallace would also INT Baker Mayfield. The Browns would answer back though as Mayfield would find Jarvis Landry for a 10 yd TD. The Browns would go into the second half up 35-13. Quarter Three The Bills would chip into the Browns lead a little bit in the third quarter. It would start off with Josh Allen finding Tyler Kroft for a 15 yd TD although the 2 pt conversion would fail. The Browns would answer back as Kareem Hunt would find the endzone for a 55 yd TD. Josh Allen though would find Robert Foster for a 1 yd TD once again though the 2 pt conversion would fail. The Bills would finish off the quarter with Josh Allen finding Dawson Knox for a 9 yd TD. The Browns would go into the fourth up 42-32. Quarter Four The final quarter would pretty quiet as the defenses finally stood up and stopped the scoring. The Browns would add a FG but that was it for scoring in the quarter. The Bills lost this one but they look to bounce back next week as it was a tough matchup against the Browns this week. Both teams have a good chance to make it to the postseason this year it all comes down to how the rest of the season plays out though. The Browns come out on top here 45-32. Statline Passing Allen 21-37, 411 yds, 4 TD, 1 INT Mayfield 26-39, 292 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT Rushing Fournette 9 rushes, 27 yds Hunt 24 rushes, 223 yds, 4 TD Receiving Beasley 6 rec, 162 yds, 1 TD OBJ 7 Rec, 126 yds Defensive MIlano 14 tackles Myles Garrett 3 tackles, 2 sacks
  17. We are live wit Carnage as we cut to a video where we see Bob Sparks at his home. Bob was unsuccessful in capturing the NXT Title at Summerslam but to the surprise of the crowd he does not look upset in fact he looks to be somewhat happy. Bob then looks at the camera and grins as he begins to talk. Now last night I will admit I was unsuccessful in my attempt to capture the NXT Title but to the knowledge of many, to gain many times you most sacrifice. Now although I was unable to capture the NXT Title I was freed of the chains that held me down with the NXT Division. No longer do I have to deal with the Irrelevant and Insignificant so-called talent of NXT. Now I can show what I am truly made of. It’s time for me to ascend to the U.S Division and make my name truly known. Soon enough you will all be able to witness this historic milestone in my career, soon enough. But before we rise we must recollect the somewhat short but significant start I had in NXT. Bob then laughs as he takes a sip of the moonshine, and grins. He looks around at photographs on the walls seeming a bit unfocused here but he eventually regains his focus and grins looking straight back into the camera before talking once again. I have battled some of the top guys and some of the absolute worst BPZ has to offer. I have fought for you people and I have fought against you all. I have busted brackets and skulls along my rise shutting mouths and spoiling predictions. I have gone to war with those considered Antichrist and those to be considered bulletproof. I have faced the men of many faces and the men with the so called, one and only perfect face. I have canceled the coronation of a Prince and I have defanged an up and coming viper. I have also for sure been down in the pits and down in sheets. With my biggest achievement to date being that I have captured gold and been atop the mountain of NXT. Bob then laughs thinking back to the days of Alice and the short and insignificant run of the SSW Club down in the NXT Division. He then takes a sip of moonshine before he looks once again into the camera and speaking once again. It is no doubt, enjoyable to look at the past but I can not let it sink in for too long because with all of my success I have had my failures. So with this recollection comes a time of reform. A new change of scenery for my competition and a new change for myself. A new and improved Bob is soon to come. A much more stronger, faster, smarter, and hungrier Bob is soon to come. A man that doesn't go wrong in the head some often, a man who can keep his emotions in check. A better and new change for Bob Sparks. I say goodbye to you for now but trust me the new Bob will be coming soon and it will be a significant moment in BPZ history. So I guess I will be seeing all of you around soon enough. We then see a woman enter the room and nod at Bob as Bob nods back as he gets up. We hear him sigh before he turns the camera off and everything goes back. What will this new Bob look like and how will it change the U.S Division of BPZ Wrestling?
  18. BPZ Pizza Place: Season 1 Episode 5 We start off the episode as we see Sameer pull up to the pizza place as he looks to the dock next to the Pizza Place and see’s Sheridan standing there alone looking off into the distance. Sameer was told to come in a bit earlier today as Brenden wanted him to be there to pick up an order. To his surprise though Sheridan is also here. Sameer gets out of his car as he walks over to talk to Sheridan on the dock. Sameer: Hey, didn't expect to see you here. What are you doing here so early? Sheridan looks up at Sameer then back at the Pizza Place before sighing and looking back at the lake as she seems a bit upset. Sheridan: Well I figured I would see the place one last time before I get fired today. Sameer looks at her upset as Sheridan pulls out her phone and shows Sameer a text from Keeley reading, “Enjoy today because it will be the last time you step foot in BPZ Pizza again”. Sameer looks down as he is clearly upset. Sameer: Don’t worry I ain’t gonna let this fly. If they go through with this trust me there is gonna be hell to pay. As long as I am here you have a job if you want it. Sheridan looks at Sameer and smiles for a second but then goes back to staring at the lake as we see a tear roll down her cheek. Sheridan: Well I appreciate that but don’t make promises you can’t keep. I’ll miss you Sameer. Sheridan then walks off leaving Sameer on the dock alone as we see him clench his fists as he clearly is pissed off. The camera then cuts away to a new scene. We then see Sameer a bit of time later waiting in the front of the shop as a delivery truck pulls up. We see the delivery man walk up to the Pizza Place it’s Jason Ryan. Jason has been delivering packages to the Pizza Place as soon as it has opened and is a usual customer. Sameer smiles as him and Jason shake hands. Jason: It’s been a while Sameer, how have you been holding up? Sameer laughs as he takes the package from Jason. Sameer: You know I have been doing pretty good to be honest. Some crazy stuff has been going on lately but hey that’s life right. Jason laughs as he removes his hat and fixes his hair. Jason: Ain’t that the truth brother. Well I’ll talk to you later got a few more things I have to deliver might come back for a pizza later though. We see Sameer smile as Jason rubs his stomach. Sameer: Sounds good my guy. I’ll see you later. Jason then waves goodbye as he drives away and Sameer walks inside with the delivery. As we cut a bit farther into the day. As the day rolls along we see the staff start to arrive as Bailey pulls up to the Pizza Place to have a man in a suit come up to his car. Bailey looks at him confused as he rolls down the car window and looks at the man as he starts talking. Bailey: Can I help you or something? The man adjusts his tie as he looks at Bailey and begins to talk. Josh: Well yes, my name is Josh and I work with child protective services. We received a call from your son Kai that you beat him with a belt the other night somewhere around here. Bailey looks around as he laughs and then looks around. Bailey: You know what, yes I did. But you wanna know what he deserved a beating. He has been needing one for a while now. Josh backs up a bit as we see Bailey get out of the car. Josh: You know what sir I can see where you are coming from because when he called up he was very innaporate and just plain out rude. So I have done my best to make this simple for you. All I am going to ask is you come to a couple of meetings and then we will be out of your hair, with you still having custody over Kai. Bailey looks a bit surprised as he shakes Josh’s hand. Josh then walks off as Bailey heads into work laughing at the fact that Kai snitched as the camera cuts away and we move forward to when the Pizza Place is open. We cut to the phones where we see Bart sitting there talking to a customer and once again we see Arius walk in with another sticky note. Bart grabs it out of his hand as Arius walks off. Bart then hangs up the phone as he reads it. Bart: Oh great another riddle. I am the son of water but when water touches me I die a slow death. What am I? What the hell is this Arius? I’ll deal with it later, I don’t have time for this. Bart then puts the sticky note in a drawer as he slams it closed and sits there for a second. We then hear the phone ring as Bart picks it up and begins to yell at the customer as the camera cuts away to a scene away from the Pizza Place. We cut to the First Class Express as they are pulled over at a gas station as we see BiC playing on his phone as Hans fills the car up with gas. We then see BiC’s phone begin to ring as we see he is getting a facetime from Brad. He looks very confused. BiC: Okay then, how did this guy get my number. Danielle must have gave it to him I guess. BiC answers it as he looks in absolute disgust. He looks at the phone to see Brad set up the phone as he takes his shirt off. BiC hangs it up immediately as he bangs on the phone for Hans to get into the car as Hans was talking to some girl by the gas pump. Hans eventually gets in. Hans: What’s up my guy? You look shook. Hans begins to laugh as BiC looks at him as if had seen a ghost. BiC: Brad called me and he began to strip. We are never going back to that house ever again. Hans just laughs as BiC looks out the window scarred. The two then drive back to the Pizza Shop as the camera cuts away. We cut to the wait station where we see Toxik standing there once again as this time he is having a staring contest with a little girl. Toxik wins as he then laughs at the little girl who runs away crying as she is afraid of Toxik. We then see Keeley come over and talk to Toxik. Keeley: So I guess you know that Sheridan found out about our little secret. Don’t worry she has been dealt with though. So our secret is safe. She is getting fired tonight so if you have anyone who is looking for a job let them know. Toxik smiles as Keeley kisses him on the cheek and walks away. It seems they are unaware that Sameer has found out about their secret. So this whole situation could get pretty messy. We then cut outside as we see Arrow on his break. He is talking on the phone with someone as we listen in to the conversation. Arrow: Bro, I need your help. There is this guy at my work giving me some bad juju if you know what I mean. Like I need some backup to take this guy down put him in his place. His name is Julius. Mean and you can take him down easy. Just meet me at my work tomorrow at 2:30. Then we can jump him when he shows up. Ok sounds good see you then bro. Arrow then hangs up the phone and walks back inside as we cut away to later in the night. We then cut inside the Pizza Place where we look out the back window as we see Bashka and Smith although we can’t see what they are doing we can tell that they are trying to be secret about it. We then see Smith look over and point to the window as the camera cuts away. We then cut to the bar where we see Bob and Meko taking shots together as they both eventually pass out behind the bar as the night is over and the customers have all left. We then see Brenden walk past the bar and laugh at the two men before he yells for Sheridan to come to his office. We see Keeley and Toxik grin as Sameer watches Sheridan walk into the office with her head down. We then cut away to Brenden’s office. We then cut into Brenden’s office where we see Sheridan sit down as Brenden looks at her and shakes his head before beginning to talk. Brenden: Listen Sheri-- We see Sheridan cut off Brenden as we see her begin to cry. Sheridan: Listen Brenden I know what this is about. Just get it over with. Don’t make this longer than it has to be. We see Brenden sigh as he seems a bit upset with what he is doing. Brenden: Sheridan, after some discussion with Keeley we have both decided that your services are no longer required here at the BPZ Pizza Place. Sheridan you’re fired. Sheridan: Well that’s fine one piece of advice though I have is look around and really think about who your true friends are. Sheridan then storms out of Brenden’s office in tears as we see the camera follows her as she walks past Sameer. We then see Brenden walk out of his office as Sameer storms over to him and begins yelling at him. Sameer: Brenden you’re making a huge mistake right now? You need to rehire Sheridan right now or we are gonna have some serious problems. Brenden looks down for a second then stares right back into Sameer’s face. Brenden: You know I have to do this Sameer. I have to keep the girl happy. We see Sameer clench his fist as he begins to yell at Brenden. Sameer: Your girl really. Well hate to break it to you bro but she ain’t just your girl. She’s been fuckin Toxik behind your back. We then see Keeley walk into the room as Brenden looks at her. Brenden: Keeley? Keeley looks at Brenden and Sameer and begins talking. Keeley: He’s talking out of anger Brenden. I mean you just fired his little crush how do you expect him to react he is gonna try whatever to get her back. I mean Toxik really? Sameer looks at Keeley as he begins to yell at her now. Sameer: Shut up Bitch! This is me and Brenden’s conversation stay out of it! Brenden gets up in Sameer’s face as Sameer stares right back. Brenden: Sameer don’t talk to my girl like that. I’ve known you for a long time and I don’t want to have to fire you too. Sameer laughs before we see Toxik walk in as Sameer runs at Toxik and drops him with a big right! Sameer begins to pummel Toxik before Brenden can pull him off and push him out the door. Brenden: Sameer don’t ever come back! You’re fired! Brenden then slams the door closed as Sameer stands in the parking lot upset as he turns around as he sees Sheridan standing there. Sameer walks up to her and begins to talk. Sameer: Trust me this is not over you and I Sheri we are gonna bust these two assholes! Sheri then smiles as she motions for Sameer to call her before the two drive home as the episode ends with both Sheridan and Sameer fired and BPZ Pizza Place in chaos.
  19. BPZ Pizza Place: Season 1 Episode 4 We start off the episode a bit differently as we see Sameer walking into work wearing his air pods trying to drown everything out, still upset about what happened the night before. But as he is walking we see Bob come and tap on his shoulder as the two begin to talk. Bob: Yo my guy, I’m so sorry I had no clue she had a dude. I mean we have been working here for about a year now and she never even mentioned him, hell I never even seen the guy before this. Sameer looks at Bob and just laughs. Sameer: Oh don’t you worry about it Bob, trust me this doesn't end here. I ain’t giving up just yet. It just might take a bit longer to get the job done if you know what I mean. The two then laugh as they then fist pump and head into the restaurant ready to work. As the camera cuts away as we get another episode of BPZ Pizza Place started. We cut into the restaurant where we see Sheridan and Keeley. The customers haven't arrived yet as the restaurant does not open for a few more minutes. The two stand there on their phones not talking till Keeley starts up a conversation. Keeley: So I heard about the guy Sheri congrats. You should bring him around more he seems like a nice guy, wish I knew him a bit better. We then see Sheridan look straight into the camera as we see her face turn from unhappy to completely pissed. We then see Sheridan let it all out. Sheridan: Listen here bitch. I know what you’ve been doing behind Brenden’s back. Not cool after everything he’s done for you that’s the way you treat him. So to be honest I want you no where near my man. So go back to the garden shed where you belong you damn hoe! As Sheridan is saying this we see her slowly back Keeley into the corner. Keeley looks around for help but can’t seem to find any so she looks around finally realizing she must just stand up for herself against Sheridan. Keeley: Now you listen to me I am your boss. You don’t talk to me like that. I could fire you right now if I wanted to but I won’t you know why because I actually liked you Sheridan. Before this mess it was great when we had our girl talks but now I don’t know what to think of you. Know if you tell Brenden trust me it will be the last thing you do in this Pizza Place! Sheridan backs off conflicted not knowing what to do next. We see Keeley smile as she clearly has a lot of leverage on Sheridan here. Customers then start pouring in as the two go there seperate directions as the go and get orders. We then cut back to the phone station as Bart is answering calls but then to his surprise we see Arius walk in. He places a sticky note on Bart’s desk and Bart hangs up the phone and reads the note as Arius walks out of the room. Bart: What has a mouth but never eats, Has a bed but never sleeps, Has banks but no money? What in the hell is this, how is a riddle going to get people to leave me alone? Bart then puts the riddle in his desk drawer as the phone rings again as Bart takes a sip of his beer and answers the phone as the camera cuts away. We cut to the kitchen where we see Arrow talking shit about Julius behind his back. The boys have all taken a short break as Julius went outside for a smoke and business is slow at the moment. Arrow is talking as the boys listen to him. Arrow: You know the only reason he one the fight was because I was so tired from banging his mom the night before. She showed me his baby pictures and then we made a baby. We see Bailey then walk out as he just shakes his head as he can’t handle the cringe of Arrow. Arrow: So yeah she was like, you know Julius always wanted a new dad maybe you can be that for him Arrow. I know that I would like it. As Arrow continues to talk we see Julius walk back inside as Arrow doesn't notice. Julius listens in on what Arrow says as he stares him down from behind. Arrow: So yeah I guess I am gonna have to break the news to him soon. We then hear Julius talk as Arrow looks like he shit his pants, he turns around as he is very scared of Julius after the fight. Julius: So Arrow what’s the news? We then hear Arrow try to talk but all we hear is him stutter and mumble a bit as we see everyone gets back to work as Arrow stands their speechless as Julius laughs at him. We then see the first class express parked outside of a familiar house as they begin to talk. BiC: Well here we go again Hans are top customer. I think she wants that sausage pizza if you know what I mean. We then see BiC take a pizza box and cut a whole in it as Hans looks out the window laughing immediately Hans: For real, we are doing this BiC. The old dick in a box trick. BiC gets it all set up as the two guys then walk to the front door and ring the doorbell waiting for someone to answer. BiC: She is gonna love this you know. She has definitely got a fetish for this kind of stuff. We then see someone answer the door but it’s not Danielle it’s Brad. Brad looks down in shock as he sees BiC’s dick pointing through the pizza box. BiC eventually closes it as Hans nudges him. Brad: Okay guys what the fuck, I ordered a sausage pizza not your penis. At least shut it oh my god. I don’t even know what the hell to say. We see Danielle walk up from behind as she looks at the boys and then at Brad before she begins to talk. Danielle: I mean babe it still looks pretty good, I still want a taste. Brad looks down at Danielle and then at the boys and shakes his head. Brad: Have you two been fucking my wife? Hans and BiC look down as the don’t answer the question. Brad: For real, this is awesome. It’s like the bang bus but better. The First Class Express fucked my wife, hell yeah! You know what we should celebrate why don’t you just come in. The boys look around confused as they don’t walk in as Brad laughs. Brad: Oh don’t worry I will just be there to watch the show. I don’t want to be part of it this is a job for some real guys who get the job done not someone like me. I’ll just sit in the corner and cheer you boys on what do you say? The boys look at each other and shrug their shoulders as they walk into the house ready to celebrate with Brad and his wife as the camera cuts away back to the Pizza Place. We cut back to the Pizza Place as we see Sheridan at the wait station on here phone taking advantage of the slow night. We then see Toxik walk up to here as he starts to talk. Toxik: So I heard about your talk with Sheri. Not cool, now I’ll be honest you’re not my type Sheri. I get that you may be jealous of Sheri but that is no reason for you to take your anger out on her. Sheri if you want me all you have to do is ask. I am sure Keeley would be willing to share. Sheri then looks at Toxik absolutely disgusted. She almost slaps him but doesn't because customers are around and she is doing her best not to get fired. Sheri: I can’t believe you two. How could you do this to Brenden? He has given so much to you two and you just don’t care at all. Toxik you really think anywhere else would have given you a job with your awkward ass, I don’t think so. At least Brenden gave you a chance. The least you could do is be honest with him about this whole thing. Sheri then walks off as we see Toxik look down as it seems he might be feeling a bit of regret from this whole thing but will he do something, we will have to see. The camera then cuts away. We then cut outside as we see Bailey on a smoke break as it is now dark out as we see Kai once again approach Bailey but this time he looks a bit upset. Kai: Yo dad you need to fix that bitch of yours she is really getting on my nerves. Bailey looks at Kai as he is pissed off and looks like his is gonna beat Kai’s ass. Bailey: How dare you talk about your mother in that way? You better apologize before I come over their and beat your ass. Kai laughs at Bailey as he doesn't seem to care what Bailey thinks. Kai: Oh shut up old man, you know I am so tired of your shit. Kai then runs at Bailey looking to throw a punch but Bailey ducks it and takes Kai to the ground before taking his belt off. Bailey: Oh you messed up now boy. Time to give you and old fashioned beating like the old days. We then see Bailey begin to hit Kai over and over with the belt. Kai keeps apologizing but Bailey is making sure he learns his lesson. Bailey: Now you will apologize for calling your mother that name! Bailey stops for a second waiting for a clear answer. Kai: I’m sorry, I am sorry, please stop. We then see Bailey hit him one more time before walking back into the pizza place. Leaving Kai crying by the side of the Pizza Place as the camera cuts away. We then cut a bit of time as we see the camera cuts to Smith and Bashka outside as the camera follows them. Smith looks at the camera before showing it a trash bag. Maybe all they really are doing is taking out the trash. The camera then cuts away as we cut to the end of the night. We see the staff at the bar as Sheridan is standing alone on the front porch till we see Sameer walk up to here as she smiles. Sameer: What’s up? Why are you standing out here all alone? We then see Sameer and Sheridan look at each other as Sheridan sheds a tear. Sheridan: Listen I might get fired for telling you this but Keeley is cheating on Brenden. Sameer looks at Sheridan shocked then back to the bar where we see Keeley and Brenden sitting together laughing enjoying a drink. Sameer: Wait, what do you mean, with who? Sheridan looks at him as she begins to cry. Sameer hugs here as he tries to comfort her. Sheridan: With Toxik. They said if I told anyone they would fire me. The two continue to hug as we see Sameer pull Sheridan in closer and to his surprise she is not resisting she is actually just fine with it. Sameer: Trust me Sheri that ain’t gonna happen we are gonna fix this whole thing real soon. We then see a car pull up as Sheri pulls away. It’s Ropati as she gets in the car and the two drive away. Sameer though is not upset this time. As he looks more confused as ever as the episode comes to an end with the secret spreading.
  20. Monday Night RAW The date is Monday, September 2nd, 2019 and we are live with Monday Night Raw. We are in the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. We have a big night planned as we will see the third round of both the King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring Tournaments take place. We will also here from the RAW Womens Champion Alexa Bliss and the man challenging Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship Randy Orton. We have a great night planned so let's get right into it. The show kicks off as we see the Raw Womens Champion Alexa Bliss in the ring. She is defending her title in 2 weeks time at the King of the Ring PPV against Mickie James. We can only assume she is going to have some words to say about her opponent especially after what Mickie had to say last week about the upcoming match. Alexa begins to talk. Last week we all heard from the grandma of the womens division Mickie James. I find it funny how she actually has a chance at taking my title. Now I will admit Mickie used to be great. Used to know she is washed up. Maybe Mickie you should go where you belong to a irrelevent company like Impact Wrestling. I mean you hit the peak of your career there. Now you come back here and all you seem to know anymore is how to botch and how to lose and you think that is what gets the job around here these days. I know back in your day that stuff didn't matter because all people wanted to see what how you looked. But Mickie let’s be honest, you don’t have that anymore either. All you are Mickie is a waste of a paycheck and a waste on TV time. To be honest you are a waste of my time and these people's time. So I won’t waste anymore of it. Alexa is about to stop talking when Mickie James slides into the ring behind her! Mickie James hits Alexa with a Mick Kick! Mickie James then laughs at Alexa as the crowd cheers. Mickie celebrates in the ring as we cut to a commercial break. We come back from commercial to see the Big Show in the ring with Robert Roode as we are set for our first match of the night. Both men could use the win here in the 3rd round of the KOTR Tournament we will just have to see what happens. Match 1- Big Show vs Robert Roode We would see Robert Roode defeat the Big Show in a solid match after hitting him with a Glorious DDT. The Big Show came out strong here but the lack of stamina showed as Robert Roode was able to wear the Big Show out and take advantage late. Robert Roode moves onto the next round of the KOTR Tournament as he is one step closer to winning it all. We cut backstage where we see the United States Champion Samoa Joe. We see him chuckle a bit before he begins to talk I have seen the backlash I have gotten from smashing your so called hero CM Punk’s head through a window. Now do I care, no not all. You see this is called strategy something you people seem to know nothing about. I am going into a match where I have to take down 5 other men to retain my title. Why wouldn't I take every advantage I can to increase my chances of winning. So I guess you could say this is a warning. A warning to every single man in that match that you all better watch your backs cause Samoa Joe is coming for you. Samoa Joe then storms off likely on the hunt for other competitors who are competing for his United States Championship at King of the Ring. We cut to another section backstage to see Daniel Bryan arriving at the arena a bit late but as he is walking backstage we see the lights go out as we then hear punches and Bryan screaming. When the lights come on we see the FIend standing over Bryan who is laid out on the floor. We see Rowan begin to run over but the lights go out and when they come back on the Fiend is gone. We cut to the ring as we see Bayley along with Sonya Deville in the ring as we get set for our second match of the night. This is a QOTR Tournament match so both women need the win here to stay alive and become the first ever Queen of the Ring. Match 2- Sonya Deville vs Bayley In this one we would see Bayley pick up the win as she would beat Sonya with a Bayley to Belly. Mandy Rose interfered a lot in this match but Bayley was able to overcome that and move on to the next round of the tournament. Sonya looks furious in the ring after the match and Mandy is trying her best to calm her down as we cut backstage. We cut to a vignette where we see the Womens Tag Team Champions having a photoshoot with the titles. They clearly don’t see the Kabuki Warriors as legitimate challengers. The two women try numerous different poses to the liking of the male audience. Flair and Evans seem to be growing closer together with the more time the spend together. They look to keep a hold of their titles at King of the Ring when they defend against the Kabuki Warriors. We cut back to the ring as we are set for another QOTR matchup as Natayla will go one on one with Nia Jax. Both these women could easily go all the way in this tournament but only one can move on from this matchup and stay alive. Match 3- Natalya vs Nia Jax In a decent match, Nia Jax defeated Natalya with a leg drop. Nia Jax seemed to be in full control of this match as she dominated from the start. Natayla just could not handle the power of Nia Jax. Nia moves on as it will be Nia Jax vs Bayley in next week to decides who will represent RAW in the QOTR Finals at the King of the Ring PPV. We cut backstage to see Randy Orton he looks at the camera before laughing. He eventually gains his composure again as he begins to talk. It is very clear to me that Brock Lesnar is not to happy with the viper at the moment. Do I care though no, not really. Now I usually don’t agree with you people but I think it’s true that we both don’t want to see Brock Lesnar with the Universal Championship. Not to fear though cause the viper is near. He is coming for that title and Brock I am going to take that title. You can hit me with your suplexes and F5s but each time I will just get right back up. Brock though the thing is that no one gets up after an RKO its a move so deadly it can even put beasts like you to sleep. Randy then walks off as he has a big grin on his face as he seems to be very confident heading into his match with Brock Lesnar at the King of the Ring PPV. We cut back to the ring as it is time for our main event as Roman Reigns will take on EC3 to decide who will face Robert Roode next week for the opportunity to move to the finals. Both these men have been on a roll lately we will just have to see who comes out on top here. Match 4- Roman Reigns vs EC3 In an excellent match, Roman Reigns defeated EC3 after hitting him with a spear. Both men looked great here as this could have gone either way but Roman was just able to win this one as we have seen a new EC3 ever since this fresh start. Roman Reigns moves on but EC3 should be proud of the performance he had here tonight. The show then ends with Roman Reigns victorious.
  21. BPZ Pizza Place: Season 1 Episode 3 As usual we see Brenden start the episode in the walk in with the camera crew. Brenden looks pretty happy as the fight between Arrow and Julius is about to go down in the parking lot before the Pizza Place opens. Everyone came in about 30 minutes early to watch as everyone seems pretty excited for it. Well everyone expect for Arrow. Brenden: Yes, it’s fight day everyone. The pipsqueak Arrow vs the top dog Julius. Who will win? Well that’s easy it’s going to be Julius I mean come on, it’s not hard to figure out. But it should be fun for about 30 seconds. Plus this get everyone to be on time today which is good. I bet Meko 5 bucks that Julius would win. He took it, sure he was completely drunk at the time but he took it. So it’s a big win for me today, I guess. Well here we go. Fight Time! Brenden then walks out as the camera cuts away and jumps forward a bit of time. We cut to the parking lot as Brenden promised it’s time for the fight. We see the staff all formed in a circle with Julius and Arrow inside of it. Arrow looks hyped up as it seems people are starting to get behind him. Julius though just stands there as he laughs at Arrow. We then hear the majority of the staff begin to chant. Staff: Arrow! Arrow! Arrow! C’mon Arrow! Beat his ass Arrow! We then see Arrow run at Julius and swing at him but he misses Julius then hits him with a big right hand and just like that the fight is over. We see the staff all look disappointed as they thought it would be more entertaining than that. The staff all head inside leaving Arrow laying in the parking lot by himself out cold. The camera then cuts away for a bit as we cut to later in the day. The day has begun as we see Keeley walk up to Brenden and the two begin talking as we see Toxik watching on from the background. Keeley: Hey Bren, I am gonna take Toxik home cause he ain’t feeling too good. I’m feeling a bit sick to so I might just head home. You guys think you can everything around here, without us here? We see Toxik make an awful fake cough as Brenden looks at him but just shrugs his shoulders. Brenden: Yeah we’ll be fine, I hope to get better babe. I had some plans later hopefully you will still be up for it when I get home. Brenden and Keeley then kiss as Toxik and Keeley walk out and head out for the rest of the day. The camera then cuts away as we see Brenden walk off a bit confused. We then cut to the First Class Express as they are driving around delivering a few pizzas, we see Hans look down at the next address and he just shakes his head. Hans: Well Danielle ordered another pizza, we heading over there? BiC just looks at him and smiles. BiC: Now you know damn well she wants more than just that pepperoni pizza. Now me I personally would like something a bit extra, think about it like this Hans it’s just a tip. Hans looks at him and just laughs. He then begins to talk once again. Hans: Here’s the thing though BiC she wants more than the tip and to be honest I don’t know if she is first class material. BiC pulls over to the side of the road and just looks at Hans. BiC: Not first class material, that’s not what you thought when you were balls deep in the bitch the last time we went over there. Hans looks out the window then back at BiC and smiles. Hans: Well I guess you got a point there. We gotta make up for Brad’s lack of skill. No women should be limited to that when the first class express is around. Hans and BiC then fist pump as BiC drives off and they are on there way to Danielle’s house as the camera cuts back to the Pizza Place. We then cut to the bar where we see Sheridan talking with Bob and Meko and she seems a bit flustered as she is trying to manage waitressing all the tables as Toxik and Keeley are no longer at work. We see some customers unhappy but Bob and Meko stare them down and they back off leaving Sheridan alone. Sheridan: Guys can one of yall help me out here. I am kind of drowning. Could really use some help since Keeley and Toxik left early. Meko and Bob then look at each other and laugh as Meko begins to chug as Bob chants drown over and over again. Sheridan: Seriously though like I could use some help here. Could you at least go ask the kitchen to see if they can spare someone preferably not Nathan? Bob then looks at her then Meko passed out on the floor as he nods his head and heads to the kitchen looking for someone to help out Sheridan. We cut back to the salad station as we see Bart walk over and grab a carrot. Arius looks at him confused. Bart notices this and stares at Arius. The two stare down before Bart begins to speak. Bart: Listen everyone around here might be afraid of you but trust me I am not. I actually admire you Arius. You have been able to get these people to leave you alone. One day you’ll have to teach me your tricks. I wish I could get these people out of my hair and it looks like your my key to accomplishing just that. Arius then nods as the two shakes hands and Bart walks off chomping on the carrot as the camera cuts away. We cut to the pizza making station as we see Bob walk up to Sameer as everyone in the kitchen looks a bit confused as Bob usually walks into the kitchen. Bob: Yo, Sameer my guy. Sheridan was wondering if she could get some help up front. Figured you would be interested. Bob winks at Sameer as Sameer smiles. Sameer seems to be very happy about the offer. Sameer: For sure my guy, thanks for coming to me first. I won’t forget this. Sameer then walks to the front as Bob pats him on the back as it seems Bob and Sameer seem to have a bit more respect for each other after this. The camera then cuts away. We then cut to the walk in as we see Bashka and Smith standing with the camera crew as it seems they were just questioned about what they are doing behind the shop. Smith: Listen all we are doing back there is taking out the trash. I don’t get why you are all making this a huge deal. Like we are just trying to do our jobs. Is it because I am black huh? We then see Smith storm out as Bashka sits there zoning out before realizing Smith left and getting up as he talks. Bashka: Yeah what he said. Bashka then rushes out chasing after Smith. As the camera cuts away as we couldn't seem to get a real answer from either of them. We then cut to the front of the Pizza Place as we see Sameer walk up to Sheridan. Sameer: So I heard you needed some help. Well your saviour is here. We see Sheridan smile as she is glad to see Sameer is the one that came to help. Sheridan: Great, trust me this will be fun. Glad you came out though and not Nathan. Sheridan rolls her eyes at the thought of Nathan. Sameer: Not gonna lie, don’t have much experience with this so you might have to help me out a bit. Sheridan laughs as Sameer looks a bit confused. Sheridan: Well if Toxik can I do trust me I think you’ll be fine. You get that half and I will get this half and when the nights over come meet my at the bar, I have something I want to talk to you about. Sameer smiles as he looks around and the two walk off and get to work. The camera then cuts away as we skip toward the end of the night. We cut to the front of the Pizza Shop as we see Bailey outside smoking a cigarette as he is approached by a young man. Bailey: What’s up, You need some more money or something? Young man: No dad, I am making my own money now. You sure you don’t need any? Bailey shakes his head as the young man looks around for other people. Bailey: Listen son, you know I ain’t any money from my kids ever. Especially with the way you’ve been making it lately Kai. Kai: Yeah I know dad. How’d tonight go? Bailey: Pretty good, got to see Ju-Ju knock out that kid Arrow. Kai laughs imaging Julius knocking out Arrow. Kai: Good ole Ju-Ju. He’s been good to our family for sure. But dad, I was wondering if I could crash at your place tonight. The girl and I got in a fight earlier tonight. Bailey: You didn't hit her right? Bailey looks up hoping for a good answer. Kai: Nah dad, you and ma taught me well. We just got in an argument is all. Bailey: Yeah you can crash at my place. I got to go son. I’ll see you soon, drive safe. The two then hug as Bailey then walks back into the restaurant as Kai walks off. We then cut back inside the Pizza Place as we see what’s left of the staff sitting at the bar. We see Sameer finish cleaning off his last table as he goes and sits next to Sheridan at the bar. Sameer: Hey finally finished up. You know it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Sheridan smiles as she takes a sip of her beer as Meko bring Sameer a beer. Sheridan: Well that’s good maybe you can come help me out some more. Cause who knows if Keeley and Toxik are actually gonna show up tomorrow or any other day for that matter. Sameer laughs as he takes a big sip of his beer as he then becomes a bit more serious. Sameer: So listen I know you had something you want to talk about but I had something I wanted to talk to you about to be honest. Sameer then looks to the bar as he sees Bob giving him a thumbs up as Sameer smiles appreciating the support. Sheridan: Go on I’m listening… Sameer is about to talk as we see a man come in as Sheridan rushes over to him as the two kiss. We see Bob and Sameer look at each other both in shock and confused. The man then walks over and sits with Sheridan and Sameer and introduces himself. Ropati: Hey you must be Sameer, I am Ropati. Sheridan has told me a lot about you. I want to thank you for standing up to that Nathan guy. Sameer and Ropati shake hands as Sameer chugs down the rest of his beer. Sameer: Yeah no problem, so how long have you two been dating? Sheridan and Ropati look at each other and smile as Sheridan begins to talk. Sheridan: About a year now and it’s been great. I can’t see myself with anyone else. The two kiss as Bob rushes over and begins to talk. Bob: Hey Sameer, I need your help with something in the back. Sameer then gets up as he and Bob walk to the back. Before Bob can say anything though Sameer just walks out the back door as he looks to be greatly disappointed. The episode ends as Sameer walks to his car clearly upset.

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