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  1. BOB JAPAN CUP ROUND 2: NIGHT 4 Match One: Purity (Marchel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) vs Bone Soldiers In a great match to start the night, Purity defeated The Bone Soldiers in 15:52 after they were able to put Taiji Ishimori away with the European Bomb. A big win here tonight for Purity as they get off to a great start here in BJPW. Match Two: Toru Yano vs Jeff Cobb In a solid match, Toru Yano defeated Jeff Cobb in 12:24 after managing to put Cobb away with a quick roll up. Another close victory for Yano here tonight but a victory either way as he looks to continue upon his recent momentum. Match Three: Miro vs Tomohiro Ishii In a good match, neither man would win as it would end in a double countout. Both men gave it everything they have and with some outside interference from Kazuchika Okada Miro was not able to get back to the ring in time as Ishii was down. Miro and Okada would even begin to brawl after the match as Okada would lay him out with a Rainmaker. Match Four: BJC Round 2 Match: Shingo Takagi vs BUSHI In a decent match, Shingo Takagi defeated BUSHI in 11:01 after putting him away with a Last of the Dragon. Shingo continues his impressive run so far and at the moment it does not look like anyone can stop him but the longer the tournament goes the harder the competition gets. Main Event: BJC Round 2 Match: Juice Robinson vs Minoru Suzuki In our main event, Minoru Suzuki would defeat Juice Robinson in just 8:35 after making him submit to a Rear Naked Choke. Suzuki has been dominant as of late and it looks as if no one can stop him at the moment. Could Suzuki be the first ever Bob Japan Cup Winner?
  2. First Name: Herbert Last Name: Dan Position: (Center, Left Wing, Right Wing, Right Defenseman, Left Defenseman, Goalie) Nick Name: Staircase Height: 81 inches Weight: 246 lbs Date of Birth: July 4th Nationality: American City of Birth: Dallas Preferred Jersey Number: 87 Right or Light: Right Physical, Non Physical, or Neutral: Physical Player Type: Forwards (Playmaker, Offense Oriented, Two Way, Goal Scorer, Checking, Enforcer) Defenseman (Offensive, Two Way, Defensive) Goalie (Hybrid, Standup, Butterfly) Starting Junior League: Canada ( Western Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) USA (United States Hockey League, NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey) Hidden Attributes: Strengths: Big Games, Adaptability, Loyalty Weaknesses: Intelligence, Sportsmanship (Big Games, Consistency, Adaptability, Greed, Loyalty, Ambition, Sportsmanship, Coachability, Intelligence) Mental Attributes: Strengths: Agression, Bravery Weaknesses: Professionalism (Aggression, Bravery, Determination, Teamplayer, Leadership, Professionalism, Mental Toughness) Physical Attributes: Strengths: Strength, Fighting Weaknesses: Acceleration, Agility (Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Speed, Stamina, Strength, Fighting)
  3. “There is always that one summer that changes you” The summer of 2020 was supposed to be a great one for me at least. My last summer before college, I had big plans. Places to be and people to see. But Corona messed those plans up just as they did for so many other people. So fuck COVID-19, piece of shit. Now I take back my summer, we take back our summer with this diary. Sent off to summer camp, far from the Coronavirus, far from the stupid ass world and politics. A place free from the outside somehow, who will show up though. Now that...that is my question that you will answer for me in just a bit. But before we get into that let’s explain what is going on here. So this will be another Creative Diary of mine to go along with Pizza Place. This diary will serve as something truly different or at least I hope. One of my past projects BPZ Outbreak failed, and the main reason being I had used the exact same people that I had in Pizza Place and it made it feel boring from the jump. This though this will be different, as who you create is really going to drive what I do, and how the story ends up going. Whether your character is a first time camper or a long time camper. Or even on staff here in Campfire Stories I no doubt will be trying to put each of you in the best situation possible for each and every episode in this diary. So let your mind run wild with your character. All I ask is that you don’t just copy a real life person (unless you just want to do yourself that's fine) I want these sign-ups to be straight from your creativity. I can also guarantee you the harder you work on your character the more screen time they will receive. So don’t let anything from the outside world seep in and pollute your mind any further, take a break. Take a trip with me here and sign up for BPZ Campfire Stories and let’s just see what happens. Sign Up Information: Name (with nickname is character has one): Gender (Male or Female): General Physical Description: Role (Camper or Staff): If Camper how many years you been at camp (1-4): Interests: Biggest Fear: Why are you coming to camp? (backstory): What should the name of the Summer Camp be?
  4. BPZ PIZZA PLACE SEASON 3 RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED We just heard from the man himself Bob that Season 3 Episode 1 will air tonight. Fans have been showing their love for Pizza Place as of late craving for more and more content moving forward and then are going to get it here. Bob promised this Season will be just as wild and dramatic as the first two. Whether dealing with love, action, or even mystery Season 3 has it all. Bob is said to have big expectations for the Season moving forward and no doubt this will be watched by fans all over the world. BPZ Pizza Place being back so soon can only be seen as good for fans as they get to continue to invest and watch their favorite characters or stories continue to develop in such a short time. So just as all of you we are exciting and hyped for Season 3 we will see you later today.
  5. Story 28 - Jokemon So this story is going to cover the story some of you know many of you don’t with Jay in Pokemon Showdown. So this was early on before the days of CTC really being a thing. But looking back at it Jay was one of the factors leading up to the formation of the Cut-Throat Crew kind of. I mean it was one of the first things we really did together and it is very similar to how a lot of the things we do go or at least things we talk about. Basically I say or do something dumb like which is pretty common, Hans determines whether to go along with it depending on the level of stupidity, and Sheri gets offended or annoyed at the dumbshit I do. Sometimes I apologize and sometimes I don’t depends on how dumb the thing I did was. Great stable bonding. But in this instance we were playing pokemon more specifically Pokemon Showdown. Just doing battles against some randoms and watching each other. This was Season 4 of the pokemon tournament or Season 5 maybe. Could be completely wrong but we were just “practicing” I guess. Meanwhile also shit talking people when playing them. Then I came across this dude named Jay, and Jay let me tell you was a big ole SIMP. Now I did not know this right away at first until we started to catfish him a bit. So he beat me, and it’s whatever. I do good when it matters in Pokemon not in these battles that mean nothing. Sheridan then began to shit talk me cause that’s just what Sheridan does it seems. So I was like ok then you fight him Sheridan. I wanted to make it fun though so I decided to try and catfished this kid. This was also around the time Sheridan started her “chat mod sons” bullshit so it gave me an idea. So I pretended that Sheridan was my mom and I was just some like innocent 8 year old kid and it actually fucking worked. I started out talking to Jay like, “You remember me? You just beat me.” Dude was like yeah sure. Some generic ass response like that. I then started to work on my plan telling him Sheri was my mom and stuff and he bought it so I kept going with it. Telling Jay that I did not know who my dad was and that Sheridan was a single mother, and once again he bought it. So at this point he started making sexual jokes during the pokemon battle about Sheridan so my goal was complete. Sheridan won the battle since she is “so fucking good” at pokemon. Even though she is not. She will say she destroys me but don’t believe her. Sure she has beaten me more times then I have beaten her but I beat her a couple of times including the replay below. *Cough* *Cough* Bracket Buster *Cough* Cough* https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ou-1105537665 But yeah so eventually Sheridan left the battle clearly not wanting to deal with the whole Jay situation as he was extremely thirsty at this time. I also learned a lot about Jay when I talked to him. He was Black which I congratulated him on, he also is a big fan of super smash bros. I told him I didn’t play it but Sheridan played Smash all the time. I also told him Sheridan “My Mom” said I was too young to play the game as well. But yeah after that I invited him to the discord server which he joined and he talked for a bit but eventually kind of faded out. Jay will also be remembered in my pokemon memories as the man who simped over Sheridan and got catfished by the Cut-Throat Crew. So Rip my man Jay 2020-2020.
  6. Men's Superstar of the Year: Jon Moxley Women's Superstar of the Year: Hikaru Shida Men's Match of the Year: Stadium Stampede Women's Match of the Year: Hikura Shida vs Penelope Ford Men's Rising Star: MJF Women's Rising Star: Britt Baker Best Pay-Per-View: AEW Revolution Most Memorable Moment: Jericho and Tyson Best Feud: MJF and Cody Best Heel/Face Turn: Allie I guess lmao Most Extreme Moment: The whole fucking Darby Allin and PAC match Best Promo: MJF on Cody "Machine Gun promo" Biggest Surprise: Brian Cage debut Best Heel: Chris Jericho Best Face: Jon Moxley
  7. The US and NXT divisions should be merged together under one title.
  8. So Patapon was a game I played all the way back on my PSP. Was very very strange. It was like if Guitar Hero was an action game mixed with a bit of a RPG. Was fun no doubt but it just made you think why is this a game everytime you played it. Was addictive though no doubt and took a while to beat but I ended up doing in the end.
  9. These are a bit different no doubt. But they cool. I love to see people trying new things around here though and this is a good example of that I feel. Now you just got to make a GRV one lmao. But in all seriousness both those two and the Chris Paul edit although very unique are very cool and if this is how you are starting off this thread. Boy I cant wait to see what else you have in store for us.
  10. Let's be honest, is anyone ever really needed in the WWE that badly. They always find a way to build up someone else to fill the role time after time. I mean as of late we have not even seen Roman or Brock and that goes to show the depth that the WWE has. WWE will always find a way to have another star by building them up. Hell even Becky is not around and through that we have seen the reemergence of Asuka and to a degree Sasha Banks. WWE's roster is so large that if they lose one person they won't be hurt and I can guarantee that. Not disrespect to Taker but that is just how the WWE runs.
  11. Can't wait for the WWE to ruin Apollo once again and have him lose here to MVP. Cedric will probably turn heel as well as we are just going to throw the all of the black people together in one stable, cause why not. So yeah meh this match pretty much. Don't care, won't care, never cared. So yeah Apollo Crews gets ruined once again and the real black people pick up the win.
  12. Damn wish I cared at all about this match because to be honest I really don't. Seth Rollins really gonna be wearing an eye patch like way to make him look dumb as fuck. Rey Mysterio should just retire all his storylines have been boring and dull. Everything Rey has been involved in other than the Andrade matches a way back have been garbage and this is just another example of that. Rollins could be doing so much more interesting right now but Rey Mysterio is being dumb as fuck.
  13. I am gonna be honest Alex really do be carrying ROH here no doubt at least so far. He segments and ideas are no doubt the best. Now you just got to get some other people to step up and you will be really on a roll. So c'mon Yelich get the rest of your gang in order. Alex Costa acting like he is Aaron Rodgers right now just get him some help. If you know you know.
  14. RAW was good last night in my books. I mean Big Show and Heath Slater thats an automatic W not gonna lie. But Heath Slater's promo was very good and that whole segment was great even if Heath got squashed. Big Show and the Viking Raiders is an interesting pairing and I like it. Orton killing it as usual and him working with Garza and Andrade was great. IIconics on the show and picking up a win is nice to see. Bayley and Sasha all of there stuff could care less about to be honest. United States title is aight I guess don't know how I feel about that design completely yet. But in the end there were more positives than negatives here so I am gonna saw RAW was good last night overall for me at least.
  15. Always liked my more wacky promos and this one with Sheridan for sure fits with that. Alot of my ones leading to my match with Yelich were some of my favorites and of course the one with Alice. But I think this one went very well and was probably my favorite one to write no doubt.
  16. My boy Tim Tebow. He probably already has one but an updated one would be cool. Cover the incredible year he had with the Broncos and all of the insane comebacks. Then go onto how the Jets ruined his career and his transition to the MLB. Also he is a good christian boy so no doubt his relationship with god and all of that would be cool to see as well.
  17. BOB JAPAN CUP ROUND 2: NIGHT 3 Match One: Yujiro Takahashi & Gabriel Kidd vs Kazuchika Okada & Shota Umino In a solid match, Kazuchika Okada and Shota Umino defeated Yujiro Takahashi and Gabriel Kidd in 14:58 after Kazuchika Okada defeated Gabriel Kidd with a Rainmaker. A solid match to start the night and Okada gets a bit of momentum back after his loss to Toru Yano. Match Two: Miro vs Jeff Cobb In a very good match, Miro defeated Jeff Cobb in 17:32 after Miro was able to make Jeff Cobb submit to the Accolade. A big win here for Miro in his first match here in BJPW. Match Three: Jay White vs Luke Gallows In a solid match, Jay White defeated Luke Gallows in 15:21 after he was able to pick up the win with a quick roll up. Karl Anderson would then rush the ring after the match as both Gallows and Anderson would attack Jay White laying him out. Anderson holding his United States title high. Match Four: BJC Round 2 Match: Yuji Nagata vs KENTA In a great match, KENTA defeated Yuji Nagata in 16:21 after putting him away with Go 2 Sleep. A big win here for KENTA as he now moves onto the next round of the Bob Japan Cup and looks to go all the way now. Match Five: YOH vs WALTER In a good match, WALTER defeated YOH in 12:43 after putting him away with a Powerbomb. WALTER continues to make strides here in BJPW picking up yet another win here tonight and moving onto the next round of the Bob Japan Cup. After the match we would then see WALTER stand in the ring with a smirk as we would see if joined by none other than Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. The three would stand tall together as we might have a new force in BJPW on our hands.
  18. BOB JAPAN CUP ROUND 2: NIGHT 2 Match One: Roppongi 3K vs Taichi and DOUKI In a great match, Roppongi 3K defeated Taichi & DOUKI in 13:51 after SHO defeated DOUKI with a Shock Arrow. SHO has been on a roll lately and this only goes onto show this even more helping his team pick up the win here tonight. Match Two: Juice Robinson vs Zack Sabre Jr. In a very solid match, Juice Robinson defeated Zack Sabre Jr. in 17:08 after Robinson was able to squeeze by Sabre Jr with a quick roll up. Similar to his match with Moxley Robinson was just able to pick up the win here, the question is will he be able to do this to another Suzuki-Gun member in two nights time in his BJC Round 2 match against Minoru Suzuki. Match Three: WALTER vs Yujiro Takahashi In a short match, WALTER defeated Yujiro Takahashi in just 3:41 after putting him away with a Powebomb. Another dominant win here for WALTER as he continues to build momentum in his hot start here in BJPW. Match Four: BJC Round 2 Match: Karl Fredricks vs Hiroshi Tanahashi In an average match, Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Karl Fredricks in 12:03 after putting Tanahashi was able to put away Fredricks with a High Fly Flow. A good expected win for Tanahashi here as he moves onto round three of the Bob Japan Cup. Main Event: BJC Round 2 Match: Toru Yano vs Kazuchika Okada In what was an interesting match between two Chaos members, Toru Yano defeated Kazuchika Okada in 15:29 by count out. Yano would handcuff Okada to the stands before he was swarmed by fangirls. Okada would be swarmed by the girls as Yano made his way back to the ring celebrating. Picking up his biggest upset so far in BJPW. After the match we would see Okada finally make his way back to the ring clearly upset with himself for losing here tonight even if it was to one of his friends in Toru Yano. Okada would be in the ring alone, nothing more than the screams of the few fan girls allowed in the arena. Eventually though we see him joined as a video package begins to play. It’s Miro! Miro is here in BJPW! As he begins to talk he asks Okada if he likes to play games because that is what it seems like to him. He would then invite Okada to play with him in a few weeks time at BJPW Revolution. Okada would laugh before bowing his head seemingly accepting the match. We would then see Miro smile as his video cuts off and the night comes to an end.
  19. AEW Road to Double Or Nothing Episode 1: “Forever and Ever” We kick off the Road to Double or Nothing by taking a step back, we look at AEW Forever Female which was a huge success for the company. It has already got fans buzzing hoping for an AEW Forever Female Two in the future. The event saw some big moments for the women not only in AEW but for each and everyone of them who competed. The night had some huge moments, like the big main event match with Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix, the surprising Casino Battle Royal win for Kylie Rae, but none were bigger than the debut of Ronda Rousey here in All Elite Wrestling! Although her plans for the future in AEW are unknown at this time she has been confirmed to be a part of the roster moving forward. As a result of Forever Female we have already seen a big match made to determine who will challenge Kylie Rae at All Out in a match that will determine the AEW Womens Champion. In this match to determine the opponent for Kylie Rae it will be Awesome Kong, Beth Phoenix and Zoe Lucas. All three women deserving of an opportunity at the title and will no doubt get that opportunity come Double Or Nothing. The second match coming as a result will be a match between two of the newer AEW female superstars in All Elite Wrestling in Daria Deville and Bea Priestley. These two women were taking it to each other in the Casino Battle Royal turning a lot of heads here in All Elite Wrestling and their seemingly quickly red hot rivalry is going to be addressed as they will go at it at Double or Nothing in what should be a hell of a match. The episode then transitions as we see MJF appear on our screens. MJF has had no shortage of moments here in AEW so far, having a face down with wrestling legend Bully Ray, and being confronted by Ronda Rousey at AEW Forever Female. The young wrestler is already making a name for himself in the wrestling world and is back on our screens now. He begins to talk addressing not only Ronda Rousey but the sudden backlash from wrestling legends. “You know Ronda Rousey is a bad bitch I will give her that. Baddest Bitch on the planet though I don’t know if that’s really her, after all I am pretty sure it’s Amanda Nunes. That though that is not my main concern, I ain’t walking around her acting like I am some person messed up in the mind blinding me to what is in between my legs. I can assure you it is hard to miss. But I have all these old washed up has beens popping up on my social media telling me I am doing it all wrong. I need to learn some respect before they put it into me. People like Lex Luger, I’m sorry Lex I am not the one who has to inject things into myself and beat up and drug women to get over. People like Mark Henry, telling me I am too full of myself. Okay Mr. Sexual Choclate why don’t you go fuck another 80 year old with your WWE pals. Oh and of course who seems to be my biggest fan lately, Bully Ray. Now Bully let’s be honest Impact Wrestling, TNA or whatever the fuck is irrelevant. Always has been always will be. You want to know who caused that? You, that’s the answer. You see it’s been proven that you can’t lead a company into the future but MJF well he damn sure can. I have already made a bigger mark on this industry than you did on your own. Oh and unless you have some 3D vision, you are not even able to come close to seeing my level of relevance. You want a match though, fine I’ll kick your ass. Me and you Bully, at Double or Nothing what do you say Bub?” We then see the scene shift away from MJF as we get set for our spotlight segment of the night. MJF sat there with a grin clearly happy with what he had to say here tonight. The episode then rolls on as we are already off to a great start in just the first episode. We now get set for our Spotlight Segment as we will look into the newest AEW signings the female aussie tandem known as the IIconics. The two made a grand debut taking down the Blossom twins at AEW Forever Female. Both Jessie Mckay and KC Cassidy were outstanding in this match and have high expectations for the future here in All Elite Wrestling. Although a bit of a different unique way of thinking here in All Elite Wrestling a 2 on 1 odds is always better when you can get it and around the world the IIconics have made that true. It should be nice to see what the future holds for these two lifelong best friends moving forward here in All Elite Wrestling as they clearly have friends backstage in the company. As the scene shifts we see none other than Kurt Angle sitting in front of us. Angle made his big return to the ring at AEW All In taking down Chris Jericho in the process. He has a smile on his face as he begins to talk about his return and his role in All Elite Wrestling. He would go on to say that he is looking to make All Elite Wrestling something really special. Something people make sure to keep an eye on. If he has to be the first ever AEW World Champion then that is what he has to do and that is what he will do. He promises that whoever wins that Casino Battle Royal will have no easy test as Angle is going to give it everything he has leading up to AEW All Out. He would also say he does not want an easy road though as he wants a match at AEW Double or Nothing. So whoever wants to step up and have a match with him, is more than welcome to. Whether it be a young gun or a bitter veteran anyone is welcome to step up. The scene would then cut away as we roll on with the episode. We see a doctor appear on our screen as he begins to talk with us about the injury suffered by Cody at AEW All In. He says how the shot to the head gave Cody a severe concussion and if the chair had been a few inches over could have resulted in permanent brain damage for the “American Nightmare”. Luckily though that was not the case. He would go on to say that due to this injury Cody will be unable to compete at AEW Double or Nothing due to this injury. A sad day for Cody fans and Cody himself as he will no doubt be missed with Cody not being able to compete at what will be AEW’s biggest show yet. The first episode of AEW The Road to Double or Nothing would then come again as we got some match announcements, an injury update, and a better understanding of some of the AEW superstars here today. We will have to look out for who will answer the challenge of Kurt Angle along with finding out how Bully Ray will answer MJF. All Elite Wrestling still has plenty of things to look forward to here and we are glad you are on this ride with us.
  20. PATRICK MAHOMES 10 Year/ 503 Million Dollar Deal Uhhhh what the fuck. The article is linked down below but I am just going to give my thoughts on it. This is insane. Mahomes no doubt is the best player in the league and deserves to be payed like it but this contract is insane. It is going to completely transform the market in the NFL. Players are going to be making tons of more money now and this deal is like nothing we have ever seen before. I mean the Cheifs are going to be good for a long time, with dishing all of this money out thought it might be harder to build around him in the future. This is scary for me because I dont want to give Josh Allen even 30 million when his contract comes up and now with Mahomes getting 50 million that does not even look like a big amount to any quarterback if someone is getting payed 50 million a year. What ill be interesting to see if how Dak Prescott does now. Are the Cowboys finna give him 50 million? https://www.tmz.com/2020/07/06/patrick-mahomes-contract-10-years-kansas-city-chiefs-nfl-qb/
  21. Well it depends on the topic I guess but overall I guess I could break this into two topics, one being wrestling related and the other being all the dumb shit that I say lmao. So for wrestling related it's for sure FDS, Alex Costa, and I'd throw Gwyn/Yelich/Meko in there at number two. I usually say dumb shit about NJPW but they seem to put up with my bs which is lovely. Can't forget about my weekly conversations with Arrow and Jo Nathan when we watch Smackdown though those are great. For dumb shit an just general stuff, it's gotta be my CTC pals our group chat has been heavily affected from things ranging to TEW to how shit of a cook Sheridan is. Fun times for sure. Outside of CTC though I would say Gunner, Slim, and Flynn. Slim and Gunner are usally about forums related stuff where Flynn and I just talk about life alot. So yeah that would be my answer although a bit complex.

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