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    Slim vs The Bailey Sameer vs Bob Sparks vs Smith Hans vs Julius FDS vs Mikey KENJI (C) vs Brad- CRW World Championship
  3. BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 3 The episode kicks off as we see Brenden back in Sameer’s apartment. He seems to be alone however as Sameer is nowhere to be seen. He is just sitting there watching another painful 76ers game as they are once again getting blown out. This time by the Charlotte Hornets. Brenden sits on the couch a bit upset as we hear a knock on the front door. Brenden gets up a bit confused as he has no clue who would be knocking this late at night. Sameer was gonna be out for the rest of the night as he had picked up a night shift at the local Walmart to bring in some cash. Brenden looks through the peephole and Sheri is standing there masquara staining her face as she has clearly been crying. Why would she come and see Sameer though, why him out of everyone? Brenden: What the hell? Is that Sheri, she does not look in good shape. Brenden quickly opens the door as Sheri looks at him in shock. No one in the Pizza Place has seen Brenden for a while now as Sheri just looks at him confused. The feeling is mutual as Brenden looks at Sheri with the masquara pouring down her face, her hair frizzy and over the place, and she keeps grabbing at her shoulder for some reason. Sheridan: Brenden, what are you doing here? I was expecting to see Sameer, is he home? Brenden shakes his head no as they two just look at each other confused, both in rough shape, both in their own ways. Brenden motions for her to come in as the two sit on the couch as the two begin to talk about what is going on here and why they are both at Sameer’s. Brenden: Well I was not really expecting company tonight but I guess now that you’re here you deserve an answer on why I kind of disappeared from all of you. So yeah me and Keeley got into a fight earlier this week about some feminism bullshit so I am chilling with Sameer for a few days and lying low for a bit. I am letting the tension between me and Keeley cool off for now at least. Sheridan looks at him and grins a bit as she is a bit of a femisnisnt herself but she decides it is not worth the argument as she lets it slide. Sheridan then takes a look around the apartment as it is a bit of a mess. She then eventually begins to talk. Sheridan: Well I guess I should tell you why I am here then. So I know that you’re not a big fan of office romance but me and Sameer have been talking for a while and things are actually going pretty good. Now I know I am engaged to Ropati at the moment but to be honest I don’t think he is the one. Sameer he, he is just different. Sameer is nice to me, and I think that he genuinely cares about me. Where Ropati honestly only thinks of me as a toy, if he did not have all of that money believe me I would be long gone by now. So yeah I know that Sameer is friends with you and this is probably a bit weird to hear but I am just telling you what’s going on. Brenden looks at her a bit shocked but he smiles. That goes away pretty quick though as Brenden looks a bit upset as he looks at Sheridan once again. He looks at the masquara all down her face and how she keeps grabbing her shoulder over and over. Brenden: Okay listen Sheridan, I want you to be honest with me. Before you came here, did...did Ropati hurt you? Is this the one who did this to you? Sheridan begins to cry as Brenden pulls her close as she rests her head on his chest. Sheridan continues to cry for a fair bit of time before she eventually begins to get some words out, as she talks about what happened between her and Ropati earlier that night. Sheridan: We..we went out for a few drinks at the local bar like we do every friday night you know. But something was different tonight...he was angry. We got home and he started calling me awful things and he started to throw things. He then grabbed my arm and I tried to pull away but he pulled on my arm not letting me away from him. I heard my shoulder pop and that is when I started to cry. He kept yelling and I fell to the ground he then dragged me to the bedroom… Brenden then cuts Sheridan off as he can’t bear to hear anymore. Brenden and Sheri just hug for a while as Sheri is bawling her eyes out and we see some tears even roll down Brenden’s face as he can’t even imagine someone he is that close to being hurt like that. Brenden: Sheri, I am so sorry that asshole did that to you. I might have something that helps soothe your pain though. It has always helped me out a bit, well we can’t tell any of the staff about that but me and Sameer do this all the time and it makes for a great time. Really makes you forget about the bad shit if you know what I mean. We see Brenden reach into a cabinet in the kitchen and pull out a bong. Sheridan looks at him and smiles. The two then take turns as we see both of their moods lifted a bit but everything changes when Brenden leans in and kisses Sheridan! Sheridan though doesn't push him away instead she pulls him closer. The two would begin to make out on the couch but Brenden would stop for a second as he thinks about what he is doing. Brenden would look over at the wall as he sees a picture of Sameer on the wall but instead of stopping he takes off his shirt as the two head off to Sameer’s bedroom. Brenden and Sheridan would spend the rest of the night in that room with Sheridan leaving before Sameer came home in the morning. Everything would seem normal too, well until the secret was spilled but Keeley who ended up finding out later on. As the cameras cut away we suddenly see Brenden wake up in his prison bed covered in sweat and extremely stressed out. Brenden would just lay there staring at the ceiling thinking about what he did that night and thinking about what would have happened if he never answered that door? Would he still have a friend in Sameer? Would his wife still be alive and happy? The cameras then cut away as Brenden is left with his thoughts. We hear a school bell ring as we see Arrow walking in the hallways heading to his first class. He is not alone though as he is walking with Paris. The two are holding hands as it seems for the first time ever the kids at school are noticing them. The kids though are giving them dirty looks as they head to class. Arrow gets a bit upset by this but as he looks over at Paris she is just laughing. Arrow: You seem to be in a good mood for 7:30 in the morning, what’s so funny? Paris looks at Arrow as she smiles, Arrow smiles back as it seems like Arrow is finally enjoying his time in High School. At least for the first time in a long time. Arrow clenches on to Paris’ hand a bit more and it is clear why as we see Icon, Akki, and Mikey walking toward them. Paris: Don’t worry about them Arrow. They aren't going to do anything to you here. Plus I don’t think they want Julius coming after them anytime soon. Well then again I am first in line in kicking all 3 of their asses if they come after you again. Arrow smiles as he doesn't even notice that the cliq walked past him without saying a word. Arrow looks a bit shocked as him and Arrow keep on walking around the hallways of the school. Arrow and Paris would kiss before he dropped her off for her art class as he would head off to math in what has been a great start to his day. The cameras then cut away as we cut to later in the day as the Pizza Place is close to opening. We cut to inside the Pizza Place as we see the staff sitting there as Bailey has called a meeting before the shop opens. Bailey looks to be changing things up a bit as he the staff seems to be a bit confused by this as they don’t really hold meetings. Well up until the incident at least. Bailey: Well I'm gonna be straight up with you all. Brenden let a lot of shit slide when he was in charge here with all this drama bullshit. Well guess what we are going to change that. So if you have an issue come to me and we will handle it together. We are a family here and we are going to be that way for as long as I am in charge. So get to know your co workers cause shit around here is going to change. And it is going to change for the better. We then see the staff look around at eachitget as Bailey walks back to the kitchen. Everyone seems to be handling this well. Well until the camera cuts over to Bart. We just seem him looking out the window. He just stares off into the distance as he was unaware of everything that Bailey had said. We then cut to later in the day as the Pizza Place is now open. We see Sheridan serving tables alone. Well that is till Sameer walks out and helps her. This time though he did not volunteer as Bailey forced him to. Sameer clearly doesn't look happy as Sheridan walks up to him with a grin. Sheridan: Hey, Sameer glad you could help out. I know things between us aren't great but I'm glad you are still willing to help me out. Sameer looks at her as he looks pissed off. Sameer just looks at her as he begins to let Sheri know how he truly feels once again. Sameer: Listen I didn't come out here because I wanted to ok. Lets get that straight. Bailey made me come out here because of his anti drama campaign he has going on. I would be happy to sit in the back and watch you struggle. Cause you know what you deserve to struggle you hoe. This is why Ropati beats you and you'll never be more than a one night stand to not only Brenden but to me as well. Sheridan just looks at Sameer as we see some tears start to roll down her face as she looks like she is about to break down again. She then storms off as she goes back to waiting tables. Sameer stands there but this time he seems to be feeling a bit regretful of what he said. The cameras then cut away as Sameer is looking at Sheridan almost in a blank stare before he focuses back up and walks off. We then cut to the First Class Express as we see them driving around. The night is almost over as they only have one delivery left. Hans though looks at the delivery address and is confused. Hans: BiC I don't know if this is the right address. It takes us down to the cemetery. You think this is some sort of prank or something by the guys in the kitchen. BiC then looks over at Hans and the address and sees what he is talking about. He looks at Hans who is scared as he just smiles. He then begins to talk as Hans looks a bit surprised at Hans being so calm about this. BiC: Nah we good. Look Bailey said he didn't want none of that drama going around the workplace anymore. So this has got to be real. If we see anything fishy from the distance we will just drive past alright. Everything will be alright. We see Hans and BiC keep driving for a bit as they eventually come near the graveyard. They look for a bit as they eventually see a cross burning in the back. Hans and BiC just look at each other as they keep driving. Hans: Well I never knew the KKK were fans of Pizza… As Hans and BiC drive off we see the cameras zoom into toward the cross as we see a group of men sitting under it. Toxik is with them! Toxik: Sorry about the wait guys, the Pizza should be here soon. Just hope youre ready to kill the ones who deliver it. The cameras then cut away as we cut away as we slowly fade away from the burning cross that is alone their is the pitch black of the graveyard. A bit of a weird night for the Pizza Place but then again is there every really a normal night at BPZ Pizza? We cut to a new scene that we haven't seen before we are in Julius’ home as he seems to be in his attic. Julius is digging around looking for something. Julius pushes a box over frustrated as he looks back and taped to the bottom of the box is a picture. Well a part of a picture. He takes a look at the ripped picture as we see a young girl with an arm around her shoulder. We can’t see who the guy in the photo is but we can assume it’s Julius. Julius smiles as he looks at the photo and then looks up. It seems as if Julius is thinking about something serious and he seems to be very excited because of it. Julius then walks off as the cameras cut to the Pizza Place. We cut back to the Pizza Place as everyone is heading home. Sameer is about to head out the front door when he hears Bailey call from behind him. Sameer turns around a bit annoyed as he has had a long day but Bailey's his friend and boss at the moment so he listens to him. Bailey: Sameer hold up I need to talk to you for a second. Come on, let’s go and talk in the back. Just like old times alright. Bailey and Sameer walk to the back as we see them step into the phones room as they enter the room Sameer sees Sheridan and immediately tries to turn around but Bailey stops him as Sameer is clearly upset. He sits down as Bailey sits in the doorway looking down on the two of them. Bailey: Listen I know that things between you two have not been great as of late. With Sheri being a bit of a hoe and you Sameer not gonna lie being a bit of a dick. Now I don’t care if you two don’t get along outside of work. But when you two are here I need you two on the same page okay. Cause I got guys like Arrow and Toxik who need a good example to follow. Sameer looks at Bailey as he has a annoyed grin on his face. Bailey looks back at him with a stern look as he is tired of the bullshit between the two of them. Bailey though takes it another step as he talks once again. Bailey: Now Sameer, I know Sheridan has already apologized to you multiple times only to get shut down and attacked by you. But I am not allowing that tonight. Sameer I want you to apologize to Sheridan right now! Sameer looks at Sheridan and Bailey as he just laughs. He realizes that he is not going to get home anytime soon if he doesn't so he ends up sucking it up as he begins to talk. Sameer: Sheri, I know I have been hard on you lately and for that I am sorry. I wish that you had not done what you did but I understand that we can’t change the past. Sameer then looks up to Bailey as Bailey nods. He then moves out of the way as Sameer leaves. Sheridan stands up as she looks at Sameer as he leaves as she seemed to be excepting some sort of hug or something. Bailey laughs at her as the two finish closing up the shop as the camera cuts away to a new scene. We cut to about 30 minutes later as Sheridan and Bailey have finally finished closing the shop and are now making their way out as we see none other than Ropati waiting in the parking lot for Sheridan and he once again does not look happy. Ropati: What the hell Sheridan? Why took you so goddamn long? I’m just trying to give you this dick but you took two goddamn hours than usual. And you know what I am going to do because of this. It’s going to be a long night for you. Bailey looks at Sheridan as he tells her to go back inside. Sheridan does as Ropati is furious and walks up to Bailey on the porch and gets in his face. Ropati: You got a problem bro. You trying to take my girl or something. Cause if you are I am gonna kick your ass right here right now. Bailey looks at Ropati and laughs as he clearly is not afraid of Ropati. Bailey then looks back at Ropati smiling at him. Bailey then begins to talk as Roapti spits on him. Bailey: Listen you piece of shit. You beat your girl and you spit in my face. You started something your weak ass cant handle. You might as well bend over now. Bailey then punches Ropati in the gut over and over backing him up as Ropati goes to answer with a punch but Bailey keeps beating him down. Ropati is pissed as he is swinging wild. Barely begins to talk to Ropati as he is swinging. Bailey: C’mon man I thought you were better than this. Oh wait this is just with women right? Ropati has heard enough as he goes to punch Bailey but Bailey ducks and Suplexes Ropati through the Pizza Place’s front window. We hear Sheridan scream in the background as Bailey hops through the broken window and continues to pummel away on Ropati. Bailey eventually stops as he stops once more. Bailey: If you ever touch her again I will fucking kill you. You hear me! Bailey then slams Ropati’s head on the floor knocking him out cold. Bailey gets up and looks at Sheridan before walking off. Sheridan sits there speechless as the episode comes to an end. Another episode of BPZ Pizza in the books and we still have some much we don't know.
  4. Styles Black Baszler Kushida The Fiend
  5. Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee Cody Rhodes (C) vs Ricochet - WWE Intercontinental Championship Becky Lynch (C) vs Mandy Rose - WWE Womens Championship The Revival (C) vs Undisputed Era - Smackdown Tag Team Championships Bray Wyatt vs John Cena Dijak (C) vs Cedric Alexander - WWE United States Championship Adam Cole (C) vs Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles - WWE Championship Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe - King Of The Ring Finals
  6. ALL ELITE WRESTLING Welcome back to AEW as we have another huge night planned for you. We will hear a huge announcement relating to the AEW Tag Division tonight. We will also see tons of surprises and debuts tonight. We will also see some fan favorites in Becky Lynch and Samoa Joe in action tonight. So we have another great night planned, let’s get right into it. We are heading straight into action tonight as we will see Becky Lynch take on Rhea Ripley in a battle of some of AEW’s best women. Becky Lynch made a claim last week that she was going to run through this division let’s see if she can live up to that though. Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley In an excellent match, Becky Lynch would defeat Rhea Ripley after making her tap out to the Dis-Arm-Her. Ripley would have some good spots her though as she took what many are calling AEW’s top women to her limit. We would see Becky Lynch celebrate in ring after the match. After the match we see Becky Lynch in the ring celebrating with the crowd when we see 2 women rush the ring and attack Lynch from behind! It’s Fire & Desire! Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are here in AEW and they have wasted little time going after AEW’s top women! The two women keep beating down Lynch with both women eventually hitting their finishers. The two women are booed loudly by the crowd as we see them celebrate in the ring. Fire & Desire are here and they have already made their mark here in AEW on their first night. What does this mean for the AEW Women’s Division now that Fire & Desire are here? We then cut to a commercial break as Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville celebrate in the ring. We came back from a commercial break to see Sami Zayn in the ring as the crowd is cheering for him. Sami is annoyed by this though as he clearly does not want the fans or he feels that he does not need their support. Sami Zayn then waits in the ring for his opponent! We eventually hear the music play as we see Rusev make his way to the ring! Another big name is here in AEW as the crowd cheers. Sami Zayn looks a bit in shock in the ring as the match begins between the two men. Sami Zayn vs Rusev In a good match, Rusev defeated Sami Zayn with a Machka Kick. Rusev looked pretty dominant here as Sami only had a few moments where he looked like he could have won. Sami looks a bit lost in the ring as the crowd cheers him they clearly want the old Sami back but will Sami give it to them, or will he continue on his downward trend as of late? We then cut backstage as we see James Storm in the locker room as he has the night off to help heal up after his loss from last week. Storm then looks over to his left as we hear the door open as he smiles. The camera pans over as we see Bobby Roode! The two hug it out as it seems like we have a new team here in AEW as Beer Money is back together again. This time though they are in All Elite Wrestling. As we cut back to the ring we see Broken Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin in the ring as we are set for singles action. Both men making their debut matches here in AEW as both would love to start off with a win here tonight. Broken Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin In a somewhat quick match, Broken Matt Hardy would defeat Shelton Benjamin would a Twist of Fate. The crowd and Hardy would celebrate the victory after the match as Matt Hardy starts off his AEW career with a win as he looks to keep it rolling from here. We then cut to the commentary team as they announce that a Tag Team Tournament will be held to decide the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions at AEW’s next PPV Event. It will feature the teams such as; War Machine, the Kings of Wrestling, and the reunited Beer Money. In what should be a great tournament we look forward to it and the classics it will produce. As we cut to the ring it is time for our main event match as it will be Samoa Joe vs PCO. In what should be a matchup of two absolute machines. Samoa Joe came out last week with a dominant win last week will Joe build on that or will PCO be to much. Samoa Joe vs PCO In a good match, Samoa Joe defeated PCO after making him pass out to the Coquina Clutch. Both men got a fair bit on offense in here as it was an absolute brawl. Samoa Joe though would get the job done as he would end up getting PCO is the Coquina Clutch and making him pass out. Joe now moves to 2-0 as PCO starts off his AEW career with a loss. We then cut backstage as we see Sami Zayn walking backstage distraught. We then see him grin as someone approaches him. It’s Kevin Owens! Sami just looks at him and laughs. Kevin just ignores this as he begins to talk. Kevin: What has been going on with you lately Sami? This whole new attitude I get it your trying to stick out and everything, but let’s be honest, it just is not working. We want the old Sami back, give it to us. Give us the good Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn looks at Kevin Owens and thinks for a second. He then walks off without saying a word. Kevin Owens smiles though as he seems to have struck a chord with Sami here tonight. The camera then cuts to the ring as it is time to find out who this major signing for AEW is. The crowd waits in anticipation as we wait to see who AEW’s biggest signing to date is. Who could it be, who is going to be the new face of All Elite Wrestling? We then hear the music hit as the crowd goes insane! It’s John Cena! John Cena is in All Elite Wrestling! Cena makes his way to the ring as he begins to talk. The crowd cheers as he takes it in before talking. The crowd begins to settle down as he finally gets the chance to talk. Cena: Well this is a bit different, isn't it. But different is good, and this… I mean it just feels good. John Cena and All Elite Wrestling a match made in heaven. Trust me when I say I am all in with All Elite Wrestling and I am here to stay! The crowd cheers but that quickly changed as we hear the music of the Miz play as Cena just smiles as he looks up to the ramp as he see the Miz and Maryse appear. We then see Miz stand on the ramp as he claps slowly making his way down to the ring. Suddenly we see EC3 and MJF attack Cena from behind! The Miz is just seen laughing as he then slides into the ring as the 3 start to beat down Cena as Maryse cheers them on. The 3 take turns hitting their finishers as the Miz ends it will a Skull Crushing Finale. The 4 then stand in the ring together as the Miz can be seen shouting that this is their show. AEW’s new top talent as just been laid out by the hWo and it seems like the hWo has full control in AEW now as it seems like nothing can stop them. The show then cuts off with the hWo standing tall in the ring over Cena as the crowd boos.
  7. EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING EPW is back live from Chicago, Illonois as we are here in front of a packed house tonight. We are about to witness the aftermath of the EPW Battle Lines PPV. We will hear from the Elite tonight and Prince Devitt after he turned on Team Christian the other night. We will also hear from the first ever EPW North American Bobby Lashley. Lastly we will see a triple threat match between Kenny Omega, The Rock, and Chrisitan to decide the next challenger for Edge’s World Heavyweight Title. So we have a big night planned, let’s get right into it. We cut the show off as we see the Elite make their way to the ring. The crowd boos them furiously as they just laugh at them. Omega, Devitt, and The Bucks stand in the ring mocking the crowd as they seem unstoppable at the moment. Kenny stands in the ring with a mic as the Elite stand and strut around the ring with all the confidence in the world. Omega: I’ll keep this short, and I will keep this sweet. In fact maybe a little too sweet. But the question that everyone is asking is why Prince, why? Well I can tell you that one. You see it’s pretty easy to figure out. Devitt was sick of being seen as just a midcard guy that would never amount to anything in EPW! But now, now none of you can stop talking about him. He is the hottest guy in this company right now, and he is with the hottest faction in the world right now. Speaking of the Elite, what do we want? What is next for us? Well here it is, we want the gold. In fact we want ALL OF THE GOLD!!! So Edge, Painful Perfection, and Bobby Lashley. Watch your backs and keep those titles warm cause the Elite are coming. The Elite are taking over EPW! Kenny then flips the mic as the Elite remain in the ring as Prince Devitt has a match up next. Devitt will take on Sweet Papi Sanchez as it will be his first match in the Elite as he looks to pick up a win here tonight in Chicago! We see Sweet Papi Sanchez make his way to the ring as the bell rings and the match is underway as Prince Devitt with the Elite in his corner look to finish it quick. Sweet Papi Sanchez vs Prince Devitt In a short match, Prince Devitt would defeat Sweet Papi Sanchez as he would beat him with a Coup de Grace. Prince Devitt would look good here as the Elite would celebrate in the ring afterward. The Elite are off to a great start here and look to continue it later as Omega looks to win the Main Event tonight and become the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. We cut backstage as we see Ronda Rousey backstage in the locker room as she is talking with some backstage personal when we see Candice La Rae walk up to her. Rousey looks a bit in shock for a second but La Rae holds out her hand. The two shake hands as it seems Rousey is starting to gain some respect here in EPW. We cut back from commercial as we are set for tag team action. The Club will take on Rocking Skies as both teams look to move up the ranks in the tag division here. The Club have been dominant since arriving in EPW and look to keep their winning streak going. The Club vs Rocking Skies In a nice match, The Club would defeat Rocking Skies after Gallows defeated Rocky Romero with a big boot. The Club continue their dominant ways as the could be next in line for a tag team title shot against Painful Perfection. We then cut to a commercial break. As we come back from a commercial break, we cut backstage as we see Bobby Lashley with the North American Championship. Lashley just sits there holding his title high as he does not say a word. Lashley seems to be taking a new approach as he is more focused on kicking ass then cutting a promo at the moment. The EPW Womens Champion is set to face yet another opponent as Rebecca Knox gets an opportunity to prove herself against EPW’s top women. Maryse has been dominant throughout her title reign and looks to keep that going here tonight. Maryse vs Rebecca Knox In a good match, Rebecca Knox defeated Maryse after pinning her with a quick roll up. The crowd is in shock as Rebecca Knox picked up the win. Maryse is furious in the ring as Knox celebrates her upset win. We see Knox in the ring as Maryse rolls to the outside clearly upset as she begins to walk up the ramp. After the match, Maryse would run down to the ring and start beating Knox down! Maryse clearly is furious with her loss her tonight as she is taking it out on Knox. We see her hit Knox with a French Kiss leaving her down in the ring. Maryse stands over Knox raising her title high making a statement that despite the loss this is still her division. In tonight’s Main Event we will find out who will become the #1 Contender for the EPW World Heavyweight Title in a battle of some of EPW’s best. The Rock, Omega, and Christian all compete tonight as one will get the right to challenge Edge for the World Title at Holiday Havoc. EPW World Title #1 Contenders Match: Christian vs The Rock vs Omega In a great match, Kenny Omega would defeat The Rock and Christian after he beat Chrisitan with V-Trigger. We would see the Young Bucks come to the ring and distract Christian allowing Omega to catch him off guard and pick up the win. It will be Kenny Omega vs Edge for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship at Holiday Havoc! We end the show off as The Elite celebrate in the ring as they are one step closer to accomplishing their goal of capturing all the Gold in EPW.
  8. Name: Wilbur Watson Nickname: Wild Age: 82 Height: 5'4" Weight: 300 lbs Hometown: Harlem Backstory: Wilbur has been a sex addict since the age of 4. Grabbing girls on the playground as early as the 1st grade. Wilbur would continue the trend having around 60 children will all different women. Wilbur had a big influence in the sex trafficking in America. Wilbur is still getting as much pussy as he can get at the age of 82 as he is called wild for a reason. Crime Committed: Rape, Sex Trafficking, and Shop Lifting
  9. BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 2 BPZ Pizza is back as we see Brenden now in a prison uniform as he is being escorted to his cell. He looks around at the other prisoners who are laughing at him and making hand gestures at him that scare him a bit. Brenden though keeps moving along with 2 officers that are escorting him. Eventually he reaches his cell and a man is sitting on the bunk bed on the bottom bed. Brenden enters the cell as the officers close the door behind him. Brenden then stands in the cell looking down at the man before he begins to speak. Brenden: Hey there, names Brenden. Nice to meet you. The man looks at Brenden with a straight face as Brenden pulls his hand away. Brenden then falls back to the wall as the man stands up. The man continues to move toward Brenden eventually pressing him up against the wall. The man then looks at Brenden who is scared to death of the man at the moment and begins to laugh. Brenden looks shocked. The man then backs away before he begins to talk. Slim: You should have seen the look on your face, man. I mean you looked like you were just ready to take this dick. Don’t worry though I ain’t like that. Names Slim, and just a word of advice I won’t walk around here all cheery and happy unless you want an extra hard scrub in the showers. Brenden looks a Slim now with a straight face as Slim just laughs at him once again. Brenden seems to be confused as he is trying to seem a bit more upset. Slim then eventually stops laughing and looks at Brenden with a smirk on his face. Slim: Ok that’s better but you can loosen up a bit. I just want you not to walk around here acting like your gay or something. Cause if you walk out there with a big ole smile on your face. Sooner rather than later one of the big boys is gonna grab you and make you feel like a gay boy. Brenden grins a bit as we see the guards come around as it is time for dinner. Brenden seems to have made a friend in prison so far and he seems to be doing fine, at least for now. Brenden and Slim walk out of the cell together as the camera cuts away to a new scene. We cut back to the Pizza Place as the staff has decided to come together for a group meeting at the Pizza Place. After the events the other day everyone seems a bit in shock. No one really knows what comes next for them and the Pizza Place but they have all come back looking to find an answer. As they arrive we see Toxik waiting in his car as if he is waiting for someone. Eventually we see Hans walk past his car as Toxik steps out and begins to talk. Toxik: If Brad couldn't get the job done I will. Time to die fool. We then see Toxik run at Hans as he goes to jump him from behind. Hans though was prepared as he turns around and rocks Toxik with a right hook. Toxik looks shocked as his ambush on Hans has seemingly gone south. Hans has now pushed Toxik to the ground and is beating the hell out of him. We see Hans just keep swinging over and over, it does not look like he is going to stop anytime soon. Toxik is already bloody and bruised but Hans just keeps going. Lefts and rights over and over. Eventually we see BiC rush over and pull Hans off of Toxik as Toxik just lays there in a bloody puddle. He seems to be still alive but in rough shape. BiC just looks at Hans as they are both sitting in the parking lot both clearly emotional torn as the past few days have been rough. Now it looks as if the emotions that they tried to bottle up are coming out. BiC then begins to talk. BiC: You know I love you like a brother man but you can’t be doing shit like this. I mean I get that you want to knock his lights out like everyone else but sometimes it just ain’t even worth it. I mean, although it doesn't look like your going to have to do it again. The two then hug for a moment. After a bit though, BiC stands up and then helps Hans to his feet. The two then walk into the Pizza Place together as Toxik is still lying there in a bloody puddle. The Pizza Place staff seem to be getting closer because of this...well at least most of them. I mean it seems the camera crew shares the same hate for Toxik as they too leave him in the parking lot in a bloody puddle thanks to Hans. We then cut into the Pizza Place about a half an hour later as all of the staff is in the front of the house sitting down as it seems they have a meeting planned. Everyone is just sitting around waiting for someone to speak up. Eventually someone steps up as it seems we have a new manager of BPZ Pizza well at least till Brenden get’s back, if he ever does. Bailey: Well I know these past few days have been rough on you all. But we have to move on eventually. It may be rough around here without Brenden and Keeley. Oh... and Nathan Sawyer. But we are going to get through this and for now I am going to keep this ship a float. I know Brenden and I have had our differences over the past few months. But I am going to be here for him whether he wants it or not. The staff looks around at each other as everyone seems to just nod as no one is really looking for a fight at the moment. We see some sour looks from Sheri and Arrow in the back but other than that everyone seems pretty content with Bailey being in charge. Bailey looks around as he then gets up and walks off. Everyone in the room remains silent for quite some time. Eventually we see them get up and walk away from the group, some go homes, but most stay. We cut to the back steps of the Pizza Place as see Bart sitting down with his hands in his head. We see Arius walk past but stop as he looks at Bart confused. Arius looks at him before sitting next to him. We are seeing a new side of Arius here a more emotional one. Arius sits there for a second before he begins to talk. Arius: You want to talk about this whole thing? You are clearly bottling something up, you need to get it out. If you don’t you look like you are going to explode. I mean look at you, you clearly haven’t slept and you look sick as hell. Bart raises his head and looks over at Arius with a very depressing look. Arius looks at him and he can’t help but feel a bit of his pain. Bart goes to plant his head back in his hands but stops as he looks back to Arius and manages to talk a bit. Bart: You know I did a report about Survivor’s Guilt back in the day. I guess I never truly knew what it felt like till now though. Why me? Why am I one of the lucky ones? Bart then gets up and walks off as Arius sits there thinking about what Bart had said. Bart seems to be in rough shape at the moment and at least we now know why. Bart continues walking off as now we see Arius sitting on the same steps with his head in his hands. We then see the cameras slowly fade away to a new scene. We cut back into the Pizza Place as we see Sheridan and Sameer still sitting in the room that the staff had the meeting earlier . They are sitting on opposite sides of the room as other than some awkward eye glances they sit there pretending that the other does not exist. Eventually we see Sheridan make an effort to talk to Sameer. Sheridan: Why can’t we go back to what we were before? Sameer just looks at her in disgust. Sheridan sits there now looking at him waiting for an answer. Sheridan clearly still wants to make this relationship with Sameer work. Although it seems as if Sameer would rather just let Ropati beat her ass then give her another chance. Sheridan: Listen my guy, you can’t tell me you didn't feel a spark. There was something there. Something special between us that I never felt with Ropati. Sameer looks at her once again disgusted. Eventually though Sameer begins to talk. It could be out of anger, or it could be out of the small respect he has for Sheridan. Sameer just looks at Sheridan as he begins to talk, standing up as he goes on a bit of a tirade. Sameer: You want to know why we can’t go back to that? Well for one you fucked my best friend when you knew that I liked you. You say you felt a spark well it must have not strong enough if you had to go spread your legs once again to another guy. A guy that was best friends with the one you were talking to. Oh and you did all of this when you had an abusive fucking boyfriend who now whens my head on a stick so he can show all of his Klans buddies. Yeah all you really are is a no good hoe. A no good hoe that is never going to amount to nothing but her abusive boyfriends play toy. Sameer then sits back down as Sheridan storms out bawling her eyes out. Sameer sits in the Pizza Place clearly not caring about Sheridan anymore. Sheridan is out of the Pizza Place now as we see Sameer smile and he begins to play on his phone seemingly in a better place now. The cameras then cut away to a new scene. We cut back to the prison as we see the prisoners in the showers. Everyone seemingly is looking over at Brad who is shaking with fear. Brenden and Slim look over at him and laugh as we see him grab a bar of soap as he begins to wash. We then hear a small bang as Brad has dropped his bar of soap. The whole prison looks over as Brad is frozen still. Slim: That poor man Wallace is going to clap them cheeks now. We then see a large man walk over to Brad as he stands behind him. We can see the man whisper in Brad’s ear as Slim and Brenden look over afraid for Brad’s future. Brenden then begins to speak as Slim grins. Brenden: You think he is going to bend over and get it. Slim looks at Brenden and laughs before he begins to speak once again. Slim: Oh he is going to get it one way or another, Wallace won’t allow this guy to blue ball him today. Poor man is gonna be in rough shape tonight. We then see Brad bend over as Wallace grabs him. The camera cuts away before we can see anymore but we can hear Brad’s screams and loud thumping in the background. We then cut back to the Pizza Place as we have seen enough of the prison for today. We then see Arrow and Julius sitting at a table together as they are splitting some wings and just talking about life. We see the two laughing as they seem to be some of the few BPZ Pizza staff who are in good spirits. Julius: Well Arrow I am glad you got a girl now. Maybe now I won’t have to beat your ass everyday. Hopefully she will take that burden off of my shoulders. Arrow looks at Julius and laughs as the two seem to be getting along great a complete opposite of how their relationship started. Julius begins to eat another wing as Arrow begins to talk. Arrow: Yeah it should be nice. A nice change at least. We are going to the homecoming dance together next weekend which will be good. Maybe a little bit extra after too if you know what I mean. Arrow and Julius laugh for a second as they continue to eat some more wings. Julius then speaks once again giving Arrow some advice. Julius: Well kid just wrap your willy before things get silly. We don’t need anymore of you running around this place. Steph is enough when I see him. Arrow then looks out the window as a car pulls up. Arrow then grabs his jacket as he talks to Julius once again. Arrow: Well that’s my ride I will talk to you tomorrow okay. I’ll let you know if that Icon kid messes with me again okay. See you later. The two then fist pump as Arrow walks out the door. Julius looks at him and his mother in the car he pauses for a second thinking about something. It goes away though as he digs in and eats some more wings as the episode comes to an end.
  10. TRANMERE ROVERS FALL SHORT IN PRESEASON FINAL The Rovers would come up just a bit short in their preseason tournament. They would fall to Pordenone 2-0. The Rovers were simply outmatched here with their talent level. It should go down as a learning tool for this team and Emily Wilson’s young career. The Rovers were stellar in this tournament though as they were able to make it a lot farther than most had thought they would. This was a successful tournament for the Rovers overall as they learned a lot and got to iron out some kinks among each other and in their gameplan. Although there is much more needed for this team to be a winning team no doubt, they seem to be heading in the right direction. Lastly, with all the funds the Rovers received throughout this tournament it would not be surprising to see them make some moves in the near future.
  11. TRANMERE ROVERS SURVIVE SHOOTOUT In the Semi FInals of the Rover’s preseason tournament they would end up defeating Ascoli after a penalty shootout which they won 4-2. With neither team able to score in regulation it would go to a shootout in which the Rovers seemed to dominate. Connor Jennings would be the one to put the game away making his penalty kick and with it moving the Rovers onto the Preseason Tournament Finals to take on Pordenone. The Tranmere Rovers seemed unaffected by their recent departing players here still picking up the win. Will these departures affect the Rovers in the Finals though we will have to see. But for now the Rovers are onto the tournament finals picking up 495k with this win as the Rovers look to win some gold right away in Emily Wilson’s career. The Tranmere Rovers on the rise and it looks like this is just the start.
  12. TRANMERE ROVERS MAKING MOVES Emily Wilson has made her first moves as manager moving on from three players, transferring them to other teams for cash compensation. The three players included Ollie Banks who was sold for 400k, Paul Mullin who was sold for 300k, and Jacob Maddox who was sold for 475k. The three transfers in total bring in around 1.2 Million. The moves seem to be Emily Wilson really taking the team into her hands and molding it the way she wants. Bringing in money to make more moves in the future. It has been rumored that the Rovers have been on the hunt for some wingers as of late and this may be a sign pointing to that. With Tranmere bringing in some more funds it is very possible we will see them bring in some new talent soon.
  13. Name: Grant Roberts Age: 22 Occupation: Bartender Gender: Male Hometown: Syracuse, New York Bio/Personality Grant has had a pretty rough time since college not really accomplishing much after getting thrown out. Grant has been working at a local bar since not really doing muc. He was very excited to finally do something making his way on to Love Island. Grant is hoping it can get back some of the memories in college. He is a bit of a loose cannon when he is drunk but other than that he is a really chill guy. Why did your character come to Love Island: So he could try and relive his college days Appearance: Zac Efron ======================================================================== Name: Sydney Simpson Age: 21 Occupation: Interior Designer Gender: Female Hometown: Albany, New York Bio/Personality Syd grew up the good girl in school never doing anything wrong. She got good grades and followed the rules. She is looking to change that now as she heads off to Love Island. Still being a virgin she is looking to change that as she heads to the Island. Syd is in for quite an adventure the only thing is, she can be a bit stuck up and akward at times. Can Syd get over that and lose her v card finally. Why did your character come to Love Island: To lose her virgintiy Appearance: Anna Kendrick
  14. Name Bob Sparks Friends Julius, Hans, BiC , Slim Enemies Toxik, Bailey
  15. TRANMERE ROVERS SURVIVE GROUP STAGE The rovers would make it out of the group stage of their preseason tournament splitting the next two games. With the first falling short to Ross Co. 1-0. In this the Rovers would show and improve their defense but as they did that they would have a rough offensive game as they really could not move the ball together at all. In the second of the two, the Rovers would defeat Pescara 2-1 as Connor Jennings would be big for the Rovers scoring twice, once in the 52’ and another time in the 86’ sealing the victory. With this victory the Rovers would move on to the Semi-Finals of the Tourney. We also would see the Rovers pick up around 360k with moving on which should for sure help them when it comes time for transfers.
  16. November 9th, 2019 Major League Wrestling: Press Conference Paige VanZant Paige VanZant recently held a press conference explaining her move from UFC to MLW. On why she moved to wrestling instead of MMA. VanZant would answer tons of questions over the course of 30 minutes. It would all end in a bit of a mess though as here is what happened. Reporter: Paige, you recently moved on from the UFC to start a career in Professional Wrestling. You came over at only the age of 25 in a bit of a shocking move. People are saying you were unable to handle the real fights so you came over to MLW to fake fight what do you have to say about that. We would see Paige get out of her seat and punch the reporter in the face, yelling the words “Is that Fake, huh?”. Paige would then quickly be escorted out by MLW Security. The woman would lie on the ground out cold as chaos ensued. MLW has received a lot of backlash for this although they did give the reporter a cash compensation for her injuries as MLW tries to fix this mess up without a court case. MLW seems to have gotten off to a bit of a contrevisal start but I guess many expected this as soon as the Trump Family entered into the Wrestling Industry.
  17. Gonna be a great match here between some of my favorite tag teams at the moment. I hope SCU retain here to bring some prestige to the titles. I think this match will showcase a little bit of everything from these 3 teams in what could be the match of the night to be honest. I think that this match is going to be a hell of a lot better than the recent WWE tag matches. It should be cool to see if AEW end up keeping the titles on SCU here or decide to go a different route.
  18. A good filler match here to put in between two hot matches. Could see this one between the World Title Match and the Kenny vs Moxley match. It will be a good match no doubt, just dont have a lot of interest in it. I am going to hope Spears wins here as he needs it more than Janela here. Janela can handle a loss where Spears needs a win to stay relevant. I think that this will basically be the bathroom break match of the night but will be a solid match none the less.
  19. TRANMERE ROVERS WIN FIRST PRESEASON MATCH 3-2 In the first ever game under new manager Emily Wilson the Tranmere Rovers would pull off a 3-2 win against Venezia. The Rovers would win this game in a group effort with three different Rovers scoring for the team. First Connor Jennings would score in the 22’, we would then see Manny Monthe score in the 44’. Lastly Morgan Ferrier would give the Rovers the lead late scoring in the 87’. In what was a fun and exciting first match for Emily Wilson and the Rovers. They are happy to pick up a win here and now try to clean up their defensive struggles. This match was a great start to the Rovers long year and hopefully is a sign for things to come.
  20. Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (Unsanctioned, lights out match) AEW Championship: Chris Jericho vs Cody. The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz AEW Tag Tag Team Championship: SCU (c) vs. The Lucha Bros. vs. Private Party AEW Women's Championship: Riho (c) vs. Emi Sakura Adam "Hangman" Page vs. PAC Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestly (The Buy-In pre-show) Bonus Questions: First Match of the night? (Main Card): PAC vs Page Second to last match?: Tag Team Title Match Will anyone make their AEW debut tonight and if so who?: No Does MJF turn on Cody?: No
  21. EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING BATTLE LINES PPV RECAP EPW Returns to its past Glory It is being said that fans were in love with the Battle Lines. Some calling it the best EPW PPV to date. With some stellar matches and a shocking conclusion fans seems to be craving more of Empire Pro Wrestling. The owner of the wrestling promotion Robert Watts said, “You see I told you that we were going to be okay after the short break we had to take. The fans want the best wrestling possible and that is exactly what they are going to get everytime EPW is live.” It seems as if EPW is on the rise once again as we wait to see what is next for the company. Bobby Lashley Crowned Inaugural EPW North American Champion In a night that was full of great matches this was one of the best as Bobby Lashley would end up taking down AJ Styles in an absolute classic. AJ Styles has not had much success since showing up in EPW but is still considered one of the top names in the company and should find success at some point in EPW. Lashley though struggled at first but seems to be on the come up now after picking up this big win at Battle Lines. Maryse Continues Her Reign of Terror Maryse defeated Davina Rose last night to retain her EPW Womens Title. Maryse has been dominant ever since coming to EPW, in what seems like a great move on her part so far. Maryse is quickly becoming the face of this EPW Women’s Division as it seems like no one is near her level at the moment. Maryse will likely have a new challenger next month we will just wait and see if anyone can step up and take the title from her. The Great One Is Back The Rock picked up a big win finally getting some revenge on Walter in which has been one of EPW’s top feuds. The Rock seemingly had a bit of ring rust in the beginning as Walter was really getting the best of him over the past few months. The Rock though seems to have put an end to that as he beat Walter in a Last Man Standing Match. The Rock will likely move on to face some other opponents now as he seems to have moved on from Walter. Painful Perfection Retains In somewhat of the weak spot of the night Painful Perfection would retain their tag titles. Many people found this match to be the worst of the night although it was solid. In a card that had a lot of good matches a solid match can seem somewhat bad. Painful Perfection will now move on and see who steps up to face them next for the titles. Ronda Rousey Wins Contract Ronda Rousey a bit of an unknown has now earned a contract as she defeated the former WWE diva Maria. Rousey impressed many last night as she proved why she deserves a spot in EPW. In what many are calling the hidden gem of Empire Pro. Rousey seemingly has a big future here as all she has to do now is get her name out there a bit. Team Omega Wins Due To Turn Team Omega down 3 to 1 late in the match would fight back and win this match. This was all because the young and up and coming superstar in Prince Devitt turned his back on Team Chrisitan. Devitt has seemingly joined The Elite now as he looks to elevate his career to a new level. Fans were in shock as Devitt turned the other night. The Elite now grow stronger and it does not look like anyone is going to be able to stop them.
  22. Sign-Ups: Name: Austin Sisterton Age (18-21): 20 Gender: Male Special Talent (wrestler, photographer, guitarist, etc. Be creative): Makes Amazing Art Backstory: Austin grew up in Alabama with his mom and sister. Austin was very close with his sister and this is a big step for him being away from here. He stated, "Well I guess my hand is my new friend." Although we don't know exactly what this means we figure that it is related to his amazing art that he makes. People call him the new Picasso with his self portraits. The Paintings are all over the place and really show is somewhat ugly appearance. Appearance: UGLY AS HELL
  23. Honestly would have loved to see this match for the title instead of Riho vs Sakura. The two have been feuding for a bit now and it should make for a good match. I think AEW Women's division is slowly getting there as I think Britt will come out of this match maybe challenging for the title next depending on what happens with Awesome Kong. Not the best match on the card but I am excited to watch it.

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