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  1. It's gotta be evolution for me one of the most dominant groups ever with 4 of the best to ever do it. Great group with 4 great guys. I don't think it can be topped.
  2. I mean I would give the man a contract. Be better than Darko in my Bulls Diary. Tackos been playing good now we just wait and see though. Man deserves a shot.
  3. Been watching a lot of Troydan, Pulse, and Sidemen videos lately
  4. I said Herro was gonna be good when he got drafted got a gut feeling. Only got the feeling twice during the draft and the last was Devin Booker, so my guts been good to me. For Hayes I think him and Zion will be a scary pairing going forward down low and Brandon Clarke impressed me alot. Him and Ja are something for the Grizzles to look forward to along with Jackson Jr. But good work Sameer keep it up. Looking forward to more.
  5. 1.Captain Crunch 2. Honey Nut Cheerios 3. Life
  6. Got bored played some World of Tanks pretty average generic game although the voice chat is pretty funny.
  7. Would love this would be a great way to help NXT get some more attention and would be really fun to play.
  8. Great show Julius. A great start for AEW it seems. The main event scene seems really interesting and looking forward to how you decide who will get a title shot and who will get it. The Tag Team Tournament seems to be going great should be cool to see who comes out on top there. Darby and Spears seems like it could be a great fued going forward. All in all a great show and looking forward to seeing more.
  9. Played alot of Mario games growing up and not that much Sonic so gonna have to go with Mario here.
  10. Idk if this is still being used but if it is Hatred: Toxik (Bulldozer) Shimmering Tension: Keeley, Varvaria Strong Friendship: Bubba, Julius
  11. Wow what a show some shocking moments for sure can't wait to see more. Will be fun to see how all of this plays out post summerslam.
  12. Just watched the Shawshank Redemption and jeez what a movie. It's pretty long and a bit old but it's for sure in the top 5 movies I have ever seen. Would watch again 100%. 10/10.
  13. Not really interested in this match but it should be a solid match. Nothing special but a solid match. Gonna hope Becky retains in this one.
  14. I mean with the guys in this match it could easily be MOTN. I would like for Brock to retain to be completly honest with Heyman now running RAW I feel Brock could be used a bit better and show up more.
  15. Seemed like a must for AEW. MJF has already shown great potential in such a short time. He is going to be the face of AEW one day in my eyes and maybe even wrestling as a whole.
  16. EPW Rumours With EPW remaining pretty quiet heading up to their TV Debut many rumours are circulating about what will go down on EPW’s debut show. With that being said these are the top 5 rumours heading into EPW’s debut TV show. Number 1: WWE Legend to make appearance It is rumored that Randy Savage will make an appearance tomorrow night. Although it is unknown what Savage would do. He has been rumored to be in talks with the company for a while now and what a better time to debut than on their ESPN TV debut. Number 2: Numerous Celebrity Guests to be present With Robert Watts connection to hollywood it is expected that he will invite some of his close friends to come and watch maybe even making an appearance on TV in the crowd. This could help the company get some more media attention helping bring in more viewership. Number 3: Big WWE Star to jump ship This should be taken lightly as it always seems a WWE superstar is rumored to be jumping ship whether to EPW or TNA. Would it be surprising no, but is not something that people should expect to happen tomorrow night. Number 4: EPW owner to announce next PPV This seems to be the most likely as reports point to EPW holding a PPV at the end of September, which is only about 3 weeks away. With the date so close it seems EPW is going to make the announcement in the near future. Number 5: The Elite to Main Event A strange rumour but it has been known that the company reportedly have big plans for the group going forward and what a bigger stage than the main event on night one. Although it is not confirmed it seems this could be a more likely rumour for tomorrow night. So with that we look forward to tomorrow night where we will see EPW Resurgence go live on ESPN at 9 PM Eastern Time. Hope to see you there as we see the start of something great.
  17. It's hard for me to see Punk return to wrestling but the most likely company to me at this point would be AEW. I think that it be great if he did return to wrestling for sure. AEW does seem to be a bit more realistic now but I feel the chances are still pretty slim.
  18. Loved Fresh Prince when I was younger, been watching alot of South Park and the Office and been enjoying those.
  19. The Miz for sure is always entertaining when on TV. Just hope he gets a better storyline then Dolph Ziggler again. Oh and he has a nice looking wife in Maryse which helps.
  20. For sure Lars and would also like to see Natayla switch it up a bit.
  21. Best Face: John Cena Best Heel: The Miz

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