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  1. Will Ospreay Jay White Golden Lovers Jericho Becky Lynch Fiend
  2. - WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Mankind vs Shawn Michaels (c) Steve Austin vs Triple H Kane vs The Undertaker - WWF World Tag Team Championships match The New Age Outlaws (c) vs Legion of Doom Ken Shamrock vs Jeff Jarrett Vader vs Goldust vs Steve Blackman - WWF Light Heavyweight Championships match Brain Christopher vs TAKA Michinoku - WWF Intercontinental Championships match The Rock (c) vs Ahmed Johnson Bonus Questions: Which Match will score the highest rating on the card? Makind vs Shawn One of these matches will end in a no contest, which match will that be? Undertaker vs Kane
  3. Name: Alexis Rhodes Nickname: "Sexy Lexi" Height: 5'8 Weight: 115 lbs Build: Model (Supermodel) Appearance: Blonde, Blue Eyes, Big Tits, Fat ass, often wearing either fancy clothes or a tracksuit when she has to kick some ass. Power: Super seductive can sleep with who ever she wants to. General Backstory: Alexis was often called to school hoe growing up sleeping with many of the kids to move up the ladder. She carried this along during her later life both at work and on the streets. Alexis soon came to become one of the most wanted women in the world both in bed and in the law. Alexis would often finish off her victims in bed before they could finish her. She would develop a kink for both women and men along the road as she would take advantage of both to rise to the top. Alexis although pretty on the outside is a stone cold killer on the inside. Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Mafia Preferred Last Words: " I fucked your wife"
  4. BPZ Pizza Place Season 1 Episode 12 (Season Finale) We kick of the episode a bit different as we see Arius sitting at a table a bit aged as this seems to have come from the future. Arius is sitting alone at a table drinking some black coffee. Arius smiles at the camera as he begins to speak. Arius: So you have made it. You have arrived at the Season 1 Finale of BPZ Pizza. A story that has sent things in a new direction, shed light on things that needed to be seen, and finally got people talking. Well tonight will be no different. Arius looks a light above him as it is flickering. Arius just looks at it and smiles though as he then looks back to the camera. He takes another sip of his coffee before beginning to speak again. Arius: More will be revealed soon I am sure. Things will be said that can not be forgotten and things will happen that will not be understood. Then again that is life is it not. You see throughout our lives we hear and see things that we take with us, but one of the things I took from my time with BPZ Pizza was a quote. Arius then pauses for a moment as he takes another sip of his coffee as he smiles as he recalls the quote in his mind before speaking. Arius: The man told me this, “If only we could know the reason why they went. We would smile and wipe away the tears that flow… and wait content.” Arius expression then goes from a look of happiness to a look of regret as he recalls his past. More specifically his past with the BPZ Pizza Place. He then looks at the camera it slowly fades away as we get into the action. We then get things rolling as we see Brad in his apartment loading up guns and preparing himself for something. Most likely he is heading to the Pizza Place to deal with the First Class Express. Brad is sitting at his kitchen table as we see him look almost emotionless as he seems to have lost it at this point. We then hear Danielle from the other room as she clearly is not alone. Brad: No more, I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. We then see Brad grab a handgun off the table as he bursts into his bedroom as Danielle is being fucked by their usual prostitute Hector. We see Danielle scream as Hector gets off of her and turns around to see Brad standing at the doorway with a handgun in his hand. Danielle: Brad, honey what are you doing? Danielle looks afraid as she can even tell this is a different Brad one with no feelings and no remorse it seems like. Hector is shocked as he looks at Brad who is staring right back at him as he clutches the handgun a bit firmer. Hector: Listen bro, I have known you for a long time. Whatever you are thinking this is not the answer. There is something else. Brad just looks at him as he is upset clearly. We see Brad then collect himself as almost defeated he begins to talk. Brad: You’re right Hector this not the answer. But unfortunately there is no other option and no longer I can bear the right answer. Brad then shoots Hector in the head as Danielle screams breaking into tears as she begins to cry. Brad just stands there as he looks at the gun and then to his wife Danielle. Danielle sees this and she begins to freak out. Danielle: Honey, no please I am your wife. You know that I love you. Please don’t do this to me. Don’t destroy our future. We then see Brad begin to act human a bit as he begins to laugh. Danielle is really scared now as Brad seems to have gone insane. Brad then walks over to the bed as he sits next to his wife and laughs even more. Brad: I’m not going to kill you. I am doing this all for you don’t you see. I want you to be mine and only mine. No more prostitutes no more pizza guys. Just a normal happy marriage. Brad then leans in and kisses Danielle as he gets back up as begins to walk away but as he stands at the door he stops as he turns around and begins to talk. Brad: Unfortunately that plan is not over yet. I still have two more dickwads I have to deal with but when I get back you are going to get the best sex of your life. Brad then walks out the door laughing as Danielle is left speechless laying next to Hector now dead as the bed begins to turn from white to red as Hector’s blood begins to stain the bed. Danielle though just sits there motionless as she does not know what to think or do now. The cameras then fade away to black before cutting to a new scene. We then cut back to the school where things seem to be a bit more normal as the school day has just started as we see Arrow talking with Paris at her locker which seems to be the normal routine every morning for the two. Arrow: So you ready for another day of school? Paris looks at him as she rolls her eyes. She is clearly not a huge fan of school as Arrow laughs. We see Paris then smile as she begins to smile. Paris: Maybe if I knew I would be going home in a lambo I would be. Arrow then laughs as she is clearly talking about what happened yesterday with Julius. Arrow then begins to talk as he talks about Julius. Arrow: Yeah that was just some guy I work with. He decided to give me a ride to work after I told him about Icon and all of them. Paris looks at him confused about what he is talking about since sure she had seen them pick on Arrow before but it has never got physical. Paris: What happened with you Icon now, did they give you that bruise? Arrow goes to answer but we see Icon walk past Arrow and Paris as he gives Arrow a dirty look. Arrow then begins to sweat a bit as he looks a bit scared. Arrow: No just more jokes and stuff, this black eye is cause I got in the face with baseball in gym. Paris then nods as she then gives Arrow a hug before she walks off leaving Arrow alone with his thoughts as the bell rings and then Arrow heads off to his first class. The cameras then cut away to a new scene as Arrow walks off. We then cut to BiC and Hans sitting at their apartment they share as BiC seems to be perfectly fine but Hans clearly is extremely worried. BiC notices this as he turns off the TV and turns to Hans and begins to talk to him. BiC: Ok bro tell me what is going on, you still thinking about that cuck? Hans smiles a bit at BiC’s comment but then goes back into deep thought before he manages to get a few words out. Hans: What is today is your last day or mine? What if he does show up? What if he tries to kill us BiC? I don’t want to die! BiC looks at Hans and can tell he is not in a good spot at the moment as he is now staring at the blank TV screen as he is once again thinking. BiC: Don’t worry bro if anything goes down I have got it handled he is not going to get either of us okay. We are gonna be fine. As BiC says this he shows Hans a small handgun that he has in his pocket. Hans begins to relax a bit still stressed but relaxed. Hans: Okay I feel a bit better now? But have you always had that on you? BiC looks at Hans as the two then laugh as BiC pulls out the gun as it is pretty small compared to how big he thought it was. BiC: Yeah I know you are thinking just like Brad’s wife, “I thought it would be a lot bigger”. But unlike Brad this thing actually can pack a punch. BiC and Hans then laugh as the camera then fades away with BiC successfully calming Hans down and thinking about something other than Brad’s threats. We then cut away to some street as we see Arrow walking to work as the Pizza Place opens in about 15 minutes. Arrow is listening to some music with his air pods as he seems to not have a care in the world. As Arrow is walking though we see a car pull up beside him as we see Icon gets out with Akki and Mikey as they look at him and Arrow looks afraid. Arrow: Guys, listen I don’t want any trouble I am just trying to head to work. So please just leave me alone ok? We see the three then laugh as Icon begins to talk as the three begin to surround Arrow. Icon: Maybe you should have thought about that yesterday before you pulled that stunt with your gay ass friend and that fake Lambo. Now for trying to make me look bad we are going to make sure you look bad. We then see Icon, Mikey, and Akki move in as it looks like Arrow is about to get his ass kicked but then suddenly we see a man walk up to them coming out of the alleyway smoking a cigarette and laughing as it’s Julius! Julius: You might want to rethink that boys. You see there is no one on these streets for hours so I don’t want to leave you here motionless on the ground. Icon laughs at him as he points at Akki who then goes to throw a punch but Julius dodges it by spinning out of the way and kicking Akki in the face, knocking him out cold. Icon and Mikey look at each other in shock. Julius and Arrow laugh as Julius now stands next to Arrow. We then see Mikey walk up to Julius with a grin as for some reason he feels like he stands a better chance here against Julius here. But Julius throws one punch knocking Mikey out cold as Arrow looks at Icon now laughing. As Icon is in shock. Icon then slowly back away as Julius laughs as clearly he has made a statement here for these kids not to mess with Arrow anymore. Julius watches as Icon gets in his car and drives off as he clearly does not want any piece of Julius here. Arrow: How did you find me? Like how did you know they would jump me? Julius looks at him and laughs as he is still smoking the cigarette that he showed up with. He looks at Arrow and puts his hand on his shoulder. Julius: You’re just a very lucky dude Arrow. Now come on we are gonna be late for night. Julius and Arrow then walk off together as they head off to work. The camera slowly fades away as Arrow and Julius get further and further into the distance. The cameras then cut away to a new scene. We then cut to the pizza place as we see Keeley and Toxik sitting at the Pizza Place bored as it is a super slow day as not many customers are coming in. Keeley looks in rough shape and Toxik begins to talk to her. Toxik: Are you okay babe? You look a bit out of it today. Still hot but out of it. Keeley looks at him disgusted as Toxik looks a bit confused as he does not know why Keeley is acting like this toward him. Keeley: Listen Toxik I love you and all but right now is not the time. Toxik looks a bit sad as Keeley is clearly annoyed at him for something but he has no clue what yet. Toxik: Babe what is wrong, if you don't tell me it is going to bother me the rest of the day. We then see Keeley sigh as she begins to yell at Toxik as the whole restaurant can now over here there conversation. Keeley: You got me pregnant you son of a bitch! You were supposed to wait till after I divorced Brenden but no you decided to not use protection like a jackass. Maybe just maybe if you were somewhat smart I would have married you but at the moment I don’t like your chances. Keeley then looks around as everyone looks at them and the secret is out as she storms off crying as she switches the open sign to closed and then walks back to Brenden’s office and closes the door. Everyone in the front and the back is in shock as some are speechless and some laugh. The cameras then cut away to a bit later in the night. We cut to a bit later in the night as we see Bob and Meko at the bar with no customers as the place is pretty much empty. Bob and Meko begin singing songs as some people from the back come and join them at the bar as everyone starts to drink and laugh. Eventually we see Bob pass out from drinking to much as he falls asleep behind the bar. The staff is all drinking and telling jokes as for the first time in a while things seem pretty good despite what happened earlier with Toxik and Keeley as they are sitting and making up at the end of the bar. We then cut to later in the night as we see a car pull up to the Pizza Place and out walk Sameer and Sheridan as Brenden hops out of the back. Sameer and Sheridan start to walk toward it but Brenden just watches from a distance as he is frozen still. Sameer: You okay Brenden? You ready to do this? Brenden then looks at Sameer and nods his head as the three approach the building we see a single tear fall down Brenden’s face. He lets it fall all the way down though not wiping it off or stopping it in any way just letting it take its course. Sheridan: Okay here we go. The three then walk into the Pizza Place and approach the bar as the staff is in shock. We see Nathan Sawyer look at Sheridan with a look of disgust as he just turns back around and continues chugging down his beer. Sameer gives a nod to Julius and Bailey as they are glad to see him again. After all this we eventually see Keeley get up and run toward Brenden as she goes to hug him but Brenden just pushes her away. Keeley: Babe what’s wrong? Is everything okay? Brenden looks at Keeley not angry or even upset really he just looks at her disappointed as he never expected it to come to something like this. Keeley can tell what is going on as she begins to talk once again. Keeley: Bren, have they been telling you lies again. Trying to get you to turn on me? Cause Sheridan if you are trying to steal my man I will--. Brenden interupts her as Brenden begins to get angry and the once so peaceful atmosphere the bar had is now gone as Brenden begins to shout. Brenden: Enough! I am sick of the games Keeley! What are you going to do suck Ropati’s dick too? You know I trusted you I thought you were the love of my life but it turns out I was wrong, you are nothing more than just another hoe. I am just tired of it Keeley the acting needs to stop. Just fess up before this gets ugly okay. We see Keeley begin to get upset as she is not just going to take this. She is going to try and fight back it seems. Keeley: Ok Mr. Perfect. I bet you were not gonna tell everyone about your little adventure right? We were just gonna ignore that make Keeley seem like the bad guy right so you can just get away from what you did clean. I don’t think so Bren. Brenden looks at Keeley as he looks a bit concerned as it is clear Brenden is hiding something and it look like Keeley is about to let the world know about it. Brenden: Keeley now is not the place or time to talk about this. Keeley looks at him and smiles as she really could care less about his opinion now. Keeley laughs as we see Sameer and the rest of the staff with confused looks. All expect for Sheridan who looks more worried than anything. Keeley: Oh, I think it’s the perfect time. You see when Bren found out about me and Toxik a few nights ago. He wanted revenge, he wanted to prove a point to me. So he did that and slept with another woman. A woman standing in this very room. Bren you knew your boy Sameer liked her and you still went and fucked her anyways. How was it Sheri, was it good? We then see Sameer look at Brenden and Sheridan as he is speechless. He does not know how to react as he though Brenden was his best friend and he thought Sheridan was going to be the one. It turns out his was wrong though. Brenden can’t even look at Sameer as he just looks in shock that Keeley said that. We then see Sheridan begin to grow upset as she goes after Keeley knocking her out with a big punch! Toxik: Okay bitch time to beat you like your boyfriend does! We then see Toxik walk over to apparently attack Sheridan but Brenden get in his way as Toxik goes to swing but Brenden takes his down to the ground as he smothers him in heavy punches on the ground eventually knocking Toxik out. We then see Sameer grab Brenden and throw him off Toxik breaking it up. Brenden gets up and shoves Sameer as it looks like the two are about to fight when we hear two gunshots as everyone turns and sees Brad standing in the doorway guns loaded as everyone shocked and frozen still. Brad: Hey there everyone! Glad all of you are here will make this even better! We see Brenden and Sameer look at each other and then at the bar then back to Brad. It seems Brenden and Sameer are going to put there differences aside for the moment to deal with Brad. Brenden: Brad, it does not have to be like this ok. We talked about this, I thought we were good. I thought we were going to go our different ways and leave the past in the past. Brad laughs as he looks at the group and cocks his gun and aims. Brad: I’m sorry Brenden, there is no other way. I hope to see you all again one day. But sadly that day will not be tomorrow. And that day will be in a different world. We then hear a gunshots go off and screams are heard as the camera cuts to black and the episode ends. Leaving us in suspense as we will have to wait and see what has happened to our BPZ Pizza Staff in Season 2.
  5. BobdaBomb


    Name: Sweet Brother Bob Nicknames: The Sweet One Figurehead: The Godfather Signatures: Bracket Buster (Spine Buster) Finishers: Bob Bomb ( Batista Bomb) Backstory: Bob won the lottery at a young age as he uses most of this money of chicks. He considers himself a pimp coming down to the ring with multiple women and calling the fans his Sweet Brothers. Bob is a pretty big man as he uses his power and sneaky ways to get wins over his opponents. Age: 32
  6. BPZ Pizza Season 1 Episode 11 We kick off the episode with Keeley sitting on her living room couch crying as we see her on the phone. We see have a half empty bottle of wine on the coffee table as it is clear Keeley has been drinking away her sorrows of whatever has gone down. Keeley: Yes, I would like to report a missing person. My husband Brenden never came home last night and I don’t know where he is. We see Keeley pause as she seems to be on the phone with the police at the moment and they begin to ask her questions. If Brenden really is missing what does this mean for the BPZ Pizza Place and it’s future? Keeley: No he was not drunk or high or anything like that. My husband Brenden is a good christian man, he would never hurt a soul. Keeley pauses once again as they ask another question. This time though we see Toxik enter the room as he has just come back for the bathroom. He sits next to Keeley as he puts his arm around her consoling her. Keeley: Okay just keep my notified okay and let me know if you find him. Ok, goodbye. Keeley then hangs up the phone as she drops her head into her hands crying as Toxik tries his best to comfort her. Keeley though looks at him in disgust as Toxik looks confused. Keeley: You don’t get it do you. He knows, he knows about us, about what we have been doing. Trust me, he will be back and when he comes back he is going to try and kill you. I already lost him and can’t lose you too. Toxik looks at Keeley as he just laughs as Keeley looks at him in shock as she can’t believe how lightly Toxik is taking this as he thinks it’s all one big joke. Toxik: He is not going to do shit to me okay. I know Brenden’s kind he is just a beta male. Me though I am an alpha. I take what I want and I get what I want. He is just going to bitch out again as I cuck him and continue fucking his wife. Keeley just looks at him and shakes her head as she doesn't know how to take this. She likes that he is so confident but she also knows that he is in way over his head and is stupid as hell. She then takes a large sip of wine as the camera cuts away. We then cut away to the high school as we see Arrow sitting in a study hall working on some math homework as we see a kid walk up to him and sit next to him as Arrow just looks at him. The kid does not talk as he just stares at Arrow, Arrow takes out his airpods as he looks back at the kid confused before beginning to speak. Arrow: Ummm… Hi? Who are you what do you want? The kid looks at Arrow expressionless as Arrow is a bit creeped out at this point as the kid eventually answers the question. Crippler: I am the Crippler! Arrow looks at him confused as the kid slams his fist on his desk as the whole room now looks at them except for the teacher who is sleeping at the moment. But one face stands out in the crowd as Icon turns around and begins to laugh. Icon: Wow what a pair Crippler and Arrow, the local high school sweethearts. I always knew you were into guys Arrow especially the way you look at me. Arrow looks at Icon in disgust as the whole rooms begins to laugh at Arrow and Crippler as Crippler then turns around as he walks up to Icon. We just see Icon look up with a smirk as he clearly is not intimidated by the Crippler at all. Crippler: I am the Crippler. Now bow to me bitch! Icon laughs at Crippler before standing up. Icon then laughs as he looks over to the teacher who is still out cold before he punches Crippler in the gut and grabs him by his hair. Icon: Looks like I know who the victim of freshmen friday is today. Icon then drags Crippler out of the room by his hair as the room goes silent. The awkward silence does not last long though as everyone goes back to either doing work or playing on their phones. The cameras then cut away as we cut back to “Brenden’s House”. We cut back to Keeley as we see her in the bathroom as she has just taken a pregnancy test we see her sitting on the floor as the pregnancy test has been thrown across the room as Keeley can’t get up the courage to look at it. Keeley: God, I know I haven't been what I am supposed to be lately but I beg you for forgiveness now. Please don’t let me pregnant. I can’t have a child with a man like Toxik. I don’t know if I could handle that. The baby will probably have autism or down syndrome. I just wanted to have a normal family with Brenden I didn't want any of this. Keeley then begins to cry as she can not deal with this right now but after a bit of time she crawls over to the pregnancy test as she holds it in her hands not looking at the result but just closing her eyes as she seems to be in deep thought. Keeley eventually opens her eyes as she speaks. Keeley: Okay here we go… Keeley looks at the test as we see her literally die inside as she begins to cry we then zoom in as we can see that the test is positive as Keeley is pregnant. Not with her husband though as she is pregnant with Toxik’s child. The cameras then cut to a different seen as Keeley is left sobbing on the bathroom floor of her home. We then cut back to the school as we see Arrow walking out the front door as school is over for the week and Arrow is now off to work as he goes to follow his usual routine of walking there but as he walks out the front door we see a Lamborghini parking out front as the kids are all taking pictures of it and wondering who’s it is. As Arrow walks up to it we see Icon look at him and laugh. Icon: What are you looking at like you could ever ride in one of these, you see this is probably just my dad surprising me with a sweet 16 present early. Here take a picture of me with it bitch and if its bad I am going to beat your ass. The crowd then cheers as Icon poses next to the car doing gang signs and shit. Those cheers though quickly fade as we see the window roll down to reveal none other than Julius driving the Lamborghini! Arrow looks shocked as Julius begins to talk. Julius: The fuck you think you are doing touching my car bitch? Icon looks shocked and for the first time he even looks a bit scared as he looks at Julius through the window slowly backing up as he begins to talk. Icon: I am sorry sir, I didn't know it was your car. Julius then looks at him with a blank expression before flipping him off and pointing to Arrow as Arrow smiles at a shocked Icon before hopping in the lamborghini. Julius and Arrow then drive off leaving Icon looking like a little bitch in front of the whole school as the camera fades away. We then cut away to Bart as we see him outside with a lighter a box next to him. He is out back of the pizza place as no one seems to be around. Just him a lighter and this box. We see him open the box as we see Arius’s riddles inside. Bart shakes his head and laughs. Bart: I ain’t got time for this shit. Bart then closes the box of riddles as he lights it on fire. Bart then laughs as he heads back inside as he relives that stress off of him. Little does he know thought that Arius was watching through the kitchen window. Arius looks somewhat upset as he spots the cameras and then walks away from the window. The cameras then cut away to a new scene. We cut back to the parking lot as customers are slowly coming in as the Pizza Place has just opened for the day. We then cut to a car as we see Brad inside. Brad is holding a phone up to the Pizza Place as we see him take a picture. The car then drives off as we see Brad spot the cameras and flip it off as Brad seems to be more than just a threat now. The camera then cuts away to a point later in the day. As we cut back it is now night time and we see Sameer and Sheridan parked outside of the Pizza Place for the first time since they were fired. We see them look at it as Sameer looks a bit sad yet Sheridan looks angry. Both of them are still emotional about this place just in different ways. Sameer: Never thought I would be coming back to this place. After what went down I tried to forget this place but I just couldn't. Sheridan looks at him as she opens her car door and steps out as Sameer then gets out of the door. As the two then walk into the pizza place as they find a table and sit done. The restaurant is pretty empty as it is pretty late but some customers are still there eating. We see Sheridan then take out here phone as she places it on the table face down. Sheridan: Okay it’s recording time to get this evidence and get our jobs back. Sameer looks at the menu as he smiles as this is the first time he has been on the other side of the Pizza Place not working there instead actually being a customer. Sameer: Wow we really do offer things other than pizza, I always thought that was a joke. Sheridan looks at Sameer and smiles as the two then laugh. Those laughs quickly fade as none other than Keeley walks up to them as she looks a bit surprised for a second but that shock is quickly replaced by a devious grin. Keeley: So you two could not stay away could you. We see Sheridan roll her eyes but Sameer grins as he comebacks at Keeley firing shots. Sameer: Yeah it’s a bit like we are you and this place is Toxik’s micro penis, just couldn't stay away for too long you know what I mean. We then see Sheridan and Sameer laugh as Keeley is furious at them as her face begins to turn red as Sameer and Sheridan eventually settle down a bit. Just as things seemed to be settling down Sheri starts it right back up again. Sheridan: How could you do that to Brenden, you dumb hoe? Keeley looks at her and Sameer as she is furious but has had enough of them as she answers for the first time. Keeley: You want to know why I did it, it’s cause Brenden just was not getting the job done. Everytime all he did was hurt me, it never fit, it never ended up working out. Then without sex working out he would not pay attention to me in real life getting caught up with all of this Pizza shit. I needed attention and Toxik gave that to me. So yeah Brenden can go fuck himself. You know, I hope he stays missing and never comes back. Keeley then spits on Sheridan as she walks away. Sheridan is about to get up and beat Keeley’s ass but Sameer holds her back mouthing the words tomorrow. Sheridan then nods as she picks up her phone as they two walk out of the Pizza Place as the camera cuts away. We cut away to the First Class Express as we see BiC and Hans driving back to the Pizza Place as they have finished off the final deliveries for the night. As they are driving we hear Hans phone buzz as he receives a text. He looks shocked as he shows the text the BiC. BiC: Tomorrow is your closing day, what the hell does that cuck mean? BiC then sees Brad send another text as he looks shocked as Hans is a bit afraid now. BiC: Have a good night's rest because tomorrow will be your last. You know what no this guy is just gonna bitch out like usual. He is a cuck and that is all he will ever be. BiC then hands the phone back to Hans as they both are a bit afraid for tomorrow even if they want to say they are not. Brad may be a cuck but he is crazy and they cannot ignore that. The camera fades away as BiC and Hans drive back to the Pizza Place in dead silence. We cut back to Sameer and Sheridan as they are in Sameer’s apartment as Sameer is opening his door. Sameer opens in as they walk in and sitting on the couch is none other than Brenden he has his head in his hands as he looks at the floor. Brenden though looks at Sameer and Sheridan as he begins to talk. Brenden: Did you get the evidence? Did she confess to it? Sameer shakes his head yes as Sheridan holds up her phone. Brenden smiles for a second but that quickly goes away as he goes back to a stern and plain expression as he really does not know what to say or think. Eventually he gets some words out as he looks at Sameer and Sheridan who are looking at him. Brenden: Tomorrow, all of this ends tomorrow. The two look at him and nod as the camera then slowly fades away as the episode ends with the three sitting there in absolute silence. As everything changes tomorrow for better or for worse. Season 1 Finale Coming Soon...
  7. Name: Big Dick Bob Gender: Male Superpower: Big Dick Energy Backstory: Leader of an Italian Mob Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Villain Other information: Has a very large beard and has a pistol with him at all times.
  8. BobdaBomb


    Carnage is live as we are following up the BPZ Survival Games PPV as it was one hell of a night surrounded by controversy and numerous moments that left the fans speechless. As the commentators are recapping last nights event we hear a voice talk over them as the crowd begins to boo immensely. We then see none other than Bob Sparks pop up on the titantron as he waves at all of the fans in the stadium almost mocking them as he then begins to talk. Damn I thought you all would have missed me. I mean are you all not glad that I am back? I stopped the bad guys yet you all seem to blind to see that. I try to be the good guy for once, I try to give you what you want and yet you spit in my face. We all used to have a relationship a great one in fact. I considered you all my family but I was blind. Blind to all of your bullshit and blind to how you tried to corrupt me. The crowd boos Bob once again as he just laughs at them. Bob can be seen taunting the crowd on multiple occasions, we see him raise his eyebrow clearing mimicking the Bailey. As much as the crowd seems to not like Bailey they seem to hate Bob far more at the moment. Bob then waits for the crowd to simmer down a bit before beginning to talk again. You people got mad at me for killing something before it started. I saved you all from the burial of this company that you say you love. Face the facts Bob Sparks is your saving grace, your saving grace from some Hollywood Jackasses and the saving grace of this entire company. Now yet you all doubt me, both the people in that worthless crowd tonight and the people backstage. All of you do your best to shut me down and hold me back. You try to squander my potential. The potential I have to save this company from going to shit. We see Bob start to grow upset as he thinks about his past issues with those in the crowd and those backstage. His face begins to turn slightly red as he has become angry here as the crowd continues to boo him. Bob this time doesn't let them finish as he cuts them off as he begins to talk. You see every step of my career they have tried to stop me before I got started. Remember the PTC Tournament they put me against the favorite in the first round set me up for failure yet I overcame. Oh yeah then there was the King of the Ring Tournament and once again they stack the odds against me nearly not even putting me in the tournament in the first place then deciding to put me up against the number one seed Prince. Now I kicked Prince’s ass and proved that no one backstage or any of you people in that crowd can hold me back. Because I will do anything I need to do, to see this rise of Bob Sparks happen. Bob pauses once again as the crowd boos him. Bob lets them boo as he seems to be soaking it in this time. Letting the people waste their energy booing him as he seems to be unaffected by it. Bob clearly does not care about these people as he just looks at them with a smirk. Now I thought this company had enough of holding back young talent like myself but I was wrong. The very owner of this company in Brenden suspended my new ally in Slim. He tried to shut down something great before it got started. Let it be known though that he was unsuccessful this is only a minor blow compared to what you have thrown at me before. Only a minor setback in the revolution that is going to sweep through this company in the coming months. Cause as you throw these minor challenges at me trust me when I say I will answer with major consequences The crowd boos for a second but Bob stops them as he holds up his finger to his mouth telling them to be quiet. Bob then holds his hand to his ear as he seems to be hearing something. The crowd has gone quiet as they wait for Bob to speak. You hear that. The clock is ticking. The clock has run out for Bailey and his group of misfits and it has run out for you people. But the clock is about to run out for this company. A new change is coming, a change for an improved BPZ Wrestling. A change that will be monumental in the wrestling world. So I invite you all to join us, and help us descend this company into the darkness. Bob then has a sinister smile on his face as the titantron slowly fades to black. As Bob is gone and the crowd is left in a bit of a shock as they wonder what is next for Bob Sparks and what this means for BPZ Wrestling’s future.
  9. BPZ World Championship: Slim (c) vs Sameer BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Smith (c) vs Hans BPZ North American Championship: Yelich (c) vs Raven BPZ NXT Championship: Amai (c) vs Epic Heel's Open Challenge: Heel vs ??? BPZ Tag Team Championships: First Class Express (c) vs The United Nations BPZ United States Championship: Mikey (c) vs Buddy Ace BPZ Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Necce
  10. We take you back in time a bit as we head back to the year 2004. WWE decided to change things up, to the surprise many. WWE and Vince McMahon decided it was time to introduce a third brand in ECW. WWE would then go to the extreme as they would hire pretty much some guys off the street to run the brands really wanting the fans to have a voice. Mikey was given control of RAW as he appointed Eric Bischoff to help him run it. Meko was given the new brand in ECW as he brought in the former owner of ECW Paul Heyman to help run it. Finally Bob was brought in to run Smackdown as he brought in Stone Cold Steve Austin to be the Sheriff of Smackdown. The three men then held a draft splitting up the roster evenly yet trying to become the top brand. This is how everything ended up turning out. Monday Night RAW Booker Mikey GM Eric Bischoff Roster Main Event Shawn Micheals, Kurt Angle, HHH, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista Upper Midcard Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Ric Flair Lower Midcard Matt Morgan, Chris Masters, Val Venis, Stevie Richards, Test, Maven, Nunzio, Spike Dudley, Chuck Palumbo, Kenzo Suzuki Tag Teams Dudley Boyz, World’s Greatest Tag Team, Second City Saints Women Lita, Torrie Wilson, Molly Holly, Sable ECW (Wednesday Night) Booker Meko GM Paul Heyman Roster Main Event Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Edge, Christian, Goldberg, RVD Upper Midcard Rhyno, William Regal, Mark Henry Lower Midcard Gene Snitsky, Lance Storm, Jamie Noble, Paul London, Tajiri, Hardcore Holly, Chavo Guerrero, Heidenreich, Orlando Brown, Tyson Tomko Tag Teams MNM, Jindrax and Cade, The Bashams Women Victoria, Gail Kim, Dawn Marie, Jazz Thursday Night Smackdown Booker Bob GM Stone Cold Steve Austin Roster Main Event The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker Upper Midcard John Cena, Kane, Big Show, Mick Foley Lower Midcard Matt Hardy, A-Train, Eugene, The Hurricane, Billy Gunn, Muhhamad Hassan, Viscera, Jimmy Wang Yang, Billy Kidman, Rob Conway, Funaki, Kevin Thorn Tag Teams APA, Too Cool, La Resistance Women Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Nidia, Daffney Both the Womens Titles and Tag Team Titles will be unified between the brands as each brand will send in their best to try and capture the title at PPV Events. Where as the World Heavyweight Title will be on RAW, the WWE Title be on Smackdown, and the ECW World Title will be on ECW. For secondary titles we will see the Intercontinental Championship on Raw, the United States Championship on Smackdown, and the TV Title on ECW. So we how this new WWE turns out going forward which Brand will rise to the top and which one will fall. Which superstars will flourish with this fresh start and which will be buried, we will have to wait and see what happens. Who do you think has the best brand at the moment? Let us know below.
  11. TRANMERE ROVERS MAKE BIG CHANGES TO SCOUTING SYSTEM After the Tranmere Rovers had basically cleaned house when hiring Ms. Wilson she has been looking for scouts to help her find young promising players who have yet to be discovered. Well it looks like Ms.Wilson has finally found someone who was willing to take the job as she has brought in Elliot Murphy. Murphy has a pretty bad track record as he has never really found a good player in his time with other teams. Ms. Wilson though looks to be putting faith into him here as she is sending Murphy to go scout players in Australia. When asked why Australia Wilson stated that it was the cheapest option and a good starting point for Murphy. We will see what is to come of this in the near future I am sure but let's see is Murphy will be able to find some players to help bolster this Tranmere Rovers team.
  12. TRANMERE ROVERS JOIN PRESEASON TOURNAMENT Ms. Emily Wilson has recently announced that the club will be competing in the European International Cup starting in a few weeks. This will be some good experience for Ms. Wilson as she and her team look to learn and mold together here as they look to get ready for the league season starting in about a month. This will also allow Ms.Wilson to collect a bit more money to bring in some new staff or players for the upcoming season. It should be a good opportunity for this team to gain some experience and give rovers fans to watch their team play.
  13. TRANMERE ROVERS SEASON GOALS ANNOUNCED Ms. Wilson recently held a press conference where she addressed what her goals were for the Tranmere Rovers were. These are the 5 goals that she had brought up as she looks to make improvement with the Tranmere Rovers but while keeping things realistic. Goals for Season One Keep Player Salary Growth under 20% Reach the Round of 32 stage in the FA Cup Finish Mid Table in EFL League One Sign 1 Midfielder to the Youth Academy Keep a streak of at least 85% attendance in 5 straight Home games
  14. The Crowd is in shock as this new faction now stands in the ring victorious over Slim as it seems there is a new force in BPZ Wrestling that is going to begin to shape the company the way that they see fit. Smith still down and out on the outside although it doesn't look like we are done here. The crowd boos as Bailey looks around at his faction and laughs as they clearly could care less what this crowd thinks of their actions here tonight. Bailey then rolls out of the ring as he walks over to fan with a Bailey sucks poster. We see Bob standing in the middle of the ring looking down at Slim as he is still holding a steel chair in his hand and we see the other members surrounding Slim. The crowd is clearly upset as they can see their intentions. It is clear to them that they want to literally kill Slim here tonight. Bob then looks at the crowd with a grin as they begin to boo louder. Meanwhile Buddy Ace is standing next to Bob laughing, telling him to beat down Slim once again this time with the steel chair. Bailey looks into the ring as he just admires the group of men he has brought together. He then begins to laugh at some of the fans at ringside as they start trying to roast him. Marker, Buddy Ace, and Jonathan then look at Bob and the chair as they point to Slim and laugh. Bob looks at them and grins as it seems like Slim is about to be assaulted for a second time here tonight. Bob raises the chair as he grins and the other members in the ring begin to laugh. Meanwhile Bailey is on the outside yelling at fans in the crowd and pointing to his new faction. Bob then swings the chair but he doesn't hit Slim he hits Odd over the head with the chair, knocking Buddy Ace out cold as Marker and Jonathan are in shock! The crowd erupts as Bob begins to assault them with a steel chair! First he hits Jonathan in the gut with the chair then hitting him over the back sending him to the mat! Jonathan rolls out of the ring toward Bailey, as Bailey turns around as sees what is going on now as he turns looking pissed off. As he did not expect this from Bob. Bob looks at Bailey outside the ring as the two begin to stare each other down. Meanwhile though Marker comes from behind Bob and punches him in the back of the head. Bob is unfazed though as he turns around and laughs in the face of Marker. Bob then grabs Marker and turns to Bailey as he hits Marker with a Bob Bomb! Marker then rolls out of the ring straight to Bailey. We see Bob stand in the middle of the ring with a huge grin on his face as he stands between Slim and Bailey as Bailey looks at Bob and mouths the words, “Screw you”. Bailey then rolls into the ring as he stands face to face with Bob. Bob goes to throw a punch but he stops as someone begins to talk, saying the word, “Wait”. The “wait” is followed by laughter, the laughter of Slim himself. The Fractured King, and now Block B Winner, pulls himself to his feet and stands, with a microphone, hanging on the ropes, as he talks, clearly beaten down following a brutal match and attack. “You always were a fool, weren’t you?” Slim smiles at Bailey as it’s clear what’s happening here. “When I heard The Bailey was on his way back to BPZ with some friends, I did some research… and… reached out.” An evil grin comes onto Slim’s face as Bob smirks too, revealing their alignment. “I proved my point. Moralistic ways don’t cut it in this savage society. But you think that beating Smith was the only way I would prove that? No, no, no. You see, people, they listen to me, they hear me, they… believe me.” “And right now, you’re looking at the first believer.” The Bailey attempts punches on Bob, and hits a few as Bob is stunned, but from behind! Slim with a chopblock to the back of Bailey’s leg! And now, as Slim holds his leg, Bob nails Bailey with a devastating clothesline! Bob stands over Bailey, as Slim picks the microphone back up. Slim picks up Bailey’s hair, putting the two face-to-face, as anger and disgust is shown on Bailey’s face. “I see that anger, that disgust… Let it out Bailey. You have that monster inside of you, the one that could tear through anyone. Let it out. Smith was too weak, but you, in you I see something beautiful…” “This is my ace in the hole, Bailey, my weapon to put fire to BPZ Wrestling.” “Don’t fight it. Breath it in.” Slim spits in Bailey’s face, a return of the favor as he stands up before kicking Bailey right in the nose as he smiles and laughs, as he puts his hand on Bob’s shoulder, the two standing tall over Smith and the attackers.
  15. We are back once again with Empire Pro Wrestling as we are live from Moline, Illinois in the TaxSlayer Arena in front of 10,000 wild EPW fans. Tonight we will hear from Edge and Christian after what happened last week between them and the elite. Also we will see the Young Bucks in action in tonight's Main Event against Steenerico. We have a great night planned so let’s get right into it live on ESPN right now. Resurgence kicks off as we hear a surprising theme play as the crowd is shocked. It’s Walter! We had assumed both him and the Rock would be out for a while after the devastating match they had at Fright Fest. Walter comes to the ring clearly still a bit bruised but he walks down with a huge grin on his face as the crowd boos him. Walter stands in the middle of the ring laughing a bit as the crowd boos and he begins to talk. “You people really don’t get it do you. I am the most dominant man this company has to offer. I can run through anyone whenever and wherever I want because there is no one that can stop me. I mean just look at the man you call your champion, The Rock. Your so called champion is no more. He was squashed like a bug under my boot. A man that Walter made a boy.” Walter then exits the ring and heads backstage laughing at all the fans as they boo him. Walter looks to have made a point here tonight but is the Rock really hurt? As Walter heads backstage we get set for action as Prince Devitt will take on Rocky Romero where both men look to gain momentum here tonight. Prince Devitt has been rising lately with both the fans and with those backstage where Rocky Romero has been falling a bit. Match 1- Prince Devitt vs Rocky Romero In a short match, Prince Devitt defeated Rocky Romero after hitting him with a Coup de Grace. Prince Devitt came out aggressive and dominated most of this match as Romero never really stood a chance. Prince Devitt continues his roll as he continues to climb the ladder. We then cut backstage as we see Edge and Christian talking. Edge with the World Title around his waist and Christian the captain of his own team as Battle Lines things are looking good for them at the moment and they look to continue that at Battle Lines. “You see me and Edge are the closest and most experienced pair in the entire world, let alone this company. Our team is just getting started and trust me we have been looking around the roster watching matches and determining which guys we want on our team come Battle Lines.” Christian then pauses as he stops and Edge begins to talk. “You see the Elite, yes they may be young and hungry. They might be willing to do whatever it takes to beat us but unfortunately their best is not gonna cut it. You see for them they think they stand a chance at Battle Lines but when it comes down to it we are just too goddamn good.” Edge and Christian then walk off as the camera fades away to a commercial break. We cut back from commercial as we see PAC vs Moxley in the ring. This is a round 1 matchup of the North American Championship Tournament. Both men could easily pick up a win here let’s see who will come out on top. Match 2- PAC vs Moxley In a good match, PAC defeated Moxley after hitting him with a with a Red Arrow. PAC picks up the win here as he will go on to face Bobby Lashley next week. Moxley came out hot early here but PAC was able to get back into it and pick up the win allowing him to move on. We then cut backstage as we see Maria walking backstage as she stops and begins to talk as maybe we will finally what her plan is in EPW. Is she a wrestler or has she come for a different reason? I have made my decision. I am going to be a wrestler! Well at least for now. But to be a wrestler I have to have someone to fight so I talked with Mr. Watts and he said I can have some ring time next week. So next week I will be making a challenge to anyone who wants to have a match with me at Battle Lines. Trust me it will be a lot of fun! Maria then walks off as she has made her reason known. The cameras then cut to the ring. In another North American Title Tournament match we will see Austin Creed take on R-Truth. Both men have a good chance of winning here tonight as both are capable superstars we will just have to see who comes out on top here tonight. Match 3- Austin Creed vs R-Truth In a short match, R-Truth defeated Austin Creed as hit him with a scissors kick to pick up the win. Truth dominated this one from the beginning as it seemed like Creed stood no chance. Truth has been riding a wave of momentum recently and continues it here moving onto face AJ Styles next week in which will be one of Truth’s biggest tests yet. We cut backstage as we see the EPW Womens Champion Maryse! She is sitting in her private locker room as she looks at the camera in disgust as she does enjoy wasting time talking to the EPW fans. “I am going to keep this short as I have so many things to do right now rather than talk to all of you. I could be modeling or promoting my clothing line but no I have to talk to you disgusting people. So I have to face Davina Rose apparently once again Rob Watts told me. Which I guess is fine since I have already kicked her ass multiple times. This time though it is a no DQ match. So I can beat her ass anyway that I choose.” We then see Marye’s phone ring as she walks off as the camera fades away. We then cut to the ring as it is time for the main event. Its time for the main event as we will see a rematch between to of EPW’s tag teams as Steenerico will take on the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks look to gain some momentum heading toward Battle Lines as Steenerico look to get back on a roll here. Match 4- Steenerico vs Young Bucks In a solid match, the Young Bucks defeated Steenerico when Matt Jackson defeated El Generico with a superkick off interference from Tyler Black. The Young Bucks would pick up the win here as they would then beat down Steenerico with Tyler Black and Kenny Omega as the 4 would stand tall. It seems the 4th member of team Omega is Tyler Black!
  16. BPZ Pizza Season 1 Episode 10 We kick off another episode of the BPZ Pizza Place as we see Kai walking down a hallway with a big smile on his face as he has a bowl of Doritos and is seemingly walking to go play some more video games on his PS4. Kai: Man life is great without my dick of a dad around. No more belts, no more beatings. All I have to do is play video games and-. Kai stops talking as we see Bailey kick in the door of Kai’s apartment. Kai sits on the couch in shock as Bailey looks at him and smiles holding up the custody form he received from Josh. Kai: You’re gonna have to pay for that. You can’t just break down the door this is not even my place it’s a friend's place. We see Bailey pull 10 dollars out of his pocket and place it on the door that is now laying in the middle of the living room. Bailey: Now you can come with me now or I can just knock you out and drag your ass home. Kai looks at Bailey and doesn’t move as he crosses his arms and sits back on the couch. Bailey laughs at this as he walks up to Kai. Bailey: Fine then, have it your way. Bailey then grabs Kai off the couch and throws him across the room into the wall as Kai crashes to the floor out cold. Bailey: Why didn't we just abort him? Life would have been so much easier. Bailey the grabs Kai and throws him over his shoulder as he walks out of the apartment with Kai as he is bringing his son home with him now. We then cut away to the high school. We see Arrow walk out of the bathroom stall in the boys restroom as he goes to wash his hands in the sink. Arrow begins to wash his hand as we hear the bathroom door lock as clearly Arrow looks a bit nervous. Arrow: Hey who’s there and why did you lock the door? Arrow then looks in the mirror as he sees what is happening and grows a bit scared. It’s the Cliq as they enter the room as Arrow turns to face them. Icon: What’s up bud? Did you really think we were really gonna let that slide? Arrow looks at them confused as they back him into the corner slowly. Arrow looks scared as he knows that this is not going to end well unless he can work some magic here. Akki: You know exactly what we are talking about dip shit. You gotta keep your bitch in order. She shouldn't be talking back like that. Arrow now has his back to the wall as the three move in as Mikey punches him in the gut and Arrow falls to his knees. Arrow looks up though as he still has some fight in him. Arrow: Maybe if you three weren't pussies and got butt hurt because she doesn't like you, maybe you would actually one day get a girl like me. Arrow looks up and smiles but that quickly goes away as Akki punches him in the face, sending him to the floor as the three begin kicking him over and over. Mikey: Who’s the pussy now? I’ll tell you it ain’t us, it’s the guy on the ground getting his shit kicked in right now. The three then stop for a second as it seems like it is over. Icon though is not done as he turns around to see Arrow trying to get his feet but Icon runs at him and curb stomps him knocking Arrow out cold. We then hear the bell ring as the boys walk off and Arrow is left in the bathroom in a bloody mess. The cameras then cut away to a new scene. We cut away to a house we have not been to in a while as we see Brad sitting in his home with his wife Danielle on the couch as he is reading the newspaper. Danielle: Honey can we go do something fun today? Like get some pizza or something? Brad folds up his paper as he looks at Danielle a bit annoyed as they have clearly had this conversation before as Brad does not like the Pizza Place very much. Brad: Why do you like that Pizza Place so much? Everyone there is a bunch of assholes. All they ever do if make fun of me and shit. I mean 2 of them ended up fucking my wife. We see Danielle smile as Brad once again looks unamused. Danielle then moves closer to as she looks at Brad a certain way which Brad gets almost immediately. Brad: As much as I want to babe. I don’t feel like popping a Viagra right now. Not really up for it you know what I mean. I mean I can get you a prostitute or something. Besides you’d probably like that better. Danielle smiles as she hands Brad the phone. Brad sighs as he calls up their weekly prostitute Hector. Danielle looks at Brad and smiles as once again Brad is allowing another man to fuck his wife as he really is a cuck. The cameras then cut away as we cut to a local diner. As we cut to the local diner we see Sheridan sitting down at a booth as she is waiting for someone she is sipping on a chocolate milkshake and eating a cheeseburger as she has come to her senses and finally realized how awful being a vegan really was. Sheridan: Wow this is actually really good. I don’t know why I ever thought being a vegan was a good idea. Then again I make a lot of stupid decisions don’t I. We then see Sheridan feel under her eye as she has a black eye from the other night when Ropati beat her ass. We then see her still a fry from the plate across from her as the seat is empty but not for long though as we see Sameer come back from the restroom. Sameer: I saw you stole my fry, not cool Sheri. Sheri looks at him as she steals another fry and eats it in front of him. Sameer just laughs as Sheridan laughs along and nearly chokes to death on the fry. Sheridan: Damn I guess that’s karma. Remind me to never steal any of your food again. Then again I have been through worse. Take this for example. Sheri then points to her black eye as Sameer looks down as he can’t stand to look at it. Sheridan looks at him as she begins to feel uncomfortable about it too. Sameer: I shouldn't have left you there with him. I knew he was gonna go and do something like this to you. I should have made you come with me. Sheridan looks at him as she gets a bit emotional as she can really tell Sameer cares about her and her well being. Sheridan: It’s okay Sameer, I am going to be fine. I am a strong woman as strong as any man whether people like Nathan and Ropati think it or not. A black eye is nothing compared to what is coming to them down the line. Karmas a bitch right? We see Sameer laugh as Sheridan smiles at him as the cameras then cut away to a new scene. As we cut back to the Pizza Place. As the workday is underway as it is a pretty average night with a decent amount of customers walking through the door. As we cut to the Pizza Place we see Toxik and Keeley standing together at the wait stand as we see Toxik once again staring at a young child across the restaurant as the kid sees Toxik looking at him and then begins to cry. Keeley: Listen I love you Toxik but we are never having children just so we now. We see Toxik smile as Keeley looks at him concerned. Keeley tries to pull of a smile but is a bit afraid of what Toxik is thinking right now. Toxik: I mean if you didn't want a kid you should have just told me to use protection. Like it has been a loose cannon ever since we started. Keeley looks as if she died inside as she realized there is a good chance Toxik may have got her pregnant. Keeley then walks away as she tries to process exactly what Toxik just told her. We see Toxik just look at the camera as he seems very happy as there is a good chance he might have got Keeley pregnant now we just have to wait and see. We cut outside of the pizza shop more specifically to the back as we see Arrow and Julius on break as Arrow sits on the back steps by the door and Arrow paces around smoking a cigarette. Eventually Julius notices the bruise on Arrow’s face as Arrow was trying his best to hide. Julius: What the fuck happened to your face? I mean I know it is usually messed up but what is with the bruise, I know that one was not me. Arrow stops trying to hide it as he takes his hands away from covering the bruise as we then see another bruise on the other side of his face as Julius puts out his cigarette as he is a bit pissed off at the moment seeing that Arrow was beaten up like this. Arrow: It’s nothing really just hit my head off some pots that were hanging around. I’ll be fine you don’t have to worry about me. Julius then comes to the steps as he sits down next to Arrow as he begins to talk to him. Julius seems very serious here as Arrow can’t even look at him. Julius: You want to know why I’m so tough? I had to be growing up. I had to protect my sisters from these dicks at school who tried “playing around” with them. I had gotten suspended from school so many times that they eventually expelled me. When that happened my dad kicked me out of the house calling me a failure and shit like that. I was fine with that because I knew that I could take care of myself on the streets. I did that too, until I came back home one day trying to be the bigger man and make amends. When I came back though he was drunk on the couch and threw a beer bottle on my head. I was about to walk out when I saw my younger sister Cassandra she had a big bruise on her face and at that moment I snapped. I ended all of the pain, I ended a chapter of my life I never want to go back too. I killed my father. I beat him down so much he was not able to breathe. They are still trying to find out the murderer but they haven't found me yet. But all in all, I don’t like when people hurt the ones I care about. So tell me, what really happened to you today? Arrow looks at Julius a bit shocked as he is almost speechless but he manages to get a few words out as Julius waits for a response. Arrow: It was some kids at school, they locked the bathroom and then attacked me. Julius rubs Arrow on the back as Arrow begins to cry. Julius then looks at Arrow and his bruises before beginning to talk. Julius: Don’t worry we are gonna fix this. I’ll make sure those mother fuckers don’t touch you ever again and you can believe that. The camera then cuts away as Arrow and Julius sit together on the back steps as it is beginning to get dark out as the night is almost over as we cut back inside the Pizza Place. We cut back to the Pizza Place as we see Bashka and Smith cleaning up the dough station as they look at the camera and look annoyed. Smith: What? What do you want now? Trust me there is nothing back there it is just a trash bin for when we take out the trash. We then see Bashka flip of the camera as the cameras cut away as clearly Smith and Bashka are annoyed of being accused of things every night. The cameras then cut to the front of the Pizza Place as we cut to the bar. As we cut to the bar we see Bob and Meko playing a game with a customer as the three are having a drinking competition. To see who can drink the most without passing out. Bob passes out first falling down face first on the bar and then falling to the ground. Now it’s down to Meko and the customer and it looks like the customer might win as Meko is a bit wobbly. Meko though can’t let that happen as he hits the customer over the head with an empty vodka bottle. Meko then laughs celebrating his win before passing out himself. We then cut to the back as Julius and Arrow are back inside cleaning as we now see Brenden and Bailey outside as they are both smoking cigarettes. Bailey: So when you gonna rehire Sameer? I could really use his help me and Julius are barely getting it done right now. Brenden looks at him before putting out his cigarette. He then stands up and begins to pace around as Bailey looks at him confused. Brenden: I want you to be honest with me Bailey, is Keeley a hoe like did she ever try anything with you since you met her? Bailey can tell Brenden is being serious but can’t help but laugh. Brenden looks at him a bit worried about the answer Bailey is gonna give him. Bailey: Straight up bro, yeah she’s a hoe. She trying sucking my dick once but I told her I know where else that mouth had been and I was good. We never really told you cause you looked so happy when you were with her. But you want a straight answer she is a hoe. I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you that. Brenden then walks off gets in his car without saying a word leaving Keeley and the Pizza Place at least for the night. Bailey is surprised but then again can understand why. We see a broken Brenden driving off alone as the episode ends.
  17. We then see Bob come out of the crowd holding a beer as he pours it on Stephs head before grabbing Arrow and throwing him down the stairs. He then grabs Steph and sparta kicks him all the way down the stairs back to ringside as Bob walks up the stairs out of the arena.
  18. As Arrow is walking back to the arena suddenly we see a Pickup Truck come out of nowhere and hit Arrow nearly killing him. Arrow is groaning in pain when we see Bob step out of the truck and laugh before spitting on Arrow as the camera fades away.
  19. Undisputed: Flynn(c) vs. Necce vs. Echo NA: Yelich(c) vs. Mikey Block A Matches: Julius vs. Bart Jonathan vs. KENJI Prince vs. FDS Block B: Slim vs. Smith Bashka vs Hollow Sameer vs. Hans Street Fight: Meko vs. Alex Costa Arrow Gargano vs. Aidanator
  20. Season 1 Episode 4 We kick off the episode as we see Bailey and Danielle still in the pickup truck as they are driving up a gravel driveway leading them deep into the woods. Neither of them looked scared though as they know we they are headed. Danielle still seems to be a bit in shock though as she keeps replaying the image of Arrow’s headless corpse in her childhood home. Bailey seems to be a bit unfazed now as he knows that this is a different world now and that is only the start of a lot of bloodshed to come in the future. Bailey: You excited to see you Uncle Flynn again hun? Danielle looks at Bailey with a bit of a mixed reaction we can tell that she is trying really hard to be happy but something just is not letting her deep down. She looks at Bailey though and manages a smile. Bailey smiles back as we see him slow the car down a little as we see them pull up to a house that seems pretty secluded from the rest of society. We see a man walk up to the car with a gun strapped over his back. We see Bailey and Danielle smile as it’s Flynn! Bailey and Danielle get out the truck as Danielle runs to Flynn and hugs him as he smiles. Bailey and Flynn look at each other and there is a common understanding between the two that they have both had to deal with some not so fun shit recently. Flynn: Well it looks like you missed me honeybee. Sameer is in there and he says he misses you a whole lot. Plus I got some cookies in there that I know need eating. We see Danielle smile as she runs into the house as Bailey and Flynn walk up to each other and hug. The two seem to realize what is going on now and look a bit concerned but we can tell that both these men will be able to handle. At least for a bit of time they should be fine. But then again is anyone ever really fine in a world like this? Flynn: You have to deal with one of those cocksuckers yet? I had one come up through the woods earlier when I was splitting wood. Cut that son of a bitch right down the middle. Ain’t gonna hurt me or my boy that’s for damn sure. Bailey smiles as he looks over to his right and sees the bloody axe sitting there right next to a pile of wood that Flynn had been splitting. Bailey then looks around as if he is looking for something. He soon comes to realize something is missing. Bailey: Flynn, where is Debra? Is she inside. We see Flynn look down as he is a bit upset. Bailey then realizes what happens and shakes his head as this whole thing has really begun to fuck up his life. First the trauma now family friends dying. Things just keep getting worse and worse. Flynn: She was out back and I heard the screaming. I ran out but it was to late the son of a bitch had her and was chomping away. I was shocked I didn't really know how to react till I let it come out. All of that anger I had built up over the years I unleashed on that worthless piece of shit. I would say go take a look for yourself but there is nothing left of him. Bailey looks shocked for a moment but then recalls what happened with Arrow at his home. As shocking as it would seem to do that to something both men have had to do it. Flynn then motions for Bailey to come inside with him as they walk inside. The two are seen suddenly changing their attitudes as they want to look strong for their children. Flynn: Sameer where are you son? Have you been keeping watch like I told you? We see Flynn look around as him and Bailey then walk upstairs. We then see Sameer and Danielle sitting together on the windowsill as they are playing a game of war with a set of cards they found. Flynn and Bailey look at the two and smile as they sit down with them. Sameer: I’ve been watching dad. Ain’t seen any of those things yet. Flynn then pats Sameer on the back as Sameer smiles feeling proud of himself. Bailey looks at Danielle who is still a bit out of it. Bailey rubs Danielle on the back as he comforts her. Bailey looks a bit worried as his daughter seems a bit broken. Bailey: How’s the card game going Danielle? You winning? Danielle looks at Bailey and nods as that hint of happiness she had before is gone now. Danielle then places another card down as it is a king as Sameer places down a queen. Danille takes the card and places it at the bottom of her pile as we see Flynn look at this a bit upset. He looks out the window almost looking for something, wanting something to be there. But there is nothing, nothing at all. Bailey looks at Flynn as it is very clear that everyone is a bit shaken, everyone expect for Sameer who sits there happily munching on a cookie. Sameer: Dad, when is mom getting back from the store? It has been almost two hours. I know she can handle those things but I am getting a bit worried. Bailey listens to this as he is a bit taken aback. Flynn looks at him with a bit of a depressing look as it is clear Flynn did not tell Sameer what really happened to his mother. Flynn though collects himself quickly and answers Sameer’s question. Flynn: I am sure she will be back soon, she just probably ran into some traffic or something. I bet it’s probably pretty packed in the city right now. Sameer looks at his dad and smiles as he looks out the window. Sameer though does look a bit worried as he is starting to understand the situation a bit better. Danielle has picked up on it though as she begins to tear up as she thinks about her own mother. Bailey and Flynn then walk out of the room leaving the kids alone as they go talk downstairs. Bailey: Why haven't you told him the truth? The boy needs to know his mother is dead. Flynn opens the fridge and grabs two beers as he hands one to Bailey and the two start to drink. Flynn opens his beer and takes a sip as does Bailey. Flynn then begins to answer. Flynn: There is already enough fear going through him right now. If he found out his mom is dead he would break. Crack and I don’t know if I could save him. I already lost my wife I can’t lose my boy too. I just want him to be happy man. Bailey nods his head understanding where Flynn is coming from although he may disagree with it. Bailey then takes a sip of his beer as he begins to talk about his own situation with Danielle. Bailey: As much as I want to blame you for not telling him. I did the same with Danielle. I told her that her mom is still out there. Now as much as I want to believe she is still out there. There is no way she made it out of the city. I can’t imagine over a hundred did. I gave her false hope. Bailey looks out the window in the kitchen as he is just looking around now drinking his beer along with Flynn as the two are still trying to get a grasp on this whole situation and how the hell they are going to handle it now. Flynn: I think any kind of hope right now is good. False or not we need something to make up for this shitty situation we are in right now. I mean with everything we are losing a little bit of hope never hurt anybody. Bailey nods his head as the two can agree on that. We then hear Sameer begin to yell for Flynn as the two rush downstairs to see what is going on, hoping that the two kids are okay. Flynn: What’s up buddy? You see one of those mother fuckers out there? It’s okay me and Bailey will handle it. Everything is going to be okay. Flynn and Bailey rush into the room as they see what the kids see. There was a group of them walking toward the house heading straight for them. Danielle is in shock as she looks out the window. Bailey pulls her away as he looks out and sees what Danielle saw. It was her teacher from school now dead though and dangerous. Bailey: Okay you two stay here we are gonna handle this don’t let anybody in this room okay. We will be back in a little bit. Flynn then nods as him and Bailey leave the room as they lock the door behind them. Bailey and Flynn then rush out the backdoor as Bailey grabs the baseball bat on his way out and Flynn grabbed a crowbar he has lying around. Flynn: Okay brother let’s do this just like old times with those punks down the street. Bailey and Flynn then nod at each other and smile as they rush toward the group of walkers and begin to take them out. We see Flynn strike down a majority of the group with the crowbar almost immediately as Bailey looks shocked. Bailey not to be outdone strikes down the last walker beating it into the ground until there was almost nothing left of it’s head. Flynn eventually pulls him away as the group of walkers is now gone and the two men were successful. Bailey then looks down at what he did only to realize the one he killed was Danielle’s former teacher. Bailey then looks up to the window to see Danielle looking back at him as she has begun to cry. Bailey: Dammit I only made things worse. I try to protect her and I only hurt her. These damn things have to go. I am gonna kill every last one of them! We then see Bailey start to swing on the walker once again now focusing on the body. This is a different side of Bailey as he is furious. Flynn eventually pulls Bailey away trying to cool him down. Bailey falls to his knees as he looks down at the bloody bat not shedding a tear but instead smiling. Flynn looks at him confused as Bailey looks up at him smiling as the episode ends.
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  22. FIFA 20: The Path of Emily Wilson BREAKING NEWS After Micky Mellon recently walked out on the team the Tranmere Rovers were desperately looking for a replacement but with the lack of reputation the team had and the low wage the job came with no one really stepped up. The Tranmere Rovers had cleaned out there coaching staff just before Mellon walked out which many believe caused the walk out in the first place. With things looking dire for the Rovers they needed someone on the inside but no one seemingly wanted the job that was until the assistant to the Rovers Athletic Trainer Ms. Emily Wilson signed up for an interview to see if she could become the manager. Now with the chance to draw some attention to and to fill some seats the Rovers ended up hiring Wilson. With Wilson’s signing the Rovers it shows that maybe this is the time that women can start making a push to become managers in both the EFL Leagues and the Premier League. Although this team is only in the EFL League One it will be an interesting team to watch this season as we see if a female can actually coach an English Football team. Will the Wilson era be a major boost for women in our sport or will it end up being a massive failure?
  23. We are live tonight with Empire Pro Wrestling! Tonight we will hear some major announcements regarding the brand new North American Title and EPW’s next PPV Event Battle Lines! We will also see the aftermath of the Fright Fest PPV last Sunday! EPW kicks off tonight from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. We have a crowd of 16,000 people with us tonight as Resurgence kicks off. We kick off Resurgence as we see Robert Watts makes his way to the ring once again. The crowd is going wild as Watts soaks it in. He comes down to the ring as he grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to calm down a bit before talking. “Well it looks like we have some EPW fans here tonight in Des Moines, Iowa!” Robert Watts says as the crowd cheers and Robert Watts smiles. “Well with that Des Moines let’s get down to business. First off the North American Title. We will be holding a tournament that will determine who will fight to become the first ever EPW North American Champion. Some men in this tournament include; Bobby Lashley, PAC, R-Truth, and the phenomenal AJ Styles!” Watts says as the crowd cheers. “Also at Battle Lines we will have our first ever Battle Lines Match! It will be a 5 man Tornado Tag Team Elimination Match! For our first ever match it will be Team Omega vs Team Christian! Both of these men will have to fill out their teams over the coming weeks. So the clock is ticking boys get your teams together and let me know!” Watts says as he then walks to the back as we cut to commercial. We cut back from commercial to see Bobby Lashley and Zack Cordana in the ring as we are set for a first round match in the North Amercian Title Tournament. Lashley seems to be the favorite in this one but maybe Cordana can pick up an upset win here. Match 1- Bobby Lashley vs Zack Cordana In a short match, Bobby Lashley defeated Zack Cordana with a Spear. Lashley looked dominant here as Cordana was caught with a spear early on and stood no chance after that. Lashley moves onto the second round of the tournament now as he looks to capture the EPW North Amercian Championship. We then cut backstage to see Kenny Omega sitting in his locker room as he smiles at the camera and begins to talk about his upcoming Battle Lines Match. “Well ladies and gentlemen it seems as if Christian has not had enough of Kenny Omega. It seems as if he wants more of me. He wants more pain, more suffering, more losses on his stat sheet. You see Christian I know that my team is going to dominate you and your team at Battle Lines. Now to address what is actually important who is worthy of being on Team Omega? Well let me introduce you to Team Omega partners numero uno and dos. Boys come on in.” Kenny stops talking as he motions for someone to come in. The camera cuts to the right a bit as we see the Young Bucks standing there smiling. Kenny then walks over to them as he smiles at the camera before the three superkick as it then fades away. We cut back to the ring as we see Prince Devitt in the ring across from Knox with Rowan in his corner. This is not a tournament match but both men are looking to pick up a win here to gain some momentum going forward. We hear the bell ring as the match starts. Match 2- Prince Devitt vs Knox In a good match, Prince Devitt defeated Knox with a Coup de Grace. Knox dominated this match early and often but Devitt would not give up kicking out of seemingly everything. Devitt clearly had the fans behind him in this one as he was able to squeeze out a victory here tonight. We then cut backstage as we see Davina Rose walking around backstage as she sees a camera and walks up to it and begins talking. “Last night, I proved without a shadow of a doubt that I belong here. I proved that I am capable of being a future champion. I proved that Maryse is not the champion she says that she is. I can beat her I know I can. If she hadn't cheated Sunday Night. I would be standing here your womens champion. Davina Rose would have brought the Womens Title back to the people. Davina Rose would have---”. Davina Rose goes to continue talking but Maryse hits her with an All French TKO from behind knocking Rose out cold. We then see Maryse stand over Rose holding the EPW Womens TItle high as the cameras cutaway, back to the ring. As we cut back to the ring we see AJ Styles in the ring with Marty Scrull as we are set for another round one matchup in the North American Championship Tournament. Both men could use this win but only one can move onto the next round. Match 3- AJ Styles vs Marty Scrull In a nice match, AJ Styles defeated Marty Scrull with a Styles Clash. AJ looked great here as he controlled this match for a majority of it. AJ doesn't seem to be fazed about his recent loss to Edge as he defeats Scrull here to move onto the next round of the tournament. We cut backstage to see the new EPW Tag Team Champions Tyler Breeze and Shawn Spears. We see them in their locker room as they are taking multiple selfies with their brand new titles. We see them then pose for the camera as we see a flash as we cut away. We cut back to the ring as we see Christian standing in the middle of the ring with a mic. As the crowd cheers him on chanting his name. “Thank you all. Now though let’s address my match at Battle Lines where it will be Team Omega vs Team Christian. Now let’s not waste anytime--.” Christian says before he gets attacked from behind it’s the Elite! We see them begin to pummel Christian as the three laugh. We see Christian makes his way back to his feet only to be superkicked by the three men. We then see Omega order the Bucks to pick him up as they do. Omega then gets in the face of Christian laughing at him and slapping him, suddenly we hear music go off as the crowd goes wild. It’s Edge! The EPW World Heavyweight runs down to the ring clearly upset as Omega and the Bucks look shocked! Edge enters the ring and immediately spears both of the Bucks as they then roll out of the ring. Edge stands up as Omega looks at him in shock. Omega then runs at Edge looking for a clothesline but Edge ducks under it, bounces off the ropes then catches Omega with a spear! Omega then rolls out of the ring as Edge helps Christian up. The Elite stand outside the ring a bit defeated here as Edge and Christian stand in the ring celebrating as it seems Edge is going to be on Team Christian come Battle Lines. The show then goes off air as Edge and Christian stand tall here.

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