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  1. Monday Night RAW (May 11th, 2020) State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia We kick off another episode of Monday Night RAW as the RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch successfully defended her title last night at the Money in the Bank PPV. Becky gets a huge pop from the crowd as she makes her way to the ring. She has a smile on her face but you can tell something is eating her up inside, almost as if she is looking at the crowd for the last time. She would step into the ring and begin to talk, as the crowd calms down for her. She would begin to talk about her dominant run as the RAW womens champion and how she is one of the top women to ever step foot in the WWE, and no doubt the best in the company at the moment. She would say that although being a wrestler, sometimes other things come first. Becky would say that she can long serve the fans as the RAW womens champion, as she is going to be a mother as earlier today she found out she was pregnant. The crowd would cheer for her as Becky would begin to cry in the ring clearly tears of joy though. We would see her leave the title before making her way to the back to “Thank you Becky” chants. Clearly lots of love for Becky here tonight as she is off to become a mother now. The question now though is what will happen with the RAW Womens Champion. As we see Becky make her way backstage no doubt gone for a while, we would then hear the theme of none other than AJ Styles blast through the arena. He is set for a match here tonight against R-Truth in what probably won’t last long but who knows R-Truth could pull off an upset. AJ Styles though will look to dominate here in his RAW return. AJ Styles vs R-Truth In a short match, AJ Styles defeated R-Truth in 4:41 after putting him away with a Styles Clash. AJ was no doubt dominant here beating the hell out of Truth here tonight. He seems to be more fired up than ever, and he no doubt sent a message here tonight on RAW. We would then cut to a pre recorded message from none other than Jinder Mahal. He is all alone and it looks to be just after he attacked Drew McIntyre at Money in the Bank. He has a sinister grin on his face attacking his former friend at the pay per view clearly happy about what he did. He begins to talk as we listen in. He talks about how after Randy Orton injured him in their match he realized that Drew McInytre never cared about it. Drew McIntyre simply sat backstage as Orton hurt him and tried to end his career the other week. So now Mahal is going to return the favor. He is going to put an end to Drew McIntyre and take his WWE Championship as a result of that. We then cut backstage as Stephanie McMahon is sitting in her office. We eventually hear a knock on the door as none other than Otis walks in Tucker and Mandy Rose by his side. Stephanie would smile seeing the sight of them but also a bit confused. Otis and Mandy lost their jobs on Smackdown the other day at Money in the Bank. Stephanie would begin to talk already knowing where this is going. She would tell Mandy that she is welcome on RAW since we are a bit short on women. Tucker was never even fired but hell he can join RAW since he is already here, as for Otis though he is going to have to earn his way onto this roster. If he wants a job here he is going to have to beat Randy Orton next in singles action. Stephanie would then watch as the three leave before getting back to work. Clearly a lot on the line up here next between Otis and Orton it should be a good match though no doubt so let’s head down to the ring as we get set for the match. As we get for singles action it will be Otis taking on Randy Orton. Otis needs to win this match to earn a spot here on RAW but Orton is no easy test and he is not one to make friends. Otis would have Mandy Rose ringside for the match as this could make or break his career. Otis vs Randy Orton In a great match, Randy Orton defeated Otis in 18:41 after putting him away with an RKO. Otis would have spots where he could win this match but it would not be enough as Orton would stare down Mandy Rose before hitting Otis with an RKO. Otis would cry in the middle of the ring after the match with Mandy hugging him. Orton laughs as he walks up the ramp costing Otis dearly tonight. We would then cut backstage as none other than the Womens Money in the Bank winners are in front of us the IIconics! Peyton and Billie would be holding the briefcase as there is no doubt together they are the Money in the Bank winners. Co-Winners is something different but this is something different no doubt. They would tell everyone that they did what they told us. They would say that everyone was so dumb to not accept the facts, crying on twitter, crying on facebook, and instagram. All of the Sasha Stans coming into their comments all pissy. The two would then announce that the Money in the Bank Briefcase is now IIconic and soon the RAW Womens Championship will be as well. We now get set as we will see the United States Champion in action as it will be Austin Theory the champ taking on Humberto Carillo. Austin Theory dethroning Andrade at Money in the Bank is set for great things as he already picked up the United States title. Theory though will have another test tonight as he takes on Humberto Carillo here. Austin Theory vs Humberto Carillo In a good match, Austin Theory defeated Humberto Carillo in 17:27 after putting Carillo away with an Ataxia. Theory proves here tonight why he is the United States Champion. Theory continues to build off his recent momentum as he looks to be a future top player here on Monday Night RAW. We would then see Seth Rollins make his way to his ring clearly upset with his loss last night at Money in the Bank. We hear the crowd laugh at him calling him a loser as he has a scowl on his face clearly not in good spirits. We eventually hear him speak saying just two words. “Iron Fist” We would then see Brian Cage make his way to the ring as the crowd pops, in shock. Cage would then stand by the side of Rollins, clearly aligning himself with the Monday Night Messiah. Rollins would then laugh as we get set to see Cage in action here next. In our main event, it will be Brian Cage taking on Rey Mysterio. Brain Cage, a behemoth of a man, no doubt has to be considered the favorite here tonight. Rey though a crafty veteran no doubt could pull off the upset here but it will be one hell of a test. Brian Cage vs Rey Mysterio In a good match, Brian Cage defeated Rey Mysterio in 13:42 after putting him away with a Weapon X. Cage was dominant here tonight in this performance as he leaves a mark here tonight. Rollins, Murphy, and Cage would stand tall to close the show as we no doubt have a new force here on RAW.
  2. BOB JAPAN PRO WRESTLING “COOCHIE CROWN CUP”: Round 1 Night 3 Match One: CCC Round 1 Match: Paige VanZant vs Saki Kashima In our first Coochie Crown Cup match of the night, Paige VanZant would defeat Saki Kashima in 12:41 after she made her pass out to a triangle choke. Paige picks up a big win here right away as she looks to be a star here in BJPW. Match Two: CCC Round 1 Match: Mackenzie Dern vs Angela Lee In the second Coochie Crown Cup match here tonight, Angela Lee defeated Mackenzie Dern in 9:51 after putting her away with a big right hook, knocking her out cold. Angela Lee with a big win here tonight as she now moves into the second round of the tourney. Match Three: Hiromu Takahashi vs Chase Owens In the first men's match of the night, Hiromu Takahashi defeated Chase Owens in 13:52 after making him submit to the D. A big win here for Takahashi as he continues to build on his momentum going forward, no doubt set for big things in the future. Match Four: Tomohiro Ishii vs Kota Ibushi In a hell of a match, Kota Ibushi defeated Tomohiro Ishii in 17:34 after putting him away with a Golden Star Powerbomb. Ibushi gets back some momentum here after some recent loses and this should help him hopefully get back track to where he once was. Match Five: Testsuya Naito vs Bad Luck Fale In 0:19, Testuya Naito defeated Bad Luck Fale after putting him away with a Destino. A big win here for Naito and a dominant one at that as Fale to say the least have had some bad luck as of late. But then again Naito is one of the top guys here in BJPW. Main Event: Kazuchika Okada & Will Ospreay vs Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr In our main event, Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr defeated Kazuchika Okada and Will Ospreay in 18:46 after Taichi was able to put away Will Ospreay with a quick roll up. Ospreay once again falls up short as he clearly is not happy with himself. Okada would go to help Ospreay up only for Ospreay to push him away and head to the back, with the show coming to an end.
  3. BOB JAPAN PRO WRESTLING “COOCHIE CROWN CUP”: Round 1 Night 2 Match One: CCC Round 1 Match: Syuri vs Nicole Savoy In the first Coochie Crown Cup matches of the night, Syuri would defeat Nicole Savoy in 12:41 after Syuri was able to make Savoy tap after locking her in an arm bar. A big win here for Syuri using her former MMA skills to her advantage here allowing for her to pick up the win. Match Two: CCC Round 1 Match: Konami vs Zoe Lucas In our next Coochie Crown Cup match, it would be Konami picking up the win here in 5:51 after she was able to make Zoe Lucas tap out to the Final Lancer. A big win here for Konami and a dominant one for sure as she looks to be a top woman in the company already. Match Three: Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows vs Jay White & Miro As we move onto the men's matches we would have a tag team match, in this match it would be Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows picking up the win in 16:31 after they were able to put away Jay White with a Magic Killer, another win for Bullet Club as White can’t catch a break. Match Four: Toru Yano vs Hiroshi Tanahashi Next up it would be Toru Yano taking on Hiroshi Tanahashi, and in this match Toru Yano would defeat Hiroshi Tanahashi in 14:08 after he was able to put away Tanahashi with a quick roll up. Yano not only took away Tanahashi’s tag team titles but got one up on him once again here. Main Event: Juice Robinson vs Will Ospreay In a good match, Juice Robinson defeated Will Ospreay in 19:35 after putting him away with a Pulp Friction. A big win for Juice here tonight as he managed to pull off what many consider to be an upset. Ospreay would fall once again clearly looking disappointed with himself in the ring even a bit pissed off as well.
  4. 5. Winning the NXT Championship The reign was not long, but it was nice to win a title and being NXT Champion got my name in the books for good. Opened some eyes to what I was doing and what I was going to do in the future. NXT was pretty solid with Meko, Mikey, and some others in the division at this time. Never got to defend it but hell got a reign with it so we'll take it. 4. Cut-Throat Crew Next up we got the best group in BPZ Wrestling right now don’t @ me. I spent literally my entire career attempting to work with Sheridan and eventually got it done with this group. Hans and I have worked together tons whether against each other or working together and I doubt this ends anytime soon. We're gonna be around a while so you all should start getting used to it. 3. Beating Bart in Round One of the King of the Ring Tournament Recently but still big, I had to prove that the Bracket Buster was still a thing and I think I did that. Bart was no doubt the favorite along with Hans and I was able to at least take one of them out. I didn't think that I was going to be able to beat Bart but I put my head to it and got the job done. Props to Bart though he made me work for it, and got me back into my groove. 2. hWo Turn Say what you will about this, it was still big for me. Turning on the GOAT of BPZ Wrestling is one way to get some attention and that’s what happened. Bailey and I would go on to have what should be considered for a feud of the year when that voting comes around no doubt. Led to my alliance with Slim as well which was fun while it lasted. For sure, got me some attention no doubt and although against the rules I think people know Bob Sparks will attack you if he needs to. 1. Beating Necce in Round One of the Power Trip Cup Lastly but certainly not least, this is probably the one that you have heard of the most. Coming in just a few weeks and knocking off a person like Necce was huge for me (even if he only promoed once). For sure gave birth to the Bracket Buster, and got my name out there. Plus it gave me something to build upon which ended up working out. Probably gonna have to re-run this match, just gotta see if the Raven gonna fly in and step up to the plate.
  5. BPZ Campfire Stories “The Prologue” Pt.5 The final part of the prologue is finally here as we will begin to learn a bit about exactly where everyone will be at this summer. First off let’s break down the camp and what its history. The camp's name is Camp Playz. The original name of the camp meant to be just camp place was changed due the sign maker for camp not being able to read the handwriting of once owner Homer Flynn. The father of the current camp owner Jeremiah Flynn. The camp originally opened back in 1980, as we head into the 40th year of Camp Playz. All sorts of people have found a second home here at camp from rich to poor, black to white, young to old. Camp Playz has even had its fair share of famous campers, with Donald Trump being a former staff member and Taylor Swift a former camper. Camp Playz used to be one of the top summer camp destinations but under the new owner Jeremiah Flynn things have not exactly been going great. Over the recent years there have been kids found missing not only on hikes, but also just out of the blue. The kids always come back though but have no memory of where they were or what they were doing. Flynn himself does not take the matter seriously as they kids always find their ways back, one day though...one day they might not. Camp has also had a bit of a bear issue with kids often found scratched up and killed on the hiking trails, that though seems to have calmed down last time happening in 2015. It’s something to watch out for though no doubt. With all of these issues though camp still appears fairly normally just like any other camp. A section of cabins for the boys and a section of cabins for the girls. A large mess hall in the middle of camp for eating, along with a small beachhead for everything from swimming to paddle boarding. A variety of activities for the kids each day to choose from in what makes camp so popular. Whether heading out of camp to hike a mountain, staying in to do some arts and crafts, or heading over to the meadows to play some sports, camp has always had the interest of the campers at heart. But yeah that’s our breakdown of the camp for you just to give you a bit of an idea what camp is and what it has been like. With that though the prologue comes to an end as we now head into the first season and the first episode of BPZ Campfire Stories. We are all glad to have you join us for this exciting adventure to say the least so we will see you next time to kick this all off.
  6. Yeah, I gotta agree with Hans here. The answer is Roman Reigns. Roman has been their guy for a long time now and I just can't see them changing that. I mean who can blame them Roman has the look, hes been getting better on the mic, and his in ring skills are not as bad as people make them out to be. Roman is gone now but he for sure is getting that work in from photos I have seen and from videos he has posted. He is going to come back with an even better look and that will only add onto the fact that he is the next face of this company for the long haul. Although Otis should be it right now.
  7. BOB JAPAN PRO WRESTLING “COOCHIE CROWN CUP”: Round 1 Night 1 Match One: CCC Round 1 Match: Toni Storm vs Kris Wolf In the first of our two round one Coochie Crown Cup matches, Toni Storm defeated Kris Wolf in 14:15 after putting her away with an Air Rad Crash. A big win here for Storm as she now moves onto round two of the Coochie Crown Cup. Match Two: CCC Round 1 Match: Yuka Sakazaki vs Momo Watanabe In our second of two round one Coochie Crown Cup matches, Yuka Sakazaki defeated Momo Watanabe in 12:52 with a a Magical Girl Splash. Sakazaki with the win here moves onto the next round looking to become the first Coochie Crown Cup winner. Match Three: Hiromu Takahashi & EVIL vs Fabian Aichner & Marchel Barthel Next up we would get for some men's matches, as first it would be Hiromu Takahashi and EVIL defeated Fabian Aicnher and Marchel Barthel in 15:31 after EVIL put away Fabian Aichner with an STO a solid win here for LIJ as they get one up on SUZUKI-GUN here. Match Four: Taichi vs Bad Luck Fale As we roll on it will be singles action, in this match Taichi would defeat Bad Luck Fale in 8:42 after Taichi was able to put Fale away with a Black Mephisto. A good win here for Taichi and SUZUKI-GUN as they get one back for losing the matchup beforehand. Match Five: Tetsuya Naito vs DOUKI Next up we will see the former world champion in action, in this match Tetsuya Naito defeated DOUKI in 3:29 after putting him away with a Destino. Naito was dominant here sending a message to the locker room that even though he lost the World title he is still a threat. Main Event: WALTER vs SANDANA Lastly in our main event, WALTER would defeat SANDANA in 19:41 after putting him away with a powerbomb. Another big win here for WALTER as he continues on his dominant ways here in BJPW as SUZUKI-GUN stands tall to close the show.
  8. Dynamite was great last night, and one of my favorite shows not including mini ppvs in a while. I think they wanted to follow up Fight for the Fallen and Fyter Fest strong and they no doubt did that. Eddie Kingston vs Cody Rhodes was a great way to start the show, Cody no selling the thumbtacks was something but overall it was a great match, and Kingston came out looking great. Moxley promo was solid no doubt and him and Darby as a bit of a team was great to see. Would love to see Moxley and Allin vs Cage and Starks no doubt. Young Bucks vs Butcher and Blade was a great brawl match. Don't know how I feel about Ivellise losing but it's whatever. Continuing to build the Hangman FTR alliance and Hangman and Kenny turn is great love it. Plus Sammy returning in the main event was a great way to close the show. One of my favorite Dynamites no doubt.
  9. I gotta say, I love these match cards Arius. Always been a fan of the more out there things and this idea of dressing up the wrestlers is great. For sure gives some character to the match cards and makes them a hell of alot more unique. So far I would say Sameer and Prince look the most dapper but I can't wait to see what you got some other people looking like. Great stuff, keep it up.
  10. It's good to see AEW trying to do something different with their womens divison and this is a good way to showcase some women on their roster that they usally dont. Slim was not wrong about it being on dark but I think a mix would be good, like some matches on dark and some matches on dynamite. Would get more eyes on dark and would keep the worse looking matches away from the normal viewers. I think overall though this is going to help out the womens divsion alot though and bolstering it and getting eyes on all the women in the tournament. Just really hoping Brandi and Allie dont win it.
  11. This gave me a good laugh not gonna lie, people make some weird stuff, great vid though.
  12. I gotta say I loved this match, I know there has been some negative reactions to it but I liked it. I have always been a big fan of the more out there matches and this no doubt was one of those matches. From the tiny bit of horror it really had, from Alexa's cameo which I not gonna lie was a huge fan of, to the Fiend returning. I think Alexa's cameo was my favorite part of this match just because of how much it caught me off guard. The Fiend return though was up there as well as they did make the shot look a lot more creepier with him coming out of the lake so I would say this was probably my favorite match on the card.
  13. Good match, gave Owens a win that he needs and Murphy is good for taking a loss so it's fine. Could see Owens vs Rollins having a rematch at Summerslam no doubt but we will just have to see where WWE are heading with Owens.
  14. So uhhh to start Dolph Ziggler is the dumbest wrestler in the WWE to lose this match. But the match itself was actually really good and enjoyable. WWE even managed to get me to believe that Dolph was going to win this, as I thought Otis cashing in would have made alot of sense. But it didn't happen saw the Claymore coming and just accepted it. Looks like we are going to get Drew vs Dolph again on RAW which should be something to see. Great match here no doubt. Should have been a only Dolph Ziggler can win match though.
  15. I mean I am not going to lie I had low expectations for this match because of the gimmick it had. But to be honest I enjoyed it both Rey and Rollins put together a really solid match here no doubt. Alot of good spots throughout and the wrestling was alot better than excepted. The ending was cringe no doubt but I don't think I could have excepted anything else from the WWE to be honest. It's just WWE being the WWE lmao.
  16. Should never have been a match in the first place so it was never going to be anything more than solid. I mean the match did it's job it gave Bayley another defense of the title against someone who can't be hurt by a loss. Like Ropati said, it's just filler until we eventually get Sasha vs Bayley down the line. So yeah an alright match here, nothing to go crazy about though.
  17. Was a big fan of this match...until the end. The end for sure killed this match for me, laughed my ass off but ruined the match at least in my eyes. It was a clear move though from the WWE to get a rematch set on TV as they try and boost ratings. Don't blame them for making a move like this but there was probably better ways to handle it, like Bayley didnt even do a quick count.
  18. Im really hoping this just leads to a match at Summerslam between Crews and MVP. Weird move from WWE but hey I guess if you want to extend a storyline this is one way to do it. Crews beating MVP at Summerslam though would be huge for him and maybe start the coming up of Apollo Crews that a lot of people have been waiting to see happen.
  19. Loved this, mostly for the result but the match was very solid as well. Finally glad to see Cesaro and Nakamura getting something to do and this was a great move by WWE. They needed to do something with the tag divison and this was a good move no doubt to help liven it up a bit. So yeah, overall a very good match and in the end a big fan of the result. We love to see Usos vs New Day vs Cesaro & Nakamura at Summerslam if Jey is able to heal up in time for the belts.
  20. BobdaBomb

    Gold & Girls

    It’s another lovely day in England here leading up to the BPZ King of the Ring PPV. Birds chirping, children playing, the sun shining brighter than ever, and none other than Bob Sparks on our screens. He is looking quite dapper, suit and tie as he has a very important visit today. He is going to meet with none other than the Queen of England herself, Elizabeth ll. Bob has always been one of the more interesting BPZ wrestlers to say the least, so it’s no surprise to see him getting a scheduled meeting with the queen. The original plan seemingly to send Bob Sparks and Sheridan Muller of the Cut-Throat Crew by Sheridan seemingly had other plans to attend to. No doubt though, Bob will make this something as we see Bob Sparks being escorted into the Buckingham Palace by a pair of Royal Guards. Bob looks at the both of them with a grin as they keep a serious composure. Bob would even make a weird face and crack a few jokes not getting a response from either man. Bob would eventually be brought into a nicely lit and extremely fancy room, as the Queen herself is sitting there drinking a cup of tea. Her face lights up as she looks at Bob Sparks who is just looking around the room taking it all in. As the Royal Guards stand by the door, Bob is waved over by the Queen as he sits down with her. She would offer Bob a cup of tea, but Bob would decline instead, pulling out a can of beer from his suit pocket, as the Queen is a bit taken back. Bob would notice this as he cracks it open, as he has a bit of a shocked expression, Bob would look over to the guards to get nothing. Bob though while taking a sip from the beer would raise his pinky finger, attempting to be a bit fancy. Queen Elizabeth ll: Oh darling, don’t worry about it. I only put on that fancy rubbish for the poor. Got to make them feel important, if you catch my drift. Bob would be a bit taken back, as the Queen would kick her feet back and sit on the couch. Bob would nod his head and grin though, taking a nice big swig of beer this time. We would even see the Queen reach into her couch and pull out a can of beer herself, before toasting with Bob over the table. The royal guards, still showing no expression at the door, but Bob Sparks is happy as he can be a bit more himself now. Bob Sparks: God I gotta tell you your highness… Bob would be cut off as the Queen would chuckle, as Bob looks confused. She would take a sip from her can of beer as Bob remains silent not knowing what he said wrong. Eventually we would see the queen begin to speak letting Bob know what's up. Queen Elizabeth ll: Oh Bob let’s not be so proper my chap. We are just two mates sharing a nice beer, talking about whatever life throws at us. Call me Liz. Bob would nod clearly having no problem with what Liz has to say. Bob himself would even sink into the couch a bit, becoming more relaxed. We see Liz then begin to talk to Bob once again, attempting to pick his mind with some questions she wants to ask the big man. Liz: You know Bob, I am not going to lie. I was very disappointed when Sheridan announced she was not going to be able to make it. You two are just great together, like peanut butter and jelly, like Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse. It’s just wonderful to see. Bob Sparks: Yeah she is a great friend. For sure a great partner to have in the Cut-Throat Crew. We would see Liz lean forward looking at Bob with a smile on her face. A warm grandmother like feeling taking control of the room. Bob would have a grin on his face as we see him set his beer down on the table. The queen would then begin to talk to Bob, asking about Sheridan and Bob’s relationship once again. Liz: Yeah that’s great and all, but when are you two going to be like partners, partners? Bob Sparks: Ma’am I don’t know if you know this but I’m married...and I am pretty sure Sheridan is like a lesbian anyways. The queen would look disappointed for a moment, before she would light up again. Bob would have a confused look on his face not knowing what to think of this or how to deal with it at all. Bob would then listen again as the queen once again attempts to sell Bob on this relationship. Liz: I don’t know Bob. I have been watching you two for a long time, I gotta admit I am a bit of a BobiDan stan. Bob Sparks: Excuse my language but, what the hell is that? The queen would smile as Bob is clearly confused, not knowing what the hell BobiDan is. He no doubt has a guess but hopes for the best, hopes that she is not talking about what he thinks she is. Liz though would continue to smile talking to Bob, as Bob sighs out of disappointment. Liz: I’m a fan of the two of your’s relationship, I want to see it happen. Trust me I am not alone, you should see some of the fanfics people make online. I am talking just you two to the whole Cut-Throat Crew, one is even called Deep-Throat… Bob Sparks: That’s where I am going to cut you off Liz. You see this wedding ring on my finger, I am happily married and trust me there is not going to be any funny business going on between Sheridan and I, we are just friends and nothing more ok? The queen would take another sip of beer, as Bob takes a big chug as he is clearly trying to drink out of this conversation. Liz would smile clearly not giving up on the conversation but instead just moving on from it and moving it in a different direction. Bob would be relieved as he listens to what Liz has to say to him once again. Liz: We will just say that we will agree to disagree. But Bob I do want to shift focus with you for a second. There is no doubt that is gold on your finger, but when are you going to put some gold around that waist, big man? Bob Sparks should be a champion in BPZ Wrestling not just another guy, in my opinion. Bob: Well it’s funny you mention that Liz, cause I have had my eye on a belt. A really big one with a lot of gold, a belt kind of my style. I’m talking about the Premium title, I know in recent times it ain’t been all that, but if I am being honest it does look pretty sick in a photo shoot. Liz: A big man, with a big title, and I am going to guess a lot of other big things, I think that works out for you Bob. Plus I mean the talent level holding it and gunning for it right now. Well might I just say it’s a bit lackluster if I were to give my two cents on it. Bob would nod his head not disagreeing with what she has to say at all. In fact Bob would add on to it as the queen listens in. Bob and Liz having an interesting conversation today as who would have guessed that the queen would be a pro wrestling fan. Bob would then begin to talk once again with the queen. Bob: Yeah you're not wrong, Mikey well we have shared the ring before and one of those two times I knocked him out cold. Then Akki well…..I don’t know what to really say to be honest. Liz: Irrelevant? Bob: Yeah pretty much. We would then see a random ass ninja enter the room, Liz would look disappointed as Bob just looks confused but making sure to finish her beer. The man would pull out a pocket watch and nod as Liz frowns. Liz would then turn back to Bob as it seems that their meeting is coming to an end sooner than expected. Liz: Well Bob I’m glad it was you that BPZ sent, I feel like this was a good talk. I am sorry for just asking about you though, is there anything you wanted to ask me before you have to go? Bob: I don’t know if this is a thing anymore but you know Sir Bob has a nice ring to it. We would then see Liz pull off a sword from the wall. Bob would get on a knee as Liz would move the sword to each side of his head talking to Bob as she does. There is a big smile on the face of Bob clearly wanting to do this for a long time. Liz: Today by the power invested in me Queen Elizabeth ll, I say unto you Bob Sparks. That you are now a knight of the royal army. Strength be with you Sir Sparks. We would then see the Royal Guards go to grab Bob as his time with the queen is up. Bob though before being escorted out of the room would ask one last question to the queen genuinely curious about it. She would smile hearing the question but would give Bob a very straight answer. Bob: Hey but one other thing Liz, why would you just not invite Creed? Liz: Fuck Creed. Bob: Damn right. Bob would then be escorted out of the room as his meeting with the Queen ends but it was a fun one no doubt. Really getting to know the queen better than most and seeing a side of her that most people will never get the chance too. The segment would then close with Bob walking down a hallway with two royal guards at his sides.
  21. Dinner with the Schmucks is an absolute banger of a movie.
  22. BobdaBomb

    Suit & Tie

    We cut back to Valor as we see none other than Bob Sparks make his way to the ring. Bob coming off a recent loss to his good friend Hans Clayton in the Valor Finals of the King of the Ring tournament. He comes down to the ring alone, a scowl on his face, clearly not happy. He is not mad at the Cut-Throat Crew though, not even mad at himself. His issues lie with other people which we will see him address here tonight. As he steps into the ring, grabbing a mic, and beginning to talk. History is written by the victors, that is what they say right? The other night though Bob Sparks wasn’t the victor. Props to Hans I knew I was going to get a fight and he gave it to me. You know our bonds are still as strong as ever in the Cut-Throat Crew that I will make clear. But I would be lying if I said this loss to Hans didn’t hurt a bit. Time after time I get into the ring with Hans. It's the same story loss after loss after loss, this time I thought that I could change that. That didn’t happen though, I fell short once again. Closest I ever came so far, but still on the losing side of things. The only person I can blame is….no. I heard the people before the match both in that crowd and some of my friends backstage, and hell they really thought that this was going to be my time. It wasn’t though, at least not to the guys in the back. Pulling strings and getting random ass opinions, it’s really sad to be honest. Random people coming back and screwing me over time after time. Against Bailey, in the battle royal at BPZMania, and now here in my match with Hans. None of my blame though goes to Hans he did what he does, my blame goes to the men in the suits and ties, wearing those fancy watches, showing up in those fancy cars, damn bro it must be nice to just sit back and try and ruin others careers. Bob would have a sinister smile, clearly happy with what he has to say but upset that he has to say it. Bob is clearly on a warpath as of late and it seems he is not just going to let one loss put an end to it. As he stands in the ring his smile turns into a scowl continuing to speak about the issues he has here in BPZ. I tried though to do something, leave a mark on this company in other ways. Things were supposed to happen but never did. People hiding behind an office chair, a suit and tie continuing to shut down my creative ideas. Continuing to limit me and push me down time after time. I don’t know if its a personal issue with me but after a while it gets annoying, and trust me I am fed up. So I don’t know who it is going to have to be for me to make some serious change around here. Who is going to get that attention from me. Whether it be Creed or hell even BrendenPlayz himself I am going to start making moves soon enough. I know what the critics will say though, Bob Sparks how dare you call out such people! You are not even on the level of those men, keep their names out of your overweening mouth. Well newsflash ladies and gentlemen I did beat Bart's ass whether you want to accept that or not. Oh and trust me this is not a call out, this is a warning shot. A warning shot to everyone back there who wears a suit and tie, and continues to try and hold me back. Continues to hold the future back. Cause it was you people who told Slim to cash in on Arius on what was supposed to be his career defining night, it was you people who continue to give opportunities to guys like Angelo and Josh month after month. It is you people who continue to set up overbearing obstacles for people like me, people like Addy, people like Mikey, and trust me I think I can speak for a hell of alot of talent here on the roster when I say we are sick of it. Bob would be fired up his face turning red. He clearly is on a bit of a tangent here, letting everyone know what he thinks. We see the crowd even cheer a bit, agreeing with what Bob has to say, the first time that they have cheered for him in a while. His voice no doubt has a much more aggressive and dark tone as he begins to speak once again. Not one person wanted to see fucking Angelo or whatever the fuck he is calling himself get not only a World Title shot but also a Tag Team Title shot. No one wanted to see Sameer vs Slim but boy we have to watch that bullshit. I have said it time after time BPZ, look at me. I am that golden ticket, I gave you the chance to book Bob vs Slim twice now and what did you do? You cast me aside like I was nothing more than just another guy here in BPZ. So if you continue to hide behind that suit and tie, that office door. Well I have said it before Bob Sparks, The Cut-Throat Crew we will come knocking. Nah, we will come bust your fucking door down then kick your ass soon after. So Creed, trust me your time is coming to an end when we make you acknowledge the true talent of the Cut-Throat Crew, and realize our credentials. Oh and as for “The Big Dog” BrendenPlayz. Boss man, just make sure you hold Keeley close tonight cause trust me you never know when I am going to act on this warning shot. We then see Bob Sparks stare into the camera, a sinister smile on his face. He stands there looking around, thinking of what to do next. Bob would pull up a chair before sitting in the middle of the ring pulling out his phone. He would then grin at the camera clearly putting the show on hold here tonight.
  23. FFW In Your House PPV Welcome to the FFW: In Your House PPV as we have one hell of a show in store for you. First the first time tonight not only are you getting 6 matches between some of the talent in the world, no. You are going to get 8 matches! That’s right we discovered something that is going to let us extend our pay per view events even longer now. But let’s not waste any time let’s get right into our first match of the night of this stellar show. We get set for our first match as it will be WALTER taking on Ricochet both men no doubt talented but only one can walk away with the win. WALTER and Ricochet have had their differences no doubt but there seems to be a developing respect between the two. That respect goes out the window tonight though as they step into the ring, it should be a good match so let’s get right into it. In a hell of a match, Ricochet defeated WALTER in 20:37 after putting WALTER away with a 630 splash. A huge win here for Ricochet no doubt as many expected WALTER to come out on top here tonight. Ricochet was able to pull off the upset, and the win. With this win we could no doubt see championship opportunities presented to Ricochet soon. As the show rolls on we now head into our FFW Tag Team Title match as it will be Heavy Machinery the current champs taking on the challengers The Revolt. The Revolt have been clawing for an opportunity to prove that they are the best tag team in Family Fun Wrestling and they will get the chance to prove that tonight as the tag team titles will be on the line. Heavy Machinery are no easy test though being two time FFW Tag Team Champions, and the current ones at that. Should be a great match no doubt so let’s get into it. In a good bout of tag team wrestling, The Revolt defeated Heavy Machinery in 15:04 to win the FFW Tag Team Championships. Both men were able to hit Tucker with the Shatter Machine pulling off the victory here tonight. The Revolt have just picked up the tag team titles in impressive fashion and we could be looking at a very dominant reign for them if things keep going the way of the Revolt. Next up the FFW North American title will be on the line as it will be Hangman Page taking on Baron Corbin. Corbin attacked Page a few weeks back demanding a title shot here tonight, which he is clearly getting. Page though has been a roll as of late putting down challenger after challenger on FFW Live. A big match though here tonight, as he defends the FFW North American Title once again against possibly the biggest test yet. In a solid match, Hangman Page defeated Baron Corbin in 16:11 to retain the FFW North American Title. Page was able to put away Baron Corbin with a Buckshot Lariat to pick up the win here tonight as he was able to pick up yet another win. Hangman Page is proving why he is one of the top guys here in FFW as he holds onto his title once again here tonight. Next up FFW is going to give you a very Family Friendly match as it will be Toru Yano and Scott Steiner. Both men had rough debuts both falling victim to Hangman Adam Page. Both men though tonight we attempt to get their careers heading in a better direction by picking up a win here tonight. It’s going to be uhhh...an interesting match no doubt so let’s get right into it. In a very comedic match, Toru Yano defeated Scott Steiner in 12:41 after hitting him with a 317. Scott Steiner would be a bit upset after the match but Toru Yano would give him a pornographic DVD which would help soothe things over. We would even see Steiner put his arm over Yano as Yano looks confused walking backstage together. A bit of a strange exchange but could we see a new team here in FFW coming soon? As we continue to roll on the FFW Womens Title will be on the line as two former friends go at it. It will be Kairi Sane and Asuka going head to head here tonight. Asuka has seemingly let in a darker side of her attacking Kairi a few weeks ago. Kairi though will look for some redemption in their match here tonight with the championship on the line. In an excellent match, Kairi Sane defeated Aska by DQ in 15:30 after Asuka brutally attacked Kairi with a kendo stick to retain the FFW Womens Title. Kairi Sane holds onto her title here tonight but would end up receiving a beating for it in the end. Kairi and Asuka are no doubt not finished with their feud, in fact it looks like it is just getting started. Next up we will see a match between Lio Rush and Braun Strowman. Bit of a thrown together match here no doubt but an interesting one no doubt. Both men here though looking to gain some momentum after some recent losses. Both men are extremely talented and have tons of potential to be big things here in FFW we will just have to see what happens. In a good match, Braun Strowman defeated Lio Rush in 10:42 after Braun was able to put away Lio with a Running Powerslam. A good solid win here for Braun as he looks to move forward now with a bit of momentum under him. He no doubt has world champion level potential we will just have to see if he is able to reach it. Next up we get set for mixed tag team action as it will be the team of The Miz and Maryse taking on Johnny Gargano and Candice Le Rae. The Miz and Gargano have one of the more heated feuds as of late, Miz quickly letting Gargano know that he does not belong here in FFW despite Gargano picking up some big wins here in FFW. Gargano though will have the chance to prove himself along with his wife in what should be a hell of a match. In a solid match, The Miz and Maryse defeated Johnny Garagano and Candice Le Rae in 17:35 after Maryse was able to put away Candice Le Rae with a small package. The Miz and Maryse would quickly retreat up the ramp laughing at everyone after they pulled off the win here tonight. Candice and Gargano would be in the ring shocked and not knowing what to think. Finally in our main event of the evening it will be EC3 vs Rusev with the FFW World Title on the line. Rusev was out for multiple weeks after being thrown off of the production truck by EC3 clearly not caring for the wellbeing of Rusev one bit. Rusev though was reported to show up to the building tonight bandaged up and fired up. Rusev is not going to just sit back and lose his career to a forfeit instead showing up for a fight here tonight. We should no doubt have a hell of a match on our hands so let’s get right into it. In an insane brawl, EC3 defeated Rusev in 18:23 to retain the FFW World Title. Rusev no doubt gave it everything he had tonight but in the end it was just not enough. EC3 continues his dominant reign as champion as he looks unstoppable at this point. For Rusev this marks the end of his FFW career with this loss but FFW wishes him the best in his future endeavors. The show would close with EC3 holding his World Title high like we have seen for a while now, as this really is the age of the Revolt.
  24. Damn bro Imma beast, and Sameer a simp. Love to see it to be honest. Great stuff so far with this Mikey, for sure DOTM potential here can't wait to see more.
  25. Family Fun Wrestling Year 2 / Jan 2020 Week 1 The first FFW show of the new year would kick off in style as we would see none other than The Revolt make their way down to the ring. EC3 holding the FFW World Title over his shoulder, all four men looking dapper as usual. Dressed up in their suit and ties, Braun rocking a sick pair of shades. The crowd would boo the hell out of them but they would not seem to care. Champagne bottles and party balloons in the ring as tonight we celebrate EC3 once again defending the FFW World Title. As the men stand in the ring, we see EC3 grab a mic as he begins to talk. Meanwhile the Revival begins pouring champagne and the group would toast, and begin to listen to what EC3 has to say. EC3 as he begins to talk would have a big grin on his face, he would tell them that they all doubted him and once again he stepped up and showed them why he is the top guy here in FFW. He would say that no one in this company can touch him, no one is on the level of EC3 let alone the level of The Revolt. He has stepped up time after time and carried this company on his back ever since he has arrived in this company and continues to do every single week. Eventually we would see him interrupted though as a scowl appears on his face, and the Revolt turns to the stage. Looking at Aiden English who is singing the praises of Rusev Day. Before Aiden English can get too far though, EC3 would shout at him to shut his mouth. Having enough of it after last month. We would then see Rusev walk out to join Aiden English. EC3 would begin to ask them what they want. Ask them what makes them think they are even relevant to come out and disrupt this championship celebration. We see Rusev and English smile as EC3 is clearly pissed off, not wanting to deal with them. Rusev would challenge EC3 to a World Title Match at the next PPV because EC3 cheated to beat him last time. EC3 would shake his head telling the Rusev if he wants a shot at the title he is going to have to put something on the line, he is going to have to put his career on the line. Rusev would end up accepting before heading backstage with the segment coming to an end. We would then head into our first match of the night, as it will be Ricochet taking on Elias. Ricochet is no doubt one of the top rising stars here in FFW and it is said backstage staff have high hopes for him moving forward. For Elias he looks to get some momentum going, being a bit lost in the shuffle as of late. Both men no doubt are going to give it their all in what should be a great match to start off our action here tonight. Ricochet vs Elias In a solid match, Ricochet defeated Elias in 14:01 by DQ after WALTER and the rest of Imperium ran in attacking Ricochet. Elias would roll out of the ring avoiding the beatdown. Clearly though WALTER still wants some more of Ricochet laying him out tonight, as Imperium would stand tall after the match clearly making his intentions clear. We would then cut backstage as we see Asuka and Kairi Sane the two are walking along, Kairi with the FFW Womens Title around her waist. The two seemingly on top of the world as together they hold the FFW Womens Title. We would see Kairi pause as she takes out a recorder and begins to play. Asuka would look at her and laugh, before her face turns to a scowl. Kairi would look confused before Asuka would begin to attack Kairi laying her out! What the hell, why would Asuka do something like this? Asuka would beat the hell out of Kairi Sane before eventually being dragged away by some FFW staff and wrestlers. Kairi would look heartbroken as she sits up with a bloody nose. Looking over we would even see her recorder snapped in half. We now cut back to the ring as we get set for our second match of the night as it will be the Revolt taking on Rusev Day. Rusev earlier challenged EC3 to another match for the FFW World Title in which EC3 accepted on the condition Rusev puts his FFW career on the line. Tonight Rusev and Aiden English will team up to take on Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of the Revolt in what should be one hell of a tag team matchup. The Revolt vs Rusev Day In a good tag team match, The Revolt defeated Rusev Day in 16:21 after they were able to put away Aiden English with a Shatter Machine. A big win here for The Revolt as they are no doubt one of the top tag teams here in FFW and it should not be long before they get a tag team opportunity. As for Rusev Day, a bit of a disappointing loss, and if Rusev lets this happen at FFW: In Your House his career here could come to a quick end. We then roll on with FFW as none other than the North American Champion, Hangman Adam Page makes his way down to the ring. He has a bit of a scowl on his face, not mad at the fans though but something is clearly bothering him. As he steps into the ropes and grabs a mic, we can tell by the tone of his voice he is a man on a mission. He would begin to talk about how the first year of business for FFW was a complete failure, and how quickly things went from promising to FFW becoming the laughing stock of professional wrestling. Page would go on to say how a lot of the guys in the back are fine with that clearly not caring about this company, and more about themselves. Well Adam Page ain’t one of those guys and he is going to dig this company out of the dirt if he has to by himself. He would go onto to say that as the North American Champion it is his job to help build this company and be one of the shining faces of it. So every week he is going to defend this belt, until someone worthy enough steps up to take it from him. So if anyone has the balls to step up, well every week someone is going to get a shot, all they have to do is take it. We then get set for the main event match as it will be an open challenge. Adam Page would wait in the ring as we eventually see the challenger step out...none other than Johnny Gargano. The crowd would be a bit shocked by this surprise, with Gargano making his debut here in FFW and clearly hyping up the crowd. We would then see the two men shake hands clearly ready to put on a show for the fans here in FFW tonight. FFW North American Championship: Hangman Page vs Johnny Gargano In an excellent match, Hangman Page defeated Johnny Garagno in 21:52 to retain the FFW North American Title after putting Gargano away with a Buckshot Lariat. A huge defense here from Hangman Page against the shocking debut of Johnny Gargano. The two men would shake hands as Gargano would even share a beer with Hangman after the match to end the show. Family Fun Wrestling Year 2 / Jan 2020 Week 2 We kick off yet another episode Family Fun Wrestling, and kick it off in style. We see The Miz and Maryse in the ring as they welcome us to the show and to another episode of Miz TV. Miz would begin to do his usual intro hyping himself up along with his wife Maryse. Miz would then go on to tell us about his guest tonight, the newest and hottest star in FFW they recently debuted Johnny Gargano. Garagno would then make his entrance, sitting down as the Miz begins to talk to him. He would tell Gargano that he performed great last week, but he lost. He would ask him how it feels to be a loser here in FFW along with throwing more insults at him. Gargano would be a bit caught off guard by this excepting just a normal interview here with maybe a few jokes said in between. Miz though would call Gargano nothing more than hype, and overrated. Garagano would laugh telling the Miz that he just came in to help save this company, which The Miz has only helped to bury. Gargano would then call the Miz overrated because of this, before he would get in the face of the Miz. Maryse though would step in between them as Gargano would smile, we would then see Maryse slap Gargano as he turned back with a grin. Miz would then tell Gargano that tonight he is going to get the chance to prove how good he is...against Baron Corbin right now. We then get set for our first match as it will be the new FFW talent Johnny Gargano taking on Baron Corbin. Both men no doubt some of the more relevant wrestlers in the company, but it should make for a good match no doubt. Both men coming off loses in their recent matches, Corbin falling to The Fiend, and Gargano coming up just short last week against Hangman Page. One of these men though will come away with the win here tonight, getting back on a roll. Johnny Gargano vs Baron Corbin In a good match, Johnny Gargano defeated Baron Corbin in 13:51 after making Corbin tap out to the Gargano Escape. A big win here for Gargano finally getting off to a good start here in FFW picking up his first win in the company, Corbin would look annoyed after the match but the result is final Johnny Gargano is the winner here. We would then cut to an episode of the Firefly Funhouse as we see Bray Wyatt on our screens. He has a big smile on his face, especially after his win over Baron Corbin last month. Bray would begin to talk to us not only about himself but FFW as a whole. He would begin to say that sometimes to make something great you have to restart, bring it back to the beginning. Bray would say that the dead will come back, the old will be turned new, FFW amongst many things will be resurrected. He would say not know though, you will all have to wait to see what he has planned. Trust him though...it is big and Bray is going to really turn some heads with this one. He would then wave goodbye as the segment comes to an end. We would then cut to the ring as we get set for our second match of the night as it will be Asuka taking on Alexa Bliss. Asuka shockingly turned on Kairi Sane a week ago, turning on her best friend and even snapping her beloved recorder in half. Alexa Bliss making her FFW debut tonight though will not be an easy test, being one of the top female wrestlers in the world today. Should be a great match though so let’s get right into it. Asuka vs Alexa Bliss In a solid match, Asuka defeated Alexa Bliss in 10:21 after Asuka made Alexa Bliss tap out to the Asuka Lock. Alexa Bliss had moments in this match but for the most part Asuka was dominant here really embracing her darker sides, being more aggressive, and hitting Alexa with harder strikes. Asuka looks dangerous and Kairi Sane better keep her head on a swivel. We now get set for our main event match as once again the FFW North American Title will be on the line. Hangman Page told us last week that as the North American Title each week to show that champions do matter here in FFW, and that FFW as a whole matters. We would eventually see someone answer the challenge, and it’s Lio Rush! Hangman Page is a bit shocked but ready for a fight as a debuting Lio Rush makes his way to the ring. FFW North American Championship: Hangman Page vs Lio Rush In a hell of a match, Hangman Page defeated Lio Rush in 19:08 to retain the FFW North American Title. A big win for Hangman Page here as he was able to put away Lio Rush with a Buckshot Lariat to continue his reign as North American Champion. Suddenly though we see the cameras cut backstage as we are not quite done with the night. We cut back to the parking lot where we see EC3 and Rusev brawling. Both men are beating the hell out of each other as we eventually see them make their way through the parking lot and on top of one of the production trucks. EC3 would nearly fall off but Rusev would catch him for some reason, maybe the babyface in him still not wanting to truly end the career of EC3. EC3 though would take advantage of this, hitting Rusev with a low blow as Rusev falls to his knees, EC3 laughing at him. We would then see EC3 throw Rusev off the top of the production truck to the concrete below! Rusev cries in pain as EC3 just looks down at him with a sinister grin, clearly having no issues with what he just did, and with that the show comes to a close. Family Fun Wrestling Year 2 / Jan 2020 Week 3 As we kick off another episode of FFW as we waste little time and get straight into the action. Hangman Page makes his way down to the ring as he will once again put the FFW North American Title on the line in another open challenge. Hangman Page has already had two huge matches against Johnny Gargano and Lio Rush and will look to have another banger here tonight. Eventually we would see a debuting Toru Yano make his way out from the back and answer the challenge, as we have yet another great match for the North American Title here tonight as Hangman Page defends once again. FFW North American Championship: Hangman Page vs Toru Yano In a great match, Hangman Page defeated Toru Yano in 13:52 after he was able to put away Toru Yano to retain the FFW North American title once again. It was another Buckshot Lariat that put down Toru Yano here tonight, as Hangman Page is no doubt one of the more hotter FFW talents at this point picking up win after win, and title defense after title defense. After the match we would see Hangman Page celebrating his win only to be attacked from behind by Baron Corbin. Corbin would begin to beatdown on Hangman Page, the crowd would rain in with boos clearly not happy with what Corbin is doing but eventually we would see Corbins intentions clearly as he would grab the FFW North American title and hold it high. Corbin would then grab Page by the hair telling him that at the next FFW PPV, FFW: In Your House he is going to take the FFW North American Championship from him whether he likes it or not. Corbin would then hit Page with one more End of Days before heading backstage laughing at not only Page but the crowd as well. We would then see Ricochet backstage as we see him approached by Imperium. Ricochet looks ready for a fight but WALTER just laughs looking at him. WALTER would begin to talk with Ricochet telling him that their feud is not over but soon will be. At FFW: In Your House WALTER would challenge Ricochet to one last match between the two. Ricochet would accept shaking the hand of WALTER as Imperium would then walk off. Ricochet would look a bit confused clearly not knowing what to think of Imperium being a bit more peaceful. WALTER and Ricochet have tore the house down before and will look to repeat that come FFW: In Your House in what should be one hell of a match. We then get set for our second match of the night as it will be The Revolt (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) taking on Enzo & Cass. Both of these teams are some of the better teams in FFW which should result in a great match here tonight. Many people think the winners of this match will receive a tag team title opportunity; it should be something to keep in mind for sure. The Revolt (Wilder & Dawson) vs Enzo & Cass In a good match, The Revolt defeated Enzo and Cass in 16:10 after the Revolt were able to put away Enzo Amore with a Shatter Machine. The Revolt pick up yet another tag team title win here in what should be maybe a match getting them a tag team title shot. We would then see EC3 and Braun Strowman join them in the ring after the match as EC3 begins to talk. As EC3 begins to talk the crowd boos, clearly not happy with what he did to Rusev a week ago. EC3 would begin by saying that he told everyone that Rusev’s career was coming to an end soon here in FFW and he just fast tracked it. Rusev though still has his match if he can show up come FFW: In Your House, as he was promised but let’s just say things might be harder than before. EC3 would then transition as he would hype up the Revolt demanding a tag team title shot for his boys against Heavy Machinery. EC3 would say that to save this company they have to get rid of the jokes and Heavy Machinery is nothing but a joke, just like Rusev was. EC3 though would then be cut off as Johnny Gargano would make his way down to the ring grabbing a mic as EC3 looks confused. Johnny Gargano would begin to come to the defense of Heavy Machinery calling them the greatest tag team right now in this company, and that includes being better than the Revolt. Gargano would then say if EC3 has a problem with the roster then he should stand up and prove he really is the best. EC3 would laugh at Gargano, asking him how long he has been here in FFW. He would then say he can have a match, but not against him. He would say that the main event will not be EC3 vs Johnny Gargano...no...it will be Johnny Gargano vs Braun Strowman. We then see Braun smile as both men get ready for a fight here tonight. We now get set for our just announced main event as it will be Johnny Gargano taking on Braun Strowman. Both of these premier talents on FFW no doubt and it should be interesting to see how this ends up going. Braun is no doubt the bigger man, but Gargano has been known to pull off an upset before, and tonight could be another one of those nights. Johnny Gargano vs Braun Strowman In an excellent match, Johnny Gargano defeated Braun Strowman in 17:38 after he was able to put the big man away with a quick roll up. The Revolt would be shocked trying to swarm the ring to attack Gargano but he would quickly retreat up the ramp, avoiding the beatdown and standing tall to close the show. Family Fun Wrestling Year 2 / Jan 2020 Week 4 Another episode of Family Fun Wrestling kicks off live once again as we see none other than Johnny Gargano make his way to the ring. Johnny Gargano would get a nice pop from the crowd clearly making strides in these past weeks. He would eventually begin to talk telling everyone that he is here to prove a point, and that point being that he belongs here in FFW. Before Gargano would get another word out we would see the Miz make his way down to the ring along with Maryse. Gargano would smirk clearly knowing where this is going to go. As expected Miz would tell Gargano that actually he does not belong here in FFW. A couple of lackluster wins means nothing in this company,TO WIN SHIT HERE YOU CAN’T JUST BE GOOD, YOU HAVE TO BE GREAT, AND IF YOUR NOT GREAT, YOU DESERVE TO WIN NOTHING THIS COMPANY HAS TO OFFER YOU!!! Gargano would laugh as he states that he can beat the Miz before getting in his face. The Miz would grin as Maryse would stand in between the two stopping a fight. Gargano would smile stating that he thought this would happen so he had a backup plan. Miz and Maryse would look confused, before we see Candice Le Rae rush down to the ring! Miz and Maryse would run out of the ring into the crowd clearly not wanting a fight here tonight. Gargano and Le Rae would be fired up in the ring as we eventually see the crowd cheer. Gargano would pick up his mic before speaking to the Miz and Maryse once more. He would announce that at FFW: In Your House, it will be Johnny Gargano and Candice Le Rae taking on The Miz and Maryse in a Mixed Tag Team match! Miz and Maryse would be a bit shocked as the crowd cheers. The segment would then end as we cut away. We would then cut to the ring as we get set for our first match of the night as the FFW Womens Champion, Kairi Sane will be in action as she will take on Kay Lee Ray. Kairi, suffering a recent heartbreak after betrayal of her best friend Asuka, will look to keep her mind focused in this match and prove why she is the FFW Womens Champion here tonight against a former champ in Kay Lee Ray. Both women no doubt qualified which should make for a good match. Kairi Sane vs Kay Lee Ray In a solid match, Kairi Sane defeated Kay Lee Ray in 16:21 after putting her away with an insane elbow drop. Kairi Sane picks up a win here sending a message to Asuka before FFW: In Your House as they are set to face off for the FFW Womens Title in what should be a great match. As we cut away we see Bray Wyatt appear on our screens, he looks sad. He begins to talk saying that in a little bit he is going to have to leave the Firefly Funhouse, as he is going to go on a journey, and he does not know when he will be back. He says he is going to bring something back to life but he does not know quite what yet. Bray would smile though saying that this is not in the end of him in FFW, in fact he is going to shake things up around here when he does re appear. He would state how FFW is going to change a lot after he completes his task... no the entire wrestling world is going to change. Bray would then laugh and wave before walking out the door as the segment fades away. We would then cut back to the ring as we get set for another FFW North American Title match here tonight. Hangman Page has been making his mark as of late, really elevating not only himself but also the FFW North American Championship as well. Tonight though as he stands in the ring he may face his biggest challenge yet as we see his challenger appear, Scott Steiner makes his way out! Hangman has a smirk on his face clearly excited for this match here tonight. FFW North American Championship: Hangman Page vs Scott Steiner In a decent match, Hangman Page defeated Scott Steiner in 11:30 to retain the FFW North American title. Another big win here for Page as he is able to put away a big name here tonight. Although Steiner may no longer be in his prime he is still well known. We would see Steiner raise the hand of Page after the match even sharing a beer with him. We then see the Revolt make their way down to the ring as the crowd boos them. Last week a shocking defeat for Braun Strowman as Johnny Gargano was able to defeat the big man, the Revolt though seems to have already put that past them as they make their way to the ring, smiles on their faces and the world title over the shoulder of EC3. EC3 would begin to talk addressing his “opponent” for FFW: In Your House first. He would tell Rusev to take his losses and not show up, he has heard the rumours that Rusev is feeling a bit better after that terrible fall but for him to show up would be stupid. He would tell Rusev that his career is already over here in FFW, so there is no reason he should try and fight it any longer and risk permanent damage and lose more than just his career. We would then see EC3 transition as he addresses Heavy Machinery and his opponent Otis tonight in our main event. He would call them a joke, a stupid ass tag team that does not deserve the title shots that they have just been handed time after time. He would say that The Revolt are going to put an end to Heavy Machinery for good come FFW: In Your House but tonight EC3 is going to give Otis just a bit of a taste for what is to come. In our main event it will be champion vs champion. The current FFW World Champion EC3 will take on half of the FFW Tag Team champions in Otis. Otis no doubt the underdog here but as a 2x FFW Tag Team Champion you can’t count him out here. EC3 though has been on a roll and will be hard to beat tonight, should be a hell of a match so let’s get right into it shall we? EC3 vs Otis In a great match, EC3 defeated Otis in 17:01 after he was able to put the big man away with a One Percenter. Another win here for EC3 as his roll continues here tonight. We now head into a hell of a card for FFW: In Your House as the Revolt stands tall here tonight. Will that be the same come the FFW: In Your House PPV? We will just have to wait and see.

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