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  1. 1. How old are you?17 2. Where are you from? (What Country)U.S.A 3. What is your favourite colour?Green 4. What is your natural hair colour?Brown 5. How many pets do you have?1 6. What is your favourite food? Mac and Cheese 7. When is your birthday? (Month) June 8. What is your favourite music genre? Country rap 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forums? Snow mobile stuff 10. What is your favourite sport to watch? Basketball 11. What is your dream job? Gamer 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school? History 13. Who is your least favouite current superstar? Baron Corbin 14. What animal would best represent you? Wolf 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler? The Miz
  2. Story 5- Mall Challenge Time So one time me and my friends went to the mall. Were we going to buy anything no we weren't we mostly went to mess around and be dickheads. So we made challenges for each other as we went along being dicks. So first we went to the mall court and pranked people who were sitting alone. So we saw this black girl sitting alone and they picked her for me pull the prank on her. So I go over to her table and asked, "Is this seat taken". So she said no and even moved her stuff for me to sit down but I had to keep going with the prank. So as she looked up at me I simply said ok and began to walk away. But her reaction was the greatest thing ever I have ever heard. She goes, hey are you autistic or something, running away like Forest Gump, that's right run yo white ass back to the farm, you don't want none of this this pussy it would mess you up boy. So I don't even know how to react to this, so I just keep walking toward my friends who are dying as they had seen what happend. But I did it so that's what matters. Next we did the loud speaker challenge. We had challenged my friend Keegan to go to the nearest corner and rock back and forth saying the voices are back multiple times whenever the loud speaker came on. So he took it thinking to himself it would never happen but sure enough it did. It was at the perfect time too because we were in the Gamestop as it happend. The people in there were afraid and it was funny. One fat guy even drew a minecraft sword on him. When the speaker stopped he got up and acted like nothing happend and just walked out of the store. Next my friends Joe's challenge was to convince someone that they were his parent. Which he actually did and it was hilarious. So again we got to pick the person he had to pull the prank on and we see this very old Chinese man and we choose him. So Joe goes up and says Dad is that really you. The guy looks at him confused saying are you lost son are you looking for help. Joe goes no my mom Debra says that I'd find you here. The guys eyes opened wide Debra.. Debra Roberts. Joe goes yeah that's my mom and he was so close to laughing he face was turning red. The guy hugs him and said I love you son but I cannot be your father at this time but I wish you the best. Then he walked away and Joe started dying. I asked Joe, where did you pull that one out of? He goes I don't know but it worked. We all started dying but now it was time for the last challenge. It was my friends Forest turn aka Bubble Bath kid. So we saw and escalator and came up with a great. We told him that his challenge was to run up the escalator. Past the people so sure enough he did but it didn't end up so go for him. So we stand at the near the top of an escalator that going down and we see Forest come around a corner and start heading up it. He actually made it pretty far up about half way but then he tripped luckily he didn't have anyone behind him. Cause he stumbled right down that escalator to the ground. Surprisingly he got up and gave us a thumbs up. But we were all dying from laughter. We really have'nt done these challenges in a while definatley got to do them again sometime.
  3. Signup: Trainer Name: Sir Bob Starting Pokemon (Please choose a nonevolved Pokemon that can evolve twice): Lillipup Game Preference (Please list in order from most preferred to least preferred): Z, P, B Personality (Kind, compassionate, quiet, loud, ruthless, etc. Feel free to elaborate as much as you want): Proper: Bob grew up in a rich family that ruled over a small town. At birth his was given the title sir with his families power. But that wasn't the life for him. He wanted to be a pokemon trainer. He though never liked the grit and grind as a kid. But he still set out but he keeps things proper when he goes out. Packing table cloths and all of his silverware as he never eats a meal that is not proper.
  4. 1. How old are you? 24 2. Where are you from? (What Country) Australia 3. What is your favourite colour? Red 4. What is your natural hair colour? Brown 5. How many pets do you have? 3 6. What is your favourite food? Pizza 7. When is your birthday? (Month) June 8. What is your favourite music genre? Classic Rock 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forums? Watching Sports and gaming 10. What is your favourite sport to watch? NBA 11. What is your dream job? Own a business 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school? Math 13. What is your favourite soda? Pepsi 14. What animal would best represent you? Dingo 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler? Braun Strowman
  5. WCW Lives April 16, 2001 WCW Nitro WCW comes on air as none other than Booker T is on his way to the ring as the crowd boos heavily Listen up cause I’m only gonna say this once. I’m already sick of this shithole of a town and can’t wait to go get back on my jet and get the hell out of here. So Sting I heard you last week after you beat Goldust. You said you were gonna squah me. Yeah really doubt that sucka. But you know what I’ll give you the chance to prove me wrong. So at Slamboree I challenge you to match one on one. Let’s see if you’re really the man you own up to be and come out and face me like one. Booker then drops the mic as he looks up to the stage waiting for Sting. Then the lights go out The lights come back on as Sting appears in the ring behind Booker T. Booker turns around before quickly falling backward and rolling out of the ring and making his way up the ramp in shock. Sting grabs a mic and says challenge accepted. Sting then stands in the ring taunting Booker and pumping up the crowd. As Booker retreats backstage. Sting stands in the ring as the crowd cheers. Match 1- Mixed Tag Match Daffney and Vampiro vs Mari Apache and Bam Bam Bigelow The two teams start off in their corners as the women start the math. Daffney gets off to a hot start as she grabs Apache by the hair and delivers several knee shots to the ribs of Apache. Apache then falls to her knees in the middle of the ring. Daffney laughs at Apache before grabbing Apache’s head and slamming it to the mat multiple times. Bam Bam begins to hype the crowd stomping on the steps seeing that his partner is in trouble. Daffney laughs as she walks over to Bam Bam and slaps in the face before walking back to Apache. Daffney goes to pick up Apache but Apache fights back hitting Daffney with a neckbreaker. Both women are down in the ring as they crawl looking to tag in their partners. They do here comes Bam Bam and Vampiro. Bam Bam drives Vampiro into the corner. Clobbering him with heavy blows. Bam Bam hypes up the crowd as he then delivers a clothesline to Vampiro sending him to the mat. Bam Bam delivers an elbow drop to Vampiro then a running leg drop. And he goes for the cover. But Daffney’s in the ring and she’s got a steel chair. She starts beating down Bam Bam with it. Apache comes and tries to save Bam Bam but it’s to late as Daffney now turns her attention to Apache and hits her over the head. Then continues the assault beating her into the mat. Vampiro and Daffney stand tall over the United States and Womens Champions heading into Slamboree. Shane Helms Promo The camera cuts to Shane O'Macs office as we see Shane Helms walk in. Shane Helms: Hey sir, I just want to request a championship match at Slamboree. I want to challenge AJ Styles for the Young Bloods Championship. Shane O’Mac: Well I think that’s a great idea. But we don’t just hand out opportunities like that you will have to earn it. Shane Helms: Anything I’m ready for it. Just tell what I have to do sir. Shane O’Mac: Well you’re gonna have a match tonight against Goldust and if you can beat him you’ve got your match at Slamboree against AJ Styles for the WCW Young Bloods Championship. Shane Helms: You’ve got it sir I won’t let you down. Shane O’Mac: I hope so Shane. Good luck out there. Shane Helms exits very excited and pumped up Ric Flair Promo We cut back to the ring as we see Ric Flair with a mic. He begins to speak. Ric: So Roddy, I have given this a lot of thought and I am going to give you what you want. Me and you, one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship. Shane told me earlier that he was requiring me to defend it. So I thought whos a washed up, no good, easy to beat, piece of garbage I can beat at Slamboree. Then it came to me Roddy Piper. He said he was gonna beat my ass which he actually believes. Well my friend to set the record straight you've got no chance in hell at beating me. So I can’t wait to continue my 17th World Heavyweight Title reign as I destroy you at Slamboree. Wooooooooo. Match 2- Goldust vs Shane Helms Both competitors are in the ring as the bell ring. Both run at each other but Goldust trips. Shane Helms takes advantage of this as he picks Goldust up and hits the Vertebreaker. He goes for the cover 1...2...3. Shane Helms wins and is going to face AJ Styles at Slamboree for the WCW Youngbloods Championship. On the other hand this is the second hand this is the second week in a row Goldust has been quickly defeated. Something has to change. After the match we see Goldust in the ring visually upset as he is crying. Just then we hear new music. It’s Dusty Rhodes the american dream. He comes down to the ring and hugs Goldust. They then both head to the back without saying a word. Rey Misterio and Chavo Guerrero Promo We see Chavo Guerrero in the locker room as Rey Misterio confronts him laughing Rey: You know I beat you last week, I think I deserve a shot at your X-Treme title. Chavo: Really you don’t deserve shit buddy if I’m being honest. Rey: Maybe I need to knock some sense into you again. Chavo: Really I’ll beat your tiny ass any day of the week. Rey: Prove it then face me at Slamboree for that title or are you gonna be a bitch Chavo? Chavo: I ain’t a bitch and you know what I’ll face you at Slamboree and i’ll drive your tiny ass right into the ground and hold my championship high. Chavo then walks past Rey bumping him on the his way out of the locker room Outsiders Promo We then cut to the stage as we see the Outsiders in the ring. They are laughing as they both have mics. Kevin Nash: Well last week was fun wasn’t it Scott? Scott Hall: Damn straight Kevin nothing like beating up your boss and his bitch. Kevin Nash: We ran them straight into the ground. Let’s be honest there is not a tag team in this business that can even touch us. We are at the top of the mountain and never coming down. Scott Hall: But you know we are still required to defend are tag team championships at Slamboree for some reason. I mean there is not any competition that can even touch us so we told Shane he could pick who we would face because it is all the same to us. Kevin Nash: Exactly they’ll come and they’ll fall. As a team rises up the ranks we are here to knock them right back down. Scott Hall: But Shane me and big Kev here are just dying to know so why don’t you just come out here and tell us what team is going to get destroyed this time. Then Shane’s Music hits as he comes out flanked by his man RVD. Shane: Hello boy’s so you’re dying to know huh. Kevin Nash: Yes Shane we’ve established this. But it is nice to see brough bitch boy along with you. Shane: Well you wanna know huh. Well it’s a new team to the division. It will be their debut match as a team at Slamboree. But they are very talented and no doubt will beat you at Slamboree. Scott Hall: Who the hell is it? Stop stalling and just tell us. Shane: Your opponents for Slamboree will be the team of Shane O’Mac and Rob Van Dam. The outsiders laugh in the ring having no respect for either man. But then RVD and Shane run down to the ring and the two teams brawl. Both teams exchanging heavy blows. Referees come down to try and separate the teams but are unable to as the continue to brawl. Shane gets busted open after taking a big right from Nash. Scott Hall has a bloody lip. As RVD jumped on top of him and began delivering punch after punch to his face. The teams are still brawling as no one is able to break them up. But here come superstars from the back to break them up. All four competitors are all driven into corners of the ring as they are all being held back by multiple superstars. We see all the bloodied faces of the men as Nitro then cuts off air
  6. Name: Bobbi Bomber Representing Superstar: Maryse Bio: The sister of Bob the Bomb. She is often forgotten but is now looking to leave her mark. As she finally has an opportunity in the wrestling business. She has been working for this opportunity her whole life and won't let it slip away. Signatures: Skull Crushing Finale Finishers: Pedigree
  7. Story 4: The Camp Journal So every Summer I go to a summer sleep away camp in the Adirondack Mountains. The camp is called Camp Fowler and most of my best memories have happend there. So I have many stories to tell about it and this is just one of them. So at my fifth year at camp I went to Triple A which is a week exclusive to high school students. Now as we were driving there I made a bet with my sister that I could get at least 5 girls numbers by the end of the week which I did. But this bet was very important because it led to me buying a journal in the town near by before we got to the camp. This Journal would become many things some even calling it the roast journal. This journal has some of the most ridiculous things I have ever come up with or my girlfriend had. She throughout the week would steal the journal and write random things down in it. Now the best ones cant really be explained but here is some of the things she would come up with.(Oh and FYI the consulars are all called aunt and uncle because it's a biblical camp) Lather me in coleslaw Bob is a manipulative little slut and takes it like a champ Bob is a strong independent black woman Bob's sister keeps trying to read my notes, nosy bitch Nipples are just Milk Faucets Brian really is living proof that the squirrel from ice age really is tryna to cop a nut. And lastly. I think Aunt Jenna only works here because they need diversity. So now lets get into why some people called it the roast journal. So there was this really fucking annoying slut at camp named Jillian and she thought she was hot shit so I wrote a disstrack on her. And for a white guy I thought it came out pretty decent. It worked to cause when I read it to her she left me and my friends alone the rest of the week. So here it is a couple lines from it. Your just another common high school hoe Asking all these other guys if maybe you can blow You complain about people shit talking you Crying and whining and acting like your two You talked bout me saying you'd put me in a ditch That's funny coming from another generic white bitch. So yeah I wrote some more on my friends cause they wanted me too but they never turned out as good because I didn't really want to roast them cause I liked them. But the journal also started a protest a camp that me and my girlfriend Alexa led. So me and Alexa were bored and had nothing to do then we saw a plastic fish dog toy so we said fuck it and started flinging it around and using it like a volleyball. Which actually ended up being pretty fun as we got like 10 other kids to join in. We all came to the conclusion that the goal of the game was to keep the fish in the air without holding it. So we are playing for a good 20 minutes then Aunt Jenna came and ruined it. She grabbed the fish while it was in the air and took it away claiming that it was here's even though it was labeled property of Camp Fowler. So me and Alex came up with a plan to not only get the fish back but to also get Aunt Jenna fired since all she did was be a bitch. So we started a petition in total we got up to 51 signatures out of the 60 people at camp. But it wasn't just campers that signed it we staff and consulars to sign it. Eventually the whole camp was on our side except for Aunt Jenna and a few friends of hers. So we had a beach cookout the next day and lucky for us the camp director was there. So Alexa and I went over to him and asked him to sign our petition. We explained it to him and he simply said. That's some Bullshit give me a minute I will get you the fish back. What happens next I will never forget we watched him as he went over to Aunt Jenna and started talking to her. Eventually she began to cry. So she eventually left the beach and that was the last time I remember seeing her there so I can only guess she got fired. Then the camp director went and got the fish and came back to the beach. He stood in front of the campfire as he looked at all of us and shouted "Free the Fish". We all cheered and celebrated that we got the fish back plus as a bonus we got Aunt Jenna fired. So yeah the journal is now regarded as one of the campers iconic items. Whether we look back on it for the laugh or go back to it because something at camp happend that we didn't like. So the journal no matter how you see it, is something that is meant for all to enjoy except for Jillian and Aunt Jenna because fuck them.
  8. WCW Lives April 9, 2001 WCW Nitro Welcome back to WCW Monday Night Nitro we come back on air as Shane O’Mac is on his way down to the ring with Rob Van Dam by his side, they get in the ring and begin to talk Shane and RVD Promo Shane: Well I told you all last week that this man Rob Van Dam is the whole f’n show and he proved that last week when he pinned Jeff Jarrett. But don’t worry we have already signed some new superstars that will debut in the coming months. Now none of them may be as good as this man RVD but let’s just say you all have a lot to look forward to. Now getting in tonight we will decide the number one contender for the Women's Championship in a triple threat match. We will also see the return of Sting as he battles Goldust in the main event. We will also see a high flying extreme tag match between the teams of Rey Misterio Jr. and Sugar Shane Helms vs X-Treme Champion Chavo Guerrero and Young Bloods Champion A.J Styles. So I hope you enjoy the rest of the show let’s get right into the action we have in store for you. Shane and RVD go to exit the ring but as they do the Outsiders music hits Scott Hall: Wait just a second, we are sick of this bullshit. They then stop and stand at the top of the ramp Kevin Nash: Yeah Shane why do you keep forgetting about us hell we are the tag team champions right now. Shane: Well you know Kevin I have only got a limited time to give these people what they want on the show and to be honest you two aren’t to popular with these people. The crowd then boos the Outsiders and Shane smirks and points to the crowd Scott Hall: Screw these people Shane we want to earn some money here and it doesn't look like you or your boy toy there are doing anything tonight. So how about a match. RVD: You know what Scott you’ve got you and me one on one right now. The crowd cheers as they like the idea of a match Scott Hall: Okay, slow down young blood you’ve still got a lot to learn about WCW don’t you, but you know what you want a match you've got one but you won’t be facing me. You’ll be going one on one with Kevin Nash. RVD: That’s fine I will kick his ass just like I would’ve kicked yours. The crowd cheers as the Outsiders make their way down to the ring and Shane tells the time keeper to ring the bell and start the match Match 1- Kevin Nash vs Rob Van Dam The bell ring as Kevin Nash has Scott Hall in his corner and Rob Van Dam has Shane O’Mac in his corner. Both competitors run at each other exchanging blows. Kevin eventually drops RVD with a big right hand. Kevin then picks up RVD by his hair and laughing at Shane before delivering a ddt to RVD in the middle of the ring. Kevin goes for the cover by RVD, the ref counts 1..2..Kick Out. Kevin Nash just laughs and says well it looks like we have ourselves a match. He goes to pick up RVD by his hair again but he fights back. Elbowing Nash in the ribs. RVD then pushes Nash back up to the ropes before delivering a dropkick sending him tumbling to the outside. Kevin looks surprised but Scott comes over to him and talks with him then they both nod their heads. Then suddenly they both slide into the ring as the attack RVD. But Shane also slides into the ring and a brawl erupts. Both teams exchange punches but Kevin and Scott eventually gain the advantage knocking RVD to the mat and sitting Shane in the corner. Scott holds Shane in the corner laughing and saying thats your man really? As Kevin Nash stands over RVD before delivering a jackknife powerbomb to RVD in the middle of the ring. As he then exits the ring and starts walking back up the ramp with with Scott Hall as they laugh and hold their tag titles up high staring down a stunned Shane O’Mac who is checking on RVD. The Vanishing We cut to the locker room where we see the United States Champion backstage hanging out in the locker room shining off his title. Then the lights turn off and we hear punches and a crash as the lights turn back on. It’s Vampiro he stands over Bam Bam Bigelow as he was sent through a table into a locker room. Before he spits on him and picks up the United States title and looks at it for a moment. A couple of seconds later he then throws the title on Bam Bam and the lights go out. But when they come back on Vampiro is gone. Match 2- Triple Threat Women's Match to name #1 Contender The three women are in the ring waiting for the bell to ring. Daffney, Torrie Wilson, and Stacy Keibler all taking there section of the ring. The bell rings. Torrie rolls out of the ring and laughs as Daffney and Stacy start to brawl. The both exchange slaps and punches. Stacy goes for a punch but messes and is hit with a mean uppercut by Daffney sending Stacy to the mat. Daffney hypes up the crowd as she looks to continue the assault on Stacy. But Torrie rolls back in the ring and and delivers a kick to the back of Daffney’s head dropping her. She then taunts the crowd laughing at the crowd. She then goes to pick up Stacy but is met with an elbow shot to the gut sending her to her knees. Stacy then delivers a running knee to the Torrie then looks to go for the pin but Daffney is up and she throws Stacy out of the ring. Daffney goes for the cover 1….2….3. Daffney is the new number one contender for the Women's Championship. Ric Flair Promo Ric Flair then makes his way down to the ring to a wave of boos. As he just laughs and grabs a mic. Ric: So Roddy you’ve got a problem with me huh. Well I’ve got something to tell you I could not care one bit. You only took my down cause you caught me by surprise. Next time you won’t be so lucky. I’ll tear you limb for limb and retire you for good next time you try and pull something like that. I’m a 17 time World Heavyweight Champion and you well you’re just another guy past your prime looking to not be forgotten. Me I’m the Nature Boy Ric Flair I’m always in my prime baby and I’m the greatest of all time in this business and it is not even debatable so just next time we see each other Roddy just remember I could buy out your contract like that and turn the whole locker room against you just like that. Wooooooooo. Ric Flair then drops his mic and heads to the back Match 3- Rey Misterio and Shane Helms vs Chavo Guerrero and AJ Styles The competitors stand in the ring getting ready as it looks like Rey and Chavo will start the match off. The bell rings and Chavo immediately tags in AJ Styles as he laughs. AJ and Rey start brawling as Rey gets the advantage setting AJ in the corner as he delivers numerous kicks and punches to AJ sitting him down in the corner. Rey then delivers a dropkick to AJ as he is now laid out on the mat. Rey climbs to the top turnbuckle looking to put the match away. But Chavo interferes. Pushing him into the barricade. He then goes and grabs Rey rolling him into the ring. But Chavo is not done there he knocks Shane Helms off the ring apron and drives him into the steel steps. AJ is in the ring watching this and cheering it on. But Rey rolls AJ up from behind. The ref counts 1...2..3. Shane Helms and Rey Misterio win. Rey quickly runs up the ramp retreating backstage. As AJ and Chavo stand in the ring very upset. Then they see Shane Helms still down on the outside. AJ goes and grabs Helms rolling him into the ring. Chavo picks him up holding him for AJ. AJ then goes to the ring apron. AJ goes for a phenomenal forearm but Shane Helms rolls out of the way as AJ hits Chavo ahead. Helms then makes his way up the ramp backstage. As AJ checks on Chavo Guerrero in the ring. Coming Soon Hype Nitro cuts to a video. It’s a black screen then ambulance sirens can be heard as the words, The Doctor: Coming Soon appear on the screen. We see clips of doctors running around a hospital but then it cuts to an ambulance parked in a alleyway at the very end. Then the video stops and we cut back to Nitro. Match 4- Main Event Sting vs Goldust Goldust is waiting in the ring as the lights go out and Sting appears on the stage making his way to the ring. The bell rings as goldust goes for a cheap shot but misses Sting turns Goldust around with a big right hand. Then delivers a scorpion death drop to Goldust. Sting goes for the cover. The ref counts 1….2….3. Sting has defeated Goldust. Sting then grabs a mic and starts talking. Sting: Booker T this is just a preview of what I’m going to do to you when I get my hands on you. I’m going to squash you just like I did to Goldust tonight. Sting then looks straight into the cam as Nitro goes off air
  9. *Bob looks up at the titan tron confused* Umm Kyle listen I appreciate the offer and all but it's a hard pass. I do agree with what your'e saying though, I am going to be the greatest NXT champion ever and I am going to be on top of the wrestling world. But you most certainly won't be on my side when I do that. I did call out a bitch so I am guessing you are one as you couldn't be bothered to come and make me this offer in the ring like a real man. Since you are a bitch though you would work great with that pussy who just ran backstage earlier maybe you should give him a call. But basically yeah it's a no when I reach the top of the wrestling world my family, these people will be by my side not you. In all honesty you'll be the one rotting in that so called pit for the rest of your days. *Bob then points to the stage* Don't you think that this excuses you two bitches though I'm still waiting for a response.
  10. *Bob is in the middle of the ring still after Bulldozer walked backstage and starts to laugh* Well I did call out a bitch and I definitely got one. Bulldozer you came out here and you insulted these people. And you claimed that they wouldn't be there for me if I went down with an injury or something. Well here is where you have it all wrong. These people are my family and I have made it quite clear haven't I. Plus you said it yourself that your family supported you when you went down with an injury. So I have no reason to believe that my family wouldn't be there for me too. Plus let’s be honest I would give up on you too if you tore your acl in both your legs by botching a double stomp. But after all that you still ran to the back like a little bitch without even laying one insult on me. But before you did that you had the audacity to spit on a poor fans sign. *Bob points to the crowd and to the sign Bulldozer spit on* Sir what does that sign say. *The fan shouts to Bob what it says* Love it . Keep up the great work sir. For those of you who can’t see the sign it says Bulldozer is a bitch. But speaking of bitches you two I called out earlier if either of you’ve got some balls why don’t you come out here and face me like a man. Cause I know these people would love to see me bury you too. *Bob waits in the ring for a response for the second time as the crowd cheers*
  11. *Bob Walks down to the ring as Carnage comes back on air to a loud pop and the crowd chanting Bob* *Bob grabs a mic and starts talking* So If you aren’t all aware yes I am entering the Power Trip Cup Tournament and going after the NXT Title again. *Crowd starts chanting yes as Bob stands in the ring smiling* Now I know I failed in my attempt at Backlash to win the NXT Title but this time will be different. Why you might ask? Well I know what to expect. I’m not rushing in completely blind. Also the man who has won the match Hans has moved on. Giving me an even better chance now that there is a lack of competition for me to face. Now I’ve got a bone to pick with someone in that match and I’m going to fix that issue right now. So Dikey I heard what you had to say about me when you came down to the ring moaned and complained like the bitch you are. You want to know why I was put in the tournament and you weren't let me make this real easy so that someone even like you can understand. *Bob raises the mic to the crowd as they start chanting Bob and cheering* I’ve been saying this for as long as I have been here these people are my family. They hold the keys to this business and they control the show. So maybe next time you come down here and bitch. How about you give a quick listen to these people and see why you’re not getting the opportunities you think that you deserve. But enough about Dikey I’ve got a bigger fish to fry. *Bob pauses for a moment* That’s Right Necce I’m talking about you and our round one match up in the Power Trip Cup Tournament. Before I get into our match though I have a few questions. Where the hell have you been? What were you recording a season of you’re shitty kids TV show you are running now huh. Speaking of that show. Everybody knows the host of the shows end up as pedophiles. I mean look a Barney and that puppeteer that controlled Elmo they were pretty sketchy now weren't they. So Necce how many little kids have you had “relationships” with so far oh I forgot not little girls you are definitely the type to go after the boys. Now you probably think you’ve got this in the bag. You’re probably already looking toward the finals as you think you’re gonna wipe the floor with me in our match. So Necce I’m gonna set the record straight I’m going all when we face off. I’m going to send you right back on another 3 month vacation. This time though to the hospital. After that I am going to be the Cinderella Story that these people want. Going all the way and winning the cup. You know what you two. Why don’t y'all come out here right now so we can settle this face to face like men. But you probably won’t seeing as your a couple of bitches but I’ll give you both a chance to come and prove me wrong. *Bob waits in the ring looking at the stage waiting for a response*
  12. Story 3: The Wild Horse Tour So at the time I was around 13 and my family and I took a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was a very beautiful place lots of beaches and things to do but it also had it's downfall which was that the people who lived there was crazy and this is a story about one of those people. So in the Outer Banks there are wild horses that roam around which is very cool to see. But they are only in certain areas so there are companies that have tours where you drive around and see the horses. So my family signed up for a tour which was a mistake with how the tour ended up. So on the tour it started out fine it we were driving along the beach everything was peaceful. Then we started driving near the beachouses and on the sandy roads. So we come to a small intersection and stop for a moment then slowly continue to keep driving. Suddenly a woman driving a Suburban comes speeding across the intersection aiming to hit us. Lucky for us last second she realized that she had a 3 year old in the front seat with her and veered off to the right just missing us. Then our tour guide called the police as she pulled over to the side of the road. The woman got out her car and started approaching us. But she stopped about half way and just started screaming at us and our tour guide. That they were their horses and not ours to see. The police eventually showed up and we carried on but the rest of the tour was pretty boring. We did see the horses but they were pretty small and dirty and were eating out of garbage cans. So when we returned we were given our money back and went back to the beachouse that we rented and enjoyed the rest of our vacation putting the wild horse tour behind us.
  13. WCW Lives 2001 April 2, 2001 WCW Nitro Shane Promo WCW monday night nitro comes on air and none other than Shane O’Mac is on his way to the ring Now obviously we have a lot to talk about so why don’t we just hop right into it shall we. First of congratulations to Ric Flair for becoming a 17 time World Heavyweight champion. The crowd have boo as they don’t approve of Ric Flair as the new champ Whether you like the guy or not you’ve got to respect the work he’s put in over the years. Moving on though let’s talk about the battle royal. I bet none of you were excepting I was gonna hop in that battle royal. But I did, why you might ask. Well I figured I just spent millions of dollars buying this company mine as well as experience all I can. Now, did I expect to win no ,hell I didn’t even want to win. I was just in their to see if need be I can hold my own against these guys and I feel I did pretty well. Now I do have a problem with one of the competitors in that match by the name of Curt Hennig. Do I mind that you said screw the McMahons? Maybe a little bit but I can understand that, but when you spit in my face that was crossing the line. So Curt I recommend laying low for a bit If you want to keep your job in WCW. But onto better things, tonight we are debuting not only a brand new superstar but a brand new title. First let’s talk about the title. I said we were going to mix things up around here so without further your new WCW championship…… The Young Bloods Championship. This title will be fought over by WCW’s young and upcoming talent which will be showcased later on tonight as we crown the first young bloods champion. But first the most important announcement tonight, let’s talk about the superstar I have signed and for this I want to address one man directly. So dad, I know you’re watching. Let’s just say you may have bought out ECW but you also forgot about some of the workers contracts didn't you dad. So you may have gotten most of ECW. But me, well I got the main attraction. Shane points to the stage as Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he appears on WCW Now that’s a real talent dad you can have your Stone Colds and your Rocks cause right her I’ve got the whole f’n show in Rob Van Dam and he’s gonna prove that tonight when he takes on Jeff Jarrett in the main event. The Vanishing The Great Muta is in his locker room meditating looking very relieved and calm. Then the lights go out and we hear a few punches and curse words then it goes quiet. The lights come back on and the Great Muta is gone. Could this have been the same person who attacked Hacksaw Jim Duggan last week that just attacked the Great Muta? Match 1- Torrie Wilson vs Mari Apache The last two competitors that were left in the battle royal to see who the best women really is in the company. Both competitors make their entrances and enter the ring. Torrie begins to taunt Apache but she just raises her title high as the crowd cheers. The match gets off to a hot start with Torrie coming hot out of the gate driving Apache back into the corner with quick jabs. She begins to hit multiple elbow shots on Apache in the corner. Apache is driven down to the mat laying up against the bottom turnbuckle. Torrie taunts the crowd saying, this is your champ really? Then she calls Apache weak and gets in her face. She begins to pull Apaches hair continuing to talk trash. But all this did was light a fire in Apache as she screams in Torrie’s face and headbutts here. Torrie is driven back to the mat as Apache stands up now looking down at here. Then she looks up at the top rope and smiles. Then climbs to the top rope and hypes up the crowd. Then she flies delivering a ridiculous elbow drop. She covers Torrie the ref counts 1...2...3. The match is over Mari Apache has defeated Torrie Wilson. New Championship Unveil Chavo Guerrero is seen backstage with Shane O’Mac with a covered title in the middle of them Well Chavo I just want to let you know that I have personally made you a new championship and that we can now get rid off that old boring cruiserweight title and replace it with something much better. May I? Shane points to the title. Chavo nods at Shane handing it over. Shane then walks it over to a nere by trash can and drops it in That title is the resemblance of the old WCW. To be frank it has always been pretty boring so now we are going in a new direction. A much more exciting direction. Chavo may I introduce to you the X-Treme Championship. Shane says as he unveils the new title and hands it over to Chavo Congrats Champ you’re the first person to hold the X-Treme Championship on WCW that’s something to be truly proud of. The camera then cuts back to the ring for our next match Match 2- Young Bloods Championship Match: A.J Styles vs Shannon Moore vs Sugar Shane Helms vs Rey Misterio Jr. The Young Bloods Championship is on the line between four of WCW’s young and upcoming stars. The match gets off to a bang. A.J Styles takes down Shannon Moore early with a quick combination of strikes ending in a pele kick. Rey Misterio sends Sugar Shane Helms to the outside before delivering a suicide dice to Helms on the outside. Rey stands up and is pumped up as he rolls back into the ring. Then music hits and it’s Chavo Guerrero and he stands at the top of the ramp waving at Rey. Rey is confused but focuses back on the match. He turns around into a low blow, A.J Styles just hit Rey with a low blow. A.J then picks Rey up and sets him up for a Styles Clash. Which A.J successfully delivers. The ref starts the count 1...2...3. A.J Styles has just pinned Rey Misterio to become the first ever Young Bloods Champion. But you have to question, why did Chavo distract Rey, and could Chavo be aligned with A.J Styles now? Pipers Pit It’s time for Pipers Pit and here comes the man himself Roddy Piper. The crowd cheers for the returning Piper as it has been a long time since we have seen him in WCW. He grabs a mic and begins talking. Roddy: Well it seems like you missed me. But let’s not keep you people waiting. I know you’re dying to see that Main Event of the debuting Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Jarrett same as I. So let me introduce my guest the 17 time World Heavyweight Champion the nature boy Ric Flair. Ric Flair’s music hits to the crowd booing and Flair just walking down to the ring with a big smirk on his face Roddy Piper just chuckles at the fans as they boo Ric Flair Roddy: So Ric it seems you’re not a popular as you used to be. Ric: You know Piper I really could care less what these people think about me they are all dirty peasants compared to the likes of me, Ric Flair. Roddy: Well it seems like a mutual hatred between you and the fans Ric. But you see the fans aren’t the only one who have problems with your actions last week. Many people in the back were also upset with how you won the championship. After you, Jeff Jarrett, and Booker T ganged up on Sting and took him out of the match completely. Then in the end you could not even win cleanly after using the ropes for leverage. How do you feel about how those in the back feel about you now? Ric: Well I could really care less what those in the back think. I’ve carried this company on my back day in and day out. I mean I am a 17 time World Heavyweight Champion no one in this company is even on my level. So if so one has a problem they can say it to my face and I’ll dispose of them just as I did with Sting last week. Roddy: Well it’s kind of nice you say that because well let me keep this short and sweet. Cause Ric you see I have a problem with you and your actions and I’m gonna fix this. Roddy then lays out Ric in the middle of the ring with the a big right hand. Then walks to the back to thunderous cheers. Booker T Promo We cut to backstage as we see Booker T backstage in a dark hallway somewhere backstage, he begins to talk. Booker: Listen I know you all are probably wondering why I did it. Why I attack Sting? Well it’s pretty simple actually. But you people don’t deserve to know why maybe I’ll tell you all next week depends how I’m feeling next week. Maybe I’ll be in a good mood but i’ll probably be in a bad mood so you all might never find out. Booker T laughs as the camera slowly fades out Match 3- Main Event: Jeff Jarrett vs Rob Van Dam Jeff Jarrett comes out to loud boos as Rob Van Dam waits in the ring. Jeff Jarrett gets in the ring and starts laughing and mocking RVD as he goes to his corner. RVD just waits in his corner getting ready with a slight smirk on his face. The bell rings and RVD completely mauls Jarrett. RVD is throwing punch after punch and Jarrett doesn’t know what to think. Jarrett is in shock he didn’t expect this amount of competition. Jeff Jarrett is down in the corner as RVD looks to the crowd and hypes them up. Jeff Jarrett gets up looking to sneak up on RVD but RVD sees it coming and hits Jarrett with a superkick. Knocking Jarrett down to the mat. RVD looks to the crowd and says “It’s my time”. He climbs to the top rope and looks down at Jarrett. He jumps hitting Jarrett with a five star frog splash. The goes for the cover. The refs counts 1..2..3. Rob Van Dam has defeated Jeff Jarrett. RVD stands up and celebrates in the ring and is soon joined by Shane O’Mac. Shane Raises RVD’s hand and calls him the whole f’n show as Nitro goes off air.
  14. *But Bulldozer’s spotlight is cut short as Bob “the bomb” Sparks enters and stands at the top of the ramp and the crowd pops immensely* Yeah Yeah Yeah we get it you think your a god. Well if you’re such a god why did you lose huh. It’s not really adding up to me. Also why would a so called ‘god’ associate themselves with some crap faction like the SSW club. I mean it literally stands for Some Shitty Wrestlers Club. See when it comes down to it you’re just another guy trying to overcompensate for what you lack. Whether that be talent or something else.Now I don’t want to go around spreading rumors but the idea going around backstage is that you’re not really packing much are ya Bulldozer. Now I know you’re going to bring up that, oh well you lost your match to why do you think your so much better than me. Sure that's true but I’ll tell you why I’m better than you and it is as simple as this. I have my entire family on my side just look at them they are bearing down on you right now as we speak. And what do you have a fuckin spotlight. Congrats man really setting the bar high there. You definitely are so much better than us cause of that one spotlight. Like they don’t even like you in the back to give you some pyro or something. Then you say you have so much control in this company but let me set the record straight. Why are you losing matches if you have so much control. Why don’t you have a championship or hell even a hot chick to bring to the ring. I mean you’d never land a girl with your ugly ass anyways so you’d need some creative control for that. These people have more control over the show just as much as the production team can giving you your little spotlight. Watch this. Turn out the lights. *Bob then points to the crowd as they all take out their flashlights on their phones and flash them at Bob creating a giant spotlight across the stage lighting up Bob.* So Bulldozer till you learn who really holds the keys to this company you will continue to be nothing in the business. While those of us who believe and trust in the fans will rise to the top. When I win that NXT title at at Mayhem I’ll make sure you never even get to touch for as long as I am in the division. So I thank all of you wonderful people for your time and one last thing Bulldozer. I'll see you at Mayhem, Bitch. *Bob drops his mic and walks backstage as the crowd chants Bob and your a bitch at Bulldozer*
  15. Story 2: Bubble Baths and Plastic Snakes So since I talked about D.C in my first story figured I mine as well as keep the trend going. So it was our third night in D.C we had just ordered Pizza and were watching Sidemen videos on the T.V, my friends and I. One of my friends I guess you could say if a larger fella said he was going to use the bathroom. He likes to make sure people know were he is going at all times cause apparently he got lost a lot as a child. So we think nothing of it and just continue watching the sidemen video. Then we hear the bath water start and we all look at each other confused but still could really care less what our friend in the bathroom was doing. But then we had to start caring. My friend started watching porn and you could hear it throughout the entire room even as the bathroom door was closed. At first we laughed at just the thought of him sitting in a bathtub masturbating then we soon become disgusted when he started making noises to. At this point we do rock paper scissors to see who has to confront him. So my friend Keegan lost so he had to go knock on the door and see what was going on. So he does and my friend in the bath simply says "I'm just taking a bubble bath leave me alone." But about 5 minutes later the porn comes back on. So we don't know what to do. Then I remembered we went to the zoo earlier that day and bought a fake plastic rubber snake to pull a prank on someone with and this seemed like a prime opportunity. So I took the snake out of my bag that I brought with me to the zoo. So I told my friends to trust I was going to fix everything right now. So I approached the bathroom door and slowly creaked the door open the lights were off for a strange reason but I was not going to risk seeing my fat friend naked. So I had used the bathroom multiple times before so I knew were the bath was. So I reached my arm around the door and flung the snake toward were I thought the bathtub was sure enough I made it. I heard the splash. I quickly closed the door and ran back to my bed. Then I heard the swearing. My friend was scared for his life. Then we heard a loud thud and everything went quiet. The plan had succeeded but my one friend Joe wanted to make sure he was okay so he went and knocked on the bathroom door. Biggest mistake of his life. My fat friend Forest opened the door butt ass naked and flung the snake at Joe before he could react. Forest then slammed the door and came out about 2 minutes later dressed. But my friend Joe was scarred he spent the next 10 minutes on his knees in the middle of the floor crying trying to erase the memory but it was stuck there forever. So a life lesson, never mess with a fat man's bubble bath.
  16. WCW Lives 2001: March 26, 2001 WCW Nitro Shane is standing in the ring just following the announcement to the world that he now owns WCW. Now I know this is shocking news to all of you but my father has become a corrupt ruthless son of a bitch and I can’t stand by and let him control the wrestling industry. So I did I bought WCW my name is on the contract, I made the deal, it’s mine all of it. Now some wrestlers in the company didn’t agree with a McMahon taking over but that’s fine because they are all gone now everyone who didn’t want to be here was released from the company. Which is going to open up room for new talent that will debut in the coming weeks. But don’t worry, WCW is going to be the superior company now that I’m in charge and it starts tonight with a clean slate. Every championship is hereby vacated and is on the line tonight. The crowd pops immensely Also there is going to be a change in culture here starting with the women's division we are going to begin focusing more on women’s wrestling and less upon how they may look in a bikini contest or a bra and panties match. Also we are going to be adding new opportunities for our superstars as we are going to add a new championship to the mix next week. This will allow for you the fans to see more talent and more diversity in your content each show. So let’s get into the match card tonight. First, we start off with the Women's Championship which will be decided in a battle royal match. Including the entirety of the women's division and one newly signed female superstar. Second, we will see the outsiders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall vs the Steiner Brothers Rick and Scott Steiner vs the Jung Dragons Kaz Hayashi and Yun Yang in a triple threat match for the Tag Team Championships. Third, we will see the soon to be changed Cruiserweight Championship defended in a six man ladder match between Shannon Moore, Elix Skipper, A.J Styles, Rey Misterio Jr. , Chavo Guerrero Jr. , and Sugar Shane Helms. Fourth, we will have another Battle Royal this time for the United States Championship which will be fought between 10 men; Meng, Buff Bagwell, Lance Storm, Curt Henning, Shane Douglas, Mark Jindrak, Bam Bam Bigelow, Goldust, Mike Awesome, and another surprise entrance. Last but not least we will see the World Heavyweight Championship on the line in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match between some of WCW’s best Booker T, Jeff Jarrett, Sting, and Ric Flair. So I won’t leave you waiting much longer let’s get right into the show and welcome to the new and improved WCW. Match 1 - Women’s Championship Battle Royal The current WCW women’s division is in the ring waiting for the new addition to the women's division. Then the music hits and it’s a former mexican superstar Mari Apache and she starts running to the ring and enters. Although as soon as she enters the rest of the division starts beating her down it seems they don’t like newcomers to their division. Then Torrie Wilson stops and the other women look confused as they turn toward her although it seems she just needed to fix her hair. But Apache is now up and grabs Midajah and throws her into Daffney without the others seeing. The women start to turn on each other and now all hell has broken loose. Apache takes advantage of this quickly eliminating Major Gunns after clotheslining her over the top rope. Midijah and Torrie Wilson are battling in the corner as Midijah seems to have gotten the upper hand as she knocks Torrie down to the mat. She hops up to the top rope looking for an elbow drop but Torrie props up and knocks Midijah of the turnbuckle outside to the floor. Daffney and Keibler are still going at it on the ring apron after falling over the ropes both in serious danger. Torrie sees this and runs over and knocks both to the floor with a double clothesline. But she wasn’t looking behind her Apache sneaks up behind and throws Torrie over the top rope. Apache is your new WCW Women’s Champion. Match 2 - Tag Team Championship Triple Threat The bell rings and the Kevin Nash rolls to the outside as Rick Steiner and Kaz Hayashi battle on the inside. The Outsiders both smile as Scott Hall walks over to the announcers table and clears it off. Kevin Nash eyes down Scott Steiner who is also standing on the outside of the ring. Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner start trading heavy punches on the outside of the ring as the action on the inside continues. Scott Steiner starts to gain the advantage on Kevin Nash but quickly loses it as Scott Hall comes and attacks him from behind. The Outsiders grab Scott Steiner and drag him over to the now clear announcer's table. Scott Hall laughs as he nods his head at Kevin Nash. Kevin then picks up Scott Steiner and jackknife powerbombs him through it. Then they turn their attention to in the ring they return to their corner as the Rick Steiner is now beating down Yun Yang. Kevin Nash enters the ring and quickly throws Rick Steiner out of the ring. Scott Hall sees this and starts to attack Rick with kicks and punches as he is on the ground. Kevin clotheslines Yun Yang as he had run at Kevin looking for a sneaky attack. Kevin then stares down Kaz Hayashi on the ring apron. Kevin walks over toward him and grabs him by the neck. Kaz is frozen in fear and can’t move. Kevin then chokeslams Kaz to the outside. Meanwhile Scott Steiner is still unconscious and Scott Hall is still pummeling a now bloody Rick Steiner. Kevin quickly turns his attention to Yun Yang and hits him with a Jackknife Powerbomb. The ref counts 1..2..3.. the match is over. The Outsiders have won the WCW Tag Team Championships. The Vanishing We cut to backstage and see Jim Duggan in the locker room stretching looking as if he is getting ready for a match. Then the lights go out and we hear a fight but we can’t seem to make out what is happening. The lights come back on but nobody's there Jim Duggan has seemed to vanish. Match 3- Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match The match gets off to a quick start. Competitors fighting both inside the ring and outside of it. Chavo is brawling outside the ring with Shannon Moore and Chavo takes advantage quickly as he grabs a steel chair and starts pummeling Shannon down with it. Meanwhile A.J Styles and Sugar Shane Helms are exchanging blows inside the ring. Shane Helms wins the brawl though as he sends AJ through the middle ropes. Elix Skipper is setting up a ladder on the outside between the the barricade and the ring apron as he attempts to set Rey Misterio Jr. on it but Rey fights back getting the better of Elix. AJ is now on the outside and sees this. Rey puts Elix on the ladder as he looks back looking to head to the top rope but AJ is already there.AJ performs a moonsault to Elix sending breaking the ladder in half. In the ring Sugar Shane Helms is setting the ladder beginning to climb. But Chavo sees this as he rolls into the ring and pushes the ladder over sending Sugar Shane Helms crashing to the outside. Rey then rolls into the ring and sends Chavo to the outside after a series of strikes. Rey sets the ladder up and begins to climb but AJ Styles gets in the ring quickly and begins to climb also. Both men exchange blows at the top of the ladder. But then Rey grabs AJ and hits a Salida del Sol sending both men to the mat. Here comes Chavo though he quickly throws Rey out of the ring and begins to climb the ladder he grabs the title and takes it down. Chavo Guerrero is your new WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Match 4- United States Championship: 10 Man Battle Royal The named competitors are in the ring getting ready and waiting for the surprise entrant in the match. The they hear the music hit (here comes the money) it’s Shane O’Mac the new owner he’s in the battle royal fighting for the United States Championship. As Shane enters the ring competitors begin to brawl. Bam Bam Bigelow gets off to a hot start eliminating both Meng and Buff Bagwell right off the bat with a double chokeslam over the top rope. Shane Douglas attempts to clothesline Curt Henning over the top rope but Curt Henning ducks and Shane Douglas goes flying over the top rope. Shane O’Mac and Mark Jindrak are exchanging blows inside the ring but Mark Jindrak gets the upper hand laying Shane out. Bam Bam keeps rolling as he grabs Lance Storm and raises him above his head and tosses him outside the ring nearly sending him into the crowd. Mike Awesome is taking it to Goldust in the corner but Goldust is able to escape and with the help of Curt Henning sends Mike Awesome over the top rope. Curt Henning quickly turns on Goldust though tossing him over the top rope also. Bam Bam has turned his attention to Mark Jindrak as he bear hugs him till his passes out then throws his lifeless body over the top rope. Bam Bam turns around to Curt Henning and Shane O’Mac waiting for him but as Shane moves in Curt doesn't as he throws Shane over the top rope and spits at him saying screw the McMahons. Curt Henning turns around to Bam Bam though who simply laughs and tosses Curt over the top rope easily. Bam Bam Bigelow has won the WCW United States Championship. Returns and Debuts Announcement The announcers tell us next week we will see Rowdy Roddy Piper and Piper’s Pit on Monday Night Nitro. They also tell us the WCW have made a new signing and that they will also debut next week on Nitro. Match 5- World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: Booker T vs Ric Flair vs Sting vs Jeff Jarrett The competitors are in the ring as the bell rings. The ring seems to be divided into two sides the good guys Booker T and Sting on one and the bad guys Ric Flair on the other. But wait Booker T just clocked Sting with a clothesline. Booker flips off the crowd as he watches Flair and Jeff Jarrett totally abletirate Sting. Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett now hold Sting in position for Booker T to hit the Scissors kick. Which he does Sting is down. Booker T covers him. 1….2….3… Sting has been eliminated. Then we were down to 3 and then begin to brawl Booker T quickly sends Ric Flair out of the ring and now Jarrett and Booker and going for it. Both exchanging blows as they both Booker T gets the best of Jeff Jarrett. He goes for the scissors kick, hits it. Cover on Jarrett 1...2. Kick Out. Jeff Jarrett kicked out of the Scissors kick. Wow. Booker T picks him up though looking for another scissors kick missed. Jeff Jarrett counters hits his finisher. He calls it the stroke here's the cover *Jarrett uses ropes for leverage* 1...2...3.. Booker T has been eliminated. The crowds cheers heavily for Jarrett but he just goes over to the ropes yelling screw you at the fans. Wait here comes Flair roll up Jarrett from behind when he wasn't paying attention 1...2...3. Ric Flair did it he pinned and eliminated Jeff Jarrett the final man. The nature boy won the gold. Ric Flair has won the World Heavyweight Championship. Nitro then goes off air with Ric Flair as the new World Heavyweight Champion
  17. Got the idea to do this so I figured why the hell not. Gonna tell you some funny life stories of mine. I'm going to try to do them daily so be on the lookout for when they come out. Story 1: The Food Truck Flash So I took a school trip down to Washington D.C this year which was really fun and defiantly had it's moments. Here is just the story of one of them. It was our second day down in D.C and we were going around to the Smithsonian Museums. Which were fun we went to Air & Space and American History just to name a few. We arrived in the area around noon and we were all pretty hungry. Lucky for us there was a part of it with about a hundred food trucks with lots of different choices. So we split into groups with one chaperone each. My group was lucky and got a lady who didn't care what we did so she kind of just went off on her own 10 minutes later. We didn't see her again till around 7. Now my friends and I decided to meet back at this tree in the corner of the park after we got our food just so we could make sure no one got raped or killed. So we all went our separate ways to go and look for what we wanted to eat. Now I'm thinking to myself as I'm walking, lets get something exotic and not be the generic white guy who just gets a burger. So I walked around for another 10 minutes or so then I found a Taco truck. Now it wasn't that different but it wasn't a burger so it worked for me. So I went over and started ordering ,this is where things started to get interesting. The cashier at the truck was this Latin chick who looked to be in her early 20's and she was was a solid 8 nothing special but defiantly above average. And as I'm taking my order she's like biting her lip and twirling her hair and shit. So I start thinking to myself, well I'm in Washington D.C and my girlfriend is back in New York, she'll never meet this girl. So I'm like fuck it what happens in D.C stays in D.C. So I finish taking my order and now waiting around for my food as other people order. Now I'm thinking of how to score this girl in less than an hour. Then I realized I'm staying at a hotel so I take the ticket she gave me and wrote down my name, the hotel and, room number I'm staying in. So I wait around for a bit then get called up to get my food. By this time one of my friends had found me and also placed an order and was waiting around to. So I go up and hand her my ticket and she looks at what I wrote and smiled then winked at me. So then I let out a smirk knowing that it worked. So she handed over my food and said see you tonight. Ill be there around 10. So I'm hype at this point. I start walking back to my friend smiling and happy. Then she shouts out my name. So naturally I turn around. Then she winked at me again and flashed me. This were some nice tits to, That was the greatest moment of the trip right there. Then after a few seconds she covered them back up. So I turn back to my walk toward my friend and his mouth is hanging wide open in shock. He couldn't even get a word out a first. Then we talked about it for a bit and I explained what happend leading up to that. So we got back to our group of friends and my friends and the friend I was with Keegan started telling them all about how I got flashed. Did I want him to do this? No not at all. Did I enjoy all the high fives and hell yeahs I got? Of course. But I never got to reach the end zone though as she never showed up to the hotel. Although it was probably for the best as she probably would have gotten in trouble if she got caught. Plus my girlfriend hasn't found out which is good too. But when I go back next year when I'm 18 you can bet your ass I'm going all the way. Hell it sounds pretty fun to fuck in a taco truck.
  18. Name: Bob Buttock Age: 28 Nationality: Djiboutin Gimmick: Ass Man Face/Heel: Face Tag Team?: No Backstory: The local bad boy in his village in Djibouti he got all the girls. He would often hop from girl to girl every day. He quickly grew an addiction to slapping every girls ass he saw. He wanted to experience everything. Although he doesn't know the exact kids he has he tells us its over 25. He says he doesn't have the time for them though as he has found a new passion in wrestling. With this came lots of food with helped him gained some weight although he never got the height. Although he can assure you he gained that height in the downstairs area. Height: 4'10 Weight: 195 pounds Picture:
  19. Very happy with the Bills draft so far they got the guy I wanted in the first round (Ed Oliver) since the regular season ended. But the rest of the AFC East drafted well too so that's tough but still another 6 rounds left to look forward to.
  20. My favorite youtubers are: BrendenPlayz (Wrestling), Troydan (Basketball) , Drew Durnil (Strategy Games), LazarBeam (random gaming), mgh (soccer), and Bengal (Football).
  21. Been a Bills Fan my entire life. Luckily didn't suffer through the entire 17 year playoff drought but it was still rough. Things are looking up now got a good young QB in Josh Allen and loaded with young talent on defense. Plus we added a bunch of play makers on offense in free agency for the offense. Now I'm just hoping for a solid draft.
  22. Black Klansman (2018) Just watched Black Klansman. Its was the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. Defiantly adult humor not a movie you should watch with younger kids. Also wouldn't recommend watching it with people who get easily offended. It also has some serious scenes where you may learn some stuff which is cool. Overall 9/10. Highly recommend.
  23. One of my faovrites was the disney hercules movie. Was always into greek mythology for some reason. It also had some pretty good songs in it too.

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