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  1. I mean it has got to be here.
  2. TNA Update Breaking news in the Wrestling Industry as we have a change in ownership in TNA. With the company seemingly on the decline it seems a change in ownership was needed. The man that bought the company is none other than former ECW owner Paul Heyman. Paul is a phenomenal business man and should really switch things up for TNA as he has already stated the roster is going to be hugely adjusted, meaning numerous releases and hirings. This has really helped put TNA back on the map and should help them rise back up if everything goes well. We hope to hear news soon on what is next for this company as they look to bring in news stars and fresh faces to bolster their roster and jump right back into the top tier wrestling competition.
  3. BobdaBomb

    A BPZ Story

    BPZ Story Episode 2 We see the two boys running as they are running through the woods now as gunshots can still be heard in the distance. All of the sudden we see another kid in the distance running, it’s a young girl as she catches up with the boys. “Hey you two know what the hell is going on? What was with all those gunshots?” The girl says as she begins walking with Yuraj and Troy. “Yeah someone was shooting up the school what do you think? How did you manage to get out of there?” Yuraj says as he seems a bit confused by the situation still. “I don’t go to school anymore. I was hanging out with some friends outside then we heard gunshots. I ran I never really cared about them anyways. It was me or them soo…” The girl says as she kicks a rock off the path they are on. “That pretty messed up and I mean that is coming from a guy like me. What’s your name by the way. I’m Tory this is Yuraj.” Troy says as he is leading the way. “Sky Taylor. I am sure you know my parents the Taylor doctors. Pretty popular around here.” Sky says as she messes with her hair. “Wait I know you, I sold you some..? Then we went to that party. That was a good night. How old are you again?” Troy says as he looks a bit nervous. “15 why?” We see Yuraj look at Troy who’s eyes widen. Yuraj then laughs as Troy looks really nervous. Sky then sees what's going on as she smiles. “Wait Troy. I remember you! I mean it was a fun party too bad you only lasted a minute or two.” Sky says as she an Yuraj then laugh as we are now out of the distance of the gunshots as the kids sit down as they take a break from walking. “So I am gonna be honest with you. This was not a normal shooting. I might have pissed the wrong guy off with a drug deal gone wrong. There is the cult down south and they are big in the drug game. They are called the Firm. They are lead by this maniac named Massa and I think that they are coming for me. So that’s why I had to get out of there through that window.” Troy says as the other kids looked shocked. “Well I am always in for adventure. As long as you will have me.” Sky says as we then see Yuraj agree with a nod as we see the kids get up as they walk and eventually come across a road with a small shop across the street. The three kids then go to walk across the road… Episode 3 Coming Soon...
  4. EPW TV Deal Finalized An official deal was made last night between ESPN and EPW that will allow EPW to begin airing a weekly TV Program on Tuesday Nights from 9-11 PM. The show will be named Resurgence and will be airing on ESPN for at least the next few years. With the contract details for the most part hidden with neither company wanting to release the full details. But we did get the information that everyone was waiting for as we will see Resurgence debut on Tuesday, September 16th. The future looks bright for this young company as we look forward to seeing EPW every week.
  5. - WWE Championship match AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship match Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins - SmackDown Tag Team Championships match ??? vs. The New Day vs. Prime Time Players - RAW Women's Championship match Bayley vs. Natalya Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Bálor - United States Championship match Kevin Owens vs. Rusev vs. Sami Zayn vs. Zack Ryder - SmackDown Women's Championship match Becky Lynch vs. Paige - RAW Tag Team Championships Tables match Enzo & Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz - WWE Intercontinental Championship match Adrian Neville vs. Apollo Crews vs. The Miz Cesaro vs. Sheamus Bonus Questions Which match will score the highest rating on the card? Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton The SmackDown Tag Team Championships match will change throughout the show, who are ??? (One point per each correctly guessed wrestler) The Lucha Dragons, The Shining Stars, The Revival Despite his ban, will Chris Jericho interfere in a match on the SummerSlam card? Yes
  6. As EPW heads into TV we look at who is leading the way for the company at the moment and we do this by looking at the current champions of Empire Pro Wrestling. EPW Womens Champion: Candice La Rae EPW Tag Team Champions: Steenerico EPW World Heavyweight Champion: Edge
  7. BobdaBomb

    Full Attention

    [We are in Russia as Carnage cuts back as Bob Sparks makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand as he looks pissed off after his recent loss in the King of the Ring Tournament] Now the other night Hans Clayton got yet again another fluke victory. Yet again another roadblock that makes me take another path. But sometimes that other path can lead you to bigger and better things and this new path is me recapturing my NXT Title. [Bob then laughs as he begins to talk again] See I don’t like not winning but I am sure that all of you are used to it right. I mean how does it feel to be number 2 over and over. I mean us Americans have your number for years. I mean remember the miracle on ice, I mean I could go on and on but I mean I think we all know that Russia sucks. [Bob then pauses as the crowd is chanting Bob sucks] Oh give me a break I suck. If we really want to talk about sucking-- [Bob then hops out of the ring and walks up to a fan with his girl by ringside] What was that say it again? Oh I suck well I mean I know that your girl sucks. Where do you think she really was last night when she told you she was going to the market? I can tell you she did find that sausage you wanted and trust me I think she found the biggest one around. [The fan then spits on Bob and Bob wipes it off his beard] I mean this would have never happened if you girl would stop dressing like a Soviet Streetwalker, but I mean it’s clear you suck too. A couple of world class suckers right here. Wait, wait, wait, What am I talking about World Class. We are in Russia nothing is world class here. [Bob rolls into the ring to thunderous boos] So with that being said let's get back to something that really matters. The NXT Title. I mean I look at the competition and I am just not that impressed to be completely honest. What do we have a champion is Raven who is too focused on his tag match that he doesn't have his full attention on his NXT Title. Raven you can hold that title as close to your puny fragile body but Bob Sparks is coming for it and if I have to I will pull it from your cold dead fingers. [Bob then rubs his beard as he thinks of the other men in the match] Now thinking about I really can’t tell you who is competing in this match other than Raven. I mean there are guys that are in the match like Mave, Arrow, and James Knight. But they are just in the match they are not really competing. They are just some guys that management put in the match to fill it out a bit. So they aren't really a threat. [Bob then goes to leave the ring as he stops at the ropes and begins to talk again] Oh yeah then there is Rory Orton. A guy who has been an annoying little pest every since he arrived in BPZ. A guy who poked the wrong bear and is going to suffer the consequences. When we step into that ring together. The sooner the better. Rory I am not just going to break you down I am going to end you. At King of the Ring, Rory you and other the other competitors are going to fall as the full force of Bob Sparks is going to run through each of you. Cause I have busted brackets and I have busted skulls and I am about to do it yet again. [Bob then rolls out of the ring as he heads backstage]
  8. BobdaBomb

    A BPZ Story

    BPZ Story Episode 1 We see a young boy sitting in his math class as the teacher is talking about the angles of triangles. The boy seems bored as we see his worksheet is already all filled out as the class is still on the first question. We see the boy nearly nod off and fall asleep. The teacher then looks at the boy and yells at him, “Mr. Singh can you tell us what type of angle this is, you know it is going to be on the test?” The boy looks up nervous as the whole class is staring at him as he begins to talk but stutters, “That ummm.. would be a..a..a..an acute angle sir.” The teacher nods as he is about to go back to teach but the door opens. Another young boy walks in but he is a bit older he smiles at the teacher almost laughing. He seems like trouble as he sits down in the back of the class with his feet on his desk. “Nice of young to show up today, you almost missed our special guest Troy.” The teacher says as Troy just sits in the back laughing. “Yeah I had some stuff I had to handle, some personal stuff.” Troy says as he smirks. The teacher just ignores it and continues to teach. We hear a knock at the door as the special guest has arrived. He is a shorter middle aged man and he walks in with a suitcase in his hand as he is all dressed up. “Class this is Mr. Albatross he is one of the most famous accountants in the world.” The teacher says as the phone rings and Mr. Albatross opens his suitcase as he pulls out a mini statue of Mr.Bean. The man then laughs as he begins to play with it. The teacher gets off the phone and says, “Mr. Singh you have an early dismissal and Troy then need you down in the principal's office.” The two boys then leave the room as the man pulls the Mr. Bean statue closer to him as they leave. The two boys are walking down the hallway as Troy pulls Yuraj into the boys bathroom. “Listen I need you to help me get the hell out of here. I will explain more later but right now--- Bang. Bang. bang. We hear gunshots going off as Troy slams the bathroom door closed as he grabs Yuraj’s bag and throws it at the window breaking it. “What the hell is going on, I don’t even know you and now we are getting shot at?” Yuraj says as he is in shock. Troy just grabs him as they jump out the window and begin to run far as far away from the school as they can… Episode 2 coming soon… [Sign ups are always open so if you want to be part of this make a character down below. P.S a female character would be helpful]
  9. EPW Feedback So I have been having a lot of fun with this dairy and want to see what you guys are thinking. So I would just like to know if you guys had any advice or tips on how I could improve the series. Also If you have anything you would like to see be sure to let me know. I want this to be a long a successful diary and want for you all to enjoy reading it. So I want to make sure it is at it’s best for all of you. EPW Predict the PPV Award? So I have been looking over this diary and feel it has been going pretty good and it seems like people are enjoying this but I want to give you guys a way to get a bit more involved in this. So I figured one way I could do this is have awards related to the diary put in for the Predict the PPV competition. Cause as of right now there is no real value in doing so. Some ideas I have had is custom superstars or a choice of a feud going forward. So I want your guys ideas on what you think some awards or even just some stuff I could do to improve the diary as a whole. Any feedback is appreciated. But lastly I want to say thanks to all of you who have been reading the diary and hope this can help improve whatever needs improving. [Leave your feedback down below]
  10. EPW Redemption Day PPV Mauro: Welcome to EPW Redemption Day where we kick things off with the Great One The Rock in his wrestling return against Sweet Papi Sanchez. Cornette: The Rock better whip this disgrace of a wrestler or I am gonna whip his ass myself. Stephen A: For once I agree with you Cornette, what have we come to? We then see Sweet Papi Sanchez in the ring as the Rock makes his entrance with the young Hans Clayton by his side. They make their way to the ring as the Rock then helps Hans into the front row as Hans is then seen smiling in his front row seat. [The match then begins] Match 1- The Rock vs Sweet Papi Sanchez In an extremely short match The Rock defeated Sweet Papi Sanchez after hitting him with a Rock Bottom. The Rock would then celebrate in the ring as he the crowd cheers. The Rock would fist pump Hans Clayton on his way backstage as he also gave a hug to Hans’ mother. Match 2- Tag Team Championship Match: Young Bucks vs Steenerico Mauro: We are now set for tag team action as the Tag Titles are on the line. Cornette: And these bums are in it, great can’t wait. Stephen A: Why are you so stupid it just leaves me speechless. Cornette: Then shut the hell up. In a great match Steenerico would defeat The Young Bucks when El Genrico beat Matt Jackson with a quick roll up. We would then see the Steenerico celebrate in the ring as the Young Bucks watched on. Post Match We see Steenerico go to shake the hands of the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks would spit in the face of Steenerico before superkicking them both. The Young Bucks would begin to beat down on Steenerico. When we would see Kenny Omega run down to the ring as he looks to save Steenerico from this assault. Kenny would roll into the ring as he would stare down the Young Bucks as Kevin Steen would make it to his feet to stand by Kenny. Kenny then takes a step toward the Young Bucks before superkicking Steen! What the Hell? Kenny then would point at El Generico who was now getting to his feet before Kenny and the Young Bucks would superkick him too. The three would then walk up to the commentary table and grab Cornette and superkick him also as Stephen A laughed and fist pumped the three men. Then would then head backstage as everyone in the arena is left in shock. Match 3- Christain vs Bobby Lashley Mauro: Well Stephen it looks like we will have to call this match with just us as Cornette is being tended to backstage. Stephen A: Hallelujah, hopefully this headache can go away now. In a solid match Bobby Lashley would defeat Christain after hitting him with a massive spear. Lashley would then walk backstage as he laughed at the crowd and flexed on the stage as Christain sat disappointed in the ring. Match 4- Maryse vs Tenille Dashwood Mauro: It is time for some female action as we will see Tenille Dashwood take on Maryse. Stephen A: Well Mauro I am always down for female action if you know what a mean. In a nice match Maryse defeated Tenille Dashwood after beating her with a French Kiss. After the match we would see Maryse throw Tenille out of the ring as she would then point to the back as she mouthed out the words I’m coming. It seems Maryse has made her intentions clear as she is looking toward the EPW Womens Title. Mauro: Well it’s time for our next match as we wait to see who this hooded man is. Stephen A: Look at Tyler down their in the ring I can’t tell if he is just fired up or he is shaking in his boots. Mauro what do you think? We then hear music play as the Hooded man appears on stage and removes his hood. Oh my god, it’s AJ Styles! Match 5- Hooded Man (AJ Styles) vs Tyler Black In a short match AJ Styles defeated Tyler Black after beating him with a Styles Clash. AJ Styles celebrates in the ring as he walks backstage as he has clearly left his mark already in EPW. Tyler Black is in the ring as he looks around as he is still in shock. Match 6- Edge vs Walter In a great match Edge defeated Walter to win the EPW World Title after beating him with a roll up. Walter is furious after the match as he goes to attack Edge but Edge rolls out of the ring before Walter could get a hold of him. Edge stands at the top of the ramp with his title high as Walter storms around the ring furious as Redemption Day goes off air. (Congrats to Bailey for winning the PPV with 100% correct) Predict the PPV Rankings Bailey 100% 1 Win Mecko 83% 1 WIn Meko 56% 1 Win GeorgeAK 80% Ropati 80% Bash 50% Kenji 50% Mikey 50% Sameer 44% Arius 42% Julius 42% Hans 33% Massa 33% Marker 16% BiC 0% Icon 0%
  11. Bulls 2012 Diary NBA 2012-2013 Teams Preview We will be looking around the league to see how everything is looking and which teams are contenders and which are in need of a rebuild. We will look at the top 10 players of each team and their overall ratings as well. Philadelphia 76ers Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players PG Jake Wise 78 SF Evan Turner 78 C Anderson Varejao 76 The 76ers are a team that should make the playoffs but at most make it to the second round. They have guys to build around in Igualada and Holiday they just have to add on more talent to compete for an NBA Title now. Sacramento Kings Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players PG Jose Calderon 78 SF Omri Casspi 76 PF Terrence Jones 75 The Kings are a team that has flown under the radar quite a bit but are for sure on the come up. With young stars in Jimmy Butler, Tyreke Evans, and Demarcus Cousins they look to compete for a playoff spot in the tough Western Conference this year. This team could for sure compete for a title in the near future. Indiana Pacers Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players SF CJ Miles 80 PF Jon Leuer 75 PG Guy Lowry 75 Another young promising team the Pacers are a team that could compete for a title very soon. With guys like Paul George and Josh Smith leading the way they could be a darkhorse to go to the NBA Finals out of the East this year but if not they still have a large window to get it done. Toronto Raptors Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players C Vitaly Bilous 76 PF Amir Johnson 75 PG Shelvin Mack 74 SF P.J Tucker 72 SF Darius Miller 70 The Raptors are one of the top young teams in the league at the moment. They look as if they should sneak into the playoffs this year and give a top seed a challenge. With a surprise upset this team could have a chance to make it to the second round of the playoffs. Golden State Warriors Starting Lineup Notable Bench Players PF Julian Moss 75 PF Andrew Nicholson 72 The Warriors are a team that will compete for a playoff spot this year in the strong Western Conference. With two young rising stars in Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis they should be the foundation for this team going forward. WIth still a few holes to address they are not championship contenders yet but are very close. Next 5 teams coming soon… (shoutout to Bailey for the idea)
  12. Bulls 2012 Diary NBA Offseason: Huge Late Offseason Trades Over the past few weeks teams seemed to look at their rosters and decided it was time to make a move with teams like the Heat, Bulls, Knicks, and Trailblazers making moves. Trade #1: Bulls and Magic exchange PG’s Bulls receive: Luke Ridnour Magic receive: Nate Robinson Trade #2: Ty Lawson on the move Knicks receive: Timberwolves 2013 1st round pick Top 5 Protected, Lakers 2014 1st Round Pick Timberwolves receive: Ty Lawson Trade #3: Heat trade for breakout player Jason Smith Heat receive: Jason Smith Knicks receive: Ramon Sessions, Heat 2013 1st Round Pick, Heat 2014 2nd Round Pick, and Khris Middleton Trade #4: New Big Three in Miami Heat receive: Lamarcus Aldrige Trailblazers receive: Iman Shumpert, Chris Bosh, Heat 2014 1st Round Pick With this we now look to the regular season...
  13. BobdaBomb

    A BPZ Story

    A BPZ Story So I got this idea why not make a story. When I got this idea, I started to think of what the story was going to be about but did not have a clue. As of right now I still have no clue, but what is a great way to start a story build it around some characters. So with that being said I don’t really know what direction this story is going to go in but I think your characters could shape it into really interesting. There is no max to the characters as they will all find their way in eventually. So this is what I am looking for in a character sign up: Name: Jeff Jefferson Age ( 5-95 ) : 46 Occupation: Janitor Race: Asian Short Backstory: Jeff is a janitor for the local taco shop. He lives in his parents basement at the age of 46. Jeff thinks the world is flat and he is looking to prove to everyone that it is. So with that I look forward to your character sign ups and how this story is going to unfold.
  14. Bulls 2012 Diary NBA Offseason: NBA Free Agency With a weak free agency class many teams are fighting it out for the top free agents in Dwight Howard and Deron Williams. With only a few high quality players many average players are getting larger contracts. While most of the free agents will be low tier starters at max it will be interesting to see where everyone ends up signing. Top League Signings Dwight Howard to Celtics on 3 yr/ 114 M Deron Williams to resign with Jazz on 3 yr/ 62 M Anrew Bynum to Magic on 3 yr/ 74.25 M Daniel Gibson to Celtics on 1 yr/ 7 M Marco Belinelli to Hawks on 2 yr/ 10.86 M Gilbert Arenas to Mavs on 2 yr/9 M Ramon Sessions to Heat on 2 yr/ 13.7 M Ian Mahinmi to Mavs on 2 yr/ 13.35 M O.J Mayo to Hawks on 1 yr/ 1.5 M Mike Bibby to Rockets on 2 yr/ 10 M Bulls signings Garrett Temple 1 yr/ 9 M A solid defensive player Temple is a bigger guard who should help the Bulls out with covering guards as Jimmer and Nate Robinson are not known for their defensive skills. Temple is a solid shooter on the offensive side but not going to be a top option. Darko Milicic 1yr/ 3.5 M Milicic played very well through the regular season for the Bulls last season but faded away in the playoffs. He should be a solid backup center for the Bulls at least for the coming year as they look to strengthen their interior defense.
  15. 2012 Bulls Diary NBA Offseason: Kevin Durant Trade Details Bulls receive: Kevin Durant Thunder Receive: Danny Green, 24th pick (Jae Crowder) , Taj Gibson, Bulls 2013 1st and 2nd Round Pick, Bulls 2014 1st round pick, Bulls 2015 First Round Pick After news broke of this shocking trade people were wondering why. Well we now seem to have the answers. Kevin was not willing to take a pay cut to remain on the team next offseason after the Thunder signed James Harden to a max deal. The Thunder it seems tried to keep this a secret and they were pretty successful. The Thunder apparently contacted many Eastern Conference teams about Durant’s availability including the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and the Chicago Bulls. With the Chicago Bulls going all out to get this deal done. Chicago would send to of it’s starters from the last season and 4 first round picks including the 24th pick in this years draft. This allows for two of the top stars in the league in Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose team up on the Chicago Bulls. With still a decent amount of talent surrounding them it should be interesting to see what this team does to add on to this in free agency. For the Thunder it adds depth to a team that already had a star studded starting lineup this move allows for them to add some depth. They also add some draft picks which many think will be used in another trade to bring in another high quality player. The Thunder are still considered the best team in the league by many even with the loss of Kevin Durant. It should be interesting to see how Westbrook and Harden lead this team into the future.
  16. Bulls 2012 Diary NBA Offseason: NBA Draft 1. Wariors- Anthony Davis 2. Celtics- Bradley Beal 3. Pistons- Draymond Green 4. Nets- Thomas Robinson 5. Suns- Andre Drummond 6. Rockets- Miles Plumlee 7. Knicks- Dion Waiters 8. Raptors trade pick to Clippers for Nikola Vucevic With the Pick the Clippers select Damian Lillard 9. Bucks- Austin Rivers 10. Jazz- Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist 11. Hornets- Egor Klimov 12. Kings- Terrence Jones 13. Pelicans- Jamychal Green 14. Mavericks- Harrison Barnes 15. Cavs- Jared Sullinger 16. 76ers- Chad Glimore 17. Blazers- Evan Fournier 18. Wizards- Terrence Ross 19. Clippers trade pick and Baron Davis to Nets for Nikola Mirotic future Nets pick With the pick the Nets select John Henson 20. Knicks- Shelden Bass 21. Nuggets- Oscar Cater 22. Grizzlies- Jeremy Lamb 23. Bulls- Meyers Leonard 24. Bulls trade pick in package for Kevin Durant With the pick Thunder select Jae Crowder 25. Timberwolves- Marquis Teague 26. TImberwolves- Mike Scott 27. Pacers- Guy Lowry 28. Heat- Khris Middleton 29. Blazers- Tomas Satoransky 30. Thunder- Maurice Harkless Round 2 31. Pistons- Tyler Zeller 32. Nets- Will Barton 33. Warriors- Andrew Nicholsan 34. Suns- Kyle O’Quinn 35. Rockets- Luigi Mancinelli 36. Celtics- Leo Ramsey 37. Raptors- Darius Miller 38. Knicks- Robert Sacre 39. Bucks- Charlie Madison 40. Jazz- Matthew Floyd 41. Hornets- Shania Scott 42. Kings- Festus Ezeli 43. 76ers- Rudolph Morrison 44. Cavs- Terrell Park 45. Pelicans- Drew Underwood 46. Mavs- Radoslav Turk 47. Blazers- Ervin Gaines 48. Clippers- Terence Thurmond 49. Wizards- Nick Bolton 50. Hawks- Jess Witt 51. Nuggets- Dillion Stevenson 52. Grizzlies- Chip Anderson 53. TImberwolves- Tyler Strickland 54. Spurs- Luther Ferrell 55. Lakers- Cesar Padilla 56. Bulls- Quincy Acy 57. Hawks- Tom Williamson 58. Pacers- Phil Hammonds 59. Magic- Jalen Norris 60. Thunder- Warren Sweetney Kevin Durant Full Trade Details Coming Soon...
  17. Flappy bird simply for the fact that all it did was piss me off.
  18. EPW Redemption Day PPV Card Match 1- Sweet Papi Sanchez vs The Rock With both men making their debuts it is a big match for both men. The Rock will be escorted by the young contest winner Hans Clayton in this one, should be fun to see who comes out on top. Match 2- Tag Team Championship Match: Young Bucks vs Steenerico After Kota Ibushi left for the WWE a replacement was needed for the tag team title match and the runner up team was the Young Bucks so they were given the match opportunity. Should be a good and competitive match to crown the new Tag Champs. Match 3- Christain vs Bobby Lashley As men have had problems late their is a grudge between the two. In what should be an all out brawl it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this one. Match 4- Tenille Dashwood vs Maryse In what many are calling a number one contenders match Tenille looks to get another chance and Maryse looks to prove that she belongs in the championship conversation. Match 5- Hooded Man vs Tyler Black Tyler Black is looking for revenge after a mysterious man attacked him at the last event. The man is said to reveal himself at the PPV. Will Black get his revenge or will the hooded man get the best of Black once again? Match 6- World Title Match: Edge vs Walter Edge and Walter have had problems over the past few months after both men clinched a spot in the World Title Match. Who will become the first world champ will it be the dominant Walter or the veteran superstar Edge? (Edge also got his character name back in the Rock deal) Make your predictions for the PPV
  19. Sweet Papi Sanchez Graphic for my EPW Diary
  20. Rhino (c) vs Tommy Dreamer Mike Awesome (c) vs Steve Corino Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Juventud Guerrero vs The F.B.I and Kaz Hayashi John Cena vs The Sandman Impact Players vs Crazy Kash (c) AJ Styles vs Fit Finlay Billy Kidman vs Jerry Lynn
  21. Bulls 2012 Diary NBA Offseason: Draft Lottery Warriors Celtics Pistons Nets Suns Rockets Knicks Raptors Bucks Jazz Hornets Kings Pelicans Mavericks The Pistons had the best chance at the number one pick but things don’t always work out the way that you want them to. For the Celtics it was a great night as they rose from 6 to 2 in the lottery. But all in all it was the Golden State Warriors who won the lottery rising 1 spot to claim the number 1 pick which many believe will be Anthony Davis.
  22. Enjoyed last nights smackdown for the most part. Loved Kevin Owens and everything he did.Nice to see Shinsuke looking strong. Enjoyed Cesaro as the door knocker he should put on a good match with Black. All in all loved the show and Kevin Owens may be my new favorite wwe wrestler.

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