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  1. We cut back from a video hyping up the main event as it is time for the NXT Championship Battle Royal. We see a group of superstars come down to the ring together including Owen Dalton, Kyle Pain, Arrow, and Epic. As they stand in the ring we hear the SSW Club music hit as the remaining members Bulldozer and Massa make their way down to the ring. Then we hear Demon Mave's music hit as he makes his way down to the ring. We hear Dikey’s theme as he then heads down to the ring after he poses at the top of the ramp. We then hear Sir Ravens music as he waves at Bulldozer and Massa in the ring as he makes his way down to the ring. We then hear Bob “the Bomb” Sparks music hit as he makes his way down to the ring as the crowd cheers. The bell rings as all the competitors in the match run at Bob and begin to pummel away. Bob though fights back as he pushes them all away as he is now standing. We then see both members of the SSW club run at Bob but they are caught and hit with a double chokeslam. Bob then dares the other competitors to approach him but they all just fight amongst themselves in the ring. We then Bob grab Kyle Pain from behind and chokeslam him through a table on the outside. Kyle Pain has been eliminated. We then see Arrow and Jack Bishop brawling eventually driving each other over the ropes to the ring apron then Arrow hits Jack Bishop with a superkick over the top rope. Then Arrow climbs back in the ring. Jack Bishop has been eliminated. Arrow sees Bob down near the ropes and goes for a superkick. But it was a trap! Bob throws him over the top rope instead. Arrow has been eliminated. Everyone is down in the ring expect for Demon Mave. He climbs to the top rope but suddenly we see Sir Raven pop up. Mave is in shock as Sir Raven hits Demon Mave with a big right hand sending him to the outside. Demon Mave has been eliminated. We are down to six men as we see the SSW Club go and grab Epic. We see Sir Raven though go to help against the SSW Club which he is doing successfully but Epic hits him from behind. As he goes to help the SSW club up. It seems Epic has joined the SSW club! We then see them get up as we are down to 6 men. We see Bob, Dikey, and Sir Raven stand together as although they have had their differences they see that they are outnumbered. The battle lines have been drawn as we see the 6 men begin to brawl. We see Dikey and Bulldozer begin to brawl but Bob comes in from behind hitting Bulldozer as he made short work of Massa hitting him with a Bob Bomb. Dikey takes advantage of this as he clothes lines Bulldozer over the top rope. Bulldozer has been eliminated. We then see Sir Raven about to be about to be eliminated by Massa but he reverses it and throws Massa over the top rope instead. Massa has been eliminated. We then see Bob grab Epic and throw him over the top rope right at his fellow SSW Club members as he hits his head against the announce table. Epic has been eliminated. We then see Dikey and Sir Raven come up and try to eliminate Bob but Bob hits Dikey with an elbow and Sir Raven with a back elbow. We see Bob then grab a downed Dikey and attempt to throw Dikey over the top rope. Dikey though manages to get free of Bob and land on the ring apron. Dikey hits Bob with a big punch. Bob but retaliates hitting Dikey with a clothesline sending him to the floor. Dikey has been eliminated. Bob gets back in the ring and picks up Sir Raven. Sir Raven attempts to fight back but Bob hits him with a Bob Bomb. Bob then grabs the lifeless body of Sir Raven and throws him over the top rope. Sir Raven has been eliminated. Bob “the Bomb” Sparks is the new NXT Champion! As he celebrates in the ring with the NXT Championship as the crowd cheers.
  2. Rose and Jimmer shine as Bulls fall to Pacers 108 to 93 in Home Opener. We saw the Bulls and the Pacers face off last night in Chicago’s home opener. The starting lineups were as follows. Although the score in the end was not close through the fist half the two teams were neck and neck we saw Derrick Rose carrying the team on his back as he put up 22 points in the first half. Even with his shooting the Pacers keep firing back as they shot 71% from three in the first half. Pacers rising star Paul George was not helping in this though as he shot 3-10 in the first half. The Bulls 1st round pick Jimmer Fredette though also got off to a slow start shooting just 1-6. Although the teams awkward shooting numbers the teams both played well defensively through the first half. The Bulls recorded 7 steals. The Pacers though recorded 6 blocks. The game went into halftime with the score being Bulls 44 Pacers 47. The second half was more of a landslide although the Bulls did come out of the half hot. Jimmer began making shots eventually leading the Bulls going into the 4th quarter with the lead. The 4th quarter though we saw the Bulls fall apart as the Pacers began to take over. Stephen Jackson could not keep up with the young legs of Paul George as he began to take the game over. Rose and Fredette did what they could but they found themselves down by 10 in no time. The Pacers though won in a team effort their leading scorer being Wesley Matthews with 17. For the Bulls we saw Rose finish with 32 and Fredette with 22 the only other player getting over 10 points was Taj Gibson with 12. Joakim Noah played good though almost getting a triple double with 9 points and 10 rebounds. He also recorded 3 blocks. Although both teams were great defensively with the Bulls recording 12 steals and the Pacers recording 12 blocks. Stephen Jackson was the real disappointment of the game only scoring 2 points. Jackson needs to perform better on his 20 million dollar contract or he may end up on the trade block. All in all, the Pacers were able to run away with this one winning it 108 to 93.
  3. 2011 Chicago Bulls Diary Free Agency has just kicked off as there are some big names on the market. We see names such as Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, and Rajon Rondo looking for new teams. The Bulls have had their eyes on a few big names will they land one though we will see. DAY 1 We see Bob and his team in the office as they are deciding what free agents to pursue right away. Bob: Well looking at our roster right now when we traded away Luol we don’t have a single small forward on the roster. Looking at it there's really only one name that is sticking out to me and that’s Melo. Tom: I mean that would really help us out a lot why not give him a call. Bob goes to call Carmelo Anthony and his agent but they don't pick up. Bob: Why won’t he answer my call someone must’ve already got to him right. Alice: I don't know but we don’t have time to waste what else do we need. Hal: I mean we could use a backup point guard. Sure they might not get many minutes but we need a guy that is gonna give his best effort every game. Bob then looks through his list of free agents an he finds a name. Bob: What about Nate Robinson. I mean the man is a bit short but he plays with so much heart and never gives up on a play. He would be a good spark coming off the bench. Tom: God knows we could have used that last year. Sounds like a great idea to me. Alice: He should not cost up that much cap too which will be good. Let us spend some money in other places. Like small forward this year and center when Noah's contract comes up. We then see Bob call Nate Robinson’s agent Aaron Goodwin. This time the phone is picked up. Aaron: Hello, this is Aaron Goodwin. Who am I speaking with? Bob: Hey Aaron this is the Chicago Bulls and we are calling about Nate Robinson. Aaron: Oh well lucky for you I am actually with Nate right now we are just eating lunch, Nate has told me Chicago would be a team he would be willing to go. So what are you offering? Bob: We are offering Nate a 3 year deal worth 6 million, 2 million a season for 3 years. Aaron: Nate is willing to 2 years not 3 though. We are also going to need a bit more money than 2 million a year we are looking to double that. Bob: Okay we can agree on 2 years but we can only offer 7 million over those 2 years, so 3.5 million a each of the two seasons. Aaron: We are willing to met you in the middle and do a 2 year, 7.5 million dollar deal. Bob looks at Alice as she gives him a thumbs up. Bob: Okay we can agree to that. Tell Nate welcome to the Chicago Bulls. We will be seeing you soon. Bob then hangs up the phone as Bob and his team celebrate making their first signing. The celebration is short lived as reports are coming out that Carmelo Anthony has signed with the Atlanta Hawks on a 3 year/108.26 million dollar deal. Tom: Well that’s not good. Gar is going to be talking about that till the season starts. Still don’t know why he did not answer our call though. Bob: As much as that sucks we just have to focus on ourselves what else do we need. Tom: Well we need some more veteran presence on this team we are a really young team. They wouldn't even have to play we just need a guy that help our younger guys out and keep things in check. Bob: Well we can bring in Brian Scalabrine he’s been doing this for a while. He could definitely help mature our young guys. Alice: Plus it will cost pretty much nothing to sign him so let’s do it. Bob calls Brian Scalabrine. Sure enough he picks up. Brian Scalabrine: Hello, this is Brian Scalabrine who is this? Bob: Hey Brian, this is Bob Sparks from the Chicago Bulls and I will cut right to the chase. We want to offer you a 1 yr/ 1.57 million dollar come play for the Chicago Bulls. Brian Scalabrine: Well one else has given me a call so sure why not can’t wait. Bob then hangs up as Brian Scalabrine is now signed with the Chicago Bulls. The bulls did not make any other moves for the rest of the day but the league sure did. Some of the biggest signings across the league were. Tyson Chandler to Thunder on 4 year/118.28M Deal Carlos Boozer to Wizards on 4 Year/121.78M Deal Danny Granger to Suns on 4/112.02M Deal Allen Iverson to Mavericks on 1 year/5.84M Deal Day 2 We are back at the office as we see Bob on the phone making a signing with his staff also in the room going through lists and crossing out names as they are signed. They are also circling names they think the team should go after. We then see Bob hang up the phone. Bob: Well it’s not Melo but he should be a solid band aid at small forward for the year. Stephen Jackson agreed to a 1 year 20 million dollar deal. A bit more than we wanted to pay but a player we needed so it was okay to pay a little bit extra. Tom: Well at least we have a small forward now. The team is happy with signing although they would have liked Melo more. They would go on to sign some more players including another veteran on day 2. SG Tracy Mcgrady 1yr/ 4.0M Deal SF Brandon Rush 1yr/$1.57M Deal C Kendrick Perkins 1yr/4.20M Deal We would also see the league make some big signings on day 2. PG Rajon Rondo to Nuggets on 4 year/102.48M Deal C Andrew Bogut to Pelicans on 3 year/ 72.10M Deal C Yao Ming to 76ers on 3 year/52.98M Deal Day 3 Bob is walking into the office as his staff has arrived a bit earlier than he had. We see coach Tom Thibodeau furious as the Carmelo Anthony Hawks press conference is on TV. Bob: What's going on Tom? What’s the matter? Tom: It’s just Gar running his mouth about Carmelo and how bad he thinks we are as an organization. Bob: Well let’s see what Melo has to say. They watch as Melo begins answering questions. Reporter: Melo there are reports that the Bulls gave you a call but you never picked up the phone. Is this true and if so why? Carmelo Anthony: Yeah that’s true, 100 percent. I saw the area code pop up and I could tell it was Chicago. I don’t want to go to that mess over there. I’m not going to let some mail clerk and some under average coach have control over my career. I want to work for a organization that actually knows what they are doing. Not one that is not even going to make the playoffs. Also Chicago as a city --- We see Bob mute the TV as he can’t listen to anymore. Tom Thibodeau storms out of the room furious as he heads down to the practice court. Bob: I am going to go check on Tom. You two see if you can work on signing those last 3 guys we had in mind. I trust you two can get it done. Bob walks down to the practice court as he sees Tom shooting some hoops. Most of them missing as he is just chucking them up there in anger. Bob: Hey Tom, I get your upset. Trust me I am too. How about we go talk about this over breakfast? Tom: I could eat. Let’s do it. Just none up that cheap stuff. We see Bob and Tom drive to a local diner. They sit down at a both and order. Bob: Don’t worry Tom we will show them. They will shut up when we sweep them next year in the regular season then go on to win the title. Tom: You know I ain’t letting men let like push me around. I can’t wait till we face off against them this year and dominate them for years to come. We then see a group of highschoolers walk they sit down at a nearby table but one of them walks over to Bob and Tom. Bob: What’s up kid? What's your name? Jabari Parker: My name is Jabari sir I am a ball player. I heard what Melo had to say about the Bulls and Chicago. Can’t wait till he sees what Chicago is really like. D-Rose about to drop 40 on Melo when they come to town. Tom: Like the attitude kid, maybe one day we will see you in the league. Jabari: That's the plan sir. Enjoy the food though. We then see Bob and Tom smile as the kid walks away. Then they finish and pay. After they head back to the office. As they are met with some good news. Alice: Bob, Tom we made those signings you wanted. Hal: All three of them too. Plus we saved a bit of money cause Alice was able to sway them toward a more team friendly deal. Hal then hands Bob a sheet of paper with the details of the deals on it. C Darko Milicic 1yr/1.75M Deal SG Daniel Gibson 1yr/5.0M Deal PF Shane Battier 1yr/6.0M Bob then gives them both high fives as they have filled out there roster despite the setbacks. Bob: Well let’s get the players together so we can start getting ready for the regular season. The league also made signings on that day the notable ones were. Josh Smith to Pacers on 3 year/79.05M deal Elton Brand to Hornets on 3 year/74.87M deal The rest of free agency went by slow as it was mostly resignings and role players being signed. Here is the Bulls full roster heading into the 2012 NBA Season. Point Guards: Derrick Rose, Nate Robinson Shooting Guards: Jimmer Fredette, Daniel Gibson, Tracy Mcgrady Small Forwards: Stephen Jackson, Brandon Rush Power Forwards: Taj Gibson, Shane Battier, Brian Scalabrine Centers: Joakim Noah, Darko Milicic, Kendrick Perkins The Bulls now look forward to the regular season and the home opener against the Indiana Pacers.
  4. 2011 Chicago Bulls Diary The year is 2011 in the NBA and the league has been flipped upside down as the Magic have somehow won the nba championship. The super teams Miami heat and Oklahoma Thunder were no match as the the Orlando Magic hold the Larry O’brien Championship Trophy has as they are the reigning NBA champions. Teams around the league are reshaping their teams resulting in lots of firings and new unknown coaches and general managers taking over as teams feel they have a chance now. As they saw a single player in Dwight Howard carry his entire team beating two super teams and winning the NBA Finals. One of these changing teams is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have fired their general manager Gar Forman even though he won NBA executive of the year. Gar he is now seeking revenge as he has joined the Atlanta Hawks. He stated “That organization (Bulls) have no idea what they are doing. They are a dysfunctional mess that I am glad I have gotten out of. They brought in some guy that was a mailroom clerk for the Orlando Magic this year. So yeah good luck Chicago as you are never going to win another title as long as I am alive and managing the Atlanta Hawks. We are going to be winning titles year in and year out as the Bulls crumble back into irrelevance.” That mailroom clerk was Bob Sparks. The Bulls were looking for any magic they could take out of Orlando and bring it to their team. So how will Bob Sparks fair as he tries to return the Bulls to its former glory days when they were lead by Michael Jordan back in the 90’s. So without further a do let’s get this story started at the 2011 NBA draft. We see Bob and his staff in the Bulls draft room watching on as the NBA Draft is about to commence as the Cleveland Cavaliers have the first pick. Bob: Okay guys here we go. Cavs are on the clock. It’s gotta be Kyrie Irving right he’s the best player in this draft. I don’t see how you don’t take him at one. We then see a woman begin to speak it’s Alice Jones, Bob’s financial advisor who helps him manage the salary of players and make sure he has enough money to keep things running. Alice: Yeah ever since Derrick Williams dropped out of the draft last second yesterday Kyrie has been the clear number one option. We then see the commissioner David Stern come to podium to announce the first pick on the 2011 NBA Draft. David Stern: With the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Kawhi Leonard. The room is in shock as everyone though Kyrie was going to be the clear pick. Bob: Well then that changes things up a bit. I mean Leonard is good but Kyrie is clearly the better option there. We then see the Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau look at the screen shaking his head. Tom: Well it looks like Kyrie is going to end up teaming up in Minnesota with Kevin Love. That will be fun to deal with it. At least Kyrie will be in the west though. We then see David Stern come back up to podium as he announces the next pick. David Stern: With the second pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Minnesota Timberwolves select Tristan Thompson. We see the Head Scout Hal Olson look at his notes then the screen. Hal: What is happening I didn't even have him going top 5 yet he is being taken at two. I mean the only thing I can think of is they think he is going to be the next Dwight Howard. I can’t see the Jazz up next taking Kyrie they already have Deron Williams and he has proven to be a high tier point guard in this league. So maybe the Cavs get Kyrie after all. The room waits in anticipation as David Stern announces the next pick. David Stern: With the third pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Utah Jazz select Klay Thompson. Bob sits up there as he nods in approval of the pick. Bob: That’s a good pick he’s good and they need a shooting guard badly. Kyrie is still on the board though can’t believe that. We then see David Stern walk up to the podium again. David Stern: With the 4th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select Jonas Valanciunas. Bob and his staff stand in the room just laughing. Bob: They had two chances to get Kyrie Irving and they passed on him wow what is going on over there in Cleveland. We then see David Stern come to the podium again as the Toronto Raptors are on the clock. David Stern: With the 5th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft the Toronto Raptors select Kyrie Irving. Bob claps his hands as we see Hal cross Kyrie off the list. Hal: Well there he goes, a bit of a slide but still top five where he belongs. We then see the next 5 picks announced. As the draft has calmed down a bit. Pick 6 Wizards: Kemba Walker PG Pick 7 Kings: Jimmy Butler SG Pick 8 Pistons: Reggie Jackson PG Pick 9 Hornets: Bismack Biyombo C Pick 10 Pacers: Enes Kanter C Then we hear the phone ring as Bob answers it, it’s Luol Deng. Bob: What’s up Luol, why are you calling me in the middle of the draft. Luol: Listen Bob I have given this a lot of thought but I just don’t want to be here anymore. I can’t sit in the shadow of Derrick anymore. I just need to go somewhere and be my own man. Bob: Well Luol I can respect that thanks for letting me know just sit tight I’ll see if I can work something out. Just keep this own the down low until we get a deal to go through. Luol: Thanks man I’m sorry it had to come to this I will talk with you soon. Luol hangs up the phone as Bob is in shock. Bob: Well Luol just called me and requested a trade. So let’s see if we can work something out. Whos coming up in the draft? Tom: The Nets are up next and they need a small forward badly they were looking for one last year but never got one. Hal: Also there really is not any good small forwards for them to take in this position. Bob: So let’s call New Jersey. We see Bob call the New Jersey Nets phone line as we hear their coach Avery Johnson pick up the phone up. Avery: This is the New Jersey Nets what’s up Chicago? Bob: I heard you might be in need of a small forward. Avery: Maybe, what do you have in mind. Bob: We want your 12th pick and in exchange we will give you Luol Deng. Avery: That's a good start but I am going to need your first this year and next year if you want this number 12 pick. Bob: I can give you this years but not next years. Avery: Well then I am going to need a bit more. Bob: Okay ummm I can give you one our young guys you clearly need forwards so how about Omer Asik he’s young and still has lots of potential. Plus he is on a cheap deal. Avery: Okay just to confirm thats Luol Deng the 24th pick and Omer Asik for our 12th pick? Bob: Yes Avery that’s what I am offering. Avery: You know what screw you got yourself a deal. Pleasure doing business with you. I'll talk with you later hopefully. Avery hangs up the phone as we see David Stern walk to the podium to announce the Knicks 11th pick. David Stern: With the 11th pick the New York Knicks select Brandon Knight. We see all of Bob’s staff look at him as they are on the clock. Tom: I’m leaving this up to you, I am going to trust you on this one. Alice and Hal all shake their heads in agreement. Bob: I am going to take a walk I will make they call as I am walking. Bob then leaves the room and begin to take a walk. He looks out a window as he sees kids playing a pickup game on a court outside. He looks at one kid he is just shooting threes. He is making them he's not as big as the others but he keeps fighting. He is wearing a Karl Malone jersey number 32. Bob then makes the call as he walks back to the draft room just as David Stern is walking to the podium to make the pick. David Stern: The New Jersey Nets have traded the 12th pick to the Chicago Bulls and with the 12th pick the Chicago Bulls select Jimmer Fredette. The room is in shock as they did not except that pick. Eventually Tom breaks the silence. Tom: You believe in this kid Bob? Bob: 100 percent. He is going to be the future. Tom: Then so do I let’s go win us a title. Jimmer range baby! The group celebrates as Jimmer Fredette is the newest member of the Chicago Bulls! The group then watches the rest of the draft as they don’t have a second round pick and aren't looking to make any trades. Pick 13 Pelicans: Alec Burks SG Pick 14 Clippers: Nikola Vucevic C Pick 15 Rockets: Jeb Vernie SF Pick 16 Warriors: Julian Moss PF Pick 17 Suns: Isaiah Thomas PG Pick 18 Nuggets: Tobias Harris PF Pick 19 Celtics: Kris Longley C Pick 20 76ers: Jake Wise PG Pick 21 Grizzlies: Marshon Brooks SG Pick 22 Spurs: Albert Sherman C Pick 23 Trail Blazers: Marcus Morris SF Pick 24 Nets: Nikola Mirotic PF Pick 25 Hawks: E’twaun Moore SG Pick 26 Thunder: Kenneth Faried PF Pick 27 Heat: Iman Shumpert SG Pick 28 Lakers: Cory Joseph PG Pick 29 Mavericks: Jake Holt SG Pick 30 Magic: Markieff Morris PF [2nd Round Picks were mostly irrelevant] We see the draft end as the Chicago Bulls now look toward free agency
  5. Bob's 2019 Goals Win the NXT Title Still have my WCW diary running Start an NBA Diary Have a positive win loss ratio Continue to earn respect through quality posts
  6. BobdaBomb

    The Shack

    [Carnage cuts to Bob “the Bomb” Sparks house as we see him walking outside a old abandoned shack that is on the very edge of his property] I have not been here in a long time I can see how run down this place has gotten, it’s really a shame. I used to come here all the time a while back. Hang out with some friends drink some beers and talk about life. But I guess as life got worse and worse there was less stuff to talk about. Eventually we just stopped hanging out in this run down shack. It’s almost broken and destroyed as BiC’s body will be in a few days time. But this place is being held up by the good times. That’s what keeps us all going right, you push straight through the bad times cause their always seems to be something better on the other side. Boy it didn't seem like that for a while. When I lost my family I felt alone and didn't really have an idea were I was heading next. Then I found my saving grace professional wrestling. [We then see Bob walk over to a part of the broken down building] This used to be the main attraction right here. You could see it all from here the sunsets, the stars, and the view was great for fireworks. Look at it now though roof is half collapsed and this beam is almost rotted out. That's how things work though right everything changes eventually. It’s funny how just one thing can change your life forever. That promise I made to my family at their funeral really took my life in a whole new direction. I started training again, meeting new people, better people in fact. I started to become happier and happier and then I got that call. I still remember that day I was actually sitting out here with a friend of mine talking about fixing this place up. Never got around to it did we. But yeah I got that call and I was told I was being called up to the main roster. Now I was so excited I actually punched a hole in the wall inside there somewhere. Let’s see if we can find a way into this place somehow. [We see Bob start to walk around the building as he continues to] Yeah but this place really changed me. Had a lot of good talks here, a lot of good memories. Well after I beat BiC and win that NXT Title in the same night. I’ll have some free time maybe I’ll start fixing this place up. Bring it back to its glory days. Start to have some friends over have some more talks and drink some more beers. Maybe I’ll even bring some other BPZ guys over. Just not that Bulldozer guy though he is a real asshole. BiC maybe we will see how he takes the loss. If he takes it well maybe i'll help him out a bit and give him at least one good friend. I mean his only friend was his dad and we know what happened with that whole situation. Oh there we go we can get in through here. [We see Bob rip a board down as him and the cameraman enter the building] Damn, some thieves must have gotten in here everything is like gone the dart board, the pool table, even the stereo jeez man. Well I’ve got the money to replace that stuff so all's good. But it looks like they left some stuff what do we have left. Wow just an old rocking chair and a puppet. What a weird 2 things to leave behind. Oh and look they left the chalkboard too. It still has those 2 marks for a while back that’s pretty funny. I guess I will have to buy some more chalk soon. Like real soon. Well just another thing to add to the shopping list. Well I’m gonna deal with this place later. Right now I need to get ready for my match with BiC. I mean I already got this is the bag but it is always better to be safe than sorry right. [Bob and the camera than leave the building as the camera fades to black]
  7. WCW Lives June 4, 2001 WCW Nitro WCW Nitro kicks off as we see Eric Bischoff in his office backstage. Eric: Welcome to to the A show, Nitro. We have the best talent, the best matches, the hottest female superstars, and of course the far better commissioner me Eric Bischoff. I mean no one wants to see Shane O'Mac and a bunch of awful wrestlers on a friday night. We all have better things to do then watch some garbage like that. We would all rather wait till Monday night to watch the real talent compete. We then see Bret Hart walk in the room. Eric: What they hell do you want Bret? Bret: I want the match I was promised at the Great American Bash after the Harts technically beat the Flairs and I want that match tonight in the main event! Eric: Really well guess what Bret I never promised you anything that was a Shane O’Mac Promise and those mean absolutely nothing around here. But you want a match you got it tonight in the main event in a match against Lance Storm. Bret laughs as he feels it’s a easy match Eric: What's so funny Bret? You know what I also forgot to mention that Ric Flair will be the special guest referee. Now get out of my office I have more important things to do. We then see Bret storm out furious as Eric laughs at him. Match 1- Triple Threat Tag Team #1 Contender Match: Hardcore Heaven vs Palumbo and O’Haire vs Red Dragons We cut back from commercial to see Palumbo and O’Haire in the ring as we hear RVD’s music hit. He is not alone though as by his side is Tommy Dreamer. They make their way to the ring as we then hear a new theme hit it’s the Red Dragons, Brian Danielson and Karl Anderson from NWA Wildside as they make their main roster debut. The three teams are in the ring as the bell rings. We see RVD, Brian Danielson, and Chuck Palumbo in the ring. RVD runs at Palumbo as Danielson slides out of the ring under the bottom rope. RVD and Palumbo begin to exchange blows as RVD gets the upper hand knocking Palumbo down to the mat. RVD then drags Palumbo to his side of the ring as Danielson is still on the outside of the ring with Karl Anderson scheming. RVD then points to Dreamer as Dreamer pulls a table out from under the ring as the crowd cheers. Dreamer sets up the table then grabs Palumbo and hits him with a big right hand knocking him down. We see Brian finally make a move as he grabs O’Haire of the ring apron as him and Karl begin to beat him down on the outside as the ref looks on. We then see Dreamer set Palumbo up on the table before RVD climbs to the top rope and delivers a 5 star splash to Palumbo through the table! But the red dragons are quick to respond as Karl begins to beat down on Dreamer and RVD is thrown inside the ring by Danielson. Danielson goes for a running knee off of the ropes but RVD ducks dodges it. Danielson gets up but RVD hits him with a clothesline. RVD then sees his chance as Danielson is down in the ring. Meanwhile Dreamer is now beating down Karl with a kendo stick on the outside. RVD climbs to the top rope and hits Danielson with a five star frog splash. Hardcore Heaven are the new #1 contenders for the Nitro Tag Team Championships. Scott Steiner Promo We see Rick Steiner backstage and he has a new look. Scott: At the Great American Bash I lost something that I never thought I would lose, my tag partner, my brother, and my best friend. But it was his decision though, I don’t know why he did it, but I want to know, I need to know why? We were this close to being the tag champs and Rick decided to throw it all away when we attacked me after the match. I tried to calm him down but he punched me in the face and beat me down. He called me a failure but I will prove to him that is not true so Rick I challenge you to a match. Whenever, where ever you want Rick me and you one on one we will see who the real failure is. The camera then fades to black as Nitro cuts to commercial. Mari Apache Attack We see Mari Apache hobbling her way down to the ring with a knee brace on and a pair of crutches. As she is walking down the ramp we see Daffney run in and attack her from behind. She hits Apache in the back of her head with her title before giving a sinister smile at the crowd as she looks down at the injured leg of Apache then at the pair of crutches. She grabs one and begins beating on the injured leg of Apache. Apache is crying out for help when we hear Torrie Wilson’s music hit. Torrie makes her way down to Daffney buy Daffney continues beating down on Apache as Torrie watches on. Torrie is clearly distraught on what to do. She finally grabs the other crutch as it seems she is going to join in on the beat down but then she hit Daffney in the head with it! Daffney is out cold as medical personal come down to check on Daffney and Apache as Torrie Wilson then holds the Nitro Womens Title up high. Vampiro Promo We cut backstage to Vampiro with our backstage interviewer Pamela. As he just grabs the mic. Vampiro: I was on top of the world, I had the United States Title and a young sidekick by my side now both have been taken from me. But that's how the world works right it lets you build your way up then it comes and takes it all. You just keep fighting and fighting well guess what I ain’t done fighting yet. So Dustin Rhodes I am not finished with you. I am going to get back my US Title even if I have to pry it from your cold dead fingers. So Dustin keep your head on a swivel cause I am coming for you. The camera then cuts black as we cut back to the ring as Vampiro walks off. DDP Promo DDP is in the ring as he begins to talk. DDP: I’m back did you all miss me. I mean I am truly sorry for missing all this time I had a few bumps and bruises I needed to heal up. But I did some yoga and it all healed up pretty quick. Now I am back though and I am on WCW Nitro. Actually I mean I am back home. I was watching WCW at home when I was healing up and there was one guy that I have a big problem back there and now that the man that was gonna deal with him moved over to Voltage. I am going to take it as my responsibility to deal with him. So Booker T get on out here I have some business to deal with. Sure enough we hear Booker T’s music hit as he makes his way to the ring with Sharmell. Booker T: You have a problem with my sucka. Well let me tell you something. I will beat you down and send you packing just like I did with Sting. None of these people missed you and no one in the back did either so go and do some more yoga cause you’re a hell of a lot better yoga instructor than a wrestler. Now I’ll let you stay if you show me the proper respect I deserve shake my hand. Booker T holds out his hand and DDP begins to shake it but Booker T goes to let go and DDP holds on. DDP just smiles at Booker T before hitting him with a diamond cutter. The crowd goes wild as DDP makes his way to the back as he has sent a message to Booker T. Nitro then cuts to a commercial break. Match 2- Shannon Moore vs The Ultimate Warrior We see Shannon Moore in the ring as he is laughing at fans and making fun of them. Then we hear a new theme hit. It’s the Ultimate Warrior! The Ultimate Warrior stands in his corner hyped up and ready to go as Shannon Moore simply laughs at him. The bell rings as Warrior runs at Shannon Moore and hits him with a clothesline. Shannon Moore gets up but Warrior hits him with some big punches. Warrior then picks Moore up and powerslams him in the middle of the ring. Warrior sees his chance as he bounces off the ropes and hits Moore with a splash in the middle of the ring. He goes for the cover 1..2..3. The Ultimate Warrior had defeated Shannon Moore. The Ultimate Warrior then hypes up the crowd as he has returned. Chavo Guerrero Promo We see Chavo backstage with his X-Treme Championship. Chavo: Next week I make my in ring return lucky for all of you people. I don’t want to do this but I am being forced to. Now I have been given the name of my opponent next week the old and washed up Lex Luger. So yeah you’ll be able to see me completely obliterate Lex next week on Nitro. Then I am going to take my title and maybe take another long vacation we will see though. So Lex next week I will have a great time sending you to the retirement home. We then see Chavo walk off as we cut back to the ring. Match 3- Bret Hart vs Lance Storm w/ Special Guest Ref Ric Flair All 3 men are in the ring as Ric signals for the bell to ring. Bret instead of going for Lance Storm lays out Ric Flair! Lance Storm sit back and watches on. Bret is pummeling Ric into the ground. Lance begins to interfere as he picks up Bret as the exchange blows. We eventually see Ric Flair get up. Lance Storm is now to a knee as Bret goes to pick him up but Lance hits Bret with a low blow. Bret stumbles around but Bret acts like the low blow never happened. Lance Storm rolls up Bret Hart. 1.2.3. What a fast count! Lance Storm has defeated Bret Hart thanks to some questionable referring here tonight. We then see Ric raise the hand of Lance Storm as he laughs at Bret Hart who is sitting in the corner. It seems Ric has gotten the better of Bret once again as Nitro goes off air.
  8. WCW June 1, 2001 WCW Voltage The first WCW Voltage show comes on air as we Shane O'mac make his way to the ring. We see him grab a mic and begin to talk Shane: Welcome to the very first episode WCW and boy are all of you in luck as we have a huge night planned. We will see the first round of our Global Championship Tournament which include some of Voltage’s biggest stars. We see Shane point to the titantron as the bracket shows up Hulk Hogan Goldberg ------------------------ ------------------------ Shane Helms ------------------------ Mike Awesome Winner John Cena ------------------------ Sting ------------------------ ------------------------ Ken Shamrock Jeff Jarrett Shane: Tonight we will see two of these matchups as we will see Jeff Jarrett take on Sting in the main event and we will also see Hulk Hogan take on Shane Helms. But we will also see a fatal four way tag team match to establish the first ever Voltage Tag Team Champions. We will see some of the new debuting tag teams in our division in action tonight as they compete for the brand new and beautiful Voltage Tag Team Championships. We then hear Hulk Hogan music hit as he makes his way down to the ring Hulk: Listen here brother I don’t know what went wrong in that tiny brain of yours but what made you think that this whole tournament idea was a good idea. You should just hand that title to the hulkster brother. Cause this is the Hulk Hogan show no one on this show brings in the views and boosts the ratings like me. Without me none of these people would even be here tonight. Actually I wouldn't mind that to be honest why don’t you all pack up and go home cause Hulk Hogan runs this show now and I don’t want people as low as you all ruining my show. Shane: Listen Hogan, I think it’s great that you actually showed up to a show finally and you aren't filming that garbage movie you were making anymore. I think you forgot that this is a new WCW and things have changed. You have to earn your opportunities now there won’t be any finger pokes of death on this show. So I wish you luck in the tournament Hogan cause you’re match starts right now. Hogan is furious as we see Shane exit the ring walk backstage as Shane Helms makes his way down to the ring along with a referee. Match 1- Shane Helms vs Hulk Hogan We hear the bell ring as Shane runs at Hogan and hits him with drop kick sending Hulk down to mat. The crowd cheers on Shane but Hogan gets up and is even more pissed of his points at Shane and hits him with a huge clothesline sending him crashing to the mat. We then see Hogan hit Shane with a leg drop and go for the cover. 1...2...3. Hulk Hogan has beat Shane Helms and move on to the next round of the Global Championship Tournament. Southern Justice Promo We cut backstage to see Dutch Mantell with two young men at his side Dutch: This is the brand new up and coming tag team in WCW, Southern Justice. This is Bart Gunn and James Storm. We are about to run Voltage, I mean this is the definition of the american dream right here so tonight we will be fighting for America as Southern Justice will be the face of America with the Voltage Tag Team Championships with us. C’mon boys let’s go get ready for our match. The Johnsons Promo We then see Voltage cut back to the ring as we see two giant african american men standing in the ring mics in their hands. Ahmed: I’m Ahmed Johnson and this is my brother Nelson we are going to be running Voltage from now on. Cause we are genetically superior to any other competition on Voltage. Nelson: It’s time for us to crush some kids real quick so I am sick of waiting let’s get this fatal fourway started already. So we can be crowned the new WCW Voltage Tag Team Champs. Match 2- Fatal Four Way Voltage Tag Team Championship Match: Southern Justice vs Wolfpac vs The Johnsons vs Jung Dragons We see the other teams all make their way down to the ring. We see the teams all take a corner. Kenny Omega and Chris Hero representing Wolfpac. We hear the bell ring as James Storm goes after Chris Hero and Nelson goes after Kaz Hayashi. We see Nelson quickly throw Kaz out of the ring then join Chris Hero in double teaming Storm. They work together to quickly dismantle Storm before throwing him out of the ring. We then see Nelson tag in Ahmed as Kaz makes his way back into the ring. Hero hits him with a huge clothesline and goes for the cover. But Ahmed breaks it up. We then see Ahmed and Hero face off in the middle of the ring. Ahmed hits Hero with a huge right hand as he goes for the cover 1...2..Kick Out. Ahmed is furious as he tags in Nelson and they hit Hero with a double chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Nelson goes for the cover 1..2..James Storm gets back in the ring to break up the count. We then see Nelson go for a chokeslam on Storm but Storm breaks free and hits Nelson with a superkick. Nelson is staggering in the ring as Storm tags in Bart Gunn they both point fake guns at Nelson and shot as they hit him with a double superkick. Nelson is down but Kaz is in the ring as he runs at Bart Gunn but is met with another double superkick but Bart and Storm as Bart goes for the cover 1...2...3. Southern Justice is the new Voltage Tag Team Champions. Cena Promo We see Cena backstage as he begins to talk Cena: So John Cena managed to has a match with Mr. Shamrock next week Now we all now this ain’t mr original this man ain’t unique He's just another meathead whos gonna get his ass beat Cause I’m John Cena don’t expect me to feel any defeat No one in this competition can even touch me It’s like Shane basically said Cena want a new shiny belt it’s free Gonna run this show every day and night Cause John Cena is gonna bring the fight Cause I'm untouchable you can call me care free Cause I’m John Cena you can’t see me We then see Cena watch off somewhere backstage. Mickie James and Lana Star Promo We then see a new face backstage as we see a young lady sitting in catering with a cupcake. Mickie: Oh hi there I’m Mickie James, and I am so happy to be here representing the women of WCW on Voltage. Now you all probably don’t know who I am yet but don’t worry you will. We are all gonna be best friends. Mickie and the fans the dynamic duo. I can’t wait it’s gonna be so much fun. I am so excited I can’t even sit still. We then see a women walk up to Mickie James and stand over here. Lana Star: Listen sweetheart this is a show for real women like Lana Star a real star. Not some little girls like you who are still fantasizing over rainbows and unicorns. I’ll see you in the ring next week when we have our womens title match. Well you’ll be seeing me for about two seconds before I knock out you and all the other competitors and become the first ever Voltage womens champion. We then see Lana grab the cupcake and throw it in the garbage as she walks away. Mickie James: Meanie now I have to go and get another cupcake I hope they have strawberry that is my favorite. We then see Mickie skip over to the back off catering to go find a cupcake. Match 3- Balor vs Air Paris We cut back to the ring to see Balor and Air Paris in the ring. This is preview of next week's match were we will see a 6 man ladder match to decide the Cruiserweight Champion. The match gets off to a hot start as both competitors exchange blows Balor gets the advantage though hitting Paris with a spinning back fist. Balor is fired up as Paris slowly makes his way up Balor hits him with a crossbody as Paris is down. Balor stomps on the chest of Paris then gets on top of him a pummels him with punches. Balor sees his opportunity as he climbs to the top rope. He then jumps and hits Paris with a Coup de Grace. Balor then quickly goes for the cover 1...2...3. Balor has defeated Air Paris leading into the championship match next week for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. AJ Styles Promo We see AJ backstage with his young bloods title. AJ: Well are you happy I’m back lucky for me I don’t have to go out there today. I can’t stand the sight of you people. All you do is boo me yet I am your young bloods champion why don’t you all show me the respect that I deserve. You should all be kissing my feet every time I show my face because quite frankly none of your deserve to see the phenomenal one. Now everyone has been calling me out saying I am too scared to defend my title. Well guess what I am going to hold an open challenge next week on Voltage so if you’re a young blood who wants to get beat down next week is your opportunity to do so. I’ll see you all later I have a lot better things to do then entertain you worthless people. Match 4- Sting vs Jeff Jarrett We cut back to the ring to see Sting and Jeff Jarrett ready to go as it is time for the main event. The bell rings as we see Jarrett get off to a hot start hitting Sting with a clothesline. Jarrett then begins to stomp on Sting in the middle of the ring. Jarrett goes to pick up Sting but Sting begins to fight back hitting Jarrett with some huge punches. Jarrett is in trouble as Sting picks him up and powerbombs him. Sting gets up and hypes up the crowd. Jarrett is now sitting up in the ring heavy breathing. Sting sees this and picks him up. Jarrett tries to fight back but Sting just elbows him in the back of the head. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Drop and hits its. Sting goes for the cover on Jarrett 1...2...3. Sting has defeated Jeff Jarrett and is moving on to the next round of the Global Championship Tournament. We see Sting stand in the ring victorious as Voltage goes off air
  9. Story 19- My English Speeches So in my English class I have gave some very controversial speeches. Not because of the topic I was talking about but what I said or what I did during the speech. Now I have gotten yelled at for these things but my teacher is to much of a bitch to ever act on it. So let's get straight into some of the things I said. So in my first speech I was suppose to teach people how to do something. I was given the topic of watching kids. Now I have a bunch of siblings so I have experience in this. Now I never wrote the speech I just winged it but the class loved it, my teacher not so much. I started off to a hot start as we were supposed to tie our outfit in our dress up. So I wasn't dressed up so I figure I might as well try to tie it in. Then I realize I have a belt on. So I took it off and cracked it while I tied the rest off my outfit in. I said "now you always got to have a belt in case things get a bit to rowdy." My class died but my teacher looked really triggered but I kept going. I slid under a table for some reason I don't remember why but that made the class laugh. Those were the highlights of that speech. Then there was the best man speech I had to write about a kid in my class. I said his wife's name was Shaniqua and that they shared a love of masturbation. I said when he first saw her he was a deer in headlights and as hard as a rock. That triggered my teacher but the class loved it and I knew there was no way this teacher was gonna do anything so I could say or do anything I wanted. I then wrote a speech about AJ and his love of hiking because we had to write an award speech. I said that AJ was going to fly straight into Djibouti, I said his favorite part was exploring the exotic bushes of every country. My teacher after my speeches would often just stop the class and just let us do whatever the rest of class because he couldn't deal with anymore of our speeches. So yeah I would often trigger my teacher so much that he would end up just shutting down the class together. He still gives dirty looks in the hallways, one day I am just gonna half to take off the belt and beat the look off his face.
  10. I was really hoping for a good show to follow up AEW's Double or Nothing. I thought they would have a good response planned . But they really didn't. They basically repeated two matches from last week. Had an elimination fatal four way but changed the rules mid-match. Too much time was spent on Dolph and Kofi's feud. Which is a feud that should stay on Smackdown. It had some good moments though Bray was good as usual and Sami mentioning AEW was cool to see. Had the generic memorial day party for all the jobbers like we have every year. Main Event was solid but would have liked to see Brock come out at the end. A solid show but expected more. Hopefully Smackdown can be a better show.
  11. We then see Bob run at Mave looking for a clothesline, Mave ducks under though as he delivers multiple kicks to Bob’s knees and one to his face. Bob is barely affected though as the kicks just seem to have pissed him off even further. Bob then grabs Mave by the throat and chokeslams him on the ramp. Bob laughs at Mave as he goes to walk up the stage turning around but we see Mave pop up and hits Bob with a low blow as he is high fiving a fan. Mave then begins to deliver some furious kicks including one huge kick to Bob’s head as Bob seems to be on the verge of passing out. But the crowd starts chanting Bob and Bob hears this as he grabs Mave’s next kick. Then pushes Mave to the ground. We see Bob drag Mave up the ramp then picking up Mave as he seems to be looking for a Bob Bomb off the stage. Bob goes to deliver the move but Akki comes up from behind and hits Bob in the back off the head with a big punch. Bob then turns around to face Akki but security swarms in before Bob do anything. We see Akki grab Mave and hurry backstage as Bob is being swarmed with security.
  12. WCW Lives May 28, 2001 WCW Nitro (Draft Edition) The Draft WCW Nitro kicks off as we see Shane O'mac in the ring with a mic. Shane: So I have an announcement that is going to change WCW forever. Tonight we are going to have a draft! That’s right it’s time for a change. We will have two brands Nitro and Voltage both competing with each other to establish who the superior brand is. Now with this great news comes some bad news. I didn’t really buy the entire company I had a partner who is here tonight. We own the company 50/50 now we came to a agreement that he would run Nitro. Now I know this may upset you all but it is what had to be done. Don’t worry I will be running Voltage and we will have the best wrestling show in the world every Friday night at 8. But I guess you all should now who is going to be running Nitro now so here he is. Shane points to the stage as we see Eric Bischoff walk out with a huge grin on his face. He walks down to the ring and he shakes the hand of Shane O'mac. Eric: Shane I can’t tell you happy I am to be back on Nitro. These people though I could care less. I just care about one thing and that is stopping you from running my company into the ground any further. Shane: Listen Eric it’s no question that we don’t like each other so let’s just get this draft over with. Eric nods his head as they both walk up the stage to their respective podiums The Draft then begins Male Superstars Nitro Voltage Ric Flair w/ Sable Hulk Hogan Bret Hart Goldberg Scott Steiner Ken Shamrock RVD Sting Booker T w/ Sharmell John Cena Bam Bam Bigelow Jeff Jarrett Chavo Guerrero AJ Styles Lance Storm Shane Helms Vampiro Rey Misterio DDP Buff Bagwell Lex Luger Brian Kendrick w/ Sunny Ultimate Warrior Ultimo Dragon Jim Duggan Mike Awesome Dustin Rhodes w/ Dusty Buff Bagwell Tajiri Balor Tommy Dreamer Cesaro Tyson Hart Mark Jindrak David Flair Shawn Stasiak Mr. Anderson The Tiger Mask *Jobbers were put on to brands but not important enough to make the show* Tag Teams The Outsiders Wolfpac Palumbo and O’Haire Southern Justice w/ Dutch Mantell Red Dragons Nelson Knight and Ahmed Johnson Hardcore Heaven Jung Dragons Womens Division Daffney Stacy Keibler Mari Apache Mickie James Torrie Wilson Lana Star Nattie Neidhart Beth Phoenix Gail Kim Manami Toyota Nitro goes off air as Shane O'Mac exits backstage saying goodbye to Nitro as Eric Bischoff has a large smirk on his face
  13. 1. R- Truth 2. Kevin Owens 3. Brock Lesnar 4. Tyler Breeze 5. Bayley
  14. [Mave is walking up the ramp when we hear Bob “the bomb” Sparks music hit] [We see Bob walk out eating a cheeseburger and holding a red solo cup] Woah hold on there a second where do you think you’re going you satanic wanna be. You really think I’m going to let you talk about the Viet Cong like that in front of all these veterans especially on a day like today. It’s memorial day. We are all just trying to have a good time eating some burgers and hot dogs while watching some BPZ wrestling and here you come along to ruin it. Now I am not gonna stand by and you run your mouth acting all tough and shit when you are really the lowest of the low in this entire company. [Bob then laughs at Mave as he throws the rest of his burger at him] You might think you're whole new attitude you have got going on is really cool and this people really dig it. But why don’t you go take a bath so we can see the pathetic man that lies under all the paint. So you want to disrespect America in front of all the vets here tonight. Well why don’t you let him know how this works. [Bob holds his mic up to the crowd as they chant U.S.A] USA the greatest country in the world. Too bad we have to share it with people like you Mave cause you're the type that drags this country down. Your also the type that makes NXT seem like a laughing stock you and your buddy Bulldozer are really hurting some of us that actually work are asses of and don’t rub on some paint and act like we pretend that we know how to wrestle like you Mave. So Mave I’ll let you try and make a comeback to defend yourself but if you try and disrespect America again I am gonna walk down there and kick your ass. [Bob waits at the top of the stage to see Mave’s response]
  15. Story 18- The Legend Uncle Bill So this is not so much a story but a collection of stories about a man that is just a god. There is no real words to describe him to be honest. I guess I can say he is a putang farmer, he is a complete and utter savage, a bad ass, and oh yeah the man is doing all this at the age of 73. The man they call Uncle Bill is what we should want to be like when we are older. Not giving a shit, kickin ass, and smashing whoever whenever the hell he wants. So to start off this man is a cabin consular at the camp i have brought up in previous stories. Lucky for me I have got him 3 out of my 7 years going. So I have been able to get some good advice and memories from Uncle Bill. One time, my first year I was like 10 I remember my cabin was walking somewhere and a girls cabin walked by and the consular winked at Uncle Bill. This man looked her dead in the eye and called her a hoe. My whole cabin starting dying. Her and her cabin stormed off but as we kept walking Uncle Bill tells us, " Hey boys, just remember that these hoes aint loyal. If you can smell it from the door she is a whore." One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten. Another time around my 4th year we had this really hot nurse for the week. Which was surprising cause usually we have this older lady but no this chick was blonde and straight out of college. Uncle Bill saw us staring at her at dinner one night and he snapped his fingers. We all looked at him he told us, "Keep your eyes off her. She's mine." Now I knew that they weren't a thing but I think that he meant he was going to get her or something like that and sure enough he did. I scraped me knee on the basketball court so I went to go get a bandage to fix it up. I go to open the door and I hear the nurse moaning. So I decided to wait on the porch. Sure enough like 5 minutes later Uncle Bill walks out. Man messed up my hair and told me " I told you didn't I". Then there was the time he lifted a kid up by his leg, he picked him up upside down and we all laughed. The kid was a dick no one liked him so he deserved it. He went up to Uncle Bill while he was sleeping at screamed in his face. Which woke all of us up. I wake up and see Uncle Bill grabbing this kid by the neck as he walks over and turns the light on. Then Uncle Bill just messed with him by bobbing him up and down by his leg. It was pretty great to be honest. The one thing I will never forget though is when Uncle Bill told me this past year that I reminded him of a younger version of himself. To this day I think that was the best compliment I have ever gotten. So yeah Uncle Bill is the man that every person alive I think should strive to be. Here is a pic of the bloody legend himself about to farm some putang
  16. Alot of people have helped me get started on the forums giving me tips and stuff to get me going. But one person has really been helping me out alot and that person is Arius. I went straight to Arius when I had questions on joining up and getting started. He gave me some advice on my first couple of promos and I try to model some of the things I do after his work. The videos I make being an idea I got from Arius. So yeah people have helped me alot so far ( shoutout to Julius and Bart ), but Arius is the one who really got me going. So far it looks like he did a pretty good job too.
  17. WCW Voltage Intro for my WCW 2001 Diary
  18. So to be honest I don't watch much wrestling besides WWE. But AEW was getting all this hype figured I would give it a watch and I am very happy I did. I managed to watch a large majority of the show which was nice since I have barely managed to make it through 20 minutes of raw and smack down lately. Saw some guys that really caught my eye besides the obvious like Page, Omega, the Young Bucks, and ex wwe guys. MJF in my opinion is gonna be a star if he keeps doing what he is doing. I really liked Kylie Rae her in ring ability and gimmick are both great. I really liked Kip Sabien I don't really have a reason it just kind of happend. Now I like him so yeah. It was cool to see Awesome Kong and Jon Moxley debut. Really looking forward to a Havoc vs Moxley match down the line. My match of the night was Cody vs Dustin. The storytelling was outstanding. With the shot in the beginning at HHH and JR doing to amazing stuff on commentary. Probably one of my favorite matches I have seen to this day. Other than that Jerichos body threw me off a bit used to him being a bit more skinny but it will grow on me i'm sure. But yeah hopefully AEW can keep the ball rolling now.
  19. [We cut to Bob in his home watching one of BiC’s matches on TV] [Bob then pauses the match looks at the camera and begins to talk] Hey there BiC, I was just chilling here at home watching some tape. Now through the matches I have watched so far I can tell that you have numerous flaws and weaknesses that I can expose in our match. Now I know that you aren't watching any tape. As you think my biggest weakness is my lack of passion. It is kind of sad how far off your idea of me is. I guarantee you that I have more passion then every guy in the locker room. I can also guarantee you that I have a hell of alot more passion than you do. [Bob then laughs as he sits up in his recliner] I want you to see something real quick. Actually scratch that mute that music you're playing in your Dollar Tree earbuds and just take a couple seconds out of your life and listen. [Bob then puts his hand up to his ear but nothing is heard absolute silence] You hear that absolute silence. This house used to be full of life. Kids screaming for mommy and daddy. Telephones ringing, dogs barking, kids crying and screaming, alarms going off, doors slamming, and laughter filled this house. Now though that's all gone. No longer can I hear my wife’s sweet voice, or see my kids look on as I tell them one a story about my childhood. That’s all good now. My wife and kids are gone and it’s my fault. I have to live with that every day of my life. My family, the love of my life, and my two beautiful and bright children gone just like that. Cause some people thought murder was the revenge that was needed to get back at me. They shot my wife and kids right in front of me as I layed there on the ground helplessly with two bullets in my leg. I cried for days and days till the funeral came along. That was the day I made a promise, a promise to do thing that brought my family together and earn my way to the top. Running through those who try to stop me. Unfortunately for you BiC you’re in my way. Your in the way of me carrying on a promise that I made to my wife and kids as they lay there dead in their coffins. [We see Bob ball up a fist in one hand but slowly return in back to normal] I know you’re going to try to make your dad’s death seem even worse than my wife and kids. But guess what BiC I don’t give a shit about your dad. Maybe you know it was a good thing it finally gives you a reason to grow some balls and become a man. Maybe it will get you too finally give you some new energy to better yourself and be the man you’re dad always wanted you to be. It’s just to bad you could never do that for him while he was alive. [Bob then takes a sip of iced tea he had next to him] We can all see now that fear is messing with you. I am starting to get in your head. You’re so afraid of me you can’t even bring your self to watch the tapes. Cause if you had you would have seen who I told everyone why I do what I do. Also you just can’t stand to watch your fate. In both matches I destroyed both Yelich and Necce. Deep down we both know that you’re going to end up the same way as I end up victorious and move on to the next round. So if you excuse me I have a bit more tape to watch so BiC hopefully you can bring yourself to watch some tape. Cause if not this match will go from a squash match to simply just a murder. [We then see Bob grab the remote and unpause the match as the camera fades to black]
  20. WCW Nitro Intro for my WCW 2001 Diary
  21. Then we hear Bob’s music and sure enough here he comes. He comes out shaking his head. He almost begins to speak then closes his eyes and then re opens them and then shakes his head in disapproval again as he sees Bulldozer in the ring. [He then laughs and begins to speak] Really we are doing this again. But I mean if you really like being buried that much good for you man. I mean what else is there to say about you I already proved your a shit wrestler, a shit person, and have the least amount of potential than anyone in this business. Oh yeah then there was the whole thing were I smashed the hell out of your girl. But I know that is a sensitive subject for you since you were never able to go all the way so will just move on from that for now. So what which of your flaws can I point out today? Hmmm… maybe that your spotlight seems to get dimmer and dimmer every week cause they are slowly cutting it out of the budget, or maybe I could talk about how many wrestlers Alice has been rammed by this week, or maybe just maybe I can tell you how we are not even close to the same person in the ring and outside of the ring. Yeah let’s go with that last one see if I can finally put you down like the bitch you are this time. [We then see Bob laugh as the crowd cheers him on] Okay so you are not even a man compared to the likes of me to begin with. See I am the type of guy that can actually get the job done unlike you Bulldozer. I get it done inside of the ring which I have proven over the past weeks. But also I mean we all know I get the job done outside of the ring that's for damn sure. Isn’t that right Alice you’re clearly not out here with Bulldozer so I am guessing your backstage looking for a guy who can please you like I can but guess what you ain’t ever gonna find it sweetheart. Cause let’s just say I’m a big boy and with a big man like myself I come with a big present down under. [Bob then winks at the camera and smiles as he turns his attention back to Bulldozer] So bitch boy I find it real funny you call out the one guy you know will bury you when we talk like this in front of all this wonderful people. Then you want me to go into a even more savage state of mind by unleashing my inner darkness. Well just so you know my demons ain't like your Walmart version Mave in the SSW Club. Speaking of SSW Club is that even a thing anymore or did that fall apart like we all thought it would. Back to Mave though I mean the guy made his voice a bit deeper put some facepaint on and said he was a demon you think I am afraid of that. My demons are from the deepest darkest pits of hell compared to that Kiddie Show PG shit. If I were to unleash my demons on you alot more than your ACL would be torn believe that. [Bob then looks at his watch and looks surprised] Oh well look at the time, I have to go you know big money endorsement deal to sign on. Oh wait yeah you don’t know. See this is the stuff that happens when you are actually relevant in this business unlike yourself. So my family, I leave the rest up to you. I know y'all can handle this scrawny little boy like it’s nothing. So all of you have a good night. I am sure I will see you all soon. [Bob then drops the mic and walks backstage as the crowd levels Bulldozer with thunderous boos]
  22. WCW Lives May 20, 2001 WCW Great American Bash Welcome to the Great American Bash Pay Per View brought to by WCW The show kicks off as we see the Steiner Brothers make there way to the ring As they wait in the ring we hear the Outsiders music hit as they make their way to the ring Match 1 - Tag Team Championships: Outsiders vs Steiners The bell rings as we start off with Scott Hall and Rick Steiner in the ring. They begin to exchange blows as Rick eventually gets the better of Hall. Rick then stretches out the arm of Hall almost pulling it clean off of his body. Hall though fights back delivering elbows to Rick’s head with his other arm. Hall eventually gets to his feet but so does Rick as he hits him with a clothesline. Rick then grabs a downed Hall by his hair attempting to get him up. Hall though fights back and managed to knock Rick down. Hall then makes his way to his corner at tags in Nash. Nash comes in hot knocking Scott off the apron and delivering a big boot to Rick in the ring. Nash then goes for a jackknife powerbomb but Rick breaks free and goes for a tag but Scott is still down on the outside. Nash then delivers a clothesline to the back of the head of Rick then picking him up a delivering a jackknife powerbomb. He goes for the cover 1..2..3. The Outsiders have retained the WCW Tag Team Championships. After the match we see The Outsiders walk backstage as The Steiners are in the ring. Scott rolls in to comfort his brother who is furious in the ring. Scott goes to calm him down but Rick hits him with a big right hand. Rick just turned on his brother Scott. Scott is down in the ring Rick delivers a flying bulldog to Scott. We then see RIck spit on Scott mouthing out the word failure as he walks backstage. Match 2 - United States Championship: Vampiro vs Rhodes We see Vampiro make his way to the ring with Balor by his side We then see Dustin Rhodes come down to the ring with Dusty Rhodes by his side The bell rings as the match gets off to a hot start. Dustin and Vampiro both exchange quick strikes. Vampiro though sweeps Dustin’s leg taking him down to the mat. Then starts pummeling him with heavy blows. We then see Vampiro look at Dusty as he points for to attack him. Balor makes his way over to Dusty about to attack. Dusty is ready for a fight though. We see Vampiro then get off of Dusty after stomping on him a few times and goes to distract Dusty. But Balor runs at Dusty but Dusty sees this coming and hits him with a bionic elbow! Vampiro is furious but Dusty comes up from and rolls Vampiro up from behind. 1..2..3. Dustin Rhodes has beat Vampiro and is the new United States Champion! Dustin and Dusty then make their way up the ramp with huge smiles on their faces. AJ Styles Promo We then cut to a video and it’s AJ Styles. He seems to be on the road and it’s seems he has been there awhile as he has grown a beard and his hair has grown out a bit. He looks at the camera and begins to talk So you all have heard the rumors I am returning to WCW on Nitro tomorrow night. Now I want to make it clear that I don’t want to come back. I was having a great time enjoying my time off on vacation. This country really is a great place it’s just a shame we have people like all of you living in it. A bunch of no good trailer park white trash. So when I come back I am going to beat all of the guys you send at me cause I am A.J Styles the hottest up and coming superstar in World Championship Wrestling. The camera then fades to black as AJ walks off We cut back to the ring as we see the wolfpac in the ring with 3 local guys standing in the corner waiting for the match to start. Match 3- 6 Man Tag: Wolfpac vs Local Talent The match rings as we see Kenny Omega in the ring with a local legend named Tank O’Rooney. Tank runs at Omega but is met with a superkick. We then see Punk and Hero grab the other two local guys and throw them into the ring. Punk hits his with a G.T.S and Hero hits his with a Hero’s Welcome.Then we see Omega hit Tank with a Winged Angel. The three celebrate in the ring as the ref has lost complete control. We then see the three pick up Tank and deliver End Game as Tank is motionless on the mat. Kenny then pins Tank 1..2..3. The Wolfpac win as they walk backstage laughing and high fiving each other. As medical personal check to make sure Tank is not dead. Sunny Promo We then see cut backstage as we see Sunny. She then waves over to someone of camera. As Brian Kendrick appears as him and Sunny kiss. Sunny begins to talk This is the power couple in WCW Kendrick and Sunny. Ric and Sable got nothing on us. So keep your head on a swivel everyone cause Brian Kendrick is going to be the next big thing in the business. With the power of love on our side we will be unstoppable. The possibilities are endless and with our youth and blossoming romance we plan on dominating this business for many years to come. Just remember Sunny and Kendrick cause you all are going to be hearing those names for a long time coming. Sunny then blows a kiss at the camera as they walk off holding hands as we cut back to the ring Match 4- John Cena vs Jeff Jarrett We hear Jeff Jarrett’s music hit as he makes his way to the ring We then hear John Cena’s music as Jeff waits in the ring Both competitors are in the ring and the match starts. Cena comes strong out of the gate taking Jarrett down with a clothesline and delivering a running elbow drop to him in the middle of the ring. Cena then gets up and hypes up the crowd. He goes to pick Jarrett up but Jarrett hits him with an elbow to the gut and then a knee to Cena’s face. Jarrett then continues the assault stomping on Cena’s head and his hands. Jarrett turns around as he yells at some of the fans in the crowd. Cena gets to his knees and Jeff sees this as he turns around. Jeff goes to pick Cena up but Cena pops up and has Jeff on his shoulders. He delivers an Attitude Adjustment to Jarrett. Cena goes for the cover 1...2...3. John Cena has defeated Jeff Jarrett. As Cena then celebrates in the ring. Match 5- Booker T vs Sting We see Booker T make his way to the ring first Sharmell though is not here tonight Booker T is waiting in the ring when we see Sting enter The match begins and Sting gets off to a hot start. As he backs Booker into a corner and starts punching him in the ribs multiple times. Booker then tries to push Sting off but Sting flies right back on as Booker can not seem to get a break. Sting keeps pummeling away as Booker is in total shock. Sting delivers a clothesline to Booker in the corner driving him to the middle of the mat face first. Sting locks in a Scorpion Deathlock as Booker T is crying in agony. Booker slowly claws his way to the ropes though and grabs them breaking the hold. Booker then purposely pushes Sting into the referee knocking the ref over.Booker’s knee though gives out soon after as Booker falls to a knee.Sting goes to then pick up Booker but Booker hits him with a low blow. Booker then smiles as he makes his way up on one good leg as the referee starts to stir. Booker goes and hits Sting with the Scissors Kick. Booker goes for the cover and the ref sees it. 1….2….3. Booker T has defeated Sting. After the match we see Booker T making his way up the ramp smiling and laughing at Sting who is now sitting in the ring upset. But then we hear someones music hit. It’s Goldberg! We see Booker T in pure shock as Goldberg appears on the stage and points at him. Booker T is in pure shock and he has no clue what to do. Goldberg takes advantage of this quickly as he hits a spear on Booker T. He then gives a thumbs up to Sting as he walks backstage. We then follow Goldberg backstage as he gets a round of applause from many people backstage. He does not acknowledge them though as he just walks back into his private locker room after smiling at the camera and giving it a thumbs up. Match 6- Womens Championship Match: Apache vs Daffney We see both competitors already in the ring as we return from backstage. The bell rings as they run at each other. Apache goes for a clothesline but Daffney hits first sliding into Apache taking out her knees. Apache looks seriously hurt as she is having trouble getting up. Daffney though keeps attacking the knee as she begins to stomp on it over and over again. Apache is sitting in the middle of the ring defenseless. Daffney then delivers a running drop kick to the face of Apache sending Apache laying on her back. Daffney then delivers some running splashs to Apache in the middle of the ring. Daffney then begins to smirk as she looks at a top turnbuckle and then begins to climb it. She then delivers a elbow drop to Apache in the middle of the ring. Apaches own move! She goes for the cover 1...2...3. Daffney has defeated Mari Apache to become the new WCW Womens Champion. We are now witnessing a new era of the womens division as Daffney looks menacingly at the crowd. Main Event- Mixed 6 Person Tag Match: Harts vs Flairs It is time for the main event as both families make their entrances and make their way down to the ring. If the Harts win Bret Hart will get a championship opportunity on Nitro tomorrow night. The match gets under way as we see Bret Hart start the match with Ric Flair. As they are about to fight though we here someones music hit. It’s Ken Shamrock! What is he doing here? He makes his way down into the ring and looks at both competitors he then lays out Bret Hart. The Flairs then attack all of the Hart members as David brawls with Tyson and Nattie brawls with Sable. We then see Ric and Ken continue to beat down on Bret. Bret is now busted open inside the ring as the others brawl outside the ring. But then we see someone running down the ramp it’s Goldberg he’s making his way down the ramp. David throws his crowbar at Goldberg hitting him and giving him a nice cut but Goldberg is unfazed. The Flairs and Ken then retreat into through the crowd. As Goldberg and the other Harts make their way into the ring. Goldberg is hyped up yelling at the Flairs and Ken to come back and fight but they don’t as they keep on retreating. Goldberg then helps the Harts backstage as The Great American Bash goes off air

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