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  1. I agree with all of those guys Sameer to be honest. There are alot of young guys in the league that I feel like could step up and take the league by storm in a few years. I just hope Zion can get through this injury and stay healthy, as injury concerns are a question mark for him but I think he is gonna prove some people wrong about that. I would also like to mention Ja Morant though too as he is looking really good at the moment. Just feel as if someone has to bring him up here. I think that Grizzles team is building something and Ja could push them to that next level sometime in the near future.
  2. ~Match Of The Year Bryan/Ishii MCMG/Bullet Club Bryan/Nakumara Naito/Tanahashi Okada/Ishii ~ Wrestler Of The Year Okada Naito Tana Bryan Ishii ~Face Of The Year Kazuchika Okada Hiroshi Tanahashi Tomhiro Ishii ~Heel Of The Year Naito Daniel Bryan Jon Moxley ~Match Of The Year Wargames Match The Fiend vs Seth Rollins Seth Rollins vs Drew Mcintyre Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch Shingo Takagi vs Jimmy Havoc ~Wrestler Of The Year Shingo Takagi Johnny Gargano The Fiend Seth Rollins Kenny Omega ~Heel Of The Year The Fiend Tomasso Ciampa Jimmy Havoc ~Face Of The Year Kushida Seth Rollins Kota Ibushi And Finally the question, you have all been waiting for. Which brand in this war has been the best this year, NJPW or WWE? WWE
  3. Was actually a really good show here. I really did not have anything that I did'nt like everything was at least a solid segment or match. I loved Moxley's promo feel as if that was one of his best. Also LAX beating up some boomers was fun. Basically the inner circle whenever they come on my screen I am excited feel like they are one hell of a group. Hager still being bad ass without having a match yet is cool. Had some pretty solid matches on the card with the tag title match being the best for me. I think SCU should make some fun first champs and I am looking forward to next weeks episode.
  4. November 1st, 2019 Major League Wrestling: Breaking News MLW Signs Slew of New Talent Major League Wrestling seem to be moving quickly as they have signed yet again some more talent bolstering their roster. They today have brought in a potential female wrestler/manager, a much more dark female wrestler, a UFC fighter, a twisted ROH wrestler, and another former WWE talent who has made his name on the indie scenes. MLW are no doubt on the rise it just comes to how fast can Major League Wrestling rise up and compete with the other companies. Scarlett Bordeaux Scarlett today has been called one of the most attractive women in the wrestling industry. Scarlett has both wrestled and worked as a manager/valet. She should be a welcome addition to the MLW roster as she adds some more flexibility with her ability to do multiple things. She also comes in with a bit of experience being on the indie scene for about 7 years now. Thunder Rosa Rosa is a spanish wrestler who has been on the indie scene for about 5 years now. She is said to be a feisty competitor as she can be ruthless in the ring at times. Rosa has also recently begun to pick up MMA as she looks to expand her abilities inside the ring and outside of it. Looking to gain some business opportunity later down the line with MMA under her belt. Rosa should bring a much more aggressive style to MLW which will be fun to watch. Paige VanZant VanZant although not a top women in UFC had a respectful record of 8-4. VanZant is said to have picked up wrestling as of late as she looks to limit the wear and tear on her body moving forward. In what many are calling a similar situation to Sonya Deville from the WWE. Both women with some fighting experience under their belt but never able to make that next step in MMA or UFC. VanZant is also said to be very good with the media as she has appeared on shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Chopped. VanZant could be a big player in this EPW Womens roster going forward we just have to see how it plays out. Vinny Marseglia With Ring of Honor his entire career Vinny has been wrestling for around 7 year now. A bit under utilized for years in ROH it seems Vinny has been looking for a change. Vinny and MLW were able to come up with a deal that would bring Vinny in. Vinny is predicted to be a darker character for MLW as they try to give their fans the full wrestling experience. Matt Sydal Matt Sydal is a veteran of the business wrestling for about 19 years at this point. Sydal can still go though as he has held numerous titles throughout his career. With his latest championship win in 2018 with Impact Wrestling. Sydal has seen it all though as he has wrestled for WWE, Dragongate, NJPW, TNA/ Impact Wrestling, and even PWG at one point. Sydal should bring in a veteran presence backstage and should help keep this roster together.
  5. A bit of a unpredictable show here which should be good. I am really looking forward to Mix TV with Bray Wyatt and it should be interesting to see what happens with both World Titles being on Smackdown. Other than that I think Bayley and Absolution should be a fun team. Also I think the Tag Title match will be really good. Roman and Corbin will be solid with Roman winning. Should be a good show tonight.
  6. So far probably the Big Show, turning on people left and right it seems.
  7. EPW Battle Lines Match Card Graphics
  8. EPW Battle Lines PPV Preview and Predictions In the Finals of the North American Championship Tournament it will be AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley. Both of these men can be considered some of EPW’s best as they try to become the first ever EPW North American Champion. With Lashley attacking Styles last week during their standoff Styles will seek some revenge as Lashley looks to dominate Styles once again. Over the past few weeks Maryse and Davina Rose’s rivalry has really heated up as this match was eventually made a no DQ match. Maryse has been dominant in her run with EPW so far as it seems no woman has been able to touch her. Davina Rose will look to change that and get some revenge on Maryse here. Will Maryse continue her reign of terror or will Davina Rose get her revenge here at EPW Battle Lines? In what many consider the hottest rivalry in EPW right now the Rock and Walter go toe to toe once again as neither man was able to pick up the win in their last match. The Rock and Walter have been brawling week after week and finally EPW owner Robert Watts had enough as he made this match and announced that it would be a last man standing match. This should be an absolute brawl in what many think could be the match of the night. The Tag Team Titles are on the line as Robert Watts made this match official on EPW.com after this weeks resurgence show. WIth Hard Knox actually picking up a win over the tag champs it seemed only fitting they get a title shot. Painful Perfection have been all over the internet as of late showing off the titles, will they still have it though after Battle Lines or will Hard Knox take them away and become the new tag champs. Ronda Rousey made her debut a few weeks ago as Maria pulled her from the crowd as the two faced off in a match. To the surprise of many Rousey held her own with Maria even looking as if she might win the match at some points. Maria would end up using dirty tactics to pick up the win. Rousey though did enough in that match for Rousey to get an opportunity to earn an EPW Contract if she can beat Maria. Maria though won’t lie down as she feels Rosuey does not belong in EPW. Should be a good match the only question is, does Ronda Rousey have what it takes? In the main event of Battle Lines we will see Team Christian take on Team Omega in an EPW Battle Lines match ( Basically a Survivor Series match). The two teams have been going at it the past few weeks with the teams growing till all 5 spots were filled. It all culminating in a brawl last week as EPW fans are now buzzing. The Elite have had Christian’s number as of late can Team Chrisitan pick up the win against Team Omega or will Team Omega and the Elite continue to dominate EPW where they see fit. Full Match Card North American Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley EPW Womens Championship Match: Maryse (C) vs Davina Rose Last Man Standing Match: Walter vs The Rock Tag Team Championship Match: Painful Perfection (C) vs Hard Knox Contract Match: Ronda Rousey vs Maria Battle Lines Match: Team Chrisitan vs Team Omega Leave your predictions down below!
  9. Empire Pro Wrestling: Resurgence is back once again as we are live from the Banterra Arena in front of 8,500 EPW Fans. Tonight we will see AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley go face to face before their match for the North American Championship at EPW Battle Lines. We will also find out who will be the final members of both Team Omega and Team Christian at Battle Lines. All of this and more live tonight on EPW Battle Lines. Resurgence kicks off as we cut backstage as Walter and the Rock are going at it in the parking lot! It seems tensions are red hot between these two as been at each other's throats for the past few months. We eventually see security rush them as they try their best to pull the two apart. The two continue to try and go at each other until we eventually see Robert Watts walk up as he begins to talk and the two stop for second. You two want each other so badly well we are going to settle this at Battle Lines. As Walter will go one on one with the Rock in a Last Man Standing Match! Now sort yourselves out cause you have a match to get ready for come Battle Lines. We see Watts walk off as the Rock smiles at Walter who just keeps a stern face as he then walks off. It seems we are going to see once again another all out brawl come Sunday at Battle Lines between these two. The camera then cuts away. We then cut to the ring as we are set for singles action as Davina Rose will take on Rosemary to see if she can gain some momentum heading into Battle Lines. Match 1- Davina Rose vs Rosemary In a nice match, Davina Rose would defeat Rosemary after hitting her with an elbow drop. Davina Rose would dominate most of this match as she is looking red hot going into her match with Maryse come Battle Lines. We then cut to commercial as Davina Rose is celebrating in the ring. We then cut backstage as we see Davina Rose is walking backstage after picking up a win against Rosemary as we see the EPW Womens Champion Maryse come from behind and attack her with a Steel Chair! Maryse is beating the life out of Rose, eventually we see backstage personal chase Maryse off, Maryse though gets a few words out before retreating. No DQ, Bitch! Maryse then walks off laughing as Davina Rose is lying in pain backstage being attended by backstage personal. Will Rose be 100% come her womens title match at Battle Lines? If not she will be in for a long night vs Maryse. The camera then cuts to the ring. We cut to the ring as we see AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley sitting in the ring with Robert Watts as we see Watts nod his head. The two men then stand up as they stand face to face it does not last long though as Lashley powerbombs Styles through the table! Watts looks furious with Lashley as he checks on Styles. Lashley walks backstage smiling as we then cut to commercial. We cut back from commercial as we are set for tag team action it will be the EPW Tag Champions Painful Perfection taking on Hard Knox. Painful Perfection have been on a roll lately but can they take down the massive team of Hard Knox? Match 2- Painful Perfection vs Hard Knox We would see Hard Knox defeat Painful Perfection as we would see Rowan pin Shawn Spears after a chokeslam. Hard Knox made a statement here as they pin the EPW Tag Team Champions as they could see a title match in the near future. We then cut backstage. We cut backstage as we see Robert Watts in his office as we see Ronda Rousey walk in! Watts smiles as this is surprising as Rousey is not contracted to EPW seems that Watts might be trying to change that. We see Rousey sit down as Watts begins to talk. Ok I am going to keep this short and sweet because I have a show to run here. I liked what you did last week. So here is what I am going to do for you. I am going to give you a contract match. It will be you vs Maria at Battle Lines. If you can win the match you will get an EPW contract and a nice one at that. We see Rousey smile as she then shakes the hand of Watts before walking off. The camera then fades away as we cut to commercial. We cut back to the ring as it is time for our main event as it will be Prince Devitt vs R-Truth. Both these men have been on the rise. Only one can win here tonight though. Match 3- R-Truth vs Prince Devitt As truth waits in the ring we see Prince Devitt make his way to the ring but on his way down we see him get attacked by the Elite! What the hell? Kenny, Matt, and Nick are beating down on Devitt as the roll him into the ring as the bell rings. Truth then smiles as it is pretty clear who the 5th man of Team Omega is. He goes to pin Devitt but Devitt kicks out at 2, Truth looks furious as he looks as if he is going to kill Devitt we also see the Elite surround the ring. We then hear Christian’s music hit as Christian followed by Edge and Steenerico make their way to the ring as they begin to brawl with the Elite! We then see Tyler Black run down to the ring to help as R-Truth goes to roll out of the ring to help but he is stopped by Devitt who rolls him up. 1..2..3.. Devitt beat Truth! We then see Truth look furious as he goes to attack Devitt but is caught by a spear from Edge. Team Chrisitan then help Devitt up as Team Omega stands on the outside with R-Truth. It seems the teams are set as we head into Battle Lines.
  10. October 31st, 2019 Major League Wrestling: Breaking News MLW Signs New Talent Major League Wrestling is back at it as they have signed a few more names to their roster as they are starting to put together a solid roster many experts in the wrestling roster state. Although they are no were near the names of WWE and AEW talent. MLW is bringing in talent that not only suits their company but are bringing attention with them. This batch even sees a former WWE superstar joining Major League Wrestling. The Signings MLW made today were: Bobbi Tyler Bobbi Tyler is a very new wrestler at the age of 22. It is said that Tyler although her lack of in ring experience was impressive enough to make the roster. Even though she has received a contract with the company it seems as if she is going to start slow with the company picking things up and learning before wrestling in big matches. Tyler is a good signing to help secure the future of MLW going forward and should help fill out the womens division. Shaul Guerrero Daughter of the late great Eddie Guerrero, Shaul is not so much of a wrestler like her father but much more of a manager or valet like her mother Vickie Guerrero. Shaul has spent time with the WWE but things never seemed to work out. Shaul is still out to prove something it seems as she wants to live up to her name in this industry. Colin Cassidy A former WWE Main Event level talent Cassidy was let go from WWE due to backstage issues. Now though it seems as if Cassidy has dealt with some of his issues as he has written off his relationship with Enzo Amore also a former WWE star. Cassidy seems to be taking steps in the right direction to move his life in a better direction now we just wait and see how he ends up doing in Major League Wrestling.
  11. I mean I think it's really good already. With it being your first attempt to it is pretty extraordinary how great is already is. It seems to be pretty smooth and the way you intro the wrestlers is awesome. I am also impressed by how you found that video of Arrow lol. All in all great stuff as usual keep it up.
  12. Boring as usual school is not fun but I got to play some basketball today which was good.
  13. October 30th, 2019 Major League Wrestling: Breaking News MLW Strikes Deal with Stardom Shortly after announcing the MLW roster we have seen MLW make its first move as they have held what many are calling a tryout program open to the Stardom women with an eventual 3 women signing on and joining Major League Wrestling. It is said Stardom received cash compensation to bring in these women and hold the tryout as both sides have stated that they are looking forward to further business and deals with each other. The three women signed are said to be the first steps in building a successful and young MLW Womens Divison. The three women signed are as follows: Momo Watanabe Momo comes into MLW with about 4 years of wrestling experience. She is known for her toughness, agility, and incredible offense. She has won 3 titles in her career all with Stardom. She held the Wonder of Stardom Championship for nearly a year as she held it for 358 days. Momo has been regarded as one of the hottest up and coming female wrestlers in the world and could be poised for big things as she receives a new opportunity in MLW. Zoe Lucas Zoe has been wrestling for about 4 years up to today and has wrestled all around the world including having matches in places such as Japan, England, and the United States. Zoe is less none for her in ring talent but more so for her charisma and charm. Zoe was a valet and interviewer beginning her career but slowly moved toward in ring work. Zoe has won 2 titles in her career including a 333 day reign with the RevPro Undisputed British Womens Championship that culminates today as she will vacate the title and join MLW. Mayu Iwatani Mayu the most experienced of the group comes into MLW with around 8 years of wrestling experience. Mayu has been called the future of womens wrestling by many and was poised to end up in AEW or WWE at some point. It seems though that MLW was not waiting around as they went straight after Mayu when watching her at the Stardom Tryouts. Mayu is expected to be a cornerstone for MLW going forward as she is hugely talented and still has loads of potential. All in all it seems as if MLW has gotten off to a hot start with it’s womens division as the wrestling world is buzzing with the talk being about MLW’s womens division at the moment and less about AEW and WWE. MLW seems to now be getting some attention.
  14. Glad to see Pizza Place picking up another win this month felt it was deserved. Next month will be more interesting though as No One Man I feel is gonna be some good competition for Pizza Place. One Diary that could suprise next month for me though is BiC's When Night Falls on Whiteridge. I truly feel if BiC can keep it active it will be one of the best diaries on the forums in the future. But then again all this does is give me the drive to make BPZ Pizza even better so good luck next month all.
  15. Bob begins to talk as we see Icon grin as he seemed to be fully excepting this. Bob seems to be a bit ticked off as his face is a bit red and we can hear it in his voice. Prove you wrong? Well guess what buddy I have been doing that my whole career. As soon as I got here I was busting brackets and beating down guys people in my place could have only dreamed of. You see all of that got into my mind I got cocky and since I am the only man in this ring it looks like I am going to have to treat you like a child. You see when we faced off it wasn't a one on one. It was me vs you vs another guy by the name of Mave. Now let's take it back. You never pinned me, you pinned a jobber. A man who is not even relevant to get TV Time! Deep down you know it could have been either of us that won that match you were just in the right place at the right time. You see cause I did not come up short, it was that sorry excuse for a wrestler Mave! Speaking of coming up short, I can tell you know alot about that. We see Bob look over Gunner as he laughs clearly poking fun at the height of Gunner Flynn. It is clear that Bob is the bigger man in this match and he seemingly wants Gunner to now that. We see Gunner spit in the face of Bob as Bob smiles. Bob wipes the spit off his face as he begins to talk once again. You know that only just proves my point even further. I know I am the man in this match I am just here to write and wrong. Not only that fluke win you had a while back but I am also here to save that title that you call your baby. You see ever since you have held that title, it has just been pushed to lower and lower expectations and standards. I mean you really defended it against men like Hollow and Arrow last month and yet you call yourself a champion. Pitiful! You need a real fight a fight that will expose how much of a fraud you really are. You come down to the ring and say you enjoy seeing the pain on your opponents faces. You see when you play with your opponents I don’t mess around. I don’t need to see my opponents crying because I plan on seeing their ass out cold in the middle of the ring right after that bell rings. So Gunner I did not come to play games I came to expose you and finish something I should have a long time ago. Bob pauses once again as he laughs in the face of Gunner who just looks back at him with an angered expression on his face. Bob though holds up a finger stopping Gunner from talking as he has more to say. And Gunner when we step into that ring together and you hear that bell ring. Just know that not even your so called “brother” will be able to save you from what Bob Sparks is going to do to you. Bob then grins as he looks at Gunner once more and smiles walking to the back as the crowd boos. Bob then stands on the stage as Gunner stands in the ring annoyed as Bob points at Gunner in the ring laughing at him. Bob then waves at him before walking backstage as the cameras fade to black as we cut to commercial.
  16. Now as big as this is for women around the wrestling world and women all around the world. It is just a shame to see that Lacey Evans and Natayla is going to be the match. For me it's not even the fact that we have seen it before and son on. For me it just scares me a bit to be honest. This match is much bigger than the WWE as it is a big step in Saudi, a big step toward women gaining more power and authority there. So they need this match to go well, so we can continue to see things like this. The thing for me is that I can see this bombing and furthermore giving the Saudis and excuse to not have women wrestle again in Saudi. If the match does good though it could be a huge step for women and female wrestling in Saudi. If it goes bad though, I am going to be very very upset.
  17. October 30th, 2019 Major League Wrestling: First Offical Roster Major League Wrestling held a skills test to determine which current members of the MLW would remain with MLW. With the test results in this is who made the final cuts: New Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman Jr., Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr.) Low Ki Austin Aries La Park Jacob Fatu The Von Erichs ( Ross Von Erich and Marshall Von Erich ) Tom Lawlor Simon Gotch Hijo de La Park Alex Hammerstone Mance Warner Richard Holiday Lance Anoa’i Managers/ TV Personalities Salina de la Renta Aria Blake Konnan All in all the roster looks a bit thin but it is expected the Major League Wrestling in planning on bringing in some new talent to help fill out the roster. Also with the rumour of a womens division it seems as if MLW still has some work to do before the company starts putting on wrestling shows. A solid roster to start out with but it should be interesting to see who else the company brings in to improve Major League Wrestling.
  18. WCW Starrcade 1997 - WCW World Heavyweight Championship match "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Sting - Control of WCW Nitro match w/ Bret Hart as special guest referee Eric Bischoff w/ Scott Hall vs. Larry Zbyszko Kevin Nash vs. The Giant - WCW World Tag Team Championships match The Steiner Brothers w/ Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Faces of Fear w/ Jimmy Hart - No Disqualifications match Buff Bagwell vs. Lex Luger Curt Hennig (c) and Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair Goldberg vs. Steve McMichael - Raven's Rules match Chris Benoit vs. Raven w/ Saturn (c) - WCW Cruiserweight Championship match Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Dean Malenko Bonus Questions Which match will score highest on the card? Curt Hennig (c) and Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair Which wrestler will score the highest in-ring performance? Flair Will Bret Hart join the New World Order? No
  19. We return from commercial break as we see none other than Bob Sparks in the ring for the first time in a while as we see him standing there with a mic. He looks a bit upset for a second as he is showered with boos but eventually he masks that anger with a grin as he begins to talk. For the first time in a long time I return to this ring. I return to the place, a place where I have truly seen my whole life change. I have stood here as a man and I have stood here as a monster. Now I consider myself a man, a good man in fact. Yet I look around and all I see is you people staring. You stare at me, you look and you don’t see a man in this ring. You see a monster. And I know that you people don’t like me and I am fine with that. You call me a backstabber, untrustworthy, a guy only looking out for himself when it comes down to it. Well once again you have been deceived. Not deceived by me but by your own damn selves. You listen to people in this ring that just feed you garbage. They tell you everything that you want to hear, they tell you all of these great things but all they do is feed you lies. Let’s be honest with ourselves, I am not a bad guy I am just the only smart guy in this arena. I didn't betray Bailey he betrayed me when he decided to try and hold me back to keep his career alive for the little time it has left. But enough of Bailey he is nothing but old news at this point. Irrelevant and washed up. Now though we have something much more important we need to discuss. Bob pauses for a moment as the crowd boos as they usually do whenever Bob pauses. Whether it is out of hatred, confusion, conformity, or pure jealousy. Everyone in the arena at least boos Bob for some period of time. Bob once again mocks the crowd as he spreads his arms out soaking it in. Eventually the crowd quiets down as Bob begins to speak once again. You people seem to not care about this big news. What you don’t know is that this news is going to strike a spark. Sparks can lead to explosions but this spark is leading toward a revolution. A revolution of darkness. Bringing back what this company should be and putting those who stand in the way of our goal 6 feet under. You see, though we have many things we must do, so as the spark with Bailey continues on we start something new. Actually no, we fix one of my greatest mistakes, we fix the biggest fluke in this companies history. We fix something that I should have addressed and dealt with a long time ago. It’s quite a simple story it turns out now. An enemy, turned to friend. A friend then seemingly fading away. An old rivalry started new. Two changed men fighting for a prize. A prize by the name of the Premium Championship. So Icon, well now Gunner Flynn get your ass out here because we have much to talk about. Bob then stands in the ring as there is a mixed reaction from the crowd. We see some of the fans boo Bob as they look more toward their hatred. Yet me hear some cheer as they recall Bobs past match with Gunner Flynn, Icon at the time. We see Bob on the ring as he awaits a response from the Premium Champion.
  20. BPZ Undisputed Championship: Jeremiah Flynn (c) vs Gunner Flynn BPZ North American Championship: Yelich (c) vs Kenji BPZ Tag Team Championships: First Class Express (Hans and Bic) (c) vs The Creed (Bart and Smith)
  21. Not really a wrestler but a UFC Fighter someone I have been looking at that I think could be a great addition to the AEW roster is Paige VanZant. Now she is not the most well known fighter but when you look at her I mean it just makes sense. She has the looks to make up for anything she lacks starting off and she has that fighting background which always helps in the wrestling industry. Paige could definatley be a big star in my opinion if she was ever to jump over to the wrestling world and AEW. I mean shes got the look, the backround, and hell in the name is pretty good.
  22. Not gonna lie at first I was very confused by this when I first saw it mostly due to the fact that I had never seen or heard of him before. Now that I look into it more though it is a great signing for AEW. I do like seeing boxers or ufc fighters coming to pro wrestling as they usally already have a great gimmick to roll with and usually have the look you are looking for. So this could be a great signing for AEW if they use him correctly. We will just have to wait and see how it goes I guess.

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