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    Loose Screws

    We come back to Valor as none other than Bob Sparks appears on the titantron is seemingly a pre-recorded segment for tonight. Bob is in some sort of parking lot as he has just arrived at a strange looking building. We then see a sign behind Bob reading “East Hullmill Mental Hospital”. We see Bob approach the camera as he begins to talk filling us in on the situation. Bob Sparks: Well let me tell you why I’m here exactly. You see there is a man, no..not even really a man at this point. More so let’s just say a sick individual walking around Valor making claims and attempting to make a name for himself with a bit of a history with mental illness. So I decided before I approach him I should probably get to understand what I am dealing with a bit more. It’s not smart for a man to call someone out without a plan and without enough knowledge and trust me I am not going to make that mistake. So this should be interesting for sure let’s head inside and see what I really got on my hands with this sick individual. Yelich let’s find out what your all about shall we? We see Bob and the cameraman make their way inside as Bob checks in and we eventually see a nurse who takes Bob to what he is looking for. Bob is brought to a room where some of the patients have already been seated expecting Bob. The nurse and a guard stand by in the room with Bob just in case anything goes unexpected, which in the case is not unlikely. We see Bob study the group of men, clearly a group of mentally unstable men as we see some already laughing and giving into their strange twitches and quirks as Bob sits across from them looking around the room, soaking it all in. Bob eyes widen a bit with the situation at hand as he begins to talk to the group of patients. Bob Sparks: So any of ya’ll know who I am? Any wrestling fans out of the bunch? We see a majority of the group stay quiet but one man speaks up immediately shouting at Bob. The man with his name presented on his shirt, “Elton”, eventually begins to talk. He has a clear bipolar issue as he begins to speak to Bob Sparks. Elton’s view on Bob changes within seconds as Bob looks utterly confused by what he has to say. Elton: OH YEAH BIG DADDY BOB SPARKS! I know you, big buff beefy boy with big muscles. Hit em with the Bob Bomb, ooooh yeah. So bad ass with how you kick those scrawny boys asses. BUT WHY? Why did you do it? How could you do that to THE BAILEY? How could you do that to the G...O….A...T, THE GOAT! You make me sick you know that? Gonna be an amazing father Bobby Boy! Bob looks over to the nurse and guard with a confused look, basically like what the hell just happened. They both don’t seem affected by it as they seem used to it by now. Some of the other patients are laughing but at the man who spoke or by not being able to control their laughter we don’t know. We then see Bob eventually begin to talk once again trying to find some common ground he can build off of with the patients in the room. Bob Sparks: What do ya’ll do for fun around here? Any sports or anything? We see the patients all look around at each other before all laughing, Bob just sits there as he lets out a bit of a fake laugh trying to fit in with the strange crowd here. We eventually then see another man under the name Brutus begin to speak as the other patients listen in, some still laughing and others looking at him with a cold dead stare only able to focus on one thing at a time. Brutus: Nothing like a little bit of B-Ball with the boyos. Big Sammy back their gotta mean stroke brother! Hits em so green they make me cream, I say. We also got a radical kickball team. Kick em so far they make ya hard, I say. Oh and then we got some barbie dolls nurse Janet gave us and every Friday night we all sit around it and we--- We see Bob cut Brutus off before he says anymore. Bob looks at Brutus with utter confusion as he can’t help back hold a grin. He then just looks around at all the inmates as he begins to let out a bit of a chuckle. We then see some of the inmates take it to the next level as they begin to die from laughter. Bob then continues the conversation as the patients listen in, staring at Bob. Bob: So I’m guessing ya’ll like you some ladies, if you are playing with Barbie Dolls. We then see a younger patient begin to talk to Bob, his name on his shirt says Rick as Bob turns his attention to him. The kid is looking pauses for a second before truly talking as he looks down at his pants and punches himself in the penis, screaming out “You Like that”. Bob’s eyes widen as he listens to what the kid begins to say. Rick: Hey, my name’s Rick but around here they call me Dick. You wanna know why they call me dick. Cause I have a big dick, bigger than yours. Bigger than anyone to ever exist. It’s big and powerful cause it’s my dick. Pounded on a lot of cats with this more than you have even met. You know if your wife was my girl she would be having octuplets right now that’s how strong my dick is. It’s like if my brain and my fist combined into one mean ground and pound fucking machine. You feel me? Bob just looks at the young man not knowing whether to be confused or upset with him. Bob just looks at him confused for a second before looking over at the nurse who just shakes her head as Bob sighs. Bob then turns his attention back to the young man as he begins to talk with him. Bob Sparks: Nah kid I don’t feel you on that one. What makes you think you're so great anyways? I bet you ain’t ever even knocked boots before. Bob leans in a bit toward Rick and grins as he pushes the young boy a little here trying to see what will happen. Rick though leans in himself as he laughs. Bob’s grin turns into a bit of fear as we see the young boy begin to talk once more, this time as he reaches into his pocket. Rick: Oh yeah Mr. Before the Bulldozer there was Bob. Why don’t you talk to that chick Sheridan? She shows up here every night, in fact she’s here right now. We would then see Rick pull out an old worn down and crusty picture of Sheridan from his pocket. Bob looks as if he is going to throw up as some of the patients begin to laugh at Bob. Bob looks around confused as if wondering why they support this type of stuff. We then see Rick continue to talk once more as Bob sighs not wanting to hear more. Rick: Yeah so yeah I know. I have been winning sex competitions since I was six. I am a putang farmer Mr. Bob. You hit people with the Bob Bomb well I hit these chicks with the Alabama Slam-Her. Cause you see I’ve been out here Magnum Mashin’ and whale whomping. So Bob I know what I am doing, just look at Sheridan’s face. She is so happy right now. Bob just looks over as Rick begins to kiss the picture, Bob looks like he is going to be sick as he has to get up and walk over to the window just to be able to look as far away from the situation as possible. Bob would eventually make his way back to the chair as he sits down and Rick has put the picture away. Bob begins to talk, shifting his focus away from Rick. He notices an older gentleman sitting in a rocking chair as he begins to talk to him. Bob Sparks: What’s your story old timer? The old man is staring at the ceiling not making eye contact with Bob. He begins to mumble as Bob can’t quite understand what he is saying. Bob just looks at him confused as he can’t understand or hear a word the man is saying. He just rocks in his rocking chair mumbling to himself. Bob talks once again as he tries to get the man to speak up. Bob Sparks: Sir, I can’t hear you. Sir, you need to speak up. If you want to say anything, speak up. I can’t hear you. No one can hear you. Do you have something to say? Nothing is coming out. Well this is just sad. Nothing more than a mute it seems. Bob then sighs as he seems a bit disappointed, he excepted a bit more from the man but he ended up getting nothing. Bob then sits back a bit in his chair as he looks around the room looking for who he wants to question next. We suddenly see another man enter the room. He is unique for sure as his face is all painted up as Bob just looks at him confused. The man looks over at Bob as we see him begin to laugh, the man can’t stop as he eventually sits down still looking at Bob. Bob begins to talk to the man as he tries to calm him down a bit. Bob Sparks: Uh hey there, you ok? What’s so funny? The man’s shirt reads “Danny” as he continues to to look at Bob and laugh. He begins to talk through his laughter as his words seem to be somewhat of a threat to Bob but Bob does not seem worried one bit as he sits there listening to the man not intimidated at all. Danny: No one is safe. Everyone will start to feel my pain, everyone is in danger. No more medicine, no more doctors, no more lackluster advice just me, myself, and I. Freedom….freedom from my recent chains...my bonds. As Danny is talking we see the guard shake his head as he walks over and grabs Danny by the next taking him out of the room. Bob looks confused as the nurse comes over and whispers something in Bob’s ear, meanwhile the other inmates laugh at the situation. Nurse Janet: That one was hiding so he did not receive his meds this morning. We apologize for that, the rest of them should be fine though they seem to like you too a bit which is good. Bob would nod and smile at Janet as the patients look at Bob with a smirk as we then see a few stare at Janet from behind as she walks back to where she was before. Bob looks back to the patients shaking his head as he then goes back to addressing them again. Bob Sparks: So who’s the leader around here anyways? Other than the nurses and guards of course. Like who’s the big dog around here. The one I should be talking to. We see a man sit up in his chair and smirk as he looks at Bob as the rest of the guys look away from him clearly shaken a bit. Bob looks around and grins as he can tell this is the man he was looking for. The man’s shirt reads “Max” as we see him stare Bob in the eyes beginning to talk. Max: You're looking at him. I am the champ that runs this camp, the face that runs this place. None of these guys can even compare to me. I am too good, the last of my kind if I’m being honest with you brother. Bob looks at him and laughs as Max looks back at him with a grin on his face. Bob then sits up in his chair leaning in a bit as Max does the same. Bob begins to speak in a much different tone than before. Something personal it seems, something Bob has been wanting to address. Bob Sparks: Well Max, let me ask you something alright. What makes you the champ, huh? Did you give yourself that nickname? Is it true do you run things around here or is there simply no one willing to let you in on the truth. Someone here to bring you back to reality. Let me in on something Max inside these walls you might think you're the shit but outside of them you are nothing, no one cares about you, and nobody is going to bow down to your bullshit. Max would shrink back into his chair as Bob grins laying into the patient. Bob then stands up looking down at the patients face to face. He would pace back and forth beginning to talk once again addressing Max’s claims of being the champ in this mental hospital. Bob Sparks: I know a man that belongs inside these walls with people such as yourselves. Belongs to be treated properly for his mental illnesses that he can’t ever seem to get past. His name is Yelich and whether he has been with you here before or not, trust me when I say I see a lot of him inside these walls. Desperate to be relevant in this cruel world once more yet never going to be able to do so. I want to wish you all the best but I feel that you will never understand what that truly means. Parading around here with your incomprehensible sexual appetites, your lack of true words, your clownish threats and attitudes, and your clear lack of understanding of where you stand in the world. Bob would then storm out of the room followed by the nurse as he seemingly made his point clear with his frustrations boiling over. Bob would then stop in the main lobby as he looks into the camera addressing the man he came here to understand a bit better. Bob would be a bit red in the face but calm for the most part as he addresses Yelich directly. Bob Sparks: Yelich at Revelation trust me when I say history will once again repeat itself. You see I came here today to truly understand what I am dealing with here. A man who walks around backstage of BPZ with no one knowing truly how to approach him. You have us guessing by the day of who you truly are, one day a sex addicted porn star the next day a fake champion. One day a clown the next day a mute, we can’t truly understand you. Until now, now I realize what I am dealing with. I am dealing with a man that abides by now rules, now promises, and no true plan. You see because you are so desperate for attention that you try your hardest to find something that works. You continuously throw shit and the wall and just pray to god that something sticks. My kid ain’t gonna grow up like that, hell no kid should grow up like that. No kid should grow up developing such a muddled mind as yourself. But it’s all going to be okay at the end of the day Yelich trust me. Bob would then pause for a moment collecting himself and taking a deep breath. Bob looks around for a second as he grins. He begins to speak once again as he addresses Yelich once more with a pissed off and annoyed tone under his voice. Bob Sparks: Yelich I’ve knocked those screws loose once before and trust me I’ll do it again. I sent you away for months getting you the help that you needed. Yet here we are almost a year later and nothing has changed. The same bullshit just with a different story behind it. The same twisted and polluted lies just under a different tone. So you can walk around claiming yourself the champ but we all know how this ends up, the same way it has before. Yelich trying another stupid idea that ultimately fails for him to walk away for months after getting his shit kicked in just for the cycle to repeat time after time after time. A resilient fool that much I will give you. This time though Yelich I don’t just plan on knocking the screws loose, I plan on knocking them out. A fresh start made of nothing more than you sitting at home with no knowledge of your past, the present, or the future being able to seep into that already destroyed and polluted brain. Bob can then be seen leaving the Mental Hospital as we see him drive off. Bob has clearly made a point here tonight understanding what he is dealing with and learning how to finally dispose of it. We then see the segment cut off as we head into a commercial break and Valor rolls on.
  2. Have not been here to long just over a year now but what a year it has been, so let's get into my top six moments from my time on the forums. 1. The BPZ Pizza Place. I don't care about No One Man in my opinion to me at least this is the GOAT creative diary at least on the forums although that may be a bit bias. I have been having tons of fun with this and I promise I will be back with it soon, just want to give you all my best with it and not give you some shit content. 2. Dropping the Big Boy Bits on Brendens streams, was always great to see his reactions to the bits I dropped and was fun to stomp out people like Sheri and others when they tried to compete. 3. My many factions I have been in during my time here. Whether if was the planning of the hWo and it's debut, mafia, or bulletproof. All of them gave me some great feuds and some great matches along with some great memories during votings. 4. GRV's and Toxik's rants/bullshit on the discord. Now as annoying as this may be on the discord I have to admit that they can be very entertaining at times. Whether it's GRV saying something dumb in vc or Toxik in the main chat it always leads to something memorable. 5. Pokemon Showdown Tournament, although I have only been apart of it for 2 seasons at this point I have to admit it is a lot of fun. I have enjoyed not only the battles but also learning as I go along with it. Plus it looks like I am pretty good at it which is always a plus. 6. Bullying Varvaria along with some on Twitch Thots with people. I know this was only one time but it has to be one of my favorite moments at least so far. I hope we are able to do this again at some point cause it was one of the funniest things I have been apart of.
  3. Tokyo Championship Wrestling 1: Danielson vs. Shibata Predictions Bryan Danielson vs. Katsuyori Shibata ( KO / SUB / UD) Glenn Jacobs vs. Stephen Farrelly ( KO / SUB / UD) Daria Berenato vs. Genevieve Goulet ( KO / SUB / UD) Charles Betts vs. Takaaki Watanebe ( KO / SUB / UD) Masami Odate vs. Taynara Carvalho ( KO / SUB / UD)
  4. Name: Bob Sparks Current Figureheads: Brock Lesnar Current Alignment: Tweener Nicknames: “The Bracket Buster”, “Big Daddy Bob Sparks” Height: 6’5 Weight: 296 lbs Born: Albany, New York Billed From: Albany, New York, United States What is your gimmick/significant background in kayfabe? Bob Sparks, the soon to be father has taken on a recent mission to help out the kids and teach them the proper tools they need while decimating his opponents on the way. Bob often finds himself as the muscle to any group as he looks to run through the roster and show kids how to grow up giving them advice while bashing on their parents advice at times. Wrestling Style: Bob Sparks is just a big hoss that out powers his opponents throughout his matches. Not one for tons of kicks and flips, Bob prefers to use elbows and fists as he lays into his opponents. Bob still holds onto his old traditional moves while also bringing in some new moves. German Suplex, Chop, Elbows Signatures Sparks Special (Kimura Lock), Dose of Reality (Big Boot), Bracket Buster (Spine Buster) Finishers Bob Bomb, Final Embrace Theme: Blood // Water (King Kavalier Remix)
  5. BobdaBomb

    My Man Gary

    Valor comes back live as we see a segment play as we see a kid sitting in a chair waiting as he is a part of the BPZ Make a Wish Program as he seems to be waiting for a BPZ Superstar to arrive. Eventually we see one show up as Bob Sparks makes his way into the room. The kid’s expression quickly lights up as Bob comes up to the kid shaking his hand. Bob looks a lot leaner as the last time we saw him he was thrown from the top of the War Games structure. Bob though seems to be going after a fresh start here with a new brand, a leaner and healthier body, and a child on the way. Bob Sparks: Hey kid, what's your name? The kid is bouncing up and down in his chair clearly excited to be meeting Bob Sparks here today. Bob stands over the kid with a grin as the size of Bob is clear here as he towers over the young boy. The kid has a huge smile on his face meeting Bob here today. Gary: Hi Mr. Sparks, I’m Gary! I’ve always wanted to meet you! Bob sits down next to Gary, both with large smiles on their faces as Bob is really taking this opportunity to help him out with his future child down the line. For Gary, he gets to meet his hero here today in Bob Sparks. Bob starts up the conversation as Gary seems to be a deer in headlights as he looks over amazed with Bob being here with him today. Bob Sparks: So Gary, how long have you been a wrestling fan? Gary looks over to Bob still in awe as he begins to answer. Gary is clearly super excited to meet Bob Sparks as his answer comes out much quicker as Gary has to catch his breath afterwards as Bob just looks at the kid with a big grin on his face, clearly having a good time already. Gary: My whole life! I love BPZ Wrestling. It's just the best! Although some of the kids at school don’t, they always pick on for it. They say guys like Bailey and Slim are gay and stuff, whatever that means. We see Bob chuckle as Gary smiles. Bob is clearly amused by the statement Gary made about Slim and Bailey as the two now both laugh. Gary is a bit more confused as he truly does not understand his own joke but Bob did and he is quite humored by it. Bob Sparks: Well Gary, they are not completely wrong there but I’ll tell you what gets some muscles like these and I’m sure they won’t ever bother you about wrestling again. If they still do though just tell them that your good friend Bob Sparks is gonna come have a word with them. Cause you see Gary you never want to pretend to be something you’re not. You don’t want to conform to what other people are saying because you want to be in the cool crowd. Gary, you don’t want to give yourself fake titles and have fake feelings to fit in. You're better than that Gary, you see you are a friend of Bob Sparks and that already makes you better than those bullies. Bob then flexes as Gary feels his bicep. Bob looks at Gary with a grin as Gary seems to be amazed by both how big and solid Bob’s bicep is. Bob then kisses his bicep and hits it as Gary laughs. Bob then looks over to some of the other adults in the room letting out a woooo as Gary then begins to talk. Gary: Maybe I’ll even have bigger muscles than you Mr. Sparks! Then I’m sure they will leave me alone. Gary would stand up when saying this as Bob watches as the boy flexes revealing not much but a bit of muscle. Bob grins and lets out a bit of a laugh. We see Gary then mimmick Bob kissing his muscles and smiles. Bob watches as the boy sits back down as he talks to him once more. Bob Sparks: Well Gary, it’s not all about these muscles. You got to take care of your most important tool, your brain. You see you can be the strongest guy ever but if you ain’t got the brain to back it up you won’t know how to use them fully. Think of it this way, I’ve got these big muscles right? But if I didn’t have the brain to back it up, I would never have beaten guys like Yelich and Necce before. Not only am I stronger than them but I’m also smarter. Cause they let those bullies affect them Gary, they let all these voices cloud their minds, and that, that is why whenever I step in the rings with one of those guys I beat them every single time. The tone in the room suddenly changed from a bit more of a humorous tone to a bit more serious one as Bob begins to give some advice to Gary. Gary’s attitude begins to get a bit more serious as we even see him begin to get a bit more upset as he talks once again staring Bob in the eyes. Gary: I can second in my spelling bee this year! If it was not for that darn Sophia Barks I would have won too! But I forgot how to spell, dribble. I think they made it easier for her though cause she got words like Pizza and Place. Gary would then cross his arms as he is clearly upset with what had happened during that spelling bee. Bob looks over to the boy leaning in a bit as he talks to him again. Once again Bob begins to give the boy some advice as Gary seems to be really listening to him. Bob Sparks: Well I will tell you this Gary I did a lot of time blaming others for my mistakes and it really held me back. So let’s work on this together. From now on when we make a mistake we are not going to blame someone else for what we did wrong but instead we are going to figure out where we went wrong and fix it for next time. Cause you and I are done with the losing alright we are going to outwork everyone and give everything we got so we can win whatever we want. Gary looks at Bob flashing some teeth as he seems to be really understanding and taking into account Bob’s advice. Gary then clenches his fist as Bob's advice seems to have hyped up Gary a bit as he begins to talk sounding as if he is on a mission. Gary: You’re right! I’m just going to do my best and if god wants it to happen I am sure it will. I just need to give it everything that I have and let everything else figure itself out. Bob pats Gary on the shoulder as he then shifts his focus. Bob notices Gary’s collection of items by his side as he has a replica title belt and some other goodies as Bob smiles. He then points to them as he begins to talk to the young boy about the collection. Bob Sparks: What have you got there Gary? Looks like you already got some autographs? Gary smiles as he grabs some of his collection to show it off to Bob. Bob pulls out a pen as he seems more than ready to autograph some stuff for him and give his own look on the collection and add his own Bob Sparks influence to it as well. Gary: Yeah, I saw Hans Clayton earlier and he gave me some stuff. He was super cool. I also saw Yelich when I got here and he autographed this for me. Bob would look at some of the stuff Hans Clayton gave the kid and smile adding his own signature to some of it. He would then pick up the piece of paper signed by Yelich and shake his head. He would then hunch down a bit as he begins to talk to the young child. Bob: This is worthless, Gary. You see this is what I was telling you about earlier. Yelich still has all these voices in his head telling him to do this and do that. So he changes everything about himself every month so that he can try and be a big star like some of the other guys. But that has never really happened. The biggest moment of his career was winning this thing called the Global Championship so he brought it back and is trying to live in the past and hold onto the one thing that made him relevant. So let’s just throw this out for you, I don’t imagine you really want it anyways. Gary would then take the piece of paper from Bob and look at it for a second before ripping it to pieces. Clearly taking Bob’s advice on Yelich and getting rid of the worthless autograph from Yelich. Bob would smile at this as Gary begins to talk once again. Gary: Yeah, he’s kind of a loser. I would much rather have a Bob Sparks autograph. I saw his title earlier tonight they were playing it on the TV, it was purple which is such a girly color. Like he should have made it green cause green is so much better than purple. Bob grins a bit as he thinks about the Global Title in the back of his mind. Bob then begins to talk to the kid again, clearly not thinking as much about what he says which almost causes him to slip up a bit while talking to the young boy. Bob Sparks: Yeah, Yelich is a bit of a pus--. Never mind I got to remember to not say those naughty words in front of you I’m sorry. I’ve got my own kid on the way so I’m doing my best. But Gary let me just ask you a question, who is your favorite BPZ Superstar? Bob quickly shifts away from his slip up but Gary picked up on it a bit as he grins not fully getting it but understanding that Bob was insulting Yelich. Gary then gives thought to Bob’s question as he answers it, the answer all though not the one Bob really wanted, he seems pleased with it. Gary: Well...to be honest I really like Hans Clayton I think he is super cool. I really hope he beats Necce just like you did. I know you are friends so I hope your friend wins Mr. Sparks. Bob smiles remembering his big win over Necce a year ago in the Power Trip Cup which really put him on the map here in BPZ Wrestling. Bob then begins to speak once more as the two are both clearly enjoying the conversation here today. Bob Sparks: Yeah we are friends all right. It’s nice to have friends, always got someone watching your back. You know who doesn’t have friends though? Gary looks up a bit as he thinks for a second before spitting out answers. Bob grins as he hears the answers that Gary comes up with. Gary: Brad...Mirage...Sheridan...no wait I know Yelich! Bob is a bit taken back by Gary’s answers but he is clearly amused by them as he does not disagree with them at all, in fact Bob kind of agrees with some of the others answers Gary had come up with prior to the young boy saying Yelich. Bob Sparks: Bingo that’s it. Although your other guesses were pretty good too. Yeah but Yelich is not the coolest around here even though he tries to be. Maybe one day he will be but not today or anytime soon. Gary then laughs as he is clearly over the moon at the moment talking with Bob Sparks and spending the day in BPZ Wrestling. Gary then begins to talk once more as Bob grins clearly happy to be spending some time with Gary today. Gary: Yeah you are so much cooler than him Mr. Sparks, bigger muscles, cooler moves, you even have a girlfriend! I don’t think Yelich has ever had one of those. Bob looks at himself as smiles clearly agreeing with what Gary has said. Bob then looks over to an adult who points to their watch as Bob understands. Bob then leans in a bit as he begins to address Gary again. As Gary listens in to what Bob has to say. Bob Sparks: You are probably right on that one Gary. Well Gary, I will tell you what I am going to write my number down on this piece of paper and you feel free to call me anytime alright? It was wonderful meeting you and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Bob then stands up as Gary looks a bit sad but glad to have met Bob here today. Bob then looks down at Gary as Gary talks to Bob one last time. Bob smiles clearly more than happy to hear from Gary here. Gary: It was nice meeting you too Mr. Sparks, next up I am meeting TheGRV so I guess it’s going to get pretty boring here quick. Bob’s eyes widen as he looks over to the other adults who will not even make eye contact with him. Clearly Bob does not agree with what Gary has just set but does not have the heart to tell him what he is truly thinking. Bob Sparks: Well good luck with that Gary, see you around kid...hopefully. Gary would then hug Bob as Bob smiles looking around down at the young boy. We would then see the two part ways as Bob walks out of the room waving goodbye to Gary maybe for the last time.
  6. EPW Episode 29 Cena kicks off the show challenging anyone to a match and ends up getting beatdown by Imperium Matt Riddle defeated Marty Scrull Charlotte Flair cuts a promo and is confronted by the Kabuki Warriors in which Asuka challenges her to a title match at EPW Homecoming which is accepted The Miz and Maryse cut a promo calling themselves the It Couple of EPW The Big Show defeated Sheamus The Big Show cuts a promo challenging the Fiend EPW Episode 30 Hangman Page defeated Aron Stevens Marty Scrull attacks Hangman Page after his match Asuka defeated Ember Moon WALTER cuts a promo on John Cena calling him a Pussy The Big Show defeated Marty Scrull thanks to interference from Hangman Page The Fiend tries to attack the Big Show but the Big Show knocks him out EPW Episode 31 Mike and Maria attack the Miz and Maryse as they arrive at the arena EC3 defeated Lince Dorado The Hype Bros use their rematch clause and challenge Sanity for the tag titles at EPW Homecoming Charlotte Flair defeated Kairi Sane Big Show defeated Matt Riddle The Fiend appears at the Big Shows home and kidnaps his wife EPW Episode 32 The Big Show kicks off the show in the parking lot as Bray Wyatt appears with his wife and kisses her in front of him, The Big Show would chase him off as he hugs his wife WALTER defeated Elias The Big Show is furious as he promises to kick The Fiend’s ass at Homecoming Hangman Page promises to run Marty Scrull out of town The Miz defeated Hangman Page thanks to interference from Marty Scrull Bray Wyatt appears appears on a TV in the Big Show’s locker room as he promises to beat him man on man at Homecoming EPW HOMECOMING PPV WALTER defeated John Cena The Miz and Maryse defeated Mike and Maria Kanellis to retain the North American Championship Hangman Page defeated Marty Scrull Sanity defeated the Hype Bros to retain the EPW Tag Team Championships Charlotte Flair defeated Asuka to retain the EPW Womens Championship The Big Show defeated Bray Wyatt to win the EPW World Heavyweight Championship
  7. I actually really like this idea from Sheridan I have had to go into peoples private messages to really get advice on my kayfabe work and I think this would make it a hell of a lot easier as well as give people a better sense of where they are at and what they can improve upon with their promos. Just today I was helping someone with their promo giving them advice on some changes they could make and things they could do better and I think a channel would be of great help to alot of the newer guys on the forums as they try and learn how to write a good promo while also giving older guys the chance to try and make adjustments with how other people think of their work. So usually I am not a fan of Sheridan's ideas but I actually really do like this one.
  8. AEW ALL IN Sears Center Arena : May 27th, 2017 THE BUY IN It is finally time as we get set for AEW ALL IN! This is the first ever All Elite Wrestling event and is sure to be a great one. We have star studded matches here for you tonight with names such as Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Kenny Omega in action here tonight. But first we bring you the buy in, this is all free to you viewers at home as we have three stellar matchups here tonight for you on the buy in of no charge to you. So ladies and gentlemen let’s get right into it. Standing by is our All Elite Commentary team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur as we get set for our first matchup of the Buy In. BEST FRIENDS VS PRIVATE PARTY As we get set for our first match up here tonight we will see tag team action as two of the premier tag teams in the world, Best Friends and Private Party will go at it here tonight in the first ever match in AEW history. The Best Friends the more experienced team have got to be the favorites heading into tonight but that has got to fuel the young and upcoming team Private Party. It should be interesting to see how the matchup turns out as we see the two teams make their way to the ring as the matchup gets under way. We would see a heavily contested matchup here tonight as both teams really gave it their all. But in the end after a series of kicks and flips Trent Barreta would be thrown out of the ring and taken out of the action as Private Party would then take this advantage to hit Chuck Taylor with Gin & Juice to pick up the win here tonight. Private Party kick off their AEW careers with a huge win and have clearly turned some heads here tonight. WINNER @ 15:21 Private Party via Pinfall ALLIE VS ZOE LUCAS Well after a stellar tag team matchup we get set for some womens action here. Brandi Rhodes state when addressing the womens division at the All In Press Conference that this division is going to give all women the chance to succeed, not just the ones made of plastic and the ones with the big named husbands. So here on the Buy In we are going to start off with that opportunity as we will see Allie go one on one with Zoe Lucas. Neither of these women are the biggest of names to wrestling fans yet but after this match I am sure that will change. The two women going face to face here tonight come from different profiles but have both made their way here to All Elite Wrestling. Allie, a veteran in the business has never really found her spot bouncing around from promotion to promotion but looks to find that spot here in AEW. On the other hand Zoe Lucas is quite new to the business but has already turned heads at least here in All Elite Wrestling, enough so to land her a contract with the company. It should be a great battle here tonight so let's get right into it. After a heavily contested brawl between both of these women we would eventually see Zoe Lucas drop Allie with a Futureshock (Split Leg Drog) picking up a win here in her first ever All Elite Wrestling matchup. Both these women deserve nothing but love after putting on a spectacular womens matchup here tonight. Zoe Lucas just had a little bit extra here tonight though to pull it out and take down Allie. WINNER @ 11:39 Zoe Lucas via Pinfall SHELTON X BENJAMIN VS SAMMY GUEVARA After a great start to the Buy In we now get ready to finish it off as we will see two generations collide as Shelton X Benjamin and Sammy Guevara go one on one. Both these men are incredible in the ring with the ability to hit their opponent from anywhere as we are in for a treat here tonight. Shelton looks to cement his name here in All Elite Wrestling as Guevara looks to make his. It should be an excellent matchup as we wait to see who comes out on top. In a stellar match to close out the Buy In we would see Sammy Guevara pull off a victory after putting Benjamin away with a Burning GTS. Both men looked great here as they both proved why they deserve a spot here in All Elite Wrestling and tonight they clearly earned their spots. Sammy though was able to pick up a win here tonight which is a great way to start off and build himself up here in All Elite Wrestling. WINNER @ 14:11 Sammy Guevara via Pinfall Well everyone that’s it for us at the preshow it’s now time to head into the main show. To continue being apart of this historic event here with us at AEW make sure you are watching via DAZN live on pay per view. We can’t wait to see you all at the main show so let’s get right into it ladies and gentlemen we will be with you shortly. THE MAIN SHOW We come back from a video hyping up the All In event and some of the matches on it as we now switch over exclusively to the DAZN app as we get ready for one hell of a show. Tonight it all changes, the wrestling world changes forever as there is a revolution brewing a revolution led by the fans and the word Elite as the wrestling world will never be the same. We will see some of the top stars in the world battle it out tonight as we welcome you all officially to AEW All In. KENNY OMEGA VS JAY WHITE To kick off the main card we will see two of the best talents the wrestling world has to offer go at it here tonight as their tensions have traveled across sea all the way over here to All Elite Wrestling. An invitation gone wrong, turned into a bitter rivalry that is going to culminate here at All In. Jay White made a statement attacking Omega at the press conference making it clear that he was coming after Omega and coming after his spot here in All Elite Wrestling. The match has been regarded as one of the fan’s favorites heading into tonight. Let's hope it does not disappoint as we get set for this stellar matchup. In an extremely good match, Kenny Omega managed to put Jay White away with a One Winged Angel. Both of these men though gave every blood sweat and tear they had here tonight as neither of them wanted to walk away a loser here tonight. Although White was unable to pick up the win here tonight he proved that he is going to be a force to be feared as he took Omega to his limits. The match could be considered the match of the night when it’s all said and done and got us off to an extremely good start here at AEW All In. WINNER @ 21:51 Kenny Omega via pinfall WAR MACHINE VS THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS After a stellar first match we get set for tag team action as we will see War Machine go head to head with the Motor City Machine Guns. Both these teams, not as well known by the mainstream media yet but are both considered to be some of the top tag teams this industry has to offer. Both have high levels of experience teaming with each other making this matchup even more interesting. By looking at the two teams you would have to give the advantage to War Machine based on size alone but it would be dumb to underestimate the Motor City Machine Guns after everything they have many to accomplish in this business. Nonetheless this should be an excellent contest between two of the top teams in the world today. In an excellent matchup, War Machine defeated the Motor City Machine Guns after they hit Chris Sabin with the Fallout. War Machine got off to a slow start as Motor City Machine Guns level of experience showed early on but eventually War Machine pulled together and began to dominate toward the end. Both these teams will be at the top in All Elite Wrestling no doubt as they put on one hell of a battle here tonight. WINNER @ 11:42 War Machine via pinfall NO HOLDS BARRED STREET FIGHT: BOBBY LASHLEY VS MATT RIDDLE Next we will see an absolute brawl as Bobby Lashley and Matt Riddle will go one on one in a No Holds Barred Street Fight. Both these men have MMA backgrounds so there's going to be a ton of pain dished out tonight for sure between these two. This match could be over at any second as one right hook or choke-hold could finish it. With no rules applied here as well that is only going to add onto the heated brawl we are about to see. So let’s see what happens as these two fighters step into the ring together here in All Elite Wrestling. In a hell of a brawl, Bobby Lashley defeated Matt Riddle after hitting him with a Dominator through a flaming table. Both men were busted open in this match with tons of chair shots and Matt Riddle even choking Lashley with a steel chain. Both these men beat the living hell out of each other by any means necessary but at the end of the day Lashley was able to pick up the win here in All Elite Wrestling. WINNER @ 14:34 Bobby Lashley via pinfall HANGMAN PAGE & YOUNG BUCKS VS LUCHA BROS & LAREDO KID We now roll on as we get set for tag team action as we will see Hangman Page and the Young Bucks take on The Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid. A star studded matchup as the six man tag match is full of talent and potential. We saw the Lucha Brothers take out the Young Bucks at the press conference leading into this matchup which could be a match of the night for sure. Both sides obviously love to pick up a win here tonight so let’s get right into it. In an excellent match we would see the Young Bucks and Adam Page defeat the Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid after Adam Page put Laredo Kid away with a Buckshot Lariat. The match was incredible with the Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers flying everywhere but in the end it was the singles guys being the end of the match as Adam Page was simply at a higher level than Laredo Kid here tonight. Page was the X-Factor here tonight helping the Young Bucks pick up the win as the Elite is off to a great start here tonight. Winner @ 16:32 The Elite defeated The Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid AWESOME KONG VS ??? Awesome Kong makes her way to the ring as she waits for her opponent. Kong has a big grin on her face as she clearly is confident heading into tonight and she has every right to be. There is no one on her level in the AEW’s women division right now and there is no one right now that can match up to her especially size wise here tonight. We wait in anticipation as we wait to see who will step up to face Awesome Kong here tonight. We hear the music hit as the crowd goes insane! It’s Beth Phoenix. Beth Phoenix is All Elite and has answered Awesome Kong’s challenge as she makes her way down the ramp with a huge grin on her face. Awesome Kong’s once confident grin is gone as she has a cold expression as she still looks to pick up the win here tonight. We hear the bell ring as Awesome Kong and Beth Phoenix get set to battle here tonight at AEW All In. In a solid match we would see Beth Phoenix defeat Awesome Kong after hitting her with a Glam Slam. Beth was able to pick up the giant and slam her down picking up the win here tonight. Kong came out hot trying to drive Beth into the corner but ended up going shoulder first into the corner. Beth would then take advantage, beating down and eventually beating Awesome Kong after that point in the matchup. WINNER @ 4:52 Beth Phoenix via pinfall After the matchup we would see MJF make his way to the ring as the crowd boos him. MJF clearly does not care about the fans at all as he simply steps into the ring, grabs a mic, and begins to talk. The crowd letting MJF know that they clearly do not want him here. MJF would smile before beginning to talk and work the crowd clearly. “What did I hurt your feelings at the press conference, huh? Well guess what cupcakes I don’t care. I say what I say because it is true you people are so full of yourself with these stupid phony wrestlers hyping you up all the time. Well guess what I don’t like you people and I never have. I look around and all I see is dollar signs. So thank you all for coming to watch the fastest rising star in the wrestling industry Maxwell Jacob Friedman. I mean I see some big ass dollar signs with all of you fat asses that have to pay for multiple seats just so you have enough room to sit down. What? What are you mad I am bullying you huh? Are you going to cry again? Are you going to run on twitter and talk about your issues from your mother's basement? Yeah that’s what I thought sit your fat asses back down and shove another hot dog down your gullet. You know what I am a bully, you heard me a bully, and I am going to bully you people because that is what you deserve. I am MJF and trust me when I tell you I am going to bully all of you here tonight so let’s get this started for real shall we---" MJF would be cut off as we see some music play as we see none other than Bully Ray make his way out and stare down MJF. MJF would look back at Bully Ray with a bit of shocked expression as Bully Ray would make his way down to the ring as Bully Ray steps into the ring and stands across from MJF. MJF would look at Bully Ray with a bit of fear in his eyes as Bully Ray gets in his face as MJF refuses to look him in the eyes. Just when it looks as if Bully Ray has bitched out MJF here tonight we would suddenly see MJF hit Bully Ray with a low blow. MJF would then stare Bully Ray right in the eyes as he is on his knees as MJF would laugh at him. We would then see MJF walk past Bully Ray and backstage as MJF has clearly gotten the better of Bully Ray and the fans here tonight as Bully Ray sits in the ring furious. CODY & BRANDI RHODES VS MIKE & MARIA KANELLIS We now get back to in-ring action as we will see Brandi and Cody Rhodes take on Mike and Maria Kanellis. Both of these couples are looking to grab the true title of the power couple of the All Elite Wrestling company. These two couples came face to face at the press conference with Mike and Maria throwing down the challenge. Both sides need the win tonight to truly call themselves the power couple of All Elite Wrestling and it should be interesting to see who ends up coming out on top here at AEW All In. In a good matchup we would see Mike and Maria Kanellis pick up the win after Maria Kanellis would pick up the win with a Beautiful Bulldog. Cody Rhodes would be shocked after the match as we would see Mike and Maria then retreat up the ramp as they celebrate their big win here tonight with a kiss on the stage as the crowd boos clearly not happy with the result here as Cody sits in the ring checking on Brandi after the match. WINNER @ 13:18 Mike and Maria Kanellis via pinfall After the matchup we would see Cody over Brandi as he clearly looks upset not with her but more at himself for not protecting her tonight and not picking up the win for them. Suddenly we would see a hooded man jump the barricade and run into the ring with a steel chair as he stands behind Cody as he would tap Cody on the back. Cody unaware of the situation would turn around into a chair shot to the head! Cody is out cold as the man stands about both Cody and Brandi Rhodes as the crowd begins to boo. The man would then remove his head to reveal Joe Hennig! That’s Joe Hennig, the former WWE superstar now in All Elite Wrestling! Hennig would stand over Cody for a second with a sick smirk on his face as he would drop the chair looking around at the crowd. We would then see him rush out of the ring and through the crowd as the Elite rush down to the ring to check on Cody. We would see Brandi look over at Cody, tears in her eyes as Cody has a bad cut on his head thanks to Hennig who looks back at the Elite from the crowd with a sick smirk on his face. CHRIS JERICHO VS KURT ANGLE Well after that awful attack coming from Joe Hennig we get set for our main event of All In as we will see Chris Jericho go one on one with Kurt Angle. Both these men are two of the best to ever do it as they will go to war here tonight. The winner of this match will earn a future AEW World Championship opportunity at AEW All Out and will face off against the winner of the AEW Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing. This should be an excellent match so let’s not waste anymore time let’s get right into it. In a stellar match, we would see Kurt Angle defeat Chris Jericho after hitting him with an Angle Slam and putting him away. Both these men gave it everything they had at the end of the day but Angle was just able to get by in this one. The crowd would go wild as Kurt Angle starts off his AEW career with a big win here tonight and even better will now have a shot at the AEW World Championship match at AEW All Out. Kurt Angle would be showing nothing but raw emotion as we then see the camera pan around the arena. WINNER @ 16:11 Kurt Angle via pinfall We would take one last look around the arena here at AEW All In as we would hear the fans in the arena chanting AEW as we see Kurt Angle posing with his hands in the air celebrating with the crowd as we would hear Jim Ross chime in with one last line as AEW All In goes off air. “HOW DO YOU LIKE AEW NOW?”
  9. - WWF Championship Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Shawn Michaels - WWF Intercontinental Championship Bret Hart (c) vs. Lex Luger vs. Roddy Piper Demolition vs. Legion Of Doom - WWF Women's Championship Alundra Blayze (c) vs. Luna Vachon The Brainbusters vs. The Rougeau Brothers Papa Shango vs. The Great Kabuki Gino Hernandez vs. Ricky Steamboat - Bonus Questions Which match will score the highest match rating? Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels Pat Patterson will add a stipulation to a match at the beginning of the show, which match will he change? Papa Shango vs The Great Kabuki What iconic 90s european band will perform at WrestleMania IX, Night II? Europe
  10. Ye, let's watch Frozen 2 in celebration of Arrow's gimmick.
  11. AEW ALL IN MATCH CARD Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho War Machine vs Motor City Machine Guns No Holds Barred: Bobby Lashley vs Matt Riddle Awesome Kong vs ??? Cody & Brandi Rhodes vs Mike & Maria Kanellis Hangman Page & The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid Kenny Omega vs Jay White Pre-Show Allie vs Zoe Lucas Best Friends vs Private Party Shelton X Benjamin vs Sammy Guevara Bonus Who will be the one to step up and fight Awesome Kong? A former WWE male superstar will debut at the show who will it be? What will be the longest match on the card?
  12. 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑭𝒖𝒍𝒍 𝑾𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒍𝒆𝑴𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒂 𝑰𝑿, 𝑵𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝑰 𝑪𝒂𝒓𝒅 André The Giant vs. Yokozuna - No Disqualification match Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair Jake Roberts vs. The Undertaker - WWF Tag Team Championships Money Inc. (c) vs. The Fabulous Freebirds Razor Ramon vs. Tito Santana The Headshrinkers vs. The New Foundation Mr. Perfect vs. Sid Justice - Bonus Questions How long will André The Giant vs. Yokozuna be? (Correct minute will receive 1 point, correct time will receive 3) 6:39 One of these matches will end in Disqualification, which will it be? Mr. Perfect vs Sid Justice
  13. Smoky Mountain Wrestling - 1994 I've done the generic WWE saves from Attitude Era to Current Day. A majority of the indie companies and have been successful in most. Although I have yet to try out NJPW I'm sure that will also come with time when I play TEW 2020. But my first save is going to be with Jim Cornette and SMW in 1994. With WWE and WCW being dominant and other companies such as ECW on the rise I want a bit of a different challenge in older time period and I think SMW serves that purpose. Should be fun with not a whole lot of talent to start out with but some good names to build the company around for sure.
  14. TEAM DRAGABOB Dragapult Gengar Haxorus Noivern Appletun Mimikyu Chandelure Dhelmise
  15. Hulk Hogan Steve Austin Ric Flair John Cena
  16. Valor comes back live as we cut to a video segment as we see Alexa Merci at the Sparks Compound. Bob is nowhere to be around though as it is just Alexa Merci here today. She looks to be in high spirits as she has a huge smile on her face. She looks into the camera and begins to talk as she seems excited and overjoyed with whatever she has to say. When I first arrived here in BPZ things got off to a slow start. I never really had a place, never really had a spot here...until I met Bob that is. Ever since I met Bob life has been moving much faster and has been the best time of my life. Coming down to that ring by the side of the man I love has really made my team here in BPZ that much better. So I know that you all miss us there in that arena tonight but something came up that halted us from being there with you tonight. Something that is going to absolutely change not only this company for years to come but this whole industry for many..many years. This news we received has truly changed our lives and we can’t think of anyone we would rather share it with than the same people who share the same passion and love for professional wrestling that we do. Alexa would bite her lip, grinning into the camera. She looks around as she seems to be in probably the best mood we have ever seen her in on BPZ Wrestling in a long time. Maybe this shift to Valor has already done wonders for the Sparks’ here in BPZ Wrestling. Or maybe there's something else we have yet to learn. Alexa begins to speak once again with that warm and excited tone in her voice. Well the news is I am not going to be able to be at Valor for the first show and maybe not for a long time. The news is...I'M PREGNANT. That's right there is another spark coming into this world and Bob and I could not be happier. Now as sad as I am that I will not be able to spend time with you there at Valor I know that this new journey I am going to go down is going to be just as good. Don’t worry though Bob will still be their kicking ass as usual and I will be cheering him on every step up the way. So Bob and I are so happy to announce this to all of you as the both of us are now entering a new part of our lives that we could not be happier about. So I will not take up any more of your time, I hope to see you all down the road. So enjoy the show and keep on supporting the Valor brand. We would then see Alexa hold her stomach and grin looking into the camera. We then hear Bob call Alexa over as she walks off as we see the camera fade away. So Alexa Merci is now pregnant and we are going to be getting another Sparks in this world in the future. No more Alexa here in BPZ for a bit of time, this will mark a new age for Bob Sparks for the first time since NXT he is once again alone. But congrats to Bob and Alexa for excepting their first child. We then cut to a commercial break as Valor rolls on after this breaking news from the Sparks Compound.
  17. CM Punk vs AJ Styles Kenny Omega vs Shinsuke Nakamura Shawn Michaels vs Tetsuya Naito John Cena vs The Fiend
  18. Preshow: The Revival vs. Enzo & Cass Preshow: Ember Moon vs. Natalya Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe Raw Tag Team Championships: The Hardyz(c) vs. The New Day Raw Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair(c) vs. Mickie James Nia Jax vs. Bayley Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match: Cedric Alexander Braun Strowman vs. Dean Ambrose United States Championship: Kevin Owens(c) vs. Tye Dillinger Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar(c) vs. AJ Styles Bonus Questions: - Who will enter the Gauntlet Match at #1? Cedric Alexander - Will any SmackDown LIVE superstars appear? No - Will Triple H interfere in Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins? No
  19. 1. Flynn 2. Arius 3. Necce 4. KENJI 5. Hans
  20. EPW STARBOUND PPV Big Show would defeat the likes on Matt Riddle, Hangman Page, Sheamus, and Otis to win the Big Van Vader Battle Royal Sanity would defeat the Firm and the Hype Bros w/ Gronk to win the EPW Tag Team Titles The Miz would defeat John Cena to retain the EPW North American Championship WALTER defeated Triple H in a No Holds Barred Street Fight Charlotte Flair won the EPW Womens Title after both Ember Moon and Kay Lee Ray could not be the ten count The Fiend defeated The Undertaker to retain the EPW World Heavyweight Title
  21. Episode 25 “Give me what I want” We would kick off the EPW as we would see WALTER arriving at the arena. He is furious as he seems to be on a path of destruction after he was screwed over by Triple H at Roadblock losing his EPW North American Championship to the Miz. We would see him demand to see Triple H right now but Triple H would be nowhere to be seen. WALTER would then get a hold of the camera tossing it with it eventually going black. WALTER is clearly upset here as he wants to beat Triple H’s ass. We now get set for our first matchup of the night. In our first match of the night we will see two young promising prospects for EPW going head to head. As we will see Marty Scrull take on Matt Riddle both of these men are expected to achieve a lot here in EPW but only one can come out on top here tonight so let's get right into it. Marty Scrull vs Matt Riddle In a good match, Matt Riddle defeated Marty Scrull after making him tap out to the bromission. Both men showed huge amounts of talent here but Riddle was just able to come out on top here. We would see Scrull clearly disappointed in himself after the match as Riddle celebrates his big win here tonight. We would then see the Firefly Funhouse come on as we see Bray Wyatt appear with his Universal Championship. After picking up a big win at Roadblock defending his title against John Cena. Wyatt looks overjoyed staring at his title as we see him begin to talk. Wyatt would bash on Cena a bit eventually moving on saying that the Fiend is seemingly unbeatable here in EPW. We would then say he fears no man as there is seemingly no one as evil as the Fiend. No man or no being can match up against the Fiend. Bray would call out anyone who wants a shot at Starbound to let him know next week as the Fiend will be listening. The segment would come to an end with Bray smiling and waving as Firefly Funhouse comes to an end. We would cut backstage as we see the new EPW champions Hype Bros walking around showing off their titles to everyone as they would suddenly be attacked from behind. It’s...its...Sanity! Wolfe, Dain, and Young are back together and they are going after the tag team champs! We would see them eventually put both Ryder and Rawley through tables as we seem to have a new force here in EPW! We would then cut back to the ring as we would see the Miz and Maryse in the ring as they have balloons and bottles of champagne in the ring as they are celebrating the Miz’s big title win here beating WALTER at Roadblock. We would see him praise himself hyping up his coming title reign and announcing himself as the greatest EPW North American Champion until we hear a familiar song play. John Cena would make his way to the ring shutting down this idea that the Miz is this great. He would challenge him to a shot for the title here tonight but the Miz would refuse. Miz would state John Cena has not done anything here yet and does not deserve a title shot. We would then see the Miz tell Cena if he can beat this man that he can have a title shot at Starbound. This would lead into our main event match of the night as John Cena would go one on one with Sheamus. If John Cena wins this match he will get a North American title shot at Starbound against the Miz. Both these men are some of the best this industry has seen so no doubt it should be a great match. So let’s get right into it. John Cena vs Sheamus In an excellent match, John Cena defeated Sheamus despite Miz’s best efforts to cost Cena the match. We would see Cena put Sheamus away with an Attitude Adjustment to pick up the win here tonight. We will now see John Cena and the Miz face off at Starbound for the EPW North American Championship as we see John Cena celebrate as the show comes to an end. Episode 26 “Darkness” We would see EPW start off with a huge debut as the Undertaker would debut live and run through the EPW stating that the roster is weak.He would then challenge the Fiend to a title match at Starbound stating that the company is going to receive a face lift with him around now. We would cut backstage as we would see Marty Scrull and the Revival backstage as they announce themself as the Firm and state they are coming after the tag team titles. Charlotte Flair makes her return and defeats Tenille Dashwood John Cena would cut a promo saying that the Miz is a pussy and he is going to bring some prestige to that North American Title as he beats him for it at Starbound. Triple H would come to the ring and announce that at Starbound a Big Van Vader Memorial Battle Royal will be held after this announcement WALTER would lay out Triple H beating him to a pulp. In the main event of tonight's show we would see WALTER defeat Matt Riddle. Episode 27 “Gold” Triple H would cut a promo on WALTER saying that if WALTER wants a war he will get one come Starbound in a No Holds Barred Street Fight! Big Show defeated Elias building momentum for the Big Van Vader Memorial Battle Royal The Womens Champion Ember Moon would stand in the ring looking for a challenger when both Charlotte Flair and Kay Lee Ray would confront her with the top three women in the company wanting that EPW Womens Championship. Marty Scrull defeated King Ryder to earn The Firm a match for the tag titles at Starbound Bray Wyatt would make his way down to the ring and call out the Undertaker. The lights would go out as the Undertaker would appear going to chokeslam Bray but the lights would go out again and when they come back on Bray Wyatt is gone but the Undertaker is holding a sheep mask instead. The Miz would successfully defend the North American Championship against Hangman Page in the main event on tonight's show Episode 28 “Go Home Show” The show would start off with a contract signing between Triple H and WALTER. Both men would exchange words before WALTER woud powerbomb Triple H through the table. Matt Riddle defeated Ken Shamrock building momentum heading into the Big Van Vader Battle Royal We would then cut to the parking lot to see Ember Moon and Charlotte Flair brawling with the Kingdom as eventually a battered Triple H would hoble back announcing that Ember Moon, Charlotte Flair, and Kay Lee Ray would fight in a Last Women Standing Match at Starbound The Miz and John Cena would exchange words before their match at Starbound with both men landing big shots at each other relating to their personal lives. Sanity would defeat The Firm and be entered into the Tag Team Title match at Starbound The Undertaker would make his way to the ring and call out the Fiend as the lights would go out and The Fiend would appear with the Fiend and the Undertaker standing face to face to close the show.

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