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  1. Buffalo Bills Bye Week The Bills have had a fantastic start to their season heading into their week 6 bye. The stand on top of the AFC East winning and leading it pretty comfortably. The Bills decided to rest up this week a bit instead of extra practice for the players. With this extra week of rest Ryan Lewis a cornerback for the Bills is returning from injury and should be good to go next week. The Bills look healed up and ready to go as they look to maintain their lead in the AFC East. AFC East Standings: Bills 4-1 Dolphins 2-2 Patriots 2-3 Jets 1-3 With this week to relax and not have to worry about a game the Bills were able to negotiate contracts with three solid players for the team Quinton Spain, Levi Wallace and Robert Foster. Levi Wallace who is having a great season agreed to a 3 yr/12 M deal to stay with the team. For Robert Foster it took a bit more time to agree but both sides settled on a 4 yr/13.25 M deal. For Quinton Spain it was a big more expensive deal but both sides agreed on a 2 yr/ 14.6 M deal. These signings are big for the Bills as it allows them to lock some players in for the future of this franchise. Last but not least the Bills made a big move to help freshen up this offense. The Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to a deal that is the big news around the league. Bills Receive: Leonard Fournette, Isiah Mckenzie, and Jaguars 2020 5th Round pick Jaguars receive: Lesean McCoy, Zay Jones, and Bills 2020 3rd Round Pick For the Bills it helps them get younger at the running back position with Leonard Fournette who has had a rough start this season but hopefully this can be a change that helps him maximize his potential. The Bills also bring in former wideout Isiah Mckenzie who was picked up by the Jags after he was released by the Bills earlier this season. The Bills off load McCoy who was having a terrible season for the Bills and a change was needed to improve the run game. Zay Jones was also not very productive as he just seemed to never get open and when he did he just could not seem to hang on to the ball. This move freshens the Bills up a bit as they look to keep the momentum going after the bye week.
  2. Bills keep win streak going as the crush Titans 34-11 Quarter One The Bills would get off to a hot start in the first quarter as Matt Milano carrying on from last week would intercept Marcus Mariota giving the Bills excellent field position. The Bills would capitalize on this as Josh Allen would find Zay Jones for a 2 yd TD. The Defenses would then take over as they would not allow either team to score for the rest of the quarter. The Bills would go into the second quarter with the lead ahead 7-0. The Bills look to keep their 3 game win streak alive as they hope to maintain their current lead. Quarter Two In the second quarter the Bills would keep it up expanding their lead. We would see the Bills start it off with a FG. Then the Bills defense would step up shutting down the Titans offense once again. The Bills offense would not be outdone though as Lesean McCoy would score a 2 yd TD on the next drive. The Titans would be able to score a FG before the end of the first half as the look to gain some momentum going into the second half. The Bills look as if they are on their way to a 4th straight win here as the Titans had no answer for them in the first half. The Bills would go into the second half leading 17-3. Quarter Three The Third quarter would be dominated by the defenses. Neither offense was able to do anything here let alone put points on the board. We would see Dane Cruikshank intercept Josh Allen early in the quarter but the Bills defense would stand tall not allowing the Titans offense to get even 5 yards. Later in the quarter Jerry Hughes would sack Marcus Mariota from behind and force a fumble. He would immediately jump on the ball shutting down the Titans drive and giving the Bills the ball back to end the 3rd quarter. The Bills would go into the fourth still leading 17-3. Quarter Four In the fourth quarter we would see the offense begin to score as the defenses seemed to be gassed in the fourth not able to keep up with the offenses. The Bills would come out strong as Josh Allen would find Lee Smith for a touchdown. The Titans would then answer back as Marcus Mariota would find Dion Lewis for an 80 yd TD also finding Delanie Walker for the 2 point conversion. This would wake the Bills defense up as they would not allow another point the rest of the game. The Bills would answer back with a FG. The Bills defense would then step up as Levi Wallace would intercept Marcus Mariota to pretty much seal the game. The Bills were not done there though as Josh Allen would find Cole Beasley for a 19 yd TD to secure the victory. The Bills now have a game winning streak as they move to 4-1 on the season. Stats Passing Josh Allen 23-37, 327 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT Marcus Mariota 27-38, 329 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT Rushing LeSean McCoy 19 rushes, 74 yds Dion Lewis 13 rushes, 22 yds Receiving Delanie Walker 11 REC, 80 yds Dawson Knox 10 REC, 125 yds Defensive Matt Milano 11 Tackles, 1 INT Dane Cruikshank 8 Tackles, 1 INT
  3. Been watching some preseason games and the new English Bills RB Christian Wade looks like he could be something special. It's only a small sample size though so we will have to see how he continues to grow. He still has a lot of stuff to learn about schemes and such. Would love to see him on a practice squad this year learn the game a bit and come back next year smarter and ready to go. He has the talent he just needs to learn the game a bit better in my opinion. He could be something special though given the opportunity.
  4. Story 25- “Fishing” So another story from camp was that we decided to go fishing every morning. Which surprised me because usually my girl does not like going fishing but I guess she changed her mind at camp which I mean was fine with me. I enjoy fishing glad she wanted to try it out too. So we went fishing every morning for the days we were up there. It was me, her, and my friend George. Now she had no clue how to fish so it was funny watching her try to figure it out. Eventually she started to get upset so I helped here out a bit. This was only her putting the worm on the hook so we still had a long way to go before we went fishing. So then we walked on the dock and it was time to teach her how to cast now she said she knew how so I let her try it after I took a few big steps back. So she goes to cast it and to no one's surprise she almost hits herself in the face with the thing. But she insisted that she had it so I let her keep going. Now she eventually did get it in the water but she just dropped it straight down. Now this dock was not far out so she had no shot in catching a fish where she had it set. So she reeled it back in and tried again. Now after 7 more tries she had a decent cast. It was not great but it was good enough to have a chance of catching something. Now after this every time she would do something all I would say is “7th times the charm right”, this made her laugh so this was a big win for me. Now on Tuesday we had been here a while and she was starting to get the hang of it until it got a bit windy. She caught something finally sadly what she caught was a tree branch. Now she was determined to get it unstuck so she yanked that thing right out of the tree. She seemed pretty happy with herself too. George and I just laughed and continued fishing as she went and got another worm. All in all, it was nice that she picked up fishing and it should make for some great memories down the road.
  5. We cut back to Carnage as we see Bob Sparks make his entrance as the crowd boos! We have not seen Bob in person in quite a bit now as he makes his way down to the ring. He has recently announced that he will be competing for the NXT Championship at Summerslam. He is one of the favorites in the match once again as he has already held the title once and it looking to capture it for a second time. The fans boo Bob as he makes his way to the ring but he seems to enjoy it know as he eventually makes his way into the ring, grabs a mic, and begins to talk. It seems you people still don’t get it. You boo the one who is trying to make this place better for you. You boo the one guy who seems to have his mind in the right place around here. You see I don’t come out here and tell you all about how great I look, or come out here and degrade women to make myself look better. No I come out here and speak the truth. I tell you the things you need to hear whether you like it or not. I tell you what is right and what is wrong yet you want to listen to these simple minded individuals who come out here and speak nothing but rubbish. Bob pauses for a second as the crowd begin to shower him in thunderous boos as Bob just rolls his eyes and waits for them to settle down a bit. Bob seems to have pissed people off though as he is laughing at them. Let’s take the new so called bad ass Angel of Death for example. I mean you all act like she is the next big thing around here, you act like she is your hero. She comes out here acting posing full of confidence as you cheer her on. You are all so excited for your heroine, the women who kicks ass and takes names. The women who gets the job done. Bob pauses and waits a second as he thinks about what he just says as the crowd seems a bit confused as to why he has stopped but Bob grins as he then continues to talk. Actually, she has never gotten the job done has she. I mean I can not even count the amount of times Sheridan has come up short. I mean the Royal Flush as a tag team how did that work out. The Big Ballers beat them into utter irrelevance. But then because Sheridan is so over with our female audience she deserves a title shot. In fact let’s give her an Undisputed Title Shot right that’s what everybody wants. Well guess what, your next big thing got her ass kicked. She got beaten down and thrown out just like she is going to at Summerslam. Bob then cracks his knuckles as he thinks about the upcoming match. He scratches his beard as he then grins and continues to talk as the crowd boos him. She then refers to herself as the Angel of Death. She thinks that this so called attitude she brings to the table will be enough to get the job done for once. But with this attitude she cares about you people for whatever reason. When Sheridan steps into that ring at Summerslam and looks around here she will realize that this attitude is just a shell. A shell that will be cracked and destroyed as in that match. The true Sheridan will show. The weak failure of a wrestler who will get thrown around and utterly destroyed once again. You see this Angel of Death is not rising it is dying so at Summerslam it will not be the Angel of Death rising to the occasion it will instead be the death of this so called angel as Bob Sparks stands tall with his NXT Championship. Bob then exits the ring as the crowd is upset they clearly don’t like the words Bob had to say about Sheridan here tonight. Bob does not seem to care as he seems focused on the NXT Title match at Summerslam and recapturing his NXT Title.
  6. 1. The Miz 2. John Cena 3. HHH 4. Big Show 5. The Rock 6. CM Punk 7. Stone Cold 8. The Fiend 9. Kevin Owens 10. HBK
  7. Bills Get Huge Upset Win as They Beat The Pats 38-13 Quarter One In the first quarter we saw the Bills come out red hot scoring on both of their opening drives. With both drives taking long periods of time they were able to keep Tom Brady off the field excluding his one short drive that amounted to nothing. The Bills would start out with Josh Allen finding Dawson Knox for a 3 yd TD then Allen would find Knox once again on the following drive for a 12 yd TD. Devin McCourty though would try to get the momentum back to the Pats with an interception late in the first. The Bills though would head into the second quarter up 14-0. The Bills came out strong in the first quarter but will they be able to keep this roll going. Quarter Two In the second quarter we would see the momentum even out here as both teams were able to put points on the board. The Bills would ride the momentum from the first quarter early though as Taron Johnson would intercept Tom Brady on a wonky screenplay and bring it back for a Bills touchdown. The Pats would answer with a field goal though breaking the ice and putting points on the board. Micheal Bennett would then step up for the Pats though stripping Lesean McCoy to give the Pats the ball back. These would lead to another Patriots FG though as they were unable to put the ball in the endzone. The Bills would finish off the half with a last second FG giving them a 24-6 lead going into the half. The Bills have looked dominant here so far but we still have another half of football to play. Quarter Three The third quarter was a bit of a slow quarter as both defenses stepped up big. Not allowing the offenses to really do much at all. The Bills were able to score one touchdown though as Josh Allen would make things happen with his legs scoring a 23 yd TD. The Bills defense would get constant pressure on Brady though as they would sack him 4 times in this quarter alone. The Bills looked to have shocked this Patriots team as they seem to have no answer for the Buffalo Bills here tonight. The Bills are looking good as they head into the fourth quarter with a 31-6 lead as many people around the league are in shock. Quarter Four The Patriots would not give up easily as Lawrence Guy would obliterate Lesean McCoy in the backfield and bring back the fumble for a 15 yd TD. The Pats would look to have hope as they would force the Bills to punt on the next drive giving them the ball back with momentum on their side. But the Bills defense was not flustered at all as Matt Milano would intercept Tom Brady giving the ball back to the Bills with great field position. Josh Allen would then find John Brown for a 13 yd TD pretty much sealing the game for the Bills. The Bills would then go on to win this one 38-13 as the have pulled a massive upset here early in the season. They now move to a 3-1 record and take the lead in the AFC East as the Patriots fall to 2-2. Stats Passing Josh Allen 13-21, 204 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT Tom Brady 23-36, 201 Yards, 0 TD, 2 INT Rushing Lesean McCoy 24 rushes, 87 yards, 2 Fumbles James White 14 rushes, 48 yards Receiving Cole Beasley 6 Rec, 94 yards James White 7 Rec, 45 yards Defensive Matt Milano 12 tackles, 1 INT Devin McCourty 8 tackles, 1 INT
  8. Bills Edge out Bengals in Defensive Battle Winning 24-20 Quarter One In the first quarter we would see the defenses dominant with a total of 4 interceptions in the quarter alone. It would start off with Jesse Bates intercepting a tipped pass off the hands of Zay Jones. But Micah Hyde would answer back with an interception of his own. But it would not stop there as LeSean McCoy would get blown up on a screen play allowing William Jackson to intercept the pass and bring it back for a TD. The Bills would put some points on the board with their next drive though as they would make a FG. Micah Hyde would finish off the quarter with his second INT of the game. The Bengals would head into the second quarter with a 7-3 lead. Quarter Two In the second quarter we would see the Bills dominante. The Bills defense would shut down the Bengals offense so badly in the second quarter that they only had 1 first down. For the offense of the Bills they would start off with a FG. They would also have a long drive culminating in Josh Allen finding Cole Beasley for a 25 yd TD. The Bills would then head into halftime with a 13-7 lead looking to ride their momentum into the second half and secure a victory here. Quarter Three The third quarter saw the defenses dominate again as neither team could really get anything going for most of the quarter. The Bills were able to put together a solid drive though as it ended with Josh Allen finding rookie TE Dawson Knox for a 12 yd TD followed up by a successful two point conversion where Josh Allen found John Brown. The Bengals would try to answer back but the Bills defense was lock down and did not give the Bengals any chance to score let alone put together a decent drive. The Bills would go into the 4th with a 21-7 lead. Quarter Four The Bengals would put together quite the comeback to start the quarter as Andy Dalton would find Givovani Bernard for a 14 yd TD. On the following kickoff Andre Roberts would fumble as Germaine Pratt of the Bengals would pick it up and bring it back for a 25 yd TD. The Bengals looked to tie the game but Bills corner Taron Johnson blocked the Extra Point Attempt holding the lead giving the Bills back there momentum. The Bills would follow that up with a FG but the Bengals would get the ball back with about a minute left looking to score. But Taron Johnson would step up big again intercepting Andy Dalton and sealing the victory for the Bills as they would win 24-20 and move to a 2-1 record on the season. Stats Passing Josh Allen 21-33, 327 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT Andy Dalton 17-28, 140 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT Rushing LeSean McCoy 22 rushes, 74 yards Joe Mion 9 rushes, 41 yards Receiving Cole Beasley 5 catches, 106 yards, 1 TD Joe Mixon 5 Rec, 38 yards Defensive Micah Hyde 4 tackles, 2 INT Carlos Dunlap 7 tackles, 3 Sacks
  9. Monday Night RAW It is August 26th and we are live with Monday Night RAW. Tonight we continue both the Queen of the RIng and King of the Ring Tournaments. We look to finish the first round of the Tournaments tonight. Next week will see the second round go down. But we will also see Brock Lesnar and CM Punk tonight. We will also hear from the number one contender for the Raw Womens Championship Mickie James. Also we will hear from the United States Champion Samoa Joe we have a big night planned so let's get right into it. RAW kicks off as we see Brock Lesnar make his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Last week we saw Randy Orton insult the Beast and his family as he looks to take Brocks title. Now we will see the Brock’s response to this as he will be going one on one with Randy Orton at the King of the Ring Pay Per View Event. Paul Heyman begins to talk. “Ladies and Gentlemen--.” Paul Heyman goes to say his usual intro but Brock grabs the mic as Heyman looks shocked along with the crowd. As we usually don’t see Lesnar talk but he now has the mic as he begins to talk. “Randy listen here bitch. You want me to cave your head in again cause believe me I have no problem in doing so. You see I love to hurt people, especially people who wrong me and Randy guess what you got on my bad side. Now you already know what my bad side looks like Randy but this time I am not going to stop. So tell your wife Kim actually I will do it. Kim enjoy the final days with your husband because after King of the Ring he ain’t coming home and that I can promise you.” Brock then hands the mic to Paul as Paul is laughing. “Now ladies and gentlemen that is not a prediction, everyone that is a spoiler.” Heyman says as the two then exit the ring and head backstage. We are now set for our first match of the night. It is a Round 1 KOTR match between Elias and Robert Roode. The winner moves one step closer to becoming to becoming King of the Ring. Will it be Robert Roode or Elias moving on to the second round? Match 1- Elias vs Robert Roode In a solid match Robert Roode defeated Elias after hitting him with a Glorious DDT. Robert Roode picks up a big win here as he moves on to the second round and becomes one step closer to becoming king of the ring. We then cut backstage as we see Mickie James. Mickie James is with Charly Caruso as Charly begins to talk. “Mickie you’re coming off a big win a 2 weeks ago granting you a Raw Womens Championship match at the King of the Ring Pay Per View. Now many aren't giving you much of a chance to win this match, what do you have to say about that?” Charly says as we see Mickie a bit upset as she begins to talk. “I am one of the most experienced and decorated Women in this company. To say I have no chance to win this match is just plain stupid. I’ve been good friends with Alexa in the past and with that I know how she acts and what she thinks. So when I win and become your new RAW womens champion be prepared to eat your words.” Mickie says as she then storms off furious. We then cut back to the ring as we are set for the first of two QOTR matches tonight we see Natalya in the ring with Dana Brooke. Both women would benefit greatly from picking up a win in this tournament. Only one can though so let’s see who will move on. Match 2- Natalya vs Dana Brooke In a solid match, Natalya defeated Dana Brooke after making her tap out to the sharpshooter. Natalya picks up a big win here moving on to the second round and moving one step closer to becoming the first ever Queen of the Ring. We then cut backstage to see the Raw Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan. They seem a bit on edge and a bit annoyed as Bryan begins to talk. “Last week our general manager Edge made a huge error. You see he decided to give in to the Fiend. Edge just showed Rowan and I how fickle he really is. I mean he is just like all of you. You allow others to push you around everyday of your lives. Rowan and I we are smarter than that though. We are not afraid of these Firefly Weirdos. Now we do acknowledge that they are very powerful tag team. A force to be reckoned with some would say. But they are not the best. We are the best. That is an indisputable fact because we are your tag team champions and it will stay that way as we end this fear of the Fiend and Braun!” Bryan and Rowan then walk off making their message clear to the WWE Universe. We then cut back to the ring as are set for our second Queen of the Ring matchup as Mandy Rose will face to returning Nia Jax. Rose looks a bit afraid of Jax but this is a big match for her so she must face her fears if she wants to move on to the next round. Match 3- Nia Jax vs Mandy Rose In a short match Nia Jax defeated Mandy Rose after she hit her with a leg drop. Nia looked dominant here as Mandy did not stand a chance. Nia looks to continue her dominance in the second round as she looks to become the first ever Queen of the Ring. We cut backstage as we see CM Punk brawling with Samoa Joe backstage! Both men are going at it as both want the United States Title. We have seen these two women exchange blows online and it looks like it has boiled over here tonight. Both men cannot seem to get the advantage before we see Joe throw Punk through a car window! Joe wipes the sweat of his face as we see him look down at Punk who is bloody and beat up. Joe then laughs as he watches medical personal check on Punk. Joe walks off proud and more confident than ever as he has shown his dominance here tonight. It is time for our main event as we have another King of the Ring match as Rey Mysterio will take on the returning Big Show. Big Show has not been seen in a while but looks in phenomenal shape. Which man will pick up the win here and move on to the second round. Match 4- Big Show vs Rey Mysterio In a great match, The Big Show defeated Rey Mysterio after hitting him with a huge knockout punch. Mysterio looked to have the match won as he went for a frog splash but Show popped up and hit his finish instead. Show moves on to the second round now as he becomes one step closer to becoming King of the Ring. We see Show celebrate in the ring as RAW goes off air.
  10. I have no words just sad stuff here. An awful idea by WWE and an awful thing for a young promising Chad Gable.
  11. Monday Night Raw It is August 19th and we are live with Monday Night RAW. After the announcement of the King of the Ring Tournament last week on Smackdown we see 2 matches from the King of the Ring Tournament and 2 matches from the Queen of the Ring Tournament take place tonight. We will also hear from Randy Orton and Mickie James who are challenging for the Universal and Raw Womens Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. We have a big night planned for Monday Night Raw so let’s get right into it. We kick off the show as we see Randy Orton make his way to the ring. Randy made a statement last week as he hit the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with an RKO. It was announced on WWE.com that Randy Orton would challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. We see Randy grab a mic as he begins to talk. “Last week I showed Brock Lesnar that the Universal Championship he has around his waist. Well I showed him that, that championship is in danger. Cause you see there is a man, a viper, an apex predator who has got his eye on that title. Now soon enough that title is going to be around my waist cause you see Brock Lesnar made the mistake of giving Randy Orton the opportunity to strike, the opportunity to hit him with the most devastating move in WWE the RKO.” Randy Orton says as the crowd says RKO with him. “Now I have been in the ring with Brock before and I will admit Brock beat me. He beat me down in this ring and busted me open. But you see, this is a new Randy Orton. And Brock Lesnar is not the man he used to be. Brock calls himself the beast yet he is losing like guys to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania. Brock has lost his edge and well me I have only gotten better. I have taken my experience with Brock and learned from it. So Brock at the King of the Ring PPV. Be prepared to lose the most important thing in your life. Now I am not talked about your ugly and disappointing kids and I am definitely talking about that hoe you call a wife. I am talking about the Universal Championship. So Brock I’ll see you around, just bring that title with you.” Randy Orton says as he then heads backstage as we cut to commercial. We come back to commercial as we see Sonya Deville in the ring with Carmella. This is one of two QOTR Round 1 Tournament matches we have tonight. The winner will move on to the second round which will take place in two weeks time. Match 1- Sonya Deville vs Carmella In a solid match Sonya Deville defeated Carmella after Mandy Rose interfered allowing Deville to pin Carmella with a quick roll up. Deville moves on to the second round now as she moves one step closer to becoming the first ever Queen of the Ring. As Sonya and Mandy head backstage celebrating the victory we see RAW cut to a video. It’s the Firefly Funhouse. We see Bray Wyatt and Braun Stroman sitting at a table playing cards as the look at the camera as Bray starts talking. “Hello my fireflies, I am glad you are here because I have so much to talk to you about. You see Braun and I here were just playing a game of war. War is a very fun game. Now me I always win, Braun is not very good a war.” Bray says as we see Braun shake his head no as we hear children laughing in the background. “War can be simple yet complicated at the same time. You see back in the day people would be respectful in war they would line up and it was very proper. Now though people hide and are more strategic. But you see you can’t hide forever because the enemy will always find a way in.” Bray says as Braun shakes his head yes agreeing with Bray. “So there is a war in the WWE right now but one side is refusing to fight. You see the Fiend and the Black Sheep really want a tag team title match at the King of the Ring PPV but Daniel Bryan and Rowan seem to be afraid. So since they won’t make the match. I am going to ask the RAW general manager Edge. I am asking on behalf of the Fiend. You see Edge the Fiend would be very upset with you if you don’t make this match happen. The Fiend is not somebody you want to be enemies with. So Edge I will let you decide, I hope you chose wisely though.” Bray says as him and Braun then laugh at the camera. “So that is all for today my fireflies. I will leave you with this. I will always light the way for each and everyone of you. All you have to do is let me in.” Bray says as the camera then fades away as the show ends as Bray and Braun go back to playing cards. We then cut back to the arena as we are set for a KOTR Round 1 matchup as we will see EC3 take on R-Truth. Both men would love to win this matchup as it could propel their careers to another level. Both look to move to the second round but only one can win tonight. Match 2- EC3 vs R-Truth In a solid match, EC3 defeated R-Truth after hitting him with a One Percenter. EC3 looked really good here as he moves on to the second round. EC3 could go far in this tournament if he can keep putting on performances like this. R-Truth does not seem upset though as he can now just focus on the 24/7 title. We then cut backstage as we see the WWE Womens Tag Team Champions, Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans. They both have big smirks on their faces as Charlotte begins to talk. “You are all looking at the royalty of WWE. We are you Womens Tag Team Champions and trust me when I say it is going to stay that way for a while. Lacey and I are just to good. There is no one on this roster that can even compare to us. Now Smackdown is giving us some new competition in the Kabuki Warriors. I mean when I look I that team I see Asuka a women that I made tap out on the grandest stage of all Wrestlemania. When I made her tap I made her irrelevant when I ended her winning streak I ended her career. For the other women Kairi Sane I mean I don’t even know who that is so she will just fall victim just like every other woman has.” Charlotte says as she woos and Lacey starts talking. “I don’t even know why we are being forced to compete. All this is going to do is push us higher and make the rest of the card look bad. It’s just sad when I look at the roster. It’s just a bunch of women who don’t know how to act and how to compete. There are only two women in this company who do and you are looking at them. So when we face off against the Kabuki Warriors expect nothing more as Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans run through the Kabuki Warriors.” Lacey Evans says as both women then walk off together with their titles. We cut back to the ring as it is time for our second Round 1 Queen of the Ring matchup as we see Bayley and Naomi in the ring. Both these women could win this tournament as they both are very talented and former champions. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this Queen of the RIng first round matchup. Match 3- Bayley vs Naomi In a great match Bayley defeated Naomi after hitting her with a Bayley to Belly. Both women looked great here as they both got in huge amounts of offense. Bayley will have a week to rest next week as she will get ready for her second round matchup in the QOTR Tournament. We cut to RAW General Managers Edge’s office as it seems he has some announcements for us here tonight. Edge is wearing glasses and has a clipboard as he begins to talk. “Okay, I hope you all are enjoying RAW so far but right now we have some business to handle. So let’s get right too I have the right clipboard this time so that is a good start. Okay for my first announcement The Fiend and Braun are getting the RAW Tag Team Championship Match at the King of the Ring PPV. Also we will see a 6 man elimination match for the United States Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. It will be the champion Samoa Joe, against CM Punk, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor, and The Miz. Also I would like to state the RAW is going to dominate the King of the Ring PPV winning both tournaments and retaining the Womens Tag Team Titles. So Christian, be prepared to be disappointed once again. I will see all of you people again soon I am sure so enjoy the rest of the show.” Edge says as the camera then fades to black. We cut back to the ring as it is time for the main event. We will see once again a KOTR First Round Matchup as Roman Reigns will take on Shinsuke Nakamura. Two men who would have most likely faced off in the finals but instead got matched up against each other in the first round. Match 4- Roman Reigns vs Shinsuke Nakamura In an excellent match. Roman Reigns defeated Shinsuke Nakamura after hitting him with a huge spear. Roman Reigns moves on to the second round after a long and hard fought match. Reigns is a favorite to win this tournament now we will just have to wait and see if he can get the job done. Raw then goes off air as Roman Reigns celebrates his victory in the ring.
  12. Josh Allen Shines as Bills crush Giants 55-27 Quarter One In the first quarter the Bills came out hot as they would jump to a 17-3 lead. This started out when Josh Allen found Dawson Knox for a 22 yd TD. After that both teams would score consecutive FG’s. Josh Allen would then keep it going as he would find John Brown for a 41 yd TD. Allen to Knox for 22 yard TD. The Bills got off to a hot start as they look to keep it going in the second quarter. Quarter Two The Giant would cut into the Bills lead in the second quarter as the Bills would go into half only up a touchdown 20-13. The quarter would start off with both teams scoring FGs. Then the Giants would strike as Eli Manning would find Golden Tate for a 19 yd TD. It is a close game going into the second half we will see who steps up in the second half to take this one. Quarter Three In the third quarter the Giants would start it off well but the Bulls would dominate the rest of it as the Bills would go into the fourth with a 34-20 lead. Eli Manning would find Evan Engram for a 69 yd TD to start of the quarter but the Bills would answer back quickly. Josh Allen would find Robert Foster for a 16 yd TD. The Giants would try to answer back with a great drive but Micah Hyde would recover a fumble, forced by Matt Milano, and take it back 72 yards for a TD. The Bills defense would step up big giving the Bills a two touchdown lead going into the 4th quarter. Quarter Four The Bills would dominate the 4th quarter only giving up a touchdown on the opening play where Golden Tate would return a punt 75 yds for a TD. The Bills would answer back with three consecutive touchdown drives though as Josh Allen would find John Brown for a 16 yd TD, then Allen would find Beasley twice for a 15 yd TD and a 21 yd TD. Jordan Poyer would also get and INT late in the game sealing it for the Bills. The Bills would end up winning this one 55-27. The Bills now move to 1-1 as the Giants fall to 0-2. Stats Passing Eli Manning 31-48, 377 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT Josh Allen 19-37, 298 yards, 6 TD, 0 INT Rushing Saquon Barkley, 15 rushes, 12 yards LeSean McCoy, 10 rushes, 50 yards Receiving Evan Engram, 7 REC, 146 yards, 1 TD John Brown 6 REC, 120 yards, 2 TD Defensive Lorenzo Carter 5 Tackles, 1 Sack Micah Hyde 6 tackles, 1 FR, 1 TD
  13. I really enjoyed Smackdown to be honest. With some good segments throughout the show and a great match between Roman and Buddy. It was enjoyable to watch. Hopefully this can continue for the WWE because I would love to be able to watch WWE again without being bored throughout the show like usual.
  14. Story 24- Picnic Table Painting So if you have ever been in a relationship you know that sometimes you have to do things that let’s be honest you don’t want to do. Now while I was a camp this happened a few times but it’s fine because doing these things leads to better and more fun things in the future (; . So one of these things is my girlfriend likes to paint. Now for me I have not taken an art class since middle school. So you could say painting and art is not something I do in my free time. She likes it though so I had to suck it up and deal with it. So at camp you would sign up for sessions everyday. So we signed up for this Picnic Painting Session. Now when it starts up the next day, we get there and I find out I am the only guy doing this. So I get forced to move all the stuff and basically I get weird looks all day. This was fine though because once they realized I was with my girlfriend they stopped. Now I am just sitting around while the are designing and painting this table and I am bored out of my mind. So I look over to the other picnic table and their is this autistic girl and she has her whole hands covered in paint. So I look at this and I think well that looks kind of fun and plus it would give me something to do. So I grab some paint and start rubbing it all over my hands. Now my girlfriend realizes this and gives me a look. Now to me surprise she did not look mad she looked really confused. She did get mad when I started walking toward her though. She tried running away but I caught up with her and gave her a big hug. Now she was not happy until she realized she had paint on her hands. So she takes this paint and rubs it on my face. Now I was not upset, I actually found it quite funny. So I then look back at the picnic table and everyone now has paint on their hands. My girlfriend looks up at me as we both just laugh. Let’s just say there was a lot of paint flying around that day. The Table came out pretty good to. Unfortunately it rained right after though so it looks awful now. But to be honest, as much as I hate painting it was not completely awful.
  15. Jets come out on top in week 1 over Bills 26-23 Quarter One In the first quarter the game was pretty even with both defenses dominating early. Jamal Adams really shined here with an INT and a FR in the 1st quarter. Both teams though go into the second quarter tied here though as both made a FG making the score 3-3. Quarter Two In the second quarter the teams began to score. It started off with Levi Wallace scoring a Pick Six. Setting the young corner in the right direction this season. The Jets would fire back though as Darnold would find Enunwa for a 39 yd TD. Both teams would then kick a field goal evening up the game 13-13 going into the 2nd half. Both defenses would also force turnovers though as Micah Hyde got an INT and Jamal Adams forced another fumble. Quarter Three In the third quarter big plays were made on both sides as Jamal Adams would force yet another fumble and bring this one back for a touchdown. The Bills would strike back though as Josh Allen found John Brown deep for a 65 yd TD throw. The teams would then both kick FG’s as the game would go into the 4th quarter tied at 23 a piece. Quarter Four In the 4th quarter both defenses would shine but this game would come down to the turnover battle as the Jets were able to force two turnovers late in this one. The quarter started off with Josh Allen being intercepted by Brian Poole. But the Jets offense was unable to score any points. The Bills offense would march down the field before Jamal Adams would lay out Cole Beasley who was crossing over the middle recover the fumble and return it another 30 yds. This set up for a game winning Jets FG as the Jets would take this one 26-23. Stats Passing Josh Allen 16-35, 310 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT Sam Darnold 20-41, 262 Yards, 1 TD, 2 INT Rushing Le'veon Bell 11 rushes, 80 yards LeSean McCoy 12 rushes, 33 yards Receiving Quincy Enunwa 6 rec, 91 yards, 1 TD John Brown 6 rec, 136 yards, 1 TD Defensive Jamal Adams 4 Tackles, 4 FF, 3 FR, 1 INT, 1 TD Ed Oliver Jr 5 tackles, 4 sacks
  16. Had a pretty good day today to be honest. Went shopping got some new shoes and some socks. My other shoes were really worn out time for a change for sure.
  17. I can confirm that Icon and I are a team
  18. Final Roster Cuts WR Da’Mari Scott WR Victor Bolden Jr WR Isaiah Mckenzie TE Reid Ferguson LT Jeremiah Sirles LG Vladamir Ducasse RG Ike Boettger RG De’Ondre Wesley RT Conor McDermott DT Kyle Peko MLB Julian Stanford MLB Maurice Alexander ROLB Corey Thompson CB Kevin Johnson SS Rafeal Bush C Spencer Long FB Patrick Dimarco Moved to Practice Squad HB Christian Wade WR Ray Ray Mccloud lll TE Tommy Sweeney LE Darryl Johnson Jr RE Mike Love
  19. EPW is back last night was the Ground Zero PPV in which we saw Edge successfully retain his EPW World Title. Along with him the Young Bucks retained their tag team titles. For Maryse she gained the Womens Championship after defeating Candice La Rae. Tonight we move forward though as we move on from Ground Zero to bigger and better things. Resurgence is live from the Times Union Center in Albany, New York tonight! We kick off the show as we see a truck pull up in the parking lot and out comes the Rock. The Rock is here on Resurgence in Albany, New York! The Rock is walking to the arena as we see Walter come out of nowhere and lay him out. The Rock is down and hurt as Walter gets on top of him and starts pummeling away. The Rock is bleeding now as backstage personal rush to the scene. Walter would eventually be pulled away as The Rock is out cold as medics rush in to check on him. Walter just looks down at the Rock laughing. Walter then walks off laughing as everywhere in the arena is in absolute shock after witnessing what just took place. We cut to the arena as it is time for our first match. In a rematch from last night Maryse the EPW Womens Champion will take on Candice La Rae. If Candice wins this match she will get another shot at the title if not we will have to find someone else to take on Maryse. Match 1- Maryse vs Candice La Rae In a solid matchup, Maryse defeated Candice La Rae after pinning her with a French Kiss. Maryse looked strong her as she has looked dominant so far in EPW. She seems nearly unstoppable right now and it will be interesting to see who steps up to challenge Maryse at Fright Fest for the EPW Womens Championship. We then cut to commercial. As we cut back to commercial we see Edge in the ring with the EPW World Title around his waist and a mic in his hand as he begins to talk. “Well last night I proved that I am the top guy in this company at the moment. I am unstoppable. I came here and put this place on the map. None of you knew what the hell EPW even was before I got here. Now though I stand alone at the top of this company and hold the EPW World TItle high.” Edge says as the crowd cheers and he smiles. “Now I need an opponent for Fright Fest so here is what I am going to do. I am going to allow anyone who wants a shot to come out here and challenge me. So the clock starts now if no one answers I am just gonna---.” Before Edge can finish we hear AJ Styles music hit as he makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers. AJ steps in the ring and grabs a mic. He then begins to talk as Edge has a grin on his face. “Now I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. You see me and you have been in different worlds for our entire careers and now here we are face to face in the middle of the ring. I look at you and I see just one thing the EPW World Title. Now I want that title and it seems all I have to do is go through you to get it.” AJ Styles says as he points at Edge’s title as Edge just laughs at Styles and begins to talk. “Listen kid you can come out here and talk all tough but when it comes down to it there is absolutely no way you are taking this title from me. But you know what I do respect you for coming out here like a man and accepting the challenge. So AJ let’s do this you and I one on one for the EPW World Title at Fright Fest.” Edge says as AJ smiles then extends his hand out for Edge to shake. Edge thinks about it for a moment but eventually shakes AJ’s hand as it will be AJ Styles vs Edge for the World Title at Fright Fest. We cut backstage to see to see Tyler Black in the locker room. He seems a bit upset as he looks at the camera and begins to talk. “I was one of the first signings this company made and I thought that it was one of the greatest things that has happened to me in my life. But know I just sit here not booked every week and just watch the company bring in more guys that just take away TV time from the guys that have been here since the beginning.” Black says as he is furious as he is shaking in anger. “From now on I am going to take my time back. I am not just gonna sit back and let my carrer waste away when I am in my prime. So this is a notice to everyone in the company. Tyler Black is going to be the face of this company and if you try and stop it, I will just have to step on you and use you to just elevate myself even further.” Black says as he then storms off as the camera fades to black with Tyler Black sending a message to everyone. We cut to the ring we are set for tag team action we see the new team of The Good Brother Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows set to debut against Rocky Romero and Scorpio Sky. Match 2- The Good Brothers vs Romero and Sky In a short match The Good Brothers defeated Romero and Sky after Luke Gallows beat Rocky Romero after he was hit with a Magic Killer. This is a good start for the Good Brothers it will be interesting to see how they use this momentum going forward. We would then cut backstage as we would see Maria Kanellis walking around backstage. She seems to be looking around for a specific person as she keeps stopping people and asking for directions but it doesn’t seem like she is getting any help. What is Maria up to? We then cut back to the ring as we are set for singles action as we see PAC and R-Truth in the ring as they are set to face off right now. Match 3- PAC vs R-Truth In a solid match R-Truth defeated PAC after hitting him with a what’s up. Both men looked good here but Truth was just able to pull it out winning this one. Truth after a slow start in EPW has felt a recent surge of momentum and it only improves with this win over PAC. It’s time for the Main Event as Kenny Omega is set to face off against Christian. Kenny did not come out alone as he has the Young Bucks at his side. Christain is one of EPW’s top guys where Kenny is one of the companies top rising stars. Who will come out on top in the main event. Match 4- Kenny Omega w/ The Young Bucks vs Christian In a great match Kenny Omega defeated Christian after interference from Matt Jackson. Kenny was able to win rolling up Christian in the end as there was constant interference throughout the match. Kenny picks up a big win here tonight though. Resurgence would go off air with Christian furious in the ring at his loss.
  20. Great start for Premier Pro Wrestling Lesnar is a huge draw and should give the company a ton of attention early on. With a mastermind like Heyman leading the way I have a feeling he is going to put together one hell of a roster. If the roster starts with Brock Lesnar I can't wait to see how the rest of the roster shapes out.
  21. Vikings destroy Bills 26-3 in final Preseason Game A rough loss here for the Bills but it’s only the Preseason so it will not matter in the long run. The Bills had some players stand out though which was good. It helped separate and secure jobs for a few guys as roster cuts are in just a few days. The Bills move on to the regular season after this though to take on the New York Jets in Week 1. Standout Players Devin Singletary had 10 rushes, 62 yards Singletary played good here. Not score this week though which was a negative but he did run the ball good otherwise. Averaging 6.2 yds for carry that is excellent production from the young RB. Singletary seems to be moving up the RB depth chart with these solid performances, it will be interesting to see where he is at when the regular season rolls around. WR David Sills V 8 Rec, 81 yds Sills V once again proved again why he deserves to have a spot on this team. Another solid preseason performance here. To many he has secured a spot on this team. The question is whose spot did he take? Sills V with an excellent preseason is pretty much a lock to make the roster now. We just wait to see who else will be in the WR room with him. Ed Oliver Jr 3 sacks After a quiet preseason we finally see Oliver Jr show why the Bills picked him at 9. If Oliver Jr can play at a level like this throughout the preseason the Bills may have gotten one of the best players in the draft. This is a good sign for the Bills despite the loss as they move forward to the regular season and games that actually matter. Bills Injury Report Trent Murphy out for a 3 weeks with a Concussion Ryan Lewis out for 6 weeks with a Broken Hand
  22. Breaking News: Falcons RB Devonta Freeman Shot and Killed The Falcons RB was shot and killed outside of the team hotel last night. This is devastating news around the sports world. Freeman was one of the top young stars in the league and now all of that potential will never be seen. Two suspects have been charged and will be tried at a later date. All teams have agreed to have their players wear a number 24 badge on their jerseys for week one in honor of Freemen. This news is terrible but we all now have to move forward as a community through this. Services will be held at the families expense.
  23. Just watched the space between us not exactly my time of movie but the girl liked it so its a quality movie for a date.

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