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  1. 1. Matt Hardy 2. Jake Roberts 3. Sammy Guevara 4. Cody Rhodes 5. Chris Jericho
  2. Match #1: Roman Reigns & Drew McIntyre vs. The Revival Match #2: Fenix vs. Darby Allin Match #3: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico vs. Worldwide Underground (Jack Evans, Taya Valkyrie, and PJ Black) Bonus Questions: What major wrestling star will be signed to LOK at the end of the show? John Cena A new leader of the Worldwide Underground will be revealed on LOK. Who is it? Jake the Snake
  3. Bea Priestly vs Nixon Newell- WCPW Womens Championship Joe Coffey vs Primate Hendry And Conners vs Prospect Big Damo(C) vs El Ligero-WCPW Heavyweight Championship Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble: Will Ospreay
  4. AEW ALL IN PPV ANNOUNCED The long awaited news of the first AEW PPV Event has been announced as AEW has announced they will be holding the AEW All In PPV in Chicago on May 27th. The announcement has wrestling fans raving as some long awaited competition for the WWE seems to be on the horizon. The company has already confirmed that the Elite (Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Hangman Adam Page, and Kenny Omega) will be competing on the card with later updates coming via a press conference which will be held later this month. The PPV should be a monumental moment for the future of wrestling as we wait to see if AEW will boom or bust. Some names not already confirmed but are rumored to appear at the press conference include former WWE superstars Chris Jericho and Bobby Lashley. Good friend of the Elite Marty Scrull, and the wife of Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes. It should be interesting to see who shows up at the All In press conference later this month.
  5. BobdaBomb

    Muddled Minds

    Carnage would cut away as we would see Bob Sparks sitting in a rocking chair on his porch looking off into the distance. It’s late at night as we can see the stars in the sky and everything is dead quiet. Bob would just stare off into the distance with a slight grin on his face as we eventually hear him begin to talk. Bob’s voice is mellow, as he shows no aggression and no tension as he just begins to talk addressing the audience from his home. It’s quiet, everything is at ease. No tension, no anger, no aggression. No voices ringing and no more people knocking. Everything is calm. Cool and collected, calm-minded. I don’t have to act out of hope, or out of yearning to win this battle royal because I already know the outcome. One match, one opportunity, one moment, one winner, Bob Sparks. I look around at my opponents frantically looking to gain that edge, looking to get an advantage, but there is no advantage they can find that will defeat me. I look around at my opponents with pity and understanding. Wanting their moment, wanting to be the guy just once. But all in all, that opportunity for them is nothing more than a wishful ideal. An ideal that they will never see come to fruition. The reason why, being clear, although they are blind to the fact. The fact of me being in that match ruins their potential moment and their unrealistic dreams. So no longer can I be angry and no longer can I let their sad and pitiful ideals affect me. Simply put, I have a job to do and it is a job that I will complete even if it must crush the hopes and dreams of my foes. Bob would then stand up and walk into the yard looking up at the stars. Bob’s grin turns into a smile as he looks up to the star filled sky pointing out constellations. We would then hear Bob begin to speak once again with the same soothing and calm voice from before. You know a mentor of mine once told me that if there was one thing he had learned in his life was that the most meaningful and compelling moments in our lives often come and go in a matter of moments. Like a shooting star… you freeze and they’re gone. This moment, this match. I am not going to let pass me by. I am not going to waste this opportunity to capture a BPZMania moment that I might never get the opportunity to have again. Not everyone gets the chance to have a moment and I don’t want to be one of those people. I want to go down in the history books, I want to be written in the stars when it is all said and done. Now I pity those who don’t get those moments but I can solely focus on myself right now. To the other men in the battle royal I wish you good luck in finding your moment somewhere else because the Nebakos Battle Royal will be my moment. An accomplishment I can look at and be proud of. A career defining moment for me. A win at BPZMania to establish myself as the clear top rising star here in BPZ Wrestling. With no more arguments and conflict to understand that. Bob then continues to walk now down to a small creek with only the light of the moon creating the visual of Bob trekking down to the creek along with the camera man. Bob would stand there listening to the steady and calming rush of water coming from the creek. We would then hear the voice of Bob interrupt it with Bob once again speaking in a calming and mellow tone. A muddled mind can be lethal. The ideals seemingly adopted by my opponents only create chaos and confusion. A cult for the greater good, but for the greater good of who? For the greater good of the people...no. Simply for the greater good of the man at the top, the man with the idea. A cult that benefits the man thanks to the sacrifice of the people. An ideal that seemingly creates nothing more than catastrophe and pain. An ideal that hurts the masses for the benefit of one. But this is not all though, no...there is another man. A new opponent, another muddled minded man. It’s a pity, it really is to see men having to go to these extremes to get noticed. Told to think outside of the box only for them to take it much too far. A lifestyle built twisted ideas and the need to be wanted. A man returning the steal a moment, to try and steal my moment...a shame it really is. A shame to not be able to move on, to find a comfortable life after the thing he loved failed him time after time. Although Nate I can understand the pain you are feeling, a need to be wanted, a desire to be needed. A desire many of my opponents have but will never receive. A want to be the man but a want that will never be accomplished. The muddled minds of my opponents is a shame it really is, a collection of thoughts that will be their downfall. A collection of thoughts that will lead to my success. Another man’s trash is another man's treasure and your muddled minds will simply lead to me walking out of BPZMania calm-minded and as the winner at the end of the day. Bob would then make his way back to the porch passing under the stars and back to the porch. As he would return to his rocking chair sitting back down once again, looking at the camera. He would speak once more in the same calm and collected tone. We are seeing a bit of a different Bob here tonight as he seems more than ready for BPZMania. I’m going to leave you with this. Only one man can come out on top in the battle royal and I can’t wait to see all of your reactions when that man is me. No more will I have to hear the shameful ideals coming from the mouths of these muddled minds. No more jokes, no more games. Just men giving it everything they have to have their moment. Only one man will have that moment and that man will be Bob Sparks. So my opponents can head into mania with their fantasized moments and their visions of success they will not accomplish. They can wish upon the stars they can blow out birthday candles none of it will matter. As your wishes will do nothing to save you and nothing to get your way. So when I walk out of BPZMania holding that Nebakos Battle Royal Trophy high there will be no more noise, no more jokes, no more broken and twisted ideals. Only one idea will remain for you all, where did I go wrong? What did Bob do right that I did wrong? The answer is simple yet you will refuse to accept. Throwing out your broken ideas and your twisted personas and focusing on winning the match. Not telling jokes, not starting a cult, and certainly not attempting to steal the moment from young and upcoming stars. So all in all, at the end of the day Bob Sparks is winning that Battle Royal and you can all continue searching for a moment somewhere else as I will have already made mine. Bob then smiles as the camera slowly fades to black. Leaving us with silence as Bob Sparks has made his point clear here tonight. Bob now looks ahead to BPZMania as he attempts to capture his moment and win the Nebakos Battle Royal.
  6. Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish/Kyle O' Reily) (C) vs The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes/Dustin Rhodes) - WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Dominik Dijak (C) vs Kassius Ohno vs Rusev - WWE United States Championship Kevin Owens (C) vs AJ Styles - WWE Universal Championship Becky Lynch (C) vs Ember Moon - WWE RAW Womens Championship Adam Cole (C) vs Roman Reigns - WWE Championship 20 Women Royal Rumble Match (Favorites: Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Bianca Belair): Sasha Banks 30 Mens Royal Rumble Match (Favorites: Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Andrade, Brock Lesnar, The Rock): Drew McIntyre *note* the favorite are not the only possible winners, its just to give you a rough idea *note* BONUS QUESTIONS Who will be the last entrants in both Rumble matches? Edge and Rousey Who has been behind the creepy videos on Smackdown the past month? Pentagon Jr. Two NXT Call-Ups Will Enter The Mens Rumble, Who Will They Be? Keith Lee & Pentagon Jr.
  7. BobdaBomb


    We see Carnage cut to a video package as we see Bob Sparks in a much smaller arena in a wrestling ring as we are looking down at him from a balcony where Alexa Merci is sitting. We see Bob alone in the ring as he is surrounded by other men who then hop in the ring. The men start to come to blows as we would hear Alexa Merci begin to talk. A real man, a real man does not throw out these twisted ideals before a match to try and sway outside forces, and a real man certainly does not party before getting the job done. You see, Bob understands this all too well. Too many times did a younger version of the Bob Sparks we see today, run into matches unprepared and unguided. Now though with a clear mind and a goal to achieve he is more than ready to run through each and everyone of you poor souls that decide to step in between those ropes at BPZMania. And trust me when I say no new way of life is going to save you and no drink will be strong enough to avoid the pain you all will feel when you all end up going head to head with Bob Sparks. We would see Bob Sparks brawling with the men in the ring. All the men are going for Bob, but Bob seems to be fighting them off. We see him begin to hit the men with a series of chops that blast through the arena as we then cut back to Alexa who is smiling seemingly enjoying the action down in the ring as Bob is dominating. Now this, this is for the greater good. A man actually putting his focus on his upcoming match and not fantasizing about some new cult. This mission although a good one is focused on the wrong target. You see Yelich, you say you need to win this match because Bob simply doesn’t care about anyone else. Yet, he has surrounded himself with the best of the best. A group of men that have been carrying this business and have brought each and every member of Bullet Proof to a new level. Now I know what you’ll say next, you’ll bring up the hWo and how Bob ruined it, killing off the careers of those men. When in reality the exact opposite could be true. You see that action by Bob revived those men’s careers. Bailey had a fire lit up under him, he ended his bullshit Hollywood persona and went back to what he is best at, kicking ass in a ruthless and hardcore style. Buddy Ace has seen his career flourish after Bob killed off what would have held him back, now though, thanks to Bob… Buddy Ace has a North American Title shot at BPZMania instead of fading away in the mid card in which the hWo would have done to him. So you want to talk about the greater good Yelich... Bob Sparks knows the greater good, and at BPZMania the greater good will be once again achieved as Bob Sparks walks out holding that Nebakos Battle Royal Trophy high. We would then see the camera cut down to the ring once again as we would see Bob Sparks standing tall in the ring as one man gets up with a knife and runs at Bob, Bob would simply knock the man down with a big right hand before he could even get close. We would then see Bob throw him over the top rope into the front row as Bob then looks around at the other downed men in the ring. The camera then cuts back up to Alexa Merci as she begins to talk once again. Another mentally ill man falling to Bob Sparks, seemingly a given at this point. Bob and I have heard the rumors of this new entrant we may see. We have heard the name Addy through your tweets and messages. We hear the rumblings of BPZ’s next big thing but trust me when I say Bob Sparks fears no man and Addy will just be another man that falls under his boot at the end of the day. You see we actually agree with you all, Addy has a bright future in this company but as of now it is all potential and nothing more. Bob Sparks has proven that his potential is true and there is still much more to be uncovered. Addy is unproven and still has a long way to go. Bob though is not stupid, he is not going to underestimate someone just because they are new around here. Bob himself was in this position at one point as we saw the Antichrist fall. So trust me when I say Bob Sparks is more than ready for Addy. A man with a messed up mind although crazy, can be careless, and Bob will take full advantage of that at BPZMania. So Addy what you did, no longer matters because what you will do is lose to Bob Sparks at BPZMania after he throws you over that top rope. We then see the camera pan down to the ring once again as we see a larger man step into the ring and stand face to face with Bob. The two would then begin to exchange rights and lefts as both men are giving it all that they have. Bob though would hit the man with a chop dropping him. Bob would then stand over him with a smirk before tossing him over the top rope. Bob would then look up to Alexa as we see here begin to talk once again. A big man with big muscles, strong but still no challenge. Kirk we do not fear you, sure you have these god given gifts but seemingly they are just as not up to par with what Bob Sparks was given. Now we know your history, a strong fighter no doubt. Dominant and a clear winner throughout your entire life. To be honest, a similar image to Bob Sparks. There is one thing that you lack though Kirk. You lack that elite drive that pushes guys such as Bob Sparks to that next level. I mean Kirk we see you what? Once every few months, you had us all fooled Kirk, we all thought you were going to be that next big thing then you simply disappeared. You have the look, you have the skills, yet your work ethic and your drive holds you back from reaching that next level. That level of guys that are going to be the driving force for the future of this company. Don’t worry though Kirk, there will always be a spot for you here in BPZ. You will be that specialty wrestler we bring in to help get others over and use to build up guys that actually care and show up to work day in and day out, while you sit at home letting the world pass you by. We then cut down to the ring as we see Bob begin to pick up the men and throw them over the top rope as he clears out the ring. Bob clearly dominated the men in the ring and is now cleaning up the mess. We would see the camera cut back to a clearly happy Alexa Merci as she begins to talk one last time. That brings us to the possibly one of the worst to ever step into a BPZ ring in Brad. Brad we all saw your little party that you had and to be honest I can’t blame you. People such as yourself need that time to try your best to block out the failure and numb the pain and with your lips to those bottles you do your best too. But when it comes down to it, Brad it will never be enough. You can’t numb out all of that pain and you can’t hide all of that failure because that is simply all there is for you. Nothing but failure, nothing but a sad and stretched out career here in BPZ. Yet the only time you were able to come out on top is when the pity rose to such extremes that we had to give you something. Had to make you feel like you actually mattered here in BPZ Wrestling. Well the fact is Brad the only reason you have mattered here in this company for so long… The only reason is because you can lose and you are okay with it. You can continue to walk around here losing time after time and watch new guys rise above you over and over again. You see Brad you simply put the bitch of the BPZ roster. Anybody in this company can come to you and beat your ass and you are fine with it. I can’t tell if it’s simply you liking to lose or if simply you just can’t win. At the end of the day Brad this match at BPZMania will go down just as every Brad match has gone down in this company, with you walking out with yet another loss in your pitiful career. We would then see the door swing open as the camera looks to meet Bob Sparks who is now in the room. Bob is sweaty and a bit ticked off as we see him begin to speak clearly fired up as Alexa watches on with a grin on her face. I don’t want to hurt you all but if that is what I must do then so be it. I can see potential in some of you and I am going to hate to be the one to ruin it. So many guys who could be so much more but they decided to test their luck against Bob Sparks. At BPZMania I beg you all not to show up because if you do trust me when I say you will not walk out of that arena the same way you walked into it. I am going to run through each and everyone of you that decides to step through those ropes. So I leave the decision up to you...show up and watch me destroy the careers that you have spent your lives trying to build or stay home and live to survive another day. You see boys, this is not a guess, hell this is not even a prediction, this is a cold hard fact. I am going to win the Nebakos Battle Royal at BPZMania and there is not a damn thing anyone in this company can do about it. We would then see Bob Sparks grab Alexa’s hand as the two would walk out of the room together. Clearly a message was sent today as Bob Sparks is looking to have a dominant showing at BPZMania and win the Nebakos Battle Royal and bring the trophy home.
  8. BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 7 We kick off another episode of BPZ in a common fashion as we see Sheridan once again alone in her home sitting on the couch. Something is a bit different though, there are no more bottles of alcohol laying around. Sheridan seems to be in brighter spirits here as we even see a smile on her face. We see her scrolling through her phone as the camera cuts to where we see what Sheridan is doing. She is scrolling through her contacts as we see her come across a familiar name, it’s Sameer. We see Sheridan smirk seeing the name before she eventually clicks on it, calling Sameer. We would see Sheridan lift the phone to her ear as we begin to hear the phone ring. It rings...it rings...it rings..it rings..until we eventually hear the call go to voicemail. The once happy mood of Sheridan can be seen turn sour as we see the smile fade and Sheridan seemingly do a whole 180 turn in terms of her attitude. Sheridan though would give the call another shot as it was around 11 AM on a Sunday so he should be awake by now. We would hear the phone ring once agin..it rings..it rings..it rings until eventually it goes to voicemail once again. Sheridan would throw her phone into the couch clearly upset with Sameer not picking up. Sheridan would then get up as we would see her head to the kitchen opening the fridge. As Sheridan opened the fridge we would see her pull out a Twisted Tea before opening it up and heading back to the couch. Sheridan would continue her dark path with alcohol as no doubt Sheridan seems to be addicted at this point. Turning to it now whenever something goes south. Sheridan would sit there slowly drinking as we would hear her phone begin to buzz. Sheridan whether by choice or simply being unaware would not go to grab it as she seems to be calling on something much, much different. The scene would cut away as we cut to a much brighter scene. As we cut to a new scene we see Toxik in a suit at church. Toxik would be alone as it looks like service has just gotten out. Toxik would sit there looking around as eventually we would see him close his eyes and begin to pray. A bit different side we are seeing here from Toxik as we begin to hear him speak. Toxik: Dear god, I know that throughout my life I have not been the best that I could be. I have made mistakes throughout my life, some I’ll admit I am not too proud of. But as of late I feel I have been better, I have been listening to you and trying my best to please you. But there is one thing I ask because it has been holding me down. That stupid, no good, knee needer, tyrant of a man that Hans Clayton needs your godly punishment. He does not deserve to thrive as he is right now. I do! I deserve more, so I ask you to give me all the things that Hans loves and give them to me. And that is all I ask of you. Amen. Toxik would finish praying and open his eyes only for the priest to be sitting next to him as Toxik looks at him confused. The priest would just look at Toxik shaking his head as he cannot believe the prayer that just came out of Toxik’s mouth. Priest Necce: Listen son, I understand that we all have anger, and that we may not always get along with everyone in these times we live in now. But what I will say to you as hard as it may be, we must forgive and forget. I have been through these dark thoughts that you feel right now. I know what it means to feel as if your enemy is getting everything yet you receive nothing. I understand that and I pity you for it. Yet what you fail to understand is that your ill will has no effect on this Hans Clayton that you speak of. No, you see this whole grudge is you holding yourself down as you waste all this time hoping for the downfall of another as you are to blind that the only one being hurt is you. Toxik looks at Necce as it seems Necce may have struck a chord with Toxik here which would be a rare first. Toxik looks at him really showing no expression at all. Necce would smile as he seems to have taught Toxik a lesson. Toxik would then begin to talk. Toxik: Wow cool story bro, let me see who actually gives a fuck. After Toxik would say that we would see Necce slap Toxik upside the head and grab him by the ear. He would then drag Toxik to the front of the church and throwing him out. Necce would be furious as Toxik would walk off defeated with a nice bruise to remember it. The cameras would cut away then to the prison. As we cut to the prison we see Brad sitting in his jail as we see Wallace sitting next to him on his bunk. We would then see Brenden and Slim walk by the cell as Slim would whistle at Brad as it clearly got a reaction from Wallace. Wallace would be furious as he would barge out of the cell getting in the face of Slim. Wallace: Hey don’t whistle at my bitch like that, that’s my bitch and no one else's. He enjoys me pleasure and I will not have anyone else try to take that away from me. I enjoy clapping those cheeks and I will be the only one to do so. We would see Brad in the background crying as he clearly is in pain from all of the poundings that he has received from Wallace ever since he has arrived here at the prison. We would see Brenden notice this and begin to laugh, Wallace would notice it too as he begins to yell at Brenden now. Wallace: Is his pleasure too much for you to handle? Do you find it funny that you could never please your dead wife the way I please my boy. Brenden, furious at Wallace bringing up Keeley, would go to swing at Wallace but the bounce would seemingly bounce off doing nothing. Slim would try to hold the two apart, the two only for Wallace to shove him aside and to punch Brenden in the face, knocking him out cold. The cameras would then cut to black as we then fade to another scene. We would then see Arrow walking down the street seemingly on his way to the Pizza Place to start work. Arrow can be talking on the phone as he is clearly talking with Paris. Arrow seems to be happy here so we can only assume that the conversation is going well. Arrow would continue walking on for a bit as we would eventually see him stop. Something clearly feels off as Arrow’s expression turns south not only confused but he also looks pretty scared. He would turn around only to see something that he wished was not there. It was Icon, Mikey, and Akki, the Cliq and they did not look happy. Arrow wouldn't hang up the phone as the Cliq would begin to surround Arrow eventually closing in as they would begin to pound away on him. Arrow would drop his phone as we could make out faint screams coming from Paris on the other side as she clearly could hear what was going on. We would see Arrow on the ground now as the 3 boys would begin to stomp away and kick him as Arrow groans in pain. We would hear Icon begin to talk to Arrow clearly pissed off. Icon: You thought we were done with you? Huh? No way Arrow, you stole my girl. She was supposed to be mine but you had to go and fuck it up like you always do. Your whole life is nothing but one big disappointment, no wonder your dad left. We would then see Arrow lash out taking Icon to the ground only to land a few shots in before Mikey and Akki pulled him off throwing him back down onto the concrete. We would then see Icon motion for Akki and Mikey to pick Arrow up, as Icon wipes some blood away from his lip. Icon: You could have just taken the beating. We would have left you alone after a few more shots, but now, now, you're gonna get it. By the time we are finished with you, you are going to be so fucked up that Paris realizes the mistake she made choosing someone like you. We would see Icon punch Arrow in the face multiple times, we would even see Arrow begin to bleed from his nose and a cut above his eye would appear. Icon though would keep pummeling away as we begin to hear Paris yelling through the phone once again. Icon would eventually stop as Arrow would be left in a bloody puddle on the side of the road. No one around and no one to help him. We would then see the cameras cut away to a new scene. We would then cut too much later in the day as we would cut to the Pizza Place which is now open. Arius is working at the salad station as we hear the phone begin to ring..and ring again… and ring again. It would ring over and over with no one picking up the phone. Arius would look confused as he goes to check what is going on. As Arius made his way over the phone room we would see Bart just staring at the wall. Bart did not react to the phone ringing or the busy noise from the kitchen at all. He just sat there looking at the wall clearly in deep thought. Arius would look at him with a sad expression on his face as he would just turn and walk out without saying a word. The cameras would then cut away this time back to the kitchen. As we cut back to the prison we see everyone out in the yard as the lights are on and the stars are out. The prisoners seem to be getting some sort of late night yard block here as the camera then zooms in as we focus on Slim and Brenden who are playing some basketball. We see Brenden make a shot over a random prisoner as Slim and Brenden seemingly would pick up another win. They seem to be the top dogs at this prison as no one looks to be stepping up to face them, until we see two men emerge from the crowd. Sure enough it would be Wallace and Brad. We would see Brenden and Slim laugh as Wallace would begin to talk. Wallace: I told you I was gonna get my revenge on you Playz and if this is what I got to do to do that then I can assure you that yalls undefeated record is coming to an end right now. Brenden and Slim would laugh as Wallace would stand there confused, Brad standing behind not saying a word as he clearly does not want to piss off Wallace to avoid any late night shenanigans. Brenden would look at Wallace before beginning to talk to the big man. Brenden: Well you two do like playing with balls so I at least you got that going for you. But sure, we accept your challenge. We will even let you have the ball first. Wallace would scowl at Brenden only for Brenden to answer it back with a smirk. Brenden would check the ball but Wallace would not cooperate as he would grab the wall and throw it back into the face of Brenden, as we would see Brenden fall backward looking up to the sky. Brenden would be knocked out cold as we would see the cameras fade away. The cameras though would fade back in still the same scene but no one is around, it is just Brenden sitting up in the middle of the basketball court. Brenden looks around confused as we eventually hear a voice come from behind him. Brenden would be shocked as he turns around to see it, it’s Keeley. Keeley: Hi Bren… Brenden would look at Keeley clearly confused at her being there and the whole situation. No no around beside the two we would see Brenden then begin to talk. Addressing his former lover. Brenden: How? I thought you died… Keeley would grin as she would make her way over to Brenden sitting down next to him. Brenden would just look at her clearly in shock as she grabs Brenden hand holding it tight. Brenden would seem in awe as seemingly this felt real. Keeley: I did die, but not all of me. Even though you can’t physically see me anymore a part of me will always live in you. They say that true love is a powerful thing and if this does not prove it, I don’t know what will. Keeley would smile as we would see Brenden go to kiss her. As they are about to kiss though we see Keeley fade away leaving Brenden all alone once again. The scene would then shift back as we see Brenden out cold on the basketball court but with a smile on his face as Slim stands over him trying to wake him up. The cameras then fade away to a new scene. We would cut to see a frantic and clearly stressed Paris driving. She has tears running down her face as she is looking around the streets for Arrow. It’s been a few hours since Arrow’s exchange with the Cliq that Paris heard over the phone. We would hear Paris begin to talk to herself as she looks frantically up and down the streets for any sign of Arrow. Paris: C’mon where are you? Gotta be around here somewhere...not like this...not like this....god let me find him please. I can’t lose him. We would then see Paris look up and down the streets now with the window opened, yelling Arrow’s name hoping for a sign of him. A sign of him anywhere. Eventually after a few minutes of screaming and looking we would see him. Arrow a bloody mess making his way down the street, tattered and torn. We would see Paris begin to cry and she pulls over running out to Arrow. Paris: Arrow… I thought that I was gonna lose you. The scene would then fade away with Paris and Arrow embracing on the side of the road no one around except for the two. The cameras would then fade out with the light of the car singing on the two as Paris is clearly crying as the scene comes to an end. The scene would then shift as we see Julius standing at a doorstep, he is seemingly at the house he sped by before. The house where he had the altercation with that woman. We would see Julius sigh before knocking on the door. Julius would look surprised as a man would answer. Kenji: Oh you must be Julius, Sarah was telling me about you. Well come on in. Julius would look at Kenji with a bit of a sour look as Kenji would return the favor the two seemingly are not on the best terms at the moment. We would then see Julius enter the home as Sarah would greet Julius as we would see Julius smile. Sarah: Julius, hi…..it’s nice to see you again. Julius would go in for a hug but Kenji would step in putting his arm around Sarah before Julius leaned all the way in. Julius and Kenji would stare at each other clearly upset as the tensions are rising, Sarah would notice this as she would begin to talk once again. Sarah: Well dinner is ready so let’s sit down and eat, STEPH dinner is ready! We would see Steph come down the stairs and look at Julius confused. Julius would give Steph a smirk as Sarah would once again pitch in as Steph is clearly confused. Sarah: Steph honey, this is one of mom’s friends from a while ago. He is gonna eat dinner with us tonight. Julius would grin as Steph would shrug his shoulders before heading to the dinner table. The group would then sit down together and eat some pot roast before Julius would notice something. Something was wrong, then he realized. Julius: Hey, Sarah where is Arrow? We would see Sarah’s expression turn from a happy expression to complete fear as one of her children is missing. He never made it home from work today we would then suddenly see the door bust open. It’s Paris and Arrow, and Arrow is in rough shape. Sarah: What the hell happened? Arrow come here and lay down on the coach. We would then see Julius go to rush over to Arrow only for Kenji to step in the way. Julius would then begin to talk as he is clearly pissed off not only at Kenji but also about what happened to Arrow. Julius: Arrow, was it though dickwads from school again? If so, I'm gonna go deal with this shit right now. Kenji would look disgusted as him and Julius would step outside. Julius would grin as Kenji would begin to talk to him the two would stand face to face, both pissed at each other. Kenji: Listen we have known about this whole bullying situation for a while now and it was going fine till you beat them up on the street corner. There were no fights and shit it was stuff Arrow could handle. Julius would just shake his head clearly annoyed he would then begin to yell maybe a bit too loud in the face of Kenji as tensions have clearly exploded here. Julius: Really mother fucker, then how do you describe the bruises Arrow had on his face when they jumped him in the bathroom. I’m sick of your whole stuck up bitchy attitude by the way. I get that you don’t like it when a real man shows up at your house but I am those boys real father and the sooner you realize that the better. We would then see Julius stare Kenji down as Kenji has a look of disgust on his face. Clearly not a fan of what Julius just said as he would answer back. Kenji: Get the fuck off my property and I don’t want to see you anywhere near me or my family ever again or else there will serious consequences. We would then see Julius walk off clearly pissed as he gets in his car and drives away. Julius clearly has got a whole mess going on behind the scene that we did not know about. Julius would drive off down the street clearly speeding as the episode comes to an end.
  9. Pre-Show: Titanic Battle Royal - Alex Costa Match 1, SFW Lightweight Championship Ladder Match: Prince Cutler (c) VS Hans Clayton VS Ropati VS Liam Starr VS Overheel VS Dikey Match 2, If Strikeforce lose Adam Masters is fired from SFW: Strike Force (Adam Masters, Nathan Clarke & Brett Storm) VS Crescent Fall (Bart Johnson & KENJI) & Jacob Yamada Match 3 SFW Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (c) VS Tamer & David Haskins VS The Young Bucks Match 4 SFW Television Championship: Angelo Catio (c) VS Kin Takeshi Match 5, SFW Continental Championship: Julius Jones (c) VS Prince Jack III Match 6, No Disqualifications, there must be a winner: Mil Almas VS BIC Match 7: Kazuchika Okada VS Ryan Reeves Main Event, SFW World Championship: King Slim (c) VS Yelich Anderson
  10. BobdaBomb

    BPZ Outbreak

    BPZ OUTBREAK: EPISODE ONE “New Beginnings” The first ever episode of BPZ Outbreak kicks off as we see a news cast playing. We see the flashing words breaking news before a man appears on the screen as he begins to talk. He clearly has a bit of worry on his face as something seems to be wrong here. Newscaster: Ladies and gentlemen the once thought insignificant virus named the Coronavirus has gotten much too far out of hand then we have thought. The government is currently doing it’s best to fight this new so-called plague. We ask you to not fear the virus as the emotion and fear you are dealing with are deemed reasonable but we ask you to try your best to control them. The brawls and riots taking place as of now are seriously getting out of hand so we ask you all to please remain home as the government does it’s best to ration it’s supplies to all of it’s law abiding citizens. We would then hear a knock on the door as the newscaster looks worried. We then hear screams and gunshots before the newscaster would speak once again, it would be the last words we would hear from him. Newscaster: So everyone out there, these are the end times it seems, good luck and god bless the United States of America. We would then hear the door burst open followed by gunshots, the cameras would go static as the screen fades to black. It’s a much different world we live in now and seemingly things are going to get a lot worse before they get a lot better. The camera would then slowly fade back in as we are brought to a busy city street. We see crowds of people lined against a police barricade as the police try to stop them from crossing it. We would then see Brenden look over to the crowd as he can see them all; men, women, and children. Black and White people of all race trying to break through but it’s Brenden’s job to stop them. It’s the last safe zone in the city at least that has not been infected, got to help the ones he can save. We would see Brenden pick up his radio as he begins to speak. Brenden: The east side barricade is getting a bit sketchy over here so I could use some backup for sure if it’s available. We got a big crowd here a bit rowdy too. Brenden would wait for a response as he would then study the crowd as he sees a man pull out a phone staring up at a window and smiling. Brenden would not think much of it though as we then hear a response come on the radio. Officer: We hear you loud and clear Playz but we already are running thin. I’ll see if we can scrounge up a few men for you but don’t expect anything right away. Just do your best to keep them away. We can't save everyone but we can save those within the green zone. Brenden would then go to respond when suddenly he hears an explosion come from behind him as he looks up to the same window that man had looked up before and sees it engulfed in flames as the rubble begins to fall crushing an officer underneath it. Brenden would be in shock as we see panic begin to set in on both his face and with his men. We would then see the once contained crowd burst past the barricade as we see a few officers getting jumped in the process. Brenden begins to run as the crowd chases him down. Brenden would see his fellow officers fall behind him as he continues to run. Brenden would manage to escape it though as he took a sharp right through an alleyway. Brenden heavily breathing would go onto his radio beginning to speak once again. Brenden: The barricade is down, the green zone is compromised. I repeat the green zone is compromised. If any of you can hear me, good luck you are on your own now. Brenden would then make his way down the alleyway as the roaring crowd ran past. The last part of the country is at risk now it seems as the sick have poured through. We would then see a worried look appear on the face of Brenden as he runs off as the camera cuts off. We would cut back to see Sameer standing up in his company's building looking out the big glass window to the streets below. Crowds of people standing outside clearly sick and infected. He would look down to see the swarm of people being held back by his small force of guards he managed to scrape up. He would then turn around and head to his office as he gets on his phone beginning to talk. Sameer: Hey Olivia, could you get me Smith on the phone? We would then see the scene shift down to the ground as we would see Smith standing by with the other guards on the ground doing it’s best to hold back the sick and keep them away from the tower. Smith’s phone would begin to ring and he would answer it. Smith: What's up kid? How’s it looking up there? We would hear Sameer’s voice through the phone as Smith listens along with the rest of us. There is a bit of panic in his voice as we hear Sameer talk. The roar of the crowd in the background. Sameer: I think it’s time to move ahead with the retreat. I am going to give a call for Bailey and Slim to get here right away so we can get the hell out of here. We would see Smith look back at the crowd of people on the other side of the barricade and nod his head. He then speaks once again as we would see him look around at the other guards. Smith: What are we going to do with the others down here? There ain’t enough room on that helicopter for all of us. Sameer’s voice would come through the phone as we would see Smith look a bit shocked. The crowd seemingly growing more and more upset by the second as their unrest would only become more clear by the second. Sameer: We leave them. They got paid to do a job and they are going to do it. Now you better get your ass up here before they break through that barricade. I’m sure those other guys will hold them off for a bit. We would then see Smith back his way into the tower and make his way up to Sameer as the crowd goes into a rage, with the rest of the men around Smith looking confused before turning their attention back to the crowd. We would then cut to a more country setting as we would see Bart driving down a country road seemingly on his way out of the city. Bart would then spy something on the side of the road as he sees a fight going on. It’s not just any fight though, it’s man beating on a child. Bart would pull over quickly and hop out of his car pulling out a pistol. Bart: Ay, what the fuck is wrong with you? Get the hell off of him! Bart would notice that the child was not alone; we would see two other children with him watching in horror. Bart would then watch as the man would turn around to face him as he would start walking toward Bart. Bart would begin to talk trying to calm the man down. Bart: Listen here you son of a bitch, I will blow your brains out if you don’t stop in your tracks. I’m warning you….STOP…...STOP….STOP. BANG. Bart would shoot the man dead in the middle of the road as the kids are crying now seeing their brother beaten to a pulp but also seeing a man shot dead. Bart would stand there frozen for a second before walking over to the kids. Bart: Are y'all alright, no man should be beating on you like that. We would see Bart look at the beaten kid and sitting with him and the other children. Bart would look at them with a bit of a depressed look. Two young boys and a young girl out here in the middle of nowhere all alone. Bart: Are you all okay? Where are your parents? The young girl would speak up as tears run down her face. It has clearly been a long day for the kids as they seem to be in rough shape here as Bart listens. Young girl: Dead, he killed them then tried to kill us too. The young girl would point to the dead man now in the middle of the street as Bart would look at her a bit sad himself now. Bart would then talk to them all once more. Bart: Well my name’s Bart...and trust me I ain’t gonna hurt y'all. The young boy would then speak up as he looks down at his brother who was beaten up and then at Bart clearly a bit shook at the whole situation. Young boy: My name is Steph, this is Paris, and that’s….that’s Arrow. Bart would look at him with a small smile clearly trying his best to lighten the mood in the rough situation that they are all in at the moment. Bart: It’s nice to meet you Steph. Now you all won’t survive out here on your own for long. So why don’t you come with me. I’ve got a safe place we can all head to, and we can let Arrow here heal up a bit. What do y’all say? Steph and Paris would look at each other a bit concerned before Paris would begin to talk. Clearly a bit worried by the offer but seemingly they have no other option. Paris: Yeah, that sound’s good. We would then see the 3 get up as Bart would pick up Arrow and carry him across the street laying him across the back row of the car as Steph would sit next to him. Paris would take shotgun and Bart would then start to drive away and in a matter of moments responsible for 3 more human beings. The camera would then fade away as the car drives off. We then cut to a bar as we see two men sitting there having drinks and watching the news, in Julius and Ropati. Both men look up shaking their heads as they clearly are not a fan of what is going on in the world. We would see Julius look at Ropati a bit annoyed as he begins to talk. Julius: This shit is so dumb, people keep trying to get these resources from the government when they clearly ain’t got shit. You see if these people knew how to fish and hunt we would not be having this problem. We would see Ropati look at him with a smirk as we would then see them look at the TV as an explosion happens in one of the buildings and we see a barricade break. Ropati and Julius would laugh as the crowd would break through and we would see the officers begin to run. Ropati: Damn bro, that guy best start running. Oh there he goes...run boy run...oh shit he escaped it. Damn really thought they were gonna get him, guess not, oh well. That was the last government safe zone by the looks of it, full on anarchy from here. We would then see Ropati raise a shot glass to Julius who just looks at him annoyed. Ropati would wait a while and eventually Julius would give in raising his own shot glass as they make a celebration for the new anarchy that is upon them. We would then see the two sit there at the bar, just them and the bartender as the camera fades away. As we cut back to the show we see what seems to be Bailey and Slim as they arrive at the tower. They made their way around the back avoiding the crowd as we see them make their way into the tower eventually to the main entrance area. Slim looks out to the horde of people as they clearly notice him and are enraged. They clearly want inside the tower as well as they want whatever resources are left in the tower for themselves. We would see Slim begin to talk looking out at the crowd as he flips them off. Slim: Yeah fuck all of ya’ll too, to bad ya’ll ain't got rich friends...bums. The crowd could not hear them but they could for sure see the middle finger. We would then see a few jump over the barricade and try to rush into the tower only to be shot down by the guards outside. But then more would jump over, more and more, before the whole crowd was making their way over. We would see Bailey look at Slim as they begin to run up the stairs as the crowd burst their way through the door. Bailey: You really had to go and piss them off like that, I swear I can’t take you anywhere with some shit like this happening. We would see Bailey look at Slim disappointed as the two are continuing their way up the stairs with some of the sick making their way up the stairs after them. We would see one eventually grab a hold of Bailey, Bailey though would end up pushing the man off the top of the stairs falling down to the lobby down below. The two would eventually make their way up their way to Slim and Sameer as the group then runs together up to the already ready helicopter. Sameer: Which one of ya’ll fucked up this time? We would see Slim grin as Sameer shakes his head in disappointment. The four would eventually make their way to the top of the tower and out to the helipad but the sick are right on their heels. We would see one even make it as far as to nearly grab Sameer but a guard on the helicopter would shoot him down allowing for the group to make it out unscathed. The helicopter would then take off leaving the tower behind as the group looks at Slim. Slim: What, I had to make it interesting. The three would shake their heads as the helicopter is now flying through the crowded streets as Sameer looks back on his tower now swarmed with those infected by the virus. But he would not let it affect him much as he managed to get away with his friends and they are all safe...for now. The cameras would then cut as we transition to a new scene. We would then cut to a familiar face as we see Brenden in his apartment looking out on the streets of the corona victims. The lights are out as he looks to attract as little attention to himself...and his family. He would turn around as he sees his wife Keeley clearly worried as he begins to talk. Brenden: It’s gonna be alright honey...they seem to be focused on something going on down the way right now. The kids alright? Brenden and Keeley would embrace, standing there holding each other in the middle of the living room. Both clearly nervous about this whole situation but seemingly grateful to have each other in such a dark and unpredictable world. Keeley would then look up at Brenden as she begins to talk. Keeley: Yeah they’re in their room now, been doing my best to conceal them from all of this. Kids should not have to grow up in this. Hell they won’t know what a normal life feels like by the time they get to be our age. Brenden would kiss Keeley on the top on the head before we would see one of Brenden’s kids, Sheridan make her way out into the room as Brenden looks at her and smiles. Sheridan though would look upset as she begins to talk. Sheridan: Dad, can you tell Bob to stop making fun of me...he keeps calling me names. We would then see Bob walk out as Brenden looks at him and then to Sheridan. Keeley would look up at Brenden as she essentially motions for him to take care of it. Brenden sighs as he then begins to talk to Bob. Brenden: Bob is this true what your sister says? Bob looks at Brenden as he begins to talk. Bob is clearly trying to hold back a smile as Sheridan looks at him with her hands on her hips seemingly trying to intimidate Bob. Bob would then answer Brenden clearly not affected by Sheridan. Bob: I would never, that’s just mean. Bob would be grinning as Sheridan would scowl at him. Keeley would look at Brenden as they could both tell Bob was lying. Sheridan would then begin to speak once again clearly a bit mad. Sheridan: Liar, you were calling me Sheriman. You know that hurts my feelings! A smirk would appear on the face of Brenden as he tries to hold back a laugh. Keeley would nudge him as Brenden would quickly get the message and begin to talk once again. Brenden: Bob apologize to your sister right now! Bob would sigh before looking at Sheridan once again who was looking back at Bob with a smirk. Bob would just shake his head before beginning to talk. Bob: Sheridan I apologize for calling you names. Sheridan would then walk off as the two kids go back to their room as Brenden and Keeley are left alone once again. We would then hear a loud noise from outside the window as Brenden looks out the window to see a helicopter flying past. Brenden’s expression would change as he would look back at Keeley who was standing there nervous once again. Brenden: Get the kid’s packed. We are heading out of here tonight. Keeley would simply nod before going off to talk with the kids. Brenden would stand there in the middle of the room thinking before going to look out the window once more. Brenden would study the horde of people as he tries to find out how the hell he is going to get his family out of the city. The cameras would then slowly fade out as we transition to a new scene. We would cut back to the bar as we would still see Ropati and Julius sitting there as we would see a man and woman enter the bar. Julius would become suspicious as he would look over, as he looks over though he sees a gun pointed at his face. The man and women we can now see clearly to be Hans and Danielle as they have Ropati, Julius, and the bartender at gunpoint. Julius: Listen here young man you best get that gun out of my face before I break your damn arm. Hans would look at Julius with a grin clearly not fazed by the threats. He would then motion for the bartender to hand over the money in the register as we would see Ropati begin to laugh. Danielle would have here gun now resting on the side of Ropati’s neck as he begins to talk. Ropati: That shit ain’t worth anything anymore kid. So if you want my advice, you should just take my advice right now. Take you and your bitch here and get the hell out of here before me and my buddy here--- We would then see Danielle hit Ropati over the head with her gun knocking him out cold. We would see Julius laugh taking another shot before speaking once more looking over at an out cold Ropati. Julius: Thanks for shutting him the hell up. Now where were we, oh right--- Julius would go to make a move for Danielle’s gun only to be knocked out cold by a blow to the back of the head from Hans as Hans stands over him holding a baseball bat. Hans would look at the bartender laughing as he does not even take the money. We would see Hans and Danielle drag Ropati and Julius out of the shop as the camera cuts away. The camera would cut back one last time as we see Bart driving somewhere on a country back road late in the afternoon as we see the three kids now with him. Arrow is feeling a bit better now with only a few bruises on his face. Bart would then look over to Paris as she would begin to talk to him. Bart would smile as Paris begins to speak up. Paris: Hey, Mr. Bart...where are we going anyways? Bart would look at her and smile as he takes a left turn not even looking for traffic as there is none around. Bart would then begin to talk as the three kids look at him all intrigued to find out the answer. Paris leaning in nearly in Bart’s face. Bart: We are heading to what the government calls the green zone. There is only one left and it’s where all the healthy people live now. No sick monsters, just a normal life. Paris would smile as she then looks out the window. Bart continues to drive off as the camera slowly fades up with the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver plays in the background. Bart and his new makeshift family of sort drive off into the distance as the camera turns black and the first episode of BPZ Outbreak comes to an end.
  11. BobdaBomb


    Carnage is back live as we see Bob at the Sparks Compound seemingly isolated himself from the virus running rampant at the moment. Bob is sitting on his porch with Alexa as the two are reading a letter recently mailed in. We see a grin appear on the face of Bob as Alexa begins to talk reading part of the letter out loud. Bob we here at BPZ Wrestling are sending this letter to inform you that you will you are being invited to compete in the first ever BPZMania Nebakos Battle Royal. Alexa would then continue reading through the letter getting toward the bottom and laughing. She would then point to a part of the letter showing it to Bob who would begin to laugh. We would eventually see Alexa begin to talk once again. Wow some real tough competition you all decided to give Bob Sparks. I mean Yelich, c’mon now Bob squashed that split personality psycho in the Power Trip Cup. It was not even a challenge for Bob just like most of his matches. Yelich is just another man that fell under the boot of Bob Sparks. Then we look at the other announced man in Brad. Like wow, that man is washed- Alexa would be cut off as Bob Sparks would look at her before he himself would begin to talk. Bob would look into the camera with a stern expression clearly not the biggest fan of Brad. Bob stares directly into the camera as he begins to speak. Brad I know you don’t like that word, “Washed” and for what might be the only time I agree with you. You see Brad you are not washed. Your career did not just go into a decline. No, because you see to go into a decline you must have been somewhat notable at one point and you have been simply shit your entire career. So you are correct when you bitch and moan to all these young guys who call you washed, an old guy who simply is not good “anymore”. Because in reality you were never good. Your whole career you have been nothing more than a glorified jobber, an overrated wrestler simply because of how long you have been here. Now we all heard the backstage rumors of your new blacklist that you are putting together. A list of guys who can’t work with, because you got your feelings hurt. So you don’t have to worry Brad about me calling you washed up and old news because you never had a career to fall from and were never notable enough for anyone to consider you good. So in that battle royal if you don’t pussy out and run away I will put an end to this whole tirade of moaning and complaining you seem to conjure up every time you come up short. I dare you to put me on this backstage blacklist because at the end of the day I have already made a bigger name for myself in one short year than you have your entire career. Bob would then pick up a jar of sweet tea he had sitting next to him as he begins to drink. Alexa would then begin to speak shifting the focus from Brad to Bob’s other named opponent in Yelich as she has a smirk on her face, beginning to talk. Enough about Brad, let’s talk about one of Bob Sparks past victims in Yelich. Yelich is a character for sure, no doubt charismatic. But charisma can only get you so far. Brute force can get you a hell of a lot farther and Bob Sparks is the living embodiment of that. A battle royal is a match made for the man sitting before you. Now, Yelich to be completely honest Bob Sparks does not hate you or even dislike you but you are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time...once again. You see the last time you were put in a match with Bob Sparks he clobbered you. Bob laid you out in the middle of that ring and the ref counted 1...2...3. So Yelich the fact here is that Bob Sparks knows he can beat you and you know in a matter of seconds Bob can throw you over that top rope whenever he wants to when BPZMania comes around. Now to your credit Yelich you have done something that we thank you for along with Necce, you helped build the most dominant man here in BPZ Wrestling. You helped create the Bracket Buster Bob Sparks and once again Bob Sparks will use you to become the inaugural winner of the first ever Nebakos Battle Royal. Don’t worry though Yelich I am sure that you can just come back in a few months with a new gimmick and everyone will forget how you were victimized by Bob Sparks once again. We would see Alexa’s smirk turn to a grin as we see her look over to Bob Sparks as she seemingly motions for him to speak once again as the big man then looks to the camera. The expression on the face of Bob is ice cold as he speaks once more. This is not a suggestion, this is a warning. A warning to Brad, a warning to Yelich, and a warning to anyone else who is thinking about joining this battle royal. Bob Sparks is not just looking to win this whole thing...no Bob Sparks is looking to dominate. I am going to run through each and every person in that ring. It does not matter if you have been here 5 years or 5 weeks, it does not matter where you come from, hell it does not matter if you are a man or woman. Bob Sparks is going to run through each and everyone of you. I am going to obliterate everyone in my path just as I have done time after time. So I invite anyone who wants to step up to the plate and get their ass beat at BPZMania along with Yelich and Brad. Hell I don’t even care who else decides to join in, it could be that sorry excuse for a general manager in Sheridan, or it could even be the man the match is named after in Nebakos. It does not matter because at the end of the day Bob Sparks is going to run through each and everyone of you and become the first and only ever winner of the Nebakos Battle Royal at BPZMania. Bob and Alexa would then grin as the camera slowly fades away. Bob Sparks has made it clear today his intentions for BPZMania as he looks to win the Nebakos Battle Royal. Bob has to be considered one of the favorites as of now to win it as we head into a commercial break.
  12. Dolph Ziggler(C) vs Cesaro- United States Championship Match AJ Lee(C) vs Natalya- Divas Championship Match Bad News Barrett vs Big E Langston(C)- Intercontinental Championship Match The Shield vs Evolution Bray Wyatt vs John Cena Daniel Bryan(C) vs Kane- WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match Bonus Questions Who will have the best performance of the night? Daniel Bryan One match scored a 90, which match was it? Bray Wyatt vs John Cena
  13. EPW CORONATION PPV KING OF THE CASTLE FINALS: Seth Rollins vs Zack Ryder In an excellent match, Zack Ryder defeated Seth Rollins to win the EPW King of the Castle Tournament. Ryder would hit Rollins with a Rough Ryder to finish the match off in what was a hell of a match. Both men clearly gave it everything they had here but Ryder seemingly would not stay down as he picked up the big win here tonight. EPW WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Ember Moon In a good match, Kay Lee Ray defeated Ember Moon with a Senton Bomb thanks to interference from the Kingdom. Kay Lee Ray retains here womens title here as the Kingdom continue to dominate here in EPW here as they managed to screw over Ember Moon here tonight. The Kingdom would celebrate the big win together on the stage as Ember Moon is furious in the ring. Daniel Bryan vs The Miz In a surprisingly short match, The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan with a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz was dominant here as it looks as if Bryan was simply off his game or the Miz was the better man here tonight. The Miz would celebrate as the crowd is in utter shock of the dominant performance tonight from the Miz. EPW NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH: WALTER (c) vs Elias In a good match, WALTER would defeat Elias to retain his EPW North American Title. WALTER would dominate here as his monstrous reign as champion continues. WALTER looks to be running through all competition at the moment as Elias was simply no match for the big man here tonight. WALTER would stand tall after the match with Imperium as he is clearly one of the top dogs here in Empire Pro Wrestling. EPW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Heavy Machinery (c) vs The Revival In a good match, Heavy Machinery defeated the Revival to retain the EPW Tag Team Titles after Otis defeated Dash Wilder with a Caterpillar. Both teams looked good here although Heavy Machinery was able to come out on top here picking up a big win and continuing their reign here as EPW Tag Team Champions. EPW WORLD TITLE MATCH: The Fiend (c) vs Dolph Ziggler In a great match, The Fiend defeated Dolph Ziggler after hitting him with a Sister Abigail. The Fiend once again retains his EPW World Title as The Fiend is still yet to lose here in Empire Pro Wrestling. The Fiend reign of terror continues here as he seems nearly unstoppable continuing to beat and dominate everyone and everything in his path. The show would close with a familiar image as the Fiend poses with his EPW World Title.
  14. BobdaBomb

    BPZ Outbreak

    BPZ (Season One) Outbreak Cast Brenden- John Krasinski Keeley - Emily Blunt Bob- Dylan Minnette Sheridan- Rowan Blanchard Bailey- Frank Castle Slim - Denzel Washington Sameer - Chadwick Boseman Smith - Will Smith Julius - Vin Diesel Ropati - Tom Hardy Danielle- Lauren Cohan Hans - Ross Marquand Bart - Liam Nesson Arrow - Tom Holland Steph - Will Poulter Paris - Lily Collins
  15. BobdaBomb

    BPZ Outbreak

  16. EPW Wrestling Episode 17 The Show would kick off as we would see Triple H backstage as he announces that EPW will hold it’s annual King of the Castle Tournament to determine who the King of EPW is. The tournament will feature some of EPW’s top talent including a few new names that will debut this month. Should be a great tournament for sure so let’s get right into the show. As we get set for our first match of the tournament we will see Daniel Bryan take on one half of the EPW Tag Team champions Otis. Both men could for sure win this tournament already seeing good amounts of success here in EPW. It should be a great way to kick off the tournament so let’s get right into it as Otis and Daniel Bryan go one on one. Daniel Bryan vs Otis In a good match, Daniel Bryan defeated Otis after hitting him with a running knee. Daniel Bryan moves onto the next round of the tournament here. Otis had some great spots in the match as he nearly was able to come out with the win here but came up just a bit short to Bryan here tonight. A great showing from Otis but an even better one from Bryan moving him on to the next round. We would then see Ember Moon make her way to the ring. Moon would then cut a promo calling out the EPW Womens Champion Kay Lee Ray. Ember would call her a coward and challenge her to match, waiting for a response. Kay Lee Ray would never come out though as Ember would head to the back clearly upset. We get set for our second King of the Castle Tournament here tonight as it will be the Big Show taking on Zack Ryder. Both men have not seen much success here in EPW at least as of yet but they both look to turn that around here tonight with a big win here in the King of the Castle tournament. Big Show vs Zack Ryder In a good match, Zack Ryder defeated the Big Show after beating him thanks to some interference from Mojo Rawley and a quick roll up. Considered a surprise win by many, Ryder was able to take down the Big Show here tonight as he now moves onto the next round of the tournament picking up a big win here and finally getting some momentum going here tonight. We now get set for our main event match as Dolph Ziggler will go one on one with the newest member of the EPW roster ROWAN. Ziggler has had a up and down start here in EPW but he could really get on a roll picking up a win here. For Rowan he looks to get off to a good start in his first match here in EPW. Dolph Ziggler vs ROWAN In a solid match, Dolph Ziggler defeated ROWAN after hitting him with a Zig Zag. ROWAN got off to a good start in this match but Ziggler was able to get on a bit of a comeback later on in the match managing to pull out the win here tonight. Ziggler picks up a win here as ROWAN’s EPW career is off to a rough start. After the match we would see Dolph Ziggler grab a mic and begin to talk. He would bring up his recent success. Ziggler would then state that he wants more, his recent success has given him confidence to do something no man on this roster has the balls to do. Ziggler would then challenge the Fiend to a EPW World Heavyweight Title match at Coronation. EPW Wrestling Episode 18 EPW kicks off this week with a familiar matchup in a heated rivalry between the Miz and Elias; the match will also serve as a round one matchup here in the EPW King of the Castle Tournament as both men look to get one over on their rival here tonight. The Miz vs Elias In a good match, The Miz defeated Elias after defeating him with a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz looked good here picking up the win and moving onto the next round. Elias had his spots here but The Miz was simply the better man here in this matchup. EPW now rolls on as we get set for our second matchup of the night as Ember Moon will go one on one with the Kingdom’s own Tegan Nox. This should be a hell of a match between two of the higher end EPW women here tonight. Ember Moon vs Tegan Nox In a great match, Ember Moon defeated Tegan Nox after hitting her with the eclipse. The Kingdom would retreat up the ramp as Ember Moon has gained the upper hand on them here tonight. Ember Moon would celebrate as she is seemingly one step closer to an EPW Womens Title Match. We would see Imperium backstage as WALTER states he needs a new challenger. We would then see Elias approach him as WALTER would simply laugh in his face. Elias would just point at the North American Title as WALTER laughs at him as Imperium would walk off. We now get set for tag team action as we will find out who will battle Heavy Machinery for the tag team titles at EPW Coronation. It will be The Revival taking on the debuting tag team of Kendrick and London here in EPW. Should be a great match so let’s get right into it. The Revival vs London and Kendrick In a good match, The Revival defeated London and Kendrick and Scott Dawson defeated Paul London after he was hit with a Shatter Machine. The Revival are the new #1 Contenders for the EPW Tag Team Titles as they look to capture the titles from Heavy Machinery at Coronation. We would then cut to a segment as we would see an episode of the Firefly Funhouse pop up on the screen. Bray would begin to talk stating that no one likes a show off. He would bash on Ziggler’s career while saying the Fiend will put an end to his disappointing career at Coronation. We now get set up for our main event match as we will see the newest member of the EPW roster Seth Rollins take on long time veteran Ken Shamrock. Should be a great match here with the winner moving on to the next round of the King of the Castle Tournament. Seth Rollins vs Ken Shamrock In a solid match, Seth Rollins defeated Ken Shamrock with a curbstomp. Rollins picks up the win here in his EPW debut as he now moves on to the next round of the tournament. Rollins has to be considered one of the favorites here as the show comes to an end. EPW Wrestling Episode 19 We kick off another great episode of EPW as we have a great night planned. We will find out who will fight at Coronation to become the EPW King of the Castle along with other great action throughout the night. It should be great so let’s get into it. We kick off the night with our first of two King of the Castle Tournament matches as it will be the cinderella story Zack Ryder taking on one of the favorites to win the tournament Daniel Bryan. Both these men could use a win here, Bryan with his career begin somewhat stagnant since arriving in EPW and with Zack Ryder looking to take his career to that next level. It should be fun to watch so let’s get right into it. Zack Ryder vs Daniel Bryan In a great match, Zack Ryder defeated Daniel Bryan after hitting him with a Rough Ryder. There was also help for Ryder coming from The Miz as it allowed for Ryder to gain the upperhand hitting the Rough Rider. Ryder now moves onto the finals thanks to the help of the Miz. Daniel Bryan would be furious after the match as the Miz would stand on the stage laughing at him. We would then cut backstage as we would see Elias walking around when suddenly we would see Imperium attack him from behind! The 4 men would begin to beatdown on Elias. WALTER would then stand over Elias holding his title in his face as WALTER seemingly has gotten the better of Elias here tonight. We would then see Ember Moon in her locker room as we would hear a knock on the door. As Ember would open the door we would see Kay Lee Ray as the two would begin to brawl. Moon would seemingly have the advantage until we would see the rest of the Kingdom jump Moon laying here out before walking off. Next up we will see the EPW North American Champion in action as he will go one on one with EPW newcomer Mansoor. WALTER has been on a dominant run ever since his start here in EPW running through everyone in his path. Mansoor could look to take down the giant here elevating his career to a whole new level. WALTER vs Mansoor In a solid match, WALTER defeated Mansoor after hitting him with a Big Boot. WALTER would run through Mansoor dominating a majority of the match. WALTER would then hold his EPW North American Title high as he seems almost unstoppable at this point in time. We would cut backstage as we would see Heavy Machinery standing by as Mandy Rose would begin to speak hyping up the duo. Tucker and Otis would stand with Rose holding their tag team titles. Mandy Rose would then say that the Revival will be no match for Heavy Machinery as their reign as Tag Team champions will continue at Coronation. We now get set up for our main event match as we will find out who will face off with Zack Ryder at EPW Coronation to become the first ever EPW King of the Castle. It will be our second of two tournament matches tonight as it will be newcomer Seth Rollins taking on the Miz. Both these men are more than capable to pick up the win here. Well let’s not wait any longer let’s get right into the matchup. Seth Rollins vs The Miz In a great match, Seth Rollins defeated the Miz after hitting him with a Curbstomp. Seth Rollins is now moving onto the King of the Castle Finals at Coronation to take on Zack Ryder in what should be a hell of a match. During the match, we would also see Daniel Bryan distract the Miz seeking some revenge from earlier in the night which he seemingly got here. The show would then close out with Seth Rollins standing tall. EPW Wrestling Episode 20 The show kicks off as we see Ember Moon make her way to the ring. Moon would cut a promo on Kay Lee Ray before challenging her to a match. Kay Lee Ray with Kingdom by her side would accept the challenge before the faction would walk off leaving Moon alone in the ring as we cut to a commercial break. We get set for our first match of the night as Elias will take on Alexander Wolfe. Both these men have been on a down trend as of late as they look to get back on track here tonight. Wolfe will have Imperium at his back giving him an advantage in this match tonight. Should be a good match though so let’s get right into it. Elias vs Alexander Wolfe In a nice match, Elias defeated Alexander Wolfe after hitting him with an elbow drop. Elias was able to pick up the win here tonight with heavy interference from Imperium. Elias would have just enough moments to pick up the win here in a solid win for Elias. After the match we would see Elias go to celebrate but it would be short lived as Imperium would lay him out after the match. The 4 men would brutally beatdown Elias for several minutes before eventually stopping. WALTER would then hold his title high before talking to a downed Elias accepting his challenge for Coronation. We would see Dolph Ziggler make his way to the ring as he would cut a promo on The Fiend saying that he is going to prove everyone wrong and be the one to defeat the Fiend here in EPW. Ziggler would then go to talk once more but the lights would go out. The Fiend would appear in the ring laying out Ziggler before disappearing once again. We now get set for our main event match as it will be a six man tag team match, it will be the Revival and The Miz taking on Daniel Bryan and Heavy Machinery. Bryan and Machinery look to get revenge on the Miz and Revival after their recent dirty tactics. Should be a great matchup so let’s get right into it. Revival and The Miz vs Daniel Bryan and Heavy Machinery In a great match, The Miz and the Revival defeated Daniel Bryan and Heavy Machinery after The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan with a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz would pick up the win here in surprising fashion pinning Bryan clean. The Miz and Revival would then celebrate after the match clearly having momentum on their side. We see Triple H in the ring as we get for a contract signing between Seth Rollins and Zack Ryder as the two are going to battle it out at the Coronation in the King of the Castle Tournament. The two men would make their entrances as we would see Seth Rollins be the first one to talk. Rollins would credit Ryder for getting this far but he would tell Ryder that he is nothing compared to him and that Ryder needed to help to even get here. He would also say how he is the most hyped man here in EPW at the moment and Ryder could never accomplish that even being a Hype Bro. Ryder though would answer back telling Seth that he has been handed everything his entire career and that he worked for everything that he has gotten in this business and he will be damned if he lets this opportunity slip away. Ryder would then say he will complete this Cinderella story and become the rightful king of Empire Pro Wrestling. The show would end with the two standing face yet never coming to blows as the show ends and we head into the EPW Coronation PPV Event.
  17. Bob’s Diary Update as of 3/14/20 TEW DIARIES ENDING All of my diaries relating to TEW are coming to an end as I am going to try and work on the more creative aspects of my writings. A diary for TEW will likely pop up as TEW 2020 comes out but for now my diaries relating to TEW will be ending both the one’s I worked with on my own and the ones I worked on with others. If my partners would like to continue their side of the diary by all means do it and I will be sure to see where it goes. BPZ PIZZA MADE A TOP PRIORITY Now as of late as I am sure many of you have noticed BPZ Pizza has been in a bit of a slump as of late relating to the speed that episodes were coming out. This for me was a result of me focusing on other ideas that never really got up and going. Now though with my ideas consolidated and back to the mindset that I want to be in I am happy to say that Pizza Place will return to its past glory. With episodes coming out at a much more consistent rate along with the quality remaining as good if not better than ever before. EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING PUT ON SHELF...FOR NOW As much as I hate to admit most likely one of my most successful diaries EPW has come to an end at least for now. It would be foolish for me to say I will never pick it up again at some point due to the past time and effort I put into this diary but due to my multitude of other wrestling diaries I am working on with others at the moment I feel that this will allow me to consolidate my ideas a bit better and allow for me to not run out of ideas as quickly as I have in the past. So for now EPW is coming to an end but it could for sure come back in the future. ADDITION OF TWO DIARIES With the departure of a few diaries I am happy to announce the addition of some diaries. The first of two, will be a better and improved NFL Diary surrounding the Buffalo Bills. The diary will operate similar to how my old Chicago Bulls diary functioned with the foundation being a sports simulation diary but with my own creative aspects involved including narrative and storylines that you normally would not see happen in most sport’s diaries. Second, I will be adding on a new creative diary similar to BPZ Pizza. This diary will show a much darker aspect of my creativity while keeping that comical and somewhat realistic foundation that is seen in BPZ Pizza Place. The diary has seen some major development by me as I have some high hopes for the diary. Although it will be hard for the diary to reach the height that Pizza Place has I hope to see it but something that you all end up enjoying along with my other work. THE SHARING OF SCRAPED IDEAS With my recent ideas being all over the place I have developed I have developed numerous diary ideas with some even being developed to the points of spreadsheets and docs. These ideas I feel would be a waste just to throw away and to never let them see the light of day. So I am more than willing to share them with some of you who are looking to start a diary but just need an idea to get started with, whether just a simple idea or an already developed thought of diary ready for writing. For this it would be as simple as a direct message and we will go from there. UPDATED DIARY CALENDAR The way the calendar will work is that certain diary’s will be assigned a day in which a guaranteed episode or post for that diary will be posted on that day. This does not mean that will be the only diary post of that day but it does mean that is the day to look forward to for that specific diary. Free Day’s will serve as time for me to prep or simply have a little bit of a break. But if I feel that it would not hinder me a surprise diary post for that day will be made similar to my own surprise on Saturdays. Bob’s Surprise will serve as an opportunity for me to get out more of something if I have a good roll going for it and want to share that extra content. For the diaries I am working on with others they will be posted on any day with no limitations simply so I don’t hold my partner or partners up. This calendar though will serve as a great tool to help me organize my work and to simply improve my quality while keeping up a consistent quantity for you all. Sunday: Buffalo Bills Diary Monday: Free Day Tuesday: Free Day Wednesday: BPZ Outbreak Thursday: Free Day Friday: BPZ Pizza Place Saturday: Bob’s Surprise DIARY LIST SINGLE DIARIES BPZ PIZZA PLACE | BUFFALO BILLS: CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER | BPZ Outbreak The Life of Bob the Bomb (Occasional) GROUP DIARIES WBW 2.0 | BD 3.0 | BPZ BACK TO BRANDS Network Era 17’ | MaryseMania
  18. Name: Bob “The Bomb” Sparks Height: 6' 5" Weight: 310 lbs Manager: Alexa Merci Height: 5' 8" Weight: 115 lbs Figurehead: WALTER w/ Maryse (Alexa Merci) Gimmick: Backstabber Alignment: Heel Backstory: Bob has been dominant throughout his force with whatever he has seemingly done. A giant among men Bob Sparks got what he wanted when he wanted it. Bob has been considered by many to be somewhat untrustworthy with his turn on the hWo and his fallout with Mafia. Now a part of Bullet Proof Bob is quickly climbing up the ranks in BPZ as he looks to be one of its future stars. Bob put his career on notice early picking up big wins vs big wins early on. Bob with his new manager Alexa Merci are continuing to climb up the ranks as they look to dominate the BPZ roster and continue their path up to the top of BPZ wrestling. Fighting Style: Powerhouse Taunt: Stare straight over shorter opponents, Dikembe Mutombo Finger Wave Regular Moves: Scoop Slam, Buckle Bomb, Running Powerslam, Chop, Chokeslam, Running Powerslam, Spear Signatures: Bracket Buster (SpineBuster) Faith Breaker (Punt Kick) Dose of Reality (Big Boot) Finisher: The Bob Bomb (Batista Bomb) Final Embrace (Bear Hug) Theme:
  19. Match #1: Pentagon Jr. vs. Killshot Match #2: Shayna Baszler vs. ??? Match #3: Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns Bonus Questions: What wrestler will receive a video package in the show? (Just guess, the show type is daredevils/brawlers/hardcore people, he's an upper midcarder I'd say in real life.) Jimmy Havoc What trio will debut on the show? 1 point for every choice correct... Their name is Legacy of Violence. Rousey, Shafir, and Duke
  20. BobdaBomb

    I'm here

    Slim would stand in the ring waiting for someone to answer his call when we eventually see someone answer the call. Slim stands in the ring with a smirk on his face as we hear that horrific bomb siren blast through the arena as Bob Sparks steps out on the stage. These two men have a past for sure that was seemingly never settled. Bob Sparks would lumber his way down to the ring, stepping in between the ropes, before grabbing a mic. The two would stare down for a moment before Bob Sparks would eventually begin to speak. You and I, we have a past there's no denying that. From the fall of the hWo to the rise of Legacy, till the eventually rise of your mixed bag of parts in Mafia. You see as things rise others fall and for a moment there Slim you had Bullet Proof on the ropes, you looked as if you were going to dethrone the top dogs but you threw away the key to your success, you threw away your ace. You tried to bury me, put me back into the mix where no one would ever hear the name Bob Sparks again, why? You heard some rumors? So ramblings? Some gossip? It’s unfortunate it really is, you had your ticket back to the top and you simply threw it away, drowned the already washed up career you hold so dearly. Now why you did it, I understand I really do. Now you can say that it was because of my ties with Bullet Proof behind the scenes, all of the recruiting and all of the rumors day in and day out, but that is far from the truth. The truth as deep down as you want to bury it, as much as you want to hide it. I know, I understand, you felt threatened. Slim looks at Bob flashing a quick grin as Bob would just shake his head. We would hear the crowd begin to boo as Bob and Slim simply look around soaking in the hate as Bob would then begin to speak once again. Now I knew since day one the man that you were. A lesson learned from a man you know quite well, in Bailey. Bailey gave me plenty of advice in my short time here in BPZ but none quite as notable as this. Slim is nothing more than an egotistical manipulative piece of shit who in his own mind must go over whenever and wherever he can. You see even your friends now this truth that you have quite literally denied throughout your long career here in BPZ. You prey on these young wrestlers and these lost wrestlers who have a lot of heat but no idea what to do with it. You claim that you will help make them a star, and help them get over, when in reality everything you offer them is going to be nothing more than yours at the end of the day. You see when they get big and outgrow your level of talent, you cut them off and try to capture all of that momentum they had for yourself. You claim that you know the in’s and out’s of this company but at the end of the day your are just as lost as all these guys that end up getting lost in the shuffle. Slim now looks at Bob confused as Bob is looking down at Slim with a stern expression showing little emotion toward Slim. Bob would then begin to talk to Slim once again this time moving in closer and getting in the face of Slim. Once again speaking to him. Always a part of a group, part of a faction. You surround yourself with young talent to stay relevant. Then cut them loose when they become a threat and push them back down the card till the cycle continues as you try and pull them back into your loop, your so-called “Family” once again. You see I am not dumb enough to fall for your twisted manipulate ways once more. You can send your boys after me, but as I proved for Raven your will has no effect on me because no matter who you send and no matter how much you try and put an end to me it will simply mean nothing as I run through each and every obstacle that you have thrown my way. Every man will fall, and every lie and trick will be exposed as Bob Sparks has simply and will continue to get the better of you each and every time you try to put me down. Cause when you are doing your best to take down your new “brothers” I am stronger than ever, cause with all of your shoots on me and everything you do to try and kill Bob Sparks. I will stand tall because I am simply Bullet Proof. Bob would then look at Slim as the two stare down once again. Bob Sparks would wait in the ring looking at Slim with that cold expression waiting to hear how Slim will answer to not only Bob Sparks but how he will answer to these people.
  21. As the music would blast through the arena we would hear the crowd boo as Alexa Merci would appear on the stage with a smirk on her face. Alexa’s smirk would turn to a scowl though as she makes her way down the ramp and into the ring. Alexa would then grab a mic clearly having the other women’s attention as she begins to talk. Now I sat back there listening to this absolutely disgusting dialogue going on between you all. Frankly none of you other then my good friend Christina over there even deserve to stand in the ring with someone of my standards and grace. I look around this ring and all I see is the epitome of why the men in the back don’t want us to get anymore recognition and don’t want to give us opportunity to prove ourselves and honestly can I blame them? I mean I look around and I see what, a group of girls who only got here cause they were coat tailing off of their man or they were using their god given gifts to create some buzz backstage. Alexa would look around the ring positioning herself next to Christina as we would see the two form somewhat of partnership here with their Bullet Proof ties connecting them. The two would exchange a nod before Alexa would turn her attention to Sailor Meko standing face to face with her as Alexa would begin to speak a large grin on her face. How wonderful a fan favorite, Sailor Meko! Everyone loves Meko right! You come down to the ring with that big ole smile, high fiving the kids and making these worthless people feel like they actually matter. Now there is a place for that but let me just be real honest with you right now, a silly little smile and some scumbags cheering your name does not make me worried about you. In fact it almost makes me pity you, feeling wanted by these people. I mean it clearly shows me that you are weak, weak in the mind and weak at heart. You need to hear their voices to succeed, you need to hear their voices cause it fuels you, makes you want to go that extra mile to give these people what they want to see. Well let me break it to you that is not going to be enough to take me down and after I run you out of this company you will be nothing more than some minimum wage theme park princess taking pictures with kids and simply being a disappointment to not only your parents but to yourself as well. Alexa would then shift her focus to another woman in the group, Violet Carson. Carson would look at Alexa with a cold expression on her face as Alexa just continues on with her grin clearly not afraid of any of the women in this ring. That moves me onto you, miss tough bitch herself. Violet raised on the streets submitting herself to men then and it seems that still has not changed. You talked about working the streets as you seemed proud of it as well. You know it makes sense to me looking at you for every Gunner in this world there has to be someone just as ugly to fill that void. I mean earlier you talked about fighting battles with men and I can assure this crowd you were not lying because not only can I see that but I can smell it too. You see Violet, you are what they call a trash can. You just kind of sit there no one ever really wants you, but every once and a while someone will come unload simply because they have no other place for their garbage. Now credit it to you ones man trash or in this case every man’s trash is one man's treasure, you manage to subdue Gunner Flynn but just as Gunner was put down my man, I will be sure to put you down so these people never have to see you...or smell you ever again. Alexa would then turn her back on Violet shifting her focus to another woman in the ring. Alexa would turn to face Rin Akane. Alexa though would look over the shorter Akane as we would see Christina laugh at her in the background. Alexa would then begin to talk now looking down at Rin. I heard you get offended by the world leech well let me do you one better than, gold digger! A title that so rightly fits you. I mean I heard what you had to say questioning the validation of some of the other women in the ring but what is yours? What, that you had some really great success in Japan? Let me let you in on a little secret here honey, we are not in Japan. So all of that success outside of this company means absolutely nothing to me. This business just as it has always been is a what have you done for me recently business. Nobody cares in this arena what you managed to get done in Japan against... let me say some low level competition. No what these people and everyone in this company cares about is what you have done here in BPZ Wrestling. The biggest and best company in the world today. Now what have you done Rin? While I was making deals and pushing Bob Sparks up the card making Bob Sparks a name people fear here in BPZ you, you just sat there. You sat there like a god lap dog in Arius’ promos never getting involved. Never helping him out, never giving him that advantage. You see that is the difference between people like you and people like me. I don’t sit by letting others determine my success... no I guarantee my own success thanks to the work I put in both out here and behind the scenes. So you can claim all you want you are not a leech, not a gold digger sitting by the side of Arius letting a man help push you to the top. But when it comes down to it you will simply be nothing when he casts you aside. You have no foundation, no validation for success where I do. So keep on digging for that gold cause sooner or later there will be none left and when that time comes there will be nothing left of Rin Akane. Alexa then shifts her focus to be considered by many to be here biggest enemy here in BPZ Wrestling, Alice. Alice and Alexa have seemingly picked up on the past rivalries of Bob and Mirage as the two have nothing but utter hate for one another. We would see Alexa laugh in the face of Alice before beginning to speak. Finally I get to see the lowest of low BPZ has to offer face to face. You know it’s funny Alice everything you want I already have. It must be a shame to be at the bottom of the card every night watching your man getting his ass kicked every time he steps into the ring. Now if I was you I would pack your bags and find a new man like you have done time after time already. Why you don’t I simply can’t understand. Oh wait actually it makes all the sense in the world. You ruined your reputation to the point where it is as low as Mirage’s. You slept around so much that it is more common than that a BPZ superstar has had his turn with you. Between you and Violet you two are trying to run your own BPZ prostitution ring it seems. It really is sad Alice, Bob said he never saw you happier when he… you know did his thing. Alice I get that day in and day out when you settle for Mirage. Your third eye clearly is not working because your career just plummets further and further and you are nothing more than a joke here in BPZ Wrestling. So continue messing around with your stupid jokes and backstage bed politics because the further you fall it only makes me look that much better at the end of the day. Alexa would then stand in the middle of the ring, looking straight into the camera as she now seemingly is addressing the fans, done with the other women in the ring as we hear here begin to speak once again. Soon you people will all buy in to the truth that I let you in on. Exposing how these other women drag down this division that women like Christina and I so valiantly are trying to save. Between the dirty tricks and deals backstage. The leaching and parading around like everything is just fine in BPZ relating to women. I have grown sick of it, sick off the bullshit and sick of the cover these other women put on me from reaching my potential here in BPZ and for women to reach their potential. One day it will be different, but for now all I can say is that Alexa Merci will carry the BPZ women through this dark time, not Rin Akane, not Alice, and certainly not that non existent general manager Sheridan. This is my time in BPZ and I will be damned if anyone--- Alexa would be cut off from speaking as we would hear another theme blast through the arena as Alexa looks furious in the ring. The other women would then turn their attention to the stage waiting to see who is coming out. Reply Planned
  22. NXT Wrestling Welcome to NXT Wrestling, we see a new era here tonight with all new faces and a brand new feel to NXT. We will see some of the biggest names in the industry look to make their mark here tonight. We will see the new era with Donald Trump pairing up with the McMahons to create a great wrestling company and to make wrestling great again. We would see the show kick off with none other than the Rock! The Rock is here in NXT, the crowd goes wild as the great one makes his way down to the ring. It has been a long time since we have seen the Rock in a wrestling ring and man do the fans seem happy to see him. The Rock would begin to talk hyping up the crowd and NXT. The Rock would then announce that he is back and is ready to show the entire roster why he is called the great one. The Rock would pose on the turnbuckle but we would hear an unfamiliar theme play. We would then see Donald Trump appear on the stage flanked by the Authors of Pain. The Rock would look at Trump confused as Trump would just look at him with a smile. Suddenly we would see someone attack the Rock from behind it’s MJF and the Big Show by his side! We would also see the Authors of Pain make their way to the ring as the four men would begin to beatdown on the Rock in a 4 on 1 assault. The crowd would boo as Trump would stand in the ring flanked by his new faction it seems. Trump would then speak as he announced the group as the Cabinet. He says that they will dominate NXT for a long time and they will make NXT great again. The group would eventually make their way backstage as we cut to a commercial break. We would then get set for our first match in NXT as it will be the New Day taking on Jurrasic Express. Two of the top groups in our industry will collide here tonight as we get set to see it unfold. Should be a good match so let’s get right into it. The New Day vs Jurassic Express In a good match, The New Day defeated Jurassic Express after Big E defeated Marko Stunt with a Big Ending. Both teams had their moments here with a great face off between Big E and Luchasaurus. The bout was a great start here for wrestling in NXT. We would then cut backstage as we would see Vince McMahon standing by. Vince would begin to talk about the NXT Title and how we will see who will fight for it at NXT Takeover: D.C, he states that there will be two triple threat matches tonight with the winners going on to fight for the title at the PPV event. Vince would wish all of the competitors luck as we get set for the first of these two matches here tonight. In our first triple threat #1 Contender match we will see Finn Balor take on Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy with the winner getting an NXT Title match at Takeover: D.C, these are some of the best wrestlers that NXT has to offer and it should make for a hell of a match here. Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre vs Jeff Hardy In an excellent match, Finn Balor defeated Drew McIntyre after Finn Balor defeated Jeff Hardy with a coup de grace. McIntyre would be furious after the match feeling as if he was screwed over. Balor though would mock McIntyre picking up the win here tonight and earning a NXT Title opportunity at Takeover D.C. We would then cut backstage and see Kevin Owens. Owens is one of three men in our second triple threat match here tonight as clearly looks ready for a fight tonight. Owens would say that he does not care who he has to pin tonight whether it is John Cena or it is Cesaro both men will fall victim to Kevin Owens as he then goes on to defeat Finn Balor and hold the NXT Title high. Owens would then storm off clearly ready to compete here tonight. Should be a great match in our main event but we have some other great stuff to come here first. We now get set for tag team action as it will be the Young Bucks taking on the Revival. Two of the top tag teams in the world today to many this should be an excellent match. Both these teams would love to start their NXT careers off with a win here tonight so let’s see who comes out on top. Young Bucks vs The Revival In an excellent match, the Young Bucks defeated the Revival after hitting Scott Dawson with a Cease and Desist. Both teams looked really good here tonight but only one team was able to come out on top and the Young Bucks were able to do that here tonight. We would then cut backstage as we would see the Dirt Sheet standing by. Miz and Morrison seem to be excited about being in NXT as we see the Miz begin to talk. The Miz would state that Dirt Sheet are going to dominate this NXT Tag Team Division and are going to make NXT must see. The Miz and Morrison would then be joined by Maryse as the 3 would begin to laugh into the camera before walking off. Clearly Miz and Morrison are confident in their abilities and are more than ready to take on any tag team here in NXT. It should be interesting to see when they do compete how they will fair. We would then cut to the ring as we get set for a womens match as Alexa Bliss will take on Maria Kanellis. Maria will be flanked by Mike Kanellis here as the pair look to show NXT to power of love tonight. It should be a good matchup so let’s get right into it. Alexa Bliss vs Maria Kanellis w/ Mike Kanellis In a nice match, Alexa Bliss defeated Maria Kanellis after hitting her with a Twisted Bliss. Alexa looked good here as she seemingly dominated most of this match. Maria had some spots thanks to Mike but outside of that Alexa would dominate her tonight. After the match we would see the crowd cheering on Alexa Bliss after the match as she would celebrate in the ring. Alexa clearly getting off to a good start here in NXT which should boost her up the standings here for sure, maybe with a womens title opportunity in her future. As Alexa would celebrate we would see it cut short as Ronda Rousey would rush the ring attacking her from behind! The crowd would boo as Rousey would decimate Bliss in the ring. Ronda would then stand tall over Bliss as she clearly has already made her mark on NXT tonight. We now get set for our main event match as we will see who will compete with Finn Balor at Takeover D.C to determine the new NXT Champion. The match is star studded as it will be John Cena, Cesaro, and Kevin Owens in a triple threat match. Let’s not wait anytime, let’s get right into it. John Cena vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens In a great match, John Cena would defeat Cesaro after hitting him with an Attitude Adjustment to earn a title shot at Takeover D.C. The match was heavily contested between all three men as all three could have picked up the win here but Cena was able to come out on top here tonight. After the match we would also see Finn Balor and John Cena stand face to face to close the show.

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