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  1. ...Kiera dodges a clothesline, ducking underneath before running the ropes and hitting a running Masamune She wastes no time standing up and pulling a half-unconscious Jason Ryan up too, putting him in position and then hitting a devastating new finisher, the Death’s Dance. 1…..2…..3! Kiera Black wins! She is going on to next weeks match to face Alex and Prince for a shot at the Atlas Championship at the grandest stage of them all. Kiera stands up to her feet and looks down at Jason, spitting on their body befo
  2. What it says on the tin. I will start off with the back catalogue of either LCD Soundsystem, HEALTH, or Radiohead! I'd like to say I'm doing this to make it surprising when I choose one but jts just cause I'm a weird person who can't make decisions
  3. that Utami one is goated oml
  4. AEW VS NJPW In the first AEW video game and first NJPW console game in over a decade, Volvo is finally releasing details as we welcome in the new era in Professional Wrestling video games. Putting out best foot forward, we are proud to announce our revolutionary GM Mode, choose whether or not to book AEW or NJPW as you go to a ratings war. Poach performers, book the show from top to bottom and propel your company to the top of the mountain. AEW Roster: Kenny Omega Darby Allin Young Bucks Adam Page Alan Angels Alex Reynolds
  5. Class of 2021: Puro The first member of the Class of 2021 is the one and only Alex Costa, the only member of the class signed to be a young boy at the main NJPW brand. Alex has seen the most of the squared circle out of any members of the whole class, a whopping 39 matches, while these are mostly on the pre show the experience is valuable for this NJPW Dojo member who holds a record of 9 wins and 30 losses. Another member of our Puro class is KENJI. The future is looking bright for this young man as he got
  6. I'll most likely get around to it before mania yeah, no promises on the miz tho aha
  7. Hello hello people of the wrestling multiverse. It is your one and only best queen Kiera back again with another mucho original idea. I'm fed up of fantasy booking things in my head, trying to do a diary to use the ideas in full form and then stopping cause I'm bored. Instead, this just seems much easier. I will be writing down my ideas and then posting them here, with varying levels of detail. I have a couple of ideas for first goes, the list includes re booking the Kenny Omega IWGP Heavyweight title reign, using my own headcannon of the rumoured run that he should have had,
  8. Name: Kiera Black Age: 18 Nationality: English Starting Club: Manchester United Skin Tone: White Height (in CM or inches, idc): 5'11 Position: CM Role: Roaming Playmaker
  9. The wrestling world has seen a sharp influx in talent flooding into the business of recent times, rough around the edges talents with the potential of greatness in the industry. The identity of these wrestlers is in your hands, you have control over how they begin their journey, WWE, AEW, NJPW, or go it alone the independent route starting unemployed. Welcome to the Class of 2021! Name: Age (Keep in mind this will be a large time period diary, taking place over a number of years): Figurehead: Gender Heel/Face: Company - WWE Developmental/AE
  10. Im really excited for the own-lee-fans ❤️
  11. Kiera


    Saint Valentine's Day Massacre cuts backstage to Kiera Black standing in a dark room backstage, she stands there looking at the camera for a few seconds before beginning to speak. Kiera: You will have to excuse me for the interruption tonight, I just had something on my chest that couldn’t wait until Valor to get off. I also don’t seem you guys worthy of my presence tonight, and so I won’t be coming down to the ring and letting you all get a look at the Megami. Kiera: I couldn’t get around to talking about it for a few days because of…outsi

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