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  1. New Japan Cup USA 2021: Day Two Matchcard: Semi-Final: Brody King (ROH) vs Lio Rush (Free Agent) Semi-Final: Hikuleo (Bullet Club) vs Tom Lawlor (Team Filthy) Bonus Point: Hontai (Misterioso, Adrian Quest, Barrett Brown, & Jordan Clearwater) vs Karl Fredericks, Alex Coughlin, Kevin Knight, & The DKC
  2. WWF Backlash 2002 Live on PPV - April 21st 2002
  3. WWF SmackDown - 3rd April 2002 The show opens with Ric Flair coming out to the ring to greet the fans on the first episode of SmackDowns new era. He stands in the ring with the entire drafted SmackDown roster around him at ringside. He makes a speech saying that from this day forward SmackDown is the show of opportunity, pointing out WWF Undisputed Champion, Triple H and telling him to enter the ring. On Triple H arrival next to him in the ring, Flair speaks about how Triple H will be defending his WWF Undisputed Championship, TONIGHT! He will fac
  4. Kiera


    NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2021: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VS Non-Title Tag Team Match - 30 Minute Time Minute In what is designed to be a warm up match in the run up to Kazuchika Okada's IWGP Championship match at Wrestle Grand Slam in Yokohama, Dangerous Tekkerz didn't go easy on the team of Tomohiro Ishii and Okada, for good reason, with it being a real chance for the duo to prove themselves on the main event level by defeating the Rainmaker. Things did
  5. Kiera


    Valor rolls on as the show returns from commercial break to a familiar theme echoing throughout the arena. Kiera Black is here on Valor?!?!? She walks out onto the stage with the new Defiant branded Atlas Championship, holding it up high above her head before strutting down to the ring. She stands in the middle of the ring to a mixed crowd reaction, she attempts to remedy the situation by shouting "WE ARE DEFIANT WE ARE DEFIANT" but this is only met by a shower of boos from the Valor crowd. She looks incensed about this,
  6. Case Study 01 I struggled to really get into this album to the point that I could really enjoy it. Sounds similar to what Daniel Ceaser is going for have been done before and better by other artists and no tracks really jumped out to me as being worth listening to again. It was ok, not really worth going out of your way to listen to it. Some of the lyricism was pretty cliche, bordering on what feels like it should be in a piece of satire with lyrics like "Life's all about contradiction, Yin and yang, Fluidity and things, I'm me, I'm God, I'm everything" 5/10 - Not bad to listen to an
  7. A new video is released on the Twitter account @KieraBlack Kiera Black is standing in a dark room with a spotlight on her and the table behind her. The table has a cover on it with a championship title shape underneath. She stands with a bandage on her face after her match earlier against Darius Shiba, in which she defended the Atlas Championship against the man in a Deathmatch. Kiera: You may be wondering why I'm not holding my Peoples Atlas Championship right now, don't worry don't worry. No really don't worry. The people who run Valor haven't yet got to th
  8. 13th April 2021 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first ever Defiant Wrestling opens with a speech from the owner, The Peoples Atlas Champion, Kiera Black. This speech can be found here. Kiera Black Speech --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the opening match of the night, El Oculto returns to the BPZ ring after almost 4 years to the adoring crowd of fans in the Defiant arena. He
  9. Ring Announcer: Introducing to the ring, the owner of DEFIANT! Wrestling! Kiera Black! Kiera: Wait wait wait wait cut. Cut my music. Even on my own god damn show, this is a problem. I don’t even know your fucking name but come on. Kiera turns to face the ring announcer standing outside of the ring. Kiera: You need to get it right, I am Atlas Champion! The Peoples Champion. Come on, I’m paying you a lot of money just to stand there and say names, especially if you can’t get them right! Ring Announcer: INTR
  10. Kiera


    A new video is released on the Twitter account @KieraBlack Kiera Black, the self-proclaimed Atlas Champion is seen putting the camera down after clicking the record button and sitting down in front of it before going on her next tirade, Atlas championship around her shoulder. Kiera: Not too long ago I released a video on here and I thought I had made myself pretty clear. I wanted out of the To The Top qualifying match with Nardie. I guess I didn't make myself clear enough because afterwards I have been told by the exact same people who have been trying t
  11. Linda McMahon: Good Evening, tonight we will witness the first ever World Wrestling Federation Draft, Vince McMahon will represent RAW, Ric Flair will represent SmackDown. In the interest of time, only 20 picks will be held live tonight and a lottery will be held live on WWF.com in order to decide the rest of the World Wrestling Federation performers. The result of this historic draft will be coming into effect on next weeks, April 1st Monday Night RAW! Due to a contractual clause, Stone Cold Steve Austin will not be within the draft pool, instead choosing the brand he will sign to as a free a
  12. Kiera


    NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Tour Recap Show! Road To Wrestling Dontaku Night Two: VS Jeff Cobb Pins Yuya Uemura ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VS El Phantasmo Pins El Desperado ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VS Rey
  14. Kiera


    A video is posted to the @KieraBlack Twitter page As an interview backstage at Valor ends, Kiera Black walks into view, with a replica Atlas Championship on her shoulder. The mic has been turned off after the interview ended however the camera sees her going on a tirade towards the cameraman, before bending down and grabbing the microphone off of the ground. She turns it on and begins to talk to the camera, staring straight into the lens. Kiera: Ok, Ok, Ok. This, this will be very very quick, believe me, I have one thing to very quickly get off my chest and th

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