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  2. King Of The Ring Round 1 Recap Show: Kenny Omega VS Hangman Page Brock Lesnar VS Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho VS Sanada Roman Reigns VS Dragon Lee John Cena VS Jay White Randy Orton VS Rey Fenix Tetsuya Naito VS Marty Scurll Jon Moxley VS Walter ??? VS Cedric Alexander: ??? came out wearing a mask and finished that way, keeping his identity a secret until a later date. Aleister Black VS Bray Wyatt PAC VS Nick Jackson Pete Dunne VS Drew Mcintyre Kota Ibushi VS Jushin Thunder Liger Samoa Joe VS The Miz Seth Rollins VS Jimmy Havoc Minoru Suzuki VS Cody Kazuchika Okada VS Juice Robinson Triple H VS Sami Zayn Zack Sabre Jr VS Hiroki Goto Matt Riddle VS Braun Strowman Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jay Lethal Finn Balor VS Pentagon Jr Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Cesaro Ricochet VS Tommaso Ciampa AJ Styles VS Mustafa Ali Andrade "Cien" Almas VS Dolph Ziggler Johnny Gargano VS Matt Jackson Kushida VS Taiji Ishimori Daniel Bryan VS Sheamus Kevin Owens VS Buddy Murphy Will Ospreay VS Velveteen Dream Adam Cole VS Kofi Kingston
  3. In a surprising show of togetherness between the biggest companies in the world have announced 2 month long tournament between the best wrestlers that the world has to offer spanning between shows ran by many different promotions, from WWE to Progress. In the announcement there was 20 wrestlers announced for the tournament. 1: AJ Styles 2: Johnny Gargano 3: Will Ospreay 4: PAC 5: Kota Ibushi 6: Kenny Omega 7: Hiroshi Tanahashi 8: Kazuchika Okada 9: Tetsuya Naito 10: Seth Rollins 11: Zack Sabre Jr 12: Tommaso Ciampa 13: Walter 14: Daniel Bryan 15: Unannounced Wrester 16: Kofi Kingston 17: Matt Jackson 18: Nick Jackson 19: Cody 20: Hangman Page 21: Chris Jericho 22: Rey Fenix 23: Pentagon Jr 24: Jimmy Havoc 25: Jon Moxley 26: Roman Reigns 27: Ricochet 28: Kushida 29: Matt Riddle 30: Velveteen Dream 31: Buddy Murphy 32: Adam Cole 33: Minoru Suzuki 34: Pete Dunne 35: Finn Balor 36: Randy Orton 37: John Cena 38: The Miz 39: Drew Mcintyre 40: Samoa Joe 41: Kevin Owens 42: Cesaro 43: Dolph Ziggler 44: Shinsuke Nakamura 45: Jay Lethal 46: Marty Scurll 47: Jay White 48: Hiroki Goto 49: Sanada 50: Juice Robinson 51: Aleister Black 52: Taiji Ishimori 53: Dragon Lee 54: Jushin Thunder Liger 55: Sheamus 56: Triple H 57: Braun Strowman 58: Cedric Alexander 59: Mustafa Ali 60: Andrade "Cien" Almas 61: Bray Wyatt 62: Rey Mysterio 63: Sami Zayn 64: Brock Lesnar BRACKET: https://challonge.com/リングの王
  4. Kieron Black walks out onto the stage with a gigantic smile on his face however, bandaged heavily after his falls count anywhere match with FDS just a few nights ago. Yelich, Yelich, Yelich. I've got to say, I'm really looking forward to our match. I may be beaten, I may be broken, but at Backlash I WON! I stand out here on this stage a winner, something I haven't been able to say for a long, long time. My retirement tour must continue however and it continues very quickly after the last stop because the second stop is as part of the Powertrip Cup. It is this weekend. It is against you. Against Yelich. The crowd boo's as Kieron mentions his name, bringing a smile to his face yet again. As I said earlier I am very much looking forward to our match this weekend because even though we haven't met in the ring too many times before, I feel like I know you inside and out. I feel like I know you because I was you. You are NOTHING but a bargain bin version of me and there is no denying that. Look at yourself, "Creepy" rocking chair, check. Lantern to make you look "scary". Check. It's all from me. The only difference is I realised that living in that way, is the wrong choice. I realised that living like that is a losing strategy and I found the real me. I buried the old me with poor little Sophie and burned my chair using my precious lantern. You may not of realised it yet, but even as a BROKEN, bruised, bandaged, injured old timer, there is no way that you can beat me because you are exactly what I was. I stupid, little wannabe. A LOSER! There is nothing that you can to about it until you learn the lesson that I wrote. Until you change. Kieron begins to walk down to the ring and enters, standing in front of Yelich. You speak of being my saviour, you speak of being MY leader. I look at you and I don't feel fear, I pity you, because you haven't yet seen, that YOU are a loser. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a loser and while that may be a good spot for you, while you may think that trying to gain followers may make it better for you, trust me. It won't. So. This weekend, half of me is going to walk into this ring against the unscathed version of you and it is your biggest chance to ever beat me. Because the only time that you wil ever get a chance to hurt me is this weekend, your only chance to progress in this tournament is because of the work of a better opponent. Because of what FDS did to me. So enjoy your time in the limelight while you can, because by Mayhem you will just be back to losing your United States Title matches to Arius. Kieron throws his mic into the face of Yelich and stands in the ring waiting for his response.
  5. Everybody post their favourite tracks here in a Spotify playlist to be featured in the BPZ Spotify Playlist. May expand this and make separate playlists for different genres if this is successful.
  6. Name: Kieron Black Height: 6'2 Weight: 203 pounds Hometown: Leeds, England Heel/tweener/face: Heel Finishers: Sister Abigail (Sister Sophie) Piledriver "Executioner" Signatures: Bomaye knee "Judge" Phoenix splash "Jury" Color for attire: Black and White Powerhouse/Technical/cruiserweight/brawler: Technical Cruiser Theme song: Return to earth - The Contortionist
  7. Kieron just stands in the ring, pen in hand while staring at FDS from the other side of the table. He picks up the contract and flips through the pages before throwing it at FDS, startling him as Kieron walks over and stabs him in the eye with the pen. FDS screams out in pain before pushing Kieron across the ring. FDS slowly gets to his feet, with one hand covering his eye before getting clotheslined over the top rope and onto the floor. Kieron stands in the ring taking in the applause as FDS stumbles up to his feet, Kieron walks over to the steel chair he collected earlier and throws it straight into the face of FDS, sending him straight back down to the ground. The crowd goes crazy once again as Kieron wastes no time going under the ring and coming back out with a table, setting it up on the outside of the ring. He kicks FDS before he can get back up and walks over to a screaming fan, who hands Kieron something. He walks over the table with a psychotic grin on his face before brandishing a lighter, clicking it on and lighting the table on fire. Kieron grabs FDS and throws him back into the ring, closely following behind before picking up the contract and pen, screaming "THIS TIME NEXT WEEK YOU GONNA BE IN A BODYBAG MOTHERFUCKER!" While signing it and throwing it down onto the ground. He walks over to FDS, who is sitting in the corner and picks him up, placing him on the top rope before climbing up himself. He looks as if he is about to push FDS through the flamin table before FDS takes control and suddenly sends Kieron flying off of the top rope and crashing down through the flaming table and into the pits of hell. FDS falls down into the ring and slowly makes his way up to his feet and picks up his axe before exiting the ring. Spitting on a hurt Kieron as he makes his way to the back.
  8. Kieron Black


    Kieron walks out onto the stage to a huge cheer from the crowd as he walks down the ramp and next to the ring with a smile on his face. He stops right next to the ring and looks inside, where there is a table with a contract on top and two chairs. He slides into the ring, picks up one of the office chairs and throws it out of the ring before going outside himself and grabbing a steel chair from the time keepers area, then he sets it up next to the table in the ring and sits there, soaking in the moment as the crowd chant his name. "Kieron Black!" "Kieron Black!" Well, Well, Well. Here we are. Just days away from Backlash and just days away from my match with FDS. Just days until we go to war in a Falls Count Anywhere, fans bring weapons match. As we edge closer and closer to judgement day I just get even more giddy with the chance to stand across the ring from FDS and beat him to a pulp, live on pay per view. I've already got some ideas on what I could do. How about this, I set up a table on the outside of the ring, set it on fire and then send the psycho crashing from the top rope and down into a pit of fire. Or maybe I could drag him head first through barbed wire until he has to quit. Or my favourite idea, sending him from all the way at the top of that titantron over there, down onto the metal stage. TO end his career. However. Unfortunately, tonight is not Backlash and we are still yet to make this match official. Which is why I would like to invite Mr. FDS out here right now, to sign this contract and make it official. Make it official that you sign the rights of your career to me.
  9. Carnage returns from commercial to a black screen. Kieron Black: Three years.Three years since I walked out in front of all of the people and announced, that I am here. Kieron Black. The brother a psycho and the son of a wife beater, destined to follow down the same dark path. Destined to be nothing more then a failure. Spending my whole life either in a jail cell or stuck in a premature grave. Following in the footsteps of Jason I found my way to the light. I found my way here. Scared, initially to show what was my true self. Gave myself the nickname Vioxx and walked out in front of you all with a message. I tried to light the flame to set off the pipe bomb and floundered until the fatal day when I was fired. My one chance to make something of myself gone up in flames because of one bad decision, one wrong turn. I still think of what could of been to this day, what if that never happened. What if my live was NEVER sent tumbling down the spiral and into the depths of hell to rot away like the rest of my family. I spent my time recording messages and posting them on the internet to bring attention to myself, a "fake" murder/rape. Burning people alive. Until I finally ended up getting my job back, right here in this company. I spent two months building myself up all the way until I could make my intentions known in March of 2016 when I threw Nate through a flaming table and challenged both him and my own brother Jason Black to a match on the first ever BPZMANIA for the United States Championship. The three of us went at it in what was probably the toughest match of my career to date but I eventually came out on top after hitting Nate with the Sister Sophie. 1...2....3! New United States Champion. Yaaaaaaaay. Unfortunately for me this was the beginning of the end for anything good in my entire career. From then all the way to now. I lost the United States Championship in 20 seconds to my own brother Jason the next month at Backlash then fell off. I fought Jason for almost a year after that, when I finally rid the earth of that scum and buried him down six feet under where cunts like him belong! My contract came to an end and I decided to go on a hiatus with my stagnated career in the company. I went soul searching in Japan, became the IWGP Intercontinental Champion. Won the G1. Won the IWGP title right there in the Tokyo Dome and came back to the west after losing my title at Dominion the next summer. Returning as as The Enigma, Kieron Black and beating Echo Wilson for the Premium Championship at Summerslam, before floundering. AGAIN. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND FUCKING AGAIN! Yet I always came back, until I eventually decided that I couldn't do it anymore. I took my ball and went home. I took my ball and went to my wife, went to my kids and tried to just have a NICE CHRISTMAS. But I couldn't have that could I because some twat called Diego Garcia decided that it was his job to come in and ruin it all. leading to a Hell In A Cell match where I threw him from the top of the cell, all the way down to the ground. Broke his skull in with a chair and put him to sleep with Sister Sophie to register just my fourth win in this company in THREE YEARS! Then I left, again. This time, due to injury. I left once again to focus on my health as I suffered yet another concussion in my match against Garcia. leading me to this moment. I begin my retirement tour next weekend. Against my hand picked opponent. Against FDS. Against my psycho. He is not an unfamiliar enemy but he is an enemy that I am scared of, deep down. He is not much different to my brother and he always had one up on me. He was always the one who could beat me. He beat me multiple times. I never had an answer for him and I'm not sure I have an answer for FDS. However, this time I have absolutely NOTHING to lose. If he ends my career next sunday then good for him, he was the one who sped up the inevitable. Kill me and I wouldn't care. Because without this. Without wrestling I have nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Watch your back Because you never know which side of me you will get and at the end of the day. They are all just different shades of the same colour. They are all the man who is capable of rape. Capable of murder. Because at the end of the day, whatever shade, I am still Kieron Black. 1,220 Days. 174 Weeks. 40 Months. 3 Years. All of it leads to Backlash. All of it leads to FDS. Falls Count Anywhere. All of it leads to war.
  10. WWE are proud to announce that in the lead up to Money In The Bank we will be holding a special duo of tournaments, leading up to one final in the main event of the pay per view. Two 8 person tournaments will be held, one on each brand with the winner of each facing the World/Universal champion on the RAW/SMACKDOWN before Money In The Bank and culminating in a Undisputed Championship match in the main event between the best of RAW and the best of Smackdown!

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