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  1. My stomach issues seem to finally be going away and I might end up trying to be back for Mania. Sorry again to everyone i was in matches / teams with

  2. It's the best day of the year
  3. Very sorry to the guys in the title match, going through some health shit rn which is pretty serious. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Echo Wilson

      Echo Wilson

      Don't stress yourself about it. Make sure you get yourself better. You'll get through it bro. 

    3. FDS


      Don't worry about it man, get it better soon mate.

    4. Julius


      Get Better soon bud 

  4. @El Pero De La Nájico - Beat him at Mania and he stole a win against me at KOTR, dickhead. Not bitter though. @Julius I'm not stopping until i beat him. Fed up of him beating me again and again.
  5. 1. Julius 2. Bailey 3. Bart 4. Necce 5. FD
  6. This show just keeps getting better, Riddle VS Ohno brings the show up yet another level. Really exited for this one
  7. The documentries the Network has are all amazing and i dont see many people talking about them. Whether its the dvd docs, 24, 365 or something else the wwe production on these are unparalleled
  8. I feel like your looking more long term then WWE themselves are lmao. I think brocks probably winning but WWE thamselves have proven that wins and losses dont really matter to them etc etc
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