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  1. Change.

    The lights go black inside the Evolve arena and a spotlight shines at the top of the ramp, shining on Kieron Black as he walks out onto the stage with the flag of the USA wrapped around him as he walks down the ramp with a mic in hand. He enters the ring and sits down cross-legged before speaking. Hello there. I stand before you all, a changed man with a changed heart. Kieron places the flag down on the mat. See, you all will know by now I had no interest in this country, I still don't and while I am no patriot, I would rather be in England then America right now. He pauses for a few seconds as the crowd boos. Anyway, let's get down to business, I'm here to make a statement and I intend to make it quick. Black reaches into his pocket and grabs a lighter, then switches it on and looks deeply into the flames. Not long ago I was sat down in my old rocking chair, adamant that I didn't care about my match at BPZMANIA, after all, I took the match on a few days notice. In the last month, however, I seem to of had a change of hears, I seem to of evolved as I now stand here before you, a changed man, no longer am I a wannabe cult leader, no longer am I a leader with no followers. I am a man. A man with a lot to prove to the world and my quest to prove myself as worthy of my life begins here. Now. See, the man I am going to ask to join me tonight is a man I have wanted to face for the last month. Bart. You hold what I want. What is rightfully mine. YOU hold the United States Championship. I am asking you to come out here so that man to man, I can challenge you to a match at Mayhem, one on one, and unlike at BPZMANIA, you have my undivided attention. Kieron drops the lighter down onto the flag of America, making it catch light then stamps on it. The flag burns rapidly as Kieron stands over it before sitting down next to it. Unlike at BPZMANIA, you won't be facing a rusty Kieron Black focused on collecting followers. You will be looking at a hungry Kieron Black, willing to kill, willing to torture, willing to do whatever it takes to defeat you. So, Bart, there's nothing left to wait for, just me and you. Right here, right now.
  2. WWE2K: Evolved

    The glitz, the glam, it's nearly here, the matches have been recorded and the editing has been completed. Now all we need is a commentator.
  3. Kierons Random Graphics

    Made this in like 5 minutes.
  4. Rate The User Above.

    6.5/10 Has potential
  5. TEW 2016: WWE | A New Chapter

    2-On-1 Handicap Match: The New Day vs Big E WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Ladder Match: Charlotte (c) vs Bayley WWE United States Championship: Rusev (c) vs Bobby Roode No Disqualification: Jinder Mahal vs Jeff Hardy Daniel Bryan vs The Miz WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match: Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs The Club WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match: AJ Styles (c) vs John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura Bonus Question: What Rating Will The Show Be? 85
  6. True Justice

    Kieron does nothing in retaliation, just stands and stares, almost past Zamasu. You think I'm a punk hey, given everything I earned, you don't know shit. You're delusional. You really think I was given anything? To the casual Joe I was never supposed to succeed and after I earned everything I was thrown aside, treated like dirt. Why do you think I haven't won a championship since 2016? Why do you think I wasn't here? Why do you think I'm here now. See, now I know who you are, what you are, i know how you think and I probably know what makes you tick, you and your kinks all because of one sentence, one statement. See the way you carry yourself and the names you give yourself, they are the true definition of unearned chances. Everybody in the world from the people in the back to the fans out here have given you chance after chance after chance after chance to succeed and still you stand here, a washed up bastard still trying to intimidate the same people you failed to beat 2 years ago. You call yourself the creator, how about the cancer. Kieron swiftly slaps Zamasu in the face.
  7. True Justice

    Kieron walks out onto the stage, with no fanfare, no music and sits down on top of the stage, Indian style and looks over at Zamasu for an awkward amount of time before pulling a mid from his pocket. See Zamasu, i can't help but hear a little bit of disrespect in what you just said. Don't get me wrong, facing Slim and maybe even Nathan would be just the thing to kickstart your dwindling career but, i would advise you to stop living in the clouds and live in the present. Personally, i think you should start focusing on me as while our match isn't confirmed by our General Manager you should probably be thinking it. As much as you wish to play the tough guy and act like I'm nothing to you, that I am just a stepping stone on your path to greatness, that I'm the one who needs to train. I'm not. Black gets up to his feet and begins to slowly walk down to the ring. See, when you mentioned me for the first time I can't say I was surprised, i mean,it's been a while hasn't it, but, you have been a crucial part of my career, you were one of the biggest stepping stones of my career, you were one of the people I defeated on my way to what is my one and only championship, you broke like a twig and offered me no fight. While yes that was two years ago and yes we have both changed, a lot. I feel like you are still, the same. Your facade doesn't fool me, i mean, from one liar to another you really need to try harder. He stops for a few seconds before turning and walking over towards the steps, walking up and then entering the ring. He walks over to Zamasu. This mask, the attitude, i feel like I'm looking at myself. Kieron begins to laugh a little before getting serious. I'll ask you once and one time only. Do you really want to mess with me Zamasu? I originally saw you as a warm up act for my impending United States Championship match but you are making this much worse for yourself. I'm starting to care. I'm starting to want to face you, stand across this ring from you, look into your eyes while I make you bleed. I like the idea of you being crushed underneath my boot. So, I'll ask the question before I get my hopes up. Is this really what you want? Creator.
  8. Rate The User Above.

    9/10 consistant and quality in almost everything you do
  9. This Week In The WWE: 2007

    Raw kicks off as Shane McMahon's music begins to play, to my surprise not only are we in London, there is a PPV THIS SUNDAY! Backlash! Shane cuts an ok promo, he doesn't seem to of changed in the last 11 years as he gets his cheap pops and then sends the show to a promo recapping last week. Specifically, the debut of Santino Marella! I didn't realize his debut was the same as the 2010 CAW storyline, as Umaga challenges a member of the crowd to an IC Championship match and Santino accepts, winning after an assist from ECW's Bobby Lashley. After calling out Jose Mourinho, Shane brings out Robbie Brookside and the two have a short match where Shane basically just does a Coast To Coast. Then, announces that he forgot to mention, this is a 2 on 1 handicap match and Umaga is his partner. Umaga does a splash then Shane brings out Vince, saying the match is now 3vs1, Vince pins Robbie and I don't think the show could've started much worse, a dud segment which went on for upwards of 15 minutes. A video plays recapping the Cena VS Micheals match from Wrestlemania before announcing Cena VS Micheals, TONIGHT! Nice. Yay, up next we have Matt Hardy, current Tag Team Champion with brother Jeff, facing Murdoch who will be challenging for the Tag Champions with his partner, Lance Cade. The two have a very quick, very nothing match ending very suddenly after Murdoch hits a sunset flip. Maria, Women's Champion with the red carpet gimmick, which I actually quite like, against Maria! Jerry really loved this match because PUPPIES but it was mainly to hype up Melina VS Mickie this Sunday. This match was nothing, a lot of hair pulling, a very quick trip to the sad past of the WWE Women's division, Melina wins in 1 minute. In what seems to be the moral of tonight's show, a nothing match. A Video plays hyping up Batista VS Taker for this Sunday, Last Man Standing, should be good. Carlito VS Great Khali! Khali has a jobber entrance as the show comes back from commercial with the Punjabi Playboy in the ring, Carlito comes down, match begins, Khali hits a shoulder tackle, Headbutt, then Carlito botches a dropkick. Chop, Chokeslam, 1.2.3 Khali wins. Nothing but a squash match. Ric Flair comes out to aid Carlito? Carlito just insults the Nature Boy and Ric walks away, what? Bobby Lashley VS Omaga, Shane, and Vince in a 3 vs 1 handicap match for the ECW Championship video package for Backlash. Mick Foley backstage segment, hyping Cena VS Orton VS Micheals VS Edge for Sunday, Edge comes in and thanks Mick for the Main Event and compliments Mick's book. Cena and Shawn meet backstage, Cena speaks about how even though Shawn has his respect, he's not the one holding the championship, he insults Edge Orton and Shawn before saying he's "Just John Cena", then Shawn makes his entrance for the Wrestlemania Rematch between the two. They start off with a slow feeling out process. Shawn goes after the arm and takes it down to the canvas Cena head scissors out to show he can wrestle as the match begins slowly, but after 55 Minutes, Shawn finally puts away Cena to win after a 2 Sweet Chin Music, great match and probably 4. Stars on the Douchebag Rating Scale, probably better than there Wrestlemania match the month before. I'll see you all for Friday Night Smackdown!
  10. This Week In The WWE: 2007

    So, I've been wanting to do something like this for a little while and I'm not good at intro posts, so, basically, I am going to be watching old raws, i have been told to start in 2007, but im still willing to change if someone thinks of a better year, if not, we will be starting with RAW, April 23rd, LIVE from London.
  11. Change

    Yet another video appears on Youtube, this time, Kieron Black is seated in what seems to be his home, sat on the sofa with a United States flag behind him, he's wearing a hooded, black jacket and black jeans. Hello again, it's going to be a little while after today, so I thought I should say hello quickly, I don't have much time so this will be brief. It seems the plans I have created before are, not happening. Currently, I'm a leader with no followers, a man with no mission, empty inside. So, I have decided to rethink my decision on winning a little bit of gold around here. How about I go for that little United States Championship, one last time. For old times sake y'know. Anyway, while I would love to, I can't make it to Backlash, I have other things planned that you guys will know about soon, its a pretty big deal, to me anyway, and probably to anyone actually paying attention. Things are changing, rapidly, in me. I can feel it, I'm different, I don't know how, or why, maybe its the, nevermind. Anyway, With my US Championship hunt, that will conclude at Mayhem. For now, I have other fish to fry, the great. What is it again? Zamasu? Sorry, I'm beginning to lose track. At Rebellion, or is it Retribution? No, no, Rebellion, at Rebellion, You challenged me last time we saw you, if the message wasn't clear last time, I accept. Hopefully, I will see you there. Kieron stands and walks over towards the camera, reaches towards it and hits the off button.

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