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Kieron Black

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  1. Kieron Black

    Kieron's Random Graphics & Videos

  2. Kieron Black

    Who are your biggest BPZ rivals?

    @El Pero De La Nájico - Beat him at Mania and he stole a win against me at KOTR, dickhead. Not bitter though. @Julius I'm not stopping until i beat him. Fed up of him beating me again and again.
  3. Kieron Black

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    1. Julius 2. Bailey 3. Bart 4. Necce 5. FD
  4. Kieron Black

    NXT TakeOver: Phoenix

    This show just keeps getting better, Riddle VS Ohno brings the show up yet another level. Really exited for this one
  5. Kieron Black

    What are you watching on the Network right now?

    E&C Show, wwe 2008 and some older PPV's
  6. Kieron Black

    WWE Network Hidden Gems

    The documentries the Network has are all amazing and i dont see many people talking about them. Whether its the dvd docs, 24, 365 or something else the wwe production on these are unparalleled
  7. I feel like your looking more long term then WWE themselves are lmao. I think brocks probably winning but WWE thamselves have proven that wins and losses dont really matter to them etc etc
  8. Kieron Black

    Behind The Kayfabe

    Welcome to Behind The Kayfabe, the gateway to the lives of your favourite wrestlers where you can find out there inspirations, dreams and ideas. I'm your host Tyler Johnson and I hope you enjoy your stay.
  9. Kieron Black

    What Are Your Ultimate BPZ Goals?

    Win Royal Rumble Win World Win KOTR Win MITB HoF
  10. Kieron Black

    WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Discussion

    I'm just hoping that the belts are used for something like actually forwarding the story between Sasha and Bayley. They seem made for a team like the IICONICS though
  11. Kieron Black

    Who would you like to tag with in BPZ

    @Bart, @The Marker @Julius
  12. Kieron Black

    Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    Bring back Euro for the bants.
  13. Kieron Black

    BPZ Dream Matches

    Me VS Bart, Me VS Smith, Me VS Julius, Me VS Bailey, Me VS Slim, Me VS FD (Actually do a feud) Me VS Necce
  14. Kieron Black

    Your Posting Milestones

    1.4k. OMW to IC