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  1. internet till next thursday

  2. Kieron Black

    BPZ Graphics Division

    The BPZ Graphics Division 2018-19 plan July-August 2018: BPZ Graphics Division, ReBorn 1. The first ever ReBorn event, a 2-week long tournament with one/two round robin groups depending on the number of entries. The top four competitors of each group advance to a Playoff Bracket, the winner becoming the new BPZ Graphics Division Champion. August - October The return of the BPZ Graphics league. The league will work on a round robin format, each competitor facing each other at least once a month with whoever is in first facing the current BPZ GD Champion, unless the champion is in the first place, in this situation, the top four spots will compete for number one contendership. The league will have PPV's at the end of every month, with league matches, championship matches and special matches like the Gauntlet Match and Money in the Bank matches. If you would like to join the Graphics Division then all you need to do is post here doing so, if you would like to be part of the inaugural ReBorn Tournament, make sure you have signed up for July 20th.
  3. Kieron Black

    World Cup Sweepstake

    No such trade has happened you swashbuckler

  5. Yeah, feel like I remember seeing Kenny' s njpw contract ends in January and the bucks end in December
  6. Kieron Black

    Improve The User Above

    Instead of posting some "low quality" posts, spend some more time in more substantial things. Try and improve on your promos Put in some time and take IC from Brad
  7. Kieron Black

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout | 27th July 2018

    Let's stop acting like I'm losing here
  8. Kieron Black

    Improve The User Above

    Improve quality of some posts. Continue and improve upon FCW Try and retain US
  9. Kieron Black

    The Rest.

    Kieron walks back to the ropes and leans on them for a second, big grin on his face. purposely, he walks in front of La Nájico and begins to speak. "I'm not going to hit you. We wouldn't want you to have any excuses for this weekend, however, I am glad that you are here tonight, I've already beat Nathan anyway, he's old news, you. You may not be old news but I know what you are, a generic luchador. I know this because I was not too long ago. Hombre. El Oculto wasn't exactly successful but I can give you a valuable lesson. Give up. You speak exactly like I did, you are here to win titles, you are here to prove the dominance of Lucha Libre, of Mexico. You are here because you don't respect yourself. You say I don't, at least I don't parade around this arena in a mask. At least, " Kieron begins to circle around La Nájico who is stood in the middle of the ring. "At least I no longer have a facade clouding my image. You roll up, come out here, face to face, with a former champion and say that you are better. You have the gall to walk down my ramp and say that " Kieron puts on a pretentious Mexican accent "My first victim will be, Kieron Black, the one, the only, the GOD!" He begins to speak more seriously. "You have the gall to walk into my house and act as if you are better then me. Look at yourself in the mirror, I have been here for years, paid my dues, done my time, shed my blood, won championships, have countless accolades to my name and while you may have won a few matches in CMLL or whatever shitty promotion you worked for, however you perceive Evolve from the outside, this is not a place for the faint of heart because you have just entered the lions den and this lion is hungry. " Kieron motions as if he is going to slap the luchador before stopping just in front of his face. La Nájico doesn't flinch, he instead just stands in the same position as he was when Kieron began speaking. Black bends down and grabs one of La Nájico's hands, shakes it and begins to walk away, shouting "At least you have balls" while walking up the ramp.
  10. Kieron Black

    Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    7 8
  11. Kieron Black

    Rate The User Above.

  12. Kieron Black

    The Rest.

    "Okra" by Tyler, The Creator plays as Kieron Black makes his way out onto the stage. He reaches down into his pockets and comes back out with piles of bills in his hands. On his way down to the ring, he proceeds to make it rain on the fans before spitting on a couple of them then entering the ring. The timekeeper hands him a mic and he stands in the middle of the ring with a huge smirk on his face. "See. I know what you are thinking. What, the hell happened to Kieron. Well, I've gotta say, I'm so glad that you finally asked 'cause I've been waiting for at least a month to tell you all. See, I came to the realisation that, I don't have to play a character anymore. I came to the realisation that I have earned the spot on the card I have. I came to the realisation, that nobody can tell me what to do. I've spent years of my life with people telling me what to do. Be this, be that. Lose for me, be a cult leader, be a luchador, pretend to rape this girl, pretend to commit suicide. I've got to ask myself, how did I last so long. Well. The answer was just given to all of you in the front row. " Kieron reaches into his pocket and grabs the last bill that was in there and holds it in his hand. "Money. The money. It's simple really. I did it so that I could continue making more money than all of you people in this crowd right now, will see in their life. However, this isn't my coming out party as somebody who doesn't care about the money and will spend their time fighting, "FOR THE PEOPLE!" This, this is quite the opposite. I just have too much of it. Enough in fact, that I don't have to take no for an answer. I WON'T! See, after all this time I have been scared of this mythical being, ready to reach down and grab me, take me to heaven and end it all. Now I know, none of it is true. No god is going to take me away. No karma will stop me. I'm just too good at this point. I've watched, listened and learned. Today is me telling you all. I am here not only to stay. But I am here, to rule. Rule you all, rule Storm, rip that Championship from his grasp and put it in my closet where my cash lives. Not only that, Natedog, a man I brushed away at BPZMANIA, he will fall. Not only him, Angelo, Johnny, Sameer, Yelich, FD, Julius, Prince, Ryan, Josh, Echo, Ropati. All of you are on my list. All of you will fall. just, like, the rest. Kieron exits the ring and slowly walks up the ramp and out of the arena with a smile plastered on his face.
  13. Kieron Black

    Down With The Shoot

    Thanks for the interview Brother
  14. Kieron Black


    A video begins to play in the Evolve arena, beginning with a still camera shot in a light room, focused on a black wall. All is still until a few dollars fall from above the camera and into the frame, followed by more until almost the whole screen is full of them. Kieron walks into the frame with a chair in hand, he places it on the floor and sits down, staring straight into the lens of the camera. Well well well, I've been watching this place closely since I took my hiatus. I can't believe how quickly this place, especially the United States championship has fallen. I mean, Bart, the person I had finally come to terms with losing too, you lose, to Storm. Of all people. I can't claim however, you just made it so I don't even have to break a sweat. I'll be honest, I know nothing about you Storm, apart from one thing. You do not measure up to me. I'm a better wrestler, talker, sadomasochist, draw, commentator and better champion than you. I'm going to make you go through what I did. When I won the title, I'm going to tear you apart limb from limb, teach you a lesson. When I'm done, you will have no choice but to lay there on the canvas, probably crying and say. Kieron, Black. The GOD. THE KING! THE ONE! IS! HERE! Kieron spits at the camera and the video ends.

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