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  1. RAW VS WCW: A WWE2k Universe

    WWE RAW: April Week 3! Shawn Michaels VS AJ Styles: WWE Championship, Number One Contenders Match: Winner: Shawn Michaels! Aleister Black VS Chris Jericho: Hardcore Title Match! Winner: Aleister Black! Promo: John Cena comes down to the ring, calling out The Undertaker for a match at Saturday Nights Main Event! The Undertaker doesn't come out to the ring and John Cena retaliates by calling him a "Loser!" before going backstage. #DIY VS sAnity!: WWE Tag Team Championship 1 Contenders Match! Winner: #DIY Neville VS Shinsuke Nakamura: IC Title, Falls Count Anywhere Match! Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura!
  2. RAW VS WCW: A WWE2k Universe

    WWE Payback: Shawn Michaels VS The Undertaker! HBK wins, after kicking out of a tombstone, HBK locks in the sharpshooter and The Undertaker taps out! Aleister Black VS HHH Hardcore Title Match: Aleister Black walks out to the ring with the final remnant of the past, the NXT Title, signalling the changing of the eras. Aleister Black wins, after multiple Black Masses and a long brawl on the outside, Aleister Black defeats Triple H, becoming the first Hardcore Champion! sAnity! VS The Club Tag Title Match: Both Sanity and The Club make there way out to the ring, just before the bell can ring AJ Styles comes down to the ring as the manager of The Club! The Club win after a running kick from Karl Anderson, crowning our first Tag Team Champions, The Club! Neville VS Shinsuke Nakamura IC Title Match: Neville wins by count out and as the title is vacant and we need a winner, Neville becomes our first ever IC Champion! Seth Rollins VS AJ Styles WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles kicks out of the Phenomenal Forearm, then connects with the Kings Landing onto AJ Styles, 1..2...3! Our first WWE Champion, Seth Rollins. The show closes with Seth Rollins raising the Title!
  3. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    8 Quality 9 Story After being consistently good for years, its pretty hard to knock you,
  4. Rate The User Above.

    7/10 A good chat (even though he says wag1) pretty good kayfabe and a very good diary
  5. BPZ Music League 2

  6. Vioxx's Various Video's (and tron requests)

    Coming soon, New Day VS The Usos MV and AJ Styles MV
  7. Vioxx's Various Video's (and tron requests)

    Soz boys, been getting used to a new editor and sorting out my PC so i didnt get round to the trons, if you guys still want them then tell me, the polls at the top are also still open and i would appreciate votes as these will be the next few videos i make in my Year End series.
  8. RAW VS WCW: A WWE2k Universe

    WWE Payback, live, the Sunday after tonights Monday Night Raw. Monday Night RAW: April Week 2! WWE Hardcore Title 1 Contenders match: Aleister Black VS Drew Mcintyre Straight off the bat, Aleister hits Drew with a huge Black Mass, pin, 1...2...3! Aleister wins very quickly, making HHH VS Aleister Black for the Hardcore Title, LIVE at Payback! WWE Tag Team Title 1 Contenders match: The Club VS The Revival After a very long match, with finisher kick outs and interference from non-legal tag partners, The Club hit the Magic Killer, 1...2...3! Making The Club VS sAnity confirmed for Payback and for the Tag Team Titles! WWE Championship Tournament Semi-Finals: AJ Styles VS Neville In a fairly quick match, AJ Styles taps out Neville with the Calf Crusher, proving his dominance against his unlikely challenger. Shinsuke Nakamura VS Seth Rollins After kicking out of multiple Kinshasa's and hitting multiple Pedigrees, Seth Rollins hits the Kings Landing and gets the pinfall. 1...2...3! Creating two more matches for the Payback PPV! Match Card: Sanity VS The Club Tag Team Title Match Triple H VS Aleister Black Hardcore Title Match SPECIAL ATTRACTION: The Undertaker VS HBK Neville VS Shinsuke Nakamura Intercontinental Championship Match AJ Styles VS Seth Rollins WWE Championship Match
  9. Kierons Random Graphics

    My new Sig and Avi [/spoiler][/spoiler]
  10. Rumble.

    Kieron Black: Consider this, "King", You have been on top of the world, at the end of the day, I can respect that, even with our troubled past, I understand your mindset. You held for World Title for months, headlined multiple Pay Per Views, beaten Hall Of Famers. While you were doing this, I was losing and sitting on the sidelines, I was the jobber, to your star. You say, you say something very interesting about BrendenPlayz, about Bailey, how they were a reason for my Career downfall. What, about, you. At this point, Kieron is beginning to pace around the ring, circling Slim, but resisting the urge to strike. Kieron Black: How about a dreaded faction that we were both apart of, a faction that YOU were the leader of, a faction that YOU killed. Let me take you back to straight after I enter the backstage position at BPZMania 1, with the US title in hand. I'm given an offer, an "Offer of a lifetime!" joining the then rising star Slim and multiple other stars like, for example, Apex. We are gaining a head of steam, me and Apex, ready to challenge for the Tag Team Titles. then what happened Slim? Huh? You know, I know, anyone who was watching knew, you turned your back on us. Not only halting me and Apex but halting my own career, what happened after you turned on us, what happened when you killed the nWo? I became what I am today. After that day, I became a washed up, wasted talent. I became the jobber to your star. Kieron stops still in the ring, then raises his arm, pointing at Slim. Kieron Black: And during the time I was a jobber to your star, you became the multiple time world champion you are today, you became the King! You became what you are right now in this ring. A man with everything to lose. See, look at it this way slim, imagine that I and you face off in the Rumble match, I throw you out of the ring. You have just been thrown out of the rumble, by someone competing for the US Title. If you throw me out, I lose nothing, not really. Sure, I lose my chance to main event Mania. But I have nothing to lose in this match. You know more than anybody, that a man with nothing to lose, everything to gain. You know, that when a man is desperate for a win, he will do ANYTHING to get it. Just imagine, if my first bit of success for over a year, is against you, the star, the King. Slim. You lose credibility, I become a star. Just know, don't underestimate me at the Rumble, cause I am prepared to win both of my matches. Kieron spits in the face of Slim, before quickly exiting the ring, escaping before Slim can retaliate. Kieron Black: By any means necessary. BANG!
  11. Rumble.

    Kieron walks out onto the stage, on crutches, flanked by his manager Sophia. He stays still on the ramp for a few seconds, looking around at the crowd before letting go of his crutches and pointing towards the camera with his hand shaped like a gun. After a few seconds posing he begins slowly walking down to the ring and towards the steel steps, where he pics up a mic before entering the ring through the middle rope. He lowers the middle rope, helping Sophia enter the ring, then stands next to her in the middle of the ring, mic in hand. Kieron Black: I'm baaaaaack. He walks around the ring, doing a couple laps as he gets a mixed reaction of cheers and boos from the crowd. Kieron Black: Not only am I back, but I am better than ever, I've spent a couple, long and hard weeks, rehabbing, training in the ring and for a certain match at the end of the month. See, it dawned on me, after my .com interview not long ago, not only will I have a United States Championship match this month, I will be inside the ring with 29 other men, in the Royal Rumble Match. The crowd begins to cheer at the mention on the Rumble before Kieron cuts them off. Kieron Black: Wait, I'm not finished talking. Kieron pauses yet again while smugly smirking before talking again. Kieron Black: See, the Royal Rumble match, one of two ways that you can main event the grandest stage of them all, BPZMania. The only chance I have of headlining it in fact. I take opportunities like this, very, very seriously, probably more seriously then I will be taking my US Title match on the same night because after all, the stakes are higher and beating 29 men is no easy task. So, I have spent the last couple of weeks, not only rehabbing but training for the Royal Rumble Match. Perfecting eliminations, creating my very own tactics, I would go into more detail but it would be to complex for a crowd like Texas to understand. The crowd begins to shower Kieron in boos after he gets some cheap heat, he laughs it off before continuing. Kieron Black: See, despite my record in Rumble, matches being 0 wins 2 losses, I can't help but feel confident this year, not only am I the best wrestler in this company, I am the most efficient, unlike some of your fan favourites, I'm not going to gas out after five minutes and, and this gives me a great deal of confidence, or maybe even arrogance, that I am struggling to keep at the back of my mind. Although, why should I, there is big things happening at the Rumble, things you couldn't imagine and I am just one spoke on the wheel, i am the biggest spoke that there will be, as not only will I prove you all wrong by winning the United States Championship at the Rumble, I'm going to shock the system, when I earn my one way ticket to the main event, of BPZMania. And if anybody has a problem about that, instead of telling people your problems behind my back, why don't you come out here, come out here and say it to my face! Kieron walks over to the ropes facing the stage and motions towards himself, wanting somebody to walk out of the curtain.
  12. Create-A-Wrestler Showcase

    I havent uploaded to CC, but this is my CAW on xbox, so there is probably nobody who could get it anyway lol. I could re-make it on PS4 tho
  13. Kieron Black - A Sit Down Interview

    The video begins in a fancy looking room, with Kieron Black sat at a black glass table, next to him, his manager Sophia and an interviewer. Interviewer: Hey, im Jordan Jones and welcome to our new .com interview, with the former United States Champion and currently injured. Kieron Black. Now, Kieron, how are you feeling after your recent injury. Kieron: Well, for the last few weeks, its just been hard rehab on my knee, im doing whatever I can four times a day. stretches, massages, everything, morning, lunch, evening and night, every day. I im not feeling much in terms of it getting better, in terms of the pain. But, I can tell that my leg is getting stronger every day, as you saw I can now walk without my crutches, but not much else. Jordan Jones: Well, from me and everybody else I wish you a speedy recovery. Is there any more detail that you can go into what the injury specifically is and how you got hurt. Kieron Black: Well, all that I will say is that it was an injury to my leg and I will be back anytime soon. I sustained the injury at a live event while performing my signature Springboard 450 splash. I slipped while on the ropes and got my leg tangled, thankfully the ref came over and freed me before anything more serious happened. Jordan Jones: Well, now that we have spoken about the past and the present, how about the future? Kieron Black: I am completely standing by what I said back before my injury, im going to win the United States title whatever it takes, even if I need to perform with an injury because at the end of the day, I know, you know, everyone knows that I am better then everyone in the division. Even the champ. Jordan Jones: Continuing with the point you just made, do you really think that you will be able to win the US Title, there is some big fighters in the division and the current champion is on a roll. Kieron Black: Well Jordan, no matter how much of a roll the champ is on, no matter how much momentum he has, I will still cut him down because, at the end of the day, momentum isn't a real thing. Not truly, all momentum is, is a new word for confidence. The more momentum that the champ has the more I can destroy his ego, before, during and after he loses his title match. Jordan Jones: It seems you are all confidence, saying that you haven't won a title since March 2016, what makes you so confident. Kieron Black: What makes me so confident? What makes me so confident is the fact that not only do I have a beautiful woman by the side, I have the skill and talent to do the job. Just because I haven't proved that i "Still got is" doesn't mean that I don't. 'Cause at the end of the day, I don't need to prove anything to anybody but myself. Jordan Jones: Well, before this interview gets too heated, I would like to take the chance to thank all of you for watching this . com interview and wish all of you, a happy- Kieron signals to Jordan then asks for the mic before the clip ends. Kieron Black: One last thing, one last thing I have to say. While I was talking about proving myself, I challenge anybody to face me when im back, i challenge anybody to face me at any time, then, when im stood over you, with an injured leg, maybe I will of proven my point. Kieron makes a gun with his had and points it towards the camera. Kieron Black: Thank you for watching, and happy holidays. Bang! The video clip ends.
  14. RAW VS WCW: A WWE2k Universe

    Monday Night Raw: April Week One! WWE Hardcore Title 1 Contenders Match: Triple H VS. Chris Jericho Hardcore Match. After a hard fought match, Triple H hits Jericho in the face with a Sledgehammer, then a Pedigree leading to the 3 count. Winner: Triple H WWE Tag Team Title 1 Contenders Match: Sanity VS. The Lucha Dragons Sanity win comfortably, after some interference from Nikki Cross, allowing Killian to hit a finisher. Winner: Sanity WWE Championship Tournament Quarters: Neville VS. The Undertaker In a huge upset, Neville hits the red arrow and wins after reversing the Tombstone. Winner: Neville Seth Rollins VS. Akira Tozawa. Seth destroys Akira in a quick squash match, winning with a huge knee. Winner: Seth Rollins Shinsuke Nakamura VS. Roderick Strong After a surprisingly competitive match, Shinsuke gets the win after a second Kinshasa! Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura Aj Styles VS. Chad Gable AJ wins after kicking out of multiple finishers and locking in the Calf Crusher. Winner: AJ Styles. Semi Finals WWE Title Tournament next week. AJ Styles VS. Neville Shinsuke Nakamura VS. Seth Rollins

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