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  1. Kieron Black

    Ticket Punched

    Kieron quickly picks up Echo and places him onto the top turnbuckle then follows him up, setting him up for what would be an absolutely devastating move. 1.....2.....KICKOUT! Echo kicks out! Kieron sits back up a tear almost running down his eye before he picks Echo back up to his feet. He stands above Echo and before picking him back up. 1.......2......3! Kieron Black Wins! Kieron Black is the new Premium Champion! After a killer match where the two tore chunks out of each other, Kieron Black stands tall in what luckily is his only match of the night, unfortunately you can't say the same about his opponent. Kieron stands up to his feet with tears coming out from his eyes as the referee hands him his first championship for over two years. He looks down at his opponent, Echo as he uses the ropes to get back to his feet, Kieron throws down the title on the ground seemingly ready to attack before stopping himself as Wilson gets up to his feet. Kieron bends over and grabs the title again, putting it over his shoulder before grabbing the arm of Echo Wilson, who is in the middle of leaving, asking for him to come back. The two stare at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. Kieron signals for a mic and the timekeeper hands him one. "Echo. We put each other through hell tonight. You are one hell of a warrior. I thought I wouldn't be able to put you away. I just want to say, good luck later tonight." Kieron stretches out his arm, leaving it there for a few seconds as Echo looks down at it for what feels like an eternity. Echo exits the ring as Kieron celebrates in the ring.
  2. Kieron Black

    Kieron's Random Graphics

  3. Kieron Black

    Premier League Weekly Review

    Premier League Weekly Review 2018/19: Game-Week 2 JoshsNow: Ok welcome to the Premier League Weekly Recall Show JoshsNow: Joining me is my co host Kieron and our guest Marker JoshsNow: Mark, welcome to the show The Marker: Thank you for having me Josh and Kieron JoshsNow: No problem JoshsNow: So let’s start by reviewing the league result JoshsNow: We’ll start with the one I just want to get out of the way JoshsNow: Brighton 3-2 Manchester United JoshsNow: What were your thoughts on a disappointing United performance Vioxx: What is there to really say? As a team, we seem to be very dejected, whether because of injuries or the manager it isn't currently clear JoshsNow: Listen I’ve been an anti Mourinho fan since Day 1 JoshsNow: And I honestly think that the reason we have no leaders in the squad is because who is going to want to play under Mourinho? The Marker: Yep, that definitely happened, Let get this out of the way, United was really awful in this game and Brighton absolutely hammer them down and it very disappointing for a Team like United to lose to some team like Brighton, Alot of the players thought they did really bad including Pogba, I feel soon enough Mourinho is gonna get sacked, he isn't at his best like the first season and everyone says that it is Third season syndrome for Mourinho and I can't doubt that JoshsNow: I agree with Mark when I think that this is his last season JoshsNow: So what changes to the squad do you think he should make Vioxx: I think the Sanchez move really had a poor ripple effect in the squad, for example Vioxx: I went to the Manchester United VS Stoke City game in January and Martial, while motivated, was an absolute monster Vioxx: Now, after everything which has happened he seems like he doesn't want to even wear the badge JoshsNow: When as a 21 year old, your manager shows faith in you by replacing you with a 30 year old on 550k a week JoshsNow: Its no surprise he’s feeling demotivated JoshsNow: Also I’d be starting Smalling and Jones following the defensive performance Vioxx: Personally, although Bailly had a poor game I would rather play a Bailly and Smalling/Jones. The pair together just screams a 5-0 thumping against Spurs JoshsNow: I am a Bailly fan JoshsNow: But he just can make that one mistake in a game The Marker: Mourinho has influenced alot of people in a negative fashion and that what you wouldn't want in the dressing room including the people we mentioned and when those guys are your best players on the team, they will 100% turn against you The Marker: It what happened with Willian, Hazard and countless other people(edited) Vioxx: That's what really worries me, this season we could be ending 10th in the league like Chelsea did in the 2015-16 season JoshsNow: It’s the Mourinho style JoshsNow: He leaves Team in a worse state than when he got to them Vioxx: Even stylistically its poor from a fans perspective under mourinho Vioxx: Inside Old Trafford nowadays its complete silence 70% of the game with a lot of people not turning up for games which don't involve a Man City or a Chelsea Vioxx: And apart from the loyalty to the club, I'd rather watch a Liverpool/City game as a fan of football JoshsNow: That’s it now. No longer are we the feared attacking force. We are now the boring team of football The Marker: Speaking of City, what a dominant performance by them against Huddersfield JoshsNow: If I need anything more depressing than talking about United this is it JoshsNow: Sadly I could see Town going down at the minute The Marker: Huddersfield in the first placed didn't stand a chance and it proved that with City destroying them 6-1 JoshsNow: I honestly thought they would have a better season than last time but 6-1 is very poor Vioxx: They are my pick for 19th from pre season, only beating Cardiff The Marker: The only player I saw that was good was Kongolo Vioxx: After the mid-point of the season last year every team knew exactly how they played and they don't seem to of changed much JoshsNow: You just realise how far behind the rest of the Premier League they are when you see the squad The Marker: He a very good Defender for Huddersfield and they desperately need that player in the back that helps JoshsNow: They’ve still got the likes of Erik Durm though but for now a very disappointing performance The Marker: But anything else City dominate JoshsNow: I guess for them the season starts next week The Marker: Alan Shearer said that Aguero is the greatest export to come to the Premier League The Marker: Which isn't surprising to me because he really shows why that is JoshsNow: I don’t like Arsenal but Patrick Vierra or Thierry Henry Vioxx: Ronaldo? JoshsNow: They are arguably worthy of that position JoshsNow: Marker if you want to make the argument that Aguero is better than Ronaldo say so now The Marker: That what Shearer said, not me The Marker: I'm just saying he showing why he thinks that JoshsNow: Talking of Shearer JoshsNow: Newcastle getting a point against Cardiff Vioxx: Both sides were absolutely abysmal The Marker: It was a real boring game until the penalty The Marker: And Kenedy failed to score The Marker: I like Kenedy alot, but that not good at all Vioxx: Anything but three for most teams against Cardiff is a disappointment JoshsNow: Cardiff did what they had to Vioxx: It's a real eye opener to where Newcastle could end in this season JoshsNow: Newcastle have had a poor start to the season JoshsNow: They have to take those points The Marker: You know who had a worser start then Newcastle The Marker: Arsenal The Marker: With a second lost of the season to Chelsea JoshsNow: To be fair to Arsenal they have had a tough start The Marker: And this was the best game of the week by far Vioxx: Watching arsenal play it seems as if they have gotten worse though Vioxx: Especially in the City game where they struggled to put a few passes together JoshsNow: I think Arsenal have just realised how good of a manager Wenger was JoshsNow: I did think they played better at Chelsea though Vioxx: It's a wonder they don't score more Vioxx: they should've had at least 4 but they missed two sitters Vioxx: and they have Lacazette sat on the bench most of the game The Marker: The players have really developed under the style of Sarri very quickly and I'm very happy of that The Marker: Kante can now move up more, which is real dangerous to any team Vioxx: I like how they are playing more openly than last season JoshsNow: Chelsea have so far beat Huddersfield Town and a poor Arsenal The Marker: So as City The Marker: But now with Arsenal taking on West Ham, I feel now this is where they shine The Marker: I like Iwobi on that day JoshsNow: They need to start Ramsey The Marker: He was real help for the team The Marker: They need to start Torreria JoshsNow: I can’t believe he didn’t start The Marker: He absolutely quality The Marker: And Leno aswell JoshsNow: Idk JoshsNow: Cech kept Arsenal in the game for a while JoshsNow: Anyway you mentioned West Ham JoshsNow: No surprise as they lost to Bournemouth who are looking good this season The Marker: Yeah, West Ham hasn't been all good The Marker: To be honest, I was hoping they were going to win against Bournemouth and shows us how good they can be Vioxx: I feel like its being disingenuous to call them a bad team because of the loss to bournemouth JoshsNow: But when you consider the money they’ve spent this time The Marker: It only the second week The Marker: This isn't the last couple of weeks Vioxx: They held a lead until the 60th, conceding two in 6 minutes JoshsNow: I see them going down this season Vioxx: West Ham going down? The Marker: Nah JoshsNow: I think so Vioxx: definitely not The Marker: Cardiff, Huddersfield and Palace The Marker: Those are the teams JoshsNow: Cardiff, Palace and West Ham Vioxx: I wouldn't put palace there either JoshsNow: Who would you have? The Marker: They are only good because of Zaha The Marker: Let's be honest Vioxx: Huddersfield, Cardiff, Fulham, Southampton, Brighton and Newcastle could all be in the hot seat in april Vioxx: maybe a burnley if the Europa catches up to them JoshsNow: Talking of Palace JoshsNow: Last nights game JoshsNow: I think Palace could have done something more Vioxx: I think Palace played well for most of it The Marker: That was a bad game for Palace JoshsNow: But was it a penalty or a red card JoshsNow: Cause I disagreed with both decisions Vioxx: The red was correct, he was the last man. But I feel like it probably wasn't a penalty Vioxx: Even Salah looked like he didn't think it was The Marker: It wasn't a pen, but it was a red The Marker: There was connection between Salah and Aaron JoshsNow: Following last night, a lot of pundits have talked about how James Milner is one of the greats JoshsNow: Do we agree? The Marker: No Vioxx: He has good games, he will never be one of the greats because of his style of play JoshsNow: He does always seem to start at the best clubs The Marker: Who said that, Jamie Carraigher Vioxx: he is more of a role player JoshsNow: Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher both said it JoshsNow: Around the same time Neville was wearing a Liverpool shirt The Marker: Carragher, not surprise by that, but Neville really? JoshsNow: And also in Liverpool news JoshsNow: Karius has gone on a 2 year loan to Besiktas The Marker: Good News to be honest The Marker: He needs it The Marker: He needs to regain his confidence JoshsNow: Join us after the break where we discuss the other 4 PL Games JoshsNow: Ok guys we have returned JoshsNow: And we are doing some more results JoshsNow: We start with Burnley vs Watford JoshsNow: It was a disappointing performance for Burnley and you have to wonder whether Europa League is affecting them JoshsNow: What do you guys think? Vioxx: It seems as if that is definitely the case, with a lot of games and minimum change to their team selection The Marker: Maybe, it is, Burnley have won their games in the Europa Qualification, however it doesn't seems like they can transfer that to the Premier League JoshsNow: On the other hand though Watford have had an impressive start JoshsNow: Could this be a good season for them? Vioxx: The 2-0 win over Brighton makes it seem promising, however they will really miss Richarlison against the bigger teams The Marker: It could be, we thought without Richarlison or Marco Sliva, they would fall, however, they have been facing Brighton and a tired Burnley, but I feel they will fall as time progress JoshsNow: You say Brighton as if they are a poor team JoshsNow: But it is a team that have just beat a top side The Marker: Yeah, but that was Week one, we weren't expecting a United win Vioxx: An upset doesn't mean that a team is top quality The Marker: And this was before, not after JoshsNow: Ok let’s move on to the team that took Marco Silva and Richarlison away from Watford JoshsNow: Everton beat Southampton as Richarlison continues to impress Vioxx: I think Everton have looked really good this season and with players like Gomes, Mina and Richarlison they could really do some damage on the top half of the table The Marker: It seems like 50m wasn't a waste at all, but at Watford, Richarlison strive under Sliva, but when he got sacked, he wasn't good afterwards, maybe it could be Sliva or maybe he has to prove that he is worth 50m JoshsNow: Penultimate game we look at is Leicester vs Wolves JoshsNow: Keep in mind they had their best player sent of I thought Leicester were excellent Vioxx: With that and a lack of Mahrez Leicester have certainly overperformed, however, Wolves have had a very disappointing start to the season The Marker: Leicester have been doing well in the Transfer Window, signing alot of players like Maddison who is definitely a standout The Marker: And Yeah Wolves haven't had a great start with only a draw to their name JoshsNow: Wolves may have been poor JoshsNow: But Ruben Neves looks like a Premier League player JoshsNow: If Wolves are struggling come January will he still be at the club? Vioxx: I feel like most of the Wolves players, especially the Portuguese will stay until atleast the end of the season The Marker: Neves is definitely a standout player at Wolves, but don't forget, they do have Rui and Joao to help JoshsNow: Final game now is Spurs vs Fulham JoshsNow: Spurs delivered again, and Harry Kane broke the August curse JoshsNow: What were your thoughts here Vioxx: I feel like this game went exactly as expected in the end, although the period of time where it was 1-1 was a worry for Tottenham JoshsNow: Fulham still looked good to be fair to them JoshsNow: Do you think they could push for Top 10 this season? The Marker: Yeah I can see that Vioxx: It is a possibility but I wouldn't bet on them JoshsNow: Alright let’s begin to close it up JoshsNow: One interesting comment was Sam Allardyce’s comments on Unai Emery The Marker: Haven't heard from it, what has he said JoshsNow: He criticised Emerys style of play, saying Arsenal wouldn’t accomplish anything that way JoshsNow: Are those fair comments to make, especially when it’s an unemployed manager talking about someone who manages one of the top 6 clubs in England Vioxx: Looking at Arsenal in the Chelsea game, they made correct chances but just didn't have any end product Vioxx: I wouldn't be worried about the style just yet The Marker: Well, he has to wait and see, because it only two games in with both good teams and to be honest, he just complains all the time and all he does is sit at home watching games instead of being a manager JoshsNow: Finally, who was your Player of the Week The Marker: Alonso or Aguero JoshsNow: For me, I say Aguero Vioxx: I would give it to Aguero JoshsNow: Anyway thank you Mark for joining us The Marker: No problem JoshsNow: If you have any topics you want me or Kieron to discuss next week post it on this thread JoshsNow: But for now, goodnight
  4. Kieron Black

    Kieron's Random Graphics

  5. Kieron Black


    Carnage returns from a commercial break to see Kieron Black in his locker room, holding a glass of Montoya Cabernet, looking through the barrel of the camera. As I walk alone into the bright lights of Brooklyn. It’s important to remember. Remember the ones who we have lost in the past. If not for today, for tomorrow. While the voices talked in my head for such a long, long time. They are gone. Forever. No matter how much a lunatic calls for them. They will never return. Never. See, a little man named Hollow has been calling for me. Screaming my name. Its sad. Really. It is. I look at him and I think, that could’ve been me. I pity you, you are my opposite. My antithesis. Yet I can’t help but send a message back. Although it’s only because I have to. Under a new brand it seems I carry over my old stigma, I get it, I understand it. I’m the man who murder-raped his girlfriend because of a petty feud with Jason. If anybody knows its me but. Kieron hesitates, seemingly holding something back. But if anybody knows it’s me. IT’S ME! I have spent a long, long time trying to escape it. I can’t do it though can I. Can I? Every-time I come out I hear you, the one guy in the crowd who thinks he’s funny. “Where’s Jason?” It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and I can’t make it stop. It’s obvious but as soon as I think it’s gone. As soon as I believe that I am ready to challenge one of the best in Echo, you enter my field of view. You just had to didn’t you Hollow. YOU HAD TOO DIDN'T YOU! AND YOU HAD TO BOOK IT DIDN’T YOU BAILEY! He throws the glass he was holding across the room. I just hope you both know. If I lose to Echo on Sunday, it’s not me who will be in the hospital by the end of the month and it's CERTAINLY not me who will be locked inside a damn insane asylum like some 90 year old member of a fucking cult. NOT ME!
  6. Kieron Black

    Kieron's Random Graphics

    Thought here would be the best place to get an opinion on this. What are your thoughts on the graphics and the idea of a weekly round-up show of football either by myself or with multiple members of the forums?
  7. Kieron Black

    BPZ Predictions League

    Raw Tag Team Championship: The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) (c) vs The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) Mixed Tag Team Match: Rusev & Lana vs Andrade "Cien" Almas & Zelina Vega Finn Balor vs Constable Baron Corbin Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) (c) vs The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and/or Xavier Woods) Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) vs Drew Gulak Smackdown Women's Championship: Carmella (c) vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair Daniel Bryan vs The Miz Money In The Bank Contract, Braun Strowman can lose the contract by any means: Braun Strowman (MITB Holder) vs Kevin Owens United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Jeff Hardy Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) with Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins with Dean Ambrose WWE Championship: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe Raw Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs Ronda Rousey Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns Bonus Round: Will Dean Ambrose turn on Seth Rollins? Yes Will Mr. Money In The Bank cash-in on the winner of the Universal Championship match? Yes
  8. Kieron Black

    Kieron's Random Graphics

  9. Kieron Black

    Golden Ticket

    Carnage comes back from commercial break and is met suddenly with a new graphic. The camera cuts to Kieron Black backstage with a mic in his hand. He's inside what seems to be his locker room with a picture of BPZMANIA 1 in the background amongst the mementos of his past lives. Oh, Echo. How your reputation precedes you. I really wish we could be meeting in the ring under better circumstances. As partners. As friends but fate has played its hand and this is the hand we are given. Echo VS Kieron for the BPZ Premium Championship. Tantalising. A money draw if we had the machine behind us but i feel like that isn’t going to happen. Not only will the machine not be behind this match but you. You won’t be preparing for this match. Watching my tapes. Ready for my every move. I am the least of your priorities. Not only will you be attempting to retain your Tag Team Championships against The Golden Legacy! You will be competing against “Laoch” for the Vacant Universal Championship. Kieron chuckles a little bit before continuing. I can’t complain. After all I knew this before I walked out onto that stage and proclaimed that I was putting my name in the hat for the first time ever in a Premium Championship Match. I’ve tried time and time again to grab the brass ring known as the United States Championship that I have lost all drive, all passion for it. So. I looked at you Echo. The so called “Promised One” and I see an opportunity. For you next Sunday at Summerslam is a big night, it is for me also but my last chance at salvation in this company is your low hanging fruit. My golden ticket is your rotten apple. My last shot is your dirty little secret. There is still a long time left Echo but it will very quickly come Echo. Keep your eye on the time, or you may not make it to the Universal Championship match. Good bye, good night. Carnage returns to its regular programming after showing the following graphic.
  10. Kieron Black

    Kieron's Random Graphics

    Not sure which is better so 🤷‍♂️
  11. Kieron Black

    Kieron's Random Graphics

    New AVI and Sig
  12. Kieron Black

    Who Is Kieron Black? | The Premium Price

    "Okra" by Tyler The Creator blasts through the speakers of the Carnage arena as a slight buzz begins to build around the arena. Kieron steps out onto the stage for the first time since June 27th and the first time ever at his new home of Carnage. He stands on the stage, still for almost thirty seconds as the crowd reaches a fever pitch, bringing a smile to his face before posing. Black begins to walk down the rap with pace before walking up the steps and into the ring. Upon entering he climbs the closest turnbuckle and poses once again. The ring announcer enters the ring and hands Kieron Black the mic before exiting again, Kieron, with a huge smile from ear to ear stares forward at the hard camera for a few seconds before finally speaking. Forty eight. Forty eight days. Forty eight days since I have stepped into this ring. Forty eight days since I have been me. See, just before Fallout, my contract was running out. The draft was incoming and to be honest. I wasn't enjoying my time on the Evolve brand. There is a slight cheer at the comments about Carnage's rival brand, Evolve. So, I decided that it was time for a vacation. I had no obligation to cvome into work, so I didn't so, when I got the news that I was being transferred to Carnage, I knew it was time to return. Although, this isn't really a return. This is a debut, my debut to Carnage. With it being my debut, I thought it would be best to come out here and remind everybody here exactly who I am and exactly what I want. So first. Kieron turns over to the titantron. Who is, Kieron Black? A video begins to play on the titantron. "Kieron Black. The one, the only, the Rainmaker! This man has followed the path less taken, honing his craft for many different federations in many different ways, most notably winning the United States Championship at BPZMANIA 1! Not only that, this Enigma hosts a variety of moves designed specifically to incapacitate the opponent. First, the Dropkick. This devastating move has laid waste to many superstars past and present as well as being a nice setup for the next move. The Springboard 450 Splash, a versatile move which targets the abdomen and is a great way to end a match, gaining a woo from the crowd as well as keeping other competitors down for three. The Sister Sophie, a move that Kieron mastered during his more tenuous days in Evolve and is the move that put away Nate for the three count which won Kieron the United States Championship! The Tombstone Pile-driver, a newer addition to the repertoire of Kieron Black which he acquired during his recent time off and a move which Kieron believes could paralyse opponents if executed correctly. Last but not least, the Rainmaker. The newest move which Kieron has added, all we truly know is that Kieron is able to hit his opponent with the force of a freight train leading to multiple KO's on his recent time away! We hope that this is enough to get you caught up on all things Kieron Black but now to hear from the man himself!" Wow. What a video package the guys over at Carnage put together for me but, if I am to get serious for just a second. I didn't come out here to show you a fancy video and run off for another forty eight days. I came out here to tell you all my intention. Echo Wilson. What is your price. Because at SummerSlam, your number is up. Premium. Is. Mine. Kieron suddenly slams the mic down on the ground before walking out of the ring as his music plays.
  13. Kieron Black

    BPZ PPV poster Challenge

  14. Kieron Black

    TEW 2016: Career Simulator Version 2.0

    pls i no want shovel
  15. Personal shit hitting le fan, prob will only be doing brand warfare and maybe kayfabe for a while 

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