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  1. Can I have a signature saying Deadman's Hand with the dead man's hand on it
  2. Kieron: When i first announced the Retirement tour all that time ago,m i truly believed that was it. The end of an era, the end of me. I spent months and kept going and going and going until i eventually met my demise against Yelich. That was it, the unfortunate end of me. In the first round of a meaningless tournament. I couldn't handle it and until Prince and Cody came back for me, brought me back and gave me yet another chance I knew that this was my final chance. I couldn't throw it away again. Time went by and I knew deep down, if I really wanted to prove myself, if I really wanted to make my mark. It wasn't with Cody. It wasn't with Prince. It wasn't with the "Young and Free" because they are failures, just like I used to be. I knew that I needed to throw them aside and join forces with somebody who had what it takes, to do whatever it takes. Somebody who is willing to take this place by the balls, so when Blade offered me this chance I bit his hand off. Because Blade has what it takes. Blade has the killer instinct. Kieron sits looking at the camera for a moment with a huge smile on his face before continuing Kieron: So, whether you are the Big Ballers, or any other misguided tag team trying to stand in our way, just know that you may of been dealt the Deadman's Hand.
  3. The two stare at the clock and count down the seconds as the door swings open and multiple inmates walk through the door, flanked by numerous police officers. Kieron walks out, with a huge beard and messy hair walks out and sees both Prince and Cody and hesitates for a moment. Then quickly paces over to the table where the two are seated and sits down. The three men awkwardly stare at each other for a moment until the inmate eventually pipes up. “What the hell are you doing here? I haven’t had a visitor for months and when I was told I had one I thought they were joking. I definitely didn’t think it would be you two.” There is an awkward laugh in reply from Prince and Cody which drags on longer than it should. Once again a silence falls among them until Prince breaks it. “Listen, so...Cody and I are forming a team. Yet we just felt that we needed more for this to work, a piece was missing. Who would create that distinction for us? That’s when we thought of-” Before Prince can reply he is cut off “That’s when we thought of you!” Cody exclaims proudly “Seriously Cody? I thought we agreed I was saying it.” Prince asks with an annoyance. “Yeah well I didn’t get to listen to Akki in the car, I needed something to brighten this day up.” “ Well I would obviously love to help you guys but unfortunately as you can see I’m not exactly in a position to just get up and come over to some arena on the other side of the country. Unless you came here with a shit ton of money there's no way I’m getting out of here.” Prince and Cody look at each other smugly. “Well we paid your bail, who doesn’t love the power of Gofundme.com? If anyone asks, you had a dog named Harold who died in a tragic motorbike accident…don’t ask.” The three nod in agreement despite some confusion on Kieron’s face. Time eventually passes and Kieron gets his stuff ready to leave. Just as he is about to leave, he is stopped by a fellow prisoner…Timothy Grave-Stone, Kieron’s cellmate grabs Kieron’s arm. Kieron stops in his tracks awaiting what Timothy will do next. “Where do you think you’re going? Bunkie.” “I’m going to miss you dropping the soap for me, Timothy.” Kieron said smugly before pacing over towards Cody and Prince and joins them, leaving the prison. Before the three get into the car, Prince extends his hand out to Kieron which he accepts. “Welcome to the Young & Free.”
  4. UEFA Nations League: Game-week 1 For this international break, Gareth Southgate decided to keep much of the team similar to the winning formula he produced in the summer at the world cup with the side being... In the run up to the game there were questions asked about the squad with notable inclusions of under-performing players in league competitions like Ben Foster, Chris Smalling, Fabian Delph and when asked about it Southgate said " It is very important for the squad to have some veteran players, especially with us having such a young, inexperienced squad like the one we are building. However the injuries to Pickford and Pope were big reasons for the choice of keepers for this international period. For the first game against Spain Southgate lined up this squad in an attempt to defeat the favourites to escape the 3 team group between Spain, England and Croatia. The side didn't get off to the best of starts with Diego Costa slotting it into the bottom right hand corner in the 5th minute, a worrying sign for the England squad. The possession game continued to stay in Spain's favour although England seemed to be getting the better of the chances with a Harry Kane strike in the 7th a whisker away from being on target and a magnificent save from De Gea in the 12th minute to prevent Sterling from getting onto the scoresheet. In another worrying sign the vice-captain Jordan Henderson went down and had to be subbed out after picking up an injury in the 15th minute, with Fabian Delph coming on as his replacement. In the 26th minute things went from bad to worse for England as Spain launched into a counter-attack and Carvajal slotted it in for a second Spain goal sending the scorline to 2-0. The Captain Harry Kane however brought the squad some hope as a Kieran Trippier corner landed at his feet and he booted it into the top corner. 2-1. Half Time came with the scoreline at 2-1 and England hoping for some better fortune in the second half and this came in the 70th minute where after a gruelling beginning to the half Marcus brought a fabulous solo goal, weaving between defenders before putting it past his Manchester United teamate De Gea to even the score at 2-2. in the 92 minute however a Spanish corner ended in misery for the fans in Wembley Stadium as ther botched corner bobbled off of Kieran Trippier and past Foster for a Spanish goal 3-2. It would end this way and with heartbreak for the nation as England fell to the favourites, however there was lots of posotives to the performance, with the fight back into the game showing the quality that the England side holds.
  5. Croatia 2-1 England The end of a dream run from the young core of the England team which made the nation fall in love with its team for the first time in a long while, however, it leaves pundits and fans alike to ask the question. Was it all a fluke? With the UEFA Nations League coming very soon and with it, a chance for England to take revenge on Croatia, we will soon know.
  7. King Of The Ring Round 1 Recap Show: Kenny Omega VS Hangman Page Brock Lesnar VS Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho VS Sanada Roman Reigns VS Dragon Lee John Cena VS Jay White Randy Orton VS Rey Fenix Tetsuya Naito VS Marty Scurll Jon Moxley VS Walter ??? VS Cedric Alexander: ??? came out wearing a mask and finished that way, keeping his identity a secret until a later date. Aleister Black VS Bray Wyatt PAC VS Nick Jackson Pete Dunne VS Drew Mcintyre Kota Ibushi VS Jushin Thunder Liger Samoa Joe VS The Miz Seth Rollins VS Jimmy Havoc Minoru Suzuki VS Cody Kazuchika Okada VS Juice Robinson Triple H VS Sami Zayn Zack Sabre Jr VS Hiroki Goto Matt Riddle VS Braun Strowman Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jay Lethal Finn Balor VS Pentagon Jr Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Cesaro Ricochet VS Tommaso Ciampa AJ Styles VS Mustafa Ali Andrade "Cien" Almas VS Dolph Ziggler Johnny Gargano VS Matt Jackson Kushida VS Taiji Ishimori Daniel Bryan VS Sheamus Kevin Owens VS Buddy Murphy Will Ospreay VS Velveteen Dream Adam Cole VS Kofi Kingston

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