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    Carnage returns from commercial break inside the front room of his house. Balloon next to him and drink in hand as he pauses, looking into the camera before beginning his speech. Last week was supposed to be something special, last week was supposed to be one of the biggest moments of my life. Last week was supposed to be the night that I have been waiting for, for years now. And you think that you have a right to come out uninvited and ruin it for me, Ropati. Its ok though. There’s always the future because at present it seems my schedule has been filled with a more pressing issue, beca
  2. Carnage recently announced that Kieron will be returning to TV tonight, in his first appearance since being drafted to the brand. There is no word on what he will be there for, however, with Last Resort in a matter of weeks, one has to wonder if he will be involved.
  3. thing i made cause im bored enjoy looking at it
  4. Kieron

    BPZ: Evolve

    BPZ Undisputed Championship Tournament Draw Each competitor is given a number from 1-12 and drawn randomly. The first 8 competitors drawn enter round one of the bracket, the next four are given a bye into the second round of the tournament. First to be drawn is Xavier King, meaning that he is entered into the first round, he is drawn to face The Aidanator Next to be drawn into the opening round is Slim, who is drawn to face George AK The penultimate match of the first round will be between Julius Jones and Sameer. The final match of the first round will be fought bet
  5. Kieron

    BPZ: Evolve

    -NAME -Tweener/face/Heel -Move set: Finishers, Signatures, other moves -Theme: -Gimmick (character) (Optional) -Backstory
  6. Stuff i make every 2 years or so. Vote on what i should do next
  7. Kieron stands there, staring into the eyes of Julius before putting the mic up to his mouth. You know what Julius. your right. I will finally admit it, you are right. I've spent all this time in your shadow, looking up to you, wondering how I could be you. But this last couple weeks has opened my eyes. I no longer want to be you, I pity you. But, just in case you won't take my word for it. And, I've been told that actions speak louder then words, so, I feel like its worth a shot. Kieron quickly picks up the folding chair and smacks Julius around the face with it, making him fall dow
  8. Kieron Black walks out on stage, holding a folding chair and a book as he comes down to the ring. He sets up the chair in the middle of the squared circle, before sitting on it and opening the book. This book right here people, is the book that I wrote a few years ago. This right here contains many, many things about me. All of the ways that I would act in certain situations, all of my ideas for what I say when i come out here to the ring to speak to you all. Everything I would be planning to do every time I face somebody in this ring. This here book contains more about my subconscious t
  9. Kieron


    Kieron sits alone. Rocking in his chair, alone with the only light coming from the night sky, illuminating the trees around him. Kieron Black. The forgotten one, Jason Black. Two pieces of the ever growing puzzle that is, my family. Two pieces of the Black family. Diametrically opposed from birth, to the inevitable death of one side. However similar in too many ways then one can count. One in the same in more ways than one. The story of the brothers is a long, painful one. Well documented by myself and him many many times. I won't bore you with the details yet again. Although, I have bee
  10. Kieron


    Carnage comes back from commercial and we see Kieron Black walking backstage. He walks up to a door, takes a deep breath and knocks. It swings open, revealing Prince on the other side. He looks bermused, but lets him in anyway. Kieron Black: Listen Prince. I know these last few weeks, havent exactly turned out how we hoped, well, how I hoped. I really went off the deep end there and I am truly truly sorry for it. I've spent this last week thinking about things, attempting to come back to my senses and. I. Don't say anything ok, if its a yes just shake my hand, if it's a no, I will walk o
  11. Kieron

    "Next Man Up"

    Kieron Black walks into the arena from Gorilla, stands on the stage and stares at Julius. He slowly limps down to the ring after his match with Prince last week before rolling into the ring and standing next to the World Heavyweight Champion. Kieron Black: December 2018. December 2018. That's how long I have thought about this moment Julius. That's how long I have waited. A year I have wondered, what would happen, what would I even say. How would I get the chance. So I watched you closely, while you won match after match after match. Championship after championship after championship. Tou
  12. Kieron


    Carnage comes back from commercial to a black screen, as a match is lit by a shadowy man sat in a rocking chair in the corner of the room as the environment around his is blazed in light. The shadowy man puts the match into a lantern, lighting it, brightening the whole room in a orange glow. The Shadowy man can be seen as Kieron Black as the light reaches his face, revealing a sadistic smile. Kieron: Hello there my friends. It is I, Kieron Black. The one and only. I saw Princes little video from yesterday and I've got to say. I have nothing but respect for you man. Really, to put your bod
  13. That figure is the one and only Kieron Black, just days after their confrontation on carnage. Kieron slowly walks towards Prince, before beginning to speak. Kieron: Don't worry, don't worry. I'm not here to attack you or anything, I just wanted to come over, say hello and wish you luck in our Match next Wednesday. We both know whats at stake and I like to think that whatever is said between the two of us on the way, whatever we do to each other along he way. We both will still have atleast our mutual respect. Deal? Kieron reaches out with his arm, offering his hand for a hand s
  14. After a disastrous campaign comes to an end for Manchester United the months of protests have finally led to Ed Woodward and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being sacked from the club. Boyhood fan of the club and successful international player for England and Sheffield United, Ricardo Luis has seemingly been appointed as a manager, atleast in the caretaker roll as the club seemingly await the arrival of better candidates like Mauricio Pochetino.
  15. Kieron


    Kieron stares into the eyes of prince for a moment before raising the microphone back up to his mouth. He stops and chuckles for a few seconds, saying “Are you serious” Kieron: Don’t make me laugh Prince. Please please tell me your joking because last i remembered, you were even more washed up than me. The last time I probably thought of you was what, Young and Free? How long ago was that now man. You were even the reason why that didn’t work out and now you want to come face to face with the ace and say that you are going to pin me down to the mat for the three. So don't. Make. Me
  16. Kieron


    Kieron Black walks out onto the stage with a blank stare on his face, wearing a bright white suit. He slowly struts down the ramp and rolls into the ring, posing while prone in the middle. The timekeeper walks over and hands him a mic as he stands up and his theme stops playing. Kieron: Potential. Potential, potential. Something that I once had. Kieron Black, touted as one of the superstars with the most potential back in 2016. Look at me now. Just 4 years later and look at me now. 4 years of mediocrity, 4 years of losses and look at me now. Wasted potential. Wasted career. See whe
  17. Kieron


    Kieron walks out onto the stage with a frown on his face and a mic in hand. He walks down to the ring and begins to speak on his way down. Kieron: So tonight. Tonight is the first night of the Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational and my “partner” CJ has left me for dead. Disappeared on me once again. You know, when you came to me and said it would be different this time, you said we could win the gold together. I truly believed you. Yet here I am, and there you are. At home, all alone. Yet here I stand, ready to fight while you run away from the fight as soon as the first challenge comes. No
  18. Rotherham United, a club with its roots planted in the ground all the way back in 1870 has now, after a very long process, folded. This comes after years of financial trouble, which finally caught up with the club over the last few months. With the club completely folded, Australian sugar daddy Brenden Playz gave the EFL an offer they couldn't refuse and next season, BrendenPlayz FC will be taking the spot of Rotherham United, including the players and coaches who they would like to keep, the New York stadium in Rotherham and the basic infrastructure of the club. Brenden has however had his ey
  19. Kieron Black walks out onto the stage, his first time on the stage since his tweet earlier this week. He stands on the stage for a few seconds, taking in the reaction from the crowd before heading down the ramp and next to his partner, who hands him the microphone. Kieron Black: Hello Carnage. As I said on twitter a few short days ago, I am not here to mess around anymore. I am here for the gold. I am here for blood, that is why I am here with this man. My former, and now current tag team partner. The other half of the Painmakers. CJ. We are here for more than just to be runners up, we ar

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