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    Kieron got a reaction from Mikey in Just gonna post a bunch of math questions, and you answer them. Each post will have t   
    Easy way to get people to do your homework
  2. Upvote
    Kieron got a reaction from Bad Attitude Bullet in I know I'm not one to be Asking Favors But I was Wondering if Someone Could do me a 1   
  3. Upvote
    Kieron got a reaction from Bad Attitude Bullet in WOW Just WOW Not Only Was NJPW Dominion a Great PPV But Okada Vs Omega Was BLOODY AWE   
    Unless they go in the g1, you might be waiting a while lol
  4. Confused
    Kieron got a reaction from Bad Attitude Bullet in i'm amazed at how much Roman Reigns has accomplished in his run in WWE just 7 Years a   
    A lot can happen when Vince likes you and your sweaty big man muscles.
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    Kieron reacted to Ross in Fart.   
    Stop turning me on
  6. Upvote
    Kieron reacted to Ross in I'm guessing by the two status's below and Karico going on about a bray gimmick the t   
    Yes I know. I'm Sherlock Holmes.
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    Kieron reacted to Aidanator in Come back   
  8. Upvote
    Kieron reacted to Flynn in S/o to Ross for doing SD I forgot   
    This s/o doesn't make up for the utter garbage that you are Slim
  9. Upvote
    Kieron got a reaction from Nebakos7 in pancake   
    your mum
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  11. Upvote
    Kieron reacted to Bad Attitude Bullet in i voice my opinion and my status gets locked real mature guys REAL Mature i guess you   
    anyway I better bounce Before "THE MAN" Gets butt hurt and Reports me and Trash talk behind my back
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  13. Upvote
    Kieron reacted to bailey14 in Feeling relieved...   
    Glad Brenden relieved you last night 
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    Kieron got a reaction from Isaiah Carter in My+school+doesn't+block+this+site...LETS+GO   
    most wont unless you get caught on it lol
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    Kieron got a reaction from Keeley in Please remember to upload your videos on the video section and also your twitch chann   
    how do u link the twitch account

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