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  1. Superstar Name: Kieron Black Height: 6,2 Weight: 205 lbs Face/Heel: Heel Figurehead (Someone Outside Of WWE): Darby Allin Character Backstory: After a few years on the independent scene, Kieron Black suddenly turned from the clean babyface he once was to a cold blooded killer, before disappearing, never to be seen again. Gimmick: Split Personality, mostly a good person until something happens to make him a cold blooded killer. Signature: Fallen Angel (450 Splash) Finisher: Sister Sophie (Sister Abigail)
  3. After a successful WrestleMania the WWE announced the first draft since the return of the brand split back in 2016 and after an eventful night, we finally have the results of said draft here to show the world. (Kieron) Men: Daniel Bryan AJ Styles Luke Gallows Karl Anderson Adam Cole Bobby Fish Kyle O Reiley John Cena Dean Ambrose Chris Jericho Batista Triple H Randy Orton Pete Dunne Tyler Bate Bray Wyatt Luke Harper Erick Rowan Andrade Cesaro Mustafa Ali Cedrick Alexander Dash Wilder Scott Dawson Sheamus Roman Reigns Killian Dain Erick Young Alexander Wolfe Women: Asuka Kairi Sane Ember Moon Shayna Baszler Candice LeRae Bianca Belair Peyton Royce Lacey Evans Sasha Banks Dakota Kai UNIVERSAL TITLE: ??? INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: ??? WOMENS TITLE: ??? TAG TITLES: ??? (Cody) Men: Brock Lesnar Seth Rollins Finn Balor Samoa Joe Kevin Owens Kofi Kingston Big E Xavier Woods Velveteen Dream The Rock Ricochet Roderick Strong Hideo Itami Shinsuke Nakamura Aleister Black Braun Strowman Bobby Lashley Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins Christian Drew Mcintyre Jey Uso Jimmy Uso Jeff Harvey Gargano Miz Tucker Knight Undertaker Matt Hardy Women: Becky Charlotte Alexa Bliss Bayley Billie Kay Liv Morgan Naomi Paige Nia Jax Natalya WORLD TITLE: ??? US TITLE TITLE: ??? WOMENS TITLE: ??? TAG TITLES: ???
  4. Premier League Preview Pilot (only doing one match this GW as a pilot) Premier League 19/20 Season: Game Week One As we come to the end of yet another long summer break, we say hello to a brand new season and yet another 9 months of hopes being crushed and dreams being fulfilled. One half of our opening match Norwich achieved their dream of making it back into the Premiership with a shock victory as the ended the season as champions above another shock team Sheffield United. There will be questions asked of them right away however, as their opening match is against the champions of Europe and runners up in Premiership, Liverpool. It would be a lie to say that this match is projected to be particularly competitive, however the champions of the second tier to have a history of taking Liverpool close with their last three results being 4-5 to Liverpool with a last minute winner from Adam Lallana, however, Liverpool are greatly improved as Liverpool were a poor 7th place during the time of that fixture. Now, they are easily in the top 2 teams in the country and fresh off the back of a magical run in the UEFA Champions League where they beat teams such as Barcelona, PSG, Bayern Munich and Tottenham Hotspur to claim the biggest cup in club football. Norwich have had a very different 3 years since these two teams last met, falling to the fate of relegation down to the championship in the same season as the thriller with Liverpool during the 2016/17 season. While Liverpool last season ended around where everyone expected, Norwich exceeded their expectations by not only securing promotion, but winning the league last season, however the gulf in quality between the best in the continent and the best in the second tier is great and Norwich's transfer window don't suggest a magical run to exceed there expectations of being tightly in the relegation battle this season. Taking into account the squads of both sides, with both of them mostly unchanged from last season, it would be foolish to predict anything but a dominant victory for Liverpool Football Club and our prediction would be 2-0 to the champions of Europe, but it is important to remember the magic of football as we look ahead to yet another season on the greatest league in the world.
  5. The lights switch off and one of the reporters screams. The lights switch back on and The Fiend is stood staring face to face with George, George goes for a punch and hits it, The Fiend just stands there continuing to stare into the face of George. George punches him in the face before being hit with a devastating headbutt, sending George stumbling back into one of the reporters. The Fiend runs at him and spears him into the crowd of reporters and fans before standing up and chasing them all out of the room. George begins slowly getting up to his feet before The Fiend grabs him and throws him onto the table and follows him up there. He grabs a drink and pours it onto George before picking him up and hitting Sister Sophie through the table. The Fiend then picks up George again and drags him over to the doorway which reads "BPZ VIP Meetup With GeorgeAK" and opens it to see all of the fans and reporters, he screams "Are these your people champ! "ARE THESE YOUR PEOPLE!?!?!?" before throwing him into the crowd. The Fiend walks back over to the table and picks up George's Premium championship before walking back over to George, who is being helped up by the fans. They get George back up to his feet before The Fiend sprints over and hits him in the face with the title, sending him back down. The Fiend just stands there chuckling as the lights go out and a few seconds later they come back on with the door now reading "Fiend" in red messy lettering and the Premium Championship nowhere to be seen.
  6. A masked figure wearing black is seen creeping out of the door, the lights begin to flicker on and off as the masked man comes up behind George and suddenly grabs him in a choke hold. After a few seconds of struggling George manages to fight out of the hold and pushes the masked figure backwards into the table. George sprints at the man before being bottled with the glass of wine he was drinking earlier. George falls down to his knees as the masked man picks him up and throws him on top of the table. Sister Sophie through the table! The masked figure stands back up and walks over to the Premium Championship which is now on the floor then picks it up, walks over to George and throws it onto him. The lights begin to flicker once again as the camera zooms onto the attackers menacing mask before the room goes pitch black. The lights come back on a few seconds later with the masked man gone and the banner that once read "Happy Birthday" now saying "Fiend."
  7. After a commercial Carnage returns with the sight of the familiar Blue room. The Black door swings open to reveal a dark room but Kieron, dressed in a neon green jumper walks through and closes the door before standing there, looking at the camera blankly before slowly smiling. Welcome back to the Black household my old friend! I have to be honest, I’ve really missed you all over the last couple of days, you really had me worried that you weren’t going to come back. Thankfully, here we all are! Together once again! Together forever! Kieron begins to chuckle before speaking again I’m glad to say that I have something planned very, very, very soon my children. However...that comes is for a later date. Today, today I wanted to really introduce you all to my family. Kieron pushes the black door open and a little boy who looks about 7 years old walks out, a blank expression on his face. Look at this little guy, so cute, isn't he. His name is Hades and I think he’s gonna end up being just like his father, isn’t he! Kieron ruffles his hair before sending him back out of the room, a little girl around the same age as Hades walks into the room and stands next to Kieron. This one here is Diana, she is a special one. The protector. She may look harmless but, I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. She isn’t afraid to bite. Diana walks slowly out of the room and shuts the door behind her leaving Kieron alone in the room again. I would introduce you to my wife but I already did that yesterday, New Sophia is resting anyway, it was a long night. The real meaning of this little meeting isn’t to just show you my loving family though. It was to make sure that you all learn one vital life lesson, that it took me years and years to learn. See, I spent years and years, my prime years running around. Listening to voices in my head. I was crazy, but now. I’m changed. If you looked at me even a few months ago, you would think that I was long, long, long gone. Yet here I stand. Defiant in my very being. My lesson to you isn’t to remind you about what I once was. It’s to make sure you know, no matter how bad it gets, there is still a chance, no matter how small of a chance it is, there is still a chance for you. A way out of whatever whole you are in. YOU are the only person in control. YOU are the only person in control of your destiny. That is all I was trying to say over the last few years, I always knew deep down, that I could change. A tear begins to toll down Kieron’s cheek I KNEW THAT I COULD DO IT! AND I DID! I finally made my own happy place. I finally made my own safe space. No more ghosts of my past. No more siblings out to kill me. No more haunting memories. No more nightmares. Just me. The real me. The New Kieron. Kieron stands still for a second before opening the black door and disappearing into the dark room, before popping his head back in. Run. The slams the door shut. After a few seconds of silence the door begins to shake and slamming is heard as the camera suddenly goes black.

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