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  1. thing i made cause im bored enjoy looking at it
  2. Kieron

    BPZ: Evolve

    BPZ Undisputed Championship Tournament Draw Each competitor is given a number from 1-12 and drawn randomly. The first 8 competitors drawn enter round one of the bracket, the next four are given a bye into the second round of the tournament. First to be drawn is Xavier King, meaning that he is entered into the first round, he is drawn to face The Aidanator Next to be drawn into the opening round is Slim, who is drawn to face George AK The penultimate match of the first round will be between Julius Jones and Sameer. The final match of the first round will be fought between Mikey and Addy. In the second round, it will be Justin Reiland who is waiting to face the winner of Xavier King VS Aidanator. Ropati will be awaiting the arrival of either Slim or George into the second round Brad will be facing the victor of Julius Jones VS Sameer Finally, Ena Akamatsu will be waiting to face either Mikey of Addy in the second round.
  3. Kieron

    BPZ: Evolve

    -NAME -Tweener/face/Heel -Move set: Finishers, Signatures, other moves -Theme: -Gimmick (character) (Optional) -Backstory
  4. Stuff i make every 2 years or so. Vote on what i should do next
  5. Kieron stands there, staring into the eyes of Julius before putting the mic up to his mouth. You know what Julius. your right. I will finally admit it, you are right. I've spent all this time in your shadow, looking up to you, wondering how I could be you. But this last couple weeks has opened my eyes. I no longer want to be you, I pity you. But, just in case you won't take my word for it. And, I've been told that actions speak louder then words, so, I feel like its worth a shot. Kieron quickly picks up the folding chair and smacks Julius around the face with it, making him fall down to one knee, before being hit with the chair in the head again, making him fall down to the ground. Kieron continues pummelling the world champion, who begins to come to his senses and slowly come back up to his feet as Kieron keeps swinging. Julius catches the chair and throws it away before Kieron goes for broke and kicks Julius in the dick, before grabbing him and hitting Sister Sophie. He stands over the world champion before spitting on his body and kneeling down to grab the microphone. Just like everybody else Julius, you are weak. You are mortal. You are nothing but a fraud. And I can't wait to prove it at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. Enjoy your final hours, Julius. It will be the final time you can call yourself the greatest.
  6. Kieron Black walks out on stage, holding a folding chair and a book as he comes down to the ring. He sets up the chair in the middle of the squared circle, before sitting on it and opening the book. This book right here people, is the book that I wrote a few years ago. This right here contains many, many things about me. All of the ways that I would act in certain situations, all of my ideas for what I say when i come out here to the ring to speak to you all. Everything I would be planning to do every time I face somebody in this ring. This here book contains more about my subconscious then probably anything else. It probably holds more information about me then even I know. I decided a couple of days ago, why not take a look inside, read up on everything that I like to think I am. Read up on who I really am outside of the charade. I wanted to know, through all of the smoke, who really is Kieron Black. Is Kieron Black really who I am, am I really limited to what I accomplished in the past. So, I was reading all of this, getting ready for my match at the weekend. I was planning on what I was going to say when I came out here. Planning every move and I just realised. I thought, what the fuck am I really doing here. I spent all this time looking into the past, searching for the winning formula when, when I have really had it on me all this time. I have always spent all this time, reading off cue cards, memorised in my mind, instead of saying what I really felt. Kieron stands, closing the book and looking around before throwing it out of the ring and down to the floor. I have finally realised, after all of this fighting, all of the white noise, it has really been me limiting myself all this time. But I tell you what. I finally know. I finally understand it all. Lord am I grateful to finally see the light. I don't need this fucking stupid book, I don't need to spend all my time planning out my every move. What if i write a new book. My magnum opus, blank pages, a clean slate. All to lead up to this weekend, when I stand in this very ring, across from the World Champion, Julius. So many people are scared of you Julius. So many people have challenged and so many have fallen to the sword. But I am not scared, I am way past that now Julius. I have faced worse then a deluded brick shit house with a piece of gold around his waist. I used to look at you, and you made me sick. I used to look at you and think, what am I really doing with my life. But, now I look at you and I realise, that this success that I have been craving, scratching and clawing in my attempt to reach the top of the mountain. It is all for nothing, because even if I did reach the Everest. Even if I did write my Magnum Opus in the book of life, I would still be no better then you. I see you now, nothing but a sad, sad man, using a piece of gold and "success" in a facade of being something you are not. A facade of greatness that everybody here has bought into.Everybody is eating this narrative out of the palm of your hand and paying you to tell it to them, when in reality YOU, Mr. World Heavyweight Champion or nothing better then anybody else. No matter all the accolades you have, you are still human. You are still just a scared little pile of flesh and bones. No belt can change that. No amount of acclaim can change that. And the result in a wrestling match can change that. That's why, no matter how many people, cower at the mention of your name, no matter how many people tremble at the sight of you. No matter how many people are slain at your hands. I will stand tall at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. I will stand in the face of adversity. At the end of Saint Valentines Day Massacre, only one of us can stand tall. And that man, will be me. Because you, Julius, are my Magnum Opus.
  7. Kieron


    Kieron sits alone. Rocking in his chair, alone with the only light coming from the night sky, illuminating the trees around him. Kieron Black. The forgotten one, Jason Black. Two pieces of the ever growing puzzle that is, my family. Two pieces of the Black family. Diametrically opposed from birth, to the inevitable death of one side. However similar in too many ways then one can count. One in the same in more ways than one. The story of the brothers is a long, painful one. Well documented by myself and him many many times. I won't bore you with the details yet again. Although, I have been doing a lot of thinking about it all as I get older. I used to be ashamed at what I once was. Who I used to be, however now i know that this was foolish. As hateful as that man was, as evil as that man was. That man was once me, that man will always still be here inside. No matter how hard I try, it will always be the case. I used to fight it, try my best to suppress it yet now I know. That part of me is not only what has made me who I am today, it is probably the most powerful section of my subconscious. The one part of me willing to sacrifice. Willing to do what is best for the mission. The one personality of mine which is able to succeed alone. But he doesn't have to be alone anymore. The protector. The protector no longer has to be alone anymore. No more fighting for control. No more attempting to be the end all be all. The tug of war is over. You don't have to be alone anymore. No more fighting. I'm fed up with this head of mine being a war zone. No more. This is it, the end. I feel like it is time that we all decide to work together, every single part of me. My rage, my joy, my protector, myself. We are all one in the same, trying to be the driver of a car which is not our own to take, it is ours to share, and sharing this fragile being which is a human body can only be good for us all. It can only be good for every single part of us because while we are separated, while we are all fighting against each other for the illusion of control we are playing a zero sum game. Capping ourselves at such a small level, shown by how bad our last few years have been. Together, we are strong. As one, we are the best, and as the best we will finally reach our full potential. This weekend. At Saint Valentines Day Massacre, potential will finally be realised.
  8. Kieron


    Carnage comes back from commercial and we see Kieron Black walking backstage. He walks up to a door, takes a deep breath and knocks. It swings open, revealing Prince on the other side. He looks bermused, but lets him in anyway. Kieron Black: Listen Prince. I know these last few weeks, havent exactly turned out how we hoped, well, how I hoped. I really went off the deep end there and I am truly truly sorry for it. I've spent this last week thinking about things, attempting to come back to my senses and. I. Don't say anything ok, if its a yes just shake my hand, if it's a no, I will walk out right now, we never have to interact or speak of this again. But you really opened my eyes again, and we both share a real mutual respect. We both know all too well this place can be lonely, and friends come rarely, real ones anyway. So, I was thinking that maybe we could give up the fighting and join forces. Stop wasting our potential and combine our strength. Become partners. Kieron holds his hand out to Prince, who slowly reaches out and shakes it as Wildcard continues.
  9. Kieron

    "Next Man Up"

    Kieron Black walks into the arena from Gorilla, stands on the stage and stares at Julius. He slowly limps down to the ring after his match with Prince last week before rolling into the ring and standing next to the World Heavyweight Champion. Kieron Black: December 2018. December 2018. That's how long I have thought about this moment Julius. That's how long I have waited. A year I have wondered, what would happen, what would I even say. How would I get the chance. So I watched you closely, while you won match after match after match. Championship after championship after championship. Tournament after tournament while I lost, while I sat on the sidelines, while I contemplated retirement. Yet I held off. I held off because there was always something I was waiting for. A chance to prove myself against what was at the time the biggest rising star. A chance to make a statement as the real top dog around here yet I never got my chance. I never got my chance while you went from stride to stride and now when I look at you Julius it makes me sick. Because you are exactly what I should have been. Kieron begins pacing around the ring, before stopping still infront of the champion. Your meteoric rise is exactly what I should have had after the first ever BPZMANIA where I beat Nate, pinned him on the mat for the three count. Proved myself as the biggest rising star in this company. Yet I never even got close to that high again. I never got close to that achievement. When I saw you enter this company, take it by storm, win the King of The Ring while I was struggling to defeat a washed up Nate in the first round. I watched you win the World Championship while I was having a 1 month long reign with Premium. You did more than I have done in the last 5 years here then In less than a year. It made me sick at the time. I couldn't deal with it, so I quit. I ran away from the issues. People always ask me why this big retirement tour is even happening. Why would I quit when there is still years left on my body and it's because I can't stand being in the same locker room as you. I cant stand there across the room from you, the 2 time world champion, 2 time King of The Ring winner, 2 time tag team champion, longest reigning US champion, while I am here, almost 4 years after what was supposed to be my crowning achievement. Yet I have added nothing to my list of accolades. I have achieved nothing but stagnation. He pauses, taking deep breathes before continuing. I needed this match. I have for over a year now, yet I have ran, I have pretended like everything was OK while you have kept going. I went home to my kids, and I couldn't enjoy it. I couldn't look them in the eye and feel proud about my achievements because I have achieved nothing. Sure, I get a nice paycheck, but what is there in that when I'm gone. What is the lasting reputation I'm going to have, the kid who was washed up in his first year? The quitter? Wasted potential. I'm probably the last person you expected to come out here Julius. You probably expected somebody coming for that championship. That person is not me, I am not out here for that, because I don't care about that championship. You have something else that is mine. That thing is something I have been chasing for the last 4 years of my life. What I was searching for the last year of my retirement tour. You Julius are the man who stole my prid. Made my life a living hell. And so, I am here tonight, challenging you for a match. A match at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. 1 on 1. No interruptions. No stablemates at ringside. Just me and you. A desperate man, versus the Bad Motherfucker.
  10. Kieron


    Carnage comes back from commercial to a black screen, as a match is lit by a shadowy man sat in a rocking chair in the corner of the room as the environment around his is blazed in light. The shadowy man puts the match into a lantern, lighting it, brightening the whole room in a orange glow. The Shadowy man can be seen as Kieron Black as the light reaches his face, revealing a sadistic smile. Kieron: Hello there my friends. It is I, Kieron Black. The one and only. I saw Princes little video from yesterday and I've got to say. I have nothing but respect for you man. Really, to put your body on the line like this is truly valiant. Although, if you really want 2020 to be your year, a stupid decision. Who knows, you might not even make it to the 6th as an active member of the roster. I just want to remind you one last time, I am not holding back, not anymore. I always liked you, truly, no word of a lie. However something about what happened a few days ago. It just felt, good. To feel powerful again, its something I've not felt for a long time and so I thank you, I really thank you for putting your life on the line to make me look good tomorrow Prince. When I came back this was never the plan Prince. But you just had to get in the way. You were never supposed to be my opponent yet here we are. With you getting yourself involved yet again. Now look at yourself. Battered and broken. Look at yourself in the mirror right now Prince. LOOK AT WHAT YOU MADE ME DO! Look at what YOU forced me to do Prince. This is all on you. Everything I do tomorrow is on you because you just couldn't help but make everything about you. Whether its our team or it's my career it all has to be about you and look at where that has got you. In a hospital bed. Signing up for fights that you just can not win. Just face the facts. You not only couldn't buy a win last year, yet you come into this thinking you have even the tiniest chance. "The Prince this" "The Prince that" "The Prince must fulfil his destiny and make 2020 his year." Shut the fuck up dude. Your a broken record and it's only been a few weeks. Kieron places the lantern down on the table next to him, lighting it up and showing a piece of paper on a clip board, with a pen. Kieron picks up the pen before continuing to speak. Kieron: I just want to make sure you know, even after I sign the dotted line, there is still a way out. A way for your career to at least Saint Valentines Day Massacre. And the way you can do it is to spare yourself. Just don't come to Carnage tomorrow, take a sick day, take the count out. But if you do, no matter how much I respect you. No matter how valiant the effort is. I will not be holding back. That is the old me, the me I left in the past, the weaker side of me. Now, there is only the .iNSURGENT Kieron takes the pen and signs the contract, writing Kieron before stopping. Sitting in the chair not moving a muscle before suddenly jamming the pen into his finger, causing himself to bleed. He throws the pen down to the ground before inscribing his name into the contract in blood. Black.
  11. That figure is the one and only Kieron Black, just days after their confrontation on carnage. Kieron slowly walks towards Prince, before beginning to speak. Kieron: Don't worry, don't worry. I'm not here to attack you or anything, I just wanted to come over, say hello and wish you luck in our Match next Wednesday. We both know whats at stake and I like to think that whatever is said between the two of us on the way, whatever we do to each other along he way. We both will still have atleast our mutual respect. Deal? Kieron reaches out with his arm, offering his hand for a hand shake. Prince obliges and Kieron brings him in for a hug before muttering something in his ear. Kieron: Because we both know that I will do anything to get the win. Kieron suddenly throws Prince with all his might towards the wall with a thud. Both men aggress on each other with punches as the gym quickly turns into chaos. Prince gets the upper hand, taking Kieron down to his knees before hitting him with a running knee. He quickly attempts to pick him up and hit the Dream Valley Driver but Kieron reverses, kicking Prince in the nuts and then hitting the Sister Sophie. He kneels next to the fallen Prince, staring at his trainer before standing and slowly walking towards him, making the trainer walk out of the room. Black turns and picks up Prince, throwing him into the ring thats set up next to them before picking up a chair and following him inside. Now inside the ring, Kieron sets up the chair and sits down as Prince slowly crawls over to the ropes and attempts to climb up to his feet with the assistance of the bottom rope. Prince gets up to as Kieron stands, picking up the chair as he does so and then slams the chair into the head of Prince, sending him back down to the floor, face down on the canvas. Kieron kneels next to him, grabbing hold of his hair and pulling his head up, showing his head which is now gushing with blood, which has left a puddle on the mat. Prince begins attempting to stand once again, surprising Kieron, he tries to punch Black while prone on the mat, connecting with a couple but he doesn't have enough left in the tank to hit anything meaningful. Black walks over to the corner screaming "THIS IS MY RING" before rolling out of the ring as Prince tries to pull himself up to his feet. Kieron suddenly stops and runs back in, standing in the corner as Prince holds himself up with his hands. He stands over the fallen Prince once again, laughing, before strolling out of the ring with a smile on his face.
  12. After a disastrous campaign comes to an end for Manchester United the months of protests have finally led to Ed Woodward and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being sacked from the club. Boyhood fan of the club and successful international player for England and Sheffield United, Ricardo Luis has seemingly been appointed as a manager, atleast in the caretaker roll as the club seemingly await the arrival of better candidates like Mauricio Pochetino.
  13. Kieron


    Kieron stares into the eyes of prince for a moment before raising the microphone back up to his mouth. He stops and chuckles for a few seconds, saying “Are you serious” Kieron: Don’t make me laugh Prince. Please please tell me your joking because last i remembered, you were even more washed up than me. The last time I probably thought of you was what, Young and Free? How long ago was that now man. You were even the reason why that didn’t work out and now you want to come face to face with the ace and say that you are going to pin me down to the mat for the three. So don't. Make. Me. Laugh. When was the last time you succeeded in anything Prince, the Ace doesn’t remember, does the Prince? You come here speaking like you are a changed man, like you are really prepared to take the next step yet all I see is the same pathetic man. The same bravado. The same actor hired to mask the fact that inside you are nothing but an irrelevant loser. Your “damn” entrance doesn't change that, your fireworks show doesn’t change. You say that our issue was the same, a lack of ambition and I can admit that it was mine, yet I have slain my daemons, I have risen from the ashes and emerged a better man. You seem to have made the wrong self diagnosis for yourself in that crazy head of yours however. Your issue was never a lack of ambition. It was your complete rejection of reality. No, your bravado will not fool me again, because I know you for what you really are. I have seen the scared little boy that you are behind that mask. And I feel sorry for you. I really do. But that won’t stand in my way because I know what you really need. You need a reality check. Luckily….I am just the man to give it to you. Name the time and place, it’s your choice because I know no matter what I will walk out that night as the victor. Because a weak man always falls back on what he knows. And all you know is the emptiness and sadness of failure. All you know is how to lose, and that will never change.
  14. Kieron


    Kieron Black walks out onto the stage with a blank stare on his face, wearing a bright white suit. He slowly struts down the ramp and rolls into the ring, posing while prone in the middle. The timekeeper walks over and hands him a mic as he stands up and his theme stops playing. Kieron: Potential. Potential, potential. Something that I once had. Kieron Black, touted as one of the superstars with the most potential back in 2016. Look at me now. Just 4 years later and look at me now. 4 years of mediocrity, 4 years of losses and look at me now. Wasted potential. Wasted career. See when I announced I was going to retire soon I planned to end it all at BPZMania 2020, I planned to end it all on top of the mountain. That started with coming into the Royal Rumble, eliminating 29 other men and then going on to end the retirement tour where I always was meant to be, the main event. Yet here I stand. Management not even deeming me worthy of being in the Royal Rumble match. When I first saw this I knew this was all just one big mistake, surely they just forgot to put my name in the list yet here we are. And I am robbed of my opportunity to leave with my head held high. I am denied the opportunity to leave with my dignity. I am denied my chance at reclaiming my lost potential. After all these years, I finally see, my eyes are opened. I finally understand that the same people who were touting me as the next big thing have been holding me down to the ground for the last 4 years of my life and today is the day that I finally take a stand. Today is the day that I finally say no. Today is the day that I finally rise to my full potential. I see everybody at the top. Julius, Flynn, Bailey, Arius and everybody else. I see you now, and you make me sick. It makes me sick to even mention your name because we all know deep down that I am better than you. We all know that I should be where you are right now yet i'm not and THAT MAKES ME SICK. Never again. I could say, oh, there is no point continuing, I quit now. Right now, tonight but that was the old me. That was the quitter. That was the man who let the man hold him down and that is not what I am anymore. These next few months will prove that. Not only am I going to prove that I am the best, prove my destiny as the ace of this company, I am going to do it by any means necessary. I am going to become the man I was always supposed to be, one step at a time I will change the foundations of this place, break you all down, build you up as my own, build you up in my image, the image of the true Ace of BPZ. Now, if there is anybody in the back who disagrees. Anybody in the back who thinks that everything I just said is bullshit. I want you to come out here right now. Face to face. Man to man. I want to be able to teach you a lesson. Because 2020 is going to be my year, and nobody is stopping that from coming true. 2020, Year of the Ace.
  15. Kieron


    Kieron walks out onto the stage with a frown on his face and a mic in hand. He walks down to the ring and begins to speak on his way down. Kieron: So tonight. Tonight is the first night of the Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational and my “partner” CJ has left me for dead. Disappeared on me once again. You know, when you came to me and said it would be different this time, you said we could win the gold together. I truly believed you. Yet here I am, and there you are. At home, all alone. Yet here I stand, ready to fight while you run away from the fight as soon as the first challenge comes. Not me. I stand defiant, ready to give whatever it takes to walk into this arena later tonight, alone, taking on two of the best wrestlers in the world Bailey and Slim and fighting until my last breath to take them down. In a handicap match. The crowd cheers at the bravery of Kieron See I respect you both, I really do however your time is gone. Everybody is sick of you both, no more Mania main events, no more World Championships for the pair of you. Oh, how the mighty have fallen and tonight. Oh yes tonight is not your bounce back as you may think, This is not the beginning of your return to the top as you are going to walk out of this arena after being embarrassed by one single man. Embarrassed by Kieron Black. And then do you know whats going to happen, I will take down ANYBODY who comes in my way and do WHATEVER it takes to walk out of Winter Warfare as the number one contender for the Tag Team Championships. This isn’t a prediction, this isn't even a warning. This is a spoiler. A familiar theme begins to play throughout the arena, disappointing Kieron.
  16. Rotherham United, a club with its roots planted in the ground all the way back in 1870 has now, after a very long process, folded. This comes after years of financial trouble, which finally caught up with the club over the last few months. With the club completely folded, Australian sugar daddy Brenden Playz gave the EFL an offer they couldn't refuse and next season, BrendenPlayz FC will be taking the spot of Rotherham United, including the players and coaches who they would like to keep, the New York stadium in Rotherham and the basic infrastructure of the club. Brenden has however had his eye on a set of players who may just be not only the future of Rotherham United but maybe even the future of football. Name: Nationality: Skin Tone: Height: Weight: Position and Play Style (Example, CM, Regista): Try to pick a position not picked yet until all positions are done
  17. Kieron Black walks out onto the stage, his first time on the stage since his tweet earlier this week. He stands on the stage for a few seconds, taking in the reaction from the crowd before heading down the ramp and next to his partner, who hands him the microphone. Kieron Black: Hello Carnage. As I said on twitter a few short days ago, I am not here to mess around anymore. I am here for the gold. I am here for blood, that is why I am here with this man. My former, and now current tag team partner. The other half of the Painmakers. CJ. We are here for more than just to be runners up, we are not here for you all to clap us and tell us well done on putting up a fight against the United States and Undisputed champions. WE are HERE to WIN. Whatever it takes. No questions asked, no matter the seeding, no matter the opponent, no matter when, no matter where WE will be walking out of the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament as number one contenders. Then walking into Night Of Legends, taking what should've been ours a year ago at that point, and winning the gold. That's just the truth. Because we want it MORE than you, I NEED it more than you, so whether you are First Class, or Thundermen there is no way in hell that we are letting you take us down, there is NO WAY IN HELL you are beating us, NO WAY IN HELL that you are taking this from me. Because this is all I have left. This is my last chance. And I am not letting anybody take this away from me. Never again. Kieron throws the mic down onto the floor and both men exit the ring as Carnage goes to commercial.
  18. 札幌マッチカードの新しい始まりへの道 / Road To New Beginning In Sapporo Match Card CHAOS (Okada, Goto) VS LIJ (Naito, EVIL) Okada's Championship Descision YOH & SHO VS Suzuki Gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) IWGP Jr Tag Titles Jon Moxley & Kenny Omega & Cody & MJF VS Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi & & David Finlay & Juice Robinson LIJ (Hiromu Takahashi & Shingo Takagi) VS Bullet Club (Taiji Ishimori & Jay White)

BrendenPlayz Forums "PPV Events"

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