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  1. Name : Vinci Born: 8th of October , 1990 Set to debut: Really dont mind Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: English Based in: UK, USA Active Wrestler Style: Technician Body Type: Ripped Size: Light Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: The one below light heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: The Renaissance [finisher] and my signature is an edgeucution type move called the forced progression Face Gimmick:Love talking about other wrestlers/local teams/ popular celebrities and their path to glory and what the future has in store for them, cheap face heat from crowds playing up past present and future achievements Heel Gimmick: when im heel i talk about how people need to be cleansed and bought forward for humaitiy to progress, for the belts to progress, talk about cureent hot topic issues in a controversial manner, hinting at darker means of progression (the level of strenght will obviously be determinded by your promotions style) Mask: None Hair: Skin fade with long on top swept to side perfectly Favoured Role: wrestler Bio : Thinking of himself as a reincarnated renaissance man, Vinci wants to lead the masses and the roster through to the next step of civilisation. Covered in leonardo da vinci sleeves and chest tattoos, he thinks of himself as a leader and superior to less intellignet people. 1

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