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  1. I have seen a lot of good things to hear about old chat so for you OGs I can you describe and explain what set it apart and made elevated it above the chat we have now?
  2. Arrow vs Mave - Death Match - Mave Amai vs Shiba - Barbed Wire match - Shiba El Arius vs Lord Gwynfro AND FDS vs Julius in a Hardcore Beer Drinking Contest AT THE SAME TIME - Gwynfro/Julius First Class Express vs Job Squad - First Class Express ICON vs Kai vs Toxik- Losers Leaves The BBQ - Kai The United States Championship vs BiC for Ownership of Hans - BiC 26 "Man" Yelich Only Battle Royal - Yelich or Yelich Bailey vs ??? - Open Challenge to the Audience (Bonus point if your guess the person) - (Face) Natedog vs Joh - Bag of Potatoes on a Pole Match - Loser Has To Wear An England Jersey - Natedog
  3. BPZ Evolutions (Pliot) Steven: Hello everybody, my name is Steven Carter and welcome to the new show on the BPZ Network where we show the evolution of BPZ superstars, traditions, titles and brands etc. This is the pilot so we gonna so we are not having a guests this time but in episode one we will continue with a bang and that bang is a BPZ tag team by the The Big Ballers they have been the tag team champions for over a hundred days and looking to continue with a win against The Deadman’s Hand but MrPlayz is having his retirement match against Bashka at Summerslam so now they are just trying to make it last. We are gonna look at how they evolved to become the wrestlers they are, how they ended up as a team and how they became the tag team champs multiple times against some very tough competition. Heres a little sneak peak. Cuts to a clip of Brenden slandering Sameer’s name telling us that he gave Sameer everything and now he is a star because of me. Steven: This is the pilot episode of BPZ Evolutions and I hope you all enjoyed and we will be back tomorrow with episode 1
  4. I really wasn’t a big fan of Impact in 2015 so I don’t know if the situation is bad or very bad to be honest this gonna be hard, besides hardcore fans of TNA who was talking about them in 2015 good luck, your gonna need it.
  5. Maasa No Resolve - Get Me Out Bad News Barrett Superkick Waste Lander Homing Missle (Disaster Kick - Cody Rhodes) Newspaper (Stunner) Stu Bennett Maasa started when he was he was in his teens he had worked for many local dutch wrestling companies and had just started in America than he found KFW and new it was perfect for him, he signed immediately.
  6. That poster Hans made deserves to be close but not to the level of Georges graphic try again but george has just done a master class. In all seriousness Hans you did a great job and I love the extra detail you put into your graphics you put a whole trademark at the bottom to make it more realistic.
  7. I like the rivalry's especially the Sami Zayn vs. Jericho, I don’t know how to gauge how you are doing on ratings but because its 2016 I would say they would average low to mid 70s and you to be in the 80s you are doing great.
  8. Maasa


    I am disappointed that my character is still not on the card but I have hope, anyway besides that I think it was a pretty good show just wish you would of made the main event a little more compelling actually a lot more because I want to have Beastly King as a legit world title contender. Its your series though so do whatever you like just keep up the good quality.
  9. Zack Sabre Jr. MCMG PAC Su Yung MJF
  10. From the votings I have seen I am going with George beating Arius in the KOTR Tournament. I am going with that because I put my prediction as Arius and nearly 95% picked Arius to win. It was close but it went George’s because of the consistency with the quality to quantity ratio.
  11. I have to go with George he just won his first title in a year and a half against the world champ, he has came a long way. I just wanna also give a shout Toxik has gotten better every month and continues to listen to veterans that help him to continue to get better.
  12. This isn’t a big issue and should rarely be enforced because if your begging for a vote the person that is being asked has a choice in choosing who they want and like. So if a person says yes, thats there vote we can’t change that and if the person begging gives the person something in return for voting than there should be a small punishment for each of the offenders. Its a staple of the forums and most likely will never not be, like @Blade said everyone is trying win their own poll in their own ways it is what makes the polls and the PPV months so fun. Thats how I feel on the situation you might not agree with it but I hope you can at least respect it.
  13. Maasa

    A Proper Farewell

    Miracle comes out from the doorway Dikey went out a few minutes ago and taps Kyle Pain on the shoulder and superkicks him in the head. She picks up the title. “Well this isn’t worth anything at this point but it would be a cool collectible.” Mira walks out with the title in hand and leaves the same way she gets in.
  14. Maasa


    Meer hours after the matches have occurred we see Miracle steps out of the back to struct out of her devastating lost to Hans in the U.S. Championship Title bout after being the man but in this case the women, who was Hans’s closest competitor and just couldn’t get it sone against BPZ’s finest. Without a doubt she is gonna transform herself into someone that will can be capable of knocking the best in the world all we can do now is wait what she can do in her young career. Now back to real time where she in going under the ropes and into the rings where she goes to the top ropes to raise the spirits of the crowd and comebacks down with a microphone in hands waiting for the crowd to settle. “Well I lost... what can I do about it he dominated the match and almost controlled how it played out and it all went in his favor. But you know what. I am going back after that title! You know I lost this time but iy doesn’t hurt to keep trying and pushing for a single goal to be a champion and everyone wants that. Only a few select performers get that, I want to be in that select group and I am talented to be anyone that came in and out of this company. Arius, Sheridan, Necce, Slim it doesn’t matter! I want make this very clear once more I don’t own anybody anything and if you think I will give help or handout to someone who wants because of my brother you are never gonna get whatever partnership that he had with someone has been put on hold. Now back to the matter me and U.S. Title the title that calls to me and is destined to be mine and I am gonna love every single singles of are relationship or relationships together a buddy's. “Just a few hours ago I was delayed of my destiny but the day will come and I can’t wait any longer for it, it was devastating having that time taken away but what goes around comes around and my future match with Hans will come around sooner or later. Even though I would want to get that match I as soon as me and him have separate lives we have to live. Opportunities we come like this one some we go, I keep talking the same two issues I have had in my first match I have had because this means so much to me and I want this badly I don’t want to a unknown bust who turned out to nothing after the high expectations were put on, I want to be the female women who dominates BPZ as a world champion! Ambition is something I have I will never lose hope in what I doing and eventually dreams, wishes and ambition will make off in the end. Thats how I got here through those and luck thats what it takes sometimes to great and all the veterans know thats some of the reasons why they are great. I just want to know if a couple of those things hold true to you in someway or another? A yes or no question.” A mix of yes’s and no’s but mostly no’s. “I guess I am gonna have to show you what am I talking about.” She drops the mics and walks out of the ring and into the back.

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