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  1. The Titantron turns to a darkroom and art painting. The portrait is a picture of the face of Alex Costa and a knife through the gut of him. A mystery figure comes out with candles, wine and bread while wearing a bright jacket. Now ready to speak he starts, "I am the guy who has won, lost and attacked I am a Man who has been thrown into bad situation after bad situation and have made the best out of it my name is Maasa". He takes off his jacket sporting a new look. "I am a new man who has been tamed not fully but enough to mangle and compete, against fellow competitors of my own ability. But this is not my full side like I said I am controlled now but I have a take caution to the wind kinda side, a crazy per say. I will be the most infamous and insane person to come through this division and Alex Costa. Speaking Alex Costa let's talk about him the thorn in my side the potrait on my wall the guy I am obsessed with. My goal in like is to defeat him basically I have all ready done that though so what more do I have to do. I have proven myself to capable of such feats it just the time I am not putting in to replicate the success." "The one thing to everyon in the locker room I don't replicate... I create and innovate to make the path to my future of winning and others of losing to me. I guess I'll pop the question here who can stop me? Remember the truth of that statement. The titantron fade out...
  2. On Carnage, the lights turn to white and black and the plays a image of a vintage projector type screen and the words Maasa but it tears apart then saying the words. Delete! Delete! Delete! Maasa comes out doing the hand motion while yelling as loud he can Delete! Delete! Delete! The crowd is very shock to see the change of weirdness from Demon to a... Maasa walks to the ring the crowd now seeing his black and half grey hair, he gets into the ring and speaks to the mic he has brought to the ring and says “Yeeeeees, I have comeback, to defeat the gladiators and MMA fighters. I have been on many adventures while I was in the multiverse, I help paint the Mona Lisa, I fought alongside Genghis Khan and defeated to lead a uprising. I made The Declaration of Independence and last but not least I became the pope. I have given a lasting mark on the name Maasa and I have given Life to person that is name Maasa because now I am woken to delete anyone and everyone in the path of the woken Maasa.” He continues to.. All the way to the back...
  3. Name: Maasa Fighting Style(Fast, Strong, Smart, Etc:) : Strategic and Smart Weapon Choice(Sword, Spear, Sheild, Etc.) : Rope and a Bow and Arrows Personality (Friendly, Aggressive, Cocky) : Aggressively Friendly Strengths: Strategies and Ability To Read A Situation Weakness: Committing To Something and Strength 
  4. Maasa

    The Facts

    The Video Plays and Red/Blue/Black lights come on as Maasa walks outs, the fans in Los Angeles look mesmerized as the look at it but that cuts off when Maasa does his pose at the entrance ramp because the arena goes completely black for a second and then goes immediately to white with smoke. He crawls outside the ring and looks at the servants then Wallace tells them to get Maasa. But all they do is stare down Lord Wallace and they run at him a bushing him a combination of punches and kicks. After they have dismantled Lord Wallace they turn there attention to Marker but they get called off by Maasa telling them "its my turn." With all of this happening the fans have been excited and surprised to see what's happening. He walks into the ring without a fighting stance and then he just walks closer and closer to him but Marker throws a few punches but Maasa dodges all of them. All this point they are only 6 inches apart then Maasa goes to Markers ear and whispers "Actions and Louder Then Words." He backs up...
  5. I love buggs and dead meat for how unique they are and that one brendenplayz guy I subbed to him for his WWE 2k Universe MODE.
  6. Thanks man I really appreciate it and I love it
  7. Lilo and Stitch was just my favorite series looking back on what I watched years ago it was cute and Cringely funny.
  8. Austin Aries would be cool as a wrestler with his personality and charisma
  9. My favorite is Will Ospreay I don't what it is about him that make drawn to him. Maybe its excited high flying or his big talking. I love his moveset and special ring gear that he has especially his spiderman ring gear was sick. But I like of all is the finishers he has the storm breaker looks like it hurts and the opposing wrestler would be dizzy after the spins. They have taken and that makes more realistic in my eyes that opponents don't kick out.
  10. Carnage begins with 2 local competitors in the ring looking to prove themselves so they can get contracts. 2 masked men come out here for action tonight ignoring fans and rolling into the ring. Looks like they want to pick a fight with these newbies and try to scare them off BPZ. They call an official to get in the ring and make an impromptu match tonight. The official denies the request and then tell them to leave. But the masked men get angry and have lost patience with them so they go to the official and threaten to beat and better him till he says yes so the official bring in a ref for the match and the bell rings for a tornado tag team match. The men start by hitting them with duel superman punches while they are standing there still confused about how they got into this mess in the first place. The Masked Men pick him up and hit a double team move on them of duel superkicks to the face to one and to hit the other as he is getting up. Lastly, as they are down The Men move them to the middle of the ring side by side and one hits them with a frog splash and the other goes to top and hits them with a diving head butt and they both pin them simultaneously 1..2..3 But 3 More Masked Men come out and continue the assault after the match. They Line up in a straight line after they have decimated the local competitors and one by one they reveal themselves Maasa, Birdman, Bulldozer and Mave but the last man in the middle reveals himself its...
  11. HFE PPVs - Tropical Conclusion (December) - New Paradise (January) - No Vacation (May) - Revenge For Eruption (August) - Different Life (March)
  12. Red/Blue/Black lights turn on as Maasa comes outs but does his signature pose very arrogantly and confidently. He walks slowly to ring getting on the tope to do his pose again and then gets off and goes to the center of the ring. "These past couple of weeks I have been off and in a big way. I have been focusing on the wrong end of a thing but that all changes now. I am one of the best up incoming rising stars in BPZ." "There is one thing holding me down is my inexperience, and that's hurting me badly. I could be a star in this company if I had experience with it and their wrestlers. That wouldn't be a statement that would be a fact." "I have made strides to make it out of the NXT Division and into the Premium Division I am the main contender for the title and I have basically the best chance to win. Let's are honest I am gonna be, sooner or later a champion, and I thinks it my time." "At Backlash it might be triple threat or a 1v1 doesn't matter I am "The Original Sin" and "The Demon King" so I don't take a loss kindly and if succumb to a loss I am gonna make a good fight and you better get on your feet and raise hand if you want to see Maasa as The New Premium Champ." {100 of 10,000 Raise there hand and stand up and Maasa thinks in his hand how could this happen and he realizes why} "Oh, this is about the whole SSW Club situation, huh.." {The crowd simultaneously says yeah and boos after words} " I guess it's finally time to address it, well I know must of you know about a little thing called Super Star Wrestling (SSW) I also work there as a wrestler and I am not doing too well. Anyway, SSW Club is built off that and we are here to take over a wide open company for the taking by the name of BPZ we have a group of SSW/BPZ Stars that have switched over. Josh, Meko, Me, Toxik and Mave are a smart man because we know exactly how to do it." "We are gonna take the company from brendenplayz hands and gonna make him beg for it back just wait."

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