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  1. Maasa


    Live on Carnage, the lights go dim in the arena and a spotlight is shown on the ring. Maasa is seen laying down on the top rope just waiting for the crowd to notice him. He gives a wave then runs and jumps over the rope and does a pose. As he does the arena turns bright and “Deviant” in dark red turns on the titantron making the moment feel special. The Commentator: That is an entrance for sure, I was looking around the arena. I never expected for him to be in the ring, anyway “Deviant” Maasa is now here let’s see what he can do with his new form. His new identity as a wrestler at least because he exposed that he is bi-polar, so that might definitely play a factor in his mental health. Maasa walks back from the apron and into the ring asking for a microphone as soon as he is in the ring. After a few dozen seconds, he finally gets one and he is visibly annoyed but cools off when he starts speaking. “I have a destination where I have to go, it is called the World Division but I cannot go straight I have to take a detour, and another, and another after that. You see that I don’t care for little titles like the Undisputed or North American because it is irrelevant. If I had the chance, I would take it just to add it to my trophy collection where it belongs… because one day, I will be the ace of the company, the number one and everyone else would be number two because none of their spots would matter I would be chief and they would be sheep, once I was the sheep all around the chief. I am the future of this company and I will never… never.. be forgotten like I was months ago left to die, after the man that I won’t name weaken and scrambled my brain I had to find the pieces I found all but one and it was the most important one. To anyone in BPZ, screw it, anyone, anywhere that SSW changed who I am in BPZ.” The crowd subtly chant “Maasa” and then “Deviant” with someone of the crowd on his side, while others aren’t. Maasa waits till the chants are over smiling the whole time it is happening. “It wasn’t a detour, it was a pitstop and it was unexpectedly longer but it provided for me and it gave me strides of success... AC3 left SSW too frightened to even wrestle me for the title, scared of the havoc I would cause to him. My career has frankly been a joke in BPZ it was just the fact that I came to late but… there is one redeeming fact about this and that is the reality of the situation I am in now instead of the one I was in. No one is familiar with me and how I run things in the ring and outside of it… a couple of things you see Aaron you are no king, you are not untouchable, you are a untouchable, the bottom of the pyramid with all of us so I will make it easy for you to adapt. Now, that the slain beast Alex Costa has dropped out of the running for the United States Championship it is just me, Raven and Buddy Ace that can dethrone the peasant himself. It’s just incredible to me how you can be so cocky but so ludicrously Idiotic at the same time it is just incredible. The sad part is that when I win the title from him by pinning him, every second of his life after that moment he will remember me, till he dies… just think about it.” The Commentator: Maasa is making a statement out here, and the fans are eating it up. It is interesting how it seems that Maasa will be going for the United States Championship, or he could just be lying and teasing something else that may occur. It is almost impossible to predict what he gonna do but that is true with most of the BPZ roster. After, on the titantron names pop up in a certain pattern of superstars above the NXT Division and have one match or more. Maasa looks straight at the screen and smiles. Bart Yelich Dr. X JoshsNow Arius FDS Bob Hollow Bailey Ropati Aaron North Slim Buddy Ace Echo Wilson Hans Meko Mikey Raven Alex Costa Flynn Julius Crippler Mirage The titantron changes to a mongol raid of beijing as they used their tactics and leadership from the great Genghis Khan. The start of the Mongols controlling China “That was my hit list of stars I have slayed and I am planning, there is room for conquest and expedition where I copy in the Mongols footsteps. Using the brilliant tactics of the greatest leader in all of humanity. I share a lot with Genghis in fact, I have fought my brother, (“Bulldozer”) I have been thrown out of my home (BPZ) and lastly I have risen up the ranks to take this opportunity. This will be my chance to takedown the elite in BPZ… the best in the world and now I go on to a quote of one BPZ star that says how I feel about the wrestlers on the list… every BPZ star “I (we) am (are) JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTION! I (we) have declared you guilty and your sentence is DEATH!” Maasa walks outside the ring and sits on the apron, he starts with a frown but it slowly turns into a smile because he realizes that Raven just lost the North American Title. He thinks to himself, Raven can’t help himself, he will go right after the United States Title and when he does this, that will the day that Maasa swoops in and takes from both Aaron and Raven. First taking Raven’s will to survive then taking Aaron’s precious title right from his grasp. He walks off into the backstage and just laughs hysterically. OOC: Reply Planned.
  2. Review: Alright Toxik, your promo was very basic, lines like this seal it for me “I'm smarter than you, faster than you, and most importantly I fight for my friends where as you fight for only yourself which is why should you accept my invitation you shall be deleted.” Also, the punctuation needs some work, I like fact that you were very explicit with what you went for. I just wish you stepped out of your comfort zone more with this. - 6/10 Review: Alright Gwynfro, this promo I don't have much to say about you talked about your tag team with Arius, which I have wanted to see for a long time and your match against Raven with character development. - 9/10
  3. Name: Maasa Pic: Kip Sabian Birth Date: 1/05/00 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: What Languages do you speak?: (English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Central European, Scandinavian, Meditteranean, Easter European) What Counties you wanna wrestle in: USA, Japan,Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and Mexico) Body Type: (average, skinny, toned, muscular, ripped, flabby, bulky, or obese) Size (Weight Class): Middleweight Minimum Size (Weight Class): Middleweight Maximum Size (Weight Class): MW Moveset: Hiromu T. Face or Heel: Heel Default Gimmick Face/Heel: Heel Finishers: The Supremacy ( Pop-up Powerbomb) Style of Wrestling: (Entertainer, Puroresu, Spot Monkey, Luchador, Cruiserweight, Japanese Junior, Technician, MMA crossover, Brawler, Psychopath) Mask/Hair: Hair Relationships: None Dojo/School: Storm Wrestling Academy Other Roles: None Worker Lifestyle: Worker Bio (Optional): A wrestler from Netherlands who works in the USA, Japan and UK.
  4. Every Friday I will review every promo that has been posted here to review, it has to be from the pass week though so I don't want to to see old stuff. Now this officially has opened to post your promo's here, in two days it will be reviewed.
  5. Maasa


    Live on Carnage, the lights all around the arena shut off and there is a spotlight on the ring. The SSW World Championship is spotted in the center of the ring and unprotected. The unexpected thing is in black there is written Deviant in spray paint, has Maasa just disrespected his own company that he holds the title too. The Commentator: What is he doing, he is just gonna leave the title out there for anyone to steal. Is he out of his mind? Has he signed his allegiance to B.P.Z? All we know for sure is that Maasa can do many things, in many different ways and situations. The last two weeks are evidence of this, as last week Maasa told his story in a very sad manner and the week before that he was cracking jokes and embarrassing this company. Maasa steps his way to the ring having fun faking out the fans and dancing similar to what he did two weeks before. He slides into the ring with a smug look on his face, vintage Maasa. “This is my SSW World Title, so beautiful, I added my own little flair so it was special. You see I rule SSW and they can’t do anything about it because I have the title and if I have the title, I can leave whenever I want. It’s pathetic really how they run the company begging for mercy on there knees. I am gonna do the same thing here, I am gonna win one of these useless titles and make Brenden beg. Just like I had to do, when I got injured but back then I was desperate but now I am divergent, aberrant and deviant. I created a different beast that I had to handle to reach the top of the mountain once more. When I got diagnosed with being bi-polar I had to create the beast to keep my other personalities at bay. Now, I use it to my advantage to create more opportunities to open up my horizons of victory. Now let's move on to something more important that is the United States Championship, I can promise you that I will be in the hunt for it. I am gonna try to win, but I am not gonna put my body on the line, I am just gonna look impressive out there and maybe even win the damn thing. Honestly, the upcoming royal rumble is irrelevant at the moment to the U.S. Title which is my crown jewel even though at the same time it's worth nothing. I am gunning for it anyway and when I do get it, I am never going to let it, I am just going to make itself at home because I am never gonna leave it.” Maasa grabs his title from the ring and raises up in the air, he looks up at it and drops it. Stepping on it multiple times staring straight at it, like he is staring into someone’s soul. “Explain to me why, I am destroying my title when it carries me through my life and career. It’s because I need to evolve, it took millions of years for humans to evolve. I am gonna evolve in a matter of weeks, no longer will I just be called Maasa, I will be called “Deviant” Maasa. I am going to carry my momentum from the company I won’t name, and win the U.S. Title and win the NXT just to stamp my authority over this company. I mean if Hans Clayton, Raven and Arius can do it, there is no reason why I can’t do it right here, right now. Aaron North you won’t be safe for long." The Commentator: Well being bi-polar explains a lot, it’s also very interesting how Maasa has created a new identity and how he will use it. The one thing I don’t understand where he stands in terms of the two companies, he could be a double agent. Also, this plan of his, he just exposed will be greatest mistake of his career. He just gave away the route to the top." Maasa picks up his title, and drags to the back not even having the energy or respect to carry it. One last time he turns around and throws his title leaving it there. Having a security guard run into the back and give it to him.
  6. I have seen a lot of good things to hear about old chat so for you OGs I can you describe and explain what set it apart and made elevated it above the chat we have now?
  7. Arrow vs Mave - Death Match - Mave Amai vs Shiba - Barbed Wire match - Shiba El Arius vs Lord Gwynfro AND FDS vs Julius in a Hardcore Beer Drinking Contest AT THE SAME TIME - Gwynfro/Julius First Class Express vs Job Squad - First Class Express ICON vs Kai vs Toxik- Losers Leaves The BBQ - Kai The United States Championship vs BiC for Ownership of Hans - BiC 26 "Man" Yelich Only Battle Royal - Yelich or Yelich Bailey vs ??? - Open Challenge to the Audience (Bonus point if your guess the person) - (Face) Natedog vs Joh - Bag of Potatoes on a Pole Match - Loser Has To Wear An England Jersey - Natedog
  8. BPZ Evolutions (Pliot) Steven: Hello everybody, my name is Steven Carter and welcome to the new show on the BPZ Network where we show the evolution of BPZ superstars, traditions, titles and brands etc. This is the pilot so we gonna so we are not having a guests this time but in episode one we will continue with a bang and that bang is a BPZ tag team by the The Big Ballers they have been the tag team champions for over a hundred days and looking to continue with a win against The Deadman’s Hand but MrPlayz is having his retirement match against Bashka at Summerslam so now they are just trying to make it last. We are gonna look at how they evolved to become the wrestlers they are, how they ended up as a team and how they became the tag team champs multiple times against some very tough competition. Heres a little sneak peak. Cuts to a clip of Brenden slandering Sameer’s name telling us that he gave Sameer everything and now he is a star because of me. Steven: This is the pilot episode of BPZ Evolutions and I hope you all enjoyed and we will be back tomorrow with episode 1
  9. I really wasn’t a big fan of Impact in 2015 so I don’t know if the situation is bad or very bad to be honest this gonna be hard, besides hardcore fans of TNA who was talking about them in 2015 good luck, your gonna need it.
  10. Maasa No Resolve - Get Me Out Bad News Barrett Superkick Waste Lander Homing Missle (Disaster Kick - Cody Rhodes) Newspaper (Stunner) Stu Bennett Maasa started when he was he was in his teens he had worked for many local dutch wrestling companies and had just started in America than he found KFW and new it was perfect for him, he signed immediately.
  11. That poster Hans made deserves to be close but not to the level of Georges graphic try again but george has just done a master class. In all seriousness Hans you did a great job and I love the extra detail you put into your graphics you put a whole trademark at the bottom to make it more realistic.
  12. I like the rivalry's especially the Sami Zayn vs. Jericho, I don’t know how to gauge how you are doing on ratings but because its 2016 I would say they would average low to mid 70s and you to be in the 80s you are doing great.
  13. Maasa


    I am disappointed that my character is still not on the card but I have hope, anyway besides that I think it was a pretty good show just wish you would of made the main event a little more compelling actually a lot more because I want to have Beastly King as a legit world title contender. Its your series though so do whatever you like just keep up the good quality.
  14. Zack Sabre Jr. MCMG PAC Su Yung MJF

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