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  1. Carnage begins with 2 local competitors in the ring looking to prove themselves so they can get contracts. 2 masked men come out here for action tonight ignoring fans and rolling into the ring. Looks like they want to pick a fight with these newbies and try to scare them off BPZ. They call an official to get in the ring and make an impromptu match tonight. The official denies the request and then tell them to leave. But the masked men get angry and have lost patience with them so they go to the official and threaten to beat and better him till he says yes so the official bring in a ref for the match and the bell rings for a tornado tag team match. The men start by hitting them with duel superman punches while they are standing there still confused about how they got into this mess in the first place. The Masked Men pick him up and hit a double team move on them of duel superkicks to the face to one and to hit the other as he is getting up. Lastly, as they are down The Men move them to the middle of the ring side by side and one hits them with a frog splash and the other goes to top and hits them with a diving head butt and they both pin them simultaneously 1..2..3 But 3 More Masked Men come out and continue the assault after the match. They Line up in a straight line after they have decimated the local competitors and one by one they reveal themselves Maasa, Birdman, Bulldozer and Mave but the last man in the middle reveals himself its...
  2. HFE PPVs - Tropical Conclusion (December) - New Paradise (January) - No Vacation (May) - Revenge For Eruption (August) - Different Life (March)
  3. Red/Blue/Black lights turn on as Maasa comes outs but does his signature pose very arrogantly and confidently. He walks slowly to ring getting on the tope to do his pose again and then gets off and goes to the center of the ring. "These past couple of weeks I have been off and in a big way. I have been focusing on the wrong end of a thing but that all changes now. I am one of the best up incoming rising stars in BPZ." "There is one thing holding me down is my inexperience, and that's hurting me badly. I could be a star in this company if I had experience with it and their wrestlers. That wouldn't be a statement that would be a fact." "I have made strides to make it out of the NXT Division and into the Premium Division I am the main contender for the title and I have basically the best chance to win. Let's are honest I am gonna be, sooner or later a champion, and I thinks it my time." "At Backlash it might be triple threat or a 1v1 doesn't matter I am "The Original Sin" and "The Demon King" so I don't take a loss kindly and if succumb to a loss I am gonna make a good fight and you better get on your feet and raise hand if you want to see Maasa as The New Premium Champ." {100 of 10,000 Raise there hand and stand up and Maasa thinks in his hand how could this happen and he realizes why} "Oh, this is about the whole SSW Club situation, huh.." {The crowd simultaneously says yeah and boos after words} " I guess it's finally time to address it, well I know must of you know about a little thing called Super Star Wrestling (SSW) I also work there as a wrestler and I am not doing too well. Anyway, SSW Club is built off that and we are here to take over a wide open company for the taking by the name of BPZ we have a group of SSW/BPZ Stars that have switched over. Josh, Meko, Me, Toxik and Mave are a smart man because we know exactly how to do it." "We are gonna take the company from brendenplayz hands and gonna make him beg for it back just wait."
  4. Name: Maasa Height: 5'11 Weight: 200 Hometown: Randolph, MA Heel/tweener/face: Tweener Finishers:Welcome To Hell Kitchen (Coo Da Gra) Signatures: Red and Black Powerbomb Color for attire: Red and Black Powerhouse/Technical/cruiserweight/brawler: technical
  5. Maasa

    BPZ Marble Races

    Each day there will be a marble race that anyone on the forums can enter, sign-ups will be 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and I will be posting the full race at 4:00. Each competitor will have 2 balls with both of them having a nickname and a colors, first come first serve so if you picked the same color as someone who picked before you have to switch. If you use inappropriate language that may offend someone you will be banned from all races in the future. First Race, is going up tomorrow but I will be taking sign-ups now. Sign Up: First Ball Nickname: Second Ball Nickname: Color of Balls:
  6. Race: Human Name: Maasa Gender: Male
  7. Name - Sage Northcutt Nickname - Maasa Gender - Male Birthdate (Year) - 1996 Debut (Year) - 2015 Nationality - American Based In - Mid South Hometown - Katy, TX Personality (Antagonistic, Loner, Loose Cannon, Moody, Normal, Professional, Serious, Short-Tempered or Sociable) - Normal Fighting Style - Sage Northcutt Stance (Southpaw or Traditional) - Southpaw Height - 5'11 Minimum Weight - 165 Maximum Weight - 185 Your Three best stats: 1 - Submissions 2 - Standing Strikes 3 - Takedowns
  8. As paramedics come, Maasa on the ground reaching for the Microphone Marker dropped grabs it but struggle to speak because he is coughing a lot because of the effects of the Powerbomb through the table. "Its not over yet... don't think you have the advantage just because you did this... tomorrow is another day and tomorrow I will my wounds... but you can never heal the amount of effect I had on your mind... that simply the reason you were so aggressive to me with your actions and your words... your mad at yourself for letting me in your head and I won't get out..." At this, the paramedics are here to pick up Maasa and get him on the stretcher and carry him to the infirmary Maasa keeps the Microphone in his hand. PART 2 Later in the show, they cut to Maasa in the Infirmary on the titantron with the microphone that he brought from the ring. He has bandages covering his right shoulder and his lower back. "Marker you attacked me, when least expected it. I used dirty tactics to try get the advantage on you. It didn't work again I still have that entertain the fans mentally, I need to make a change or I am easily gonna lose Marker. I don't know what to do... If I use my fan entertaining mentally his easily gonna take advantage of my mistakes and if I go conservative he will counter my being unpredictable. All can do is wait on the next thing I can do, last I used pure heart to win my last but now I am in a totally different ballpark and I gotta hit a homerun to stay in the game." Maasa lays back down to rest and the image fades away.
  9. Name: Sage Caram Age: 18 Nationality: American Height: 6 foot 8 inches Wingspan: 6 foot 8 inches Weight: 190 lbs Looks: Lightskin with Small Beard and Waves Similar game style (Steph Curry, James Harden etc): Young D Rose Position: SF
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