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  1. This is a easy one for me and it is the Fresh Prince when I was younger I watched it when it was on nick@nite and I loved it, I used to hide from parents to watch it at night.
  2. Maasa Figurehead: Bad News Barrett Finishers: Destiny Dismissed (Canadian Destroyer), Sinister (Tornado DDT) Signature: Superkick, Fisherman Suplex Regular Moves: Dropkick, Springboard Forearm, Spanish Fly, Roundhouse Kick, Cutter, Back Stabber, Suplex, Brainbuster, Styles Clash, Guillotine Choke Style: Technical/High Flyer Theme: No Resolve - Get Me Out Spots: Spanish Fly To The Outside, Super Plex, Brainbuster On A Chair Miracle “Mira” Figurehead: Tenille Dashwood Finishers: Know Me (Codebreaker), Counterplex (Counters A signature or finisher with a hurricanerana and then rolls over straight into a Suplex) Signature: TJD (The Julius Destroyer it’s occurs only against a friend of Julius or Julius himself), Triangle Choke Regular Moves: Leg Sweep, Chest Stomp, Dropkick, Moonsault, Enzaguri, Flying Knee, Roundhouse Kick Style: Technical Theme: Undecided Spots: Jump in between the post and the ropes into a tornado ddt on the outside, Monkey flip from the top rope
  3. I am going with most electrifying man in sports entertainment, I am going with the man that Is always cooking and that's man who can put one eyebrow up. The Rock
  4. I will retire when I have 2 characters inducted into the HOF and when I am the goat so mid 2023 is when I will retire.
  5. I am watching WM 25 on the network, I just want see that Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker match again for probably the 5th time amazing match 10/10 would recommend.
  6. I think Lebron should be a little bit lower at 96 because he got injured, he didn't lead his team to the playoff and before on Cleveland he arguably had a worst team and lead them to the playoffs pretty easily.
  7. In my opinion I think it is HBK and The Undertaker WM 25 that match was breathtaking.
  8. The LA Clippers has the best team this year in my opinion look a this roster. Paul George Kawhi Leonard Lou Williams Monterzl Harrell Patrick Beverley and that's just 5 players
  9. I have to go with the first shaft movie that is my favorite movies hands down.
  10. Kevin Owens has been killing it the past few weeks. Nakamura and Ali should great in the ring but Idk about promos though haven’t scene ali promo yet because I haven’t been paying attention to him. Ember Moon is finally going to get her chance at a big match against bayley which is going very good. The iconics kept there belts and I don’t want to talk about the town hall.
  11. I started watching seriously is when the WWE 2009-2011 came around that was a super entertaining series.
  12. Its definitely between Julius and Flynn but Arius is on there tail so when its all set and done Arius going to be the greatest rookie ever.

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