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  1. Name: Archer Bassett

    Born: April 1986

    Debut: May 2004

    Gender: Male

    Race: Black

    Nationality: American

    Based: USA

    Status: Active Wrestler

    Style: Spot Monkey

    Body Type: Tone

    Size: Giant

    Finisher: Archers Arrow

    Secondary Finisher: Sharpshooter

    Face Gimmick: Fan Favourite

    Heel Gimmick: Bad Ass

    Hair: Yes


    Image result for michael tarver

    Bio: Archer Bassett was born April 4, 1986. Archer grew up watching and loving the art of gymnastics and wanting to do it all his life. But one thing held him back as he had Acromegaly a disease which made him grow larger than most people. He was rejected by many gymnasts trainers so instead he entered the wrestling business at the age of 18. Archer at the age of 30 now 7'2 and 250 pounds removed his tumor so he would stop growing. Archer is a great aerialist and a great veteran presence backstage. In 2018 Archer made a big announcement that he is no longer a freelancer and now is looking to sign to a company for a very long time.


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