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  1. Week 5: BPZ (2-1) vs Louisiana Monroe (1-2) Despite having a 17 point lead, the Monroe Warhawks failed to defeat BPZ. Once again, Bailey Justin threw for 4 touchdowns! However, he also threw 2 interceptions when looking for Jerome Ropati. "Their defense came out to play. They thought if they shut down Jerome, they would have a chance. What they didn't know is that we have a secret weapon in the tight end position," Jo told us. That tight end is no other than Jerome Ropati's older brother, Steven Ropati. Steven has set the game record f
  2. Week 4: BPZ (1-1) vs Texas State (2-1) Despite not being favored to win this game, BPZ defeated the odds and in a big way. While Texas State's quarterback threw for for more yards, Bailey Justin had a completion rating of 81% and threw for 4 touchdowns! Bailey stated "We're really coming together. The coaching staff has been making changes to the playbook in order to fit all of our strengths. Scoring 44 points is amazing. Soon, teams are going to be taking a different look at us." Bailey's confidence has really put this team in the rig
  3. Talking to His Mother Jo Biden and his wife, Tracy Jill Biden, goes over to Bob Otis' mother's house. They sit in the front room as the mother gives them each a glass of iced sweet tea. Jill: "Thank you for letting us come over Mrs. Otis." Mrs. Otis: "Please, call me Margret. What can I do for you both today." Jill: "Well, your son took my husband to a club." Margret: "Oh? Did you enjoy yourself?" Jo: "I did. You have a lovely son." Jill
  4. Week 2: BPZ (0-1) vs Northwestern (0-1) BPZ gets their first win in the university's history! Bailey Justin was named the Offensive Player of the Game after picking up 5 touchdowns. Four, of which, were through the air. The final score was 23-45. "This is exactly what we expected from the team. If we continue to play like this, we can actually win some championships," Head Coach Jo Nathan stated. We were able to speak with Bailey Justin who had some things to say. "We played really well on offense today," he proclaimed. Bailey only mis
  5. Week 1: BPZ (0-0) vs Florida (0-0) BPZ shocked the entire fanbase after recruiting some amazing talent. Many questioned whether or not they were paying the recruits to join them. Despite the loaded roster, BPZ was unable to beat the Florida Gators. The final score was 27-35. In a conference, Jo stated, "This was a great start. Florida was the third-rated team just last year." Bailey Justin had a completion percentage of 69.4% completing 25 times to his receivers. With 225 passing yards and 2 touchdowns, Bailey showed exactly why he bel
  6. Jo Nathan

    Jo Nathan

    Name: Umajo Figurehead: Umaga Height: 6'4" Weight: 355 lbs Style: Powerhouse Signature: Samoan Spike Finisher: Powerbomb
  7. BPZ University: American Football "South Alabama has suspended their football team after becoming the lowest graded team in the college history. As a result, Sun Belt has added BPZ University to their division. The dean of the college, Brenden, said he is very excited about the expansion. Jo Nathan has been revealed as the head coach. Jo was a back-up quarterback in the NFL for the Pittsburg Steelers until accepting a coaching gig at his home school in Ohio. He has named Arrow Belichick as his offensive coordinator. Arrow is the son of Bill Belichick, a well-known head coach
  8. Nethermagine Press Conference: January "Welcome to our first press conference. I am the CEO of Nethermagine, Jo Nathan. Today, we will be revealing our first game! Now, we decided that our very first needed to be a game whose series needs a ton of TLC. We are pleased to announce Madden NFL" "We have dropped the yearly game release in order to give you the best game possible. This is something EA was unwilling to do. So, how will we make this game the best it has ever been?" "First, we partnered
  9. Jo Nathan


    Jo Biden is in the Oval Office as his wife, Tracy Jill Biden, enters the room upset. Tracy: "Please tell me it's not true." Jo: "What's not true?" Tracy: "I saw what you did at the club. Did you cheat on me?" Jo: "I-I" Jo Biden hesitates as if he genuinely doesn't know if he did or not. Tracy: "You don't remember, do you?" Jo: "I don't." Tracy: "Did they drug you? Did they hurt you? Why were you even in a club?"
  10. Recently, the idea to update the BPZ vs Twitch mod to TEW 2020 was revisited. Alex Costa and I will be working on it. If you are wanting to help, let us know. Also, if you can link us to any updated info, That would also be appreciated. We plan on bringing every current Kayfabe character to the mod. If you'd rather us leave yours as the one currently in the mod, let us know. If you don't wish to be in it, also let us know. Finally, if you wish to have some other character in it, let us know. We are doing only one character per person as of right now. I plan on livestreaming my porti
  11. In case anyone was wondering, my Imposter diary is on hold for right now. Just have no ideas what to do with it. It will continue, though. 

    1. slim


      Glad to hear, the Among Us era inside BPZ lives on through your diary

  12. Jo Nathan


    Repentance This week's edition of Valor continues as we are taken to the abandoned asylum where Jo Nathan is sitting on the floor. "I lost to Arrow? Arrow Reigns? How was this guy even allowed in the match? I am truly baffled by the decision. But I am the only one to blame here. For I have sinned in His name." "I have done Him wrong, so he has chosen to make me lose. As I was gasping for air, He told me to stop breathing. He told me it's over, for now. While blacked out in the ring, He spoke to me. He told me my tim
  13. Presidential Announcement Jo Biden steps up to a podium as the camera pans to the crowd cheering before him. “My fellow BPZians. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” The crowd quiets down to hear Biden’s message to all. “When my involvement in the uh...um, you know the tournament. When it was announced, many people asked why we began this journey. Why me? BPZ was created as a place for wrestlers around the world to come together and entertain their fans. But today, it is filled with nothing but hate
  14. After Nethermagine's recent success in the film industry, they have officially announced the expansion into the gaming world. The CEO, Jo, stated, "We are very excited for the next steps as we continue to grow". Here is the list of IPs bought by Nethermagine so far: Jo: "Buying the rights to Madden was essential for us. EA has deprived the genre for some time now. We have a ton of ideas for this game. So many that we will be splitting the game in two. One for a Career Mode and another for Franchise Mode." "Sims w
  15. Raw tag team championships DIY vs Hurt Business(c). Smackdown Tag Team championships Ziggler and Roode vs Bloodline(c). Aj Styles vs Matt Riddle. No Disqualification Match Daniel Bryan vs Damian Priest. Elimination Chamber WWE championship match John Morrison vs The Miz vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre(c). US championship match Elimination chamber. Jeff Hardy vs Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashely vs Ali vs Andrade vs Ricochet(c). Cameron Grimes vs Christian vs Sami Zayn contract signing for WrestleMania 37 night 1 ic championship match. Main Event Kevin Owe

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