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  1. CodyCage

    Alex come out here and we can settle this Right Now

    Amai, you need to watch out, this man is very dangerous, he is the chicken nugget warrior! Cody gets lazered by The Chicken Nugget Warrior and goes to heaven where he can rest.
  2. CodyCage

    Bulldozer Come Here and Take Your Beating

    "A three way between the ones that lost the dream, I'll stack the cards, it looks like I'll be seeing you at Mania" Cody walks off and doesn't look back, the camera cuts to Maasa thinking about the decision he just made.
  3. CodyCage

    Bulldozer Come Here and Take Your Beating

    Cody Cage walks down to the menacing theme, he has changed quite a bit, he now has long hair reaching down to his chest, the hair is covering his face, but he still has that presence of man who's ambitions and dreams were crushed in hell, Cody walks into the ring looking at Maasa very closely, almost like he is analyzing him, Cody demands for the microphone and Maasa passes it to him but with clear suspicion in him. "You are different, you aren't the same, you're special, you outshone others in that same match where my hopes were crushed, I had one chance and I messed it up and so did you, you and me are losers, but I, I know my limits, and you challening Alex like that? He isn't going to acknowledge you, you have to prove to him that you're worthy of a challenge, that you aren't another generic wrestler who's goal is to just win titles and go home and lay on their expensive beds with the belt on their crotch, enjoying the warm sun coming through their windows, you have to be different, you have to train all day, everyday to become one of the best, and after that match, I felt saddened, not because I lost the dear opportunity of a lifetime but because something more dear to me was stolen, my dignity" Cody moves his hair out of the way so that we see the dark mask that covers his face , the mask looks absolutely terrifying, to the point where children are covering their eyes with fear, Cody shows the crowd his fate and what his dream costed him. "That's why Toxik isn't coming out tonight, that's why sometimes the stars don't allign this is why sometimes the dream isn't a dream but a nightmare, my face, my dignity all lost because I tried to accomplish my dream, and now Maasa, I'll take you through hell and back and make you experience what I have feared for all these years, Maasa vs Cody Cage at BPZ Mania, do you accept the satan's calling?"
  4. CodyCage

    Is WWE overusing the "iron man" concept?

    Iron Man Concept needs to be spared for the most important occasions and for wrestlers who can make it work, using it every rumble takes away the effect of it, this should be used by wrestlers who are over and wrestlers who are suitable for this role, so yes WWE is definetly over-using it.
  5. At this point anyone at lower levels, but these I would consider AEW's important targets: Will Ospreay Cheeseburger (Not really important but could use development from them) Zack Sabre Jr Kota Ibushi And lots of others, mainly WWE roster.
  6. CodyCage

    BPZ Predictions League

    6 Man Elimination Chamber Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship Daniel Bryan (c) vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Kofi Kingston No Disqualification Match Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin WWE Raw Women's Championship Match Ronda Rousey (c) vs Ruby Riott WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match The Miz and Shane McMahon (c) vs The Usos Two on one Handicap Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Bobby Lashley (c) and Lio Rush vs Finn Balor Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Nia Jax and Tamina vs The Riott Squad vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs The IIconics vs Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Carmella and Naomi WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Buddy Murphy (c) vs Akira Tozawa Bonus: Who will be the last elimination in the WWE Championship Chamber Match? Daniel Bryan Who will be the last elimination in the WWE Women's Tag Chamber Match? Sasha Banks and Bailey Who will score most eliminations in the WWE Championship Chamber Match? Randy Orton Who will score most eliminations in the WWE Women's Tag Chamber Match? Nia Jax and Tamina
  7. CodyCage

    Favorite wrestler

    Christian Cage is my favourite wrestler that never had main success as a singles wrestler until he returned to the company in early 2010's or late 2000's, but if I was to choose my 2nd favourite wrestler then it would probably be Shawn Michaels because of his amazing involvement in the ring and how he affected the WWE.
  8. CodyCage

    The Future.

    (Cody Cage walks out with a big smile on his face, he is wearing a suit and has a microphone in his hand, but he isn't walking down to the ring) Cody Cage - "It seems like you're forgetting about the most talked about wrestler in the NXT title contendership picture, and on Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, there isn't going to be a helping hand reaching towards you when the match starts, you can forget about Wall, or even that lunatic Hans, there will be one target in the match and that will be me, I am the most valuable and you know it, and if the future looks like you, Hans and Wall, then I want to stay in the past because the stars aren't looking bright for you but they are aligning in the sky for me and they spell out 'The next big thing has arrived'" (Cody walks off with a grin and knowing that he made his point clear, there now is a present chatter in the arena discussing what's next)
  9. CodyCage

    What are you listening to right now?

    Sorry for using so many YT videos but that's the kinda music I listen to.
  10. CodyCage

    Whats your biggest fear?

    Heights are my biggest fear, another one is being at high speeds, I don't know why but my mind is playing tricks on me.
  11. CodyCage

    Hi all

    Hey bro hope you have a good time on the forums
  12. CodyCage


    (The camera cuts to backstage with Akki walking down to the locker room very aggresively, he settles down on a steel cahir and grabs a bottle of water that he proceeds to drink out of. Akki looks onto the TV in the locker room and realizing that the same TV he is looking at could ruin his life, he realizes that he does these terrible things just for popularity and for fans who cheer him on whilst he does these stuff, a sudden noise in the boiler room downstairs alerts Akki, and Akki isn't afraid of seeing what it is, so he walks down to the boiler room with the same steel chair he was sitting on, as he enters the boiler room he looks for a light switch but can't find one, but instead of turning back he manages to set a fire in the middle of the boiler room uncaring for the consequences that may follow, Akki walks down to where he thought he heard the noise and swings the chair in that direction only to hit a pipe.) Akki turns around and to his suprise Cody Cage is standing there with bandages all on his body but a will to fight Akki, Cody throws multiple punches into Akki's face and takes him down with an arm-drag, and when Cody goes to pick Akki up the Red Monster grabs Cody by the neck and lifts him up before slamming him into the pipes. Akki - "Your biggest mistake was coming back, you should've stayed away from this, you aren't ready or prepared for the BPZ, and you aren't prepared for me!" Akki picks up the steel chair and goes to attack Cody but The Invader kicks Akki in the stomach, he then proceeds to clothesline him down, Cody drags Akki to the middle of the fire and lays him down. Cody Cage - "We all have our demons, but mine is going back to hell." Cody grabs a steel chair and bashes into every single pipe in hopes for a reaction that would cause to set this place a blaze, and after that he leaves, when everybody thinks the harm is done, Cody comes back with a gasoline tank, he lays it down to where the fire isn't and he grabs the matchstick puts it near the fire and throws it down into the laid gasoline, the whole place is nothing but fire and flames and before Cody runs off he says, "Rest in your flames! You son of a bitch!" Cody runs off and Carnage goes off TV, leaving fans shocked all over the world.
  13. CodyCage

    The Title means a lot

    (The music hits the arena with a vocal blast, the fans are cheering on as the next competitor comes out to challenge for the title) (It's Cody Cage, he is coming out in black jeans and a smile on his face, he knows what his target is and he has the eyes on the price as he walks down to the ring with a storming and menacing walk, he enters the ring very slowly as he eyes down his opposition and poses in the middle of the ring before putting the microphone close to his lips.) Cody Cage - "The NXT Title! A target in my view that is blocked by nothing but a mist of empty talent that tries to compete with the best, I have been an indie star for years, and making this big break was nothing more than a dreamchasing task that I accomplished well, it looks it's time for me to shape my sculpture, I am the new best thing, you two are just the same stale and unworthy opponents, everybody in the arena knows I deserve the title the most, but yet nobody wants to admit it, looking at you Alex I see a wasted opportunity, you aren't the same man you were, but it's gonna change after the night of SVM, you are going to see this fist so much that I am going to make you fall in love with it. The NXT Title will be mine and nobdy else's, mark my words Alex, that title is soon going to be MINE" (Alex Costa seems to be confused at who he just met and what's going to happen at SVM, he doesn't have a strategy for the match as he never wrestled this person before, or even stranger never even saw him wrestle, Alex and Cody stare eachother down before Cody makes a turn into the crowd, he seems to hang in there for a couple of minutes before vanishing out of sight completely, Alex is now in the ring on his own.)
  14. CodyCage

    BPZ Wrestling Mod Relationships

    Strong Friendship with Connor Clarke