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  1. Name: Trae Iverson Age: 20 Country of origin: USA Crime Committed: Murder Backstory: Growing up in Chicago Trae was influenced to commit crimes by the people surrounding him, after a horrible childhood and many years hanging out with the wrong people, Trae tried to rob a local store, in a failed attempt he shot the store owner and ran away, his finger prints were later found on the numerous store items, Trae was arrested 2 weeks later.
  2. The Miz, his charisma and great talking skills can bring a good lot to the commentary.
  3. Akki stops a war and inspires young rappers like 2pac by his inspirational hit "Sobbing", this also stops a war and causes the government to fix themselves and apply new laws which help out citizens in Suriname, Akki is also given a medal of honour for his actions.
  4. Sign Ups: Name: Cody Cage Height: 6"0 Weight: 180lbs Hometown: Los Angeles, California Heel/tweener/face: Face Finishers: Frog Splash, Clothesline from Hell Signatures: Boston Crab, Jacknife Powerbomb Color for attire: Black Powerhouse/Technical/cruiserweight/brawler: Cruiserweight
  5. First Ball Nickname: R-Kelly Second Ball Nickname: Bill Cosby Color of Balls: Blue
  6. I would say welcome, but we all already know you lol, it'd nice to know that you play basketball and make your money fairly.
  7. Name: "Roadblock" Cody Cage Age: 21 Nationality: American Height: 7"0 Wingspan: 7'1 Weight: 210lbs Looks: Karl-Anthony Towns Similar game style (Steph Curry, James Harden etc): Dennis Rodman Position: Centre
  8. Good predictions, Buddy Murphy in NXT would dominate as a wrestler and it would be fun seeing him there fight against some new up and coming superstars.
  9. SWAT 4 and Rainbow 6 Siege are my most enjoyed cop games, and I share lots of memory with them.
  10. Name: Cody Cage Nation: Poland Skin Tone: White Height: 6"9 Weight: 180lbs Position: SF Strength: Driving Layups Weakness: 3PT Shooting Tendencies: Block Shot, Alley-Oop Pass, Driving Layup
  11. AJ Styles deserved more attention in his TNA days, he is getting old now and WWE audiences have started to value him more since his debut, he deserved that attention in TNA, during his prime years.
  12. Ghost, System Of A Down, Slipknot, SOB x RBE, NWA, Evanescence, Killswitch Engage and AC/DC are probably my favourite bands nowadays.

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