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    CodyCage reacted to Gwynfro in Running the Ropes: A Tale of WWE's Turbulent Tag Team Trauma   
    Setting the Stage

    Across the year's of WWE's storied histories, many fans hold fond memories of the wild and larger-than-life characters that regaled their screens. Many of these wrestlers found their popularity in a tag team; Legion of Doom (The Road Warriors), Demolition, The Hart Foundation, The Wild Samoans, The Rockers, and The Steiner Brothers to name but a few. There was also a time when being the Tag Team Champions was held with a modicum of prestige, for the most part. Calling yourself a Tag Team Champion was an achievement.
    Fast forward to the tail end of the attitude era, and the WWF's Tag Team Division had arguably never been hotter. With exceptional talents in Edge and Christian, the wild charisma and extreme styles of the Dudley Boys, and the high flying stunts of the Hardy Boys, WWE's Tag Team Division was truly an attraction to behold. The creation of the TLC stipulation and the usages of signature weapons only amplified this tandem triangle's appeal at the time.

    However, as we reach the current day product, there is a fraction of the reverence held for the tag division. Many fans are quick to criticise the tag division, and write it off, why is this? Let's have a look into why this has happened.
    The Torment of the Tandems
    In recent years, we've seen little love for the tag division on either RAW or Smackdown. With WWE's often limited ability to focus on multiple aspects of their product, the push of the Women's Division has taken up a lot of their meaningful attention, leaving the tag teams to have little nuance to their current position. Predominantly seen as the lowest-ranking titles on the card, many tag team storylines simply fall to a contender being chosen, and then challenging the current champions with little to sometimes no build, as we saw at Wrestlemania 35, with both the RAW and Smackdown Tag Team Champions being thrown onto the card.
    The Revival had such little time to build for their match against the Major Bros, that they had to carry the story off the TV show. Equally confusing was the end of Curt Hawkins' losing streak, approximately 2 years running, was ended to little fan-fair or hype, a potential storyline that could have had some significant fan investment simply squandered.

    The woes of the red brand don't stop there, as the RAW Tag Titles have been neglectfully thrown around the remnants of the division with little rhyme or reason. Do you remember that Authors of Pain were Tag Team Champions for a few weeks? Or that McIntyre and Ziggler were champions too? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. 

    Another reason why the tag titles have fallen from grace is the reliance on those that are either unestablished, or comedy tag teams, the B-Team come to mind. They may be entertaining, but with continued booking as jokes for many years, them holding the gold only does damage in the long term. The neglect of the tag teams had become so unavoidable that Bobby Roode and Chad Gable were made into an out-of-nowhere team to act as a temporary life preserver for the defiled division. 
    I would like to move on from RAW, but it's tag team troubles do not stop there. Equally destructive is the crutch of singles stars being tag team champions. For many months WWE had Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and later Jason Jordan playing around with the Tag Team Championships, all ultimately playing second, third and forth fiddle to the then-Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. For a champion to gain their own agency and investment, they need to be in their own stories, not background dressing to someone else's. We're seeing this quite recently with the pairing of Aleister Black and Ricochet, two talents that can and should be thriving as singles stars.

    Another fault of WWE's is their fondness for breaking up their tag teams, often times before they are ready. In just the last few years, we've said goodbye to; American Alpha, The Hype Bros, The Wyatt Family, The Bludgeon Brothers, The Vaudevillians, The Golden Truth, Enzo and Cass, DIY (later reformed momentarily on the main roster), Sanity, The Deleter of Worlds and Rusev Day. I might have even missed some others too. This seismic shift in the tag teams means that nobody new can become established, because they keep getting broken up. This results in the few anchors of the tag division staying at the top, soon for grow stale and uninteresting, such is the fate of The Bar. As much as I adored their storyline of tag together, Sheamus and Cesaro have become 5-Time Tag Champions in the span of 3 years, because of WWE's hesitance to shake up the tag team division in any meaningful or constructive way.

    As with pretty much any entertainment industry, perception is everything.....

    .....need I say more.....
    The Light in the Dark
    But fear not, dear reader. For I am not here to just preach my woes with WWE's Tag Teams, as it is not entirely for nought. WWE can and has done some brilliance with it's tag teams. One frequently overlooked fact is that WWE's tag teams, despite their abysmal booking, more often that not produce one of the best matches of the night. Through the in-ring efforts of The New Day, The Usos, The Bar, Undisputed Era, The Revival and more, tag team wrestling has kept itself going quietly in the background.
    Most notably in my opinion, the classic underdog story of DIY, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, overcoming all the odds and finally winning the NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT Takeover: Toronto from the Revival in a gruelling and emotional 2-out-of-3 falls match. It was simple, but definitely not lacking in effort or investment. They came close in Brooklyn, but ultimately fell short, only to win the big one a few months later. Everyone played their part perfectly, and gave us an injection of sweet catharsis in the end, delivering not only a Match of the Year contender, but a brilliant pay off to a compelling storyline.

    Meanwhile on Smackdown, they had some better luck than RAW. The Blue brand had two of WWE's best tag teams up their sleeves; The Usos, and the New Day. Their 2017 war for the Tag Team Championships showed the world what tag team wrestling can be. It can be something with fire, intensity, emotion and be just as much an attraction as the main event. So much so, the the Usos and the new Day competed in the first Tag Team Championship Hell in a Cell Match, utilising some brilliant creativity, bringing some much needed freshness to a stale and overused stipulation.

    But the praise doesn't stop there. On the fledging brand of NXT UK, we saw yet another Tag Team Championship added to WWE's vault, the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Naturally, going to Takeover: Blackpool, the safe choice was to award Moustache Mountain, the brand's only truly over and established tag team the Inaugural Title right? Well, actually no. Realising that Moustache Mountain are so monumentally over to the point of being bulletproof, In an inspired piece of booking, after the match of the night, the Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake and UK Tournament Winner Zack Gibson walked out of Blackpool with the fresh gold. Now NXT UK had two established and over tag teams, instead of just one, something that the brand was in desperate need of. With the teams of Aichner and Barthel, and Webster and Andrews, the NXT UK Tag Team Scene is doing quite well so far.

    So, in conclusion. WWE is not a barren land for our beloved tag teams, not just yet. However, in the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, and the search for creative satisfaction, WWE would benefit in showing some more love to their Tag Teams. They're the backbone of any undercard. They can easily surprise you with their potential, and their power. Perhaps one day, Tag Team Wrestling can rise again to it's once soaring heights. As someone who was hooked and enamoured into Professional Wrestling by Tag Team Wrestling, I certainly hope so.

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    CodyCage got a reaction from Julius in BPZ: The Condemned   
    Name: Trae Iverson
    Age: 20
    Country of origin: USA
    Crime Committed: Murder
    Backstory: Growing up in Chicago Trae was influenced to commit crimes by the people surrounding him, after a horrible childhood and many years hanging out with the wrong people, Trae tried to rob a local store, in a failed attempt he shot the store owner and ran away, his finger prints were later found on the numerous store items, Trae was arrested 2 weeks later. 
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    CodyCage reacted to Dark Angel in Why The SSW Club Betrayed Mave   
    Carnage starts with Mave Deltzer, who is coming out to discuss why The SSW Club betrayed him. He is so upset that he's been kicked out of the group only to be replaced with @JoshsNow as their new leader. Mave now with a microphone and he has something to say about this.
    "Why did you do this to me? Your own leader? I was like family to you guys and you would give the leader role to a inactive person? That's the ultimate form of betrayal right there. How dare you betray me? Your (now) former leader? I understand Josh is just a mentor that’s why he got elected as leader
    Because he’s done it the longest, but you could've at least told me that I was being replaced by him. But no, you had to do this. But that's okay, because I've formed a new club and it's called The Mave Club. And my members are @ArrowDream and @CodyCage. And at Backlash, we will stop you for becoming the number one contenders for the Tag Titles.  
    Mave drops the microphone and walks out of the ring.
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    CodyCage reacted to Sheridan in "Fun"   
    Sheridan listens attentively whilst Jonathan defends his reasoning for aligning with her. It is ever so clear the woman holds a lot of respect for him, her cerulean blue eyes remaining focused, somehow managing to appear unsympathetic for all living things in the world other than the man sat at her side. A subtle smile almost crosses her drawn cheekbones as "The Ace" explains why he took her beneath his friendly and nurturing tutelage, one arm moving to lay passively on the bridge of the couch as the other, her hand especially, covering her mouth in admiration. Once her tag team partner and mentor finishes sounding off on their upcoming opposition, the woman maintains her posture for a moment before re-positioning, bringing the cameraman to focus on her in a clockwork motion.

    "Jonathan darling, you shouldn't have to explain yourself. When Henry Ford revolutionised the automobile people called his methods impractical, when the cheeseburger was invented many labelled it a dumb craze which would die out sooner than it started. Fools and the like-minded idiots questioning you clearly cannot see the gold you have struck in me and the potential we have as a duo to transform the tag team division. People question you because they're envious, of your brilliance and your wrestling ability and when the light flickers, when the bell has been tolled and you and I are holding the BPZ Tag Team Championships high into the air, those who doubted you the most shall be the first lining up to kiss your feet. How weak of them."

    The slender goddess laughs to herself, idly placing her hand onto Jonathan's lap as she giggles alongside her brooding tag team partner. She cocks a brow coming to a stop, long fingers extending to wrap around a glass of rosé on the table placed to the side of the couch. Taking a loving sip she sighs, twirling the curved glass within her dainty fingers, before affirming her attention towards the camera once more.

    "He chose me because he sees my potential, this man is a multi-time champion and has proven himself on every stage this company has to offer, at every level of competition and yet you have the audacity to mock him, to challenge his decision. My poor darling has to sit through your unfair criticisms of him when you haven't even given our partnership a chance. Time and time again he has proven athletes and fans alike wrong, he has outmanoeuvred the most skilled and outwitted the most intelligent and when he approached me, laying out his plan of dominance, his well-established programme towards the peak of the mountain, well I would have been stupid to refuse."

    "You know what is even more laughable? Birdman and Bulldozer, ridiculing me. As if their careers are more accomplished than my own. The truth of the matter is that I have mixed it up with the best of the best. The likes of Flynn, Julius and Necce. I'm not ashamed to state I lost, or put it out there that I've only won a single match. But guess what? I beat a Hall of Famer and I pushed those I lost against to their absolute limits. You're pointing out that I'm barely around and when I am I lose and yet Jonathan chose me to rule by his side ahead of you two clowns. You're missing the aura of Sheridan Mueller. That little sparkle that makes my matches must see, that has news outlets and insider journalists raving about me ahead of those currently holding championships. I welcome you to continue underestimating me and valuing me as a little girl rather than a tough, dangerous woman. I will be more than happy to wipe those smirks off of your faces, claiming the number one contendership for me and my darling Jonathan in the process, sending you into a pit much darker than the irrelevancy you find yourselves in now. Cherish these days you have of freedom, for Royal Flush will push you into a state of bankruptcy and humiliation you'll find impossible to recover from."

    Once Sheridan finishes, her intense gaze remains the focus of the camera lens. She runs a hand through her platinum hair, reaching for her glass of rosé once more. The camera slowly loses focus as Sheridan turns to Jonathan and begins conversing with him, their words inaudible as the camera finally rests on a fade to black.
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    CodyCage reacted to Julius in "Intentions"   
    {We return back from commercial break, when "Gallantry" blasts throughout the arena signalling the arrival of the self-proclaimed "Death Machine" Julius. He steps out in front of the mass crowd here tonight surprisingly without the aide of Flynn}

    {Julius walks down the ramp soaking in all the boo's and screams from those seated in the front row. Julius then stops and stares directly into the eyes of a man before slightly smirking and continuing his path towards the ring. As he enters the ring he does his signature pose which once again attracts a chorus of boos before he grabs a microphone waiting for silence to engulf the arena. Instead of saying any words, Julius just points to the titantron as the lights in the arena cut to black}

    {The tron shows a recap of the brutal War Games match in which the Ballers overcame and survived the onslaught of the Saviours to recapture their BPZ Tag-Team Championships. It then transitions to the aftermath of the match where Julius and Flynn viciously assaulted Ropati causing him to become a bloodied mess. The final image shows the last brutal Claymore kick delivered by Julius before cutting to black. We return back to the ring where Julius slowly applauds the video as the crowd once again rain down with boos}
    "What you saw in-front of your eyes was the complete decimation and embarrassment of a weak link, a man who couldn't live up to our cause and in retaliation paid for it dearly. See Ropati, I warned you that you will get your judgement after you stabbed me in the back and here it is, and I can now proudly and confidently confirm that you will never ever see Ropati set foot in a BPZ Arena ever again"
    "But I'm not out here to dwell on the punishment of Ropati, I'm not even out here to address the result during our War Games match at World at War II, I am out here to address my intentions and what the future holds for the Death Machine. As you may know there is a certain Intercontinental Championship that I have my eyes on but unfortunately it's holder isn't worthy of such an honour. BiC you listen to me right now, you are weak you are making that championship look like a joke and it's only right that I save this division liked I have done many times before and become your Intercontinental Champion"
    "But first you want to bring up My Career? You want to compare the things that I have done to you? Well let me put it this way BiC the things I have done in one single year have already outmatches and surpassed everything that you have done in your whole career. We can look at it like this, you won the KOTR and what did you do with it absolutely nothing, I won KOTR and went on to have the second longest World championship reign in the history of this company and you want to continue comparing your career to mine. You said you want to see the animal, the monster living inside of me, well you're going to get it and you're going to rue the day you ever called me out. You're just another in the list of Victims I have destroyed, you seem to have this false belief that you can come into my ring and kick my teeth down my throat, I admire you confidence BiC but it will all amount to nothing just like many times before you will fail"
    Well BiC come Backlash when it's just me and you inside the ring fighting for that Intercontinental Championship there will be no more comparison. I'm going to walk in, beat you to a bloodied pulp and walk out Intercontinental Champion. I just hope BiC after this excruciating, devastating loss you don't just take your ball and go home like you have before. Crying to your family for 6 months before you return and do it all again"
    "See you at Backlash...Champ"
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    CodyCage reacted to Isaiah Carter in Royal Rumble 2019 - BiC vs Bart   
    Royal Rumble 2019 The Royal Rumble PPV would kick off, the pyro going off as the crowd cheers loudly, tonight is the night that careers change. 30 men will enter that ring and only one will walk out, but that's the main event. Before we get to that we have an amazing card and it all starts for one title, one title that means everything to two superstars who are trying to be icons. One trying to fix a lustrous career fallen down and one continuing the run of a century.       The crowd would boo because the champions music would hit first, and after nearly minute of the music playing out would stroll one of the fastest rising stars in recent memory, a man that was said to be nothing more than an Alyx Wilde replacement has smashed any walls put in front of him and has become one of the faces of the current day BPZ Wrestling. He stands on top of the stage looking out at the thousands in attendance., he has a giant smile on his face and the Intercontinental Championship strapped around his waist. He traces it with the tips of his fingers before mouthing words the camera doesn't pick up before walking down the ramp. If Bart has done anything for the crowd, its give them someone to hate and Bart does it well. He walks up the steps and goes through the middle rope entering a ring he has dominated for months, unsnapping the title from his waist and lifting it in the air with much pride behind himself. Bart is wearing his signature clothing with a special "The Villian" scrawled across the back of his tights and down to his knee pads, he would rest in the corner in a sitting position waiting for his opponent...         As the challengers' music would hit, the crowd would begin to give a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. BiC has been attacking fans, workers, and more for the past week calling BPZ a "Dying" company. As BiC gets into the ring he raises his arms to his side before going to his corner, the energy inside this building is crazy, two superstars trying to cement there legacy. BiC and Bart would stay in their corners as the announcer hypes up the match, the crowd giving full focus chanting "BPZ" before the bell even rings.   "The Villian" vs "The Pure Athlete"    BiC and Bart would walk up to each other and size each other up, these two haven't shared a ring since BPZ Mania III when Bart would pin BiC to win the Global Championship, BiC and Bart exchange words before Bart would back up. Giving BiC the opportunity to strike as he would land a forearm that would drop Bart to his knees as the crowd would erupt.   Bart would hold his jaw as BiC would back up and raise his arms to his side, blowing a kiss at the Intercontinental Champion and laughing before Bart would jump up and land a killer forearm of his own, sending BiC back into the corner with wobbly legs as he smiles and nods his head in approval before BiC and Bart would run at each other.   Brutal, that is the one word to describe what followed as BiC and Bart would hit each other with the stiffest forearms in the business, you wouldn't be surprised if their jaws were broken but a cheap knee to the guy from Bart would allow the champ to take a breath before lifting his foot into the nose of BiC who was leaned over from the knee, Bart would run at BiC and attempt a clothesline but in one of the most unexpected counters in recent memory BiC would hit a standing Spanish fly on Bart sending his head crashing into the mat. BiC would quickly stand up and hit a moons sault on a prone Bart but before he could go for the cover Bart would roll out of the ring.   And we've seen it more than a new year in pro wrestling as BiC would bounce off the ropes and run towards Bart, however, in a loud and sickening reversal Bart would catch out BiC in mid-air and hit a DDT off of the suicide dive!!!     BiC would lay unconscious as a hush comes over the crowd and the commentators, everyone worried for BiCs health as Bart leans on the ring and laughs before rolling into the ring and forcing the referee to begin his count, what the hell did we just see?!   However before the referee could reach 6, BiC would begin to grab the barricade and lift himself up. Bart, being as experienced as he rushes out and gets BiC. But almost as BiC was playing possum, he springs off the barricade and hits another nasty forearm. Bart stumbles backward before a superkick would knock him flat on his back, this match has been fast-paced and BiC continues the trend by lifting Bart by the back of the head and pushing his lifeless body into the ring. BiC would then climb to the top rope, and face his back towards the ring clearly looking for some sort of high-risk move as Bart gets to his feet. BiC would set sail and go for a moonsault on Bart but Bart would quickly move out of the way and as BiC crashes into the mat he is able to absorb the fall onto his knees but the champ was ready and would hit a knee to the side of the temple before locking BiC in for The Last Breath.   To the crowds applause BiC would break out of the finisher before his head could be driven into the mat and would go for a superkick, however Bart would catch it and spin BiC around but as Bart ran at BiC he would lift in into a fireman carries position before throwing the back of his head down on his knee and going for the first cover of this already 7 minute match, however Bart would get his shoulder up and the war would continue as Bart would reverse a kick by BiC, Bart would springboard and hit his Tornado DDT to a huge pop but before Bart could go for the cover BiC would somehow get his feet up and roll up Bart.   Bart would get the shoulder up at 2 and BiC would lay his head on the mat before quickly getting up and stomping away at the ribs of Bart before picking up the champ and lifting him on his shoulders again, this time however Bart would fight out of it with elbows to the head before throwing BiC into the corner and running at him, hitting a forearm to the back of the head this time, which has been a recurring theme in this match as Bart taunts over a groggy BiC, Bart would drive his knee into the gut and go ballistic forcing the ref to pull him off, as Bart yells at the ref BiC would take advantage and pop out of the corner hitting a sling blade before running to the top rope, but before BiC could hit any sort of offensive move Bart would jump onto the top rope and go for the falcon arrow off of the top, but BIC would fight out of it! Pushing him off, but Bart would hit a sickening enziguri!   Bart would join BiC on the middle rope and do a cutthroat motion before lifting him up in the suplex position, but BiC would begin to fight back, but Bart would have enough momentum to get BiC up halfway and drop him ontop of the turnbuckle as BiC falls to the outside as EMTs once again rush to the aid of BiC for the second time this match.     However this time Bart wouldn't wait for a countout as he would push various EMTs out of the way before grabbing BIC and throwing him in the ring. As Bart slide into the ring, BiC would somehow manage to sit up in a crisscross formation and push his hair out of his face before nodding at Bart, who looks pissed off at BiCs show of endurance and dives at the challenge completely losing it hitting many strikes to the already injured head. Before standing up and looking at the crowd who boos the man, but as Bart turns around BiC hits a flying clothesline and falls down onto his back before kicking up to a huge pop. BIC and Bart begin trading shots but BiC would get the upper hand as he quickly lifts Bart up on his shoulders and drops him down rib first onto his knees, the energy in this match has been insane and the two begin to fight once again as BiC jumps up and drops his knee onto the skull of Bart.   BiC would go for the cover but Bart would kick out at 2 to a huge pop as BiC stands up, looking over a dazed Bart would get to his feet. BiC would lift him up for the "No Regret" but BART REVERSES IT! Bart has the cardiac arrest locked in! No! BiC fights out of it early on, BiC and Bart exchange blows as this crowd explodes in cheers.       BART HAS IT IN! In the center of the ring this has to be it! The referee is in perfect position as BiC squirms, Bart yells "Just quit" as the frustration comes over his face, Bart lets go of the hold and quickly lifts up BiC and locks in "The Last Breath" with a large, cocky smile on his face, he lifts his hand up in the air before BiC would push Bart away and duck under a. clothesline before he would transition Bart into the fisherman suplex position! NO REGRET! BiC has won so many championships with this move and he just hit it out of. nowhere!     BART KICKS OUT AT 2! This crowd can not believe it as BiC lays on the mat mouth open, in shock. What a sequence of moves and these two are not finished as BiC stands up and looks at Bart, who lays on the mat struggling to even move. BiC slowly grabs Bart by the hair and lifts him up, placing him into the corner and hitting big chops as the pace of the match slows down. BiC, who is looking better than ever steps on the middle ropes and begins laying the punches down on Bart. But Bart moves! HUGE KICK! A huge kick to the back of the head and BiC stumbles, however Bart catches him and turns him around. What the hell is Bart doing!     THIS MATCH HAS TURNED INTO SOMETHING ELSE! "The Last Breath" off of the top rope and this crowd is in utter shock! Bart slowly falls into the cover     THIS CROWD EXPLODES! BiC got his finger on the rope! Bart was literal fingertips away from retaining his title and Bart crawls backward away from BiC, neither of these men refuses to lose as the crowd chants "Fight Forever"   Bart sits up, looking at BiC who is not moving after such a big move from the champ. Bart has not had to fight this hard for his championship in a long time as the time of the match hits 15 minutes, Bart grabs the finger of BiC and snaps it, almost breaking it before kicking him in the back of the head. Bart slowly lifts BiC up by the back of his head and screams in his face, but the match would come full circle as BiC would hit a forearm on Bart and the two superstars would once again trade forearms, the crowd joining in with the oo's and aa's. Bart would get the advantage on a hurt BiC, kicking the knee out and going for a knee but BiC would somehow jump up and hit a knee of his own, Bart is dazed as BiC lifts him up on his shoulders! But Bart wiggles out of it!  Bart goes for the No Regret, that is BiCs move! But BiC lands on his feet and turns Bart around going for "The Last Breath" but Bart fights out of his own move! BiC and Bart hit each other with a kick to the guy before falling to there knees, both men stare at each other for a good 10 seconds as the crowd gives them a standing ovation.    BiC would quickly stand up and Bart would tell him to "BRING IT ON", and as BiC runs at him to go for the shining wizard but Bart would move and roll up BiC, when BiC would kick out at two he would smile at Bart, and Bart would back up before telling BIC to "STAND DOWN", BiC would raise his arms to his sides and tell Bart the same thing BiC told him, inviting Bart to try and hit a move as Bart runs at BiC and goes for a superkick but BiC would move and hit a roll up off his own, but instead of posing BiC would quickly hit a superkick before going to the top rope!     BIC HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTO THE "CARDIAC UNREST"!!!! THIS IS IT! Bart struggles, kicking his feet before the ref would get in perfect position, Bart is about to pass out! Despite the roar of the crowd, BiC would not be able to keep the hold locked as he would lose his grip and fall onto his back, the amount of damage he has had to the head is unbearable and he shows it as he lays on his back looking up at the lights. Bart struggles to his feet as BiC sits up and stalks Bart, as Bart stumbles to his feet BiC runs at him and goes for a diving forearm, but BART WOULD REVERSE IT!      THE FALCON ARROW INTO THE CARDIAC ARREST! BiC fought out of it the first time but this time it's going to be close! Bart has him in the center of the ring and BiC is trying everything as he rolls over onto his knees and begins to stand up! Where is BiC finding this strength! BiC hits a nasty elbow to the chin off Bart that knocks him off his back, BiC bounces off the ropes but Bart would catch him with the knee! BiC falls down and Bart goes for the cover for the two count!    "BPZ" Chants ring through the arena, this is a championship match that we won't forget for a long time as this has been a hard hitting, fast paced matchup. Bart begins to stomp on BiC, wiping the sweat from his forehead and flinging it onto BiC. Bart drops some knees onto the chest of BiC, slowing the pace down to catch his breath after an amazing sequence between the two. BiC tries to fight back but a forearm from Bart would silence any comeback, Bart would talk trash to the BiC of his face before running at Bart, going for yet another knee but BiC would lift Bart up in the air! POWERBOMB! NO! Bart would reverse it into a hurricane to the outside! Bart stands on the apron and brings up finger guns shooting them before running at BiC.     BART MISSES! Bart attempted a dive and has crashed into the mat in a sickening way, these guys are going to warBIC falls down, resting on the ring staring at Bart who is motionless, BiC nods his head before slapping the mat trying to get life back into his body which has to be hurting. BiC would grab Bart and throw him into the ring, BiC would join Bart and stare at the young superstar, who has done so much in this business in such little time. BiC begins to stomp away at Bart, picking him up and setting him into the corner hitting multiple chops to the chest before hitting a snap suplex on the champion.    We thought this match was over when Bart hit the Last Breath off of the top rope an entire 10 minutes ago. But as the now 30 minute match would roll on, as BiC lifts Bart up and goes for the running Powerbomb, but Bart would jump out of it and go for a forearm, BiC would block it and hit a knee to the gut before putting one foot onto the middle turnbuckle and going for a springboard DDT, but Bart would catch him with a forearm, one of the most vicious of this match!      "THE LAST BREATH"! BART WINS! Bart retains his championship as he pins BiC in the middle of the ring but what a match! 32 minutes, 26 seconds in and Bart has retained, Bart sits in the middle of the ring and calls for his title. The referee brings it to him and he clutches it with gratefulness, Bart barely got away here tonight as he struggles to stand up, his legs shaking as he raises the BPZ Intercontinental Championship in the air. BiC rolls out of the ring and sits on the outside as EMTs check on him as he could be seriously injured tonight.   But besides that, Bart once again retains. And if he won here tonight, who the hell is going to stop him?      
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    CodyCage reacted to Yelich in Yelich Books Superstar Shakeup to WrestleMania 34, Rated U for Unrealistic.   
    Here are the Cyber Sunday questions, answer them so you can have an affect on the match card of Cyber Sunday!
    Loading poll...
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    CodyCage got a reaction from Isaiah Carter in Narratives for BPZ Wrestling Mod   
    Akki stops a war and inspires young rappers like 2pac by his inspirational hit "Sobbing",  this also stops a war and causes the government to fix themselves and apply new laws which help out citizens in Suriname, Akki is also given a medal of honour for his actions. 
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    CodyCage reacted to Just "Marker" Done in X-HeelAkki-X Music Discussion   
    Intro: The first song on the Fuck Life and in my opinion, it good for a intro, but if it was a stand out song, I wouldn't enjoy it that much.  4/10
    Light Up: This song I enjoy a bit better, it was very good to hear the first time, but after a couple of listens, it starts to get repetitive, so it does lower it down from the rest of the songs. 4.5/10
    Strict: This is where Akki starts to pick it up a bit. This is about Akki and his life of poverty and the household he was living, he realized that he is grateful for the things he has right now, also GeorgeAK is always good to have. 5.5/10
    Suicidal: The song is good, but I only have one problem with this song and it is the god damn autotune, in my opinion that nearly killed the song for me, not a good look on Akki so far. 5/10
    Keep Your Head To The Sky: This song was very good, the choir was very shocking to me and Akki did very well on his part as well, definitely one of his best ones so far. 6.5/10
    Rehab: Wow, just wow, this song is very good, I feel it better than Keep Your Head To The Sky, this song shows that Akki has can produce a little bit of storytelling and about that hard times he been through, great stuff.  7/10
    Destination Pain: Already listened to that song, It was fine, but doesn't show what Akki truly capable of. 5/10
    Demons: This song was good as well, Demons is about the feeling inside that Akki has within him, George also helped as well on this track.  5.5/10
    Wear Me Down: It good, I enjoy George's part of the song and Akki's part is good as well and the message is well received.  5.5/10
    Black Heart: The song was decent, wasn't the best Akki song I ever heard but it wasn't bad either, however it didn't have that much Akki in it. 5/10
    Hell & Back: This song was very good, especially with that MGK feature on it. 7.5/10
    Sobbing (Interlude): This is in my opinion the worst song on the mixtape, I feel Akki with the autotune is not good and I kinda switch it off, not really the best. 2/10
    Mission: It a good song to comeback from the Interlude and with George to help, it boost the song as well. 5.5/10
    Answers & Truth: This also a very good track, Akki speaks about the government and how kids are sended off to the military for 5 years, it sad to hear about that. 6.5/10
    Life & Gold: Akki speaks about his life with the riches he has made in the Rap game, he sounds good on this track. 5.5/10
    Tech Support: This part was very funny with Nate in it, glad he made it on a track for once. 5/10
    Revive: This is the final song on the track and it very good, Akki showing his quick lyrics on this track. 6/10
    Best Songs: Hell & Back, Rehab, Keep Your Head To The Sky, Revive and Answer & Truths
    Worst Songs: Intro, Sobbing, Light Up

    Rating: 10000000/10

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    CodyCage reacted to Just "Marker" Done in X-HeelAkki-X Music Discussion   
    Inception: 5/10 
    It starts off pretty well with Akki dissing his former friend Danilo, Akki goes hard on him as he should, however the things that hold him were the production of the song, but I'll let it slide and the beat was pretty good, but mostly all of the beats were good on this album
    Danilo: 6/10
    Probably the best Danilo diss song on the album, Akki feels more upbeat and vibrant than the other songs and the production is a bit better aswell as the beat of it, probably one of the best songs on the album 
    Third Time's The Charm: 5.5/10
    The Last Danilo diss of the track, Akki goes hard for the last act, however the reason why Danilo was a better track than Third Times The Charm is because I feel that Akki put more effort into Danilo than Third Times and it why it as least second best Danilo diss
    Demons: 8/10
    Definitely the biggest stand out song on the album, Demons really caught your attention the most you listened to it for the first time, George and Gareth really helped out on this track to make it more interesting than the others 
    Bogus: 3/10
    From the best to the worst song on the track, I really didn't enjoy Bogus whatsoever, especially coming off from Demons, your really thinking that this next one would be great aswell, but it flopped completely, I don't really know why, maybe it the beat or the auto tune but it really killed it for me
    Enemies: 5/10
    Definitely better than Bogus, I sorta like it while I sorta didn't like it, it kinda a mix bag with Enemies and that why it 5/10 for the most part, beat was decent and production wasn't bad either 
    Fast Life: 5.5/10
    Now things pick up abit with Fast Life, I really didn't mind this track, however I didn't really feel it that much, but it was getting better than Enemies and the product wasn't bad 
    Skuut Skuut: 7/10
    Now things get better with Skuut Skuut, the beat was very enjoyable to listen to and VS helped a lot with this track, I enjoyed him so hopefully we get more of him in the future 
    Next Level: 6.5/10
    Next Level was very different and I enjoyed that it was more of a Freestyle than the others which is one of the reasons why it got a bit higher than the rest 
    Essential: 6/10
    The Last track of the album, this was a decent diss at the Aussie YouTuber BrendenPlayz and Akki proving his stuff on this and shows that things can get personal 
    Overall Rating: 6/10
    Best Track: Demons
    Worst Track: Bogus 
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    CodyCage reacted to Kieron in 1,220 Days. 174 Weeks. 40 Months. 3 Years.   
    Carnage returns from commercial to a black screen.
    Kieron Black: Three years.Three years since I walked out in front of all of the people and announced, that I am here. Kieron Black. The brother a psycho and the son of a wife beater, destined to follow down the same dark path. Destined to be nothing more then a failure. Spending my whole life either in a jail cell or stuck in a premature grave. Following in the footsteps of Jason I found my way to the light. I found my way here. Scared, initially to show what was my true self. Gave myself the nickname Vioxx and walked out in front of you all with a message.

    I tried to light the flame to set off the pipe bomb and floundered until the fatal day when I was fired. My one chance to make something of myself gone up in flames because of one bad decision, one wrong turn. I still think of what could of been to this day, what if that never happened. What if my live was NEVER sent tumbling down the spiral and into the depths of hell to rot away like the rest of my family. I spent my time recording messages and posting them on the internet to bring attention to myself, a "fake" murder/rape. Burning people alive. Until I finally ended up getting my job back, right here in this company.

    I spent two months building myself up all the way until I could make my intentions known in March of 2016 when I threw Nate through a flaming table and challenged both him and my own brother Jason Black to a match on the first ever BPZMANIA for the United States Championship.

    The three of us went at it in what was probably the toughest match of my career to date but I eventually came out on top after hitting Nate with the Sister Sophie. 1...2....3! New United States Champion. Yaaaaaaaay. Unfortunately for me this was the beginning of the end for anything good in my entire career. From then all the way to now. I lost the United States Championship in 20 seconds to my own brother Jason the next month at Backlash then fell off. I fought Jason for almost a year after that, when I finally rid the earth of that scum and buried him down six feet under where cunts like him belong!

    My contract came to an end and I decided to go on a hiatus with my stagnated career in the company. I went soul searching in Japan, became the IWGP Intercontinental Champion. Won the G1. Won the IWGP title right there in the Tokyo Dome and came back to the west after losing my title at Dominion the next summer. Returning as as The Enigma, Kieron Black and beating Echo Wilson for the Premium Championship at Summerslam, before floundering. AGAIN. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND FUCKING AGAIN! Yet I always came back, until I eventually decided that I couldn't do it anymore. I took my ball and went home. I took my ball and went to my wife, went to my kids and tried to just have a NICE CHRISTMAS. But I couldn't have that could I because some twat called Diego Garcia decided that it was his job to come in and ruin it all. leading to a Hell In A Cell match where I threw him from the top of the cell, all the way down to the ground. Broke his skull in with a chair and put him to sleep with Sister Sophie to register just my fourth win in this company in THREE YEARS! Then I left, again. This time, due to injury.

    I left once again to focus on my health as I suffered yet another concussion in my match against Garcia. leading me to this moment. I begin my retirement tour next weekend. Against my hand picked opponent. Against FDS. Against my psycho. He is not an unfamiliar enemy but he is an enemy that I am scared of, deep down. He is not much different to my brother and he always had one up on me. He was always the one who could beat me. He beat me multiple times. I never had an answer for him and I'm not sure I have an answer for FDS. However, this time I have absolutely NOTHING to lose. If he ends my career next sunday then good for him, he was the one who sped up the inevitable. Kill me and I wouldn't care. Because without this. Without wrestling I have nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Watch your back Because you never know which side of me you will get and at the end of the day. They are all just different shades of the same colour. They are all the man who is capable of rape. Capable of murder. Because at the end of the day, whatever shade, I am still Kieron Black. 1,220 Days. 174 Weeks. 40 Months. 3 Years. All of it leads to Backlash. All of it leads to FDS. Falls Count Anywhere. All of it leads to war.

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    CodyCage reacted to Hans in BPZ 2K19   
    BPZ 2K19 Rising Stars DLC

    This year's DLC will feature some of the brightest future superstars in BPZ as we are proud to announce the Rising Stars DLC pack. 4 of the future will be apart of this pack, so lets break down those 4 superstars. first up we got the current NXT champion Hans Clayton who has all the momentum in the world. With his high flying style, and his breath taking maneuvers, the "extraordinary one" will sure make an impact in the virtual world. Next we got Alex Costa, a former NXT champion. The "technical wizard" will make you remember his name and will hit the devastating Destino on your opponent for the 1,2,3. One of the best puro wrestlers on the planet, KENJI will be apart of the rising stars DLC. The Sendai Supernova is someone the fans will love to play as. Lastly we got Cody Cage. A technically sounded wrestler who has all tools to be the man in BPZ and you can play as him in the Rising Stars DLC.
    Make sure you pre-order BPZ 2K19 Today!
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    CodyCage reacted to Jonathan in "Fun"   
    As we transition from in-ring action, the titantron sweeps through the lavish furnishings of some BPZ Superstar’s humble abode. As the crowd becomes immersed by the home, one final room is entered. The room fans out into a huge space, a glint obstructs the view before its eclipsed by a pair of people. The camera takes a moment to adjust, before focusing on the duo of  Sheridan and Jonathan, the team known as Royal Flush. “You know Sheridan, I can hear them now. Ruining their vocal cords in order to make me feel crawling in my skin. I wonder if they would continue if they knew it mattered so little to me what they thought of me.”
    As assumed, the fans begin booing relentlessly at the smirking team that envelops the lens. Jonathan strides forward and pats the cameraman on the shoulder, welcoming further into the room. The three make their way to a couch where Jonathan and Sheridan sit, Sheridan with her piercing eyes and Jonathan, not taking things seriously as usual. 
    Jonathan sits up, goofy smile plastered on his face as he looks at the camera, long removed from the Johnny Kills of old, much closer to the man who referred to himself as a God. The smile is retracted into a smirk and Johnny finally begins to speak once again.
    “I can hear the questioning of my motives from all of you, who would Jonathan tag with a ‘flash in the pan’, a woman renowned for her losses rather than her in-ring ability. You see, short mindedness is why I cannot in good conscience pander to you. You view her as a loser? I know what she has in store, all the “Golden Girl” needed was somebody who understood her past the surface, a guide and mentors to extract the best from her. Somebody to warn her about the selfish nature of those so-called fans who will take all her best efforts and give pitiful applause as thanks. I showed her that there’s only one way to guarantee success, put your neck on everybody else’s and take whatever you want. Ask Echo if my lessons have worked so far.”
    “So knowing that I was staring in the eyes of the Queen of this company, I knew that she was an ally that I couldn’t afford to neglect. I knew that as soon as we agreed to tag together, we’d be in instant contention of that tag title I once held on my shoulder. You see I don’t feel a need to win this title as a measure of vengeance to anybody in particular, I simply want to have some fun and rip that title away from the Big Ballers, to put the owner of this business on the mat and keep my foot on his chest for three seconds.”
    An annoyed expression crosses the face of Jonathan as he shakes his heads, halting the visualization of Royal Flush winning the tag team titles and he pauses for a moment, before uttering three letters as if they were a curse.
    “S.S.W. I assume in an attempt to teach humility, we’ve been pitted against this wrestling fan club as if we need to earn our title shot. It can only be an attempt from that wretched trio to flex their authority by showing that the rules do apply to us, despite our ability to surpass anybody around us instantly and deserve the Main Event slot with far less of the ‘work’ put in. A mind-boggling move, only trying to show Sheridan and I that we aren’t special. Unfortunately for SSW, that’s precisely what we are. We are exactly what we say we are, an “Ace” and “Queen”, “Immortal” and “Aristocrat”. It’s unfortunate that you’ve been placed as a stop sign in front of a locomotive, I admire your spunk, your gusto so to speak but honestly, this nativity will land you only one result, your back on the mat as you watch the world close in around you after you’ve been put through the mat. There’s no warning to offer I assume, you both knew what you signed on for, and why? I couldn’t tell anybody, I hope you haven’t been promised a chance to make a name for yourselves, except for the first team of many that Royal Flush took all the chips from.”
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    CodyCage reacted to BobdaBomb in Bob's Graphics   
    Twitch Wrestling Company Poster ( includes most wrestlers )

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    CodyCage reacted to Bart in No Mercy   
    Do you still believe Echo?
    Carnage is live as we return from a commercial break to find ourselves in a dark location, where the Undisputed Champion sits on a chair and stares into the camera. We can see the Undisputed Championship around his shoulder, the championship that has led to this insane rivalry between former allies.
    Do you still have faith? Are there still no voices inside your head telling you to give up, to quit. To accept your position on the roster, to live with the fact that you just aren’t made for the main event level. It’s fine Echo, no longer will be wonder if you could. Before, after your drug accident, there was a lot of speculation. Talks of what you could have been if not for your mistake. But now, looking back, I don’t know if we can consider it a mistake anymore. All it did was extend the time that you had left before I would expose your limitations to the whole broad world. At BPZMania, everyone saw it. The doubts that had began to develop by your terrible showings against Storm and the Frontier were confirmed, Echo cracks under the big spotlight. Everyone knew, except for you. You still believed that there was a chance that you could defeat me, which led to yet another match. At World At War, even you must have realised. As much as you kept trying to deny it, the inevitable end of your false hope came when I once again reigned victorious over you. All that I promised you as come true, your greed for the spotlight has led to you losing the last bit of that what you hold all so dearly, your image.
    A video begins to play, showing Echo’s career highlights while we hear the ecstatic voices of GRV and Heel praising “The Hero” before turning into a look at his 2 most recent defeats. 

    know that you are sorry Echo. I know that you want to beg me for mercy, pray that we will reform the Kingdom. But no. You choose your own faith, now I will have to deal out the consequences. That’s why I love this match that we will have at Backlash. Before, I didn’t care for it. Just another victory over you, it didn't do anything for me. But now that it’s Falls Counts Anywhere, it makes me as excited as I have ever been. No longer will I have to stop at the moral limits in my quest to end you, the limits that are the reason why you are able to compete at Backlash. The restrictions of a regular wrestling match are why you can stand and spread your nonsense around the globe. After our match, both of us will be different. I, I will be done with one chapter of my career. You, you will be done with everything in your career. No longer will the voices in your end have to tell you that you have made a mistake, your entire body will scream it. Don’t act so sad Echo, you know I am not a man for forgiveness. And even if I was, it’s far too late for mercy now.
    See you at Backlash, Echo.
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    CodyCage reacted to Alex Costa in Bring Them All   
    As Hans waits in the ring, Stardust by KAZSIN starts playing
    Alex Costa, "El Ingorbenable" comes out amidst a chorus of boos not taking his eyes off Hans Clayton for one second as he enters the ring, he steps in front of Hans and looks him straight in the eyes

    The Two continue to stare each other out as no words are being said before Alex finally raises his mic to say
    Alex Costa: I'll see you at Backlash, Hans
    He then leaves but not before doing his trademark taunt

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    CodyCage reacted to Hans in Bring Them All   
    *I am starts playing as Clayton makes his entrance to the ring and looks bruised up after going to war last Sunday in the North American title ladder match. He picks up a mic and then begins to speak*
    World at War was just not my night man. I gave it all I could, even a 450 to the outside, but just came up short and at the end Arius walks out as the North American Champion. I'm I disappointed? Of course I am, but that is not gonna change my passion it will give a better reason to fight! 
    *Crowd pops as Clayton pauses then continues*
    Backlash is coming up and I have got some hungry challengers, people who strive to be the absolute best, looking for the title I hold proudly hold, The NXT Championship. I know that there is gonna be 3,4,5,6, or even 7, you name it, superstars who wants to take this title away from me. That's fine though, I will just fight even harder and knock them all out! When Backlash comes around the corner, you will see the machine retain once again and be on top of the NXT division.
    *Crowd cheers even louder for Clayton*
    So bring them all on, everybody who wants a piece of me, and whoever wants to take this title away from my shoulder, can get it in this ring and face me straight in the eyes and tell me man to man. Because everybody knows that I'm the extraordinary, death defying, Hans freaking Clayton!
    *Clayton waits for someone's music to hit*
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    CodyCage reacted to Just "Marker" Done in Prisoners   
    {The day continues on with prisoners being in different places, the library, the gym, the yard and other places. In the library we see Julius and Smith talking to each other…}
    I don't like them Smith, they seem untrustworthy, we see these guys before and they most likely die from it, we shouldn't bother with it. We can find another way out.
    Nah Julius, they are the only prisoners that know this place inside out, we want to get out of here, we need their help if we want to get out of prison and plus we want that money.
    {The doors open and income Bailey and Sameer walking around the library looking for the cousins, Bailey points to them and both men walk towards them.}
    WHAT UP!
    Alright so you ready for the plan, we already have it set up and ready to go.
    Yeah, let's hear it…..

    {In the corridors, we see Frank and Deco speaking to each other.}
    So Frank, how did you get caught? How does the man Frank Cage get caught by the police and sent to this nowhere of a prison?
    Do you really want to know?
    {Deco nods}
    Fine, I'll tell you my story…..
    {We cut to a flashback of Frank on the outside of prisoner and in a military gear with a sniper rifle, he proceeds to tell his story.}
    I was a young soldier in the military, I was one of the best in my class. They knew I was very good with a sniper and they sent me on missions to assassinate targets, however I was kick out of it due to nearly murdering my general due to a conflict of interest.
    I didn't have any money to help my family so I did assassinations for money, I got millions and millions of dollars, but one day everything changed, I went on this heist with a couple of friends I knew back in the day, this could have been my time in the sun until they betrayed me and left me for dead.
    Wow, I didn't know…..
    It fine, but once I get out, I'll end them for good….

    {The Day Ends}

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    CodyCage got a reaction from Wallace227 in Royal Championship Wrestling - Sign Ups Available   
    Satoshi Kojima
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    CodyCage reacted to Sheridan in 𝐴𝑟𝑖𝑠𝑡𝑜𝑐𝑟𝑎𝑡.   
    "People for whatever reason assume that I do not care about this business. They say that I am too busy being an aristocrat, mingling with the upper echelons of other industries and pushing my name, the brand which I represent, out into the open sea, floating my own popularity and stock for the sake of it. Based off the fact that I show my face here a couple of times a year at most I would have to agree with them, adding to the fact I have lost far more matches than I have won it would be all but confirmed. Yet to the trained eye, I am one of the most dangerous individuals in this promotion. In spite of the facts I stated, there is still a buzz, a spark of electricity, associated with my name. A tinging sensation which builds with every sentence I form and the actions I take following. Only the most insightful and intelligent of you understand my superiority, the brilliance of generating such excitement and magic with a click of my fingers through name value alone. I am here three times a year and yet I can walk onto any card I care for and form relations with champions and hall of famers with a curl of the finger and a whisper within their ears. It is due to my pure talent. My athleticism and star quality, traits which allow me to have such a delicate schedule and still bring in more revenue for this company than most of the roster combined. I have won a single match within BrendenPlayz and yet men with a multitude of championship reigns are begging me to look their way, to show them even the slightest touch of appreciation. I am the undervalued light of this business, a woman that never flickers and brings consistent glimmer and hope to a decaying, dying world. The fact that I can saunter in, form an alliance with a man who has been here for quadruple the time that I have and share a ring with the current undisputed champion, all while casually tossing the man who will main event the upcoming event Backlash so effortlessly to the side, should demonstrate to those who doubt my power that I am something to be feared, not laughed at. I am dining with champions regardless of the fact I am still in the NXT division, my first match within this promotion was against one of the all time best. With elegance and class I shall part aside the mundanes crowding my path towards greatness and my journey towards absolute stardom in this promotion begins in two weeks from now, where my new found muse and I annihilate the involuntary cancer of the Tag Team division before setting our darling gaze towards those pronounced shimmering belts which are just begging to be around our defined, superior waistlines."

    To SSW Club with love, 𝑆𝘩𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑛 💋
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    CodyCage reacted to Wallace227 in The Lord Needs Some Gold   
    *The Camera Is Place At The Front of Lord Wallace's Throne and Lord Wallace Hot Maidens are Feeding me Grapes*
    Lord Wallace - Hello you peasant. Not glad to see you again but sadly I have too.
    *Hot Maidens Feeds me Grapes*
    Lord Wallace - As you know I'm too busy to be there in that disgusting Pig Pen. But I have a challenge to the biggest sloppy of them all.
    *Hot Maidens Feeds Lord Wallace Grapes and Wine*
    Lord Wallace - So I'm here to get some gold around my waist to accompany the gold on my head and wrists.... so
    *Lord Wallace Pukes A Little Before Saying The Opponent Name*
    Lord Wallace - Marker. Marker you have destroy and defaced that Premium Title for too long and now I'm here to save it. 
    *Lord Wallace Spits Some Grapes On a Maiden*
    Lord Wallace - Enough!! Anyways. I'm here to take your title to bring back the Prestige it needs. So at Backlash accept my challenge. Or bow before your new master
    *Lord Wallace Makes The Maidens Stop The Camera*
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    CodyCage reacted to Yelich in Run   
    "Broken Out In Love" plays in the background as Yelich who seems to have really let go and stopped shaving rocks back and forth in a rocking chair in a disheveled room in a house in the woods.
    Society is crumbling beneath our feet yet every man tries desperately to keep standing while the Earth shakes and shakes but no man is tough enough, no man has the strength in their legs to stay standing. They fall, they fall and they hit the ground and no one offers a hand to pick them up because they're too busy trying to keep themselves upright. People need that man who will offer that hand in these dark times, they need that man who will show them how the world truly works. They need a man who will wake them up and lead them to paradise man! And if they reject that hand then they've been infected already and they need to be destroyed. It's time for the masses to wake up and see the lies all around them and I, I am that man that will show them those lies. Join me and you will live to see the future. Don't?
    Yelich laughs maniacally as he rocks in his rocking chair quicker before looking back at the camera.

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    CodyCage reacted to Gwynfro in May Be A Price To Pay   
    KENJI has no words to rebuttal or respond to him, simply sitting there and listening, his vision moving between Arius and the championship belt that lays on his lap, what could have been his a few moments ago. Still a little hazy from the pain caused in the ladder match, he furrows his brow as Arius places the velvet bag on his lap, his eyes scanning over it before the North American Champion stands and takes his leave, with only KENJI remaining in the hallway, staring to the middle distance in their direction until Arius and Rin are out of sight.
    He grimaces slightly as he get up to his feet, leaning against the wall for support. His frustrated daze is broken by a look of curiosity, and caution as he looks down to the red velvet bag in his hands. He inspects it further, feeling the soft deep red velvet under his fingers, inquisitively squinting as he feels something pointy and unusual inside. 
    ".....Curious Creature...."
    He mutters to himself before loosening the draw strings on the bag, and pulling out it's contents. The camera doesn't see it initially as KENJI frowns slightly at what he sees, his face isn't painted with fear, but more-so trying to process what this means, especially coming from someone as cryptic as Arius.
    As the chuckle from around the corner echoes through the hallway, KENJI lifts it up slightly to reveal a silver ghoul mask from the velvet bag. It's pointed chin and twin horns protruding like spears from it's rounder features. The sculpted hair upon it's head matching the detailing of it's master. The lack of a mouth is quite a striking element of the mask, but even that pales in comparison to it's eerie eyes, almost as if it is staring right back at KENJI as the camera fades.

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    CodyCage reacted to Dark Angel in Mave's Pipebomb On Hans   
    @Hans, every single passing moment walks by and I haven't got a single response from you. All I want is a shot at the NXT Championship, and I've waited and waited and I still haven't gotten a response. I'm sick of the silence and I'm also sick of waiting. Hans, give me a shot at Backlash!
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    CodyCage reacted to Jonathan in BPZ World At War: The Blacklist v Bart and Jonathan   
    The Blacklist v “The Villain” Bart and “The Ace” Jonathan

    The Blacklist enter first, on a mission to solidify themselves as a duo before Backlash where the former Kingdom members, Echo and Bart, collide in what’s sure to be a classic. It was these two who were able to use their numbers advantage to terrorize Bart who found perhaps the most unlikely partner in Jonathan, who is looking to avenge some of his losses.
    Regardless, Echo and FD look ready to handle business, not wasting any time in their walk to the ring as the trek past the booing audience, and I have a feeling that the boos won’t relent for any of these participants of this matchup. The two make it to the ring and await their opponents for the match.

    Jonathan steps out from the curtain to a shower of jeers from his ever-adoring fanbase. The flamboyant, self-proclaimed “Ace” saunters to the ring, on a mission despite what his nonchalant demeanor currently suggests, looking to gain some vengeance from embarrassment suffered at the hands of both Echo and FDS. As his eyes meet the two in the ring, you gain almost see the hatred consume the Blaise attitude as he stops at the edge of the ramp, awaiting his partner.

    In his regular mystique, the Undisputed Champion emerges from the guerrilla area with the newly minted gold strapped around his waist. He walks down the ramp, look for a bit of retaliation for the attack he suffered by the hands of the Blacklist, he joins up with Jonathan at the edge of the ramp as the two enter the ring, getting face to face with the Blacklist before being separated, as the ref tries to establish some semblance of authority early but this match will likely not remain under his control. It’s the former Ruin members heading to the apron and making way for a Backlash sneak peek to start the action.
    Bart and Echo circle the ring, both looking for an opportunity to strike. As the continue rounding the ring, Bart stops in front of his corner and tags in Jonathan, Bart obviously looking to preserve himself much to the chagrin of the crowd. Jonathan enters the ring and immediately flies towards Echo, leaping into the air to connect with an early Shotgun Dropkick. Before FD can even react, he’s booted off the apron by Jonathan, who looks like he’s been shot out of a cannon to start this match. “The Ace” stalks Echo, waiting for him to get back to his feet before he shows off his renowned striking prowess. He starts with a pair of striking combos, hitting strike after strike before once more dropping Echo with a Panic At The Discus combo. It’s clear that Jonathan is clicking early in this mamatchupHe sprints towards the turnbuckle and mounts it in a hurry, perhaps looking for High Fly Flow but FDS shoves him off the rope and Jonathan crashes hard into the mat.
    The referee gives FD a verbal lashing for his illegal involvement but there’s not much to be done. Echo now begins to stomp out Jonathan, who can’t do much in the way of protecting himself before dragging him to the Blacklist’s corner. Echo and FD keep a tag circle going as they are unrelenting in a barrage of stomps. FD finally ends the cycle, backing up a few steps before connecting with a Drive-By Knee strike as Jonathan slumps out of the corner.  FD looks down at Jonathan, who tries to crawl away from the Blacklist corner, disgust in the eyes of “The Punisher” as he sees the man who once viewed as more than just a friend. He yanks Jonathan up by his hair and whips him off the ropes into a backbreaker, neckbreaker combo. FD goes for a pin but barely gets a two count. Jonathan continues to try to crawl away but FD refuses to allow it, stopping his progress with a Double Foot Stomp to the small of the back and Jonathan can be seen writhing with agony. FD drops down cinches in a crossface, using the hold as an opportunity to berate Jonathan for the venomous words he spoke shortly before World At War, though not every word can be made out, the “BASTARD”s are heard loud and clear. Jonathan manages to endure through the hold and taunts as he makes it to the rope, breaking the hold.
    FD maintains the hold for the extra for seconds before relinquished the hold and straightaway dragging “The Ace” back into the quite literal No Mans Land. Echo is tagged in and he tells FD to hold Jonathan up as he backs away from his corner, before striding towards his partner and Jonathan looking for the Crown Jewel, which sickeningly connects on Jonathan who tumbled out the corner. Echo looks to pin Jonathan, but SMALL PACKAGE BY JONATHAN, 1…2..— no, Jonathan almost catches Wilson by surprise. Echo rolls throw to his feet as Jonathan manages to get to the ropes for a second of reprieve. Echo comes in hot pursuit but is stopped by the referee, who keeps the two separated long enough for Jonathan to manage to get back to his feet and rake the eyes of Echo. Jonathan pushes past the ref, slipping behind Echo to hit a Straight Jacket German, Jonathan bridges, 1...— nowhere near the enough.

    Jonathan once more pulls himself to his feet as Echo inches towards his own corner, tagging in FD once more. The Ruin reunion takes place in the middle of the ring as an undamaged FDS stares at a battered Jonathan. Jonathan defiantly stares back at the man who “stole months” of his career as the two begin to mutter curses at each other. FD stretches his arm out mockingly, allowing Jonathan to get a lick in. Jonathan pauses for a moment before a wicked smile crosses his face and he delivers a backhand to FD. Time seems to freeze as FD reels for the disrespectful strike before he can even respond with his own move, Jonathan turns around and quickly tags in Bart, leaving him to deal with an infuriated FDS. 
    “NO, I WANT HIM!” Echo screeches as an angry FDS closes in on Bart. FD stops his march, glaring at Jonathan who’s still smirking at him after the wicked slap he delivered, and turns, tagging in Echo who’ll get his Backlash warmup after all. The two circle the ring once more, with Bart no longer having a tag option as Jonathan takes his time collecting himself on the outside. They tie up, jockeying for the upper hand before Bart manages to get Echo into the corner. The ref tries to pull the pair apart but Bart manages to connect with a punch, and well from there all hell breaks loose. Echo runs through the ref to spear Bart, as the two trade punches neither able to maintain ground control for long when FDS runs in, promptly followed by Johnny. The four trade everything, from punches to headbutts as the match spirals further and further out of control. For a moment, The Blacklist gain control but Bart and Jon are able to wrestle it back, connecting on stereo Superkicks to send Echo and FD tumbling hard to the outside. Bart quickly bounces off the ropes and dives to the outside connecting with a Blacklist clearing Suicide Dive. Jonathan looks out at the three grounded competitors before smirking and bouncing on his heels, waiting for the three to rise. They begin to pull themselves back up as “The Immortal One” launches into actions, throwing himself off the ropes before throwing himself over the top rope for a Tope Con Hilo.

    The four remain grounded for a while as the referee begins to come back to life, starting his count as this lively match begins to screech to a halt. Jonathan is the first to rise, and he drags Bart up, sliding him into the ring at a count of four. Echo and FD slowly reach their bases, uses the apron to pull themselves back up. Echo rolls into the ring and is immediately hit with a spectacular Lionsault by the Undisputed Champion. Bart attempts a cover but only gets a count of two. Bart lifts Echo, looking for The Last Breath but Echo spins out of the hold for a RIPCORD BICYCLE KICK, Echo doesn’t let go of his wrist, pulling him into a Torture Rack... no, Bart slips off and catches with a huge forearm smash. Echo stumbles forward, but rebounds with a Superkick— no, Bart catches the foot, he throws it back violently and hoists Echo into a FALCON ARROW! Bart hooks the leg, 1…2..— no, Echo kicks out.

    Bart claws back to his feet after almost putting this match to a close with his Falcon Arrow as Echo instinctively sits up, clearly in a daze. Bart hits him with a Penalty Kick to the small of the back, sending Echo rolling with pain. Bart pulls Echo this feet, then whips him into the ropes, looking for a superkick but Echo manages to duck under, following the evasion with a stiff uppercut as Bart turns around, and combos the uppercut with a spinning back fist that causes Bart to stumble a bit, but Echo pulls him into a thunderous Sit-Out Elevated Crucifix Powerbomb. Echo stares down at Bart who’s laid out spread eagle, gasping for air. Wilson rises, not satisfied with the damage done. He stands, eyes glued at the turnbuckles. He marches towards the turnbuckle and turns back to check that Bart remains laid out before making his way to the top rope, looking for his patented Stardust Stomp. He launches off the top ropes, STARDUS— no, Bart rolls out the way and quickly rises as Echo staggers back. Bart charges at Echo, BORN FOR IT, Echo Wilson with an amazing counter which could mark the end of the match, cover, 1…2.— Bart somehow kicks out!

    Echo pounds the mat in frustration, as the Born For It is usually a guaranteed three count, but the Undisputed Champion managed a shoulder up. Echo gets ahold of the wrist of Bart, pulling him towards the corner then hoists him to the top rope. Echo connects on a pair of punches before clambering to the top rope beside “The Villain”. He cups Bart’s chin, yelling “This is a Backlash Preview”, he looks to be setting up a TOP ROPE BORN FOR THIS? He pulls Bart to his feet and steadies himself, preparing for the high impact maneuver but Bart battles back, connecting on elbow after elbow to the eardrum of Echo. Echo loses his footing and crashes hard off the top rope but rolls back to his feet, immediately charging towards the turnbuckle BUT BART TORNADO DDT OFF THE TOP ROPE PLANTS HIM IN THE MAT, BOTH MEN ARE DOWN NOW.
    Bart crawls towards his corner, following the incredible desperation Tornado DDT as Jonathan watches on, eyeing Bart’s progress as well as Echo, who is nipping at Bart’s heels, trying to prevent the tag. Bart seems to expend more energy than he has every time he grips the mat and pulls himself another inch forward as Echo grasps at the bottom of his boot, each time getting closer to gaining hold of Bart’s foot. Bart is now fingertips away from Jonathan, who extends his hand towards his partner. Bart reaches up towards “The Ace” when Echo finally gets a hold of the foot of Bart and “The Villain” is trapped just inches from his teammate. Wait no, Jonathan reaches over the rope, extending over the rope completely and just barely grazing the hand of Bart to get the tag.
    Jonathan enters the ring, stepping over an almost incapacitated Bart to reach Echo, who tries to back towards his corner but is halted when Jonathan grabs two fistfuls of hair and crashes his knee into the nose of Echo, then doing it once more as he screeches down insults into the helpless “Promised One”.  He lets one hand fall, taking a second to pose with the glaze-eyed Wilson, before pulling him up to his feet. Jonathan sets up for a TALITE, spinning him around a couple of times as he sets up, facing FD, wait. FD FROM THE TOP ROPE, BLOCKBUSTER BY “THE PUNISHER”.

    FDS begins unloading rights and lefts on Jonathan, who throws up a flimsy guard as some measure of protection. The ref is finally able to pull a fired up FD off Jonathan, and a twisted smile FD drags Echo to his corner before tagging himself in. He yanks “The Ace” to his feet and sets up the Break Neck Driver... and CONNECTS, this is it, cover, 1...2..— BART BREAKS IT UP AT THE LAST MILLISECOND. 

    Bart scrambles back to his base but is quickly dropped by Echo, who explodes out the corner for a beautiful dropkick, sending Bart outside the ring. The Blacklist converge on the downed Jonathan and FD points to the turnbuckle, and the smile on FD’s face spreads, infectiously, to Echo who marches towards the corner, he mounts the turnbuckle as FD pulls the Jonathan onto his shoulders, the Blacklist setting up The Red Line, but BART OUT OF NOWHERE, DROPKICK TO ECHO WHO CAREENS OUT OF THE AIR INTO THE BARRICADE AS BARTS BACK CRACKS AGAINST THE APRON. Both men are down and I couldn’t tell you which one has suffered more damage.
    The referee turns away from FD and looks out towards the downed men who will face off at Backlash when Jonathan slips off FDS’s shoulders, LOW BLOW! The ref is none the wiser as FD collapses, grabbing at his groin as Jonathan takes a moment to compose himself before dragging himself with to the turnbuckle, determined to pull through in this contest. He makes it to the top rope, measuring FDS up as he rises, Jonathan going for the HIGH FLY NOOOO! FD GETS THE KNEES UP! “The Butcher” quickly manages to get to his feet and brings Jonathan to his shoulders once again, he sets up the Tombstone BUT JONATHAN FIGHTS OUT OF, “THE IMMORTAL ONE” HAS FD RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM, DEATH WISH! 
    Jonathan stares out FD, who’s definitely down for the count but now that same smile that FD once held his lips is now on those of Jonathan. He grabs the hair of his former Ruin partner, heaves him onto his shoulders once again and connects with a SECOND Death Wish. But Jonathan doesn’t seem any done by a long shot, he snatches the ears of FDS, shouting “You Bastard, Ruin This” as he spits the face of FDS, and hitting another Death Wish. Jonathan looks at the downed FDS, having done far more than enough to win this match, but it was never about just winning, for the fourth time, FDS it lifted to the shoulders of Jonathan and “The Ace” puts him down with a Death Wish. The crowd has fallen deathly silent, what’s occurring now is past the bounds of a wrestling match, this is closer to attempted murder than a sanctioned match, and everybody is hoping for a Coup De Grace. Jonathan drags FD through his feet before lifting him, setting up for the Death Wish, the fifth one in a row. As he spins around, FDS cradled firmly, before jumping into the air for a fifth and final Death Wish. Jonathan finally moves to cover, as Echo begins to come to on the outside. Echo tries to slide into the ring but is halted, by Sheridan? What is she doing here? The ref doesn’t see her, he’s too busy counting, 1…2…3.

    Sheridan launches Echo back into the barricade and enters the ring, where she and Jonathan begin to celebrate together, the crowd bewildered by the new alliance being formed in front of their eyes. Bart slides into the ring, still hurting from the apron dropkick he delivered earlier. The referee attempts to deliver the championship belt back to Bart but Jonathan snatches from him, holding the belt in his hands as Bart rises to his feet.

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