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  1. Just watched rumble 18 again and finished womens rumble match decent match
  2. I think Aj will win this but it looks and seems like a pretty cool match for WrestleMania.
  3. One of my most anticipated matches. Honestly I want to see Triple H win this match against Batista though on my other side I want Batista to win. This match can go any way and it sure will steal the show!
  4. I have my hopes on Miz winning this match. And I like him as Face.
  5. *Resin stands in the ring while the crowd is chanting "Resin! Resin!" Thank you, thank you... Now recently everybody has been talking about Kenji. He came from a poor family and went all the way to being a Household name. This man is an outstanding wrestler and he is now entering the battle royale match at BPZMania! And that means I have to fight Kenji on March 31st. So Kenji you are amazing and I can't wait to fight you. But i'm looking forward to fighting someone and tossing their a*s over the top rope more than Kenji! And that man is none other than BULLDOZER. We have hated each other for a long time and at BPZMania it will be time I and everybody else toss that Man-Childs a*s over the rope. Sorry for my language. You know I know that you guys do not like Bulldozer at all. He called you Peasents. I treat the Crowd with RESPECT. You see at BPZMania I will fight for you! *As he would leave the ring he would give a little kid his pair of sunglasses and then he would give another kid his pair of gloves as he would leave the ring.*
  6. To be honest I think Rollins vs Lesnar should main event wm 35. I think the Main Event would be a fantastic place to have Seth Rollins as the new Universal Champion.
  7. It's cool to see her as host but it would be awesome to see her put herself in the raw womens championship match or sd championship match and win it, or she can let somebody return like aj lee or Kaitlyn hell maybe even a bella twin.
  8. **The Arena would cut black and the titantron would show resin sitting in a chair.* Hello, hello everybody. Now you may ask why i'm not out in the ring and i'm in this chair sitting here talking to you. Well I felt like sitting I this chair would be better than going out in that crowd and talking to you guys, why can't I just talk to you here. Now you see recently I've been waiting for the day March the 31st. It's my debut and it's the "Big day". Evreybody will be there at BPZMania cheering for their Favorite superstars. And one of the matches for that PPV is the Battle Royal match for the NXT Championship. In which I go up against many people. Like "Bulldozer" who I will unleash outrageous amounts of hell on that son of a b*tch. And once he goes over that top rope and cries all the way back into the locker room i'll eliminate some other people and win the freaking match. You may be asking if I will only fight Bulldozer at BPZMania....well let me just tell you unleashing hell on him at BPZMania is not ENOUGH.Bulldozer I want you to regret attacking me and that goes to you as well Hans. Once I eliminate Bulldozer i'll just eliminate you. And after BPZMania I will challenge Bulldozer and also Hans. But before I go you might want to warn Bulldozer and Hans. Now bye bye.....
  9. WWE Fastlane 2019 Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair- Winner: Becky Lynch. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kevin Owens- Winner: Kevin Owens. Smackdown Womens Championship Match Asuka (c) vs Mandy Rose- Winner: Asuka Womens Tag Team Championship Match Sasha Banks and Bailey (c) vs Nia Jax and Tamina- Winner: Sasha Banks and Bailey Smackdown Tag Team Championships Match The Usos (c) vs The Miz and Shane McMahon- Winner: The Usos Raw Tag Team Championships Match The Revival (c) vs Aleister Black and Ricochet vs Bobby Roode and Chad Gable- Winner: The Revival The Shield vs Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Baron Corbin- Winner: The Shield Andrade vs Rey Mysterio- Winner: Rey Mysterio New Day vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura- Winner: New Day First Match on PPV: The Revival vs Black and Richochet vs bobby and gable 2nd to last match on PPV:Becky vs Charlotte Bonus Question 1: Does Dean Ambrose betray his Shield brothers? No. Bonus Question 2: Does Rousey intervene with Becky vs Charlotte? Yes. Bonus Question 3: Will Andrade and Rey shake hands post-match? No. Bonus Question 4: Will Batista appear? Yes.
  10. *No one will survive starts playing and the fans will cheer, as Resin would walk out he would check to see if somebody would ambush him then he would go into the ring* You all know that my debut will be at BPZMania. But after BPZMania I will be doing several things if I win or lose. If I win I will fight and defend my title at any show, NXT, PPV'S you name it...However if I lose at BPZMania..... I will still fight anybody who comes in my way. Win or lose i'm still fighting Bulldozer eventually..... So Bulldozer.... Our 1st fight will be at BPZMania, Our 2nd fight will be however at the PPV after BPZMania. So Bulldozer I will bring hell to you on BOTH of these fights.... And since BPZMania is coming in just a couple of weeks you will still see a lot of me here you just won't be able to see me fight until BPZMania. But after that Battle Royale match at BPZMania only 1 man will still be in that ring.... and that will be ME holding that title above my head. *he would leave the ring while the crowd was chanting NXT and "you deserve it"*
  11. Ok it's just plain sad to see Black and Richochet be put in a tag match just weeks after they came. I doubt that they will take the title . Other than that I pick the revival to win
  12. *No one will survive would play and the crowd would cheer and would go crazy* Toxik, Toxik I know you want me here. You want me to come and fight you but look, save that fight for mania... You and the fans may want to know why I beat you up and ambushed you. Well I will give you a reason why... It is because you ambushed me. You know I don't believe in Karma but coincedences happen. I had to ambush you back for ambushing me. Now I did not want to hurt you that much because i'm saving that for Mania in the Battle Royale match! So let me tell you toxik when the bell starts for that Battle Royale match, you will see hell right in front of your face.... *he would leave the ring while the crowd was cheering*
  13. I've been listening to NXT themes recently there really good!

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