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  1. SHOGUN Duel of Destiny Year 3, March, PPV Ryōgoku Sumo Hall, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Battle 6-Man Tag Team Match SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championships The Bombers (Joe Doering, Dylan James and Karl Fredericks) (c) vs. Takeover Dojo (Gabriel Kidd, Alex Coughlin and Clark Connors) (w/Hirooki Goto) Takeover Dojo put up a valiant fight, and push The Bombers to the limit far more than anyone expected, but it the match ends when Doering and James clatter Kidd and Coughlin dow
  2. SHOGUN Chapter 101 Year 3, March, Week 1 EDION Arena, Osaka, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Origins Heading into the month of March, SHOGUN begins with the newly crowned Honoured Unity Tag Tournament winners Zack Gibson and James Drake. Their demeanour is serious and focused, the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in SHOGUN's history having a very different obstacle in front of them at the upcoming SHOGUN PPV, Duel of Destiny. While they were the defending champions at this time last year, they
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carnage makes its return from a commercial break as the titantron gives way from the crimson red logo to footage of what appears to be a theatre stage, the velvet curtain being that of a deep royal blue rather than the traditional red. A pair of white stage lights focus into the middle of the screen just as KENJI emerges through the curtain, standing front and centre on the stage, wearing a smart grey suit and black undershirt, as expected of him. Instead of looking out to where the
  4. SHOGUN Invasion Assault in Kobe Year 3, February, PPV Kobe World Memorial Hall, Kobe, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Battle 6-Man Tag Team Match SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championships CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) (c) vs. The Bombers (Joe Doering, Dylan James and Karl Fredericks) Throughout the match, Karl Fredericks targets Goto with Shibata's moves, mocking him with Shibata's cross-legged taunt in the ring as well. TMDK try to fight against the power of The B
  5. SHOGUN Chapter 97 Year 3, February, Week 1 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exapnding to a New Battlefield SHOGUN opens with an announcement that as with last year, Invasion Assault will see the expansion of SHOGUN's borders towards a new venue. This time, it will be Invasion Assault in Kobe! Live from the prestigious Kobe World Memorial Hall! Where the grand finals of the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament will be decided! However, upon the announcement of the venue, Bullet Club
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KENJI slides the microphone over towards himself. He takes a significantly longer pause than expected as he leans into the mic slightly, a look of disappointment and reflection showing through his expression. A small glance over to Raven followed by a scanning over the scattering of reporters that have gathered to probe the now former Tag Team Champions for their comments in the aftermath of BPZ Mania VI. From their eager and anticipated expressions, a number of the reporters are lookin
  7. Gwynfro

    The Lesson

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carnage is seeing it's go-home show ahead of the illustrious BPZ Mania stage, and everything is starting to fall into place. The titantron flickers over to footage of KENJI walking the halls of Camping World Stadium. He emerges out into the open air where the ring is aleady set up, ready to play host to BPZ's biggest event of the year. It is eerily silent for what will become a raucous cacophony of noise this evening, KENJI walks through the stands down to the ring. With the Tag Team
  8. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bpz.com exclusive The roars and claps of the crowd ring out as the video starts, seeing one half of the Tag Team Champions, the Golden Supernova KENJI step through the curtain. Catching his breath after his match on the house show loop, he is this time carrying the BPZ Tag Team Championship over his shoulder. KENJI starts to pull his wrist tape off as he speaks, the weight of his upcoming match at BPZ Mania not lost on the Golden Supernova. KENJI: "Admittance of my ow
  9. Gwynfro

    Rare Value

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Carnage lights dim down as the titantron begins to play some pre-taped footage from a mass media conference with the Carnage roster from earlier in the day. Quite notably, the title card on the blackscreen displays "BPZ Tag Team Champions, FD-Gun" before curiously cutting to footage that seems to be from before the conference itself. Backstage in the green room of the arena, one half of the Tag Team Champions is leaning against the wall, patiently waiting. However from the looks
  10. SHOGUN 2nd Anniversary Voyage Year 3, January, PPV EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Battle Tag Team Match SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships Samoa-gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) (c) vs. Imposter Vibe (Eita and KZY) Samoa-gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) (c) def. Imposter Vibe (Eita and KZY) in 13:48 via pinfall with a Crucifix Pin to KZY to retain and make their 3rd defence of the SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
  11. SHOGUN Chapter 93 Year 3, January, Week 1 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Honoured Unity Tag Tournament Returns! With another year on the horizon for SHOGUN, Katsuyori Shibata announces the return of the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament! 16 teams will clash to see who is really the number 1 tag team in SHOGUN, and this year, the newly-crowned SHOGUN Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Jeff Cobb are present in the field! With several quarter finals matches slated for the upcom
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King of Tempest Pro Wrestling KTPW Location: Japan Roster Alexander Hammerstone Chris Brookes Daisuke Sasaki David Finlay DOUKI El Desperado El Generico El Phantasmo EVIL Go Shiozaki Jay Lethal Jeff Cobb Jonathan Gresham Juice Robinson Katsuhiko Nakajima Kazuki Hirata Kazusada Higuchi KENTA Konosuke Takeshita Kota Ibushi Kyle Fletcher Lance Archer Mark Davis Naomichi Marufuji Sami Zayn Shuji Ishikawa Suwama Taiji Ish
  13. Finisher: Midas Touch (double wrist-lock knee strike to a kneeling opponent) Uber Finishers: Triangle Lancer (Kneeling Step-Over Head-Hold Armbar Choke) Final Lancer (Kneeling Step-Over Head-Hold Armbar)
  14. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After being on the receiving end of Raven's verbal barbs, KENJI's vision seems to become more focused as he looks from shoulder-to-shoulder of his tag team partner, across both of the Tag Team Championships, taking special attention of the engraved "Raven" over his right shoulder, and "KENJI" over the left. After grimacing at the shooting pain through his jaw from Raven's strike, he turns back to his partner. With a look of disappointment, either in himself or the whole tension between the Ta
  15. NJPW Castle Attack 2021 Night 2 Main Event IWGP Intercontinental Championship Kota Ibushi (c) vs. Tetsuya Naito Semi-Main Event Vacant IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship BUSHI vs. El Desperado vs. El Phantasmo NEVER Openweight Championship Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. The Great O-Khan IWGP Tag Team Championships Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) (c) vs. CHAOS (Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI) 6-Man Tag Team Match CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada, Toru Yano and Tomohiro Ishii) vs. Bullet Club (Jay White, Chase Owens and EVIL) Tag Team Match Tencozy

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