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  1. New Beginning in Sapporo Night 1 Card Singles Match Katsuya Kitamura vs. Chase Owens Tag Team Match El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Ryusuke Taguchi and KUSHIDA 8-Man Tag Team Match Michael Elgin, Togi Makabe, Satoshi Kojima and Yuji Nagata vs. Kenny Omega, Yujiro Takahashi and The Young Bucks 6-Man Tag Team Match Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI vs. Tomohiro Ishii, Will Ospreay and Rocky Romero Singles Match Juice Robinson vs. Jay White Semi-Main Event: IWGP Tag Team Championship Match EVIL and SANADA (c) vs. Kazuchika Okada and Hirooki Goto Main Event: IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki
  2. Road to New Beginning Tour Show Highlights While his tenuous relationship with Bullet Club is sill in flux, Jay White pinned David Finlay with the Blade Runner in a multi-man tag team match while teaming with Yujiro Takahashi and Kenny Omega. He attempted to "too-sweet" with Omega after the match, but was left in the ring. Following the match in the backstage interview area, Switchblade was confronted by Juice Robinson. Juice expressed his desire to face Jay in a match, as retribution for him beating his tag partner, David Finlay. Jay smirks, oozing egotism and accepts, only to blindside Juice as they go to shake hands. Switchblade attacks and stomps on Juice's left hand, leaving him to be helped away by the young lions. The final show of the tour featured a vicious beatdown and brawl between El Desperado and KUSHIDA, no love has been lost since their altercation at New Year Dash.
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    BPZ Battles

    Watchmen Wonder Woman Man of Steel Shazam! Constantine V for Vendetta Superman (1978) Batman Begins Justice League Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice The Dark Knight Batman Returns Aquaman Superman II (1980) Superman III (1983) Batman (1966)
  4. Chapter 4: Earthen Sea The Topaz Desert, Year 3545, Third Age Hours of marching. Hours upon hours with only one colour in site, the pale orange of the sands beneath their feet. North and Epic shuffle their way through the delicate ground, often losing their footing as the shifting sands were ever in motion. It's heat radiating up through their feet, and each grain slipping it's way into their boots. The shimmering, sweltering sun was burning down upon them as it peaked over as midday hit. Poking out of the ground like an upward-facing phalanx of stone spears, were the remnants of very old temples and ruins. Their copper orange stone almost glowing in the noonday light. Where ancient monuments of a long-lost civilisation had once called their homes, lost and buried to the ever-encroaching sands of time. The Desert winds whipped and twirled over the rolling dunes, lifting a wave of sand grains up at any traveler foolish enough to get lost in it's open maze. North was ahead by a number of paces, shielding his eyes from the light scattering of earthen dust gusting it's way over the barren lands. Epic was less than cheery, rubbing his eyes incessantly, cursing this damned weather under his breath. "Are you sure we're not lost in this damn place, Dwarf?" North was too busy peeking out through squinted eyes to listen, monitoring the horizon of dunes with adept vigilance. "We're getting closer, keep going" He called back casually, glancing at the bounty page before pressing on. He allowed himself to drift and slide down the dune to the bottom. His tracks kicking up a small flourish of sand in his wake. Epic was grumbling and trying to hold his light hood over his face once he reached the top of the dune. Unbeknownst to the both of them, their tracks were being followed. The slender Half-Elf was tracing the more than obvious footsteps of Epic. He could only see one set of tracks, as surprisingly, the stout dwarf was light-footed enough for his tracks to disappear into the insecure foundation that they walked upon. With his scarf and hood pulled tightly up to his face, Minef cunningly kept a generous distance from his marks. So much so that he would follow from an entire dune behind to avoid detection. From atop the inscrutable dune that had infuriated him so, Epic exhaled deeply as he reached the top, looking down at the small spec that was his unusual companion at the bottom, who was wandering around this circular basin between the dunes curiously. However, in a slightest moment of instinct, his dallying at the elements had given him an edge. A few feet ahead of where North was standing, there was a shifting in the sands. Twisting and pulsing with movement.....and it was getting closer. Epic's eyes widened, too consumed in the moment to care about the whipping sands. "NORTH!!!" He called at the top of his lungs "Look out ahead!!" The dwarf turns as the growing mount of sand at reached him, taller than himself. He pulled his arm up to shield his eyes from the sudden and seismic explosion of earthen grains while he stepped back. North was sent flying back a good few feet by it's force. The dwarf cleared his eyes, and both of them gasped when they saw what was before them and the fog of sand cleared. Perched on six angular, pointed legs, the colour of it's armour a deep black, as black as the most opaque of oceans. It's hide bearing threatening red markings along the side, the warning to those who might take up the foolhardy challenge of fighting this beast. It's mouth was a wince-inducing image of fangs and teeth, gnashing as the sand poured off it's back. It's sharpened maw was flanked by two bulbous, intimidating claws, reaching nearly the entire length of the foul creature. That would be the worst part, were it not for the elevating tail it bore. Fading from the darkest black to the sickly yellow of a festered wound, it's tail, clad in carapace. It arched over it's armoured body like a hangman's noose, it's glowing and pulsating stinger poised to strike at any and all that would come near. It was a Pitfall Scorpion! North paled over as he fumbled for his bow, struggling to focus as the Scorpion's emergence had shifted much of the sand in this clearing, creating a sloped circumference leading all those trapped within it's area to be gradually pulled in by the sands, closer to the predator. He groaned as he knocked an arrow, loosing it towards the beast. It whistled and soared through the air, the beating sun glinting off the polished, pointed tip. Unfortunately, it found no purchase on the Scorpion's thick and durable carapace. The arthropod shuttered off the hit as it snapped it's claws and maw, the foreboding stinger hanging over it like a meat hook in an abattoir. Epic scowled, quickly reaching for his tremendous axe. "Hang on! Come here, beast! Come have a taste of some real steel!! AAHHHH!!!" The last thing that Minef saw as he eclipsed his dune was Epic jumping off the edge of the sand mount ahead, weapon in hand. A small cascade of sand fell over him like snow. Something must've really disturbed the sand bed here to cause that. He drew his trusty knife and made haste towards the commotion. To be Continued....
  5. RAW Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lacey Evans Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. AJ Styles Money In The Bank: Sami Zayn vs. Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Baron Corbin vs. Ali vs. Finn Bálor vs. Andrade vs. Randy Orton  Money In The Bank: Natalya vs. Dana Brooke vs. Naomi vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Ember Moon vs. Carmella vs. Nikki Cross Roman Reigns vs. Elias  Smackdown Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair Steel Cage: The Miz vs. Shane McMahon WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Kevin Owens  United States Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rey Mysterio  Cruiserweight Championship: Tony Nese (c) vs. Ariya Daivari  Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs. The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) First Match on the Card: Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Second to Last Match on the Card: Tony Nese vs Ariya Daivari Will The Club get involved in the Universal Championship match? No Will Zelina Vega be involved in the MITB match? No Will someone be taken out during the MITB match via injury (Story)? No Will Ember Moon hit an Eclipse from the ladder? Yes
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    One's Visage

    As Carnage is about to fade out and go off the air for another week, the calming quiet left behind by the seemingly final segment is swept aside by the growing sound of rousing applause. However, this is not the cheers and adulation of the crowd in attendance for Carnage. There are no cheers, no jeers nor heckles. The formality of the soundscape is almost jarring, too perfect to belong to the Carnage crowds. Soon the applause is neutered with the tentative and subdued chimes of a lone piano. The swirling blackness of the screen is disturbed with the fading in of an audience, their claps soon echoing out of sync with the movement of their hands, made unnerving by the isolated motifs ringing from the piano. This twisted mirror image of the carnage audience share their ability to clap, and that is where the similarities end. There are no cheers, or jeers, nor heckles peppered with obscenities. There is no merchandise or memorabilia of the BPZ World wrapped around them, no iconography to speak of. Instead, they are adorned in lavish velvets and silks, their colour dark, yet vibrant and deep. Dark Red dresses that flow like a waterfall of summerwine. Blues that glow with the luster of a flawless sapphire. Blacks as deep as the midnight sky. It is as if their attire had stolen and hoarded all the pigment of the known world. As if clothes could hold the richness of the most indulgent of puddings. The multicoloured sea of patrons dwindles in a time lapse, foggy at how long it actually was. Time allows the deep red of the seats to bloom across the screen like a shrub of roses. They leave until only one person is left, sitting in the middle, clad in a jet black tuxedo, black dress shirt and a white bowtie, sitting completely still in their seat. One would imagine that patrons of such an establishment would be provided immensely comfortable seating, leaving little reason to stand at all. This figure's form is made somewhat unsettling by what covers their face, obscuring their own features. The onyx black mask upon their face was mouthless, with small twin horns jutting out of the forehead, backed up by the sculpt of short umbral locks on it's head. Where one would see eyes is hidden by the dimly-lit, smokey shadows of the auditorium. The carnage audience hold their breath as this visage is all too familiar to them. The man stands. Steadily but gracefully he walks to the end of his aisle and down the steps towards the stage. The camera view follows him, showing a bare wooden stage, it's dark curtains open to reveal the angular metal and light fixtures. The inner organs of the auditorium's backstage machinations on show like an autopsied corpse for all the world to see. Upon the timber planks of the stage stands a lonely podium, looking like a grim tower as the masked man looks up at the wooden pillar, stepping up onto the stage. He looks to the side, seeing a small scattered sheet of paper, carelessly discarded by it's reader once it's usage had been fulfilled. He steps over and carefully places the unwanted paper on the podium. The masked man faces away from the camera as he looks into the quiet backstage workings of the stage. His sweeping hair cascading down the back of his head, a strange sight as the dark follicles of the mask are halted by it's brown of hair wearer. Behind their neck is was appears to be a sort of bandage. The masked man slowly steps beyond the threshold of the curtain into the gnarled cavern of the backstage area, the rigging and lighting supports piercing the shadows like a set of crooked fangs. The man looks to the side into the shadows, his head tilting in interest at what he sees. It is a mannequin. The wooden puppet stands a good few inches above him, towering in size. The costume of it's character draped over it. Clad in a long coat, one's attention is drawn to the eerie onyx mask upon it's face. Matching a face of chiseled stone, jaw like an anvil covered in an angular trimmed beard. It's face a deep scowl of furrowed brow and dark eyes. Horns protruding all around it's head like the grievous crown of a king. Grasped in it's hand is a prop, matching the theatrics just seen. A prop, but no less convincing. A bound strap of gleaming leather, a shifting shine of gold at it's centre. The man peers past the towering figure and walks further into the maze of scaffolding and large travel boxes. He pauses as two more mannequins watch like motionless sentinels, their eyeless gaze always watching through their own haunting masks. Posed like twin kings over their subjects. One is thinner and leaner, long hair draping down to it's shoulders, a vermillion belt wrapped around it's waist, a crafted circle of silver illuminated by the light. It's partner cuts a more rugged silhouette, broad shoulders. Bald of head, and a scraggly beard. Its own treasure of red and silver over its shoulder. The man walks on, seeing one more mannequin in the corner. It's mask was different, with sunglasses cut into it, and distinctively raise eyebrow, providing a strange insight into it's lighter demeanour. Over its shoulder lay dark leather, encrusted with gems of white starlight within golden borders. The gems cast in the pattern to display the letters "BPZ" in the clear sparkles. This character's treasure must've been beyond value and worth of all others. The man steps away and further into the bowels of the auditorium. He halts himself at the drop into the unknown blackness of the stage's basement. It seems as though there would be no floor at all to fall onto, only a swirling dark void. His foot rested on the thin steel step that led down into the abyss, hesitant to go any further. His gaze traced up above him, finally revealing the brown human eyes behind the false face. Hanging above him from the lighting rig, a few inches out over the darkness was a dangling hook. It's gentle swaying was almost hypnotic. The man pauses and observed it for a moment, taking in the calm rhythm of it's movement. He then raised his hand towards it, but oddly not reaching for the hook itself. His hand stopped just below the hook as he leaned out over the umbral pit. His hand's grip slowly clasping around something that was not there. His shoulders slumping ever so slightly as his fingers met each other, holding nothing between them. In calm dejectedness, he peered down into the darkness before striding back to the podium standing on it's lonesome. Producing a pen from his tuxedo pocket, the man writes a small message upon it, walking out of the camera's view after placing a small card next to it. Our vision pans down to the paper in question, along with the card bearing the Ace of Swords in reverse. The message being our final image as carnage ends, fading to black. "Your mask will be lifted soon enough"
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    BPZ Battles

    Iron Man DC Movie battle would be interesting
  8. Electivire Generation 4 was my first pokemon experience, so naturally one of it's pokemon would be from Sinnoh. Generation 4 also added some amazing evolutions to older pokemon, and the one granted to by previous favourite pokemon usurped his throne. Electivire is an absolute beast, a surprisingly versatile physical attacker with access to the elemental punches (Ice Punch countering it's one weakness, Ground), powerful fighting moves alongside it's Electric typing. Electivire's Motor Drive ability also boosts it's sweeping potential with speed increases. It's a testament to my love of Electivire that I will actively train one if it's available in that region, regardless of other choices (Leading to not discovering the awesomeness of Magnemite until only a few years ago).
  9. Gwynfro

    BPZ Battles

    Iron Man Avengers: Endgame
  10. Setting the Stage In the Summer of 2016, WWE elected to re-introduce the brand split, previously dropped in 2011. With this return of the brand split, the formerly taped show that is Smackdown, became Smackdown Live, and vastly improved in it's quality from essentially a RAW repeat, to a full blown show with it's own roster and storylines. Why was this done? Partially to inject some more buzz into the product, but also to accommodate the influx of NXT stars joining the main roster. So, the more content, the better, right? Well, let's have a look. Death by a Thousand Cuts Under this new brand split, we also saw the return of Brand Exclusive Pay-Per-Views, with RAW gaining Clash of Champion, Hell in a Cell and Roadblock: End of the Line between Summerslam and Wrestlemania 33. While Smackdown gained Backlash, No Mercy, TLC and Elimination Chamber. Alongside the promotions larger events of Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, that's no small number of events to run. And that was only the PPV events, this does not include the weekly investment time as well; 3 hours of RAW, 2 hours of Smackdown Live, and additional hour of 205 Live, as well as another hour of NXT, and an hour of NXT UK, also the NXT Takeover specials featured alongside the larger PPVs. That is a base 8 Hours of Television for a fan to consume if they are to keep up with everything. That is a metric ton of content. However, at least we found some solace in this era, as the brand exclusive PPVs were fairly digestible, as they had less roster to work with, requiring more streamlined cards. WWE would only destroy their viewers on their larger shows, with Wrestlemania 33 reaching a 5 hour run time, plus 2 hours of pre-show each. The larger shows like Wrestlemania and Summerlsam also feature a staggering amount of matches, further padding out the already bloated run times. We've even seen the length of these shows actively backfire, with many a WWE main event cursed with dead crowds because the live crowd are absolutely shattered from sitting in the arena for 3+ hours. Dropping Fatigue Bombs At this point, it was already a flood of content for your regular WWE fan to consume, but it would only get more impossible when WWE announced that all of their PPVs would now contain both RAW and Smackdown rosters. Now, WWE's PPVs would consistently run 3+ hours on top of everything else. Along with the length of these shows, was an explosion of extra events; Greatest Royal Rumble, Evolution, Super Show-Down, and Crown Jewel in 2018. This oversaturation of the product reached it's boiling point after Summerslam 2018. Where WWE had to advertise for 3 separate events at the same time, making the product a mess of confusion in what matches were where, and even down-playing Evolution on it's go-home show. One major reason I see for all this content, often at the expense of that product's quality, and the sanity of it's audience, is the WWE Network. With their own platform to broadcast their shows with no PPV time restrictions to follow, as well as a 24 hour a day live broadcast, it's no surprise that an increase in shows would be seen. Furthermore, with the "Death of PPV", WWE's annual revenue took a significant blow with the launch of the Network. Charging only 10 bucks for everything as opposed to 60 bucks for one show is some basic maths that isn't nice to see in your company quarterly. With this vastly new business model, WWE's bottom line is based on monthly subscribers, rather than PPV buys. While it does make it easier for your consumers to gain access to your product, it also makes it easier to lose those customers, if they see your service as not worth their investment. WWE have taken the stance of "More is More", with an absolute barrage of new events, new weekly TV brands and network exclusive shows. Another reason for this flood of content is WWE capitalising on their position as market leader in Professional Wrestling, as even with 5 hours of weekly main roster time, they have 5 times the roster needed for it. And thus, NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live have morphed to fit their own niche audiences, that being the hardcore fanbase that are aware of these lesser known wrestlers being signed. Also, while WWE is certainly the biggest offender when it comes to product oversaturation, they are not the only ones who indulges in their own freedom of time..... G1 Super-long-Card It wouldn't be fair of me to only rag on WWE for hogging the TV, as New Japan is also guilty of this. Despite lacking a weekly show, keeping up with a New Japan tour that may include 3-4+ shows a week, their larger events often featuring multiple days, as well as their gruelling round robin tournaments can really drain the viewer to watch it all (As some crazy person who watched the entirety of G1 Climax 28, I know). A good comparison to a WWE PPV with RAW and Smackdown superstars is the recent G1 Supercard in New York, featuring the New Japan and Ring of Honor rosters. This show went on to clock in at a whopping 5 hours itself. So, in conclusion, the real ironmen of Wrestling are the diehard fans that trawl through the tsunamis of content provided by their chosen promotions. In the growing technological age of live streaming, subscription services and social media, the rate of consumption and discarding is growing more rapid by the day. So, perhaps our favourite wrestling promotions could to well to keep this in mind, that maybe more isn't necessarily better in some cases, because sometimes it is content for content's sake, rather than serving any higher purpose or meaning. I'm sure we've all seen a wrestling show that didn't really need to exist. There is more entertainment out there than ever before, and your customers time is very limited, so make it actually worth while, because the unsubscribe button is only a few clicks away.
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    BPZ Battles

    Daredevil Iron Man Spider-Man: Homecoming Avengers: Infinity War
  12. New Year Dash!! January 5th 2018, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan It's the night after Wrestle Kingdom 12, and the Korakuen faithful are eagerly awaiting the 2018 edition of New Year Dash!! Tag Team Match Yuji Nagata and Shota Umino vs. Toa Henare and Ren Narita Shota Umino runs to the ring followed by Blue Justice, Yuji Nagata. Followed by Ren Narita, displaying some intense Young Lion fire, matched by Toa Henare, who does the Haka as he stomps to the ring. The Match kicks off with the two Young Lions, both regarded as two of the brightest prospects in the New Japan Dojo. Narita and Umino lock up in the middle of the ring, with Umino taking the early advantage. Based on their body structures, Shota has put on more mass than Narita, giving him the power advantage. As Young Lions, it's difficult to foresee their future directions from their clean slates of simple black gear, but it is evident that Narita has the build of a Junior Heavyweight, while Umino seems to be going down the path of a Heavyweight. Umino seemingly allows for a clean break, but then hits Narita with a slap to the face, egging him on to fire back. Narita grows visibly frustrated as he lunges forward, only for Shota to counter into a grounded waistlock. Narita jockeys for position and manages to escape, transitioning into a fujiwara armbar, but Umino gets to the ropes. Narita taunts Umino to come at him, and Umino fires with a series of forearms, throwing Narita into his corner and tagging to the veteran, Yuji Nagata. Nagata steps in and lights up Narita with a series of shoot kicks to the midsection, he then runs the ropes and drops the poor rookie with a vicious big boot. Nagata goes for the pin, but Narita kicks out at two. Nagata picks up the Young Lion, who tries to rally with his fighting spirit, landing chops and forearms to Nagata, but the former-IWGP Champion shrugs them off, delivering a thunderous chop of his own, sending Narita back to his corner, tagging in Toa Henare. Henare is full of fire as he runs in and shoulder blocks Nagata, who stands his ground, demanding more from Henare. The Islander runs the ropes and collides with the Veteran again, but to no avail. He tries again, but Nagata gets the better of it, whipping Henare into the corner. Nagata is about to keep up the offensive, but Henare charges up with a huge running tackle, slamming Nagata to the mat. Both men are down. The Korakuen crowd claps for both teams, as Narita and Umino are calling for the tag, Nagata and Henare crawl to their corners, and they're both in! The Young Lions run into the ring, laying in some stiff forearms and strikes, surprisingly with Narita getting the upper hand. Narita tries to sweep the legs, but Umino kicks him away, causing Narita to fall to the mat. Shota sees his opportunity, and locks in a deep boston crab!! Will Narita tap? He tries to crawl to the ropes, but Shota pulls him back to the centre of the ring, the crowd gasping and cheering on Narita to fight out of it. Shota then sits even deeper into the submission hold, Narita is straining in pain at the immense pressure being applies to his lower back. Fortunately for him, Henare runs in and chops Shota across the chest, but what's this? Shota isn't backing down, he's still got the boston crab applied! Henare chops him again with more force, but Shota isn't budging. Henare scoffs and decides to just lift up Shota from the hold, hitting a ring-shaking spinebuster before returning to the corner, calling for the recovering Narita to make the tag. A groggy Umino stumbles to the corner and tags in Nagata, who sprints across the ring and boots Henare off the apron. He then grabs Narita on the mat and quickly applies the Nagata Lock III, a Crossface/Scissored Armbar combination! Narita stuggles in the hold, and has no choice but to tap. Nagata and Umino raise their hands in victory, with Umino taunting down to the hunched over Narita, who is being led out of the ring by the other Young Lions at ringside, holding an ice pack the small of his back and neck. Yuji Nagata and Shota Umino def. Ren Narita and Toa Henare via submission with a Nagata Lock III to Ren Narita in 8:51 6-Man Tag Team Match Roppongi 3K (SHO, YOH and Rocky Romero) vs. Suzuki-gun (TAKA Michnoku, Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr.) Suzuki-gun are first out to the ring, with Taichi lip-syncing to his own theme song. His theme cuts off to that of ZSJ, who pops his collar in the ring, while usually, TAKA Michinoku takes a microphone in the ring. "Welcome to ZACK SABRE TIME!" "Korakuen Hall, Suzuki-gun vs. Roppongi 3K of Chaos, who is gonna win?....Who is gonna win!? It's gonna be this man right here, HE IS SUBMISSION MASTER, HE IS Z! S! J, HE IS, ZACK SABRE JUNIOR!!!!" The Korakuen Crowd are a little taken aback by this new role for TAKA, but are receptive, even with a few cheers in the audience amongst the scattered applause. "Roppongi 3K, Come over Here!" TAKA drops the mic as the whirling techno music of Roppongi 3K plays, the crowd cheering loudly as the Junior Heavyweight Champions enter the ring. The match kicks off with Taichi and YOH, they lock up but Taichi immediately stomps on YOH's knee, followed by two kicks to the side. YOH manages to block a third kick, and attempts to lift up Taichi for a Falcon Arrow, but gets reversed, Taichi sinking in a rear chinlock. Taichi grinds his forearm into YOH's face as he pulls him to the Suzuki-gun corner, tagging to TAKA. Taichi and TAKA hit a snapmare on YOH followed by a buzzaw kick from Taichi, conclued with a double elbow drop combination. TAKA lifts up YOH and smirks as he blatantly pokes YOH in the eyes, and stomping on his foot. TAKA bounces off the ropes for a clothesline, but YOH spins out of the way, hitting a clothesline of his own. He crawls over to his corner and tagging in the other half of the tag team champions, SHO. They double team TAKA with a nice Drop Toe Hold/Dropkick combination. SHO continues the attack and lifts up TAKA with brute force into a deadlift german suplex! TAKA flies back and flails his hands to tag in ZSJ. SHO takes a step back as the Submission Master enters the ring. SHO fires up and runs in to hit a single leg dropkick, but Zack is able to block the attack and reverse into a cringe-inducing ankle hold. Zack goes to town with his domineering british style, transitioning from ankle hold, to STF, to armbar, to a bit of everything. SHO is groaning in pain as he tries to reach the ropes, but ZSJ is ever vigilant, locking in a Cobra Twist as SHO tries to stand, stretching away at SHO's midsection as he falls back to the mat. The crowd rallies behind SHO as he eventually, mercifully reaches the ropes. Sabre looks undeterred as he grabs SHO's leg and drags him back to the middle of the ring, but as he goes to stretch his opponent again, SHO catches him in a roll up! 1....2...No! Zack counters into his own! 1...2...No! SHO rolls through into a jacknife pin! 1...2..No! Zack escapes and with his snake-like movements, morphs into a Crucifix pin! 1...2...No! SHO kicks out as both men get up, SHO landing a massive lariat onto Zack who stumbles into the ropes. This buys just enough time for SHO to tag in Rocky Romero, who comes flying in with forearms and clotheslines. Rocky whips Zack into the corner, and Rocky follows up with his Forever Clotheslines combo, running back and forth, hitting about 5 or 6 clotheslines as the crowd goes crazy for it. Rocky is about to hit a seventh, but Zack ducks and switches position, locking in a painful armbar on Romero. Rocky rushes to the ropes, only for Zack to rattle him with a European Uppercut, tagging in Taichi once again. Taichi smirks and poses in the corner as Rocky shakily gets to his feet, only to he rattles by a superkick clean on the jaw! Taichi lifts up Rocky's body and hoists him over his shoulder, hitting the devastating Black Mephisto!! Zack and TAKA quickly rush across the ring and knock SHO and YOH off the apron as Taichi goes for the pin! 1...2...3! Suzuki-gun win! Suzuki-gun def. Roppongi 3K via pinfall with a Black Mephisto to Rocky Romero in 12:08 After the match, TAKA and Taichi forcibly grab the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships from the timekeepers area and hold them above their heads, staking their claim to the titles before dumping them with reckless abandon on Rocky's unconscious form. SHO and YOH attend to their mentor after Taichi and TAKA leave the ring. 8-Man Tag Team Match Hontai (Juice Robinson, David Finlay, Togi Makabe and Michael Elgin) vs. Bullet Club (Hangman Page, Cody, Marty Scurll and Chase Owens) First out is the Hontai team of Robinson, Finlay, Makabe and Elgin. Juice saunters to the ring with Finlay, with the big lads of Makabe and Elgin shortly behind them. After them is the Bullet Club team, with Chase and Hangman out first, followed by the crow-masked form of the Former-IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Marty Scurll. And finally the IWGP United States Champion, Kenny Omega, full of bravado and swagger after defeating Chris Jericho the night previous. The match kicks off with Michael Elgin and Marty Scurll. The size difference is quite apparent, especially when Marty tries to bodyslam Elgin, but to no avail as Elgin effortlessly lifts the Villain into his own bodyslam. Elgin chops Scull before giving him a big hip toss across the ring. Scurll winces and gets to his feet, only to be lifted up into a stalling suplex from Big Mike, crashing down and bouncing off the mat. Elgin drags Scrull to the corner and tags in Finlay, who runs in and clatters Marty with a European Uppercut in the corner, tagging in to Juice. Juice Robinson lays in some jabs with the chants of "Juice! Juice! Juice!", however, Scurll finally gets some offence as he catches one of the jabs, and snaps Juice's fingers with a loud clap. This gives Scurll the opening to tag in to Hangman Page, who quickly jumps into the ring, walloping Juice with a forearm, followed by a snap suplex. He goes for a quick pin attempt but Juice kicks out. Hangman kneels down and lands some nasty grounded elbows to a prone Juice, bring him back up and over to the Bullet Club corner, tagging in Chase Owens. Chase and Hangman stomp Juice in the corner before landing a double suplex on the Flamboyant one. Juice cringes at the pain, with Chase going over to him, trying to grab him for a neckbreaker, but Juice blocks it. Juice turns and lands a Left Hand of God against Juice, sending him stumbling across the ring and bouncing off the ropes. Juice starts firing up and tries to land another one, but Chase counters into a backslide, followed by a boot right to the face of Robinson. Chase tries for a superkick, but Juice dodges out of the way and hit's his Leg Lariat, downing the Crown Jewel of Bullet Club. Juice makes the hot tag to Togi Makabe, while Chase tags back out to Hangman Page. Makabe enters and lays in a combination of punches against Hangman, whipping him into the corner. Makabe climbs the ropes and smirks as he lays in some corner punches, the crowd counting along. Makabe laughs heartily before climbing back down, hitting a Northern Lights Suplex on Hangman, with a bridge, but only gets a two count. Makabe tries to lift Hangman for a vertical suplex, but gets countered as Hangman tries to hit the Rite of Passage on the larger Makabe, but he can't quite lift him. Makabe flips him off and hits a big punch, sending Hangman down and to his corner, making a quick tag to Kenny Omega. Meanwhile, Elgin calls out to Makabe for the tag. The crowd explode at a potential Omega/Elgin face off. Makabe begrudgingly obliges and tags in Big Mike. He and Omega have a short stare down before they start trading strikes in the middle of the ring. Elgin levels the US Champion with a particularly stiff chop, leaving a noticeable red mark on Omega's chest. Kenny grunts and runs the ropes, trying to hit an early V-Trigger Knee, but gets caught by Elgin who lifts him up with ease, and suplexes him across the ring! Omega spats against the mat as Elgin picks him up and tries to hit the Elgin Bomb on the US Champion! However, mid rotation Omega tries to counter into a Poison-Rana, but through sheer power, Elgin hold him in place! Scurll tries to make a save but get's kicked down by Elgin, who then hits an Inverted Alabama Slam with Omega onto Scurll!! Omega clutches his midsection and desperately makes the tag to Chase Owens. Chase runs in and lands a superkick against Big Mike. The rest of the Hontai team run around the ring to occupy Bullet Club, David Finlay hitting a huge train of running European Uppercuts at ringside as Chase tries to gain advantage, but Elgin hits him with an Enziguri, then lifting him up into a massive Elgin Bomb! 1...2....3! Elgin picks up the victory! Michael Elgin, Togi Makabe, Juice Robinson and David Finlay def. Chase Owens, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll and Kenny Omega via pinfall with an Elgin Bomb to Chase Owens in 15:23 After the match, Elgin and walks over and stares down with Omega, looking and pointing at the IWGP United States Championship. The Korakuen crowd cheer at the potential title match that could be coming up very soon on the New Beginning Tour. As the Hontai team leave through the curtain, someone else makes their way out to meet Bullet Club, it's Switchblade Jay White. He enters the ring with a sly smile on his face and mutters something to a cautious Omega. The US Champion's expression remains skeptical, his frown remaining as Jay White holds out his hand for a handshake. After a long pause, Omega goes to shake his hand, but then withdraws and exits the ring with his Bullet Club allies, leaving the Switchblade hanging. Jay White chuckles to himself and exits the ring. What could this mean? Tag Team Match Chaos (Will Ospreay and Gedo) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI) The next tag match begins with the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Will Ospreay and Hiromu Takahashi in the ring, with Gedo and BUSHI on the apron for their respective teams. They have an unusual respect for each other, agreeing to shake each other's hands before locking up. The Aerial Assassin switches to a side headlock as they reach the ropes, pushing Hiromu across the ring, sliding under followed by a leapfrog, a switch reversal and Hiromu ducking a clothesline attempt. Ospreay and Takahashi pause and stare at each other as the Korakuen audience erupts with cheers as these two masters of their craft are equal in skill early on in the match. Hiromu charges and hits a forearm, only to be met with one from Ospreay. Hiromu lifts the champion up onto his shoulders, but Ospreay spins around into a Hurricanrana, hooking the legs for a pin attempt. 1...2...kick out!Hiromu and Ospreay run towards each other, but Hiromu catches him in a school boy pin! 1...2...kick out! Hiromu and Ospreay stand off again to another round of applause, both men tagging out to Gedo and BUSHI. BUSHI steps in and lays in some chops and punches to Gedo, pulling on his beard, with Gedo flailing around frantically. Gedo responds by raking BUSHI's eyes and grabbing at his mask. An enraged BUSHI kicks Gedo in the gut and performs a snapmare, applying a chinlock, grabbing Gedo's beard, much to the referee's admonishment. BUSHI knees Gedo in the back as he lifts his opponent back up, hitting a swinging neckbreaker, going for the pin but only getting a two. Gedo manages to fight back and poke BUSHI's eyes, almsot ripping off BUSHI's mask, only stopping as the ref would disqualify him otherwise. Gedo stumbles over and tags Ospreay back in, who jumps over the ropes into the ring, lighting up the Jet Black Death Mask with a series of strong kicks, followed by a handspring enziguri! Hiromu climbs the turnbuckle and tries to interfere, he hits Ospreay with a diving cannonball, sending Ospreay flying into the corner. Hiromu and BUSHI double team Ospreay by lifting him up, but the champion kicks BUSHI and Hurricanranas Takahashi over the ropes to the outside, staying on the apron himself. Ospreay sees his opening, and hits a picture perfect Springboard 450 onto BUSHI!! Ospreay goes for the pin! 1....2....3! The champ wins! The same as Wrestle Kingdom, Hiromu was just too late to break up the pin. Will Ospreay and Gedo def. BUSHI and Hiromu Takahashi via pinfall with a Springboard 450 Splash to BUSHI in 13:27 After the match, Hiromu and Ospreay seems to have a cordial agreement, with Ospreay holding up the Junior Heavyweight Championship as they exit the ring. It looks like Ospreay has accepted Hiromu Takahashi's challenge! NEVER Openweight Championship Match Bullet Club (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and bad Luck Fale) (c) vs. Chaos (Toru Yano, Beretta and YOSHI-HASHI) Out first is the Chaos team of Toru Yano, who shows off his DVDs and T-shirts before spitting out a spurt of water, followed by Beretta, a talented foreign talent with a lot of potential. Lastly is YOSHI-HASHI, who is sporting some much improved gear, no staff, as well as a mouthguard and trimmed hair, he's looking far more serious than his previous self. Next is the champions, the Tongan contingent of Bullet Club. The Guerrillas of Destiny, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, followed by "The Underboss" Bad Luck Fale, the largest man on the NJPW roster. The match kicks off with YOSHI-HASHI and Tama Tonga. They start with a collar-and-elbow tie up, with YOSHI-HASHI able to get Tama Tonga into a side headlock takeover. Surprisingly, YOSHI-HASHI is digging in with his holds more so than previously seen. He's also grinding the elbow into Tama Tonga's head. He eventually brings Tama Tonga up to a standing position, only spin him around with a suplex transitioned down into a neckbreaker called the Bunker Buster. The crowd cheer at this pleasant surprise of YOSHI-HASHI showing some fire and intensity. Tama Tonga clutches his neck and swears profusely at the pain, slowly standing up as YOSHI-HASHI whips him into the Chaos corner, tagging in Beretta. Beretta attacks Tama Tonga energetically with a flurry of strikes at a lightning pace, whipping The Bad Boy into another corner, hitting him with a running dropkick. He goes for the pin, Tonga kicks out. He lifts up his opponents, but Tonga counters and slaps Beretta across the face, sliding around the ring and connecting with a neckbreaker. He goes for the pin, but Beretta kicks out at 1. Tonga tags out to Tanga Loa, and they hit a double team DDT on Beretta. Tanga Loa mounts Beretta and wails on him with punches, each one more vicious than the last. Loa lifts up his opponent and shakes the ring with a thudding Powerslam. He goes for the pin, but Beretta kicks out again. Beretta manages to fight off another slam attempt and tag in to Yano as the crowd pop loud. Yano runs over and immediately unties the turnbuckle pad, threatening to hit Tanga Loa with them. Yano manages to fake out the 6-Man Champion by throwing the turnbuckle to him, then quickly rolling him up! 1...2...Kick out! Tanga Loa fumbles his way over to the corner with a smirk as he tags in the big man, Bad Luck Fale. He and Yano have a comical staredown, as Yano does his signature shrug pose. However, someone taps him on the shoulder, it's Tama Tonga! Yano jumps in surprise as Tama Tonga and Fale start beating down on Yano. While G.O.D. run over and attack HASHI and Beretta, Fale grunts and grabs Yano by the throat, and lifts him up for the Grenade! Fale goes for the pin! 1....2....3! Bullet Club retain in dominant fashion. The Power of Bad Luck Fale appears to be a boon for this trio. Bullet Club gloat to the fans as they leave the ring still with their 6-Man gold. Bullet Club (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and Bad Luck Fale) (c) def. Chaos (Toru Yano, YOSHI-HASHI and Beretta) via pinfall with a Grenade to Toru Yano in 10:19 to retain and make their 2nd defence of the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championships. Tag Team Match Hiroshi Tanahashi and KUSHIDA vs. Minoru Suzuki and El Desperado The Korakuen crowd clap along in both admiration and fear as Minoru Suzuki enters the ring, shouting "Kaze Ni Nare" in time with his theme, El Desperado flying the Suzuki-gun flag on the turnbuckles. Following them is the Hontai team of the Ace and the IWGP Intercontinental Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and how many consider the Ace of the Jr. Division, KUSHIDA. The match kicks off with the two Junior Heavyweights, KUSHIDA working for a hammerlock, and countering Desperado's attempts to escape through technical means. Eventually, Despy is able to break the hold with a series of back elbows. Despy rakes the eyes of KUSHIDA and whips him into the ropes, but KUSHIDA counters and performs a handspring back elbow, knocking El Desperado down. KUSHIDA wastes no time as positions to apply the Hoverboard Lock, but Despy wriggles out and stomps on KUSHIDA, dragging him to the corner and tagging in his mentor. Suzuki smirks and enters the ring, laying in some loud shoot kicks to KUSHIDA's midsection, knocking the Jr. Heavyweight down. Suzuki then seamlessly applies a vicious Heel Hook on KUSHIDA, staring at Tanahashi on the apron the entire time with his sadistic grin. KUSHIDA screams in agony while furiously crawling to the ropes. Suzuki lets go of the hold and surprisingly doesn't follow up, gesturing for Tanahashi to come and get a taste. The crowd audibly gasp at this challenge. Tanahashi stares at Suzuki, before tagging with KUSHIDA and entering the ring, going nose to nose with the Sadist of Pro Wrestling. Tanahashi and Suzuki start wailing on eachother with stiff forearms as the crowd goes nuts for this throwback pairing, duking it out in the ring one more time. Suzuki sticks his tongue out at Tanahashi before clocking him with an elbow strike across the face. Like a snake, Suzuki then applies a sleeper hold on The Ace, locking it in tight. Suzuki then tries to transition to the devastating heel hook while Tanahashi is dazed, but the Ace manages to escape and tries to lock in his own submission, the Texas Cloverhold on Suzuki! Minoru Suzuki crawls to the ropes, but Tana pulls him back into the ring! Suzuki is straining at the pain as El Desperado comes in with a chair, about to hit Tanahashi across the back, but KUSHIDA runs in and blocks him, hitting him with a german suplex, following Despy out of the ring and brawling around ringside. Suzuki uses the distraction to his advantage as he escapes the Cloverhold and kicks Tana's knee with brutality. Suzuki picks up the chair and starts wailing on Tana's leg, forcing Red Shoes to call for the DQ. Hiroshi Tanahashi and KUSHIDA def. Minoru Suzuki and El Desperado via disqualification in 13:09 Suzuki continues the relentless assault with the chair, only stopping to lock in the heel hook on Tanahashi, who screams in pain, but Suzuki refuses to let go. All the young lions that are usually observing from ringside rush in to pull Suzuki off of the Ace. They manage to separate the two, but Suzuki beats up the poor rookies with strikes and chair shots before exiting the arena. The young lions and KUSHIDA assist Tanahashi and help him to the back. Main Event: Over the Top Ropes Elimination 6-Man Tag Team Match Chaos (Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii and Hirooki Goto) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, EVIL and SANADA) Here is is, the main event. First out is the team of LIJ. The familiar tones of Naito's music fills Korakuen as the crowd's chants and claps for their beloved champion grow deafening. Usually, the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Tetsuya Naito, comes out first, followed by the new IWGP Tag Team Champions, EVIL and SANADA. Next out is the Chaos trio of Okada, Ishii and Goto. Okada looks noticeably sullen from last night, his seat at the top of Wrestle Kingdom is now contested by the Ingovernable One. The match kicks off with the champion, Tetsuya Naito getting bull rushed by a very energetic Tomohiro Ishii. The Stone Pitbull rains in some big chops onto the champion and bounces off the ropes to shoulder block Naito to the mat. The crowd cheer loudly, Ishii isn't playing any games here. Ishii lifts up Naito into a suplex, slamming him down onto the mat. Naito clutches his neck as Ishii lays in some kicks to Naito's back, shouting for the champion to bring it! Tomohiro Ishii is unfazed by the champion! Ishii did defeat Naito in the G1, and Naito overcoming Ishii at King of Pro Wrestling, it seems as though both wrestlers, and the crowd want to see the rubber match! Naito counters another suplex attempt into a body slam. Naito spits at Ishii before laying in some hard-hitting forearm strikes to the Stone Pitbull. He picks up Ishii and whips him into the ropes, but Ishii counters with a whip of his own. The two wrestlers end up scuffling in a rough, but intense lock up, both men trying to shove the other over the top rope. Naito gets Ishii into a front facelock, pulling over the top rope with him, both of them now teetering on the apron, their teammates watching on. Naito kicks Ishii in the leg, only to be met with a chop from Ishii. Naito rallies and moves around to hit a dragon suplex Ishii off the apron! If he can't win, neither of them can! However, Ishii bites down on the top rope to say on the apron! Naito thumps a forearm into the back of Ishii's head, getting back onto the apron next to his opponent. Both men stare down for a moment only to both try and headbutt each other! Ishii and Naito fall from the apron to the mat! Tomohiro Ishii and Tetsuya Naito are both eliminated in 5:32 All four surviving wrestlers in the match watch on in bewilderment as Ishii and Naito just start brawling at ringside, continuing through the curtain to disappear backstage! EVIL and Goto step into the ring as the next legal men. EVIL holds up his hands for a test of strength with the NEVER Openweight Champion, with Goto obliging. Both men jocky for position as they try to overpower the other, with Goto seemingly getting the advantage, slipping EVIL into a side headlock. To the crowd's surprise, it looks like Goto will go for a very early GTR, but it gets countered and EVIL tries to hit his finisher, "Everything is Evil". Goto slips out of the move and both men collide with meaty lariats, neither man willing to give up. EVIL runs off the ropes again and hits Goto with a roaring elbow, but the Fierce Warrior stays standing. Goto responds with a lariat counter of his own when EVIL tries for another shoulder block, knocking him down. Goto lays in some stomps and kicks as EVIL gets up, countering a Goto forearm by whipping him into the corner, tagging to SANADA. SAANDA picks up Goto and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop, while EVIL lands a massive running lariat on the NEVER Champion, sending him splatting down to the mat. SANADA then grabs Goto's legs and applies the Paradise Lock, breaking it with a basement dropkick to Goto's rear end. SANADA then pulls Goto up, lifting him up onto his shoulders, trying to hit the TKO, but Goto manages to fight his way out, clubbing SANADA in the back. Goto tries to whip him into the Chaos corner, but SANADA evades and whips Goto into the ropes. On the rebound, SANADA performs his impressive double leapfrogs into a dropkick combination! The crowd comes alive with cheers for SANADA as he tries to throw Goto over the top rope, the NEVER champion balancing precariously on the apron. Goto counters and enziguri attempt with a forearm to the Cold Skull, getting back into the ring. Goto tries to lift up SANADA to hit the Ushigoroshi, but SANADA is moving around too much to stay stable, just able to reach for the tag to EVIL! EVIL runs in and strikes Goto, SANADA rolling out under the ropes. EVIL whips Goto into the corner and rocks him with a big discus lariat. Suddenly, EVIL gets thrown into the corner by Goto, landing a Muramasa Leg Lariat of his own. Goto then dumps EVIL onto the apron, and despite his attempts to evade, gets caught in a hot shot off the ropes, falling down to the mats around the ring. EVIL is eliminated in 14:20 Goto stands in the middle of the ring awaiting the final LIJ Member, SANADA. The Cold Skull takes his time before rolling into the ring. He catches Goto by surprise by grabbing his leg after an attempted stomp, and hits a dragon screw leg whip. SANADA waists little time and hoists Goto onto his shoulders. He's about to hit a TKO, but then walks over to the ropes, hitting the TKO on Goto over the ropes and eliminating him! Hirooki Goto is eliminated in 15:51 Only one man left for each team, and the Korakuen crowd burst into cheers as Okada enters the ring to face off with SANADA. Okada lands the first blow with a chop to the chest, followed by a whip into the corner, but SANADA counters into a Springboard Missile Dropkick! Okada falls to the mat, using the ropes to steady himself. SANADA walks over and tries to lift Okada over the ropes, but to no avail. Okada rallies with an elbow to the gut, with SANADA countering into another irish whip, performing his leapfrogs again, but it's one too many times, as Okada counters the dropkick with a running back elbow! Okada comes alive and lifts up SANADA, landing his own crips dropkick after a snapmare. He lays in some knee drops to SANADA's midsection before pulling towards the ropes, trying to throw him over. SANADA fights out of it and swings for a clothesline, only to get kicked in the gut from the Rainmaker, followed by a DDT. Okada stands up and the crowd gasp excitedly as he motions to hit the Rainmaker! Okada lifts up SANADA and grabs the wrist, ripcording him forward but SANADA counters and tries to lock in a standing Skull End! Okada wriggles around to break out of the hold and tries to hit another Rainmaker. SANADA goes to counter, but Okada fakes him out by lifting SANADA over his head, and hitting a reverse neckbreaker over his knee! Okada picks up SANADA again and whips him over the ropes, SANADA barely holding on! SANADA goes to slap Okada across the face, but Okada hits him with a big boot to eliminate him and win the match Chaos def. Los Ingobernables de Japon in 21:05 by last eliminating SANADA After the match, it seems as though Goto and Okada are eying up EVIL and SANADA's Tag Team Championships, while EVIL glares at the NEVER Title. Meanwhile it seemed as though Ishii was dead set on a match with the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Tetsuya Naito. All the pieces for the New Beginning Tour are falling into place.
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