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  1. Season 4 Gwyn's Reverse of Arcadia Team (Psychic) Main Team Gallade-Mega Necrozma Metagross Slowbro Alakazam Alolan Raichu Substitutes Oranguru Sigilyph
  2. SHGN Enter the Dragon PPV - June, Year 1 EDION Osaka Arena, Osaka, Japan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Battle Tag Team Match Catch Point (Drew Gulak and Jonathan Gresham) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) In a strong technical affair to open the show, with personal feelings running hot in this war or pride, Grizzled Young Veterans are able to pick up a win at their first Shogun PPV, and at their biggest show at that. They land the Ticket to Mayhem to Drew Gulak after escaping the Torture Rack Neckbreaker, and knocking Gresham off the apron. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) def. Catch Point (Drew Gulak and Jonathan Gresham) in 11:21 via pinfall with a Ticket to Mayhem to Drew Gulak --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Battle Tag Team Match Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs. Hirooki Goto and Jeff Cobb Forming together after their months of competition together over both Shogun and PPVs, Goto and Cobb's fighting spirit isn't quite enough to ocercome the tag team debut of Anderson and Gallows. The gaijins hit a Magic Killer to Mr. Athletic. Goto and Cobb seem to consol in each other after the match, seems that this pairing will be continuing for the foreseeable future. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows def. Jeff Cobb and Hirooki Goto in 9:40 via pinfall with a Magic Killer to Jeff Cobb --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd Battle 6-Man Tag Team Match Shogun Triangle Tag Team Championships Samoa-gun (El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and DOUKI) (c) vs. Emerald Unit (Naomichi Marufuji, Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) In a chaotic 6-Man tag, Emerald Unit are finally able to dehtrone the Triangle Tag Team Champions and bringing the titles away from their dastardly ways. Naomichi Marufuji was able to replicate his winning ways from Shogun, this time pinning DOUKI with a Pole Shift Flowsion after he is levelled with a lariat from Mark Davis, and Fletcher hits a planca over the ropes to take out Desperado and Kanemaru. Emerald Unit def. Samoa-gun (c) in 13:52 via pinfall with a Pole Shift Flowsion to DOUKI to become the new Shogun Triangle Tag Team Champions! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4th Battle Singles Match Sami Zayn vs. Brodie Lee Sami Zayn puts up a strong fight against the bruiser, but ultimately isn't able to overcome the monster as Brodie Lee clatters Zayn with his own finisher, the Helluva Kick to win the match. Lee kneels over Zayn after the match and shakes his head disappointingly before leaving the ring. Brodie Lee def. Sami Zayn in 15:32 via pinfall with a Helluva Kick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th Battle Tag Team Match Shogun Tag Team Championships The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) (c) vs. EVIL and SANADA In a fantastic bout, TMDK are able to pull out a hard fought victory against one of the best tag teams in Shogun, landing the Thunder Valley to EVIL. Thorne is able to avoid Everything is Evil this time around in the closing stretches, which ultimately led to them winning the match. Their title reign and winning ways continue as they cement their place at the top of the tag division. The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) (c) def. EVIL and SANADA in 14:41 via pinfall with a Thunder Valley to EVIL to retain and make their 1st defence of the Shogun Tag Team Championships --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6th Battle Singles Match Shogun Junior Heavyweight Championship Jordan Devlin (c) vs. Robbie Eagles In a heated match, Devlin is able to retain his title against The Sniper of the Skies. Throughout the match, Devlin is able to wriggle out of the Ron Miller submission and avoid the 450 splash. Although, Robbie Eagles takes the lionshare of the match, Devlin's prayers are saved when Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come to the ring as Devlin distracts the referee!! Anderson and Gallows land the Magic Killer on Eagles and Devlin picks up the scraps, keeping his title via heelish means. After the match, Devlin, Anderson and Gallows 2 sweet in the middle of the ring and say "Bullet Club 4 Life". Gallows carries Devlin on his shoulders as he lifts up the Junior Heavyweight Championship. Jordan Devlin (c) def. Robbie Eagles in 16:39 via pinfall after a Magic Killer from Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to retain and make his 1st defence of the Shogun Junior Heavyweight Championship --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th Battle Semi-Main Event Singles Match Shogun Openweight Championship Shingo Takagi (c) vs. Will Ospreay In a potential match of the night, the dream match of Shingo vs. Ospreay ends with the Dragon retianing his title after some incredible sequences and trading of moves. Ospreay delivers above and beyond expectation, showing a much more diverse moveset in the ring, taking a more heavyweight style to the hard hitting champion. But, in the end, Shingo Takagi is in the Openweight Champion for a reason, able to cut off Ospreay when he starts to get lost in the moment as he starts to return to more high flying moves. Takagi lands the Noshigami, the Pumping Bomber and finally Last of the Dragon for the title retention. Shingo Takagi (c) def. Will Ospreay in 19:59 via pinfall with a Last of the Dragon to retain and make his 5th defence of the Shogun Openweight Championship --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8th Battle Main Event Singles Match Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Samoa Joe It is time, the most anticipated match in Shogun. The main event of Shogun's biggest event of the year. Champion vs. Glory Cup winner. Naito vs. Joe. Naito tries to stay tranquilo, but it continually beaten down by the brutal Samoa Joe. The challenger lays in all of his arsenal to Naito, hitting the Uranage and going for the pin....but Naito kicks out! The move that cost SANADA at the go-home show was not enough to put away the champion. Throughout the match, Naito is able to slip out of any attempts at the Coquina Clutch, even locking in the Pluma Blanca, but to no avail. Completely quashing a desperation running Destino by pushing him down to the mat, Joe is able to be the first man to submit Naito after the Ungovernable One passes out in the constricting grip of the Coquina Clutch! We have a new champion!!! Samoa Joe def. Tetsuya Naito (c) in 25:15 via referee stoppage with a Coquina Clutch to become the new Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Shogun Chapter 21 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Escape for the Champion Samoa Joe comes to the ring to lay out just how screwed that Tetsuya Naito is. With his victory of the Shogun Glory Road Cup, there is no more running and hiding for the Triple Crown Champion. Joe explains that up until now, they've been like ships in the night, and that the Samoan Submission Machine has that title in his sights. Joe also lays out that Naito's challengers up until now have all paled in comparison. Samoa Joe is unpinned and unsubmitted in Shogun, and LIJ will feel his wrath. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) vs. Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa) The newly crowded tag team champions get another win under their belts as they pin the veteran team of the Violent Giants, Thorne hitting the Black Swan Splash to Suwama. The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) def. Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa) in 8:10 via pinfall with a Black Swan Splash to Suwama After the match, the tag team champions are confronted by EVIL and SANADA, who stake their claim to the Shogun Tag Team Titles. Being upstanding champions, hungry to prove themselves, TMDK seemingly accept their challenge. The Tag Team title match is set for Enter the Dragon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sooooooon to be Recognised The newest tag team in Shogun, Grizzled Young Veterans, make their way to the ring and taunt Catch Point for their failures in Samoa-gun. GYV are their offical replacements, and are superior in every way. GYV are soon to be recognised as the best tag team in all of Shogun! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singles Match Yuji Nagata vs. Brodie Lee The mysterious bruiser, Brodie Lee, quickly puts away a stalwart veteran of Japanese wresting Yuji Nagata. In a suprising event, he wins with a Helluva Kick. Brodie Lee stares into the hard cam as the match comes to a close, seemingly sending a message to someone on the roster. Brodiee Lee def. Yuji Nagata in 9:03 via pinfall with a Helluva Kick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Intrigue of Challenge The former Junior Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring and shocks the Shogun fans by announcing his intentions to challenge Shingo Takagi for the Openweight title!! He mentions that they have had sparse meetings in tag matches from the vert first month of Shogun's programming, and has been dying to challenge the Dragon ever since. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event Hirooki Goto vs. Jeff Cobb In a great main event match, Hirooki Goto and Jeff Cobb take each other to the limit once again. Their competitive rivalry reaching a boiling point. However, as both men are down, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows make their Shogun debut and interfere in the match, so much so that the referee has to throw the match out. The new signings to Shogun have made their mark, and in grand fashion in the main event of Shogun. Hirooki Goto vs. Jeff Cobb ended in a no contest after Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows debuted and interfered in the main event --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shogun Chapter 22 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Tencozy (Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan) In their in-ring debut on Shogun, the newest members of Samoa-gun, Grizzled Young Veterans, take a decisive win over Tencozy, with Zack Gibson taunting the crowd all the way through, admonishing and mocking Gulak's and Gresham's technical style. He finishes the match by tapping out Hiroyoshi Tenzan with the Shankly Gates. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) def. Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan) in 5:20 via submission with a Shankly Gates to Hiroyoshi Tenzan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sniper Backstage, an angry Robbie Eagles cuts a fiery promo on the new Junior Heavyweight Champion, Jordan Devlin. He wants to avenge his tag team partner's loss and bring the title back to Chaos. He also mentions that he has gotten the better of Devlin in the past, and he can do it for the title at Enter The Dragon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singles Match Shane Thorne vs. EVIL In a pre-view singles bout before their title match at Enter the Dragon, EVIL is able to pick up a strong win over one-half of the tag team champions with Everything is Evil after avoiding a powerbomb attempt. EVIL def. Shane Thorne in 12:34 via pinfall with Everything is Evil --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three Emeralds After his impressive performance in the main event of SHGN Glory Road Cup, Naomichi Marufuji makes his intentions known to focus on mentoring the future of Shogun. Instead of pursuing a singles belt, he has recruited Aussie Open to form a trio within the Emerald Unit faction, and will face the Triangle Tag Team Champions at the upcoming PPV. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Dragon in the Sky The Shogun Openweight Champion comes to the ring to talk about his challenger, Will Ospreay. Over the last few months, the Dragon has taken on any and all challengers, from any weight division. And now, Shingo Takagi's fires of passion are stoked in the prospect of a top level Junior Heavyweight coming for his belt. He wants to live up to the Openweight moniker of his championship, and this will be the ultimate test of his will. Takagi also takes a shot at Ospreay, saying that he is stepping up to the plate against a hybrid wrestler, where he must face the best aspects of both heavyweights and junior heavyweights. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event Non-Title Match Tetsuya Naito vs. Takashi Sugiura In a hard hitting main event, Naito is able to defeat the stout Sugiura with a Destino. Naito is taken through the wringer during the match, taking suplexes and chops from the veteran. But, the champion shows his resilience as he overcomes and defeats a tough opponent. Tetsuya Naito def. Takashi Sugiura in 17:43 via pinfall with a Destino After the match, Naito is attacked by Samoa Joe, but is just able to avoid the Coquina Clutch getting locked in on him. Both men stare down across the venue to end the show. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shogun Chapter 23 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Triangle Tag Team Champions refute Emerald Unit The show begins with a segment where the Triangle Tag Team Champions are very blase about the Emerald Unit challenge. They already defeated Aussie Open before in one of their title defences, and have no hesitations about doing it again. They vow to break Marufuji's old body and send him to retirement, where he should be. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singles Match Luke Gallows vs. Robbie Eagles In a david and goliath match, Robbie Eagles takes on Luke Gallows. The match is mostly taken by Gallows, but in a dastardly twist, the Junior Heavyweight Champion comes down to the ring in an attempt to screw Eagles out of the match. But, Eagles is able to find a path through the chaos, able to get a quick countout win over the giant!! Hirooki Goto and Jeff Cobb run out to attack Gallows and Anderson after the match, backing up their Chaos stablemate. Robbie Eagles def. Luke Gallows in 8:11 via countout --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cobb joins Chaos After the brawl, Chaos are able to run off Anderson and Gallows, while Devlin leaves on the other side of the venue as he flips off Eagles and mocks his sniper pose. The wrestlers left in the ring look at Cobb. He and Goto surprisingly shake hands! Putting their rivalry aside at least for now as Jeff Cobb as seemingly joined Chaos! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match Chaos (Will Ospreay and Zeus) vs. Tetsuya Naito and Shingo Takagi In a strong showcase match for the Openweight Championship Match, LIJ are able to get the victory as Naito pins Zeus. Naito expects Joe to attack him again, leaving him a little shaken and paranoid, unlike the usual tranquilo Naito. Meanwhile, Ospreay and Shingo spend their time feeling out each other's styles and moves, and appear to be completely even, with Ospreay's high flying being met with the brutal, smashmouth style of Shingo Takagi. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetusya Naito) def. Chaos (Zeus and Will Ospreay) in 14:33 via pinfall with a Destino to Zeus --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Catch Point's Revenge Gulak and Gresham are in the game of revenge. They say that Samoa-gun can go screw themselves. But, they want to protect their pride and defeat their so-called 'replacement' at Enter the Dragon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event Tag Team Match Samoa-gun (Brodie Lee and El Desperado) vs. Sami Zayn and Naomichi Marufuji In the main event of Shogun, Zayn and Marufuji are able to defeat the Samoa-gun pairing of Lee and Desperado, as Marufuji secures his triangle title claim by pinning El Desperado with a Pole Shift Flowsion. Throughout the match, Lee is completely focused on Sami Zayn, while the Underdog from the Underground is uncertain as to why. Zayn tries to hit a Helluva Kick to Lee in the match, but is met with a massive lariat. Likewise, Zayn dodges a Helluva Kick thrown by Lee. Naomichi Marufuji and Sami Zayn def. El Desperado and Brodie Lee in 14:00 via pinfall with a Pole Shift Flowsion to El Desperado --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shogun Chapter 24 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singles Match James Drake vs. Jonathan Gresham The Octopus and Mr. Mayhem clash in the go-home show to Enter the Dragon. Drake is cocky throughout the match as he tries to beat Gresham at his own game. But, Gresham is able to take control on the mat. He almost locks in the Octopus Hold, but Drake rakes the eyes to escape. Mr. Mayhem is eventually able to win the match with a 450 Splash after a surprisingly long match. James Drake def. Jonathan Gresham in 16:50 via pinfall with a 450 Splash --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brodie Lee's Expectation Brodie Lee cuts a promo in a dimly lit room, and states his intentions to face Sami Zayn. He wants to bring out the real potential in Sami Zayn, so much so that he is almost obsessed with making Zayn's talents bloom. He thinks that Emerald Unit will never be able to bring out Zayn's real power, and that he is shackled to mediocrity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Aerial Potential for Better The Aerial Assassin says that he wants to prove that he's better than being simply a high flying Junior Heavyweight, that against Shingo Takagi he can prove that, against a wrestler who isn't defined by their weight class. But, he admits that he will need to trancend his own limits in order to win at Enter the Dragon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Triple Crown Championship Contract Signing Tetsuya Naito and Samoa Joe sign their contract for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship. Joe is utterly confident while Naito is as enigmatic as ever. Surprisingly, they don't devolve into an all out brawl, despite Joe's taunting of the champion. Naito only makes one comment in the segment. "Cabron" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Devlin's Prospects The Shogun Junior Heavyweight Champion taunts Robbie Eagles and says that he beat Ospreay so hard that he has run away to chase another title, because he's too scared to take back the throne of his own division. The Sniper of the Skies won't be able to see The Irish Ace coming, and that now he is champion, that will never be changing ever again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event 6-Man Tag Team Match Chaos (Will Ospreay, Shane Throne and Mikey Nicholls) vs. Los Ingobernables De Japon (Shingo Takagi, EVIL and SANADA) In the final main event before Enter the Dragon, Chaos are able to defeat LIJ with an OsCutter to SANADA after Samoa Joe shockingly makes his presence known by slamming SANADA down with a Uranage before he is hit with an OsCutter from an unknowing Ospreay. Joe escapes the retaliation of LIJ as the match is over, both teams after the fact are annoyed that Joe would ruin their competitive preview match. TMDK stare down with EVIL and SANADA, while Shingo and Ospreay do the same. Chaos (Will Ospreay, Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (SANADA, EVIL and Shingo Takagi) in 23:21 via pinfall with an OsCutter to SANADA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Gwynfro


    Show time is soon upon us as BPZ Mania V looms large in everyone's minds, the FedEx Field in Washington D.C. appears from the black screen as KENJI, the North American Champion stands outside of the venue, looking up at the gargantuan structure. His removes his sunglasses and turns to the camera, the North American Title held in his right hand. KENJI seems to be fully ready for his career-defining match tonight. KENJI: "The chosen arena where stars will be made, careers set for life, and where the true future of BPZ stake their claim to greatness. This title was pegged as the key to the future almost a year ago, and in many ways, that is true. But I say different! Any and all talk over my reign as North American Champion have painted me as the one with everything to lose, the one who must overcome my opponent. All the eyes are on the meteoric rise of Buddy Ace and his rise of redemption through the fires to where he is now. Claiming, that is struggle is greater than any other. It is great, Buddy.....but you are far from the first, or the last to struggle in this business. That doesn't make you special, Buddy. You're the same as any that have taken a loss in their career". "You're good, but you're not good enough. This final gambit you're on, the last bullet in the chamber. A desperado on the dusty road to greatness. Buddy Ace paints himself as the underdog, when the battlefield is not so simple. Before I won this title, I was the underdog, clear as day. That is how it was. The stumbles I had in my early career, of course I was. Now, even with all the buzz and swirling of hype always favouring my opponent, I am no longer the underdog. I'm not against someone who holds a victory over me, I overcame the monster, but now, the battle, at least on paper, is even. Once again, the North American Championship and the United States Title find themselves intertwined together, this time for the biggest event of the year. Seems fitting, but also frustrating. This title has soared to greatness thanks to the efforts of it's champions, while the United States Title......it is no slip of the tongue to say that its reverence has wained in the face of it's recent woes. Something that my championship has no problem with. The North American Championship is the most sought after title in the company. Behind closed doors, I am swamped with challengers, the locker room is teeming with those that are ravenous for even the slightest chance for this title. They want to be the future. You, Buddy Ace, want to be the future". "But you're not, and you never will be, at least not through my title. They say that you're not the guy until you've won the big one.....Hahah, I hate to break it to you all, but I won the big one way back in November! There is no stake to the future, because with this title I do not represent the future, I represent today! The here and now! The horizon is not over the hill anymore, it is right here! This title is where the real competition is, and where the real champion is! Everything this title is put on the line, I deliver like any of BPZ's main event stars or legend. The North American Championship provides the unique opportunity for it's challengers to raise their stock.....but with me at the summit, I'm afraid to break it to you, but I'm not going anywhere. I won the big one, but am yet to achieve what I want. The Resonator will be the quintessential North American Champion. To become so synonymous with this title in every metric that you cannot speak of one without the other. That desire for my aspiration, to make it an undisputed reality, that is what makes this battle not so evenly matched. You have a title to match mine, but it stands on a far smaller pedestal, it is dwarfed by my burning soul to be North American Champion". "So bring your very best, Buddy Ace. But your redemption story will have to take a different road, and end at the different chapter. Your rise from obscurity to the brightest star in the company comes to an end. My role is to blow out the candles that come to light, to quash what I once was.....and that is just how it is. You don't need to prove to me that you can do this, the only affirmation that you really need, is from yourself. The chambers of your gun will run empty, Buddy. Your ride into the sunset, it will be by the noose that you are so named after, trailed off into the dust". KENJI is about to turn away and start walking towards the venue, but a smirk comes across his face, swivelling back to the camera with a wry chuckle. KENJI: "Oh, and how could I forget the albatross that doesn't fly over this title. Making his first appearance since Emergence, the night where I gave my blood to protect my pride. Now, the Irishman finds himself amongst the hall of legends. The exalted few of BPZ that can be deemed as all-time greats. No doubt that you're thinking about maybe eclipsing your fellow inductees tonight by winning another championship on the grandest stage of them all, really provide the shot-in-the-arm that your career needs. The TTT Briefcase has been gathering dust on Joh's mantle piece, maybe lost behind the furniture. To go dormant for so long, only to re-emerge now to stroke the ego that has been falsely cultivated based purely on tenure, it's something that irks me, Joh. You won a single match, one with championship implications, and yet, I see nothing of you for months. I have been North American Champion for over one hundred days. I have defeated wrestlers far greater than yourself along the way, and learned to become a bloody good champion. An extra ring on your finger with the company's logo on it makes no difference. It is a cushion, a safety net to tell the masses that you're still one of the 'all-time greats'. When in fact, you're of the same ilk as my usual challengers, who are the future. You're certainly not today.....you're the past. That ring on your finger is merely plaster over the walls. A star of yesteryear, and nothing more". "But by all means, try to take one last shot at the top, even though the summit is far beyond the peak of that ladder you climbed all those months ago. It is much higher, so much so that you will not win this title. A ring does not earn my respect, or admiration. Any reverence that induction would hold, was already lost months before when I see nothing of you. Take your shot at me here and now, bring yourself from the past to face the embodiment of today, take the opportunity that this title represents. Put a merciful end to the false hopes that lay in that TTT briefcase. Because this title, unlike many others, will not be lost to time". KENJI walks away towards the FedEx Field, the biggest match of his career only a few hours away. Who will walk out of BPZ Mania V as the North American Champion? Only time will tell.
  5. Gwynfro

    The Forgotten

    A newly posted vignette on BPZ.com plays with the dark screen fading in to the image of a poster for BPZ Mania V. This particular poster is different, it doesn't feature the entire roster, or the much anticipated main event, or the drawing quality of BPZ's long tenured stars. This poster is a variant featuring the champion and challenger of the BPZ North American Title match. The camera angle pans out to the hallway backstage at Carnage. As we zoom out, it turns out that the poster is being observed by none other than the North American Champion himself, KENJI. (Credit to Arius for the poster) After a long and thoughtful pause of reflection as he looks back at the road that got him here, KENJI speaks with reverence, but also with iron-clad zeal. KENJI: "It's almost surreal. Going from where I was a year ago, to now, front and centre on a poster for the biggest event of our industry. Not only that, being the first North American Champion to walk into BPZ Mania. This title's maiden voyage at the event, something that isn't lost on me. From the day I finally won this title, I told myself that I would walk into Mania still as North American Champion. Given how short-lived a champion's time in the sun can be in BPZ, only shows the sheer calibre of talent and challengers that make up the roster. It is that hotbed of talent that drove me to become someone better, and now that I stand atop the mountain, I've learnt to be on the other side of the wall. To be the chased, rather than the chaser. But, to even survive in such a competitive environment is to learn a more fundamental lesson, something that you cannot do without; you must never become complacent with your position. Even from the loftiest clouds, you can still fall back to earth". "Something that I am always striving for. That goal of bettering myself is never quite finished, winning a championship and walking into Mania is no longer the ceiling I aspire to. The horizons I walk to extend far beyond our premier event. To call myself the quintessential North American Champion. I can only do that by becoming synonymous with every aspect of this title. My partner might have been the inaugural champion, but the first chapter is not always the most enthralling by any means. I overcame the albatross of my past, and quashed the one-man wrecking crew that is Bob Sparks. But now, is a different beast. This challenger might deep down be hungry for my title, but they stand atop another mountain entirely. Their grit is no longer forged by the climb, even though their campaign for this title began when mine did". "I wouldn't be surprised if many couldn't recall Buddy Ace being in the Inaugural Ladder Match for this title. In the sea of chaos and bedlam of steel ladders and broken bodies, he was an easily overlooked element. You were forgotten, Buddy. Left to the hazy obscurity of memory, seldom helped by your lack of appearances and success after the fact. Only know has he found his stride, and doing well I must admit. But, there is one fatal difference between us that has crippled your challenge for my title. After that ladder match, I never stopped chasing. I kept going and that path has never stopped. The horizon has never stopped moving further and further beyond. But you.....you went pretty much off the radar for the rest of 2019. And now that you've seen thus surge of success, your complacency and lack of real hunger has wained, Buddy". "All that achievement in such a short space of time, gluttonous in your conquest has seemingly left you satisfied. Judging by the fact that I nor many others have seen you around Carnage speaks to the fact that the need for more is gone. The candle has been burning from both ends, and the final drops of wax are setting. I told you that the very least you must have to challenge me, to have even a sliver of a chance to take this title from me, was to have the very same drive, determination and fire that I had. Not an ounce left. But now, I don't see the star potential that I saw a couple of months ago. I don't see the 'Ace' in Buddy Ace anymore. You're not showing your quality, just wasting it away....." KENJI pauses for a moment, looking at the North American Championship over his shoulder. ".....Which is something I will not tolerate. You are the No.1 Contender to the BPZ North American Championship. So respect to not only me, but to your position, and those that you defeated to make it here. Because from where I am standing, right now, any of them in that Scramble Match would be lining up and showing the world why they are worthy. They would fight me tooth and nail to win this title. This prestigious title that I hold. It's presence on the grandest stage of them all needs two to carry it's burden. But, I am left with a dance partner who does not live up to the expectations set out for him. I have made it my mission to not only elevate the North American Championship, but those that prove themselves to challenge for it. The titles in BPZ are keys to the biggest shows of the calendar, and Buddy Ace was the very first to guarantee his seat at the table. But even so, despite his talent and potential, I am left disappointed. Earned this shot, that is undeniable, but it takes more than simply clocking in and out to win this title, Buddy. You might have captured the United States Championship on a whim after countless failed attempts, but you face a new beast that holds a voracious hunger for the future of both themselves, this title, and this company". "As of right now, you are clouding my own perception of you, morphing it to someone that could have very well become a live long rival of mine, someone that could have triggered that instinct of competition within me. But, now that is a flower in the wind. I do not call for your word out of a need for validation. I call for it, as the silence comes as an insult to the champion. The Hangman made himself the hottest act in the company almost over night, but at BPZ Mania, for your complacency, and your willingness to ride out a time with your feet up when you should be stepping to me like a hungry animal, I will make you forgotten again. they will forget you were my opponent on March 29th, Buddy. I will carry the prestige of this title to, and through Mania, singlehandedly. Clearly you do not share my vision of this title, and resting on your laurels spits in the face of everything that I have accomplished over the last year". "All they will remember is that my legacy was reaffirmed and fortified at BPZ Mania with another defence. Because that is all they will need to know". The scene fades to black, as the slight reflections from the North American Championship's central plate linger in the darkness of the screen for a few moments longer, before submitting to the umbral void.
  6. SHGN Glory Road Cup May PPV EDION Arena, Osaka, Japan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Battle Tag Team Match Shogun Tag Team Championships Proud N Powerful (Santana and Ortiz) (c) vs. The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) def. Proud N Powerful (Santana and Ortiz) (c) in 15:20 via pinfall with a Thunder Valley to Santana to become the new Shogun Tag Team Champions! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Battle Singles Match Hirooki Goto vs. Sami Zayn Sami Zayn def. Hirooki Goto in 12:44 via pinfall with two Helluva Kicks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd Battle Tag Team Match Catch Point (Drew Gulak and Jonathan Gresham) vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) def. Catch Point (Drew Gulak and Jonathan Gresham) in 9:09 via pinfall with an Aussie Arrow to Drew Gulak After the match, Gulak and Gresham are confronted by Samoa Joe, who gestures that they are done as members of Samoa-gun. Suddenly, Gulak and Gresham are attacked by new faces in Shogun, it's Zack Gibson and James Drake! Grizzled Young Veterans are the replacements!! Both men laid out with a Helter Skelter and a Ticket To Mayhem, a new tag team are here in Shogun, and flying the Samoa-gun banner! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4th Battle 6-Man Tag Team Match Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, EVIL and SANADA) vs. Samoa-gun (Brodie Lee, Lance Archer and Rampage Brown) Los Ingobernables de Japon def. Samoa-gun in 16:33 via pinfall with a Magic Killer to Rampage Brown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th Battle Singles Match Shogun Openweight Championship Shingo Takagi (c) vs. Jeff Cobb Shingo Takagi (c) def. Jeff Cobb in 15:59 via pinfall with a Noshigami to retain and make his 4th defence of the Shogun Openweight Championship ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6th Battle Semi-Main Event Singles Match Shogun Junior Heavyweight Championship Will Ospreay (c) vs. Jordan Devlin Jordan Devlin def. Will Ospreay (c) in 22:48 via pinfall with a Devil Inside after a blatant low blow to become the new Shogun Junior Heavyweight Champion! Devlin is chased off by Ospreay's Tag Team Partner Robbie Eagles after the match ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th Battle Main Event No Time Limit Singles Match Glory Road Cup Finals Naomichi Marufuji vs. Samoa Joe Samoa Joe def. Naomichi Marufuji in 40:32 via referee stoppage with a Coquina Clutch to win the Glory Road Cup Finals. Samoa Joe will face Tetsuya Naito at Shogun's biggest event, SHGN Enter the Dragon for the Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Shogun Chapter 17 May Week 1 EDION Arena, Osaka, Japan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No More Shackles Samoa Joe comes out to kick off Shogun and muses that this is where Marufuji can no longer escape. He is a beast without shackles, and the Glory Road Cup Finals will not have a time limit, and they will see just how long Marufuji can survive. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Karl Fredericks and Alex Coughlin El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru def. Karl Fredericks and Alex Coughlin in 7:43 via submission with a Numero Dos (Stretch Muffler) to Alex Coughlin --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proud N Powerful are confronted by TMDK TMDK challenge the tag team champions, making their right known after they got a visual pin over the champions before Maelstrom. The Champions scoff at their claim, not calling it legiitimate. But, Proud N Powerful say that they will accept their challenge if they can win three matches over the next few episodes of Shogun before the Glory Road Cup PPV. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) vs. Catch Point (Jonathan Gresham and Drew Gulak) The Mighty Don't Kneel def. Catch Point in 10:05 via pinfall with a Black Swan Splash to Drew Gulak --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ospreay has a challenger The recently snapped Devlin makes his challenge to the Aerial Assassin, Will Ospreay. Devlin recieves significant boos after his assault on Ryu Lee at Maelstrom. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event Non-Title Match Tetsuya Naito vs. Lance Archer Tetsuya Naito def. Lance Archer in 16:32 via referee stoppage with a Pluma Blanca --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shogun Chapter 18 May Week 2 EDION Arena, Osaka, Japan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) vs. The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) The Mighty Don't Kneel def. Aussie Open in 20:43 via pinfall with a Thunder Valley to Kyle Fletcher --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Medical Update on Ryu Lee Announcement that following the actions of Jordan Devlin at SHGN Maelstrom, Ryu Lee is injured and will be out of action for at least 30 days. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of the Line Samoa-gun admonish the recent failings of Catch Point over the last few months. Samoa Joe says that he has negotiated a match for Catch Point at the Glory Road Cup Finals against Aussie Open, and if they lose, they will face punishment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Challenge of Spirit Frustrated after his loss at Maelstrom, Hirooki Goto challenges Sami Zayn to a match at the Glory Road Cup Finals. He sees Zayn reach the Semi-finals, taking Marufuji to his limit, and wants to gauge his strength against the Future of Shogun. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tough Shingo Takagi is awaiting a challenger for the Shogun Openweight Championship. He was watching Maelstrom, and wants to face Mr. Athletic, Jeff Cobb as his opponent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event Singles Match Jordan Devlin vs. Robbie Eagles (w/Will Ospreay) Robbie Eagles def. Jordan Devlin in 18:36 via disqualification --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shogun Chapter 19 May Week 3 EDION Arena, Osaka, Japan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singles Match Jordan Devlin vs. BUSHI Jordan Devlin def. BUSHI in 9:58 via pinfall with a Devil Inside --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naito Can Take it Easy Naito is carefree in the fact that he doesn't need to defend his title at Glory Road Cup Finals, but is still recovering from his brutal match with Brodie Lee. Nonetheless, he wants to be on the card, and challenges Brodie Lee and Lance Archer to grab a partner to face himself, EVIL and SANADA at Glory Road Cup. Naito also states that he will be watching the Glory Road Cup finals very closely. Annoyed that he isn't in the main event, but interested to see his true contender make himself known. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power is Power Jeff Cobb wants to keep his momentum going. After failing to capture the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, he has his sights set on Shingo Takagi's Openweight Championship. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match Sami Zayn and Satoshi Kojima vs. Hirooki Goto and Alexander Hammerstone Satoshi Kojima and Sami Zayn def. Hirooki Goto and Alexander Hammerstone in 12:21 via pinfall with a Cozy Lariat to Alexander Hammerstone --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emerald Ace will Shine Marufuji is somewhat confident to face Samoa Joe in the tournament finals. He holds a win over the Samoan Submission Machine, but by his own admission, a win that is indecisive. Marufuji is resolute in his King's Road resilience, and that he can outlast a destroyer like Samoa Joe --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event 3-Way Tag Team Match Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL and SANADA) vs. Lance Archer and Brodie Lee vs. The Mighty Don't Kneel (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) The Mighty Don't Kneel def. EVIL and SANADA and Lance Archer and Brodie Lee in 19:21 via pinfall with a Crucifix Pin to Lance Archer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shogun Chapter 20 May Week 4 EDION Osaka, Japan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6-Man Tag Team Match Emerald Unit (Naomichi Marufuji, Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) vs. Samoa-gun (Samoa Joe, Jonathan Gresham and Drew Gulak) Samoa-gun def. Emerald Unit in 13:01 via submission with a Coquina Clutch to Kyle Fletcher --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zayn's Chance at Proving his Quality Zayn happily accepts the challenge from a veteran like Hirooki Goto. Regardless of faction, Zayn sees Goto's experience as the perfect test for himself, to prove to not only himself, but to Marufuji that he is the future of Shogun Wrestling. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Title Match Contract Signing With their championship match earned in full, TMDK are laid out with a Street Sweeper at their contract signing with PnP. They debuted by attacking TMDK, and hit that same move they defeated them with at Invasion Assault, sending a message to their hopeful challengers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match Los Ingobernables de Japon (Shingo Takagi and BUSHI) vs. Emerald Unit (Jeff Cobb and Yuji Nagata) Emerald Unit def. Los Ingobernables de Japon in 7:32 via pinfall with a Tour of the Islands to BUSHI --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Samoa-gun's Path Brodie Lee and Lance Archer want revenge against Tetsuya Naito. They announce that Rampage Brown will be their partner at Glory Road Cup, meanwhile Catch Point are met with tenuous looks from the rest of their faction. The fear of a potential loss for them is very much apparent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event 6-Man Tag Team Match CHAOS (Will Ospreay, Robbie Eagles and Hirooki Goto) vs. Emerald Unit (Jordan Devlin, Satoshi Kojima and Sami Zayn) CHAOS def. Emerald Unit in 20:20 via pinfall with an OsCutter to Satoshi Kojima Devlin is completely against teaming with his Emerald Unit stablemates, denouncing their alliance, ultimately costing them the match. Devlin stares down Ospreay to end the show. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Gwynfro

    Cruel Fate

    On the road to BPZ's biggest event of the year, one of it's hotly anticipated matches is for the fledgling North American Championship. In a backstage segment, interviewer Adrian Holland is able to get a word with the current North American Champion, KENJI. The champion is dressed in a dark green suit with a black shirt underneath; smart, but more casual than his official appearances for press conferences and such. The BPZ North American Championship held proudly over his shoulder. KENJI responds with the same conviction that has driven him to the summit. That confidence that has become ingrained in him since Wildcard 2019, and gradually galvanised over the course of his championship reign thus far. Adrian Holland: "KENJI, the BPZ Universe are chomping at the bit in anticipation over the North American Championship Match at BPZ Mania V. Do you have any comments to make about your opponent, the United States Champion, Buddy Ace?" KENJI: "Buddy Ace has more than proven his worth to challenge me, that much is irrefutable. Winning the Carnage Scramble, being the first man in the company to punch his ticket to BPZ Mania, followed by a star-making performance in the Royal Rumble, and winning the United States Championship on top of it all. If you told someone could be capable of that much success in such a short time, they'd scarcely believe you. I want to make it clear to any that might doubt Buddy Ace's claim or position for my title that he is the real deal. The genuine article. I hold this championship in the highest regard, so much so that only the very best of the best that are willing to show their burning soul's desire to be the best can challenge me. That is the aura and standard that I set. Yes, I faced tough competition on this road; beating Yelich for the North American Championship, settling my score with Raven, and overcoming Bulletproof's bruiser. But this is a wholly different animal. Buddy Ace's journey to his career renaissance has my admiration, and resonates with my own path to championship gold. Overcoming the odds, and when your time comes, never let anyone stop you". "But, that is merely the benchmark. You won the Carnage Scramble, showed your mettle in the Rumble, and won United States Championship, well done. You've shown the ability to seize an opportunity when it arises, something that this championship embodies, well done. But what next? That is all well and good, but that is the very minimum you need to step to me, Buddy Ace. That is just to get an audience with the champion here in BPZ. World, Intercontinental.....United States. They pale to the title over my shoulder. Why? Because that is what I choose to believe, Adrian. The boundaries that we set for the championships are meaningless. The champion makes the title, not the other way around. I perfect example is the United States Championship, a title that finds it's fate bound to that of my North American Title. A vestigial organ, unneeded, and useless to me. The United States Championship has been forsaken countless times over the last few months. Nobody having the will, or the desire to hold it and cement their legacy in it's lineage. No, it has fallen far. When I see talk of title vs. title, who is the better champion....there is no debate. The case is made, it was already closed months ago. There is no greater champion in BPZ than The Resonator. The North American Championship represents the best. Not who is on the posters, but the best". "Buddy Ace is taking the bold road of becoming a double champion. But, it will not end well for him. I can speak to this experience intimately. At Night of Legends I had the very same aspirations. While a noble and star-making gesture it can be, in reality, it clouds what really is your priority. It stretches your limits, your potential. Becoming a double champion is more than most can ever achieve. And you won't, Buddy Ace. You won't because while you are worthy of my contest, you are not of my championship. At BPZ Mania you will be introduced to the torturing role I have carved for myself as the North American Champion. I end the comets of dreams that fly by. Ever since becoming champion, I keep hearing talk of who will be the one to take the title off me. When the wind was at my back before, now that momentum is always with my opponent. Simply waiting for the day when I finally fall. A cruel fate, when I thought I had this champion deal figured out, it's bittersweet taste comes to the forefront". "Yelich, riding high after his huge comeback win over The Revenant, and retaining against the up-and-coming Mikey, only to be cut short on live television, returning to his meandering ways. Firing Squad, as detestable as they may be, a fresh tag team who usurped their stablemates to reach the finals of the Clapspiracy Tag Tournament. The carpet pulled from under them. Raven, a multiple time champion, whose penchant for winning championships is something to behold, halted at the gates. Bob Sparks, the snake. Spoken with such reverence and confidence for the future of BPZ, not only winning the NXT and Premium Championship, but strong performances in the PowerTrip Cup, and involved with iconic names of this company....he too, quashed. This is what I've become, without my intent. I have become the Ender of Dreams. The dark side of this championship, the opportunity that it provides, also takes away the spark, that aura of stardom. I found solace in my bitter loses before, that it gave me the drive to reach even higher. But, that has only made me see every challenge, from their perspective as well as mine. The soul-crushing defeat, the ideal, the belief that you can win.....only to fall at my feet". "It's not a glamorous role I have, Buddy Ace. But it is the one I have created for myself. Like it or not, that is what I am. In pursuit of a legacy amongst the stars, I have smote down many a shining beacon that have come to extinguish my flame. Even now, it seems as though I'm seen as the one with something to prove, yet despite his flash fire success, his moment in the sun, I have established my throne moreso than most champions in this company's entire history. Unfortunately for you, Buddy Ace, that legacy is not set in stone. Not yet. They may call you my toughest challenge yet, but you are facing down with the champion. You might have taken the torch, and stepped to the plate, but your light is dwarfed by the roaring blaze that is my very soul. It will take much more than yourself to end my time on this throne. If you dare to bring less than beyond your limits, and even beyond where your mind can fathom, you will meet my wroth rather than my respect". KENJI's fiery words leave Adrian a little stunned as KENJI's gaze meets with his for a moment, before the champion walks off. The gauntlet has certainly been thrown. BPZ Mania seems to be bringing out sides of the roster that people have never seen before, and KENJI is no exception. Adrian cues to a different segment as the camera fades to black.
  9. Stardust Episode 1 April 11th ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singles Match Death Yama-san vs. Zoey Skye In a High Speed division contest to open the show, Death Yama-San is able to get the victory over Zoey Skye of Oedo Tai. Death's strange antics continue to baffle the High Speed Division, as Zoey Skye's double footstomp is dodged by Death, and Death Yama-san is able to land her signature offence and land a top rope senton for the win. With this victory, Death Yama-san will most likely have her eye on the High Speed Champion, Riho, going forward. Death Yama-san def. Zoey Skye in 4:21 via pinfall with a Senton Bomb ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag Team Match STARS (Saya Iida and Itsuki Hoshino) vs. Tokyo Cyber Squad (Jungle Kyona and Konami) The two rookies of STARS, Saya Iida and Itsuki Hoshino have a tough test ahead, as they take on the Goddesses of Stardom Champions, Jungle Kyona and Konami of Tokyo Cyber Squad. While the rookies put on a brave effort, Iida's dropkick is dodged by Konami, with the match ending as Hoshino isn't able to overcome the eperience that the TCS team have, as Konami transitions into perhaps the most dangerous submission in Stardom, the Triangle Lancer. Once it is locked it, the win rate is 100%, and Hoshino has no choice but to tap out. Tokyo Cyber Squad (Konami and Jungle Kyona) def. STARS (Saya Iida and Saya Kamitani) in 7:20 via submission with a Triangle Lancer to Itsuki Hoshino After the match, Konami and Jungle Kyona take to the microphone and call out the Tag Team Champions, Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter. They want their rematch to regain their Goddesses of Stardom Championships. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6-Women Tag Match Artist of Stardom Championships Donna Del Mondo (Giulia, Maika and Syuri) (c) vs. Oedo Tai (Natusko Tora, Saki Kashima and Natsuko Tora) In a messy brawl of a match between two factions that see no problems with getting dirty, Oedo Tai are overrun by the lethality of Stardom's newest unit, Donna Del Mondo, headed by Giulia. Syuri lays in some brutal shoot kicks to the chests and backs of Oedo Tai, and Maika performs some strong tandem offence with both Giulia and Syuri. The match concludes with Natusko Tora's frog splash being dodged, and a valiant attempt to rally from Sumire caught into Giulia's Arm-Trapped Tombstone for the win. Donna Del Mondo (Giulia, Maika and Syuri) def. Oedo Tai (Natsu Sumire, Saki Kashima and Natsuko Tora) in 10:01 via pinfall with a Hammerlock Tombstone Piledriver to Natsu Sumire to retain and make their 1st Defence of the Artist of Stardom Championships ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Event 6-Woman Tag Team Match STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Arisa Hoshiki and Tam Nakano) vs. Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita and AZM) In the main event of the evening, STARS take on Queen's Quest. Momo Watanabe and Untami are both taking an interest in the red and white belts held by Mayu Iwatani and Arisa Hoshiki respectively. Throughout the match, they call out their chosen opponent from the apron and demand them to tag in. Utami spends her time in the match targeting the back of Hoshiki while avoiding the champion's lethal kicks and strikes, landing a basement dropkick to a seated Wonder Champion, and almost applying the torture rack. The match ends however when Utami gets repelled by a determinded Tam Nakano, both teans making tag to Momo and Mayu. The leader of Queen's Quest is almost able to land the Peach Sunrise, a move that would certainly put away the champion, but the savvy Mayu is able to counter and roll up Momo for the win. STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Arisa Hoshiki and Tam Nakano) def. Queen's Quest (Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita and AZM) in 13:55 via pinfall with a Victory Roll to Momo Watanabe Momo is visibly frustrated at the result as she rolls out of the ring. She wished to be Mayu's opponent at the Stardom Anniversary show, but now her chances of contention for the World of Stardom Championship have gone down considerably as she was just pinned by the champion. Arisa and Utami get into a heated scuffle after the match, where the Super Rookie, Utami Hayashishita wants a shot at Arisa's Wonder of Stardom Championship. After the match, Mayu takes to the microphone and thanks the crowd for coming tonight, but poses the question of who will challenge her at the Anniversary Show? She just pinned her top competition.....Until..... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bow Down to the Queens The Queen's Quest theme begins to play once again as in a shocking return, Io Shirai is back in Stardom!! She joins her Queen's Quest allies and steps right to Mayu. The gravity of the situation isn't lost on Iwatami, as she is staring down the most dominant World of Stardom Champion in the promotion's history. Shirai takes the microphone from Mayu's hand, and firmly states that she has come back for her championship, and the spot of Ace of Stardom that Mayu was keeping warm for her. The Red Belt Champion is undeterred however, she defeated Shirai for the title, ending Shirai's 500+ day reign, and she can do it again. it seems that Mayu's challenger for the Anniversary Show has made herself known, and what a challenger it is! Mayu Iwatani vs. Io Shirai for the World of Stardom Championship! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Women’s Elimination Chamber Match (Winner Faces Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at WrestleMania) Natalya vs. Liv Morgan vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Asuka vs. Ruby Riott vs. Sarah Logan - Women's Chamber - First Pick: Elimination Chamber. Earn 2 points if this pick wins - Shayna Baszler - Women's Chamber - Second Pick: Elimination Chamber. Earn 1 points if this pick wins - Liv Morgan Intercontinental Championship 3-on-1 Handicap Match Braun Strowman (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro and Sami Zayn SmackDown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match (c) The Miz and John Morrison vs. The New Day vs. The Usos vs. Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode - Tag Team Chamber - First Pick: Elimination Chamber. Earn 2 points if this pick wins - Miz and Morrison - Tag Team Chamber - Second Pick: Earn 1 points if this pick wins - The Usos No Disqualification Match Aleister Black vs. AJ Styles Raw Tag Team Championship Match The Street Profits (c) vs. Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy United States Championship Match Andrade (c) vs. Humberto Carrillo Singles Match Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak Bonus Questions: First PPV Match (Non-Preshow) - Tag Team Elimination Chamber Second to Last Match? - Andrade vs. Carrillo Who will be the first woman eliminated in the Womens Chamber? Sarah Logan Who will be the first team eliminated in the Tag Team Chamber? Lucha House Party Will the 24/7 championship change hands during the PPV? No Will Ronda Rousey make an appearance? No
  11. BPZ.com Exclusive BPZ 365: KENJI Towards the Horizon With St. Valentine's Day Massacre in the rear view mirror, BPZ's next stop is it's most prestigious, and grandest stage; BPZ Mania. The video documentary begins with the logo of BPZ Mania V fading to a black screen, the roman numeral for five gaining an addition to read "IV". The text emerges through the dark screen to read; BPZ Mania IV March 31st, 2019 The scene of previously unseen footage fades in as a fresh-faced KENJI is walking backstage, before his new look as the Resonator, he is slimmer with less developed upper body muscle, and his hair is a normal shade of brown that sweeps across his head. The words "Sendai Supernova" are imprinted on the back of his entrance jacket. Over the footage, KENJI's voice is heard. KENJI: "It's always a point of nerves, making your debut, let alone at the biggest show in this business. Originally I requested to delay my debut until after Mania. Looking back, it was because the nerves got to me then. They're always there, and you can never go out there and say "I'm nervous", there is just a custom to roll with putting on a brave face, and saying that you're good to go, even when we all know that everyone feels the nerves before they step through that curtain for the first time. But, I convinced myself that waiting wouldn't be doing me any favours, so I changed my mind. Even if it was a chaotic battle royal, it was still my debut, and you only ever get one. Yeah, I was unsuccessful back then....it's more jarring to think that was a whole year ago now. Back then I couldn't have dreamed that I would be where I am today. Although, I suppose that battle royal is something a little special in retrospect; the final three in that battle royal, one year on, walk into BPZ Mania V as a champion; North American, Premium....Undisputed". "If you'd told me that back then, I wouldn't have had such high hopes for myself. You're always that one match away from making it, but until then, it always feels like the dream is never within reach. If I hadn't changed.....or had the change forced upon me, I would still be that wide-eyed, and naive boy I was". "One year.....one year of testing myself, failing and succeeding. All of it, has really all been leading to come full circle to the grandest stage of them all. Having the North American title over my shoulder as we get to the summit, is a feat in and of itself. Something that I'm proud of. But, it's not enough. Up until Wildcard, I had never won a championship in my career. Before then I would always have championship aspirations as my ultimate goal, that was the very peak of success, to call myself a champion......But now, all I can see is that the clouds above the mountain top have parted, revealing a whole new world of challenges. I wasn't born to be a champion, but everything has built me into one. Title or no title, I am moreso a champion than most. I have my championship, which in my opinion is the most valuable. Not because of how it is presented by the company, but by how I perceive it". "The North American Championship is something to be coveted, I am one of the longest-reigning champions we currently have. Unlike a lot of the other gold in BPZ, this title doesn't fly around from waist to waist, because I don't let it. This is the stone in which I carve my legacy, and that does not end with simply winning the title, only to discard and forsake it for the next shiny toy. I have this title, and I defended it against some of the very best stars this company has to offer. That wasn't true natural talent of being on top, I learned how to be a champion on the job, and I'd like to think I've gotten pretty damn good at it. BPZ Mania V is where my legacy as the quintessential North American Champion continues. Buddy Ace has gone from the forgotten competitor for this very title in the fateful ladder match at World at War, to occupying himself with many exploits over the past few weeks, a finger in many pies shall we say; Winning the Carnage Scramble to earn a shot at my legacy, excelling in the Royal Rumble, Winning the United States Championship, a burgeoning rivalry with Jo Nathan. He's seen more success and buzz in the past few weeks than most will in their entire careers, perhaps more than me in a full year as well". "I am not the man I was three-hundred and sixty-five days ago. The Resonator rings true with the championship that sits on his shoulder, and it won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I'm not so arrogant or egotistical to assume I'll be champion forever, not yet anyway. If I am to become truly synonymous with this title, I have to surpass the man who walks into Mania's Main Event. I will become the longest reigning North American Champion in history, so much so that it will be an accolade that can never be broken. I will defend this title against any and all that prove themselves worthy to take the opportunity this title embodies. Just as I wasn't born a winner, this title isn't seen as the top, but it will be soon enough. I will make it so". The vignette ends with a fade as KENJI from a year ago walks through the curtain onto the stage of BPZ Mania IV, to compete for the NXT Championship. His horizons are very different now, more lofty and ambitious than ever before.
  12. AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho(c) vs Jon Moxley AEW Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) vs the Young Bucks PAC vs Orange Cassidy Dustin Rhodes vs Jake Hager Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara Dark Order vs SoCalUncensored AEW Women's Championship: Nyla Rose(c) vs Kris Statlander MJF vs Cody Bonus Questions: Will the Exalted One be revealed? If so, who? No Will Hangman Page turn heel? No Will Lance Archer appear? No
  13. Name: (First “Nickname” Last): Gwyn "The King" Worthington II Deck (Archetype): Red (Red Dragon Archfiend) Secondary Support: Resonators Figurehead: Jack Atlas Ace Monster: (Just name a card): Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend Gender: Male Hero/Villain/Unaligned: Unaligned Backstory: (Optional, Write whatever you want): Seen as one of the top new prospects in Duel Academy, Gwyn comes from a background of money and comfort. However, unlike the his family, Gwyn has a rebellious side, which led to him taking up duelling, as well as street racing. Naturally skilled at his chosen path, his family were able to hastily rush him into Duel Academy, mainly as a way to get him as far away as possible from the family business in global finance as part of the Worthington Consortium, finding his fiery temperament to be a liability if he followed the family footsteps. Although receiving comments from the Academy that their string pulling was ultimately unnecessary, given his natural talent for duelling. Placed directly into Obelisk Blue dorm, his high-profile name both garnered favour and distrust from his classmates. Gwyn finds himself to prefer walking his own path, usually not mingling with the fellow Obelisk Blue students. His pure drive to give his entire soul to duelling, and expecting the same of his opponent, can come off as arrogance to some, but it only fuels his desire to be the very best. Dorm: Obelisk Blue Catchphrase: (Optional, just something you can say when you win duels): Loud Laughter of Dominance Intensifies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name (First “Nickname” Last): Hayato Kumo Deck (Archetype): Simorgh Figurehead: N (Pokemon) Ace Monster: (Just name a card): Simorgh, Lord of the Storm Simorgh of Darkness Gender: Male Hero/Villain/Unaligned: Hero Backstory: (Optional, Write whatever you want) Dorm: Obelisk Blue Catchphrase: (Optional, just something you can say when you win duels) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name (First “Nickname” Last): Josie Hayes Deck (Archetype): Machina Figurehead: Maki Oze (Fire Force) Ace Monster: (Just name a card): Machina Fortress Gender: Female Hero/Villain/Unaligned: Hero Backstory: (Optional, Write whatever you want) Dorm: Slifer Red Catchphrase: (Optional, just something you can say when you win duels) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name (First “Nickname” Last): Bashoku Ishii Deck(Archetype): Dinowrestler Figurehead: All Might (My Hero Academia) Ace Monster: (Just name a card): Dinowrestler King T Wrextle Gender: (Male/Female/Other): Male Hero/Villain/Unaligned: Hero Backstory: (Optional, Write whatever you want) Dorm: Ra Yellow Catchphrase: (Optional, just something you can say when you win duels) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name (First “Nickname” Last): Takeshi Hondo Deck (Archetype): Zombie Figurehead (Insert character here): Nagito Komaeda (Danganronpa 2) Ace Monster (Just name a card): Doomking Balerdroch Gender: (Male/Female/Other): Male Hero/Villain/Unaligned: Unaligned Backstory: (Optional, Write whatever you want) Dorm: Slifer Red Catchphrase: (Optional, just something you can say when you win duels) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name (First “Nickname” Last): Professor Kenshin "Cold One" Haruka Deck (Archetype): ??? Figurehead: (Insert character here): Kishou Arima (Tokyo Ghoul) Ace Monster: (Just name a card) ??? Gender: (Male/Female/Other): Male Hero/Villain/Unaligned: Unaligned Backstory: (Optional, Write whatever you want): A very stoic, enigmatic and scientifically-minded member of the Duel Academy Staff, Kenshin's background is something rumoured amongst the student body. Some suggest that he was a professional duelist who never made the big time, while the more suspicious theorists quietly subscribe to the story that he was the man who innovated and developed the controversial Bio-Band system used by Dr. Thelonious Viper in a previous year of the Academy. Dorm: Duel Academy Staff Catchphrase: (Optional, just something you can say when you win duels) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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