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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE CARNAGE FOLLOWING NIGHT OF LEGENDS 2021 DING DING DING Sandman: "They've done it!! New Tag Champs!!! What a start to Night of Legends!" The audience in attendance at the Aliegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada jump up from their seats into a huge wave of cheers after the bell rings, the slight delay in believing the result makes the sonic attack of their noise all the more deafening as KENJI and Raven emerge from their title match as your new BPZ Tag Team Champions.
  2. SHOGUN Chapter 81 Year 2, October, Week 1 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6-Man Tag Team Match SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championship No.1 Contendership Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI) vs. Satoshi Kojima, Joe Doering and Dylan James The show kicks off with a trios match to decide the new No.1 contenders to Lethal, Gresham and Dragon Lee for the SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championships. Former champion trio of EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI of Los Ingobernable
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princess of Princess Championship Contenders (As reviewed by KENJI) Current Champion: Rika Tatsumi 1st Reign Won at: Tokyo Joshi Pro '21 (January 4th, 2021) 0 Defences Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. It's time for a relative newbie to Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling to dive into its world championship, the Princess of Princess Championship. Unique and bizarre name, the P.O.P. Championship has been booked with an incredible amount of prestige and exclusivity in its hi
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The current Junior Ace versus someone who could potentially become the future Junior Ace. Over 2020 we've really seen SHO come into his own as a singles star and working more with the heavyweights in the wake of YOH's injury. It's sounds uncouth to say, but that injury and vacating the IWGP Junior Tag Titles might have been the best thing for SHO. Right from New Japan Cup 2020 onwards we've seem really move up to the next level in terms of in-ring charisma and skill. If I recall his only sing
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah yes, nothing quite screams "special singles match" as BUSHI vs. Master Wato. In a way it reminds me of 2018 where during the big faction-wide CHAOS vs. LIJ rivalry in the wake of Wrestle Kingdom 14, BUSHI inexplicably had a singles match at New Beginning in Osaka against Gedo of all people (it was a shenanigans comedy match). It's a little sad that this is hopefully supposed to be a serious match as opposed to Gedo, but it doesn't feel any less out of place. I put this entirely down t
  6. Faction Name: CyberDRagons Main Eventer - Kyle O'Reilly ($2.20 MIL) Midcarder - KUSHIDA (0.95 MIL) Midcarder - Bobby Fish (0.85 MIL) Midcarder - Zack Gibson (0.5 MIL) Midcarder - James Drake (0.5 MIL) Female/Semi-Active - Sonya Deville (0.35 MIL) Open Choice - Io Shirai (0.5 MIL) Total: 5.85 MIL
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IWGP Tag Team Championship Contenders (As reviewed by KENJI) Current Champions: Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) 7th Reign (7,7) Won at: Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night 1 (January 4th 2021) O Defences GUERRILLA TACTICS....WHHHAAAAAATTTTT YOU KNOW WE BOUT ACTION....WWWHHHHAAAATTTT.....YOU KNOW WE NOT LACKIN....WWWHHHAAATTT.....coughs, sorry about that....on with the review..... Our little contender's review series has now reached the curious (and oft
  8. Gwynfro


    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KENJI takes a sip from his glass, somewhat hesitantly at first, before relaxing that Raven hadn't actually spiked his drink. He looks over at the back of the bar where a few days ago he had seen the eclectic array of bottles of rainbow colours, replaced with warm browns of wood. It wasn't jarring or abrasive on the eyes. For a moment there, with one of his most bitter rivals sat next to him, KENJI was comfortable. He turns to his tag partner to speak, the earnest and determined tone KENJI is
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BPZ Pokemon Tournament Season 7 Results (Generation 8 Monotype Round-Robin) There we have it folks! While it took longer than we all predicted, Season 7 of the BPZ Pokemon Tournament is now in the books. In our largest field of contestants so far, who was able to crown themselves the Pokemon champion? Let's take a look at our final 4! 4th Place Steel Type Epic We have a new addition to the top positions here in Season 7 and this time it's Epic! A relati
  10. New Beginning in Nagoya Predictions NEVER Openweight Championship Shingo Takagi (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi Singles Match Will Ospreay vs. Satoshi Kojima Singles Match Great-O-Khan vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan 8-Man Tag Team Match Kota Ibushi, Tomoaki Honma, SHO and Master Wato vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI) Tag Team Match CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada and Toru Yano) vs. Bullet Club (EVIL and Yujiro Takahashi) Bonus Questions: Will anyone make their debut? No Will anyone make their return? No Wi
  11. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is actually a pretty cool match. Sort of a sleeper match to look out for on the undercard. Kojima might be one of the New Japan dad squad, but like Nagata, he can still pull out a pretty nice match when he's called upon to do so. I didn't expect to see as much of Kojima as I did in 2020, but I'm definitely not complaining. It kind of makes sense for Kojima to at least have something for New Beginning. Contingency plan he was, but he still competed in a singles match at Wrestle Kingdom 15
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tenzan is back in the ring and he's here....to avenge his murder!!! He was absolutely destroyed by Empire at New Year Dash!! For Tenzan to have a marquee match at all in this day and age is a little strange to say the least, let alone a singles match on a prominent tour. Had Jeff Cobb been on the tour, I would have suspected that this would be a tag team match between Tencozy vs. O-Khan and Cobb, but alas, we have a Hiroyoshi Tenzan singles match in 2021. Who would have guessed? On the o
  13. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the belts still being kept together, in the new era of Kota Ibushi finally winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, we're kicking off with THE ULTIMATE HIMBO BATTLE!! Both of these characters are more looks and flash than brains. Ibushi is so weird and quirky that it's a wonder he is a functioning adult. Meanwhile SANADA is so stone-faced because it must be hard to talk when you're that hot. In all seriousness, this is a fun match to kick off 2021, and a strong main event for the
  14. New Year Dash!! January 6th, 2020 Ota City Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of an Era In the wake of Wrestle Kingdom 14, the New Japan roster says farewell to the in-ring career of Junior Heavyweight Legend Jushin Thunder Liger. After his emotional retirement match with Naoki Sano against Hiromu Takahashi and Ryu Lee, Liger gets on the mic and says that he's ready to finally come home and be with his family. Embraced by his wife and son, Liger takes one last picture with the CH
  15. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carnage opens with a darkening of the lights in the arena before a video packages begins to play over the titantron. The dim lights give way to the chequered black and white squares of a chess board. The pieces start darting across the board by themselves, the camera in a top-down perspective to see every move. Interestingly enough, the white side has two king pieces, both of which with red-tipped crowns. The crimson liquid over their heads looks messily poured on, slowly dripping do

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