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    Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee Cody Rhodes (C) vs Ricochet - WWE Intercontinental Championship Becky Lynch (C) vs Mandy Rose - WWE Womens Championship The Revival (C) vs Undisputed Era - Smackdown Tag Team Championships Bray Wyatt vs John Cena Dijak (C) vs Cedric Alexander - WWE United States Championship Adam Cole (C) vs Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles - WWE Championship Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe - King Of The Ring Finals
  2. The BPZ Universe just bore witness to a magnum caliber edition of Carnage, dubbed as the Wildcard. At that event, three marquee title matches occurred and no doubt gave the Carnage viewership a nice bump up. One match in particular was quite the night for the Dragon of BPZ, The Resonator, KENJI. Ever since mid-April, KENJI had been in pursuit of the newest championship in BrendenPlayz Wrestling, the North American Championship. Something that he desired and aspired to over any other in the company. After standout performances in it's Inaugural match, and against the first champion, KENJI's stock in the company had been gradually rising. Finally gaining some momentum at Emergence as he bested a stalwart and bitter veteran in Brad, later moving on to what will be remembered as his coming-out-party during the Survival Games tournament. And in the exclamation mark on his recent success, KENJI was able to fully capitalise on his hard-earned opportunity, by finally winning the BPZ North American Championship at Carnage Wildcard. KENJI's music hits as the Carnage fans stand to their feet, cheering the newly crowned champion. Having forged a connection with the fans from his very genesis in the promotion, the BPZ fans are ecstatic to see KENJI's success. He walks down the ramp with the warm brown leather and golden plates of the North American Championship around his waist, his confidence no doubt surging underneath his resolute demeanour after Wildcard. When he takes to the microphone, the audience respectfully quieten their rumblings, but listen intently to the Japanese Superstar. KENJI: "Vindicated. After all the sleepless nights, and the stumbles along the way.....everything rings in tune. Emergence was lighting the candle in the night, Survival Games was the fire.....and Wildcard, that is the inferno. Proven with nothing but resolve, grit and determination. All of it on my own shoulders, as heavy as it was. Now I have the proof to show it...." KENJI raises the North American Championship for all in the arena to see, the Carnage faithful roaring in cheers at the champion's proclamation, finally at the top of the mountain. The Resonator rests the championship over his shoulder, wearing it proudly. Even if his steely disposition might not show it, the passionate KENJI is still coming to grips with the new challenges ahead. KENJI: "But.....was it a solitary campaign? At Wildcard, the snake of Bulletproof poked his head from the grass. I had thought that my denial of their offer had brought their wrath. What cruel revenge it would have been to cost me the opportunity earned on my own back at the final hurdle.....But no, Mikey was there to hinder the former champion. If Isaiah Carter and our General Manager thought that pulling the strings to grant me the North American Championship would steer me to their stable, I'm afraid it as most certainly not. Since day one, I have battled through these waters alone, amongst all the sharks and predators alone. That is how I have risen to the status of champion, by having my mettle tested wholeheartedly. But now.....I stand here as the North American Champion.....but Bulletproof cost me that battle within myself. To make that final leap to the top in my solidarity. No matter how little....they have tarnished what would have been a crowning moment. Yet I stand here still hungry for more". "But.....luckily for me....I am now unequivocally, a champion. Not just within my soul, but in the material also. This championship and I can finally ring out in harmony, to resonate as we were always meant to. This irking discordant sound of Bulletproof's hands needs to be corrected. But, I did not get here by lingering on the dour, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. So, if the win did not fully satisfy my hunger for competition, I'll just have to defend the North American crown twice as hard! I do not yet know my first challenger, but they will need to muster all the strength they can. Even when I knew I was meant for great things, It still took my everything just to get here......to get this chance. I have never been a champion before in my career, I have constantly envisioned what kind of man I wish to be when that day finally came....I was given a chance, I will pay that respect forward to any rightful challenger to the North American Championship....but, it took a zeal beyond words to reach where I am, I won't except any less from those that come knocking for their chance". KENJI is about to speak again when the lights dim for just a moment, the crowd gasp in anticipation. Could KENJI's first challenger for the North American Championship be making himself known? The gasp of excitement soon turns to roars of cheers as the vivacious string orchestra and captivating electric guitar tones of Yngwie Malmersteen's Fugue fill the arena. KENJI's gaze softens slightly, but his eyes show the process of the moment. The music of a man that became his first obstacle in BPZ. A man that he held a respectful, but spirited and competitive rivalry with in his early months in the promotion. It is the melody of one of BPZ's most standout stars in 2019. The sound of who was crowned as the Inaugural North American Champion. The serenade of the BPZ Intercontinental Champion......They had drifted apart like ships in the night for many months after the conclusion of their rivalry, but now The Revenant of KENJI's past has come back to encounter The Resonator once more, his intentions unknown.....
  3. In a stacked showcase of BPZ's' finest, the star-studded edition of Carnage rolls on with it's second title match of the night, The North American Championship Match. Both men having forged their path to this moment, but only one may stand tall in the end. A video package plays on the titantron before the match, highlighting both men's involvement in the Inaugural North American Championship Ladder Match, the current champion's rise to the gold after just-barely coming short in the To The Top Ladder Match at Emergence, as well as his challenger's grizzly war of blood and grit on the very same night. Yelich would go on to be embroiled with the Inaugural North American Champion himself, Arius. After once again falling short at Summerslam, Yelich was finally able to win the big one at Bad Blood in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. Conversely, The Resonator's path back up the ladder was through the daunting Survival Games tournament, where he would capitalise on every opportunity and prove to be a force to be reckoned with, finishing with seven points, and tied for second in his block. The entrance theme of The Resonator, KENJI, hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Receiving a rumbling reaction from the Carnage faithful, who have rallied behind the Japanese superstar in his fight back into title contention. The music dies down as the theme of the second North American Champion fills the arena in Las Vegas, the championship's central plate shining like a golden poker chip around Yelich's waist as he emerges from the ramp, his silence over the previous weeks have cast a mysterious cloud over the state of the North American Champion. But the question is, will he win it all, or bust out here on Carnage Wildcard in Sin City? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carnage Wildcard BPZ North American Championship Match Yelich (c) vs. KENJI But what's this? Yelich jumps down from the turnbuckle and runs towards KENJI, both men colliding in a big shoulder check, throwing hands as the bell rings. The referee hastily hands the North American Championship to the timekeeper as the match begins. It looks like neither man is content with a feeling out period tonight, going right into trying to win as quickly as possible! Yelich lays in some forearm smashes to the collar of The Resonator, but the stocky challenger starts to shrug off the strikes, glaring the champion in the eyes before sending his opponent a few steps back following a meaty knife edge chop. The crowd inhale at the impact, and gasp further as Yelich runs forward and chops KENJI right back. The Resonator responds with a huge double hand chop to the chest of the champion. Yelich hopes to return fire as he steps back to rebound off the ropes, but gets dropped with a huge arching back body drop from KENJI! The crowd gasp at the sheer height that Yelich got from that throw as he crashes down to the mat. Yelich grimaces as he crawls to the corner, getting back to his feet, only to get smashed by a huge running body avalanche from KENJI, who runs to the opposite corner, returning with a big running clothesline to the corner. Yelich stumbles forward as the match shows no sign of stopping. KENJI pulls Yelich into a gutwrench, looking to hit the Golem Tribute toss, but Yelich is able to escape and throw KENJI into the corner with an arm drag. Seeing his opportunity to even the odds against such an explosive challenger, Yelich connects with flying forearm, and grabs KENJI's head, going to hit the Whirlybird, trying for the big offence early. Yelich steps up the ropes, but no! KENJI holds on and brings the Whirlybird to a halt, bringing the champion onto his shoulders for a fireman's carry position, possibly looking to hit a Death Valley Driver, or perhaps an Ushigoroshi, but Yelich is fighting it. Both men strain as KENJI tries to get into position, while Yelich is struggling to escape it. However, Yelich is able to pull his weight back and hook the arms to take KENJI into a crucifix pin attempt with some added force, almost as a Crucifix Driver! 1......2....no! KENJI kicked out! Yelich scrambles to maintain this opening in the match, one wrong move, and it could call come crashing down. He starts laying consecutive knee drops to the body of the challenger before running back and landing a springboard moonsault, landing perfectly. Yelich continues by beckoning up KENJI, the crowd cheering this lighting fast match. The champion tries to hit a Northern Lights Suplex, electing to choose another pinning manoeuvre, his strategy to best his opponent. However, KENJI blocks by lowering his centre of gravity, and clubbing Yelich over the back with a thud, and quickly spinning the champion around while maintaining a headlock that has now been inverted. KENJI is in position to hit the KJR, looking to start the KENJI revolution with his first title win in BPZ! But, as KENJI swings his arm to hit his signature move, Yelich grabs his arm and deftly moves himself to a waistlock. The champion may have been absent from Carnage, but he's been doing his homework. Yelich is trying to land a german suplex, but once again KENJI blocks the attempt by holding the back of his knee, having the leverage to stay grounded. KENJI elbows Yelich in the face and takes control, and knees Yelich in the stomach before this time going for a Reverse KJR, this time connecting as Yelich's face snaps off of KENJI's knee in combination with a lariat to the back of the neck. The crowd is reaching a fever pitch as the arena rumbles from their stomping, both men are laying it all out in the ring. KENJI steps over to Yelich as returns the favour of knee drops to the back, slapping the back of Yelich's head in a gesture to bring even more. Yelich scowls while down on the mat and gets to his feet, beginning to trade strikes with The Resonator. It is soon clear that KENJI has the edge in the power department, seemingly taking less damage from Yelich's strikes. KENJI gains the advantage and pulls in Yelich, lifting him up into a powebomb position. In a new surprise from KENJI,s he's trying to hit a Revolution Bomb! He spins and spins, but no! Yelich is able to counter into a huge DDT!! The champion has his chance, he scales the turnbuckle to the top rope, looking to hit his signature Frog Splash....but what's this? No! Mikey from Bulletproof is on the apron, trying to distract the champion! No doubt that he's bitter over Yelich retaining the North American Championship against him at Survival Games. Also the Undisputed Champion, Flynn has had his differences with Yelich for some time now, could this be Mikey doing his dirty work? Or perhaps this is still Bulletproof's attempts to woo KENJI into their ranks, by helping him to win the North American Title? There is a chorus of boos as Yelich shouts angrily at Mikey to leave, however, the distraction is enough for KENJI to get to his feet, a little dizzy after the massive DDT. He goes over to the corner and smacks Yelich across the face, before pulling him down from the top rope with a big overhead suplex! KENJI exhales and turns to see Mikey on the apron, who quickly jumps down, feigning his innocence in this whole scenario. He receives only the steely grimace of KENJI as a response, going right back to the match. The Carnage audience gasps as KENJI picks up a prone Yelich, who is trying to crawl away into a wheelbarrow psoition, and suplexes the North American Champion right into the turnbuckles!! Yelich crumples against the corner in a heap as the crowd fall quiet for a brief moment, taken aback by the brutality on display. KENJI sits up and looks over at the dazed body of Yelich, he picks up the champion and motions to hit a Pumping Bomber, one of KENJI's vicious lariats. The challenger sees the end in sight. He runs the ropes and connects with a brutally stiff Pumping Bomber, sending Yelich clattering back down to the mat. KENJI goes for the pin! 1..... 2..... th-what?!? No! Yelich was just able to kick out! What heart from the champion, the crowd roaring. Unsatisfied, KENJI loads up another Pumping Bomber, slapping his arm and chest in the heat of battle, he hits the ropes once again, but this time, Yelich is able to grab KENJI's arm and spin around it, suddenly in position to hit his own move. Running off pure instinct and adrenaline, Yelich hoists KENJI up for a massive high-angle sit-out powerbomb!! The crowd erupt as Yelich dizzily goes for the pin! Could this be the victory?? 1..... 2.... No! KENJI kicks out! What will end this match? Both men are absorbing some serious punishment! Yelich grabs the ropes to get to his feet. He gestures to the crowd, calling for the Concussion Syndrome. He gets into position, bringing KENJI up from the mat, but The Resonator powers Yelich up into a back body drop, quashing the Piledriver attempt. KENJI steps over the champion, and brings him up to his feet. Yelich is shaky on his feet. KENJI pushes him to the ropes, but Yelich reacts and springboards off the ropes, looking to quickly fire back with his own high-risk maneuver of a Springboard Cutter, but KENJI turns and captures Yelich back-to-back, hooking his arms. KENJI walks back into the centre of the ring, and slams Yelich back down to the mat with a devastating Gaudi Bakudan! It's not looking good for the champion, KENJI just has his signature offence too well scouted. As Yelich slowly gets to his feet completely on instinct, as he looks to be completely out of it, KENJI rocks the North American Champion by connecting with a second Pumping Bomber!! KENJI is on a tear, and the champion is in dire straights. The Resonator hoists up the motionless form of the champion, and delivers the final, and most devastating finale..... Last Resonance!!! 1....2.....3!!! KENJI def. Yelich (c) in 10:32 via pinfall with a Last Resonance to become the new BPZ North American Champion!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After that crazy sprint of a match, a flurry of red and gold streamers fill the ring as KENJI is victorious in dominant fashion, Yelich being escorted to the back by the ring crew. However, in the celebration, it is not the referee that hands KENJI his newly-won North American Championship.....it is Mikey. He must've stuck around after his attempt to spoil the match. A sly grin on his face, he presents the title to KENJI in the ring. However, what was probably intended to be a good-will gesture from Bulletproof, is only met with a simmering anger as KENJI glares at Mikey, quickly taking his North American Title, before getting right in Mikey's face, forcing the Bulletproof member to roll out of the ring and nonchalantly make his way back up the ramp. With his vigilance, and patience tested, KENJI finally raises the BPZ North American Championship high as Carnage Wildcard goes to a commercial break. Over seven months of chasing, he can now call himself a champion. But, from the expression on his face, not all has been satisfied. Did Bulletproof's attempts to interfere cost KENJI something more, despite the victory?
  4. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong vs. Lars Sullivan and Andrade "Cien" Almas Akira Tozawa vs. TJP Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: Red Dragon vs. DIY 2.0 Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Hideo Itami NXT Tag Team Championships: Authors of Pain (c) vs. Heroes Eventually Die NXT Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Bobby Roode
  5. Shogun Chapter 5: Under his Thumb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Address the Shogun Takashi Sugiura kicks off Chapter Five of Shogun, with Rampage Brown and "The Dominator" Tomoyuki Oka in force. He proclaims his dominion over all that dwell in Shogun, and that Kiyomiya may have strength and heart, he is still merely an insect to be swatted away. However, he notes that something greater than just a rookie was in that ring at Maiden Voyage, but he cannot quite place it. He also addresses that his minions were not there to celebrate with him, because they fear him. Sugiura-gun are his mercenaries, not his followers. Maiden Voyage was his moment, nobody else's. At this moment the music of Joe Doering hits. He and Dylan James walk out and square up to Sugiura-gun, towering over the bitter champion. Even with the numbers advantage, The Bombers have sheer size and mass, although Doering alludes to him and James having an equaliser in their back pocket. James and Doering level Legion and try to get their hands on Sugiura, but he rolls out of the ring, refusing to face them. Doering takes to the microphone, and heartily challenges any of Sugiura-gun's puny men to a fight, but especially pointing at The Killing Machine's Triple Crown Championship, perhaps wanting a shot for Shogun's next event, Invasion Assault? Sugiura seems very dismissive of the challenge, leaving Doering's demand up in the air. However, Jun Akiyama announces that Sugiura and Brown will face The Bombers in tonight's main event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Non-Title Match Seiki Yoshioka vs. ??? The newly-crowned and Inaugural Shogun Junior Heavyweight Champion, Seiki Yoshioka, hastily marches to the ring for his match against the mystery masked man that attacked him at Maiden Voyage. He quickly runs up the ramp and charges at his opponent during his entrance, frantically trying to de-mask the assailant. However, his opponent is able to kick him away, plundering the champion around the barricades before rolling him into the ring. The assailant is shown to posses some impressive athleticism and physique, effortlessly landing a series of high-flying offence on the champion before Yoshioka is able to rally for a brief moment. He is able to end it quick by going for the Crash Driver, only for his opponent to flip forward into a Rana, followed by a blatant low blow, causing the disqualification. Seiki Yoshioka def. ??? in 8:43 via disqualification After the match, the assailant quickly leaves the arena, leaving Yoshioka to stew in his frustration. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dynamics In a backstage segment, Jake Lee and Go Shiozaki look back at their surprising tag team chemistry at Maiden Voyage, defeating the team of Legion. Go Shiozaki proposes making their partnership more official, and Jake Lee joining Hontai. Lee is a little apprehensive, but ultimately agrees to the tag team after a lot of convincing from Shiozaki. They state their intentions to fight for the Shogun Tag Team Championships. The Back Breakers of Sugiura-gun emerge and also stake their claim to the tag team championships, lauding their superior tag team record over Shiozaki and Lee. The match is made for the main event of next week's edition of Shogun. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles Match Yoshitatsu vs. Kaito Kiyomiya Hoping to rebound from his disappointing loss in the main event of SHGN Maiden Voyage, Kaito Kiyomiya takes on Yoshitatsu. Commentary makes emphasis that Kiyomiya has specifically requested to face the veterans of the roster, and they more than obliged. The match is quite ground-based, with Yoshitatsu controlling the pace of the match with his technical skills. Kiyomiya is able to keep up, despite his unseasoned career, Tatsu only able to keep up with the talented rookie through his ring awareness and experience. With trades of suplexes and submission holds, Kiyomiya is able to block Yoshitatsu's Koji Clutch, and land the King's Road Tiger Suplex for the victory. Kaito Kiyomiya def. Yoshitatsu in 13:13 via pinfall with a King's Road Suplex ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event Tag Team Match The Bombers (Joe Doering and Dylan James) vs. Sugiura-gun (Takashi Sugiura and Rampage Brown) Main event time, and the match starts out with Doering and Sugiura, the crowd ominously murmuring at the prospect of these two killers. Both men elect to ignore any attempt to engage in a feeling-out period, throwing haymakers at each other from the bell. Doering's chops and larger size play into the match heavily, granting The Bombers a significant advantage early on, Doering hitting his rope-assisted elbow drop for a two count. However, Sugiura is the world champion for a reason, targeting Doering's tree trunk-like legs to take away his vertical base. Meanwhile, Rampage Brown and Dylan James follow suit, with James' chops echoing through the Differ Ariake with an ear-piercingly loud shout. Dylan James perhaps has the strongest chops in all of Shogun. The match ends surprisingly as Doering and Sugiura brawl over the barricade into the crowd! Joe Doering powerbombs Sugiura through the concessions stand! Inadvertently leaving his tag partner high and dry, Dylan James connects with an absolutely brutal Chokeslam to Rampage Brown for the victory. Clearly, Sugiura holds little regard over his minions. They are mercenaries, nothing more. The Bombers def. Sugiura-gun in 17:01 via pinfall with a Chokeslam to Rampage Brown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shogun Chapter 6: Growth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Big Gaijin Joe Doering's history in pro wrestling is highlighted in an intimate and inspiring video package. Joe Doering found his success in Japan rather than over in the United States. However, his career, and life were in jeopardy when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. However, after his surgery, Doering returned to the ring and is on the run of his career. Having departed from the toned big man he was into the Stan Hansen-esque hoss he is today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles Match YOSHI-HASHI vs. Kenoh The Ronin, Kenoh, takes on YOSHI-HASHI. Kenoh's aggression and frustrations from his loss at Maiden Voyage in the Blessing of Jade Championship Match. The Ronin's kicks are with the force of cannonfire, and YOSHI-HASHI, try as he might, simply cannot keep up with the unrelenting offence of Kenoh. Much to Kenoh's surprise and dismay, the Jade Champion, Ben-K comes out and sits at commentary. With this minor distraction, YOSHI-HASHI gets a small spurt of a second wind, and is able to roll up Kenoh and the Head Hunter, but both are only get him near falls. The match ends when Kenoh german suplexes YOSHI-HASHI on the apron, rolling him back into the ring and hitting the Diviing Stomp for the three count in dominant fashion. Kenoh def. YOSHI-HASHI in 7:55 via pinfall with a Diving Double Foot Stomp After the match, Kenoh storms over the commentary desk and gets right in the face of the stoic Ben-K, his gaze firmly set on the Blessing of Jade Championship. The Ronin wants to take that title opportunity from the Oriental Weapon. Ben-K seems to be unfazed by Kenoh's bitter demeanour as Kenoh steps up and walks back up the ramp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Snap Backstage, Hajime Ohara and Hitoshi Kumano express their hungry desire to be the Shogun Tag Team Champions, voicing the feeling of disrespect that they were overlooked in the Tag Title Tournament. They vow to break the makeshift tag team of Shiozaki and Lee. They point out that Lee did not want to make that tag team, and that their lack of true unity will be their downfall in tonight's main event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Old and New In an interview with the Tokyo press, Kaito Kiyomiya explains his motives behind challenging the veterans of the Shogun world. After his loss to Sugiura, Kiyomiya feels that he needs to prove himself to the roster, to truly earn the opportunity that he had. After this display of honour, wishing to climb back up to the top, Kiyomiya is confronted by several veterans from Shogun, including the Tag Team Champions; Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa, Junior Heavyweights Kotaro Suzuki and Hikaru Sato. Suzuki seems to be leading their speech, that they are a unit known as Stalwart, and that if Kiyomiya really thinks he is worthy, then Stalwart will prove it true, or he can be thrown back to the Dojo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event Tag Team Championship No.1 Contendership Match The Back Breakers (Hajime Ohara and Hitoshi Kumano) vs. Go Shiozaki and Jake Lee With title contention on the line, the relatively new team of Go Shiozaki and Jake Lee take on Sugiura-gun's Back Breakers, the well-oiled team of Hajime Ohara and Hitoshi Kumano. However, for the more experienced team, they have to contend with a noticable larger team, namely the height of Jake Lee. The Back Breakers find their groove when against Go Shiozaki, but Jake Lee offered them some issues. Unloading with a series of strong mid kicks, Jake Lee practically dominates for his team, and whenever Go Shiozaki is in, his effectiveness isn't all that significant as Ohara and Kumano target his right arm. The match comes to an end when Jake Lee tags himself in against Shiozaki's wishes and lands the Giant Killing Knee Lift to Ohara for the win. Jake Lee and Go Shiozaki def. The Back Breakers in 18:09 via pinfall with a Giant Killing to Hajime Ohara After the match, they may have won the No.1 Contendership, but Jake Lee doesn't seem too happy with carrying the team ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shogun Chapter 7: Cowboy Samurai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles Match Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Hikaru Sato In the first battle against the collective of Stalwart, Kaito Kiyomiya takes on a veteran Junior Heavyweight in Hikaru Sato. Kiyomiya's grappling acumen is contrasted by Sato's patented strikes. As the match porgresses, Sato seems to be taken aback by the interesting throwback vibes of Kaito Kiyomiya, seeing how much of the traditional King's Road style wrestler that he is. Even when he is downed from a vicious buzzsaw kick, Kiyomiya's fire is not extinguished. The match concludes when Kiyomiya hits the Overthrow, followed by the King's Road Suplex for the win. Kaito Kiyomiya def. Hikaru Sato in 8:12 via pinfall with a King's Road Suplex After the match, the other members of Stalwart; Kotaro Suzuki, and the Tag Team Champions tend to Sato, with Suzuki now stepping up to face Kiyomiya. Shiozaki and Lee step out from the curtain to face off against Stalwart in an icy cold staredown. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vengeful Spirits In a backstage segement, the masked man that have been running roughshod over the Junior Heavyweight Division attack Minoru Tanaka backstage, knocking him unconscious by throwing him through a table. He is joined by a second masked man in the beatdown. The pair of them don't reveal their identities, but announce themselves as "Yokai". They call out the Junior Heavyweight Champion, Seiki Yoshioka to find a tag partner to face them at Invasion Assault. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Non-Title Match Ben-K vs. Josh Alexander For a showcase match for the Blessing of Jade Champion, Kenoh waits at ringside, inspecting his competition. Unlike the Ronin's match with YOSHI-HASHI, this match is surprisingly even. Josh Alexander making his Shogun debut in impressive fashion as be takes the fight to the champion. He manages to hit a variety of suplexes against the Oriental Weapon, only for Ben-K to show some emotion and match his moves. The normally stoic Ben-K is spirited in this match, which only infuriates Kenoh even more. The match ends when Ben-K fails to hit the Ben-K Bomb, but does pick up the victory with a roll up. Ben-K def. Josh Alexander in 11:34 via pinfall with a Jacknife Pin After the match, there seems to be a aura of respect shown from Josh Alexander to Ben-K, and reciprcated from the champion, but both men want a second match. Kenoh stares down with Ben-K, also flipping him off in the process. The Ronin won't attack his rival during a match, but doesn't hide is malcontent. Kenoh bumps shoulders with Josh Alexander on the way back up the ramp, and the two are just able to hold their adrenaline in, but clearly wish to fight each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Equaliser In a backstage segment before tonight's 6-man tag main event, Joe Doering and Dylan James are asked, who their tag partner will be? Who joins the ranks of The Bombers? Doering and James proudly reveal that it is legacy wrestler David Finlay joining their side in the fight against Sugiura-gun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event 6-Man Tag Team Match The Bombers (Joe Doering, Dylan James and David Finlay) vs. Sugiura-gun (Takashi Sugiura, Rampage Brown and Tomoyuki Oka) In tonight's colossal main event, Sugiura-gun now has yet another enemy in David Finlay, who has joined sides with The Bombers. Sugiura-gun find more of a challenge from The Bombers this time, with the heavy hits of James and Doering complimented with the faster speed of David Finlay. However, Sugiura-gun also have the hidden talents of Legion, the team of Oka and Rampage. They unload their hard-hitting tag team offence on The Bombers, defending their Shogun from these invaders to his Dominion. Tomoyuki Oka and Dylan James in particular build up a competitive streak between them as they exchange very hard chops. Sugiura and Doering's brawl swings in favour of the challenger, who has the champion's moves well scouted. However, with The Bombers on the cusp of victory, Doering hits the Revolution Bomb on Sugiura!! 1....2....no! Rampage Brown has pulled the ref out of the ring! The crowd boo immensely as Sugiura-gun use dastardly tactics to turn the tide in their favour. Rampage Brown and Tomyuki Oka catch David Finlay in a massive Thunder Valley to David Finlay after throwing Doering and James off the apron. Sugiura-gun (Tomoyuki Oka, Rampage Brown and Takashi Sugiura) def. The Bombers (David Finlay, Dylan James and Joe Doering) in 17:37 via pinfall with a Thunder Valley to David Finlay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shogun Chapter 8: Calm Before the Storm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles Match Tomoyuki Oka vs. Dylan James "The Dominator" Tomoyuki Oka takes on Dylan James in a grudge match from the Sugiura-gun vs. Bombers rivalry. The match starts out with Oka taking the advantage in the ground game, having stronger fundamentals than the more imposing James. However, as they start to lay in their strikes with snug stiffness, the match begins to even out. Through true grit and competitiveness, neither man wishes to concede. James sends Oka down to the mat with a thunder crack of a chop, followed by an earth-shaking powerslam for a two count. Dodging each others big moves, Oka is able to spear James on the rebound for a near fall of his own. The chests of both men are red and welted from the impact of their strikes, only with the relatively higher experience of Dylan James paying dividends as he connects with the Chokeslam, able to get the three count. Dylan James def. Tomoyuki Oka in 12:55 via pinfall with a Chokeslam ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Tentative Truce Backstage, The Junior Heavyweight Champion, Seiki Yoshioka is confronted by Minoru Tanaka. Despite their differences and the bitterness over losing at Maiden Voyage, Minoru Tanaka proposes that he be Yoshioka's tag team partner at Invasion Assault to fight against the Yokai. Yoshioka is tentative, but notes the necessity in finding a strong tag team partner. He agrees, as both men vow to unmask the Yokai attackers, and that they are stronger than these wayward spirits. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles Match Josh Alexander vs. Kenoh The match begins with Josh Alexander comletely shrugging off Kenoh's early strikes and whipping him into the corner, laying a thunderous flurry of forearms followed by a bug overhead suplex to the Ronin. Ben-K is in Josh Alexander's corner, watching stoically. Kenoh is taken to school early on by the energetic offence of Alexander, grounding the Ronin with his mat grappling. Kenoh is able to gain some ground as he lands some boots to the face of the Walking Weapon. Kenoh lands some brutal kicks, only to be met with forearms and uppercuts from Josh Alexander. Kenoh lands some big double knees and a high-angle german suplex to Alexander. Eventually, both men brawl to ringside, Kenoh throwing Alexander into Ben-K at ringside. Kenoh rolls back into the ring and sits there, waiting for Alexander to get back in. Unfortuantely for Alexander, he isn't able to beat the 10 count. Kenoh def. Josh Alexander in 10:36 via countout In the post match, Kenoh and Ben-K get into a heated statedown and start to trade forearm before being held back by security before Kenoh can attempt to hit Ben-K and Alexander with the Blessing of Jade Championship! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Killing Machine's Decree In a sit down interview from his throne, the Triple Crown Champion, Takashi Sugiura makes his distain for the invading forces of The Bombers known. He says that he will dismantle their claim to the Triple Crown at Invasion Assault, and push back their attack one and for all. Doering might be big, but The Killing Machine cares not for your size, or your story back from injury, a Killing Machine only does one thing.....Kill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event 6-Man Tag Team Over-the-Top Rope Match Stalwart (Suwama, Shuji Ishikawa and Kotaro Suzuki) vs. Go Shiozaki, Jake Lee and Kaito Kiyomiya In the final main event before SHGN Invasion Assault, the Stalwart team of The Violent Giants and Kotaro Suzuki take on the Hontai Team of Go Shiozaki, Jake Lee and Kaito Kiyomiya. The match is evenly contested, with the towering Violent Giants hitting Kiyomiya with some huge offence of suplexes and slams. Likewise against Shiozaki, who is able to fire off with big lariats, only to be met with returning lariats and shoulder tackles from the tag team champions. When Kotaro Suzuki is tagged in, he keeps trying to hit his finisher, the Blue Destiny, onto Kaito Kiyomiya to try and eliminate him as fast as possible. The first to be eliminated is Suwama, after a joint effort from all three members of the Home Team. After that is a shocking elimination as Kiyomiya is eliminated by Kotaro Suzuki, being thrown over the top rope! After them is Go Shiozaki being hit with the Fire Thunder Driver from Shuji Ishikawa, then tossed over the top rope, leaving Jake Lee as the only man left. The tall wrestler in Lee is able to dominate the Junior Heavyweight Suzuki, throwing over the top rope and landing on Suwama and Suzuki. Lee and Ishikawa are left, and both start trading some insane strikes, kicks vs. elbows. Lee goes to hit the Giant Killing, but Ishikawa dodges and back body drops Lee over the top rope to win the match. Stalwart (Shuji Ishikawa, Suwama and Kotaro Suzuki) def. Go Shiozaki, Jake Lee and Kaito Kiyomiya in 21:12 by last eliminating Jake Lee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHGN Invasion Assault ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Singles Match Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Kotaro Suzuki In the opening match of Invasion Assault, Kaito Kiyomiya's redmeption against the veterans continues with a singles match against Kotaro Suzuki. The younger Kiyomiya is very honourable by allowing clean breaks and keeping to the rules, whereas Suzuki takes full adavantage of five counts to lay in some extra shots to the young upstart. Likewise in the Battle Royal tag match, Suzuki keeps trying to land the Blue Destiny, his Gory Special Neckbreaker, throughout the match, but Kiyomiya is able to counter it every time. He powers his way through the Junior Heavyweight's bigger offence, landing the Overthrow for a 2 count. However, Suzuki counters the King's Road Suplex, trying to tap out Kiyomiya with a figure-4-leglock! Mercifully, Kioymiya gets to the ropes. As the match progresses, Kiyomiya becomes more savvy to the veteran's ring awareness, pulling him into the centre of the ring for pins. Eventually, Kiyomiya dodges a running knee and hits a dragon screw leg whip, pulling up Suzuki into the King's Road Suplex for the 3 count, and the victory. Kaito Kiyomiya def. Kotaro Suzuki in 13:32 via pinfall with a King's Road Suplex After the match, Suzuki initially rejects the hand shake initiated by Kiyomiya, but stops himself form leaving the ring, ultimately shaking Kiyomiya's hnad in respect. He has earnt the blessing from one of the most experienced Junior Heavyweights, but Kiyomiya's journey is far from over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tag Team Match Seiki Yoshioka and Minoru Tanaka vs. Yokai (??? and ???) Yokai make their ominous entrance accompanied with an eerie smoke and mist when they reach the ring. However, Tanaka and Yoshioka run down to the ring and immediately start to brawl with the mystery spirits. As the match progresses, it is clear that Tanaka and Yoshioka are not on the same page, their animosity is still at the forefront of their relationship. The team of Yokai dominate the match, in particular attacking Tanaka. The match doesn't last long, as Yoshioka, who starts to see the writing on the wall, abandons Tanaka when all seems to be lost, leaving the veteran at the mercy of Yokai. One of the masked men climbs to the top rope and hits a picture perfect corkscrew 450 splash for the victory. Yokai def. Minoru Tanaka and Seiki Yoshioka in 9:51 via pinfall with a Corkscrew 450 Splash to Minoru Tanaka Yoshioka tries to leave, but also gets beaten down by the masked men. With their defeated victims motionless in the ring, they dramatically take off their masks..... .....It's Tetsuya Endo and YO-HEY!! Two top level Junior Heavyweights that have put the entire division on notice! Tetsuya Endo lifts up the Shogun Junior Heavyweight Championship and poses before leaving it in a pile with their fallen foes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shogun Tag Team Championship Match Violent Giants (Shuji Ishikawa and Suwama) (c) vs. Go Shiozaki and Jake Lee The match begins with Jake Lee and Shuji Ishikawa, their rivalry not complete from the Battle Royal Tag Match. The Violent Giants are some of the only people on the roster that dwarf Jake Lee in size, but the Giant Killer is able to match both of them in striking power. Ishikawa takes control when they move towards grappling, but Jake Lee's youth does play a factor, granting him some speed advantage. However, Ishikawa suddenly drops Lee with a massive dropkick! Lee tags out to Go Shiozaki, who while he doesn't get in so much offence as Lee, he certainly takes a beating, and gets back up. Suplex, running knee, spinebuster, powerslam, double back body drop, Shiozaki really gets thrown around the ring. The match ends when Jake Lee brings back the tide of the match, and both men prepare to hit a Lariat/Giant Killing knee combination, but Suwama counters Shiozaki into the sleeper hold that won them the championships! Shuji Ishikawa pulls out Jake Lee and hits the Fire Thunder Driver on the outside!! He joins Suwama in the ring and they land their devastating finisher, the Last Mountain, a double team crucifix powerbomb for the victory. Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa) (c) def. Go Shiozaki and Jake Lee in 18:31 via pinfall with a Last Mountain to retain and make their 1st defence of the Shogun Tag Team Championships ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Semi-Main Event Blessing of Jade Championship Match Ben-K (c) vs. Kenoh The match begins with Kenoh refusing to respect Ben-K before the match, quickly using his lightning fast shoot kicks to soften up the champion. Ben-K takes the power advantage as he throws arounf Kenoh with a suplex and a fireman's carry slam. Kenoh's strikes prove to be his boon as the slaps and kicks seem to rock Ben-K, where Kenoh tries to land the Double Foot Stomp, but Ben-K rolls out of the way. However, Kenoh hits the running knee he calls "Helm" for a very close two count. With these two warriors refusing to give in, Ben-K drops Kenoh with a shoulder block, and lifts him up to the top tope, connecting with a massive superplex for a near fall. All the offence that Ben-K throws at the Ronin, it just isn't enough to put him away, Kenoh's spirit is just too strong. Kenoh is getting to his feet, and he counters the Ben-K Bomb, a gutwrench powerbomb with a headscissors into a pin attempt! 1....2.....thr-no! Ben-K kicks out! Kenoh quickly lands a buzzsaw kick, but that isn't enough either. Kenoh is beside himself that it wasn't enough. He climbs to the top rope again and jumps for the Double Stomp, but Ben-K catches him mid-air. The champion makes his will known as he transitions into a gutwrench and connects with the Ben-K Bomb, getting the very hard fought victory against a tough opponent. Ben-K (c) def. Kenoh in 23:10 via pinfall with a Ben-K Bomb to retain and make his first defence of the Blessing of Jade Championship ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Event Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship Match Takashi Sugiura (c) vs. Joe Doering And finally, in the much anticipated main event, the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship is on the line. The match doesn't begin as one would expect for a Japanese main event, with both men laying the big moves immediately in a crazy, hard-hitting sprint of a match. Throwing the other around the ring, Doering takes control and catapults Sugiura around ringside, slamming him through the announce table. "Big" Joe Doering takes him back into the ring and lands his signature offence; the rope-assisted elbow drop, ad leg drop and a gorilla-press slam, but they don't put the champion down. Sugiura is tough, able to withstand the onslaught. Sugiura attempts to suplex the massive Doering, but gets counters, finding more success to knock over the gaijin rather than lifting him. He targets Doering's legs with big kicks and chop blocks, gradually chopping away at the massive tree that is the challenger. Sugiura goes for a shoulder block, but gets countered into a Sky High Bomb, but Sugiura just barely kicks out. Doering's attempt to hit the Revolution Bomb is countered, and Sugiura pushes him to the corner and lays in some brutal blows, beating down Doering in the corner, only to get booted away and lariated out of his boots. 1.....2...no, Doering was this close to the win. Sugiura hits dragon screw leg whips and oblique kicks to bring Doering down to his level, Doering barely able to counter an avalanche Yosen Olympic Slam. Unfortunately for Doering, his second attempt at the Revolution Bomb is countered into a massive DDT! Sugiura takes full adantage and cinches in an Ankle Lock! Doering is shaking in pain, and has no choice but to tap out, better to fight another day, than have your career ended by trying to resist. A very strong showing for Doering against the Shogun, but the throne still belongs to the Killing Machine. Takashi Sugiura (c) def. Joe Doering in 16:22 via submission with an Ankle Lock to retain and make his 1st defence of the Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship
  6. Name: KENJI Which wrestler do you want to look like?: Shingo Takagi Birth Date: 15/01/1994 Gender: Male Race: Asian Nationality: Japanese What Languages do you speak?: (English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Central European, Scandinavian, Meditteranean, Easter European) Based in/What Promotion are you in:(which countries can you wrestle in) (options are Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and Mexico) Body Type: (average, skinny, toned, muscular, ripped, flabby, bulky, or obese) Size (Weight Class): Middleweight Maximum Size (Weight Class): Middleweight Moveset: (Choose a Wrestler): Shingo Takagi Face or Heel: Face Finishers: Bermuda Triangle (Triangle Armbar Choke) Last Resonance (Wrist-Clutch Fisherman's Driver) (Shingo Takagi's Last of the Dragon) Style of Wrestling: (Entertainer, Puroresu, Spot Monkey, Luchador, Cruiserweight, Japanese Junior, Technician, MMA crossover, Brawler, Psychopath) Any other things we should know?: (For example, Mask? Hair?): No
  7. Gwynfro


    BPZ.com Exclusive Carnage is on the cusp of a marquee event in it's history, where The Undisputed, North American and Tag Team Championships will be defended. The video begins with an introductory text stamp as the camera pans over an arena. "Capital One Arena, Washington D.C." The camera view pans over to the very centre of the arena, where any semblance of Hockey, Basketball....or wrestling are gone. Only the concrete ground where The Resonator now stands. He is dressed in a warm brownish-burgundy suit with gold trim, an unassuming ochre tie and pocket square as he gazes up above his head to the lights. As befitting of his previous appearances, KENJI remains professional ahead of his marquee match at Carnage Wildcard. When he speaks, his tone is energetic and spirited, almost reverent about the journey to get this far. KENJI: "Always looking higher. Always grasping and clawing up to the next step. No matter how small, that next step is just as important as the last. Over two hundred days ago, I tried to make that step in this very building. And I was close, as close as one ever could get. But alas, I faltered. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. My entire run in BrendenPlayz Wrestling compressed into twenty-four hours in my mind. Why? Because I will never forget the path. The road it took to get here, as I look forward to the horizon. Every step. I remember every. Single. Step". "Through blood, sweat, tears and steel. Through a gauntlet of foes. I whirlwind of obstacles where a lesser man would have stumbled long before.....A lesser man would stop, and think....'can I even do this?'.....A lesser man......would surrender. They would give up....". ".....But not me, not The Resonator. When you are this hungry for the greatness you crave, you do not rest. Every day claws at your consciousness and whispers 'be better than yesterday'. And that is what I did. I trained harder, fought harder to be better than the KENJI that woke up the day before. Ever since my first day in BPZ, that has been my mantra. My dogma. The defeat at PTC, frustrations of King of the Ring.....the war at Emergence, and shining brighter in Survival Games. All of it, good and bad, has led me here. the Yelich wants to believe that he is really the most overlooked and down-trodden man in BPZ. That try as he might, he just doesn't get his due. And that is his first mistake. Even now, with the gold over his shoulder, he will decry that he is forgotten. You DO NOT KNOW what the struggle really is! Knowing that you are destined for great things, not sure when....but you know you are. A former United States, Global, and current champion simply cannot know what that really means". "He throws around these protests because he sees himself as such, but does himself no favours. Yelich, you are a self-fulfilling prophecy of mediocrity. If you want to be remembered, then stop grovelling in your own pity, go out there and make it happen! Since my first match I have thrown my all, my absolute all into every match, every move, every movement in the squared circle. Even when my skill has been outweighed by my ambition, I never let that take me. It is a lesson". Yes, my trophy room may be empty, yet I am, have been, and always will be one hundred times the champion that you will ever be. Because it isn't about the gold, and the leather. It's about what is inside you, your very soul. That is what really defines you. Yelich is obsessed with clinging to a strip of leather, no matter what. He attaches his very success and mental state to the material. That isn't what makes a champion. Yelich....your soul is not the North American Champion. It does not resonate as the North American Champion. All I see is someone who will only amount to 'transitional'. So it might irk you, but when you are the actual underdog, fighting up to break that glass ceiling, never getting that first taste of the top, something you cannot claim to be....When you have it deep in your soul, you make yourself the real champion, and nothing stands in your way". "I have been the real North American Champion ever since I climbed that ladder all those moons ago. And at Carnage Wildcard, I make that undeniable". KENJI's words echo out slightly to the empty Capital One Arena as the camera fades to black.
  8. First Name: Jack Last Name: Worthington Position: Goalie Nick Name: (Optional): "Gentleman" Height: (Would be helpful if it was in inches): 6'3 Weight: 220Ibs Date of Birth: (Day/Month): January 15th Nationality: British City of Birth: Stratford-upon-Avon Preferred Jersey Number: 13 Right or Light: Left Physical, Non Physical, or Neutral: Neutral Player Type: Goalie (Hybrid, Standup, Butterfly) Starting Junior League: Canada ( Western Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) USA (United States Hockey League, NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey) Hidden Attributes: Strengths: (Pick 3) Adaptability, Consistency, Sportsmanship Weaknesses: (Pick 2) Ambition, Greed Mental Attributes: Strengths: (Pick 2) Professionalism, Team player Weaknesses: (Pick 1) Aggression Physical Attributes: Strengths: (Pick 2) Balance, Agility Weaknesses: (Pick 2) Acceleration, Fighting
  9. WCW Souled Out 1998 - WCW World Heavyweight Championship match Sting (c) vs. Kevin Nash vs. The Giant Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair - WCW United States Championship match Curt Hennig (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page - WCW World Tag Team Championships No Disqualifications match The Steiner Brothers w/ Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Faces of Fear w/ Jimmy Hart - WCW Cruiserweight Championship match Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Ultimo Dragon Goldberg vs. Wrath - Steel Cage match Chris Benoit vs. Raven Bonus Questions Which match will score highest on the card? Sting vs. Kevin Nash vs. The Giant Which wrestler will score the highest in-ring performance? Sting
  10. Name: Sao Rai Feng Nickname: "Praying Mantis" Gender: Male Nationality: Singaporean Ethnicity: Asian Hometown: Singapore Persona (Select One): Annoying Picture (Wrestling pictures are appreciated as I can transition them from TEW 2016): Kento Miyahara Fighting Style (Select One): Kung Fu Height: 5'9 Weight Class (Male Only, Select One): Lightweight
  11. AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Cody (Some Disqualification or No Contest Shenanigans, something where Cody wins, but doesn't get the title) Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (Unsanctioned, lights out match) The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz AEW Tag Tag Team Championship: SCU (c) vs. The Lucha Bros. vs. Private Party AEW Women's Championship: Riho (c) vs. Emi Sakura Adam "Hangman" Page vs. PAC Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley (The Buy-In pre-show) Bonus Questions: First Match of the night? (Main Card) Hangman Page vs. PAC Second to last match? AEW Tag Team Championship Match Will anyone make their AEW debut tonight and if so who? No Does MJF turn on Cody? No
  12. Name: Jack Worthington II Age (18-21): 20 Gender: Male Special Talent: Ultimate Barista Backstory: Born to an exceedingly rich family, Jack's talents were sadly not in those of the corporate stock exchange. He found his calling as a barista, growing his own blends of Tea and coffee, soon becoming an artisanal cornerstone of the industry. Despite his focused success, his family found it easier to be rid of his unorthodox and obnoxious ways by shipping him off to the Ravenwood Academy. Appearance: Tall, blonde hair, purple eyes. Dresses in a white and blue trench coat
  13. Name - Mr. Shroud Nickname - "Dark Mist" Age - ??? Appearance/Build - Tall and slim, body is made entirely out of an incorporeal dark, foggy miasma known as his warp gate. Usually dressed in a smart white dress shirt and trousers with a grey waistcoat and black tie. Do they conceal their identity (their face) and if so with what? - Yes, their form is naturally obscuring of any typically humanoid features Power(s) - Warp Gate - His body is entirely made of a dark fog called the Warp Gate. He can manipulate this fog to create a portal called the Warp Gate that can transport anything that it comes into contact with to a desired destination. There is no range to these Warp Gates. As a being created entirely out of this fog, he cannot be damaged by physical items. However, should his concentration be broken enough, his Warp Gates can close. Also, Dark Mist's physical presence is needed for the Warp Gates, as they are his very form. If a Warp Gate closes while someone is stuck half-way through, they will be cut in half. Background/Origin Story - Little is known about Dark Mist. All that is on record is that Dark Mist is a known affiliate of F.A.L.L. It is speculated that once his body became the Warp Gate after exposure to the Asteroid radiation, that F.A.L.L. either forcibly took him, or were the only sanctuary he could find. Alliance - F.A.L.L. Any Additional info - Mr. Shroud is very level-headed, hardly ever raising his voice. He speaks with a gentlemanly politeness, and serves the F.A.L.L. organisation faithfully, with a vibe befitting that of a butler. He is cool, calm and collected, rarely acting rashly at all. He holds little to no skill or desire to engage in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting style heavily uses his Warp Gate ability to either divide enemies by teleporting them away, or cutting them in half with his own body. He is typically used as a transportation system for F.A.L.L.'s elite agents.
  14. Name: Xena Kelsey Nickname: "The Ripper" Gender: Female Nationality: English Ethnicity: Caucasian Hometown: Birmingham, England Persona (Select One): Quiet Picture (Wrestling pictures are appreciated as I can transition them from TEW 2016): Rhea Ripley Fighting Style (Select One): Sambo Height: 5'5 Weight Class: Flyweight

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