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  1. What if Scott Steiner never bulked up to the absurd degree of immobility that he did? Maybe going to the extent of never taking on the "Big Poppa Pump" Gimmick. It would have had an impact on WCW's main event scene in it's dying days, however, Steiner was always regarded as incredibly gifted in the ring prior to his gains. While his main event push might have gotten delayed, he would still have the promo ability while keeping his in-ring skill. This may have even salvaged his WWE run, being able to have an actual match with Triple H without being carried.
  2. I suppose since it's the biggest show of the year, it should be longer than most. However, every show is absurdly long anyway. For Wrestlemania, I'd be perfectly happy with 4 hours. But with how many matches they shove onto these cards plus a pre-show, realistically, maybe double that.
  3. Hot off another brilliant segment of Carnage, the crowd is given little respite as the whirling music of KENJI begins to play over the sound systems. The audience audibly gasp and cheer wildly, the claps and "KEN-JI' chants soon match the music's volume as he emerges from the stage, his swagger and confidence on full display. KENJI taps his finger to his ear halfway down the ramp, prompting the crowd to only grow more emphatic as the chants only intensify. He claps hands with a few of the fans at ringside before stepping into the squared circle, posing on the turnbuckle and soaking in the adoration before stepping back down and grabbing a microphone. With only a few days until BPZ Mania IV, what could the Sendai Supernova have to say? KENJI pauses for a moment, the microphone readied at his lips. Once he speaks, he is full of infectious spirit and fire. "....Hello, BPZ Universe!" The audience cheers vehemently, KENJI's passion and drive spreading to them "We're only a few days away from the biggest event in this business, and I've got goosebumps. The hairs on my arm are standing on end, my brain can't calm down at the excitement! Bailey vs. Flynn for the World Title, a hype Tag Team Title Match, The Intercontinental Title, The US Title, it's all going to be amazing!" "But....ladies and gentleman, The NXT Championship Match...looks may be deceiving however I encourage you to turn the page. You have embraced me with open arms, and in return I will do my utmost to bring light to this dreary division, to bring some electricity and excitement, and make it the most talked about match of the night!" The crowd's volume increases as they start chanting "NXT! NXT! NXT!", KENJI motions to hear the crowd, elevating their noise even more "However, I'm burning for the match to start, how about I share the excitement I have with you all". "At BPZ Mania, we've got Bulldozer, and he's going over the top rope!!" KENJI mimics a running clothesline at the ropes as the crowd cheers "Resin, over the top rope!" The crowd cheers again, quickly catching on to what KENJI is doing. For each name, KENJI does the clothesline motion, with the audience's cheers growing ever louder "Maasa! Mave! Jack Bishop! Hans! Sheridan! The NXT Champion, Alex Costa!! All over the top rope!" KENJI holds the microphone to his lips again, the crowd's rumbling growing in anticipation "Aaron North.....now....he will be going perfectly over the top rope too!!" The audience explodes, the low rumble of stamping feet almost shaking the ring "All of them will put up a fight, but I'll bring you the one true result, with the Sendai Supernova as the last man standing, and as your new NXT Champion! Thank you BPZ Universe!!!!" The crowd's cheers and "KEN-JI" chants whip up into a frenzy. The segment ends with KENJI posing in the middle of the ring, and in what would usually only happen upon his victory, a sea of red streamers being thrown into the ring, the crowd showing their love for their chosen fan favourite
  4. Papers Please. It's a strange form of puzzle game where you are a border control officer in a soviet block inspired nation. It gets some great moral quandaries in there, having to choose between following your job and the law, or overlooking that in favour of the more sympathetic option.
  5. Transformers: War for Cybertron and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. They are stellar third-person shooter with an amazing modernised art style that pays homage to the G1 designs. A strong campaign in both games and a very fun horde mode. The multiplayer would be dead but back when it was active, the very mechanic of transformations made it very interesting.
  6. No idea if they've built up Tony Nese to be championship material, so I'm going for a Buddy Murphy retention. He is leagues above the rest of the 205 Live roster in terms of star presence, and fits perfectly into the role of champion that gets chased by everyone. Definitely a pre-show match, but will most likely be a good match.
  7. The Emperor's New Groove, need I say more. Reason #1: It is a weird buddy cop movie with near relentless laughs. Kuzco is hilarious while also going through a compelling arc of seeing the error of his ways. Reason #3: Ezma and Kronk are two of the best comedic villains Disney have ever created.
  8. Time for Triple H's obligatory 20+ Minute epic match at Mania. Last year his mixed tag match was great, and I think because this is the match that Batista has wanted for ages, he'll do everything on his end to make the match great too.
  9. An oddly protected match in modern day WWE. We could see some amazing RKO fake outs and counters in this, and it's going to be great. Quite excited for this one. I'd imagine that AJ gets drafted to RAW after Mania to get some fresh match ups for him...aka Rollins.
  10. Good match up, and Rey is too big of a name to leave off the Mania Card. Hoping for a Samoa Joe retention here, purely based on how the title has really been hot potatoed around for the last few years, and after all his failed World Title challenges, Joe needs a strong US Title run.
  11. Time for WALTER to end Pete Dunne's lengthy title reign, there is nobody else that can right now. Also Dunne's chest will be mince meat. It's unfortunate that this is another Takeover where their main event has been changed due to injury (Black's injury costing the Triple Threat at Brooklyn 4), but Cole vs. Gargano should be great.
  12. Gwynfro


    The Carnage titantron switches to footage of KENJI exciting his car earlier in the day, wearing a suit as usual, he always kept his form outside the ring presentable, and professional. He receives his suitcase from the backseat and clicks the car lock shut. His usual smile on his face in the sunny afternoon as the cameraman along with a number of journalists wielding their mics and phones reading to record. KENJI! KENJI, what do you have to say about Aaron North's recent comments about you?" KENJI chuckles a little as he stops outside the arena to answer their questions "Aaron North has been quite....extravagant with his recent shenanigans, even bringing his manager into his big festival. I appreciate that he sees me as a challenger, but I don't condone how he talks down to the rest of the division like that. Running down the division in such a manner doesn't help anyone, if you beat them, then you've beaten someone you say is no challenge. If you lose, then that is only bad for your image. He certainly likes to bring as many distractions as possible to the ring, first the trophy, now all of that. I'd like to see Aaron North with all the circus stripped away, and see who he really is, there is a special talent underneath all the noise". "Who do you see as the biggest threats in the Battle Royal at BPZ Mania IV?" "Well, since he seems like quite a dangerous figure, despite his recent pomp and circumstance, Aaron North is the shark in the pool. An interesting factor is that Sheridan is now in the match, she seems to be a wildcard. If I have to say another person I have my eyes on it's both Jack Bishop and Hans, wrestlers working together in matches like this can be a powerful threat, depending how long they can co-exist with a prestigious accolade only for the last man standing?" KENJI smiles and winks casually, gesturing for another question "You mentioned not running down the division, could you expand what you mean by that? and what your mindset on that is" "Well I don't like putting down the roster like that". KENJI smirks and puts on an overly authoritative and serious voice "Grrr, I'm gonna destroy this guy he's the worst, you have no chance, this guy sucks, here is a clown, that guy shouldn't be here, grrrrr" He pauses before spluttering in laughter, returning to his normal demeanour "I sounds quite strange when you listen to it right? So many of my peers in the NXT division state that they're here to elevate NXT, they keep saying it over and over. Yet they continue to pull down everyone around them, that's not elevating NXT, that's just elevating yourself. As much as my peers don't want to hear it, you can't have a one-person division. I think everyone in the Battle Royal has a chance, and in our chaotic business, where someones time in the limelight can be snuffed out at any time, all you need is a chance to blossom into superstardom. NXT needs more harmony, allowing our opponents that chance to show their mettle, because holding them down is a favour to none". "Excuse my blunt question, but do you think you will win the NXT Championship at BPZ Mania?" KENJI pauses for a moment, exhaling slowly as he considers his answer "I'm assuming you'd want my answer to be all confidence and bravado, and while I bring you the confidence, but not the bravado. This will be an uphill battle to win for anyone, and I won't promise you a win when I can't keep it. Nobody can win forever, or win whenever they feel like it. My answer is this....I fully intend to win, and will give my all to walk out of Atlanta as your new NXT Champion. But don't be mistaken, should I fall short, I will be mentally prepared for that result. I said that I am here to elevate NXT, every aspect of it, and I truly mean that. Realistic expectations is one of those things, after all, there can only be one winner once the night is done. That will be all thank you very much". KENJI smiles and bows before walking through the backstage arena doors, engaging in small talk with the event staff
  13. AJPW Dream Power Series 2019 March 19th, 2019 Strong BJ (c) vs. Violence Giants - World Tag Team Championships - A rematch from January that became a 25 minute war between 4 beefy badasses. Shuji Ishikawa was moving around like a man half his size, hitting dropkicks and double stomps, Suwama and Okabayashi chopping like madmen, ring-shaking suplexes and huge lariats from everyone. There were fantastic pin break ups when I thought that was it, especially after Okabayashi hit the Golem Splash. A phenomenal old-school strong style hoss match featuring 4 of Japan's top talents. Kento Miyahara (c) vs. Naoya Nomura - Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship - Wow, they absolutely delivered here. Between separating from Miyahara's faction, Nextream, joining Sweeper and making his first challenge to the Triple Crown, against his former leader no less, Nomura has some big boots to fill. This match was booked to perfection, with Nomura having Kento's usual spots scouted, and even hitting them on Kento himself. The crowd was eating everything up and Nomura was booked to look like more than a credible challenger, but strong enough to be a champion. He wrecked Miyahara with shoulder tackles and forearms, with the Ace of AJPW selling perfectly to make Nomura look like a million bucks. He fought out of the Shutdown German Suplex multiple times, absorbed countless Blackout knees, and when Nomura hit his Maximum finisher, Korakuen wanted him to get the three so badly. A brilliant elevation of a young talent in defeat.
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