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    Because of You

    BPZ.com Exclusive BPZ Bad Blood is underway in Melbourne Australia, with many of it's countrymen in marquis matches across the large selection of matches running at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. However, in the whirling hype and excitement of title matches, and the crowning of a new Mr. Money in the Bank, another ongoing event within BPZ is flying under the radar of many fans, and that is the Survival Games tournament which will take place the night after Bad Blood. The thrilling roars of the crowd fills the arena at the conclusion of a captivating match. Meanwhile, the camera pans through the halls of the arena past the catering booths and lines of fans with refreshments and snacks hoarded aplenty. The view whips around to a staff-only hallway, where the image of KENJI awaits. He is dressed in a fitted dark green suit jacket, the mustard yellow shirt underneath casually unbuttoned at the top. It's striking contrast to the green cuts through the low lighting of the hallway, only met with similar bursts of colour from the pocket square on his jacket, and his shoes. He speaks with some added vigour and his own unique panache in proximity to a live wrestling show, the spirit of competition and battle finding it's way into the Dragon's veins. KENJI: "Time for Australia to be wowed and wooed by the dazzling lights of BPZ. Such a grand stage to make one's name. However, I see a little problem with the proceedings here in Australia. We're here at the grand Melbourne Cricket Grounds tonight, but so many seem to have forgotten what comes after. Survival Games is the ultimate test, not what you see tonight. But, my opponents on both sides have forgotten that. Their ambitions are grand, but divided beyond repair. None of them that compete tonight truly care about this tournament. No, they're all more concerned with Money in the Bank, The World Heavyweight Championship, The Premium Championship. This tournament that I hold so dear felt special only a couple of short weeks ago, but now....it feels like an afterthought......I feel like an afterthought. Survival Games has been relegated in the minds of my peers and the fans alike, not given the grand stage or recognition that is deserves". "And out of all the offenders I see up and down tonight's card, FDS, yours is perhaps the most egregious. I care not that you'll be competing in your home country. Your lack of focus on me and this tournament will be the end of you. Initially, I respected your decision to cast off your past of plunder and destruction. But sadly, nothing has been added in it's place. There is simply less of you". "For example, what exactly did you say when you were consoling with Joh? Oh, that's right....nothing. Your words were empty, and meaningless. One's past should never be forgotten, never completely. That is something that you have forsaken......Such arrogance to overlook the obstacle I present. I hold you as a true challenge just like everyone else I will contend with in Survival Games. Yes, I have more to prove than any in the Survival Games field, but I have prepared solely for this opportunity with my entire being. I am here all the same. Nothing you do is going to change that. You cannot, and will not look past me in the feeble hopes to regain the championship belt you lost so easily at Judgement Day". There is the low rumble of the speakers reverberating through the arena as another match is starting. KENJI snorts in frustration as he steps towards and around the cameraman, the angle of the camera following the Resonator. KENJI swings a door open and walks through to a balcony in the stands of the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, the ring announcer's call spurring a small grin from KENJI. Ring Announcer: "The following Triple Threat Match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Premium Championship!!" FDS' name appears on the titantron as KENJI turns to the camera. KENJI: "Enjoy tonight as much as you can, Wrestler. Because the melancholy you feel after this match will resonate over to tomorrow night as well. You won't lose in your home country because of me, you will lose, because of you. I hope you like a double serving of eating the canvas and looking up at the lights, because that is all your hubris deserves". KENJI slowly turns away from the camera and leans on the railing overlooking the vast crowd amassed at the Cricket Grounds, ready to observe this match intently.
  2. Gwynfro


    Carnage returns from a commercial break as the titantron flips over to KENJI sitting in a dark room, looking directly at the camera. He is gazing intently while rolling his shoulder a little bit in discomfort, rubbing his collar where noticeable bruises and welts have formed. The presentation of this segment is eerily bare-bones. No frills, pomp or circumstance. KENJI: "I'll say it now, Julius hits pretty hard. Hahaha, I'm glad I brought some fire out of him. It is an unfortunate loss, but a hard fought battle none the less against one of the best in BPZ. He may have bested me now, but I will be working my way back to defeat the Death Machine one day......Hmmm, I can be as courteous as can be after taking a loss, but to tell the truth, I am frustrated. Very frustrated. I thought that reinvigorating myself heading into the Survival Games tournament would be the key, what I finally needed to keep rolling with my momentum. But it seems that isn't the case. If I was a lesser man I would simply wave these past results as going up against some of the strongest wrestlers in BPZ, there is no shame in losing to them......But there is". "We can recognise the talents, the success and strength of our opponents until the sun sets, sportsmanship and honour are two values I hold dearly. However, they hold no candle to the vengeful power of anger. Ever since my first step into BPZ, my failures have moulded into quite the chip on my shoulder. Every step forward is only after two steps back, and followed as such. Punching upwards, constantly. It is a fire that swells and grows.....but it is trapped below the earth. Reaching the stalemate with Bart.....my victory over Brad mean nothing if I fall for the rest of this tournament. That zeal will galvanise me to be stronger, to be better.....to finally be victorious. But, everyone who is lined up against me keeps saying the same thing, that I can't get the job done, and the next enemy is no different". "The Wrestler speaks to my talent, yet sully my willingness to win. Questions my resolve. He is grossly misguided. I have no wavering resolve, only the ever-strengthening zeal to continue on. The fire and blood only forge me into something stronger. The ringing of the bell marks the start of my crusade. You will get my best, as you always were. For I see every battlefield as the last. Every inch gained is a battle that is won. These are fights that I wage on my heart, and mine alone. Respect for my opponents garners neither mercy nor malice from me......But luckily for you, FDS.....I hold no such respect for you". "Electing to hide away behind the faction of the man that brought about my haunted side, shying away from making a visage that one can truly respect. Joining the United Nations was the worst mistake you could have ever made. For all the doubts you may have felt after losing the Premium Championship in such a quick sputtering whimper of a title reign, aligning with Brad's vile consorts will only draw my ire evermore. You are not an opponent to me, FDS. You are an enemy. What's wrong? Afraid to step into the light by yourself anymore? To let your success and failures be shown for the world to see? THAT is how I live, THAT is my pro wrestling. Beyond a style, beyond fundamental grappling or the shadowed memories of blood and plunder. I am in A-Block because I do stand amongst the best. Over every other option, I was selected to wage war against the titans of BPZ. You see me as a mere two points in this bracket, but I see you as an opportunity. The chance to really solidify myself within the minds of all. If you don't see me as worthy to be here, then I will just have to show you why". "So sit tight, FDS. Make your way to the ring, serenaded by your home countrymen. But they will not sing of your victory. They will tell the tale of your downfall by your own hubris. It's solemn song will ring, as you look up at the lights.....trying to figure out what you did wrong". KENJI stands and walks out of the frame, revealing a map pinned onto the wall behind him, with a red "X" drawn over the city of Melbourne. Survival Games continues, and the Resonator has made his feelings known as the segment ends.
  3. Earth 58 Launch Titles Gotham: City of Feathers Red Tornado Wonder Woman The Flash Green Arrow Green Lanterns: Spectrum Knights Aquaman Justice League (Non-Regular, Only for Crossover and Team Up Events) (More titles may be added or taken away throughout the story)
  4. Gwynfro's Electric Team of Misfists Zeraora Rotom-Wash Eelektross Galvantula Oricorio (Pom-Pom Form) Mega-Manectric Substitutes Magnezone Stunfisk
  5. Gwynfro

    NJPW: King's Road

    New Beginning in Osaka Card Singles Match Hangman Page vs. Shota Umino 6-Man Tag Team Match Satoshi Kojima, Ryusuke Taguchi and Togi Makabe vs. Yujiro Takahashi, Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale 6-Man Tag Team Match SHO, YOH and Toru Yano vs. Jay White and The Young Bucks 6-Man Tag Team Match Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr. and TAKA Michinoku vs. David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Yuji Nagata Tag Team Match SANADA and BUSHI vs. YOSHI-HASHI and Kazuchika Okada NEVER Openweight Championship Match Hirooki Goto (c) vs. EVIL Semi-Main Event: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Will Ospreay (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi Main Event: IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  6. Gwynfro

    War Between Worlds

    Jason Jordan vs ??? (The Fiend) Golden Lovers vs Takeover Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch (C) NO DQ Jimmy Havoc vs Shingo Takagi (C) Hell In a Cell Kevin Owens vs Pac vs Dolph Ziggler Seth Rollins (C) vs Tomasso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano Hell in a Cell
  7. Gwynfro


    As Julius' final words leave his mouth, the camera pans to the right, revealing that KENJI has entered the locker room, looking intently at the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. He steps up to Julius, no trepidation or fear entering proximity with the Death Machine. While Julius certainly holds the height advantage over KENJI, his recent shift to a more powerhouse style makes his physique somewhat comparable. Likewise, The Death Machine is unfazed by KENJI's presence, the glares of both men burning into the other. KENJI: "Put to the sword.....sending a message through execution, fitting as the Death Machine's sentence. No need to get physical right now, Julius. I just wanted to see you at the eleventh hour, and I'm pleased at what I see. The fire is in your eyes. Deep down you care about this match, and this tournament a great deal. Just as it burns in mine". "Your warpaths of dominance through the PowerTrip Cup and King of the Ring have been truly remarkable, cleaving your way through any and all competition that stand before you. It's a sight to behold, and you've started walking that same path here in Survival Games. That fire and brimstone is partly why I joined BPZ, because I want to fight the very best, and not shy away from those at the very top.....But there is a storm on the road ahead. While you ran through all the others, I won't be so easily brought to heel. Yes, the old KENJI's momentum stalled when many had high hopes.....but now.....It's going to take something more to defeat me in this tournament. Perhaps you have it, perhaps not. Whether a match goes the distance, or explodes in a brief skirmish of bedlam, I can channel that fire for my own. So bring everything you have, and more". "The judgement is still up in the air, resting on a knife edge. The Sword of Damocles hangs above us, Julius. Balancing between power and opportunity, uncertain where it will fall. Be vigilant, Julius. Against me, you won't be The Death Machine, and I will tend to that. You might be serious now, but I will make you enjoy this match wholeheartedly. Your concern is that you don't know me, making me a wildcard. Don't worry, we will know each other after that final bell rings. And, if I do walk away the victor....it would also be your first tournament loss in quite a while right? Hmm, that's something for me to strive towards. Your message may be execution, but mine would be an example. The sword will break in your hands. The metal will vibrate, and resonate. But alas, it's blade will shatter, because you will not be the one to slay the dragon. You will have finally found a wall you cannot break down". Julius and KENJI stare at each other, neither man wavering in their resolve. For the briefest moment it seems as though the tension might boil over into an all out brawl right there in the locker room, but mercifully, both men resist to save their clash for the ring. A small smile emerges on KENJI's face, walking back to the door. Before he leaves, KENJI turns to face Julius once more. KENJI: "You have always had my attention, Julius. But standing tall, or brought low, you'll have to earn my respect". KENJI's gaze rests on Julius as his steely words ring out before exiting the locker room. Leaving Julius to ruminate on this encounter as the segment ends.
  8. Seth Rollins (c) vs Braun Strowman: WWE Universal Championship Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton: WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs Charlotte Flair: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks: WWE Raw Women's Championship Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode: WWE Raw Tag Team Championships New Day (Big E and Xaiver Woods) (c) vs The Revival: WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz: WWE Intercontinental Championship AJ Styles (c) vs Cedric Alexander: WWE United States Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Roman Reigns vs Eric Rowan: No Disqualifications Match (I don't care, championing Rowan is the way) Bonus Questions: Which Match is the Preshow match: Cruiserweight Championship Match Which match starts the show: Seth/Braun vs. Roode/Ziggler which match ends the show: Kingston vs. Orton will the fiend make a appearance at the end of the Universal Championship match: Yes Will The Revival Cost Kofi Kingston the match: No
  9. Gwynfro

    NJPW: King's Road

    New Beginning in Sapporo Night 2 Backstage Comments Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr. and Lance Archer Minoru Suzuki: "Nagata! You old bastard! Looks like you finally got out of your rocking chair to show up today. How about you stop beating on the Young boys and face me one more time.....If I killed the dying Ace, I can certainly kill Blue Justice. You want it one more time yeah? Fuck you, old man! How about at the Anniversary show? It will be a fitting stage to end you, hahahaha!!!" Lance Archer: "Ahhhh hahaha! Did you like that, Finlay? Enjoy the pain in the morning, because after that chokeslam, you're gonna feel it. This is what gonna happen all year long, The American Psycho ain't playin' around this year. I got championships in my eye. KES are gonna smash the tag division, but that's not all, Davey and I are going to take some singles gold too. You can't escape us, because EVERYBODY DIES!! AAHHH!!!" Zack Sabre Jr: "Oi Oi! Just a few more boring tag matches left for me, want to know why? Because there is this little thing coming up called the New Japan Cup. There I can really twist up some plebs and make them tap, and if they don't, Red Shoes is gonna have to stop me from breaking your spaghetti limbs. I win anyway. It's all gonna come up Zack. TAKA has been teaching me some moves, the ancient secrets of fucking people up. He's gonna be in my corner, and together, I'll get my way to the top, and I'll either crack Naito's shitty little knees, or I'll bend Ishii so much, that I break the neck he doesn't even have". Yuji Nagata, Juice Robinson and David Finlay Yuji Nagata: "I'm not quite sure what came over me in that match, I just saw Suzuki and went for him. Perhaps our animosity isn't behind us. I don't know if I can challenge him for his belt, but I want a match with him. We faced each other many times at the Tokyo Dome, One more for luck would be nice, and getting to kick Suzuki in the chest again would be better". Juice Robinson enters the backstage area with Finlay's arm over his shoulder, helping his tag partner to the back. Juice Robinson: "Ah fuck! Come on! We almost had 'em, Debbie-chan. We almost had them. Oh well, we can't let this get us down. I'm still rattled after the match with White, it was my bad, man. You ok?" David Finlay: "Ow, yeah yeah I'm good, but I'm totally gonna feel that in the morning. It's like getting attacked by King Kong or something, a giant gorilla going the Hulk smash thing, not to be confused with Makabe-san. You get what I mean, Juice?" Juice Robinson: "I have literally no idea what that would feel like, but sure. Anyway, what are we doing after New Beginning? Oh yeah! New Japan Cup stuff. Ya know, I heard through the grapevine that they're doing a field of 32 this year instead of 16. That's some cool shit right there. We're gonna do good in that, and it's less likely that Debbie here will get rumbled by Lance Archer again right?" David Finlay: "Yeah.....right....." Tetsuya Naito "We're only a few days away from Osaka. But one thing is getting to me.....Ishii doesn't look very happy. He didn't look happy today, yesterday......and he probably won't in Osaka. He scowls all the time, it really puts a downer on things. Can't have much fun. Why is that? He'll be fighting for a belt in the main event.....I don't see many reasons to be unhappy about that. Ah well, maybe I can make him smile or something. See you around. Adios". Will Ospreay "In Osaka I'll finally get to face Hiromu without the rest of LIJ getting in the way. As much as I want to face EVIL and SANADA in the future, the only one I want to see across that ring is Hiromu. I told myself that when I'd get this title back from that bastard Marty Scurll, I'd want Hiromu to be the first challenger. We can, and we will tear the house down. I have a world of respect for the Ticking Time Bomb, but my title is on the line, so all bets are off. Everyone else on the card in Osaka are gonna need to watch, because we're going to make the match of the year. With me as STILL your IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion". Hiromu Takahashi Hiromu Takahashi: "Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.......Ospreay-kun's movements in the ring, it's so acrobatic and agile, it's a cat, I know he is. I'm sure he and Daryl would get along so well......I know you're a good friend, William.....but Mr. Belto must be missing me, right?.....Meow. Meow......Meow". EVIL EVIL: "Goto!!! Where are you? Are you too scared to face me after what happened last night? In Osaka, you'll have nowhere else to hide. I'll bring you to the Darkness World, and I'll take that NEVER Openweight Belt for myself. Because THIS IS EVIL......EVERYTHING IS EVIL! All of it.....EEVVILLL!" Roppongi 3K YOH: "Woah, that was tougher than we thought. After winning the Super Jr. Tag Tournament, and retaining at Wrestle Kingdom, we have to admit that we were a little overconfident going into this match. But TAKA has still got it-" SHO: "TAKA can go away, he poked me in the eyes. Screw that". YOH: "But um, yeah. TAKA and Taichi have some great chemistry, and even though we won tonight, they humbled us a little bit, at least for me. Taught us the lesson that we can't overlook a team again. We're on a wave of momentum, and we need to keep fighting harder and harder to keep it that way. As for future challengers for the titles, we'll see who emerges in the coming days. We've got a show in America coming up, so maybe a team from overseas could challenge, or if Taguchi-san can find a partner. Or.....after the match they gave us at the Dome.....I'd like to face Matt and Nick Jackson again, this time on their turf". SHO: "It looked like Taichi has been bulking up, he was bigger than I remembered. Anyway, whoever it is that wants these IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles, we'll beat them. We're at two defences now. Roppongi 3K are going to be the anchors of the Junior Tag Division. Thank you". EL Desperado El Desperado: "Ah you're a boring wet blanket, KUSHY. I try to give the crowd some high flying action and you catch me with your glorified roll up......that's all it was.....a lucky small package, nothing more than that, you hear me?! Fine, go challenge the British boy or Hiromu, you're not the best in the Junior division anymore. I'll get you next time, and with a proper move. Make you tap with Numero Dos, pin you with Pinche Loco.....I'll beat you next time. KUSHY had better hope we're not in the same block in Best of the Super Juniors. Fuck this, where is Nobu? I need a drink". KUSHIDA KUSHIDA: "I got the win......Desperado.....I thought you had me in parts there. I'm relived that I was able to bounce back after Wrestle Kingdom. Being in a 4-way match was such an alien experience, I think going back to a singles match helped to recalibrate things. But enough about Wrestle Kingdom, I've got the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship in my sights. Whether it's Ospreay or Takahashi, I'm going after them. I've beaten both of them before.....the Ace of the Junior Division needs to keep that name". Michael Elgin Michael Elgin: "Good try, Omega. That was a good try. You may have beaten me in the US Title tournament, but now I've gotten even with you. Maybe when you're done messing around with the rest of Bullet Club and the young boy Jay White, just maybe, you can have another shot to get this belt back. But for right now, Michael Elgin is the second IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion". "I've heard that they're making the New Japan Cup bigger, and I want in. I know it's usually for a title shot of the winner choosing, and that's the point. I can run through more than enough people to win. And if someone gets lucky enough to defeat me, you can have a shot at this shiny new championship. Alright, I gotta go celebrate, see ya in Osaka".
  10. Gwynfro

    UFC: Our Time

    James Vick vs Jake Matthews Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones Jake Matthews vs Daniel Hooker Cm Punk vs Mike Pyle Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Kevin Lee Mike Perry vs Jordan Mein Conor McGregor (C) vs Nate Diaz
  11. Only in times of great importance can there be truly great surprises. To the shock of the BPZ Universe, the inaugural Undisputed Champion and The Resonator left it all out in the ring, which resulted in a 20-minute time limit draw. The crowd audibly gasped at the result. Many bookies and fans had predicted a clean and decisive victory for Bart, healthily bouncing back from his loss at Summerslam, but alas, it was not so. As the dust settles and KENJI rolls out of the ring, wiping the sweat from his brow and walking back up the ramp, he looks back to the ring with a knowing nod. The slightest smile on his face tells the tale of respect being earned. Backstage, KENJI makes his way through the curtain and walking over to the interview area, where Adrian Holland is waiting to get his immediate comments after his match with The Elitist. He grabs a towel from an assistant and catches his breath. Interestingly, he doesn't look all that dissatisfied with the match, his voice is almost jovial, the spirit of battle still flowing through him like a burning flame. KENJI: ".....Woah, that was quite something, right? The fans were pumping by the end, I could hardly hear myself think in there. They could feel the chemistry and hear the resonance going on, some quality pro wrestling being made.....Bart is truly something to behold in the ring. I got to see why he was so successful last year for my own, and he didn't disappoint. Although, I must say, my new moves went pretty well in there, the crowd weren't expecting some of that, were they? Haha. I've got to admit, I didn't see the appeal before.....but being able to throw someone around like that is very fun. Sorry if I'm rambling, I just need to ease down from this match....." "Twenty minutes all for a stalemate at the end of it. While I'm not all that content with my point standing, the experience in that match more than made up for it. Finally being able to show BPZ what I can really do and flex a little with the very best in the company, that's worth more than some points on a scoreboard......I couldn't get the win today, but I've let myself be known. It isn't every day when you draw with a former Undisputed Champion is it, and not just anyone can do that either. A true battle of attrition that throws the betting favourites out the window. You showed me some great moves out there tonight, and I think I did the same to you. Bart! Don't consider this a declaration of war, but this is only the beginning. Most certainly. The first chapter with many pages left to write.....to be continued, Elitist....." KENJI motions over to the assistant who hands KENJI a bottle of water, only for The Resonator to quickly down the drink and throw the bottle into an off-screen trashcan. He stands there as the smile on his face grows a little, a spark in his eye joining it while he looks forward towards week two of Survival Games. KENJI: "One week down, four to go.....with even more beyond that for the lucky two that advance from their blocks. It's me versus the favourite to win A-Block next week right? I've really got one of the hardest starts to the tournament haven't I?" "Julius.....that's a name I've wanted to face for a very long time. When BPZ got in touch about their interest in signing me, Julius was holding both the World and United States Championships over his shoulders. I told myself as I inked the dotted line, I will face Julius someday, and make that match something special. I had my first window of opportunity to face him in the finals of King of the Ring.....but that unfortunately didn't come to pass. It's a few months removed, but now we're on the collision course. The calm before the storm. Back then I envisioned our match as the perfect clash of styles between imposing bruiser and skilled technician.....but now, it's going to be a straight fight. A knockout hoss fight. He's tall and big, but I could lift him up". "Some might call me stupid, but I run towards the storm, not from it. A Dragon doesn't shy away from the storm.....Hmm......A Dragon vs. A Death Machine......he's got that moniker, but I hope it doesn't reflect his passion in the ring, I'd hate for this moment to be wasted with a robot. Julius! I want to set free the beast that lays in slumber within you. For one night only, you won't be the Death Machine. This is about more than points, more than having a good and memorable match, this is about transcending it all. Against me, you won't be able to hold back a smile as we go out there and show the world some of the best wrestling that BPZ has to offer. The heat of battle will strip away that colossus demeanour of yours. You'll be as enraptured as the kids in the front row, and so will I. Let's meet on Carnage, Julius. I want a preview of you first hand, ok? Good". KENJI motions to the assistant and quickly downs another bottle of water, pouring some of it over his head. KENJI: "You're the tournament wrestler around here. And even with your recent....setbacks.....I still see you as the real test. And after tonight, drawing with Bart, surprises can come from out of nowhere. I know you've been looking forward to this match too, Julius. If you're maybe taking this match lightly, you've got the results to do so.....but I ask this, after my performance here, it could have swung in my favour on any other night. I wonder if your tournament pedigree is really that safe with me around?....After all, The Resonator is full of surprises....." KENJI smirks a little at the prospect of his next match as he walks off screen, ending the segment.
  12. Gwynfro


    Carnage continues on the road to Bad Blood, where BPZ will take to Australia. Many superstars will collide in battles for glory, some of which seeking the Money in the Bank briefcase to be suspended above the ring, others with championship aspirations. However, for one such superstar, their path holds a simpler, yet all the more daunting task ahead. Carnage returns from commercial break with a pre-taped press interview. The camera focuses on a room full of eager sports journalists and photographers, waiting for their subject to make his appearance. The stage holds a table with numerous microphones emblazoned with the logos and colours of their respective news networks. Behind the desk is a large presentation screen with the logos of BPZ and their various sponsors; Pepsi, Pizza Hut to name a few. But more importantly, the background holds the promotional stills for the Survival Games Tournament, with the competitors from each block on either side of the screen. The camera flashes, rumblings of questions and calls for attention quickly rise to the forefront of the soundscape as The Resonator emerges from the curtain, momentarily posing to allow for the photo opportunities before taking his seat. Interestingly, he pays no extra mind to the promotional stills behind him, as he once did for the Inaugural North American Championship ladder match. No lingering time to ponder, or even fro dramatic effect. He simply sits down ready to take questions. He quickly scans over the raised hands in the crowd of reporters before pointing at one of them to stand. The reporter stands with slight trepidation, possibly expecting a more spirited impression from KENJI. Reporter: "Hello there, Archie Royce from Running the Ropes. Over the last month or so you have bounced back from potential injury after a brutal Barbedwire Massacre Match with a seasoned veteran, Brad. How has your recent transformation changed you going forward in BPZ? Given that you're now entering a long tournament schedule over September". KENJI's response is more stoic and serious than before. Previously in interviews, he would be quite impassioned, and show that quite fully. But now he is more reserved, however that rousing fire in his words isn't completely absent. KENJI: "It's changed me immensely. Having all that time to sit and stew on things, while you're recuperating, it really puts everything into perspective. Even if I didn't want to face up to those realities, sitting in the hospital forces you to see it, and think it. Sure, I missed Summerslam which is unfortunate, with it being one of the biggest shows of the year, but I have no regrets about that. Taking this time to improve upon myself is invaluable in the long run. You understand, right? If I could have, I might have never taken a break from the ring until I my body gives up, never changing, and never learning. I would just end up in the hospital bed again, back at square one. But I've progressed now. There is no going back to the Sendai Supernova......Sorry if you were fond of me back then, but I'm not going back. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time for the better me to stick around. Next question, please....yes, in the back". Reporter: "Grace Holborn from Combat Columns here. How does it feel to be included in the Survival Games Tournament? Being featured against some of the most prolific and successful stars of BPZ Wrestling?" There is a momentary pause as KENJI's eyebrows furrow at the question, his gaze burning to the reporter's question, or more so, her choice of wording. "Against some of the post prolific and successful stars" he thought to himself. The awkward tension in the room grows for a moment before KENJI clears his throat into the microphone, his steely gaze no longer transfixed on the Combat Columns reporter. The Resonator leans in a little closer to the microphones, gesturing to the promotional stills behind him. KENJI: "Ok, let's get into something that i wanted to address ever since the tournament was announced. Out of all the competitors in Survival Games, on both sides, so many of them have cried out that they are the overlooked one, the one that is flying under the radar.....the dark horse. But for each and every one of them, that just isn't true. Not in the slightest. None of them have that position to claim. I am the only entrant in the Survival Games tournament that can honestly say they are the underdog for the weeks ahead. Julius may fein that he is going through a rough patch, lest we forget that he still won both the PowerTrip Cup and King of the Ring this year. FDS may side with a faction I have no time for, under the guise of his own autonomy and his under appreciated status. Prince may claim to be overlooked, now having more desire than anyone else to win, yet all I hear in the articles and reviews from many of you sitting here is that Prince is the real dark horse candidate to win A-Block". "I want to pose a question to all of you, what does everyone else in the Survival Games Tournament have in common? Hmm? Anyone?" A timid silence falls upon the congregation of reporters, with small murmurings but never a clear answer to KENJI's conundrum. KENJI exhales and continues. KENJI: "Alright I'll just tell you......they have all won gold and glory in this company. A crowd that I as of now, do not muse with. I am the only competitor in the entire tournament to have never won a championship. The only man who can call himself crownless. Do you see why my opponent's claims are not so concrete when you really look at it. They come out here and talk the talk about finally knuckling down to take the victory, showing the world that they really are worth their attention. Every single one of them has climbed the mountain before, some on multiple occasions and to the highest peaks imaginable, they can't possibly see how it is from the bottom, the real bottom. Just look at who seems to be the underdog pick for B-Block, Hans. The man is a double champion, he cannot be an underdog, that's not how this works". "I am so skimmed over in fact, that my first round opponent, a former Undisputed Champion, has said nothing. Radio silence. We're only a couple of days away and nothing from Bart. All these larger dogs in the fight are so wrapped up in their own puffed-up clouts of success, that they don't see the wall that stands right before them. All I hear is how they will win the entire tournament and go on to monumental success. Some are even setting their sites on different prizes entirely along the way". "Now, some of you here might be asking, why is KENJI even in this tournament if he's never won a title? I am here because I belong here. I am of the calibre to rub shoulders with such decorated company, even if they don't see it. For many of my opponents in this tournament, I have relished the opportunity to face them someday. But, when someone as successful as Bart, who from his actions, or lack there of, doesn't feel I'm worth the time of day to make an appearance......that stings. That is the true epitome of being overlooked. So, in my own extended way, that is how it feels to be 'against' some of the most prolific and successful stars of BPZ. It pains me. Not that I feel outclassed, but I feel cast aside by my peers. I feel.....disrespected". "If Bart doesn't think me as a noticeable threat, then he can step aside. I have no time to be forgotten. I am not here to simply fill out the numbers of the Survival Games blocks. It's time for a real changing of the guard. Bart wishes to fall from the highest of cliffs, then I shall happily show him the bottom with a forceful push off the edge. The same goes for everyone else in both A and B-Block. Because I pay attention to every single one of my battles, that is why I will have to upset everyone that is unfortunate enough to be in my path. Next question, one last question". KENJI looks around at the reporters, who seem to have stopped writing, only now blinking back to their responsibilities, hurriedly writing down what they remember. The wrestler points to a slight, spindly man in the front row for his question. The skinny man stands meekly, stuttering slightly as he scribbles down his notes. Reporter: "Um....Warren Hill from Three Count News. Since he seems to have had a l-large influence on your recent development, w-where is Mr. Shroud now?" The question rings out to the room for a moment as KENJI's eyes almost gaze over from the question before he can quickly, and bluntly answer, already motioning to stand up and leave. KENJI: "No comment. I....appreciate your coming here for the press conference, thank you". KENJI then briskly stands and leaves the room with little fanfare as a few flashes of camera go off, trying to snap one last picture as the superstar exits the room. Unusual since he would typically be more than happy to pose for any and all photo ops. Something about the last question rattled him.....or perhaps he really has changed. None the less, Carnage must go on, and the Survival Games are on the horizon.
  13. Gwynfro

    NJPW: King's Road

    New Beginning in Sapporo Night 2 January 28th 2018, Hokkaido Prefectural Sport Center, Sapporo Singles Match Ren Narita vs. Shota Umino We kick off the double shot in Sapporo with a singles match between two of the brightest prospects of the New Japan Dojo, Ren Narita versus Shota Umino. The match starts with a heated lock up initiated and controlled by Umino. While they are of similar heights, it is notable that Umino has more muscle mass on him, definitely aiming to take the path of the heavyweight, while the more nimble Narita seems to be firmly in the junior heavyweight camp. Umino pushes Narita to the ropes, only for Narita to switch positions, holding his opponent against the ropes, allowing for the clean break to respectful applause from the crowd. Shota snorts as he quickly locks up with Narita again, forcefully shoving the smaller Young Lion to the other side of the ring. Umino seemingly allows for the clean break as well, only to quickly land a right hand to the chin of Narita. The crowd admonishes the rookie for his disrespectful tactics with boos as Narita lays in some stomps to Narita, who is now prone on the mat. Shota lifts up his opponent and tries to land a vertical suplex, but Narita keeps his waist lower than Shota, blocking the suplex attempt and returning a flurry of forearms, followed by his own suplex attempt, but Shota scrambles to escape. Narita grabs at Umino's leg, taking him down to the mat and working over the left leg of Umino. Shota grimaces in pain as he tries to crawl to the ropes, but Narita pulls him back to the ring, transitioning to a side headlock. Shota is eventually able to escape by rolling Narita onto his shoulders, forcing his opponent to kick out and break the hold. Umino gets to his feet, connecting with a kick to the gut of Narita before whipping him into the ropes, levelling his opponent with a back elbow. Umino goes for the cover, but Narita kicks out. Umino lays in a series of stomps to Narita's back, along with a knee drop to the small of the back, Narita's pain heard throughout the Hokkaido Sports Center. He moves around and grabs Narita's legs, trying to flip him over to lock in the Boston Crab, the signature finishing move of the Young Lions. However, Narita is able to keep his second leg from being grabbed, kicking Umino away. Shota stumbles back to the corner, while Narita gets back to his feet at his own corner. Both men suddenly charge at each other, with Narita connecting flush with a crisp dropkick! The crowd come alive, rallying behind Narita as he gets to his feet, firing up. Narita walks over and motions to lock in his own Boston Crab, but Umino suddenly pokes Narita in the eye and into a small package! 1....2....no! Narita kicked out! Umino mounts the reeling Narita, still recovering from the eye poke, landing some brutal forearms with palpable aggression. His beatdown of his fellow young lion extends long enough to receive more boos from the crowd. Umino gets to his feet and successfully locks in the Boston Crab! Narita is yelling in pain as the pressure on his back intensifies, Shota calling for Narita to tap out! The audience pleading for Narita to fight through the pain! Narita scratches and claws his way closer to the ropes, fighting and powering against his larger opponent. Shota tries to sink in deeper, but Narita jus barely gets his hand to the ropes, the crowd cheering at his perseverance. Shota begrudgingly releases the hold, but not without a few extra seconds of pain inflicted to Ren. Narita shakily gets to his feet with assistance from the ropes. He quashes a running attack from Shota with a raised elbow before shaking off the pain and whipping Umino into the ropes. Umino motions to land a clothesline, but suddenly gets caught in a very impressive and elegant front suplex!! The crowd in Sapporo gasp and cheer at the surprise new move performed by Narita, who gets back to his feet. He lets out an impassioned scream of fighting spirit as he pulls Umino to the center of the ring, going to lock in his own Boston Crab! Umino struggles and wriggles his way to the ropes, using his stronger frame to escape the submission before it could be locked in. Narita transitions, working for an armbar, but Umino lands a stray punch to Narita, quickly lifting him up and successfully landing a huge vertical suplex! Umino grunts with frustration as he lays in multiple knees to the core and back of Narita before locking in his own Boston Crab again, sitting deep into the submission hold as Narita strains and screams. The crowd cheer on Narita, but he has no choice but to tap. Umino only releases the hold after much insistence from the referee, the crowd making their displeasure to the Young Lion's actions known as Umino exits the ring. The other Young Lions at ringside shoot dirty looks at Shota as they tend to Narita with ice packs, helping him to the back. Shota Umino def. Ren Narita in 8:39 via submission with a Boston Crab 6-Man Tag Team Match Taguchi Japan (Yuji Nagata, Juice Robinson and David Finlay) vs. Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr. and Lance Archer) The next contest begins with an underhanded attack from Suzuki-gun to the Taguchi Japan members as soon as the bell rings, led by the new IWGP Intercontinental Champion, Minoru Suzuki, who directs his barrage of blows to fellow veteran Yuji Nagata. ZSJ quickly occupies Juice Robinson in the ring as Lance Archer joins in on the beatdown at ringside on David Finlay. Suzuki whips Nagata into the barricade, then landing a brutal big boot, followed with a series of soccer kicks to Blue Justice. These two have quite the history over the years on the Wrestle Kingdom stage, and that animosity has clearly never ceased. Sabre's technical style dominates the Flamboyant one in the ring, working over Juice's arms, while sadistically targeting his left hand. Zack wrenches back on the joints as Juice fights through the pain. He watches on as his tag team partner is about to get tossed onto the barricade, but Finlay is able to slide out of it and push the hulking Archer into the ring post with a loud thud. The momentary inspiration gives Juice the energy he needs to finally reverse an armlock into his own. Zack is able to transition back into his own, only to get rocked by a left hand punch from Juice! Finlay gets up onto the apron, his hand out to make the tag as Juice crawls his way to his corner, tagging in Finlay. Meanwhile, Nagata and Suzuki are trading vicious slaps and strikes on the outside, with Nagata throwing Suzuki over the commentator's desks, practically taking out Milano Collection in the process. He then slams Suzuki's face onto the Intercontinental Title!! Nagata leaves Suzuki there as he returns to the ring. Back in the ring, Finlay runs right at Zack, landing a powerful European Uppercut which sends the Technical Wizard careening into the turnbuckle pad. Finlay winds up and lands another hellacious running uppercut to Zack as he fires up. However, Zack follows Finlay to the centre of the ring and locks in a Cobra Twist, transitioning to grind his elbow into the mid-section of David Finlay. The british wrestler keeps up the offensive by grappling Finlay to the ground, his fluid motions of submissions getting the better of his opponent. Finlay crawls and reaches his arm out to tag in Nagata who has returned to the apron, but Zack only capitalises and grabs the arm, working for a cross armbar. The only salvation for Finlay is that he's able to lock his fingers and block the submission. The crowd chants for Finlay as he miraculously powers out of the armbar and rolls up Sabre, but only for a two count. Sabre tries to cinch in another hold, but receives a kick to the gut for his trouble. Suddenly, Finlay tries to connect with a Stunner, only to get pushed away by Sabre, sending Finlay into his own corner. With his limbs sore from the encounter with Sabre, Nagata tags himself in, stepping right up to ZSJ. Zack takes on the challenge and lands a hard chop to the chest of the former IWGP Champion, but Nagata's facial expression remains stoic, shrugging off the strike before landing one of his own. Zack and Nagata trade strikes and surprisingly, it seems that Zack gains the upper hand as Nagata falls to one knee, but Blue Justice isn't so easily bested. He quickly rises to his feet and rocks Sabre with a stiff forearm, sending Sabre down to the mat! The crowd roar for Nagata as Archer and Suzuki reach for the tag, but Nagata pulls Zack back into the centre of the ring. He tries to land a suplex, but Zack transitions like a snake into a triangle choke! Zack has the hold locked in tight, but Nagata refuses to give up, landing several slaps to the grappler before he powers Sabre up, slamming him down to the mat to release the submission. Nagata sees an opportunity to stop Sabre from making the tag, but he stands in the middle of the ring, and motions to Suzuki, challenging him to step up to him. The crowd soars into life at Nagata's defiance of Suzuki-gun. Archer offers to tag in, but Suzuki slaps his hand down, tagging himself in, slowly stepping face to face with his old rival. Yuji Nagata and the Intercontinental Champion then begin to give and take some brutal and stiff strikes to the encore of the crowd in Sapporo. For every mid kick from Nagata, Suzuki responds with a forearm that could be heard all the way from the nosebleeds. Suzuki is able to break the deadlock with a headbutt, before landing some hard slaps to the back of a prone Nagata's head. He takes Nagata's back and cinches in his signature sleeper hold. Nagata claws at the vice-like hold of Suzuki to get some air, having no choice but to reach for the ropes, breaking the vicious hold. Suzuki laughs and gets to his feet. The IC Champ starts to work over Nagata's leg with a brutal ankle lock. Nagata grimaces in pain, but to the rallying cries of the crowd, is able to kick Suzuki away. The King rebounds off the ropes to land his big boot, only to get a running big boot from Nagata!! The crowd cheers for Blue Justice as he quickly makes the pin! 1....2....Suzuki kicks out! Nagata grabs Suzuki's arm, trying to lock in the Nagata Lock III, but Suzuki lands some significant elbows and forearms to Nagata before getting to his feet. He scowls at Blue Justice before booting Nagata back into his corner with authority. Juice tags in and jumps over the ropes, like a house of fire with a series of Left Hand punches to the chants of "Juice! Juice! Juice!", howoever, they're slower than usual. The toll taken from Sabre's offence is evident as Juice's shakes off the pain from his hand. He winds up for the final punch, but Suzuki rapidly locks in a vicious hammerlock on Juice, wrenching away at the arm, wrist and fingers of the Flamboyant One. Juice screams and on instinct throws Suzuki away, landing his Leg Lariat on the Intercontinental Champion. Suzuki gets up and laughs at Juice before making the tag to Archer, who steps over the top rope and towers over Robinson. Archer forcefully whips Juice to the ropes and lands a Black Hole Slam on Robinson! But he doesn't see that Finlay made the tag once Juice hit the ropes! Juice rolls to the apron while Finlay vaults over the top rope, landing a series of strikes to the larger Archer. He tries to whip Archer to the ropes, but the size advantage pays off for Archer, who stands his ground and elects to whip Finlay to the ropes. Archer runs to the corner and back, connecting with The Pounce!! Finlay is absolutely levelled by the monsterous Archer, who quickly lifts up the groggy Finlay, shouting "Everybody Dies!!" before landing a brutally high Chokeslam! Suzuki and Sabre block Juice and Nagata's attempts to break up the pin, leaving Archer to attain the dominant victory. 1....2.....3! That's it, lights out. Suzuki-gun def. Taguchi Japan in 14:01 via pinfall with a Chokeslam to David Finlay The Suzuki-gun beatdown continues as Sabre and Archer lay out Juice and Finlay, the ring bell being rung with excess, the officials imploring Suzuki-gun to stop the attack. It culminates with Suzuki trying to land a huge Gotch-Style Piledriver on Nagata, but Blue Justice is just barely able to escape. He rolls out of the ring as the Young Lions tend to Juice and Finlay, Nagata staring daggers to Suzuki, and receiving blades in return from The King. Tag Team Match Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito and BUSHI) vs. Chaos (Tomohiro Ishii and Rocky Romero) The match kicks off with Naito and Ishii, the IWGP Champion mockingly taking a long time to remove his entrance attire, much to the stoic gaze of the Stone Pitbull. Naito eventually motions that he is ready, only to get a forearm to the face for his trouble. The crowd cheer as Tomohiro Ishii headbutts Naito viciously, sending The Ungovernable One to one knee. The Stone Pitbull's attack doesn't stop as he lands a series of clubbing double axe handles to the back of the champion. Naito gets back to his feet and smirks at Ishii before spitting in the face of his challenger, the crowd gasping with a mixture of boos and cheers. Naito takes the opportunity to lock in a cravate on Ishii, halting the Stone Pitbull's momentum. He pulls Ishii over to the corner, landing some back elbows for good measure before walking back and running towards Ishii. He lands a flying forearm, sending Ishii stumbling into the centre of the ring, while Naito follows up by sweeping the leg and running the ropes, connecting with a basement dropkick to Ishii, followed by the signature Tranquilo pose. Naito raises his fist to the air, but suddnely gets hit with a sliding lariat from Tomohiro Ishii!! He must've powered up from the dropkick! The crowd roar for Ishii as he quickly lifts up Naito for a back suplex, but Naito escapes by raking the eyes, quickly tagging in BUSHI and rolling under the ropes. BUSHI slinks his way into the ring and dodges a strike from Ishii, pulling him to the corner, where BUSHI removes his shirt and begins to choke his opponent with it! The referee, Marty Asami admonishes BUSHI, who releases the illegal hold before the five count can be administered. BUSHI brings Ishii into the middle of the ring and lands a snap fisherman's neckbreaker going for the cover, but only gets a 2 count. He then throws Ishii out of the ring, quickly following up with a huge suicide dive!! Ishii clatters against the metal barricade, slumping to the ringside mats as BUSHI gets to his feet, pumped from the adrenaline. He lays in some stomps to the Stone Pitbull before choking him around the barricade! Marty Asami starts to count BUSHI out, but Rocky Romero comes flying in with a dropkick to BUSHI to save his tag partner. Rocky is all fired up as he whips BUSHI from pillar to post around the ring before rolling him back into the ring and helping Ishii up from his dazed state. Ishii tags in Rocky who quickly gets to applying the armbar on BUSHI. This move submitted BUSHI only 24 hours ago, will it work again?! BUSHI screams in pain as Rocky pulls back on the arm as much as he can. BUSHI postions himself to look at Romero, and in the commotion, Marty Asami gets tripped over by the scuffle, giving time for BUSHI to escape and spray the Green Mist at Rocky Romero!! BUSHI goes for quick roll up! 1.....2......thre-what?!? No! It's only a two count! Rocky Romero kicked out! Rocky stumbles blindly over to the nearest corner, searching for Ishii to make the tag. BUSHI runs at Rocky, only for Romero to blindly step aside, leaving BUSHI all caught up in the ropes. Rocky eventually finds a corner to tag, but to his dismay, he went over to the LIJ corner, getting guillotined off the top rope by Naito! Dazed and confused, Rocky wipes his eyes and runs over to his actual corner, finally making the tag to Ishii, who sprints over the wallops Naito with a huge clothesline, sending the IWGP Champion flying off the apron into the barricade with a sickening thud. The Stone Pitbull stomps his way over to BUSHI who is stuck in the ropes. He lays in some strikes on the Jet Black Deathmask before lifting him up for a huge stalling superplex!! Ishii wastes no time and quickly hoists up BUSHI, landing the Vertical Drop Brainbuster! Rocky prevents Naito trying to enter the ring by grabbing his leg at ringside. 1....2.....3! Chaos (Tomohiro Ishii and Rocky Romero) def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito and BUSHI) in 11:30 via pinfall with a Vertical Drop Brainbuster to BUSHI After the match, Naito retrieves his IWGP Heavyweight Championship from the commentator's desk, receiving a stoic stare from Tomohiro Ishii. Naito motions to step into the ring, but after much toying, chooses to leave Ishii in the ring. These two will meet in Osaka and face off for the most prestigious title in professional wrestling, and the excitement couldn't be any more palpable. 6-Tag Team Match Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and Hiromu Takahashi) vs. Chaos (Kazuchika Okada, YOSHI-HASHI and Will Ospreay) The match starts out with the much anticipated pairing of Hiromu Takahashi and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Will Ospreay in the ring. Hiromu and Ospreay trade impressive acrobatics and counters with each other, culminating with a brief stare down which receives a large ovation from the crowd in Sapporo. Ospreay smirks at Hiromu as he tags in Okada. Surprisingly, Hiromu stays in and faces off with the much taller Okada. The Rainmaker motions for the Ticking Time Bomb to make the first move, and he happily obliges, hitting the former IWGP Champion with a flurry of chops, bringing him into the corner. Hiromu loads up for another chop, but Okada blocks and chops Hiromu back. He quickly whips Hiromu to the ropes and performs a leapfrog, dodging a sweep form Hiromu, then follows up with a kip up, mimicking Ospreay's athleticism as best he can, much to the amusement of the Sapporo crowd. Hiromu smiles and tags in SANADA, the crowd's rumblings changing from amusement to one of excitement. SANADA slowly walks up to the Rainmaker, with both men trading a few strikes before Cold Skull whips Okada into the ropes. This time it's SANADA's turn to display his athleticism and performs a double leapfrog. However, as SANADA is about to hit the dropkick, Okada grabs the ropes to stop his momentum, leaving SANADA to slam down to the mat. Okada taps his temple before bringing SANADA back up, applying a headlock. He grinds away on the hold before bouncing off of the ropes. SANADA rebounds, but Okada counters with a back body drop! Okada smirks and scales the top rope, landing a diving elbow drop to the Tag Team Champion. Okada goes for the cover, but SANADA kicks out. Okada refocuses his efforts and tries to lift up SANADA for the Reverse Neckbreaker, but SANADA fights out of it, who in turn tries to lift up Okada for the TKO, but is also countered. The Rainmaker lands a few stirkes on Cold Skull, but SANADA takes the lead as he lands a dragon screw. SANADA tags to EVIL, and they hit a double suplex onto Okada, sending him thudding down to the ring. EVIL takes the baton of offence from SANADA by connecting with a series of grounded stomps to Okada, targeting the leg. Okada squirms at the beatdown, able to get a moment's respite as he kicks EVIL away. Getting to his feet, Okada motions for a strike, faking out EVIL land a snap DDT as Ospreay and YOSHI-HASHI call for the tag. Okada tags in Ospreay who springboards in and right away hits a splash onto EVIL. The Junior Champion goes for the cover, but the King of Darkness kicks out. Ospreay brings EVIL back up to his feet and connects with his patented hook kick, the sound of it's impact reverberating throughout the arena. Ospreay then motions to hit the OsCutter! He jumps to bounce off of the middle rope, but EVIL absolutely levels the Junior Champion with a brutal discus forearm to the back of Ospreay's head!! EVIL grins calls in SANADA, who steps into the ring and both men pick up the groggy form of Ospreay, looking to land their tag team finisher, The Magic Killer. Ospreay gets lifted onto their shoulders, but Ospreay kicks SANADA away, sending him out of the ring, using his momentum to land a tornado DDT to EVIL! Will Ospreay rallies the crowd to his side as he slowly gets to his feet. He motions EVIL up and makes the OsCutter pose again. Ospreay bounces off the ropes, but EVIL is just able to catch him before the move can fully connect. EVIL suddenly spins Ospreay around to hit Everything is Evil! But Ospreay narrowly escapes with a kick to the gut, he whips EVIL to the ropes, and lands a huge Spanish Fly to LIJ's bruiser! The crowd chant for Ospreay as he recovers, tagging in YOSHI-HASHI and rolling out o the ring. HASHI runs in like a house of fire and lays in some snug forearm strikes, along with some loud knife edge chops. EVIL flinches a little at the impact of the strikes before YOSHI-HASHI performs a snapmare to EVIL before running the ropes and successfully landing the Head Hunter! YOSHI-HASHI quickly goes for the pin, but EVIL kicks out at 2. HASHI fires up again, the Sapporo crowd pleasantly surprised at YOSHI-HASHI's newfound fire. He pulls EVIL up and lays in some more strikes, along with a rumbling forearm to the jaw of EVIL, sending the King of Darkness to one knee. HASHI rebounds off of the ropes to land a shining wizard, but EVIL suddenly stands and connects with a brutal discus lariat! YOSHI-HASHI looks rocked! Suddenly, SANADA runs across the ring and dropkicks Okada off of the apron, pursuing the Rainmaker and whipping him around the barricades. Meanwhile, Hiromu runs in and hits the Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Ospreay!!! All the while, EVIL grabs YOSHI-HASHI by the neck, hooking the leg before landing a hellacious Fisherman's Buster! Laying out YOSHI-HASHI with a move that he uses himself! EVIL cuts along his throat and taunts the crowd as the dazed YOSHI-HASHI gets to his feet, only to get brought slamming back down to the mat with EVERYTHING IS EVIL! That's it! Good night! 1....2.....3! Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and Hiromu Takahashi) def. Chaos (Kazuchika Okada, YOSHI-HASHI and Will Ospreay) in 13:55 via pinfall with Everything is Evil to YOSHI-HASHI IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match Roppongi 3K (SHO and YOH) (c) vs. Suzuki-gun (TAKA Michinoku and Taichi) Our first of two title matches tonight is for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. Taichi and TAKA Michinoku make their way to the ring, accompanied by Miho Abe. Meanwhile, the champions, Roppongi 3K are joined by their manager, Rocky Romero. The match starts off with TAKA Michinoku and YOH, the latter motioning for a lock up in the middle of the ring, but TAKA keeps avoiding the lock up. He eventually takes the stance, only to poke YOH in the eyes, tapping the temple and smirking as he kicks YOH in the knee. TAKA capitalises by grappling for a side headlock, grounding the younger, more athletic team with some good old fashioned mat wrestling. TAKA grinds his forearm into the face of YOH, wrenching back on his neck while hooking his fingers, grabbing at YOH's face. Red Shoes calls for TAKA to break the illegal hold, only releasing it at the count of 4. TAKA claims innocence to the ref, only to stretch YOH some more. YOH is able to escape by getting TAKA's shoulders to the mat with a crucifix pin, but only gets a two count. TAKA goes for the eye poke again, but YOH is wise to his tricks this time, we went to the well one too many times. YOH lays in some chops to TAkA and whips him to the ropes, grounding him with a dropkick on the rebound. YOH tags in SHO, and Roppongi 3K double team the veteran. They whip TAKA into the corner, followed by a flying forearm smash, and a corner splash from YOH. SHO goes for the pin, but TAKA kicks out. SHO lays in some strikes to TAKA, stomping on his left arm, applying a grounded hammerlock before trying to work for the cross armbreaker. TAKA squirms and escapes by connecting with a series of punches to SHO's face. He hits a knee drop to SHO, but gets whipped into the ropes as SHO gets to his feet. TAKA runs the ropes and laughs as this time, he pokes SHO in the eye. TAKA throws SHO to his corner and tags in Taichi. Both members of Suzuki-gun hit stereo enziguris to SHO, who falls to the mat. Taichi goes for the cover, but a kick out from SHO. When standing next to Roppongi 3K, it is noticable that Taichi is a little larger than usual, holding some more muscle mass than previous years. Taichi then lays in some mid kicks to a kneeling SHO, but much to his surprise, SHO calls for more, rallying the crowd to the side of Roppongi 3K. SHO absorbs multiple kicks from the accomplished striker, and even blocks a superkick from Taichi and grabs his leg. SHO is about to pull Taichi in for a catching suplex, but Taichi headbutts SHO to keep his advantage. Taichi picks up SHO and lands the Dangerous Backdrop, dumping his opponent right on his head, the crowd audibly inhaling at the impact of the move. He goes for the cover, but SHO kicks out at 2. Taichi sighs and gets back to his feet, laying in some vicious knee drops to SHO, followed by some big kicks to the back. The Suzuki-gun member takes the opportunity to boot YOH off of the apron, quickly returning to kick SHO as he gets to he feet. Taichi tags in TAKA and they hit a big double suplex on SHO, with TAKA Michinoku working for the Just Crossface, locking it in deep! SHO's pain is heard throughout the arena as he crawls closer to the ropes, but TAKA releases the hold to reposition SHO back in the ring, but what's this? SHO took the opportunity to roll up TAKA! 1....2.....TAKA kicks out! SHO gains the upper hand and forearms TAKA, grabbing a waistlock and trying to hit a german suplex, but TAKA struggles to fight out of it. However, SHO's huge strength is on display as he powers TAKA up to a deadlift german suplex! SHO fires up and tags in YOH, who runs across the ring and shoves Taichi off the apron, and the R3K team motion to end the match quickly with the 3K! SHO flapjacks TAKA up in the air, but TAKA turns it into a Code Red to SHO, slamming him down to the mat! YOH stops TAKA's attack with a roundhouse kick to his head, but YOH suddenly gets grappled by Taichi on the apron! TAKA laughs and gets to his feet, laying in a multitude of vicious chops to YOH as he is held by the arms. TAKA tags in Taichi, who winds up and lands a huge superkick to YOH! YOH is down! Taichi goes for the pin! 1.....2.....no! YOH gets the shoulder up, they're still alive in this match! Taichi fires up in frustration and picks up YOH to hit the Black Mephisto, the move that won them this title shot at New Year Dash. He's about to connect with Black Mephisto, but YOH frees his legs and rolls through, applying the Stargazer Clutch!! Taichi is in incredible pain as YOH wrenches at his leg, working hard for the submission victory. However, TAKA Michinoku would enter the ring and stomp away at YOH, forcing him to break the submission hold. The crowd boo as the Suzuki-gun team execute some tandem offence on YOH, a mid kick from Taichi followed by a sliding lariat from TAKA. The beatdown is about to continue, YOH's attempts to rally and counter are snuffed by Taichi who counters into a roll up of his own, the Gedo Clutch! 1.....2......No! YOH just barely gets the shoulder up! Taichi angrily picks up YOH to hit the Last Ride Powerbomb, but YOH counters into a hurricanrana, sending Taichi flying over to his corner, where TAKA tags in. YOH crawls over to his corner and tags in SHO, who rumbles TAKA with a dropkick as he enters the ring. SHO and YOH throw Taichi and TAKA out of the ring before diving out with stereo somersault sentons!! SHO rolls TAKA back into the ring as quickly as he can before connecting with a brutal Backcracker. SHO looks and sees that Taichi is stirring at ringside, so he quickly tags in YOH and they finally connect with the 3K! SHO scrambles for the pin and YOH dives back out of the ring to stop Taichi from breaking up the pin, preventing the stronger member of the team from taking the match advantage back again. 1.....2......3! Roppongi 3K retain! While they were victorious today, TAKA and Taichi gave them a bigger fight than they expected. Roppongi 3K (SHO and YOH) (c) def. Suzuki-gun (TAKA Michinoku and Taichi) in 16:43 via pinfall with a 3K to TAKA Michinoku to retain and make their second defence of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships Semi-Main Event: Singles Match El Desperado vs. KUSHIDA The match begins with a spirited shotgun dropkick from KUSHIDA as the bell rings, sending Desperado flying into the turnbuckle. The crowd gasp as KUSHIDA tries to end the match quickly, attempting to hit Back to the Future, but Despy reverses it into a small package roll up instead! 1.....2.....KUSHIDA kicks out! Both men rebound off of the ropes and run at each other, criss-crossing the ring before Despy levels the Time Splitter with a huge uppercut. Despy quickly gets to work with a series of three brutal dragon screw leg whips to KUSHIDA, who clutches his leg in pain. Despy mounts KUSHIDA and lays in some ground and pound, mockingly slapping KUSHIDA in the face, taunting all the while. Despy snapmares KUSHIDA and applies a grounded cobra clutch, displaying his technical prowess over one of New Japan's most accomplished grapplers. KUSHIDA strains in the painful hold, but eventually reaches his foot to the ropes, breaking the hold. KUSHIDA gets to his feet, receiving a kick to the gut from Despy, with the masked wrestler whipping him into the ropes. Despy is about to land his spinebuster, but KUSHIDA blocks and hip tosses Despy, followed up by his signature cartwheel dropkick! KUSHIDA goes for the cover, but Desperado kicks out. KuSHIDA targets the arm of Despy and applies an armlock, actively repositioning himself to prevent his opponent from reaching the ropes. KUSHIDA's ring awareness on full display as he transitions into a double chickenwing pinfall attempt. El Desperado kicks out and gets to his feet. He swings a haymaker at KUSHDA, but gets caught into a flying armbar! KUSHIDA grounds Despy, the masked wrestler only just able to block the armbar by clutching his fingers, quickly shuffling over to the ropes, forcing the Ace of the Junior Division to break the hold. Despy gets to his feet and hits KUSHIDA with a bionic elbow, followed by a trifecta of back elbows then whipping his opponent into the corner. Despy quickly runs over and wallops KUSHIDA with a straight right, knocking KUSHIDA down to a seated position in the corner. Despy briefly looks at the crowd before running to the opposite corner, and smashing his opponent with a huge superkick! However, Despy doesn't seem satisfied and follows up with a massive cannonball senton!! KUSHIDA seems to be out of it as Despy hooks the leg for the pinfall. 1.....2.....but KUSHIDA kicks out. Desperado moves over and grabs the leg of his opponent, striking away at the knee and ankle with sharp elbows. He picks up KUSHIDA's leg trying to lock in the Numero Dos, his Stretch Muffler submission, but KUSHIDA performs a headscissors and into a pinfall attempt! 1....2....Despy gets the shoulder up. Both men get to their feet, with Despy hoisting KUSHIDA up for the spinebuster, but KUSHIDA counters and rolls through, trying for Back to the Future again, only to get his eyes poked by the dastardly member of Suzuki-gun. The crowd boo as Despy throws KUSHIDA against the ropes, clotheslining him over the top and down to the mat. El Desperado steps out onto the apron to initiate some underhanded plan to torture KUSHIDA, but my god! KUSHIDA performs a forward roll and springs up, hitting a huge DDT onto Desperado from the apron to the outside! Both men are down and the crowd audibly gasp at the dangerous move! Both men lay there on the ringside mats, with KUSHIDA eventually getting to his feet, hitting some forearm strikes to a prone Desperado. He picks up Despy and whips him to the corner, running up and landing a huge dropkick to Desperado, sending him flipping over the barricade. KUSHDA rolls under the ropes, then back outside. He wants to continue the fight against El Desperado and won't accept a countout victory. KUSHIDA walks around to Despy, but he gets smacked with a chair from Deseprado, followed by Despy slamming KUSHIDA's face into the ring post with a sickening thud. The ref heavily chastises Desperado for his use of the chair, but Despy doesn't seem to care, chocking KUSHIDA between the chair and the ring post before rolling back into the ring. Reluctantly, the referee begins the count as Despy taunts and poses in the ring. 10.....11.......12......13.....KUSHIDA begins to stirr from getting his bell rung on the ring post. 14.....15......16.....He steadily gets to his feet, stumbling to the barricade, it doesn't seem like he'll make it! 17......18.....19......KUSHIDA quickly dives into the ring just at the count of 19, staying alive in the match. Despy walks over and puts the boots to KUSHIDA, stomping down at his back and legs, pinning KUSHIDA to the mat but only for a 2 count. He whips KUSHIDA to the ropes and finally connects with the spinebuster, going for the cover! 1.....2......wha-no! Just barely! KUSHIDA is only just able to raise his shoulder from the mat. A frustrated El Desperado grabs KUSHIDA's leg and applies the Numero Dos! KUSHIDA's ankle is being strained and torn at the brutality of this powerful submission! Despy squeezes on KUSHIDA's leg, furiously trying to make the Ace tap out. The Sapporo fans chant and cheer for KUSHIDA as he refuses to tap out, but the pain of the submission are definitely taking it's toll on him. KUSHIDA uses what little strength he can muster to crawl closer to the ropes, just able to reach them in time before it was probably too late, the crowd cheer and clap at KUSHIDA's resilience. Desperado seems to be wondering what it will take to put away the Ace of the Junior Division as he gets to his feet, glaring maliciously at his opponent. KUSHIDA shakily uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, favouring the left leg. Despy immediately targets it with a basement dropkick, sending KUSHIDA back down to the mat in pain. Despy tries to lock in the Numero Dos again, but KUSHIDA creatively shifts positions into a pin attempt! 1....2....Despy kicks out, running at KUSHIDA in anger only to receive a discus forearm for his trouble. Despy seems to be out on his feet as KUSHIDA holds his leg, struggling to continue through the pain. KUSHIDA jumps up and applies the Hoverboard Lock to a standing Desperado! He wrenches on the arm, hoping for the submission win himself! Desperado shakes his head frantically at the referees question if he will submit. KUSHIDA sinks in lower to further ground Despy. Although, he wasn't in the clear yet, as Despy begins to power up from one knee to a standing position, hoisting KUSHIDA up onto his shoulder, looking to hit a Death Valley Driver! But what's this? KUSHIDA escapes the fireman's carry and right back into the Hoverboard Lock!! The audience chant for the tap out, as does KUSHIDA whose grip doesn't falter as he holds the submission hold in tight. Desperado frantically flails on the mat, shuffling the two of them to the ropes and unfortunately for KUSHIDA, succeeding in his search for the rope break. KUSHIDA sighs and favours his leg again, as Despy clutches at his shoulder. Both men's gazes soon meet each other and they slowly come face to face in the middle of the ring before both start absolutely wailing forearms and chops at one another with reckless abandon for their injured limbs. Despy seems to be taking the harder hits, his arm weakening from the painful Hoverboard locks. Noticing a small opportunity to prevent KUSHIDA's advantage, Despy kicks out KUSHIDA's legs from under him, sending the Time Splitter face-planting to the mat in pain. Desperado smirks and quickly scales the turnbuckle, only using his good arm to climb, taking his time more than he would usually, looking to land a big frog splash. He jumps, but no! KUSHIDA is up to his feet, practically balancing on one leg as he catches Desperado in mid air and rolls through with a small package to a standing positon! He's got the hold in! BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!! He's finally hit it! 1....2......3! KUSHIDA pulls out the victory! KUSHIDA def. El Desperado in 21:42 via pinfall with a Back to the Future Main Event: IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match Kenny Omega (c) vs. Michael Elgin And finally, it's time for tonight's main event for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship. First out is the challenger, Michael Elgin, who makes his way to the ring, a no-nonsense demeanour about him. The big hoss wrestler is here to win, sporting a trimmed down physique, sacrificing zero muscle for a lighter frame. And next, accompanied by an entourage of Bullet Club members, namely The Young Bucks, Hangman Page and Cody. The inaugural IWGP United States Champion, Kenny Omega. The Best Bout Machine is all swagger and confidence as he walks down to the ring, two sweets all around for the Bullet Club contingent. The match begins with a strong collar-and-elbow tie up in the middle of the ring, neither man willing to concede an inch of the canvas to the other. However, despite Omega being in the shape of his career, Elgin firmly shoves Omega back his his corner, motioning for Omega to try again. Omega stares and Elgin, taking his time to get back to his feet, playing a few mind games with Elgin has he skirts along the ropes to another corner, a wide smirk on his face. Suddenly, Omega darts forward, jumping up to hit a very early V-Trigger to Elgin. But unfortunately for the Leader of Bullet Club, Elgin catches him with ease, and amusingly placing Omega back down to his feet. The crowd laugh at Omega's mixed expression of terror and laughter, which is soon quashed as Elgin rattles Omega with a elbow smash, sending Omega stumbling into the ropes. Elgin whips Omega to the other side of the ring, hitting a big shoulder block to the champion, the crowd cheering for Big Mike. The challenger then follows up with a big elbow drop to the champion. Elgin makes a cover, pressing his weight to Omega, but the champion easily kicks out. Elgin went for the pin so that Omega would use more energy rather than trying for the victory this early on. Big Mike pulls up Omega to a standing position, and hits a meaty European Uppercut, but in response Omega hits a knee to the back of Elgin, followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Omega laughs as he finally has the upperhand, but Elgin quickly picks up Omega and throws him down with a bodyslam. The champion tenses at the impact as Elgin applies a side headlock to Omega, eventually moving Omega onto his front, trying to lock in the Crossface submission that was successful for him at Wrestle Kingdom in the Gauntlet Match. Omega rolls over to the ropes and takes a break on the outside. However, even there he isn't safe, as Elgin clatters Omega with a huge Baseball Slide Dropkick through the ropes. Omega slams against the steel barricade, and the rest of Bullet Club quickly surround him as protection, but Elgin doesn't look amused. He quickly throws the Young Bucks aside and whips Cody to the barricade, and suplexing Hangman Page. This brief distraction allows Omega to crawl back in the ring, getting the jump on Elgin when he re-enters, laying in a series of stomps to the challenger. Omega's assault doesn't waver, as he connects with multiple knee drops, kicks and elbows to Elgin. Omega rolls him over for the cover, but only gets a 1 count. Omega watches as Elgin steadies himself on the ropes and getting back to the centre of the ring, seeing his chance. Omega rebounds off the ropes, and lands the Kotaro Krusher. The offencive of the Best Bout Machine continues as he picks up Elgin for a neckbreaker. Kenny smirks and soaks in the advantage that he has while Elgin is recovering, clutching at his neck. The US Champion picks up Elgin and throws him over the ropes, with Elgin grabbing the top rope to keep himself on the apron. Omega points the finger gun at Elgin before running the ropes, looking to land a massive V-Trigger that would send Elgin flying into the cold steel barricade below. However, Elgin sees it coming and manages to hoist Omega onto his shoulders, dropping him with a sickening Death Valley Driver on the apron!! The crowd wince and gasp at the crazy move while Elgin watches Omega crumple to the floor, crawling in pain to the barricade. Elgin boots Omega's head into the metal barricade before throwing him back into the ring. Elgin climbs up to the apron, and lands a slingshot splash! Very impressive for a man of his size! Omega splutters at the force of the splash while Elgin picks him up with ease, looking to land a vertical suplex on the champion, but Omega blocks with his leg, able to avoid yet another painful move. Omega thuds Elgin with a back elbow, along with a clothesline, as well as a big boot, but Elgin remains standing. Omega fires up and runs the ropes, this time finally connecting with a big move, this time it's a Sling Blade, grounding Big Mike. Omega goes for the cover, but Omega gets a two count. he follows up with an ambitious attempt at a back suplex on the larger Elgin. But surprisingly, Omega is able to get him up, fully connecting with the back suplex! The champion is finding his momentum as he points the finger gun to Elgin again, watching the challenger use the ropes to climb his way back to his feet. Omega sprints forward for yet another V-Trigger attempt, but yet again, Michael Elgin has it well scouted, pushing Omega onto the apron. Omega quickly runs to the corner and tries to scale the turnbuckle, but Elgin follows, gaining the advantage with a strong forearm to the champion. Elgin then steps up to the second rope, and what's this? He's trying to suplex Omega over the ropes back into the ring!! Omega tries his hardest to block and evade the suplex attempt, but Elgin's pure power is too much for Omega, who recieves a huge deadlift avalanche Falcon Arrow!!! The ring shakes with the earthquake-like impact!! Both men are shaken from the landing, but Elgin crawls over and hooks the leg, making the pin! 1.....2.......no!! Omega just about kicked out! But he seems rocked by the power game of Elgin. He has clearly scouted Omega's moveset and strategies after losing to Omega in the Inaugural IWGP United States Championship Tournament. Elgin picks up Omega and calls for the Elgin Bomb. He gets Omega up, but he wriggles out, taking a gutwrench hold of his own, what is Omega trying to do here? Omega screams with intensity as he lifts up Elgin with a gutwrench hold, and into a sit-out powerbomb!! Omega goes for the pin! 1.....2......Elgin kicks out at two. Omega looks beaten and bruised from this encounter with Elgin. He sighs and lifts up Elgin onto his shoulders. "You. Can't. Escape!" Omega runs forward and lands a rolling hills to Elgin, immediately hopping up to the second rope, connecting with a perfect springboard moonsault! Omega goes for the cover, but again, Elgin kicks out at two. Frustration begins to take over the champion as he stomps away at Elgin before bringing him up to his feet, jockeying for position to land a brainbuster on the hoss. Elgin kicks his legs to throw Omega off balance, and countering to hit the Burning Hammer, but Omega fights out of it too. A dance of reversals ensues, culminating with Big Mike trying for the Elgin Bomb once again, but Omega reverses it again, this time with a massive reverse frankensteiner!! The Sapporo crowd gasp as Omega gets back to his feet, seeing that this might be his only chance to put Elgin away before his power wrestling gets the better of him. Omega runs the ropes and finally lands a V-Trigger flush to the face of Big Mike. Omega sees that that won't be enough win the match, Elgin is dazed, but on all fours and not knocked out. Omega motions for the One-Winged Angel, using all the power he can gather to lift up Elgin onto his shoulders. Omega tries to get Elgin into position, but Big Mike is struggling a little too much for Omega to land the One-Winged Angel. Elgin eventually slips out and lands on his feet, rumbling Omega with a massive german suplex! Omega seems out on his feet as he stumbles to the ropes. Elgin winds up to hit a big running lariat, but as he hits the ropes, something....or someone trips him up!! Omega and the rest of Bullet Club look confused, their eyes widening as they see none other than "Switchblade" Jay White!! Omega and White seem to be getting into a heated argument, with Omega taking umbrage with White interfering in his match, while White seems to be, at least on the surface, trying to side with Omega, interfering to his and Bullet Club's benefit. The rest of the Elite join the argument while Red Shoes' patience is running out, threatening to eject everyone from ringside. White is trying to get Omega to focus on the match while grabbing a chair for Omega to use, sliding it into the ring, but The US Champion is too heated with White's interference to focus. This would be the undoing of Omega as Elgin grabs his opponent from behind and lands another huge german suplex to the champion. Elgin's finishing sequence continues as he lifts up the champion, landing a massive Elgin Bomb!!! The Elite look on in shock as Red Shoes goes to count the pin, with Jay White's expression of disappointment visible from row Z. 1.....2.....3! Michael Elgin did it! He is the new IWGP United States Champion!! Michael Elgin def. Kenny Omega (c) in 24:09 via pinfall with an Elgin Bomb to become the new IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion! After the match, Cody and the rest of the Elite face up to Elgin as he raises the championship. Elgin gets face to face with Cody, unafraid of a possible challenge. Elgin leaves the ring, having little time for Bullet Club and their drama. Meanwhile, Jay White kneels down to Omega and shakes his head before helping him up to his feet. The Bucks and Page take Omega from White's shoulder, pushing him away while White laughs and stares the rest of Bullet Club down before slowly holding up the too sweet sign. The Bucks, Page and Cody look at White in disgust, with Page trying to land a clothesline on the Switchblade, who quickly escapes out of the ring. The Bucks, Page and Cody follow White up the ramp, but give up the chase. However, when they look back to the ring, they see someone else in the ring. to the heightened gasps of the crowd and announcers at the commentator's desk, Kota Ibushi is standing in the ring, looking at Omega. Without words, and the Elite looking on, Omega and Ibushi simply hug in an embrace, the crowd cheering wildly at the seeming return of the Golden Lovers. Cody and Bullet Club walk off through the curtain, their expressions of confusion being their final appearances tonight. The show goes off the air with the lasting image of the embrace between Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi. What this means with terms of Jay White, we are not sure. And the status of Bullet Club is up in the air, as Cody, Hangman and the Bucks didn't exactly seem pleased to see Omega leave with Ibushi rather than his Bullet Club comrades. A tenuous line is being walked in the ranks of Bullet Club, with a snake on the borders and reuniting with an old friend, New Beginning in Sapporo Night 2 raises a lot of questions about the future of New Japan.

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