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    Name: Nathan Sawyer Nickname: "Lights Out" "The American Nightmare" Figurehead: Chris Benoit Signatures: End of Heartache(kairopractor), Welcome to your Nightmare(Kudo Driver) Finishers: Nail in the coffin(Nail in the coffin), Lights Out(Steiner Screwdriver) Age: 22 Backstory: Nathan has been in the business all his life, Trained by the very best in the world. He's a student of the game. he Knows what is great for business and what is great for the fans. While some say he could be better on the mic, No one denies his technical wrestling ability or his charisma. Considered one of the very best wrestlers in the entire world with his whole career ahead of him, the WWE were looking to sign him before they went under. Now the people wonder where Nathan Sawyer will go now that WWE has fallen>
  2. *The Camera shows a dark room, Sheridan's greatest moments playing on the tv including sheridan eliminating Sawyer from the NXT Battle Royal. as the camera pans back to show Sawyer sitting on his throne in his home* "Summerslam, it was supposed to be my crowning moment, becoming NXT Champion, I was supposed to walk away with the gold and then the entire wrestling world would bow down to me, the women would beg to be with me, But that didn't happen, and I can only blame myself because i tripped over the top rope. I didn't get thrown over by Sheridan, i tripped and Fell to the floor. You just happen to take credit for the elimination and what happened? it cost you the NXT Championship. Your best moment from that match is this one right here" *Sawyer plays the clip of him hitting Welcome to your Nightmare on Sheridan* "I told you Sheridan I would show you how a real woman should be. You walk around here claiming to be "The Man" when in reality you're just a woman whose confused on what Gender she or He wants to be. Sheridan, there's no running, no hiding, No ambushes. Just you and i one on one. "The Man" *He says throwing up quotation marks* "Vs The most hated controversial figure in the history of this industry, The Real Man. I'm going to enjoy taking this arm, wrapping it across your back, and driving you face first into the canvas, covering you for the 123. But Beating you won't satisfy me, no, see what i'm going to do to you Sheridan is tear you apart limb from limb. I'm going to personally send you to your own personal hell. How will it feel Sheridan knowing that the man will fall to The Savior of the Universe. The Savior of these pathetic people. Some of them aren't even worth saving, they are worthless like you, But i'll make you worth something Sheridan cause after i totally humiliate you, ripping you limb from limb, making all your stupid little fans shed tears because their hero has fallen to the one they hate the most, I'll have you back home in the kitchen fixing me food and cleaning my house where you belong. You'll be on your knees scrubbing my floors, and then after you finish that, you'll be on your knees in the bedroom doing what you do best. Sucking." *Sawyer smirks, gets up and changes the tv channel to a funeral scene* "Look at this, It's a preview Sheridan of the end result after i destroy you in front of the world. The Death of the Man, For the whole world to see." *A wide evil smile appears on his face, his mind turning, the evil thoughts running wild* "That's it, The ppv has a new name: The Death of The Man. It'll be a sight for the ages. The Entire world attending a funeral live where they get to see their hero defeated by the evil misogynistic and racist disgusting piece of filth named Nathan Sawyer has he destroys the man. Sheridan, Your end is near and I promise you, I will personally welcome you to Hell. *He pauses for a moment and smirks with that cocky ass look on his face* "I hope you have your will signed and ready because come The ppv, it will be known as a day that lives in infamy, You wanna call yourself the man, then i'm going to beat you like a man and then when it's all said and done and that bell rings, The people will forever remember the day that will forever be known as THE DEATH OF THE MAN!" *The Scene ends with the casket and room being lit on fire* "See you soon "Sweethart" *Camera fades to black as it zoomed in on the funeral on the tv as the flames turned the casket to ash*
  3. This gets Major props from me. Just hitting Sheridan with my finisher made it worth the elimination
  4. Really good Smackdown this week Slim, Really building the fueds well. Show gets a 3.5/5 Julius, My only issue with NXT is that Bobby Roode should have squashed metalik. For that reason alone. NXT gets 3.5/5 in stead of a four. And Freaking Great Main Event Julius.
  5. World Heavyweight championship Winner-Seth Rollins Raw Women's Championship Winner-Charlotte Flair Enzo and Cass Cesaro wins I QUit The Dudleys Retain the Tag Team titles Sami Zayin finds some way to keep the US title despite being injured and the match of the night will go to Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton
  6. *Sawyer is there holding a poster of the NXT Championship match for Summerslam* "HEY! SELINA GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" *Selina walks over to Sawyer* Selina: "You know saying please goes along way in life" Sawyer: "Yeah, Shut up, your job is to just stand there and look pretty while i talk so do your job" *Selina looks at Sawyer in disqust, Sawyer holds up the Advertisement for the NXT Title match* Sawyer: "I have here in my hand the advertisement for the NXT Championship match, a Match that I am in by the way and the powers that be don't even have the creative department put me on the poster for summerslam, But do you know who is on the poster Selina?" *Selina moves the mic to her mouth but Sawyer Pulls it back towards him* Sawyer: "Rhetoricale question selina, stand there and don't speak, that's what your kind is best for anyway. Like i was saying, You know who is on the poster and i mean, right dead square in front? That Unintelligent, No good disgrace of woman Sheridan, Right dead square on the front. I mean look at that smug look on her face. You'd think she was the queen of England or someone of importance. See it was clear this was a decision made by a Woman to exclude me from the poster. First my t-shirt gets my name spelled wrong by a woman, and now a woman excludes me from the poster for SummerSlam. This is Exactly why Women don't need any sort of position where they have some type of power at all. Doesn't matter if it's being the boss, creating T-Shirts or in this case, in charge of creating posters for wrestling shows. Women are better off pushing out babies and staying in the kitchen. The world would be alot better off with women being unseen and unheard. Just mere Sex Objects really. I mean take Sheridan for example, She would be better off just sitting at home, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and being on her backside. Who knows, Maybe after Summerslam Selina, After i beat Sheridan and the rest of those clowns and become NXT Champion, Who knows, maybe i'll bring Sheridan home and let her know exactly what a Woman is supposed to be in Society. Sheridan, I'll be seeing you soon Babe" *Sawyer says in that smartass tone of his with a smirk on his face*
  7. Smackdown gets a 3.5 stars, NXT gets a 4 stars, Velocity gets a 2 star and This Raw gets a 4 star. The Entire build up throughout the night was great. The Taker vs Ambrose fued is heading to new heights, i love it. This is getting interesting.
  8. @TheNathanSawyer: They must have women controlling the merch department because they misspelled my name. #UnintelligentBimbos
  9. @TheNathanSawyer: @Sheridan's best uses are in the bedroom and the porn studio from what my sources tell me. @TheNathanSawyer: Sheridan is like a door knob, Everyones had a turn. @TheNathanSawyer: I'd Call Sheridan a Cow but that would offend the Cow. @TheNathanSawyer: Heard Sheridan's favorite position is doggy, Makes sense, If i looked as ugly as her I'd hide my face during sex too. @TheNathanSawyer: To Be the Man, You have to Beat the Man. This doesn't apply to Sheridan as the only men she can beat are the one's she solicits off the streets.
  10. Posted on the twitter account of Nathan’s sawyer. @TheNathanSawyer: Just a friendly reminder that Sheridan is a weak, unintelligent woman whose services would best be used in the bedroom and the kitchen. Stepping in the ring with me would be a bad move. I’d have to apologize to my parents because the gentleman they raised abused and destroyed a poor defenseless unintelligent bimbo. @TheNathanSawyer: You know women who get in power on do so because they’ve slept their way to the top. Must explain how Sheridan wound up playing with the big boys. Too bad she can only handle the little ones
  11. Selina: Nathan, Care to comment after what just happened in the ring with Sheridan? Nathan: See this is exactly what I am talking about Selina, Women not knowing there place. You see what happened in the ring was a simple misunderstanding. Sheridan clearly forgot her place and the reason I didn’t lay a hand on her was because my parents raised a gentleman. You see she got caught in the moment. Sheridan’s Adrenaline was pumping, the people were cheering and it was just a simple Misunderstanding on her part. Selina: So you didn’t fight back because? Nathan: I didn’t fight back because like I said, my parents raised a gentleman, besides it’s clear that Sheridan is not only weaker then me but she’s also a woman Selina, and I never put my hands on a woman. Selina: So what about Summerslam, You just might have to step into the ring with her. Are you just going to not fight back? Nathan: Selina, Sheridan does not want to step into the ring with me, Because that ring is my playground , and on the Playground, The Supremacy always…Reigns supreme.
  12. TheNathanSawyer


    Name: Nathan Sawyer weight: 265 Height: 6’7 nickname: Lights Out Signitures: Kudo Driver, Kairopractior Finishers: LightsOut DDT, The Surpremacy(End of days) Hometown: Charlotte North Carolina Attire: Baron corbin/Benoit.
  13. TheNathanSawyer


    *Nathan Sawyer Is in the ring* Sawyer: It seems I caused quite a controversy with my last video. Apparently, all you sensitive little shits didn’t like the truth bomb I dropped on you. Tough Shit, Shouldn’t be so Fucking sensitive. Grow a godman pair of testicals and be a man. Speaking of Men, You know Men have been at the top of the food chain for a while now and Why is that? Could it be possible that we are just the superior gender? Could it be the fact that men have superior intellect then women? They Answer to those questions are Yes. Men are not only the superior Gender but also the Gender with Superior Intellect. Men have always been superior over women. When it comes to Military, Men always are more Superior, When it comes to Politics, The Men always beat out the women, Want an Example? Hillary fucking Clinton, That Woman couldn’t control her old man, what made you thin she could have controlled the country. The one thing the United States of America has gotten right is that no woman has ever become President. Women don’t belong in the white house. You know where else they don’t belong? In the damn Wrestling Ring.. That’s right, I said women should be allowed to go anywhere near a wrestling ring. The Best damn thing about women in wrestling was when they were nothing but rats being trade from wrestler to wrestler being treated like nothing but a piece of meat. Which is exactly all they are, Pieces of meat. It seems women forgot their place in life, their place is beneath the men and in the damn kitchen where they belong! Women belong nowhere near a damn wrestling ring or anywhere else for that matter. The only thing they deserve is to get treated like filth and the filthy dirty disgusting little pieces of trash that they are. The Best thing about women is when they are in the bedroom pleasing the men just like they are supposed to. Theres a reason Men have always been suppior to women and its time the rest of the world understood that.
  14. Monday Night Raw Preview -Following Royal Rumble, What is next for The Rock after Punk Screwed him? -CM Punk and Paul Heyman will address last nights controversy -What are John Cena’s thoughts now that he’s slated to face CM Punk for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania? -Team Hell No are still dysfunctional as ever -What is next for World Champion Alberto Del Rio after defeating The Big Show? Plus The United States and Intercontinental Champions are in action, Eve Defends the Diva’s Championship and much more!

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