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  6. Monday Night Raw! Live from the IZOD Center in New Jersey! *Show opens with Highlights from SurviverSeries especially the ending* *D-Generation X Music hits* Rating:B+87 *DX Promo* HBK:Has you can see The Heart Break Kid Shawn Micheals has once again become the WWF Champion! Now I can’t help the fact that you couldn’t cut it Bret, Infact you couldn’t even beat me in your home town. I locked you in the sharpshooter and you tapped out. Everyone saw it! We are the most dominating force in the world wrestling federation! The HeartBreak Kid Shawn Micheals, Ravinshing Rick rude, The Game Triple H, The Ninth Wonder of the World Chyna, DeGeneration X, You make the rules and we will break them! Now i don’t have a challenger for the WWF Title at In Your House, So Looks like old HBK will be getting the night off *From the guard rail jumps Owen hart who lays out Chyna, Rude and Triple H, HBK runs to the stage Owen grabs the mic* Owen: You wanna fuck with my family Shawn, well thats ok because i may be the soul surviving Hart member in the WWF but this Hart is gonna kick your ass and take your World Wrestling Federation Championship at In Your House. See you soon you son of a bitch! Rating:B80 Match 1 of the night: Headbangers vs The Godwins Rating:c-53 Winners:The Godwins via the Slop Drop Match 2: Light Heavyweight title Match Taka Michinoku vs Too Cold Scorpio Rating:c-53 Winner and New Champion: TAKA *JR and King Confirm that Owen Hart will challenge for the WWF Title at In Your House but tonight he will also challenge Triple H for the European title* Rating:B77 *Michael Cole is standing by with Stone Cold Steve Austin* Cole: Austin, You have your rematch for the Intercontinental Championship that you never lost, You vs the Rock at In Your House: DeGeneration X Austin: You Damn right i get my rematch for the intercontinental championship, i never lost that championship, the rock wouldn’t be champion if wasn’t forced by that jackass vince mcmahon to vacate the title. So rock ocme in your house you can bet your ass that stone cold is gonna open up a case of whoop ass on you and walk it dry! And thats the bottom line! Because stone cold said so! Rating:A+100 Tag Team Title Match:New Age Outlaws(C) Vs Vader/Ken Shamrock Rating:B77 Winners by Countout Vader/Ken Shamrock, Still Champions New Age Outlaws *The Arena goes dark as kane’s music hits and he comes out with Paul Bearer* Bearer: Deadman, You can avoid Kane all you want, You can deny the truth but you won’t be able to deny the truth that kane is the new phenom of the world wrestling federation. Last night Kane dealt with Mankind and now his sights are set on you Undertaker. He wan’ts his big brother. *Kane leaves the ring and grabs the time keeper shoving him in the ring* Bearer: Its ok Time Keeper, Kane is only going to show the world what he will do to everyone till Undertaker grows a set of balls and fights his brother! *Kane proceeds to tombstone The Time Keeper* Rating:A90 Semi Main Event: Mankind vs Goldust Rating:B-74 Winner: Mankind *The Nation are in the locker speaking about Rockys title defense, they are all saying how Rocky will retain his title especially with them at ringside, Farooq says no, Rocky will defend the title alone, no help from any member of the nation, This cause a argument and Farooq walks out of the locker room* Rating:A92 Main Event: European title Triple H(C) Vs Owen Hart Match Rating:C+66 Winner via DQ Owen Hart, Still champion Triple H SHow closes with DX standing over Owen posing with all the titles Show Rating:B-75
  7. World Championship Wrestling Novemeber 8th 1997 Monday night Nitro! WCW Monday Nitro show opening Video package plays The Camera cuts to the Announce position where Tony Schiavonie, Mike Tenay and Larry Zybyszko are sitting. Tony:Welcome Everyone to another slam pack edition of Monday Nitro! Im tony Schiavoni, alongside Iron Mike Tenay and The Living Legend Larry Zybyszko. *NWO Music hits* Tony: What is this? This isn’t on my format. Larry: These Guys need to be fined, suspended, dealt with period! Rating:c- 53 -------------------------------------- *NWO Are in the ring, A Flag Drapped across the Top Rope, Bischoff has a microphone* Eazy E: We Love you! We Really Love You! Now Now settle down, Hollywood has something to say to all his fans around the world, Go ahead Hulkster, speak to your people *Boos erupt as hogan begins to speak* Hogan:Well Looks like the Wrestling World is up in controversy again. Now Everyone knows the New World Order is the most dominating force in professional wrestling today brother. Growing strong for over a year and a half, The Outsiders the real NWO Tag Team Champions, Randy Savage the man who will take out Flexy Lexy. Curt Henning the NWO United States Champion. The NWO are on top of the world Brah and theres always room for one more Hitman. You can have a home in The New World Order, Joining the most dominating force in wrestling. Bret once your NWO, Your NWO For Life and that my friend is just too SWEEETTTTT! *NWO music hits and They walk away* Rating: A 90 Opening contest: WCW Cruiserweight Title (C) Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho Match Rating:C+ 67 Winner and Still Champion: Eddy Guerrero *Mean Gene is standing on the ramp* Mean Gene: Ladies and Gentleman please help me welcome Diamond Dallas Page! *Page walks out to the ramp* Mean Gene: Diamond dallas Page, I understand you have something to say and requested this time to say it DDP: Thats right Gene, You see a few weeks ago at World War 3, Curt Henning and Ric Flair wrestled for the United States Championship, That match ended with a disqualification. Curt Henning Took a Chair and beat Ric Flair’s Head in and Gave him a major Concussion. Well Curt, I dare you to do that to me. I dare you to put that United States title on the line and you try to do to me what you did to Ric Flair. Mean Gene: Sounds like to me you are issuing a challenge to Curt Hennign for the United States Championship DDP DDP: That is exactly what i am doing Gene, Curt Henning if you got the balls, you meet me in that ring at starcade and i promise you, you will fill the BANG! Mean Gene: There you have it! DDP with the challenge to Curt Henning for Starcade! Lets get back to you Tony, No im sorry lets go to Dave Penzer in the ring! Rating:B79 Second Match of Nitro WCW Tag Team Titles (C) The Steiner Brothers vs Faces of Fear Match Rating:B79 Winners and Still Champions: The Steiner Brothers *The Steiners are celebrating their victory in the ring when the NWO run down and beat them down, Savage hits a elbow off the top, They run away with The Tag Title belts* Rating:B82 Third Match of the Evening: WCW Television Title match (C)Perry Saturn vs Goldberg Rating:C61 Winner and New TV Champion: Goldberg *After the Match, Mongo McMichel hits Goldberg in the back of the head with a lead pipe and leaves, Raven Slides in and poses over him* Rating:B+86 Next Match of the Evening: Chris Benoit vs Lord Steven Regal Match Rating:B-72 Winner: Chris Benoit *NWO Merch Promo with Hall and Nash* Rating:B81 Monday Nitro Main Event: WCW United States Championship (C) Curt Henning vs Diamond Dallas Page Match Rating:B81 Winner by DQ: DDP However still United States Champion Curt Henning *The NWO Beat Down DDP after the match, Lex Luger and Giant run down and Begin brawling with The NWO, They Begin getting over run by NWO, When from the rafters comes Down Sting who lays out everyone but Hogan who runs away scared as Nitro fades to Black* Rating:A89 Show Rating:B+84
  8. Montreal Aftermath World Championship Wrestling vs World Wrestling Federation November 7th 1997 -------------------------------------------- World Championship Wrestling has been doing fantastic business the last year and half, since the formation of the New World Order with their biggest fued building over the last year and a half between Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Franchise of WCW Sting. Fresh off the montreal Screwjob they have the services of the biggest hottest babyface in wrestling Bret Hart who was just screwed by Vince McMahon and the WWF. How will WCW Handle this newest acquisition? Will egos collide? Or will Bret show the WWF why they made a mistake in letting him walk away? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ World Wrestling Federation is fresh off a controversial pay per view from Montreal Quebec Canada where they held their Annual November pay Per View Survivor Series which saw great action from many stars but also was clouded with controversy as the owner of World WRestling Federation Vince McMahon walked down to ringside, took a seat and then has WWF European and Now WWF Champion Shawn Michaels put Bret Hart in the SharpShooter Referee Earl Hebner suddenly Rang the Bell. The Crowd was Stunned as Bret was livid, He Spit on McMahon and Drew out the letters WCW on live ppv as it went off the air. Word has it that Bret later went on to drop Vince McMahon with one punch in the locker room. How Will the WWF World react to the Screwjob? Will they Become the hottest commodity in professional wrestling? Or will This prove a horrible tatic and backfire on McMahon?
  9. I think I can overtake arius claim of Okada so I am doing so

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