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    Name: Nathan Sawyer Nickname: "Lights Out" "The American Nightmare" Figurehead: Chris Benoit Signatures: End of Heartache(kairopractor), Welcome to your Nightmare(Kudo Driver) Finishers: Nail in the coffin(Nail in the coffin), Lights Out(Steiner Screwdriver) Age: 22 Backstory: Nathan has been in the business all his life, Trained by the very best in the world. He's a student of the game. he Knows what is great for business and what is great for the fans. While some say he could be better on the mic, No one denies his technical wrestling ability or his charisma. Considered one of the very best wrestlers in the entire world with his whole career ahead of him, the WWE were looking to sign him before they went under. Now the people wonder where Nathan Sawyer will go now that WWE has fallen>
  2. *The Camera shows a dark room, Sheridan's greatest moments playing on the tv including sheridan eliminating Sawyer from the NXT Battle Royal. as the camera pans back to show Sawyer sitting on his throne in his home* "Summerslam, it was supposed to be my crowning moment, becoming NXT Champion, I was supposed to walk away with the gold and then the entire wrestling world would bow down to me, the women would beg to be with me, But that didn't happen, and I can only blame myself because i tripped over the top rope. I didn't get thrown over by Sheridan, i tripped and Fell to the floor. You just happen to take credit for the elimination and what happened? it cost you the NXT Championship. Your best moment from that match is this one right here" *Sawyer plays the clip of him hitting Welcome to your Nightmare on Sheridan* "I told you Sheridan I would show you how a real woman should be. You walk around here claiming to be "The Man" when in reality you're just a woman whose confused on what Gender she or He wants to be. Sheridan, there's no running, no hiding, No ambushes. Just you and i one on one. "The Man" *He says throwing up quotation marks* "Vs The most hated controversial figure in the history of this industry, The Real Man. I'm going to enjoy taking this arm, wrapping it across your back, and driving you face first into the canvas, covering you for the 123. But Beating you won't satisfy me, no, see what i'm going to do to you Sheridan is tear you apart limb from limb. I'm going to personally send you to your own personal hell. How will it feel Sheridan knowing that the man will fall to The Savior of the Universe. The Savior of these pathetic people. Some of them aren't even worth saving, they are worthless like you, But i'll make you worth something Sheridan cause after i totally humiliate you, ripping you limb from limb, making all your stupid little fans shed tears because their hero has fallen to the one they hate the most, I'll have you back home in the kitchen fixing me food and cleaning my house where you belong. You'll be on your knees scrubbing my floors, and then after you finish that, you'll be on your knees in the bedroom doing what you do best. Sucking." *Sawyer smirks, gets up and changes the tv channel to a funeral scene* "Look at this, It's a preview Sheridan of the end result after i destroy you in front of the world. The Death of the Man, For the whole world to see." *A wide evil smile appears on his face, his mind turning, the evil thoughts running wild* "That's it, The ppv has a new name: The Death of The Man. It'll be a sight for the ages. The Entire world attending a funeral live where they get to see their hero defeated by the evil misogynistic and racist disgusting piece of filth named Nathan Sawyer has he destroys the man. Sheridan, Your end is near and I promise you, I will personally welcome you to Hell. *He pauses for a moment and smirks with that cocky ass look on his face* "I hope you have your will signed and ready because come The ppv, it will be known as a day that lives in infamy, You wanna call yourself the man, then i'm going to beat you like a man and then when it's all said and done and that bell rings, The people will forever remember the day that will forever be known as THE DEATH OF THE MAN!" *The Scene ends with the casket and room being lit on fire* "See you soon "Sweethart" *Camera fades to black as it zoomed in on the funeral on the tv as the flames turned the casket to ash*
  3. This gets Major props from me. Just hitting Sheridan with my finisher made it worth the elimination
  4. World Heavyweight championship Winner-Seth Rollins Raw Women's Championship Winner-Charlotte Flair Enzo and Cass Cesaro wins I QUit The Dudleys Retain the Tag Team titles Sami Zayin finds some way to keep the US title despite being injured and the match of the night will go to Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton
  5. *Sawyer is there holding a poster of the NXT Championship match for Summerslam* "HEY! SELINA GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" *Selina walks over to Sawyer* Selina: "You know saying please goes along way in life" Sawyer: "Yeah, Shut up, your job is to just stand there and look pretty while i talk so do your job" *Selina looks at Sawyer in disqust, Sawyer holds up the Advertisement for the NXT Title match* Sawyer: "I have here in my hand the advertisement for the NXT Championship match, a Match that I am in by the way and the powers that be don't even have the creative department put me on the poster for summerslam, But do you know who is on the poster Selina?" *Selina moves the mic to her mouth but Sawyer Pulls it back towards him* Sawyer: "Rhetoricale question selina, stand there and don't speak, that's what your kind is best for anyway. Like i was saying, You know who is on the poster and i mean, right dead square in front? That Unintelligent, No good disgrace of woman Sheridan, Right dead square on the front. I mean look at that smug look on her face. You'd think she was the queen of England or someone of importance. See it was clear this was a decision made by a Woman to exclude me from the poster. First my t-shirt gets my name spelled wrong by a woman, and now a woman excludes me from the poster for SummerSlam. This is Exactly why Women don't need any sort of position where they have some type of power at all. Doesn't matter if it's being the boss, creating T-Shirts or in this case, in charge of creating posters for wrestling shows. Women are better off pushing out babies and staying in the kitchen. The world would be alot better off with women being unseen and unheard. Just mere Sex Objects really. I mean take Sheridan for example, She would be better off just sitting at home, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and being on her backside. Who knows, Maybe after Summerslam Selina, After i beat Sheridan and the rest of those clowns and become NXT Champion, Who knows, maybe i'll bring Sheridan home and let her know exactly what a Woman is supposed to be in Society. Sheridan, I'll be seeing you soon Babe" *Sawyer says in that smartass tone of his with a smirk on his face*
  6. @TheNathanSawyer: They must have women controlling the merch department because they misspelled my name. #UnintelligentBimbos
  7. @TheNathanSawyer: @Sheridan's best uses are in the bedroom and the porn studio from what my sources tell me. @TheNathanSawyer: Sheridan is like a door knob, Everyones had a turn. @TheNathanSawyer: I'd Call Sheridan a Cow but that would offend the Cow. @TheNathanSawyer: Heard Sheridan's favorite position is doggy, Makes sense, If i looked as ugly as her I'd hide my face during sex too. @TheNathanSawyer: To Be the Man, You have to Beat the Man. This doesn't apply to Sheridan as the only men she can beat are the one's she solicits off the streets.
  8. Posted on the twitter account of Nathan’s sawyer. @TheNathanSawyer: Just a friendly reminder that Sheridan is a weak, unintelligent woman whose services would best be used in the bedroom and the kitchen. Stepping in the ring with me would be a bad move. I’d have to apologize to my parents because the gentleman they raised abused and destroyed a poor defenseless unintelligent bimbo. @TheNathanSawyer: You know women who get in power on do so because they’ve slept their way to the top. Must explain how Sheridan wound up playing with the big boys. Too bad she can only handle the little ones
  9. Selina: Nathan, Care to comment after what just happened in the ring with Sheridan? Nathan: See this is exactly what I am talking about Selina, Women not knowing there place. You see what happened in the ring was a simple misunderstanding. Sheridan clearly forgot her place and the reason I didn’t lay a hand on her was because my parents raised a gentleman. You see she got caught in the moment. Sheridan’s Adrenaline was pumping, the people were cheering and it was just a simple Misunderstanding on her part. Selina: So you didn’t fight back because? Nathan: I didn’t fight back because like I said, my parents raised a gentleman, besides it’s clear that Sheridan is not only weaker then me but she’s also a woman Selina, and I never put my hands on a woman. Selina: So what about Summerslam, You just might have to step into the ring with her. Are you just going to not fight back? Nathan: Selina, Sheridan does not want to step into the ring with me, Because that ring is my playground , and on the Playground, The Supremacy always…Reigns supreme.
  10. TheNathanSawyer


    Name: Nathan Sawyer weight: 265 Height: 6’7 nickname: Lights Out Signitures: Kudo Driver, Kairopractior Finishers: LightsOut DDT, The Surpremacy(End of days) Hometown: Charlotte North Carolina Attire: Baron corbin/Benoit.
  11. TheNathanSawyer


    *Nathan Sawyer Is in the ring* Sawyer: It seems I caused quite a controversy with my last video. Apparently, all you sensitive little shits didn’t like the truth bomb I dropped on you. Tough Shit, Shouldn’t be so Fucking sensitive. Grow a godman pair of testicals and be a man. Speaking of Men, You know Men have been at the top of the food chain for a while now and Why is that? Could it be possible that we are just the superior gender? Could it be the fact that men have superior intellect then women? They Answer to those questions are Yes. Men are not only the superior Gender but also the Gender with Superior Intellect. Men have always been superior over women. When it comes to Military, Men always are more Superior, When it comes to Politics, The Men always beat out the women, Want an Example? Hillary fucking Clinton, That Woman couldn’t control her old man, what made you thin she could have controlled the country. The one thing the United States of America has gotten right is that no woman has ever become President. Women don’t belong in the white house. You know where else they don’t belong? In the damn Wrestling Ring.. That’s right, I said women should be allowed to go anywhere near a wrestling ring. The Best damn thing about women in wrestling was when they were nothing but rats being trade from wrestler to wrestler being treated like nothing but a piece of meat. Which is exactly all they are, Pieces of meat. It seems women forgot their place in life, their place is beneath the men and in the damn kitchen where they belong! Women belong nowhere near a damn wrestling ring or anywhere else for that matter. The only thing they deserve is to get treated like filth and the filthy dirty disgusting little pieces of trash that they are. The Best thing about women is when they are in the bedroom pleasing the men just like they are supposed to. Theres a reason Men have always been suppior to women and its time the rest of the world understood that.
  12. Monday Night Raw Preview -Following Royal Rumble, What is next for The Rock after Punk Screwed him? -CM Punk and Paul Heyman will address last nights controversy -What are John Cena’s thoughts now that he’s slated to face CM Punk for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania? -Team Hell No are still dysfunctional as ever -What is next for World Champion Alberto Del Rio after defeating The Big Show? Plus The United States and Intercontinental Champions are in action, Eve Defends the Diva’s Championship and much more!
  13. The pyro goes off as The crowd cheers here in Phoenix Arizona!. The bell rings as Lillian Garcia says the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the world heavyweight championship! The big shows music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Lilian: Introducing first weighing in a over 500 pounds, he is the challenger for the world heavyweight championship, The Big Show! *JBL and Cole recap the last few weeks of Smackdown showing how Del Rio became champion and how the match came about* *Backstage we see Del Rio walking with Ricardo when they are stopped by Bret Hart who endorses Del rio, Ricardo becomes a Mark for the Hitman and in return Hitman puts his Glasses on Ricardo as Del rio tells Ricardo his match is next* *We get back to ringside to where Cole, JBL and King introduce The Spanish announce team, Lilian Introduces Del Rio’s personal Ring Announcer Ricardo Rodriquez* Ricardo says something in Spanish then says: ALBERTO DELLLLLLLLLL RRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIOOOOOO! *Del Rio’s music hits as The World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring to the cheers of the fans.* *The Bell rings as the match begins, Big show taking Del Rio to the corner and delivering some of his vicisous chops, Del rio tries to get some offense in but Show just regains control. Show is dominate in the early parts of the match, reminding the fans of the Big Show of old. Big Show decides that his hands aren’t enough to do damage and he decides to grab a chair. He takes his time which allows Del rio some Time to recover. As Show is getting in the ring, Del Rio kicks the Top Rope which causes Show to fall in the ring and drop the chair. The Fans begin to cheer as Del Rio picks up the chair, He points to Show as the fans begin to chant Si with every chair shot. After many Chair Shots, The Ref begins to count: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 1- No Big Show makes it up before the count of 10. Del Rio is on the middle rope now with the chair in hand, He Jumps off but Big Show Catches him and Delivers a Choke Slam. Del Rio is down, Big Show is Groggy on the Ropes, as the ref is on the count of 5, Show walks over and picks up Del Rio breaking the count, He Throws Del Rio out of the ring and soon follows him. He Takes Del Rio and Battles up the ramp as he is just dominating Del Rio 10 minutes into the match. Big Show looks around and sees a table, He Grabs it and sets it up. He Tells the Crowd he’s about to finish it when he grabs Del Rio and Chokeslams him through the table. The Ref begins the count, Slowly counting to 10, Del Rio gets up at the count of 9 and then falls back down, breaking the count. Big Show clearly upset, Grabs Del Rio and starts beating him all the way back to the ring. He Gets him to into the ring, and Begins to set up for the KO Punch, Del rio slowly gets up, Show goes to deliver the KO Punch, Del Rio ducks and Hits Show with a Enziguri, this rocks big show, Del Rio then Hits another, Big Show goes to a knee. Del rio grabs a Chair and then hits Show in the back of the head, Knocking him out for a 10 count as Alberto Del Rio Successfully Retains the World Heavyweight Championship @15:45 *We cut backstage to where Matt Striker is standing by with Mr.MITB Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E.* Matt Striker: Dolph you outlast Sheamus and Randy Orton in the beat the clock challenge- Dolph Ziggler: Yeah yeah, Vickie Guerrero knows there is no difference between one and two when it comes to the royal rumble match. So tonight, Im going to enter the royal rumble at number one. I’m going to go on to wrestlemania and become the new WWE Champion and then Im going to cash in and become the First Ever Unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion on the grandest stage of them all then everyone will know exactly why I am the Show Off! *Team Rhodes Scholars music hits as they make their way to the ring for the tag team title match* *Kanes Music hits as Team Hell No makes their way to the ring to defend their tag team titles* The Bell Rings as Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes start the match, Neither man can one up each other. There’s a clear indication here that both men are evenly matched. Damien Sandow ask for a tag from cody, Cody tags in Damien as Bryan Tags in kane. Kane and Sandow stare each other down, Sandow then begins to get into a battle of wits with Kane, who just delivers a throat chop to Sandow sending him to the canvas. Kane begins his assault on Sandow in the corner as he begins laying in a fury of punches, Cody screaming in his corner for Sandow to get free. Kane grabs Sandow by the arm and makes the tag to Daniel bryan. Bryan grabs the arm but is raked in the eyes by Sandow, the ref admonishes Sandow who begins to gain the upper hand on Bryan. Sandow showing off his mat wrestling capabilities with one of the best technical wrestlers in the world today. Sandow makes a tag to cody who locks in a chin lock on Bryan Slowing the match down a bit. Daniel Bryan is trying to fire the people up asking for their help, Cody shaking his head and yelling no and shut up. Daniel fights up and delivers a couple elbows to cody as he goes to hit the ropes only for Cody to pull Bryan down by his hair. Cody makes a tag to Sandow as Sandow hits the Cubito Aequet or the Elbow of Disdain, he goes for a cover but bryan kicks out at two. Sandow can’t believe it. He goes on a range and begins to kick Bryan while he is down, Kane enters the ring as does cody. A big brawl ensues by all four men, kane sends cody to the outside with a big boot. Sandow turns his attentions to Kane, Kane grabs Sandow by the throat and hit a Chokeslam as Daniel Bryan makes the cover for the three count. Winners and Still Tag Team Champions Team Hell no! @12:21 *We get a video package telling the fans the stats of the Royal Rumble* *Justin Roberts is standing in the ring as he explains the Royal Rumble Rules when Dolph Ziggler’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring* *Ziggler cuts a quick little promo as Chris Jericho’s music hits as he is returning to the WWE at the number two position* The match starts and Ziggler and Jericho trade some words before locking up and doing some standard wrestling. Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Time Eliminations[18] 1 Dolph Ziggler 27 Sheamus 49:47 2 2 Chris Jericho 25 Dolph Ziggler 47:53 2 3 Cody Rhodes 12 John Cena 27:39 4 4 Kofi Kingston 9 Cody Rhodes 22:18 2 5 Santino Marella 1 00:55 0 6 Drew McIntyre 2 Chris Jericho 02:40 0 7 Titus O'Neil 3 Sheamus 07:30 0 8 Goldust 5 Cody Rhodes 09:41 0 9 David Otunga 4 Sheamus 04:24 0 10 Heath Slater 11 John Cena 15:49 1 11 Sheamus 28 Ryback 37:23 5 12 Tensai 7 Kofi Kingston 05:37 0 13 Brodus Clay 6 Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Darren Young, Heath Slater & Sheamus 03:47 0 14 Rey Mysterio 13 Wade Barrett 15:43 0 15 Darren Young 8 Kofi Kingston 02:51 1 16 Bo Dallas 21 Wade Barrett1 21:42 1 17 The Godfather 10 Dolph Ziggler 00:05 0 18 Wade Barrett 20 Bo Dallas 20:34 2 19 John Cena - Winner 26:39 4 20 Damien Sandow 22 Ryback 16:26 0 21 Daniel Bryan 16 Antonio Cesaro & Kane2 07:55 2 22 Antonio Cesaro 18 John Cena 08:50 1 23 The Great Khali 14 Daniel Bryan & Kane 03:08 0 24 Kane 15 Daniel Bryan 01:46 2 25 Zack Ryder 17 Randy Orton 02:34 0 26 Randy Orton 26 Ryback 10:20 1 27 Jinder Mahal 19 Sheamus 02:10 0 28 The Miz 24 Ryback 05:08 0 29 Sin Cara 23 03:27 0 30 Ryback 29 John Cena 09:06 5 The Winner of the Royal Rumble match at the 56:06 mark and going to Wrestlemania to either face The Rock or CM Punk, JOHN CENA! *The key points in the Royal Rumble match* -Ziggler and Jericho feud gets reignited -Goldust returns and sets his sights on Cody Rhodes -John Cena gets his redemption and gets his mania match *The Camera cuts backstage where The Rock is standing by to get interviewed by Matt Striker* Matt: Now Rock tonight you have the chance to do something historic and that’s end the reign of CM Punk as WWE Champion and win your 8th WWE Championship, my question is, what is running through your mind at this moment? *The Rock pauses as the fans cheer* The Rock: FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO PHENOIX ARIZONA! Matt Striker you ask the Rock what’s going through his mind, The answer is this. I’m going to open up a grade A can of whoop ass on CM Punk, tonight in front of the millions! *Fans chant Millions* and Millions of the Rock Fans and tonight The Rock will become the next WWE Champion and go on to main event Wrestlemania! If you smellllllllll what the rock! Is Cooking *We get a promo package highlighting the Feud between The Rock and CM Punk* *Cult of Personality hits as CM Punk makes his way to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman. The Champion showing a arrogance on his face as he knows he has a ace in the hole so to speak. Punk as cocky as ever taunts in the ring as Heyman holds the WWE Championship high for all the world to see.* *Theres a pause as theres a chill in the arena as the fans are waiting for the rock to make his entrance* *IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!* *The fans come unglued to see The Rock make his way to the ring, Rock stops on the ramp to take it all in. He makes his way to the ring and Steps onto the middle rop in the corner and raises his arm in the arm, the fans going nuts. The Rock gets into the ring and the Crowd is pumped and ready for the Main Event of the lifetime* Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for One Fall and is for the WWE Championship! Introducing first the challenger from Miami Florida weighing in at 235 pounds, The ROCK! And introducing the champion- *He gets cut off by paul heyman* Paul Heyman- Ladies and Gentleman introducing the reigning and defending WWE Champion! From Chicago Illinois! The BEST IN THE WORLD C M PUNK! *The Bell rings as Rock and punk have a staredown, they share some words unaudible to the cameras, They lock up and do some old school wrestling, neither man getting the better hand of each other, Punk being the heel he rakes Rocks eyes and begins to take control of the match, He taunts Rock and the Crowd at every move. Punk has the upper hand here when Rock begins firing back, the fans cheering with every punch the rock delivers. The Rock Grabs put and sets up for a Rock Bottom, Punk gets out of it and hits Rock with a Kick to the head. The match has been a great one with ups and downs at every moment. The Rock locking in a sharpshooter on Punk, Punk Locking in a anaconda vice on Rock. Punk hitting a GTS on Rock for rock to kick out at 2 and three quarters. The Ending of the match would occur on the outside of the ring when Rock and punk are battleing inside the ring when the lights go out and The Shield triple powerbomb Rock, when the lights come back on, punk is covering Rock as Punk gets the 3 count defeating the rock to retain the WWE Championship. *Vince McMahons Music hits* VKM: Punk, I suppose you think everyone here is stupid, I’m cutting your celebration short because I told you if The Shield interfered that I would strip you of the WWE Championship and that is exactly what I am going to do. So as The Chairman of the board- *The Rock on the outside of the ring has a mic* The Rock- No No that is not how this night will end, Vince, Punk wants to win with the help of the shield then restart this match as a no dq match! VKM: You heard him time keeper! RING THE BELL! *The Match restarted, Rock back in the ring, he drops punk with a rock bottom and hits a peoples elbow, he covers Punk but Paul Heyman breaks up the three count. The Rock turns his attention to Heyman, He Grabs Heyman and hits a rock bottom on Heyman, Punk is back up now as Rock has his back turned, Punk title in hand he Nails the rock with the title, picks him up and hits a GTS as the ref counts 3!* Justin Roberts: Your winner of the match! And Still WWE CHAMPION! CM PUNK! *The crowd reigns down boos as Punk stands victorious over the great one, he holds the WWE Title high over his head as Rock is Laying bloodied on the canvas as Royal Rumble comes to a close*
  14. The Year is 2013, two years after the summer of punk, CM Punk is the WWE Champion having held the championship since survivor series 2011. His alignment with Paul Heyman has many fans questioning his judgement. He's set his sights on The Rock who on Raw 1000 said he would challenge the WWE Champion to a match at Royal Rumble for the Championship. In the up coming months, CM Punk would Align himself with paul heyman and the rock would be in Hollywood promoting Fast & Furious 7 while appearing on Raw via satellite to cut promos on CM Punk. Meanwhile John Cena has been wanting another match with the rock for a long time ever since that devastating loss to Rock at Mania in Miami last year. Question is, Will both the Rock and John Cena get what they want, or will CM Punk prevail over Rock and Cena be stuck fighting Punk at mania. This Diary starts at the Royal Rumble in 2013. The Main Event The Rock vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship
  15. Here are the Owner Goals that Vince McMahon has assigned me, With that being said, I want you the people assign me goals i must achieve as booker of the WWF.
  16. For Those Interested to see how WCW faired up against Monday Night Raw Is War. Notes from WCW: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have turned Babyface
  17. WWF Monday Night Raw January 3rd 2000 **Kevin Dunn Cues the Rocks Music in the truck** The Rock: “FINALLY THE ROCK AS COME BACK TO St. Paul Minnesota!” *Fans go nuts* “The Rock says in three weeks time, we have a pay per view called the Royal Rumble. 30 superstars compete to earn the right to go to wrestlemania to become WWF Champion. The Rock Says” *Triple H and Stephanies Music interrupts them* Triple H: “Now Rock, Don’t be getting ahead of yourself like these morons here in Minnesota, The Royal Rumble is indeed in 3 weeks time at Madison Square Garden. I’m not wrestling that night, Stephanie has the night off, Hell Rock I’m feeling generous cause it’s new years that im gonna give you the night off at the rumble as well” The Rock: “Jabroni, You have 3 seconds and The Rock Means 3 Seconds to know your damn role and shut your mouth! Cause it’s like this, The Rock is indeed going to the royal Rumble but you won’t have to worry about me kicking your ass all over the Garden Triple H because The Rock is throwing his name into the hat as one of the 30 superstars to enter the royal rumble match and One by one by damn one The Rock is going to throw superstars over the top rope till it is down to just one….The Great One who will head to WrestleMania to kick your rudi poo candy ass!” Triple H: “Good for you rock but let’s see if you even make it to The Royal Rumble because tonight you’re going to step into the ring with Mankind and the Big Show in a triple Threat match and the Loser is Fired from the World Wrestling Federation.” *Triple H music hits as we go to commercial* Segment Rating: 100 Match 1 Hardcore title match Big Boss Man vs Crash Holly *The Match has been one sided with Big Boss Man dominating Crash Holly, Bossman looks to have the Hardcore title successfully defend when he gets a little too cocky taunting to the crowd and Crash Holly School boys him and holds his vest for the victory to become the new hardcore Champion* Match Rating:62 **The Camera cuts to the APA Office where APA are enjoying a game of poker when the Outlaws barge in** Road Dogg: “Hey you I hear you’re in the protection business, well guess what, the tag team champions what some protection and we want you to do your damn jobs and protect us” Bradshaw:” Now wait just a damn minute boy, We don’t do nothing for free so unless you paying you need to get to stepping before we get to stepping all over your asses” Billy Gunn: “Wait wait wait you boys don’t get it do you? We run the show so you do as we say when we say it” Farrooq:” Oh is that so?” The Outlaws: “Yeah” **Bradshaw and Farrooq flip the table over on The Outlaws and start beating the shit out of them, the outlaws are laying on the floor** Bradshaw: “You ruined our damn card game you sorry son bitches” Rating:93 Match 2 The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz *It’s a typical Dudley vs Hardys match, The Hardys catch The Dudleys after Matt Catches D-von with a twist of fate after D-von attempted to his saving grace while bubba had the ref distracted until Jeff hit bubba off the apron* Rating:73 *After the match, Bubba and D-von attack the Hardys, they get the advantage and put the hardys through tables* Rating:84 Match 3 Tag Team Match Al Snow and Steve Blackman vs Chyna and Chris Jericho **Al Snow is trying to get Steve Blackman to have some personality meanwhile Jericho and Chyna are still fueding over who the rightful Intercontinental Champion is. The Match is a short one as The Distraction by Al Snow causes Steve Blackman to get powerbombed and lionsaulted by Jericho and Chyna as the Co Intercontinental Champions get the win** Rating:71 *Jericho and Chyna are still in the ring, Each with a microphone in hand* Jericho: “Look Chyna, The Entire world knows that I am the rightful Intercontinental Champion and You shouldn’t be anywhere near this championship. The Fact is, The Ayatollah of Rock Rolla is the best damn Intercontinental Champion this company has had in a long time. Chyna you need to know your place woman and that is in the kitchen making Y2J a PB and J!” Chyna: “Jericho, You want to be the Intercontinental Champion? Then why don’t you meet me at the royal rumble and we will find out who the true Intercontinental Champion truly is?” *Before Jericho could answer Bob Holly music hits* Hardcore Holly: “Now wait just a damn minute, I’m the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship and I demand to have my title match at the royal rumble.” *Stephanie music hits as she walks out on stage* Stephanie McMahon Helmsley: “Now Now no need to get hostile Bob, You will get your match at the royal rumble, against both Chris Jericho and Chyna in a triple Threat Match to crown the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion oh and Jericho, Chyna, If there is any violence between the two of you between now and the royal rumble, You can consider yourselves champions no more if you catch my drift” *Stephanies music plays as we go to commercial* Segment Rating:96 *We Come back to JR and King at the Announce Desk as they speak about tonights main event between Rock, Mankind and Big Show, Recapping the opening of Raw* JR: “You know King, I don’t know what Triple H is trying to do by putting The Rock, The Big Show and Mankind in a triple Threat match where the person who gets pinned or submitted is fired from the WWF. That just ain’t right King.” King: “Oh Now come on JR you’re telling me you can’t picture a WWF without The Rock, Big Show or Mankind? It’s gonna be great not having one of them around to make Triple H and Stephanies life a living hell anymore! The WWF isn’t big enough for the three of them and one of them has to go!” JR: “Well I hope you enjoy the fact someone won’t be able to support their family anymore and that someone won’t be able to pay their bills and won’t be able to wrestle in the WWF, Anyway folks coming up next is a European Championship Match between Val Venis and The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith” Segment Rating:78 Match 4 European Title Match Val Venis (C) Vs British Bulldog *The Match goes for about 12 minutes, a good even contest between the Champion and Challenger, The Ending of the match came when the Bulldog brought the European title in the ring, the ref saw him, took the title away which gave the bulldog enough time to hit a low blow on Val Venis and hit his running powerslam to become the new European Champion* Rating:71 *The Camera cuts to the Interview area where Michael Cole is standing by with Mankind* Michael Cole: “Im standing here with Mankind and Mankind your career is on the line as is the Rock’s and Big Shows tonight in the main event” Mankind: “You know Michael Cole, triple H is playing a deadly game here, He’s playing with three people’s lively hood. He’s trying to take food off the table of the foley family. Triple H, You may be trying to pull the strings but I promise you no one in the triple threat match tonight are your puppets. You want to get rid of us because you know that myself, The Rock and The Big Show are all threats to your world championship title reign. You know for a fact that Myself, The Rock and The Big show at any given moment could break you in half and My career may end tonight but I promise you this, I will not go away quietly because I will hunt you down and I will beat you within a inch of your life and I promise you that you will not..Have a nice Day!” Segment Rating:80 Rating:53 Match 5 Tag Team title match New Age Outlaws(C) Vs Edge and Christian *The Match goes on for about 12 minutes, a evenly contested bout between the Outlaws and Edge and Christian. No team able to get the upper hand on each other, After a double clothesline that has both Edge and Billy Gunn down, Both Road Dogg and Christian are waiting for the tag when the APA music hits as they come down to the ring and Lay waste to Road Dogg and Billy Gunn causing a Disqualification keeping the titles with the Outlaws. Edge and Christian are upset at this and attempt to confront the APA only for Bradshaw to hit Christian with a Clothesline for Hell and Farooq hitting edge with the dominator.* Rating:77 *The Titantron shows The Rock, Mankind and Big Show all getting ready for the main event next* Rating for The Rock:75 Rating for Mankind: 77 Rating for Big Show:78 *Triple H and Stephanie’s music hits as they make their way to the announce table to do color for the main event* Rating:85 Main Event Loser is fired from WWF triple Threat match The Big Show vs Mankind vs The Rock *The Main Event goes on for 20 minutes and it’s a superb match, a even contest between three of the WWF’s finest. No man seeming to get the upper hand on each other. Triple H taking shots at each one on commentary. The Big Show attempts to go for a chokeslam on Mankind when the rock breaks it up and hits a spine buster. The Fans go nuts as the tells mankind to drop the elbow on The Big Show. The Fans pop huge when mankind hits the elbow, Mankind offers a hand shake to The Rock, the Rock shakes his hand then drops him with a rock bottom for the one two three as the Rock is victorious in this loser is fired triple threat match. The Rock doesn’t celebrate but instead he picks up mankind, shakes his hand and wishes him luck. They share some words that the camera cant pick up, triple H laughing at Mankind when both Mankind and the rock turn their attention to Triple H, Triple H’s smug look on his face disappears when he gets surrounded by both Mankind and the rock, Triple H tries to fight them both off but is unsuccessful. The Rock sends Triple H back into the ring where Mankind is waiting, Triple H is staring at The Rock, taunting the Rock to get into the ring when he turns around into a Mandible Claw, Mankind then lets go and sends Triple H into the Rock who delivers a Rock Bottom as the fans go nuts. Mankind Raises his hand in the air as the Rock’s music plays to end Raw is War* Rating for the match: 88 Rating for the Ending Segment:77 Overall Show Rating: 89 A Notes: Popularity got increased in 30 regions Notes as we head into Smackdown Thursday: How will triple H deal with The Rock after the attack by Rock and a now fired Mankind? What's next for the Dudleys and the Hardys as they head to their tag team elimination tables match at the royal rumble. APA and Outlaws fueding over the tag team titles, What's next for Chris Jericho and Chyna as they try to coexist as co Intercontinental champions? Find out more on Smackdown!
  18. I Know i started a montreal aftermath diary but that is getting to be taxing on me trying to do two companies at one time so i thought id go to a time period in wrestling where the tides really started to turn in the wrestling world. ECW had its National TV deal with TNN, WCW was on the outs with Time Warner as Time Warner was in talks to merge with America online( AOL) and losing money and stars to the competition WWF. WWF is in the midst of a power struggle as Vince has been away since Armageddon 1999 where his daughter Stephanie turned her back on her dear old daddy, shane hasn't been seen since then either, Steve Austin is out of action with a neck injury, Undertaker walked away from The WWF in Late 1999 at Unforgiven, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley have become the most powerful couple in wrestling, Using their power to favor their DX buddies and give Triple H the Ultimate power as the WWF Champion. The Wrestling World is rising has NJPW looks to bring in more Gaijin and build some home grown stars like Hiroshi Tanahashi. The Year 2000 is shaping up to be a interesting year for the world of professional wrestling.
  19. **The Following Video Does not express the views or opinions of Brendan Playz Wrestling or any other wrestling organization** **The Video starts by showing a wall full of old pictures of the kkk grand masters and the confederate flag hanging on the wall when a voice is heard along with freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd** **"You know, this country used to be great, Used to have honor, pride and dignity. We were a proud nation, a nation under one god and a nation that enjoyed times of prosperity, that was until one day, the minorities took over. First it was you cotton picking moron blacks, then it became the cubans in Florida and now its the damn mexicans hoping our boarders and taking our jobs from our people"** **The Video then shows news reports about the jobs being sent overseas and the unemployment rate of whites being higher then amongst minorities** **"The Minorities have replaced my race at the top of the food chain. The Minorities have embarrassed my race for the last god damn time. FIrst i'm gonna take out you cotton picking moron wannabe african morons, then it'll be you sorry ass mexicans who wanna come to my god damn country and take jobs of the hard working americans who live eat sleep and breath this damn country, And then by god it'll be you *Censored* outback jackasses from Australia, The Best damn part of you died when Steve Erwin got killed in the ocean. you sorry son bitches"** **The Camera then shows images of people on the wall, Sameer, Bailey, Slim, and Brenden** "Now i know what you're thinking, what does anything i've said have to do with wrestling? well i'll tell you. You see wrestling is dominated by the minorities. There is the Premium Champion and Current world Champion Sameer, that **Censored** piece of dog shit, You have something i want you son of a bitch. I want that Premium championship and if i could i'd beat your ass and take that world title from you and then send you back to where your kind came from." "Then there is Bailey, The Challenger for the World Championship, He's like the rest of the world, leaching off the success of others because he can't achieve it on his own." "Then there is Slim, That piece of trash couldn't lace my boots let along carry my bags. He needs to join the unemployment line then maybe he might become relevant with the street trash." "Now we get to you....Brenden, you run around power hungry, your head shoved so far up your own ass your brushing your teeth with the shit you ate for breakfast. Brenden, You are the ultimate example of what i am talking about. The Minority taking over my Race. Americans are better then anyone in the world, but only the White Americans are the most important americans. You see we tried letting the black man run our country it almost caused another war, Almost like you running this joke of a company Brenden. You are losing power and don't even know it. You are causing a war to be brought upon you and your company. A War that shall be remembered for ages. I am Taking the War to the Minorities! First it'll be the **Censored** cotton picking morons! Then i'll send you Australians to join your**Censored** mate Steve Erwin in hell because the White Man is the only race that will dominate this company and this world! The White Americans will not stand for this any longer! And I will be the one to bring my Race back to the top of the food chain! You will bow down to the white man or the White Man will kick your **Censored** ass!" **The Video Ends showing the Pictures of Bailey, Sameer, Slim and Brenden Burning as White America Plays**
  20. NMCW APRIL RESULTS TV and PPV Finacials Popularity and Medical
  21. Needs More Lights Out Nathan Sawyer Negative 5 Stars
  22. NMCW FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH TV, PPV, And Ratings and Buy Rate

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