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  1. I was gonna do a YouTube video about a topic where i know ill get a lot of hate. However i dont care i think its worth talking and debating about. So my video will be about is triple h over rated as a backstage booker/ will he take wwe up???


    I think probably yes but looking at facts. Nxt has not made any money as far as i could research. However its not there to make money i still belive it should earn more.


    Also 205 live rating went down under hhh. Enzo was the best 205 live champion dont at me. 


    Hhh is my favourite of all time but i will still criticise and talk about hes weakness let me know what u all think 

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    2. Yt-alfmeister


      Firstly+yeah+the+ratings+is+down+to+him+lol+he+controls+the+show+so+its+down+to+hhh.+I+know+nxt+is+not+gonna+make+money+however+i+should+be+making+a+lot+more.+Even+ovw+made+money.+Nxt+signs+every+big+name+in+the+world+nearly.+So+its+a+fact+that+the+matches+will+be+good+its+not+down+to+hhh+about+in+ring+quality+that+would+be+with+the+wrestlers+and+with+the agents.+However+i+do+understand+ur+pionts



    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      to be fair there are a list of names in NXT Triple H either didn't push or let go for some odd reason

      Sami Callihan eddie edwards juice robinson Tessa blanchard sawyer fulton

      people triple h didnt push in NXT Nikki cross Lacey Evans tye dillinger hideo itami i could go on on and on but 'm not

    4. BrendenPlayz


      NXT is never going to make money paying 100 guys 100K a year and only trying to sell out 500 seat arenas. It doesn't need to make money when the main part of the company generates millions.

  2. O ok well thanks i guess i just want advice not people keep telling me the same thing with respect
  3. Why does everyone keep saying join the discord like is that the only thing people use...
  4. I feel like the fan reaction has died down for the womens match. The booking has been so bad they tired too hard. The universal title match is no where near the main event seth is just getting boring imo but hopefully tonights raw will build it up. The fan reaction is 100% highest for kofi but i dont it should majn event just because its only been a month build up. The match with the best build is hhh vs bastia I think womens will and should main event becky has been great and tbh i like charlottle more and ronda is good also. I dont like have wwe has been calling everything fake! When ur watching game of thrones they dont tell u half eay through "o yeah its only a movie its all bs".. sorry thats just something thats really ruins wwe atm for me..but the womens will main event will be the womens match and hopefully they can do betting booking of it.
  5. Hey ive been doing yt for a while and my universe mode takes me a really long because of my booking ideas but i still dont get any views. I dont about views i just want peoples reactions and reviews of my shows. Anyone got any advice?
  6. Hey ive been doing yt for a  while and my universe mode takes me a really long because of my booking ideas but i still dont get any views. I dont about views i just want peoples reactions and reviews of my shows. Anyone got any advice 

    1. BrendenPlayz


      post a link to your videos

    2. Yt-alfmeister


      @BrendenPlayzWas not sure if i could. I dont even care about views because of money or bs. I just really want peoples reactions and reviews of my shows 

  7. @I Can't Odd thanks bro its on my yt channel i do try my best. Miz is in s fraction with Kevin sami and Tony
  8. @Sameer thanks mate just hope to find someone to help me with my youtube and just wrestleing mates
  9. @Julius thanks i don't have discord tho.
  10. @The Marker i will try to mate thank u
  11. Wtf honestly everyone on here is so nice its weird but in a good way@BrendenPlayz
  12. @Arius mm thanks i guess but i dont have a pc or the game i just like watching
  13. @Hans thanks mate im just hoping to get some new mates and hopefully help with my youtube
  14. Hello everyone im gonna do a video on my yt channel alfmeister. About whos the best champion of every championship Eg universal champion- 205 live champion Feel free to message me what u think
    1. Bart


      Yeah, I love it. Best one yet imo

    2. Yt-alfmeister


      Yeah its amazing wish i could make stuff that good for my YouTube universe mode 

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