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  1. Can't wait for this match. I think Triple H wins though, mostly because he will "avenge" ric flair.
  2. I like the big 4 more but takeovers have amazing matches!
  3. I'm fine with it being 5 hours as long as it starts early like at 6 or 7.
  4. This match looks interesting and I think Miz will win judging by how the miz is now face but this is one of the most anticipated matches for me.
  5. I have my money on Murphy retaining, but I enjoy watching Murphy and Nese matches and i'm sure this will be an exciting and great match.
  6. It would be cool if she would put a shocking return in a womens championship match just like new day did.. But I would like to see her enter herself in the raw womens championship match and win it!
  7. Definitly the reverse battle royale
  8. Episode 26: A Dream rematch! (nxt) We start out with kairi sane challenging the new NXT Womens champion, Shayna Bazler to a match at the next takeover. Bazler accepts the challenge. 1st match: Johnny Gargano vs Chris Hero (Ohno):Johnny Gargano wins and will challenge the NXT Champion, Aliesteir black, at the next takeover. 2nd match: Velvateen dream announces that if he beats adam cole and oney lorcan in a triple threat match that he will fight the North American champion, angelo dawkins, at the next NXT ppv. Dream would win the match by doing an elbow drop to adam cole. main event :Roderick Strong vs Angelo Dawkins: Roderick Strong would win with help from bobby fish and kyle o'reily. Show closer: Alesteir Black would say that Lars Sullivan will be added to the Gargano v Black match at the next nxt ppv and Sullivan came out and beat black down but then gargano came out and teamed up with black to beat up Sullivan and Sullivan would leave the ring in a strectcher. Meanwhile Black would do a Black Mass immediately to Gargano while he would leave the ring. Next time: The Cruiserweight Championship is on the line between Cederick ALexander and a mystery opponent! Current Champions for NXT (total days): Nxt Championship: Alesteir Black (503) days! NXT Tag Team Champions: The Undisputed Era (663) days! NXT Women's Championship: Shayna Baszler (136) days! NXT North American Championship: Angelo Dawkins (157) days! United Kingdom Championship: Roderick Strong (38) days! (By the way, these are the total number of days the person has held the title for combined days, which means I combine their 1st reign and 2nd reign and so far, Or just their first reign)
  9. R-Truth got the new john cena name when he beat cena for the us title once but then lost it to nakamura
  10. I think reys son will get involved and I think joe wins
  11. Current SD live champions WWE Champion: Samoa Joe (163 days) United States Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura (99 days) Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Usos (329 days) Smackdown Womens Champion: Charlotte Flair (548 days) By the way this is the amount of days they have had for total, like say charlotte has won the title 3 times, that means I have combined the number of days for all 3 of her titles.
  12. We start out with the United States champion Shinsuke Nakamura enter the ring calling out the "New John cena" R-Truth and then after the promo nakamura would attack and beat down R-Truth. First match: sanity vs The Bar: The Bar would win my a massive brogue kick to alexander wolfe. 2nd match: Carmella Charlotte vs Naomi and Maryse (with Miz): Carmella would win with a kick to Naomi but later would attack her partner charlotte. 3rd match: The Club vs John cena and Aj styles: Aj Styles would win with a phenomenal forearm delivered to Anderson. 4th match : Jeff hardy and Shelton Benjamin vs New day: New day wins and after the match Benjamin and hardy announced they will be in mens MITB match. 5th match: Daniel Bryan vs Kane: Bryan wins by a yes lock. main event for SD Tag titles: Usos vs Bludgeon bros (c): Usos would win with a double superkick to rowan.
  13. Hoping that winning this match gives you a title opportunity or something like that because all the winner gets is a trophy. I think Strowman or Sullivan will win this because Strowman hasn't had the best time this year and the Battle Royale match will be a good place for Sullivan to debut.
  14. Corbin really doesn't seem like a final opponent for Angle at WrestleMania. They could have done somebody better like John Cena, The Undertaker, Shelton Benjamin, or even his son Jason Jordan. Asides from that, I think Kurt Angle will and should win because i'm quite sure if Corbin wins the wwe universe will be upset as hell.
  15. "Big Dick" Willams or Dick Willams. Nationality: America Skin Tone: White. Height: 6'7 Weight:202 Position: PG Strength: rebounds (2 points) Weakness: Defense Tendencies: shots close up (rebounds)
  16. It has to be between Mortal Kombat and smash bros. I would have a heart attack if they did Mortal Kombat vs smash bros.
  17. Definitly would say R-Truth beating shinsuke nakamura for the title.
  18. Murphy is an amazing champion and does great matches for the championship and I think he should lose it at mania but in a good match.
  19. This is a match I've been wanting on WrestleMania for a long time! The promo between them was amazing and I hope the battle is as well.
  20. Rick and Morty is funny and so is The Office so maybe you could watch those.
  21. I plan on getting Mortal Kombat 11 and maybe some Raw vs Smackdown wrestling games.
  22. Name: Jake Fox Born: 4/3/94 Set to Debut: Day after BPZMania or week after BPZMania. Gender:Male Race: White Nationality: U.S.A Active Wrestler Style: Striker, High-flyer. Body Type: Sorta Muscular. Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum size: Cruiserweight Maximum size; Light Heavyweight. Signature: Fox Splash (swanton bomb) Finisher: Fox Tail (Black Mass) Face Gimmick: Ready to fight anybody. Heel Gimmick: (Like Drew McIntyre.) Mask: None Hair: Short Black Favored role: Wrestler Bio: homeless, but now is wrestling to show that you can come from anywhere and still be successful in life.

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