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  1. I gonna win the rumble

    1. Slim


      Too bad you're not in the match..

    2. Jonathan


      All right R-Truth

  2. J0SH

    Your Posting Milestones

  3. Hey prince of positivity I'm the king bitch

  4. Can someone un ban me from chat plz

    1. Steve


      Why you got banned

  5. I trolled every one

    1. ...


      Scrub Spotted

    2. Keirso


      Scrub in the area, I repeat scrub in the area!

  6. J0SH

    Your Posting Milestones

    235 not much
  7. J0SH

    Your Reputation Milestones

    Double Digits 10
  8. J0SH

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy late birthday to Prince
  9. Who won the MITB match Bash or Joh

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jonathan
    3. FDS


      bash wtf are you talking about joh beat you

    4. Bash


      It was a tie but because of champion's advantage JOH WON.

  10. J0SH

    Happy Birthday Thread

    ok if its your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  11. J0SH

    What's on your mind?

    Whats on my mind is why do PS4's have to be so expensive :(
  12. 225 trophies on PS

  13. I got ripped off I paid 9.99 for premium now I dont have it

    1. bailey14


      Calm down. Must be a mistake. Brenden should fix it