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Everything posted by J0SH

  1. I gonna win the rumble

    1. Slim


      Too bad you're not in the match..

    2. Jonathan


      All right R-Truth

  2. Hey prince of positivity I'm the king bitch

  3. Can someone un ban me from chat plz

    1. Steve


      Why you got banned

  4. I trolled every one

    1. CPE


      Scrub Spotted

    2. Keirso


      Scrub in the area, I repeat scrub in the area!

  5. Happy late birthday to Prince
  6. Who won the MITB match Bash or Joh

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jonathan
    3. FDS


      bash wtf are you talking about joh beat you

    4. Bashka


      It was a tie but because of champion's advantage JOH WON.

  7. ok if its your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  8. Whats on my mind is why do PS4's have to be so expensive :(
  9. 225 trophies on PS

  10. Premium fixed :)

  11. I got ripped off I paid 9.99 for premium now I dont have it

    1. bailey14


      Calm down. Must be a mistake. Brenden should fix it

  12. Ryback vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns for the No.1 contendership.
  13. Want to become u.s champ

  14. That would be a really good match to finish their carrers
  15. Probably skylanders my brother has it and I had a turn and it sucks

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