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  1. I did see Killer Kross post a poll about where he did want to go and honestly I think he truly cares about the fans he has established due to the fact he's not always been this guy who's been in the major leagues and is very humble. Kross has the build and microphone skill to succeed in either AEW or WWE but I believe like Bart that he would be a bigger star in AEW due to the lack of Star Power that currently lies within the company. However a good thing that WWE has is that his girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux is working for the company and Kross is most definitely his girl's biggest supporter. Kross can do well in NXT and WWE retrospectively if he is given chance to prove that his character is one people should be invested behind especially since he trademarked his name the other day.
  2. I am very much indifferent between the encounter between Humberto and Andrade. I'm hoping Andrade is able to retain the belt but I swear to god if they make Zelina turn on him,I won't be the happiest individual.
  3. Where had he been? Where had The Tiger been after his loss at Night of Legends alongside Death Notorious Angel? It was a brutal contest between all those involved and whilst it ended with him on his back covered in marks of pain, it wasn't all bad. In fact getting brutalised by Firing Squad was an experience that would benefit him going forward. Perhaps it would be wise for The Tiger to form some alliances with others within the company because it was clear that DNA and himself were not going to be teaming up again anytime soon. A rather sinister sounding laugh could be heard as something could be heard being dragged along steel grates. It seemed that The Tiger was in a warehouse of some kind with the noise beginning to bang against some steel steps, it was clear that he had a weapon with him with the sound continuing to linger until it suddenly stopped with the only sound heard being him unlocking a door slowly switching the lights on as the tall intimidating man took a seat glancing straight into the camera placing his barbed wire bat to the side. He removed his glasses to reveal he was wearing Orange Contacts. β€œDo you really think that my absence was due to the embarrassment of being overwhelmed by those Gunmen? My disappearance was certainly due to the Gunmen but it wasn’t because of the fact I was disappointed to lose. In fact the reason I vanished was due to 1 key factor : Adaptation. The ability to learn from one’s downfall and use it within your future battles. We aren’t done by any means of word, our encounters with one another do not end here. Whether it is with the DNA or with another, I will find my ways to take you both down and send your carcasses to Oblivion. That was my reason to disappear but I’m afraid that cannot be said about you CJ Sellers your disappearance was due to far more chaotic circumstances. You made noises during the build up to Survivor Series about how your intentions were to save these people from their own delusions but that journey met a sudden end. I must admit having your presence back in the Gauntlet is rather exhilarating. Perhaps I know the reason for your disappearance all those months ago but I don’t think you care anymore. I’ve heard rumours this is your last chance to claim my Golden Crown and honestly that just motivates me even more so to drop you on your neck and send you on your way to pursue other endeavours. Bulletproof are as much my foe as they are your own as you attempt to shatter the glass box at its source: Jeremiah Flynn.” The leather clad man revealed a pistol as the camera panned towards it,loading it’s barrel with one bullet and shooting to the side, shattering a glass window out of the conference room. It is made apparent that he only shot a solitude bullet to drive his point home that he believed it would be impossible to claim victory in both contests at the BPZ Royal Rumble event. β€œ It seems you have to choose CJ, which one of us is more important for you to decimate? Is it more important to you that you claim what was stolen thanks to a mystery assailant taking you out preventing you and I from having this confrontation much sooner? Or would you rather focus on the man whom has finally made you his main target? Either way I don’t see you achieving both because I doubt you’ll have the stamina left after being mauled by multiple numbers. Speaking of numbers,one man’s time finally reached its climax as the Riddler defeated a man even more insane than Amai because the man really does not know who he is. That man has an identity crisis every single day of his existence that even an intelligent and calculating specimen such as myself is struggling to keep up. Is he Arrow Thunderman? Arrow Rhodes? Arrow Gargano? Brrow? Now he claims to be Arrow Orton but either you dealt with him in quite convincing fashion which has given me reason to pay attention to your antics. I guess we’ll never know who he truly is,Riddles are your thing anyways. Do you really think that because you beat someone with even less sanity than the first challenger that I broke after he failed to reach my level? However that being said you could easily surprise me. I mean look at James Knight, he most certainly surprised me being able to at least make things entertaining but they all fall the same as they realize that in order to beat me, you cannot be a normal man. Your Riddles are a part of the charm,don’t worry I won’t be bringing in Batman to deal with you. If I want your body to break into pieces, I’d do it myself because I have confidence in my own abilities unlike that deluded piece of shit Arrow Orton and it honestly showed when you buried him under his own insecurities. You really want to know what someone requires to have a slither of a chance of beating me for my NXT Championship at the Royal Rumble? You’ll find out when I forge my path of chaos with the blood of every single deluded bastard who thought that they were close to figuring it all out before the circumstances they were in changed before their very eyes. Never will you become the Predator because your reality is Prey”
  4. Becky Bayley Nakamura Brock Fiend Samoa Joe Bryan vs the Fiend Bryan
  5. In this TEW experiment, I shall be testing to see what would happen if WWE ceased to exist from 2020. I'm not too certain what will happen but it will be interesting to see what happens if you remove the biggest wrestling company from the landscape and see how the rest of the world adapts. I hope everyone enjoys the premise of this experiment. I will likely be updating this regularly with monthly updates in game detailing where the big stars have gone as well as title changes that occur around the world. Who will take advantage of the lack of WWE? You'll find out soon. Mecko
  6. This is the kind of news I like to see because it shows that Heyman has faith in both his younger talent who are clearly very talented in the ring but still need to develop their character stuff. Humberto just needs to be more than this bland babyface,he's essentially the hispanic Cedric Alexander at this point but I am hoping that Andrade doesn't lose Zelina as a result of this feud because Zelina/Andrade are a unit and it doesn't make sense to split them apart. Like Andrade had no idea where he was going in his run prior to Zelina and he was getting jobbed out constantly.
  7. I think Matt Hardy could have a year left to wrestle almost in a similar way to Kurt Angle and go on a retirement tour. He has like 3 kids now so it makes sense to me that he would want to see them grow up.
  8. Whilst I did not watch DX in the peak of their powers,you can appreciate a DX appearance because they add something that the current crop do not give you. This in a way can be quite bad as it does show the gulf in quality in regards to the current performers. However I think if paired with the write people,it could produce a good set of entertaining moments.
  9. The last film I watched was the Room as part of the BPZ Discord Movie nights. It was as meme worthy as I remembered and I think it made it better that there was a live chat option that contributed to the experience. Arius' movie nights are solid and I would love to see some more over this year.
  10. I'm not sure if he is technically classed as a WWE Superstar at this point but I did meet Dave Mastiff at a SummerSlam 2018 viewing party in a pub. Ended up going with my mates from work and we won a wrestling quiz which got us free stuff at the bar and I believe it was free entry to the next event which was Rumble. He was very chill and had good banter.
  11. I personally feel like this is a great thing for Killer Kross because he's been able to claim his identity meaning that should the conquest in WWE fail, he will be able to take the Killer Kross name to AEW. Wrestlers seem to be getting smarter these days because of the fact that there are other options out there and it makes sure that their brand is going to grow regardless of what company they in and it stops companies such as WWE trademarking their name not allowing them to grow elsewhere even if the character is their own creation.
  12. I don't see Lacey winning here despite the evident improvement in Lacey as both a performer and in ring worker. Bayley is holding the belt until Mania despite her being the background player to Sasha Banks who I personally believe will take the belt off of Bayley and therefore establish herself as Smackdown's top Women's Division heel. I think Sasha will interfere on Bayley's behalf whilst biding her time to eventually stab her in the back.
  13. I'm very much confused as to why this storyline is still going. Roman does not deserve to be in such a bad story,it's like the thing with Rusev and Bobby Lashley. It is just harming their characters at this point. That being said, Baron Corbin is a solid ish wrestler but the fact they continue to book him in such an idiotic fashion puts him in a position where no-one wants to see him. I hope that Roman is able to win this match clean because if he wins the Rumble,he doesn't need a story line that revolves around Dog Food and him having no friends. I am concerned however that because this is now a falls count anywhere match,Corbin will win via some bullshit means with Roodolph attacking Roman mid match and hopefully the Usos cancel out that threat.
  14. If Becky and Asuka's last encounter was anything to go off,then this should be one incredible match. The Situation is different this time leading to more pressure on Becky's side especially with her being the Champion. I think Becky does retain here but it's one of those things where I genuinely don't know who will take the belt off of Becky. Shayna could be a possibility of winning the rumble but I'm not too sure how long Shayna can still go because she is 39 right now and whilst it does create a new star in Shayna. It kinda has put the Raw Women's Division in a position where no-one besides Asuka and Charlotte at this point are viable challengers and I for one is fed up with Charlotte being in the title picture. That being said, Charlotte being in the title picture after Rumble makes sense provided that it leads to a Triple Threat with Shayna winning at Mania.

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