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  1. Name: Sephiroth Godly Parent: Gaia Male/Female: Male Weapon: Masamune Height: 6'1 Weight:191lbs Age:27 Backstory: Destined to save the Planet, Sephiroth will do whatever it takes to do so in his warped mind. Even if it means taking out other demigods to establish the peace.
  2. There had not been anything from the newly christened White Tiger ever since he had made his open challenge for the event of Shiz Freeze from the summit of the Icelandic Wasteland. Of course nobody answered his call for intensity and bloodshed as the event went ahead, they were smart. Having been stuck in the same cycle for so long,the rest of the competition had every right to be afraid of what would happen once the monotony had ended. A hunter never had it easy in finding their prey in the correct circumstances of which they were most vulnerable. On the other side of
  3. As a byproduct of the creation of Owen's header, I had @Penguin request a header which I admit was a bigger challenge than the previous but one that I accepted nonetheless. The biggest challenge in creating this header wasn't the idea in concept because I knew that the new character that succeeded the Riddler was a dark and grungy character clear to everyone that he is a villainous foe for anyone who he steps into the ring with. The main struggle was trying to find a good quality image of the Penguin or more specifically this iteration of it because The Penguin from Gotham is easier to get hig
  4. As someone who enjoys their TEW graphic packs and occasionally making images for my own saves, I usually check in on DeviantArt for new renders from specific users. The other day, I found myself a new Damian Priest Render and remembered that @owendalton uses Priest for his figurehead Jack Bishop. I wanted to make something to update the header that he already had and chose a dark forest for the background choice and the font used which was decaying and therefore shows he is dangerous. I'm glad that he is using this as his new header on the forums and I'm looking forward to making more headers
  5. Before I begin, I would like to say that I am aware that @Sheridan has done an excellent job of covering the Golden Age going into Survivor Series 1998. I have a great deal of respect for the work that Sheridan puts into her TEW diaries whether it is Siblings at War, Triumvirate and The Underdog Era Sheridan always manages to deal with the hand given to her and craft some really good storylines. Whilst doing this, I do want to try and add my own spin on the Golden Era and beyond without taking away from the narratives that Sheridan has been able to tell from her love of Yokozuna, Transition of
  6. I did a graphic section a very long time ago but I feel I need something for more generic graphics and I'll post that stuff here. Here is some of my most recent stuff. New logo for @Isaiah Carter Hunting Ground Podcast @bailey14 vs @Ace Arrow08 matchcard MaryseMania graphics for myself and @BobdaBomb
  7. The Tiger's Kayfabe Information Name: The Tiger Nickname: “King Sabretooth”, ”White Tiger” Height: 6'5 Weight: 265 lbs Billed From: The Darkest Depths of the Jungle. Figurehead: Karrion Kross Wrestling Style: Technical Powerhouse. Alignment: Face Gimmick: King of The Jungle Theme Song: Regular Moves: Clothesline, Powerbomb , Pumphandle Slam, Samoan Drop Signature moves: Dark Abyss(Fisherman Neckbreaker), Skull Smash (Forearm Smash), Amazon Jungle Driver (Death Valley Driver), Tiger Suplex Finisher: End of Prey (Discus Clothesline), Jaw of The Tig
  8. Happy birthday @Hans hoping you had a solid day mate.
  9. Scene begins in the snowy wasteland of Hvannadalshnúkur, Iceland. Snow is falling gracefully as you see nothing but white and calmness with a man in black headed up the tall mountain slowly with the appropriate hiking gear. If the man in question is whom the BPZ audience are expecting then this is a complete 180 of what they usually would see. As the camera begins to pan in slowly towards the black robed figure, you are able to hear a sinister yet calm voice beginning to speak. “There are times in life where there is a realization that you cannot repeat the same cycle again an
  10. As you have seen in the past, I have done a nuzlocke series with Pokemon Renegade Platinum that I fully intend on revisiting at some point but right now,I’m here to bring you a new challenge. As with Renegade Platinum,this will be a nuzlocke but there will be a difference as I will not be alone as I am facing @Mikey in a Versus series of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver respectively. The winner of the versus will be the person who collects all 16 Gym Badges and defeats the ultimate trainer Red first with the least amount of deaths possible.. The Rules are as follows There will
  11. Looking out from the mountainside,it was clear that The Tiger was there to reflect on the events of the past month. It is rather ironic that at the time of the last Carnage Pay Per View, momentum was on his side going into a North American Championship match with Prince whilst coming off an impressive victory for the NXT Championship beginning his second reign. However things didn't go as anticipated at Survival of Fittest when he lost in such a close contest but he should be proud right? That he was able to bring a veteran competitor to his limitations that even the fans didn’t know who was g
  12. Bad Blood and Clash of Champions discussion with @Alex Costa
  13. This isn't good news at all because if they are losing their push right now, Vince isn't likely to push them again because Vince is Vince and likes his certain type of wrestlers. As the other two have stated, Aleister Black is a star and is unique enough to where people are going to notice him due to not being like your generic WWE main Roster talent. However the issue is that Vince just doesn't get him hence why Aleister Black was put in a dark room for 6 months doing fuck all and squashing your run of the mill jobbers before meeting Cesaro and Murphy. Paul Heyman understood the Aleister Blac
  14. I can agree with many people here that the Hurt Business has been one of the better things about RAW and that isn't saying much to say that RAW can be very bad at times. This here is the way you conclude the Hurt Business vs Apollo's Crew storyline by having Bobby come out on top and finally move onto something new. I'm not sure who you would throw at Lashley after this but I do hope that Apollo doesn't get completely and utterly shafted getting sent down to the jobber territory again. It is nice to see that Bobby has made a full recovery from the plague known as Lana and hopefully Lana is nev
  15. Unlike my SummerSlam prediction that had Randy winning the WWE Championship, I believe that Drew will be retaining here because it seems they want to explore the idea of Keith Lee vs Drew since neither contest that they have had so far has resulted in a clean finish. However I would be dumb not to take into consideration the fact that this is a gimmick match and I feel that this could be used as an excuse for Drew to lose the Championship but keep him strong in the process. I do think that whoever loses this match should be off tv for a while to sell the injuries but knowing WWE they won't do

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