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  1. I know Echo has done this recently but since his diary has come to an end due to accidental simming. I have decided to take this over. Everyone will be starting at the age of 16-18 as I would like everyone to develop and have a chance to have a journey growing with the greats of the time such as Ronaldinho,Kaka,Cristiano Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard and more. However the focus of this will be more English based so will be covering the English Leagues with potential to go elsewhere if poached by other clubs in other nations. SIGNUPS SHOULD INCLUDE: Name: Age: Nationality: For your club choice there will be 12 choices, The choices for teams are first come, first serve. So there can be only 1 player created from the starting teams. The teams available are: Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham , Manchester ,City,Liverpool , Arsenal , Everton, West Ham ,Newcastle ,Bolton ,Portsmouth , Wigan Athletic Club: Skin Tone: Height in ft: Weight: Position: Role:
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    The Tiger was currently meditating in a forest not that far away from his Mansion allowing himself to become one with nature. It was one of the places he could truly collect his thoughts without the worry of somebody interrupting him or brutalizing him. He was quite smart in that regard especially with the previous two appearances of Aidan attacking whoever was in his proximity, that interviewer was unlucky to be telling his foe that they were not booked on the BPZ SummerSlam card. It was true that a grander stage would make the sensation of conquering his former partner even better as it could possibly put him in contention for the North American Championship but right now he had to focus on the present: making sure he was ready for his former friend. King Sabretooth was wearing a BPZ branded hoodie and some shades with the camera feed finally focusing on the tall muscular man’s form before the man began to clap slowly with a sinister laugh escaping his lips. “Well done Aidan,you managed to beat an innocent man to a bloody pulp because he delivered you the answer that you didn’t want to hear. It’s why you continue to deny the truth that was delivered to you from yours truly. Denying this truth is just going to rot away at any promise you have of growing into someone who can evolve. It is the truth that allows us to grow as individuals,and denying that will mean that you remain circling the same woods for the rest of your damned life. A maze within your own mind. You refuse to accept that you are the one that caused your own downfall,the choices you made throughout your entire career. Do remember that I never forced you to form Natural Progression with me Aidan, that was your choice. You see, our entire lives are defined by the choices we make and our audience who you claim leeched on your success made the choice to support you and I even when you were injured for 3 whole months. They were excited to see what we could do against Ex Machina,the Death Riders and even potentially Creed for the BPZ Tag Team Championships down the line. But you took that choice out of my hands when you decided to kick me in the jaw and now the next chapter of our careers is in the process of being written : The King Sabertooth vs The man formerly known as the Fish. The funny thing with all of this is that you believe you know how this story will end,believing it all ends when you beat me into a bloody pulp.” It was at this moment that his demeanour completely changed, it was almost scary how quickly he could change from calm and controlled to irate and chaotic. This was truly what it meant to be a Beast and free of the limitations that being a normal individual provided. “What makes you think I’d stop pursuing your spineless corpse if I lost in our little encounter? If I had the mindset of a man, then that would be a realistic assumption for you to make. Your concussion must have caused you to forget what lengths I would go to in order for my own survival. The beasts of the Jungle are always looking for ways to adjust their position on the food chain and just because they have a singular failure, it does not mean that they will simply give up their pursuit of the ultimate goal: being the last one standing against all the animals they consider to be a threat. The relentless pursuit of Prey never ends and with that choice you made? You’ve sealed your fate to be pursued by the King of the Jungle for the foreseeable future. This little game of ours is going to be an entertaining one with each of us growing more animalistic as time goes on. The title of the Fish may be something your mind will try to forget as a way to regain what you claim to have lost but all these choices you make going forward will prove to me that the animal will always exist in the dark depths of your heart. You made your choice by laying me out cold,now it’s time for me to decide the ways I’m going to put you out of your misery.” His choice was made. The King Sabertooth had begun his hunt for dinner: hunting for The Fish.
  4. Chapter 2: A Close Shave Hello and welcome to back to Renegade Platinum,here is what our team is looking like going into Jubilife City,the next town in our adventure where we meet a man of the International Police known as Looker who we are likely to meet again in our adventure. We are guided to the Trainer’s School where we were sent on a mission by Seagull’s mother to deliver a package and we actually get a lot here with the Town Map,Hidden Power and an egg which hatched into a Smoochum which I named after Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill which has a defense lowering nature but raises the special attack which is quite beneficial. We also are suggested by Seagull to head to Oreburgh City which is the location of the first Gym Leader. Once the egg was hatched,we are given a Poketch which contains multiple different features that could be very beneficial at a later date. After collecting our watch,we go exploring being able to acquire a Quick Claw which will be very beneficial for our rather slow Meko,an Old Rod opening up the variation of encounters we can get as well as the TM for Water Pulse which I instantly taught to Parker as it is a much better water move than we have currently. So,you know how this is an enhanced version of Platinum well it improved the AI of the Rival which would only usually be applied to the Gym Leaders or Elite Four. Let’s just say when I went right onto the next route, I was quite unprepared and was lucky that I hadn’t used all my Potions yet. We start the battle with Larxene up front against Seagull’s Starly which I managed to paralyze with the move Spark meaning that it wouldn’t give me any issues and I was able to KO it without much trouble. The next Pokemon Seagull brought out was a Munchlax and admittedly this Pokemon terrified me because of how I’d seen it used in Little Cup but then I quickly realized that I was able to deal with it with Meko as he uses physical attacks with Razor Leaf. The first two Pokemon went quite well but Seagull’s Chimchar was very threatening to my underleveled team due to the fact that it was doing way too much damage with Ember and I genuinely went through all my potions which were 8 in total having to risk it at the end with Spark and hoping Ember would not kill. After coming very close to losing my entire team to Seagull’s Chimchar being a very close shave, it made me very aware that I would have to grind quite a bit in order to keep up and ensure that I wouldn’t die. Seagull was quite kind though as he did give us an Exp Share which would be very beneficial for Switch Training as it means the Experience for taking part in the battle isn’t lost. There was something very similar to this in Storm Silver where you could answer 5 questions to get a starte from another generation but this does it differently by setting up a battle after the questions but something that did take me off guard was the fact that I was able to get all 3 of the Kanto Starters as gifts whilst also making me aware that there were similar events in Oreburgh and Floaroma Town. The Starter Pokemon gifts are so good that they have held items that boosts the type of move that they are. Squirtle was named after Bowser from Mario,Charmander was named Solaris after the Flame God from Sonic 06 and Bulbasaur was named Bulba Fett after Boba Fett in Star Wars. Squirtle and Bulbasaur have neutral natures whilst Charmander boosts speed and lowers special attack. After collecting my gifts,I finally was able to go for the Wild Encounters on the routes surrounding me being able to capture a Finneon on Route 218 named Ariel from the Little Mermaid. The Route above us Route 204 gave me an encounter that I was very happy with indeed as it gave me a Bird Pokemon that would be helpful when I want to fly around Sinnoh later on in the game. This was named after @Ariuswho I named my Corviknight after on my Twitch Stream playthrough of Pokemon Shield. Now this encounter was annoying on Route 203 as I encountered an Abra which I almost captured with the ball shaking 3 times before breaking out at the last minute. Due to the fact that Abra only knows Teleport at this level,it used it to flee the battle and thus this was my first failed encounter. After going through a lot of unavoidable Double Battles, I acquired a Soothe Bell before heading into Oreburgh Gate where a Hiker gives us HM06 which is Rock Smash which we can only use after beating the gym leader but with a new area we are able to get a new encounter being a Geodude that I captured naming it after Alexander Hammerstone whom @Meko750 (Raven) loves a lot due to his work in MLW. We enter Oreburgh and we find Seagull standing outside the gym who tells us Roark the gym leader but we do have another encounter available north of the city on Route 207 which ends up being a Larvitar which I was not expecting and it went into the Pokeball quite easily getting the name of Obsidian in the process. We enter the Mines and we do a team recap showing the progress of the team during this Chapter but we fail our next encounter of an Onix who set up on us twice worrying me so I let Meko kill it. Meko also evolved in the Mines after fighting some trainers and Roark helped us uncover a Sun Stone which we are told could potentially be used on Shirou which could lead to an Evolution into Espeon We end this chapter outside the Gym with the intention to grind off diary to get my team to a suitable level to be ready to face the Gym Leader with the possibility of a few evolutions occuring. Hopefully we do not have any casualties against Roark as a result of me underestimating the AI available like I did with Seagull.
  5. Chapter 1: New beginnings Welcome to the beginning of my journey through a harder version of the Sinnoh Region with nuzlocked rules. We are headed out of Twinleaf Town alongside our Rival: Seagull suggested by @Marc Aaron Newton which I thought was the funniest out of the ones given to me and it was quite unique. Our friend is quite a hyperactive one going on about how he’ll fine us 10 million if we are late. As this is a Drayano hack,we are given the Bicycle and Running Shoes off the bat which is very beneficial as Gen 4 games are notoriously slow. Our mother is looking after an Eevee which DEFINITELY isn’t foreshadowing or anything for a future team member. Seagull’s Dad is home in this version of Sinnoh and his name is Palmer who is a Frontier Brain in charge of the Battle Tower. I have no idea if I will actually attempt the Battle Frontier but if I do,it will be an interesting thing and will probably be where the Nuzlocke section will end and be an Extra section. We go out of town to Route 201 after fetching Seagull where we are stopped by the Professor of this region Rowan as Seagull attempts to bolt through the tall grass. It is at this point where we are entrusted with our first Pokemon which is Turtwig who is the Grass type Pokemon but we cannot relax for long as we instantly get into a battle with Seagull and his Chimchar which has the type advantage against us. Once the battle is over,we are sent home giving me the opportunity to check out the Turtwig that we have been given. In a typical Pokemon game,we are given a Grass type with an ability of Overgrow which boosts Grass type moves when our HP is lower than half. However since this is a hack game we also had the opportunity of getting it’s hidden ability which usually you can get through an event. Luckily for us,we managed to get Shell Armor which is very beneficial for the Nuzlocke as it nullifies critical hits and the nature we have been given is a neutral nature meaning no stat gets a boost/lowered by 10%. Once we head back out to Route 201, Seagull talks about us going to look for the legendary Pokemon of Lake Verity but we soon find a man named Cyrus discussing how he is after Space and Time hoping to have control over them one day. Now that we have a Pokemon,we are able to head to the next town of Sandgem which coincidentally is the place where Professor Rowan has his lab and he finally allows us to name our Turtwig which I called Meko as he has carried the Tower of Salem diary and I trust he will assist us greatly on the journey ahead. We are advised by Dawn,the assistant of Professor Rowan and the owner of Piplup-the water type starter to go home to let our Mother know that we are going on an adventure. We are then told that we could bring the Eevee that our mother has been looking after and it allows us to get the second member of our team without having Pokéballs which I name Shirou after one of the main characters in an anime called BNA-Brand New Animal which I would advise the anime lovers of the forum to watch. The Eevee has the ability Run Away which is useful for us getting away from Wild Encounters and this also has a neutral nature. We head back to Sandgem Town and head north onto the next route of Route 202 leading to a fight with Dawn that did take me off guard as this isn’t in the normal Platinum but I was still able to beat the Piplup which was 2 levels higher learning Razor Leaf when reaching level 8 which is very good for our physically strong Meko. After defeating Dawn,we are given a very kind number of Pokeballs with 30 which means we won’t be needing to buy any Pokeballs anytime soon. We are in an unique situation as I believe this is the game with the most amount of Wild Encounters tied with Heart Gold/ Soul Silver before we even face off against the first NPC trainer with encounters on Route 201,202 and Lake Verity. Our encounter on Route 201 was annoyingly a Bidoof which is quite bad in comparison to the other Pokemon that I could get on that route including different bird Pokemon and Nidoran. However I did capture this Pokemon to prevent me being forced to capture one in later routes and I named it Bulk after Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers. Annoyingly when I checked the nature afterwards, I found out that it raises the special attack but lowers the defense which makes it rather frail and not ideal for a nuzlocke. My Lake Verity encounter was limited to the Bug/Water Type of Surskit as Bidoof was the other encounter that I was seeing and I did capture it as I think a Water type at this point will be useful for when I go to challenge the first gym which is a Rock type giving me another option that isn’t Meko. The nature it has reduces special defense and raises my attack which I’m not sure how useful this is at this point unless Surskit learns some physical bug type moves. The final encounter that we have been able to secure before the first trainer on Route 202 which in my opinion is probably the best out of the bunch that we have got so far in a Shinx and luckily for me I have caught every encounter that we have gotten so far. The Shinx has Intimidate which is a very good ability with strategy as it lowers the attack of the Pokemon facing it by 1 stage with the maximum it can go down is 6. Our new team member is named after Larxene from Organisation XIII in Kingdom Hearts with a neutral nature. Annoyingly I found out when attempting to grind that you could also get Growlithe in this patch of grass which would have been amazing. This will be our stopping point for the first chapter of this diary. What do you think of the Team we have been able to collect so far?
  6. Name: Matthew Parker Nationality: England Club (Pick Any): Derby County Skin Tone: Caucasian Height: 6'3 Weight:185 Position: Goalkeeper
  7. For those who have paid attention to my Twitch channel,there was period in which I did a Pokemon Storm Silver Nuzlocke which is actually made by the same person who made this hack,Drayano who is known for making enhanced versions of the base Pokemon Games making it a more challenging experience and less monotonous with you spamming the A button. I will be playing this completely blind as I did with Storm Silver as I feel it will be more enjoyable that way. Pokémon Renegade Platinum is an enhancement hack of Pokémon Platinum Version, similar to other hacks such as Sacred Gold & Storm Silver and Blaze Black & Volt White. In a nutshell, this hack generally keeps the same story flow as the original Pokémon Platinum but adds in a significant number of gameplay differences, including but not limited to access to all 493 Pokémon in the game, revamped Trainers including tougher boss fights, lots of (optional) changes to weaker Pokémon to make them easier to use, the removal of trade only evolutions and a number of other quality of life changes. By default, Renegade Platinum features a new shiny rate of 1/512, meaning while shiny Pokémon are still reasonably rare, it's significantly more likely that I'll come across one while playing the game. This shiny rate does not affect the Poké Radar's ability to generate shiny patches of grass, but does otherwise affect every other method of Pokémon encounter (eggs, gifts, wild etc). A nuzlocke is a way in which you can play Pokemon creating a higher level of difficulty by imposing rules upon yourself forcing you to think more when playing through the game. The Rules I’ll be imposing on myself will be: Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or put in the PC I may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, I will have lost my encounter for that area. If the first encounter in the area is a Double Battle in dark grass, I may choose which of the two Pokémon they would like to catch. If there's a static encounter in the area, the player is allowed to capture them despite already capturing a Pokémon in that area. Shiny Pokémon also do not apply to this rule. I do classify different floors of a location as a different encounter. If I encounter a duplicate of a Pokemon that I have already captured,I am allowed to re-encounter until I find something different. The Nuzlocke does not begin until I have Pokeballs meaning that if I die prior to that,I will be fine. I will be working with Set meaning that I will not know what Pokemon is coming out next. Now that I have finished going through the rules,I would like to give the vote for the starter Pokemon to the forums. I will give you the choice of nickname and Starter as well as the name of the rival. If you wish,you can explain why you want me to run with a specific starter. The names will be chosen based off which starter wins and which one I like the most. I do hope you enjoy this diary as different type of content as I am usually putting out that is not TEW2020. Thank you for reading. Starter: Nickname: Rival name:
  8. I feel this will be an interesting exercise and I'm willing to put forward my opinions for these. 1: I'm thinking we could possibly update some of the current emotes e.g A Newer Jericho emote or Rollins. We could also add some reactions related to people in kayfabe or some related to the TEW series that Brenden has done. 2: For one, :Hardy: and :SwekJpK: are the same emote and I would probably get rid of the Swek one because of it being a smaller variant of the emote. You could probably get away with removing one of the TPW emotes because whilst I understand they look different it's a tad bit redundant. Even though I think it has probably been around for a long time,I feel we could get rid of :TcjK2DA: emote because of the fact that I unintentionally provided a very good emote in :Kross:. I have also been noticing that the top row of the emojis are rarely used,I know I use the Shane one but other than that they aren't really used. Finally I think I would get rid of Cass one because of personal preference. I do agree with Addy that we could potentially do a complete refresh and keep emotes that make sense to be kept. It would give a new bucket of paint to this Discord server.
  9. It had been a few days since the assault on Carnage, social media was going crazy at what was a shocking turn of events. The fans weren’t expecting to see such a change in attitude from the man formerly known as the Fish violently beating down The Tiger after deceiving him into belief that their pursuit of the Tag Titles would continue and that their tag team would reunite. However it seems that any hope of that happening has been flung into the dark abyss. The Tiger had a lot of time to think when he was recovering from a beatdown that wasn’t completely unexpected. The betrayal by Aidan was a scenario that had ran through his head multiple times during his scouting period of Carnage. The Death Riders had put the man out of action for 3 months so it wasn’t a complete shock that the mental state had changed after going through a set of circumstances like that,why would he be shocked that things changed? He knew it was a risk entering the world of alliances, sooner or later one of them would have betrayed one another in an attempt to ascend the food chain. That was the rule of the Jungle afterall: KILL or BE KILLED. The narrative wasn’t going to be different just because he had joined the Carnage Brand. The Second Chapter was going to be something completely different to what had been expected but the unpredictability of the Brand Split era would allow for a more interesting tale. One full of passion, bad blood and raw emotions reaching their peak levels. This was even more personal than the rivalry that The Tiger had with former NXT Champion and current Inner Circle member Amai for there was something different involved: Loyalty,Friendship and Trust. Perhaps it was time to return to the basics, return to the point of origin of his career in BPZ. The muscular bearded man entered the Hall of Skulls flicking the light switch on to reveal that the collection had grown since King Sabretooth had last spoken his mind in preparation for the Nebakos Battle Royal at BPZMania IV. He would be lying to himself if he said he was 100% but resilience was a quality that remained consistent throughout his BPZ career. A camera was already positioned in front of a sofa as the beast entered in a dark tank top and a bottle of wine taking a seat slowly making eye contact with the camera. His thoughts on this situation had been bubbling in his mind over the past 48 hours and he wouldn’t remain silent as that would be a sign of weakness. A Sign that he had lost and that he lost confidence in whom he was. “Welcome to the domain of the King. You must think you are very smart don’t you? That you thought that I didn’t see this coming when you came back on Carnage after three months of being hospitalized which in turn allowed some very dark thoughts to enter that psyche of yours. You know, I did think this could happen but I did not expect it to be so soon after you emerged from the shadowy depths of the ocean to accept my invitation. In fact,the reason I thought of this possibility was thanks to the two men who I would consider my first big tests in BPZ, Alex Costa and Mikey formerly known as Firing Squad. Two complete bastards who had the unity that I had been searching for, motivations being the same and being fluid in every motion to inflict pain. Despite the deep connection these brothers seemingly had it did not last for when they faced off at World at War, Respect turned into pure Venom with Mikey renouncing his loyalties to Firing Squad siding with the Inner Circle claiming that he was being held back. Now doesn’t that sound familiar? The cycle continues and it seems that you and I are the next stars in this BPZ documentary series of Tag Teams shattering like glass.” The muscular man stretched his jaw groaning in discomfort as he poured a glass of wine before laughing, taking the glass in his hand to consume the liquid. “I do have to say that you put a good amount of malice behind those kicks of yours, can still feel it in my jaw and it’s been 2 days now. It shows you’ve made a full recovery but who’s to say you’ll be that way when we are done. Whilst you may have a history of throwing people off of buildings,allow me to remind you that I am no stranger to violence. In fact those who dared face me for the NXT Championship found out first hand what I am capable of. Amai of the Inner Circle lost his sanity whilst discovering my strengths and has only recently begun to ascend to where he once was having found a capable mentor in Slim who if guided correctly will provide a very promising war in the future. James Knight had a brief re-emergence after I dropped him on his neck on multiple occasions but it seems he has other commitments which I can respect. The man did take me to levels that I didn’t even know I had in myself. Why is it that as soon as people notice that their life is going on a downward spiral,they lay the blame on someone else? It’s what you’ve done right here Aidan. There is a refusal to accept that you set off the chain of dominoes that have led us to this day. You say that you won’t stop attacking me until I accept your mindset that the people who support this very brand are fraudulent and don’t have the balls to accept who we truly are. That right there is the biggest piece of fiction that I’ve ever come across, such delusion is why you refused to express your true self until you were beaten within an inch of your life and forced to evolve. These people have accepted the madness and the primal instincts that come with the King. They never wished for me to change because even if they did not agree with the methods in which I inflicted pain, they accepted who I was and never forced me to change. You see that change came from within. That was my choice. As is this.” The Tiger made direct eye contact with the camera lens with a smirk emerging on his lips aware Aidan was paying attention to this feed as he had one last thing to say before the Camera feed cut to black.
  10. I feel reaching 500 is a big accomplishment. I'm honestly happy that people enjoy the stuff I post on here,I appreciate it.
  11. Meckolegend


    It had been some time since The Tiger had last been seen on a Carnage Broadcast with the tall menacing man addressing the Leader of the Death Riders: Bailey from the back of a moving vehicle having seen what had happened to those who dared to speak out against the GOAT with his partner: Aidan having his skull caved in and putting any potential plans for pursuit of the BPZ Tag Team Championships on hold. The past few months allowed him to scout the competition for it was painfully obvious that he needed to discover the strengths and weaknesses of those on Carnage as the last time he competed, it was a loss. Something that he would make sure wouldn’t happen again for the foreseeable future. It had been rather entertaining watching the chaos from the shadows with events occurring such as the end of what seemed to be an endless war between Jo Nathan and Arrow, the shock of the Universal Champion Flynn joining the Creed Faction and the formation of FD-GUN causing tidal waves to flow throughout the Carnage Brand. The King of the Jungle had been paying attention to the headlines as to when his partner would be returning to action for he had been in a critical state, with no estimated time for his return. There had been nothing...nothing until now. The rumours were true as during the middle of Carnage episode before King Of the Ring, his partner had emerged admittedly looking different but what would you expect from a 3 month break? The muscular figure emerged in a dark leather jacket at the top of the ramp as “ Killswitch Engage-Unleashed” began to play throughout the arena slowly walking down the ramp with microphone in hand listening to the audience cheer as he was someone whom the Carnage fans were behind in order to eliminate the corrupt overlords that sat in the theoretical food chain. “It’s good to see you Aidan. You’ve certainly kept me waiting but here we are, face to face once again. It’s funny that we are both back where we belong after such a long time. Are you listening Mr Death Rider? Do you remember my little warning about this exact moment, the moment when Aidan would return and be reborn? That safety net you thought was going to protect you from those threatening that precious ego of yours has decayed like a rotting corpse and it seems that not even you can stop the inevitable adjustment of the food chain. As for your question,do I accept your plea for forgiveness after being forced to fend for myself against the pack of wolves? The answer is yes. You and I will begin our chase for what we deserve going through whatever may get in our way. Whether it be the Thundermans, The Cut Throat Crew, FD-GUN or Inner Circle. It doesn’t matter who faces us because we have achieved the next level in our evolutionary cycle. The End is near, and one by one you and I shall devour their spirits feeding upon their drive. The message is simple, we have adapted from the struggles that we have been through mentally and physically with the end result being the end of Creed’s reign as the Beasts that rule the tag team division. That is the Natural Progression.” The King extended his hand to his partner aware that this could easily end in two ways, they could either end up reuniting to go on a war path through the Tag Team Division or there could be a betrayal. Whilst it wasn’t the first thing that he expected to happen, it was definitely a possibility. In fact,he experienced this occurrence first hand with Firing Squad a few months back with Mikey turning his back on Alex Costa leading to an all out war. The ball was in Aidan’s Court.
  12. AEW Golden Dreams 2019 Results Golden Dreams was the first PPV that I booked that is completely original to this diary and is inspired by Dusty Rhodes,whilst I admit there hasn’t been a tournament or trophy to honour him at this event it is something I plan to do in the future. That being said, I am glad that I’ve been able to put together some interesting stories for matches that I hope you are interested in. The first match of the Pre Show honestly did quite well after I had made some adjustments to the abysmal Luchasaurus stats that the mod began with. This is very much the beginning of a Killer Kross warpath and you have to wonder if he’ll establish a target going into Revolution. I do not see Luchasaurus as a singles guy who could challenge for a championship but Jurassic Express is definitely something I can work with going forward. The booking here was self explanatory really with the Inner Circle getting momentum as well as demonstrating the capabilities of Sammy Guevara who has a lot of time on his side. Whilst I do not see myself pushing Spears for the moment,he is a good hand who can help make stars out of other people. The opening match of the show was the Triple Threat Elimination Tag match that would decide the other team that would be facing the Young Bucks at a later date for the Tag Team Championships and it has been decided that they will fight them at the Revolution PPV in February. Despite the match here being very easy to book with the storyline narrative of the Inner Circle taking over,I’m still unsure as to whom will be winning that match with both teams having good reason to win. Kong’s Open Challenge had lots of people speculating who the mystery opponent would be with names such as Ronda Rousey,Ivelisse,Tessa Blanchard,Lita and the most popular prediction of Jordynne Grace. However the woman who answered the open challenge was Daria Berenato whom fans had seen vignettes of making her arrival in AEW but none thought it would be this soon. This match did suffer somewhat because of the fact that both weren’t perceived as popular enough with the fans or relevant but the fact both of them managed to get to a close level to what Mercedes Martinez and Merci Vernado are putting out is very promising indeed. I look forward to seeing what Daria can do going forward as she is still very young. I’m going to be transparent,WWE let her go in this save and I have no idea why as her stats are very solid. At the end of the day, WWE’s loss is our gain. Garza vs MJF is a story with a multitude of chapters and new elements being added every Dynamite. Whilst MJF may have won here as a result of Wardlow’s interference, Garza will be looking to bounce back. Garza is improving very quickly which is good to see and MJF getting a 64 match rating shows that allowing him to work elsewhere is impacting on his in ring performances. The Cody/EC3 did a very good job in establishing EC3 as a threat in AEW with my decision being that Cody needed to lose on PPV as the last outside threat was defeated despite the odds being against him. The two of them did very well being able to get a 62 rated match and now looking back was quite a carry from Cody but it is important that we create some stars instead of ramming the same select few down the throats of the audience. PAC did indeed show up at the end of this match and it seems that a new element is being added to the story between the founder,the invader now with a previous opponent added to the mix. It does definitely add the possibility of an exciting match at Revolution should things get worse. Mox vs Pentagon was a match I had been wanting to explore for about a month having found out during the build up to Full Gear that these two had excellent chemistry. And this pairing definitely delivered in a superb match hitting each other with hard hitting maneuvers with Rey Fenix on the outside. However Fenix was in fact the cause of Pentagon’s loss having accidentally hit him with a weapon which allowed Moxley to capitalize and win. You have to think that Mox is building up steam for a future AEW World Championship match. The Last Woman Standing honestly did so much better than I was anticipating with the two managing to put on much better individual performances with Vernado going up by 5 and Martinez by 4. It is also promising that the two are on similar popularity with them being around the 50 mark and I’m hoping heading towards Revolution that I can build up more women to get closer to that level. The Main Event of the evening was very impressive indeed being able to reach the heights that the Omega/Jericho match got to. Kudos to KENTA specifically for being able to keep up with Jericho and Omega with those two having established themselves as the top 2 guys in AEW at the current moment. I would certainly classify KENTA as the number 4 guy in AEW at the moment and I look forward to developing more stories for him with or without the title being involved. It proved to me that he is very much someone I can trust to produce good matches, I definitely can see now that KENTA is World Championship worthy and I will be happy to be able to grant him a Championship reign at some point in the future provided he doesn’t get injured. Overall,this was a very good show with good quality wrestling. We aren’t leaving the Pay Per View with a lack of excitement as Merci Vernado looks to have established herself as the Boss Bitch at the top of the Division with an impressive last woman standing match and the Main Event showed that more people are capable at being at the level of the biggest stars in the company. This is the best show we’ve had on PPV so far with the best show overall being the Dynamite before Golden Dreams. Prediction Points Alex- 9.5 Hans- 10.5 Bob- 11.5 Echo- 9 Arius-9 Slim-11 FD- 7.5 Sheridan- 11 Sameer - 11 Bonus Points Who will answer Awesome Kong’s Open Challenge? Daria Berenato Will Rey Fenix interfere in Moxley vs Pentagon? Yes but it failed. Will PAC show up and will he have a match that hasn't been announced?-1 point is available for each part of the question- Pac showed up but did not compete. What rating will the Women’s Championship match get? 60 Overall Points Sheridan- 45 Sameer - 45 Bob- 43.5 Slim- 40 Alex - 39.5 Echo- 34 FDS- 29.5 Hans - 24.5 Gunner- 19 Gwyn- 18 Mikey- 15 GRV - 14 Ropati- 12 Yelich - 12 Odd- 10 Arius- 9 Bart- 8 Brad- 7 Nate - 7 Addy- 6 Amai- 5 Reaching the end of 2019 in the save, @Sheridan is still on top after a very rocky start but @Sameer,@Slim, @Alex Costa and @BobdaBomb are very much on her tail waiting for her to have a bad round of pay per view predictions. The next post will be a 2019 recap with me going into details about the game world as well as the AEW standings in regards to win/loss records which I admittedly have been bad at keeping up with.
  13. Part 5: War Games It was finally time for the Women’s Survivor Series match : Team Maryse vs Team Kharma. This confrontation has been building for months after Maryse made a remarkable return at WrestleMania 28 costing Kharma her opportunity to capture the Divas Championship from Beth Phoenix. This is how the event played out. First we see Team Maryse make their way to the ring, Maryse has been in a red hot feud with Kharma as of late, ever since her return to the company. The two have been not only fighting amongst themselves and costing each other matches. This will be a classic Survivor Series match, in a four vs four match between some of the best women that the WWE has to offer. Maryse herself already making a big impact in her return putting the division on notice with her actions. Next, we see AJ Lee and Kaitlyn, both these women some of the younger women in the division at the moment. Both women no doubt have bright futures here in the WWE as Maryse hand picked them to represent here tonight. Both women have sided with Maryse, seeing her as both a role model and mentor to them since arriving here in the WWE. They both could no doubt make a name for themselves here tonight if they are able to help Maryse pick up the victory. Next up, the final member of Team Maryse is the Divas Champion herself, Natalya. Natalya is currently in a hot feud with her former best friend Beth Phoenix. Many expected to see these two women fight for the belt tonight but under Vince McMahon’s “One Womens Match” rule. He chose to instead of putting the belt on the line, having this match instead. Natalya pairing herself with Maryse and Beth pairing herself with Beth should make for an interesting storyline in this match. Next up we begin to look at Team Kharma, Kharma no doubt is the most dominant and dangerous woman in this match. She has been running through every woman in this division, but Maryse has been the only woman to stand up and continue to be a thorn in the side of Kharma. Tonight though they will meet in the ring as we will see if Kharma can finally put an end to Maryse. As we continue to look at Team Kharma, we see the Bella Twins make their way to the ring.The two of them have aligned with Kharma mainly out of fear of being targeted next and look to be taking advantage of the power that she has. Lastly, it’s the former Divas champion, Beth Phoenix. Beth is currently in a red hot feud with Natalya, which is not getting the attention it deserves due to the companies views on the women division. Beth has been a strong presence in the women's division for a long time now, essentially being one of the women to carry it as others have left. She will get another chance to prove why she is the top woman in this company tonight. As the bell rang,it looks like the starting competitors for this Survivor Series will be AJ Lee and Kharma. Cole: “ Ladies and Gentlemen,it seems that young upstart AJ Lee is going face to face with the woman responsible with so much destruction in the Divas Division: Kharma.” Lawler: “I admire the girl’s spunk but I’m not sure that this was the smartest decision by the team captain Maryse who has been on the end of many beatdowns by Kharma over the past few months even costing her the Divas Championship at SummerSlam.” The bright star in AJ Lee decided that she would attempt take advantage of Kharma being distracted by going for a Hurricanrana,however this was a rookie mistake from the former NXT Competitor as Kharma was able to catch her and lift her up for an Implant Buster getting her down for the 1,2,3.. Cole: “ Just like that, Team Kharma have managed to get themselves an elimination and it’s only been a matter of seconds. It was a Rookie mistake from AJ and now she has to go to the back to watch her team possibly get decimated by Kharma.” Lawler: “This isn’t looking good for Team Maryse,but it seems that they may be getting a break with Kharma having tagged in the former Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and it won’t be surprising to find out who’ll be fighting her Michael.” This confrontation started with a bang with Natalya hitting Beth square across the face. She hasn’t forgotten what she has been through the past few months. As expected, this mini match will end up lasting much longer than the squash of AJ Lee with the two of them knowing each other inside and out thanks to their work together in the Divas of Doom. However this technical match from the two of the higher work rate women was cut short as Beth got frustrated pulling the Divas Champion out of the ring brawling with her to the back resulting in a Double Countout. This was not looking good for Team Maryse as it seemed the egos of the women on her team were costing her in the long run as it was now Kaitlyn & Maryse vs the Bella Twins and Kharma. Lawler: “You really have to feel bad for Maryse who thought she had a perfect team in order to combat the destructive force that is Kharma but they got a bit too carried away.” Cole: “In her defence King, it was Beth Phoenix who made this difficult not being able to get over the fact that Natalya was the one who ended her reign and the hatred between the two is something that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. It seems Maryse will be the one entering next but what’s this? The Bella Twins seem to be stopping Kharma from entering the match, perhaps they want to get into her good books and not get destroyed after the bell rings?” The seeds of dissension are begin to bloom as Brie and Maryse square off and this was the turning point with Team Maryse finally being able to get some offence in even being able to get some tag team offence in with the other former NXT Rookie:Kaitlyn. The most impressive thing about this was the fact that Kaitlyn was able to eliminate both of them in quick succession with inverted DDTs. This led Kharma to become enraged even planting the Bellas with Implant Busters for their trouble for crossing her. Cole: “ Who could have seen this coming King? After such a dominant start,it all went downhill with Kharma being on her own against the two remaining members on Team Maryse!” Lawler: “ I certainly didn’t, I don’t think this means anything. Kharma could destroy these two whenever she wants, I mean look at AJ.” Kharma was certainly an uphill battle for the two blondes especially with the power advantage that the Doll Killer had with Kaitlyn even being powerbombed onto the apron. Despite the odds being against them, a combination finisher of the Inverted DDT and the French TKO was enough to put Kharma down for 1,2,3. This was a very impressive demonstration of what the Women of WWE are capable with Kaitlyn arguably being the biggest star coming out of this match ending up with Maryse and her as the survivors . Will this be the end of Kharma and Maryse's intense rivalry or will Kharma continue to pursue her? Predictions Who will win Team Maryse or Team Kharma? Team Maryse Who will get the most eliminations in the match? Kaitlyn Who will be the first elimination in the match? AJ Lee Will there be a Sole Survivor,if so who will it be? No Points @Eric Shun -1 @Smith- 1 @Gunner- 2
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