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  1. Episode 38 The Information Or Mess. Cassi and Kayla and Bryan are talking and Kayla says that she remembered something about Afton putting something about Vanny in the chica suit but it’s hidden in the code of the suit so I wouldn’t know exactly what it was but I remember something about a file for Vanny. Cassi and Kayla would drag the chica suit to the basement of their house and then Cassi would start working on getting to the code of the suit and after hours and hours of working Cassi found the file about Vanny and then she opens it and sees how Afton built Vanny and it says how t
  2. Up next on this short carnage show or most likely long Ace Arrow vs Arrow Gargano. Ace Arrow and Arrow Gargano are in the ring Ace Arrow and Gargano tie up before Arrow sending Gargano to the ropes and hitting him with a drop kick but then Gargano gets back inside the ring and superkicks Ace Arrow but Gargano didn’t see that the ref was behind Ace Arrow and Ace Arrow falls into the ref knocking the ref down out of the ring Arrow Gargano goes outside the ring and gets a steel chair and gets back inside the ring with it but Ace Arrow is back up to his feet and then he low blows Gargano befo
  3. Welcome to the NFL talk show. As today we are going to be talking about Sundays games. Raiders and Chiefs amazing game raiders beat the chiefs in arrowhead final score 40-32. Rams vs Football Team nothing much to note but Alex Smith is back! Rams 30 Football Team 10. Bengals and Ravens Burrow made some mistakes but you can’t be mad at him for that as he’s only a rookie ravens murder bengals. Ravens 27 bengals 3. Eagles and Steelers. Chase Claypoll had an phenomenal game as the Steelers win Eagles are bad. Steelers 38 Eagles 29. Cardinals and Jets not much to talk
  4. Episode 37 Don’t Run Only Cry. After a successful surgery Kayla is awake at the hospital where we see Cassi and Bryan as well and she says that they are letting you go home soon hopefully by the end of the day today or tomorrow but hopefully you don’t have to use the crutches for a while I’m going to go talk to the doctors. Cassi went to go talk to the doctors about when Kayla could go home and they both agreed on tonight so then Cassi went back to Kaylas room and then she said that tonight your coming home but they want to make sure that you don’t have to use crutches so they want u
  5. Episode 36 Let’s Play. Cassi and Kayla are talking with Bryan about the mall and how Cassi is trying to get it rebuilt to a pizzeria or build a pizzeria in the area but so far it’s been a maybe even though she’s CEO she still has to get permission from the board of Fazbear entertainment. And Bryan noticed Kaylas cast on her leg and asked what happened and Kayla says that she tore her ACL after slipping on a banana peel at the mall and Bryan says Jesus fucking Christ this mall is unsafe. And Cassi says yeh we are trying to either destroy the mall or rebuild it to a pizzeria or buil
  6. Seahawks are 4-0 for the second time in team history the last time we were 4-0 was back in 2013 when we won the super bowl. 

  7. Game 1 of the new season. New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts. Jets touchdown passing touchdown Fields to Hunt 7-0. Colts touchdown rushing touchdown Mack 7-7. Jets touchdown rushing touchdown Hunt 14-7. Jets touchdown passing touchdown Fields to Waddle 21-7. Colts touchdown passing touchdown Winston to Burton 14-21. Jets touchdown rushing touchdown Hunt 28-14. Colts touchdown passing touchdown Winston to Hines 21-28. Jets touchdown passing touchdown Fields to Waddle 35-21. Jets touchdown passing touchdown Fields to Herdon IV 42-21. Colts
  8. NFL draft. For the Jets. Jets drafted Justin Fields at number 1. The Jets drafted at number 2 Micah Parson. At Number 3 The Jets drafted Jalen Waddle. and many more!
  9. Hello I’m your host Arrow and today I’m starting a jets diary and with Darnold not playing well the jets are 0-4 in real life the Jets could possibly look to send off Sam Darnold and get a better qb in the draft or possibly have a new qb that is young and then trade up for the first pick using that qb. And I will be getting the first pick so I don’t wanna do the first season but expect me to do a season two after the first season is done!
  10. Welcome to the final raw before the draft. As we see a replay from the royal rumble and the wwe championship match. Jey Uso comes out with the bloodline wearing the championship around his waist and he says that if he’s drafted to Smackdown he wants Isiah Swerve Scott to come and the bloodline as well before Ace Austin comes out and says that he got lucky and says that at elimination chamber he wants his rematch but Jey says tonight or he steps inside the chamber and Ace Austin says that he’ll step in the chamber. Keith Lee is waiting to seek out his options for a title to go fo
  11. The WWE draft will take place on Friday and Tuesday because Smackdown is coming back! I can’t wait to see who will end up where.
  12. Royal rumble results. The Bloodline retain the tag team championships. Ricochet defeats Drew McIntyre to retain the ic championship. Apollo Crews defeats Buddy Murphy to retain the us championship. Keith Lee wins the royal rumble after throwing out Finn Balor. The Fiend defeats Keith Lee. Roman Reigns defeats Heath Slater. Finn Balor defeats John Cena. Jimmy Uso defeats Cedric Alexander. Hikda Shida defeats Charlotte Flair to retain the women’s championship. Jey Uso defeats Ace Austin to win the WWE championship after hitting 3 uso kicks and 3
  13. Royal Rumble matchcard. New Day vs Bloodline(c) tag team championships. Ricochet(c) vs Drew McIntyre ic championship. Apollo Crews(c) vs Buddy Murphy us championship. 30 men royal rumble match. The Fiend vs Keith Lee. Heath Slater vs Roman Reigns. John Cena vs Finn Balor. Cedric Alexander vs Jimmy Uso. Hikda Shida(c) vs Charlotte Flair women’s championship. Ace Austin(c) vs Jey Uso/W Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso WWE championship match
  14. Seth Rollins(c) vs Adam Cole=Seth Rollins. Kenny Omega(c) vs Kota Ibushi=Kenny Omega. Hiromu Takahashi(c) vs Sammy Guevara=Sammy Guevara. Kevin Steen and El Generico(c) vs reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)=Generico and Steen. Casino Battle Royal=Jon Moxley
  15. Welcome to the final raw before the royal rumble. Ace Austin says that Jey Uso is more of a tag guy before Jeys song hits and he comes out and says that he is ready to provide and he will be taking the championship from Ace Austin at the royal rumble. Ace Austin says that will not be happening. Both men sign the contract for the match. Ace Austin defeats Buddy Murphy with the fold right in front of Jey Uso. Jey Uso defeats Heath Slater with the Uso Splash right in front of Ace Austin. Drew McIntyre and Ricochet sign the contract for their match at the royal rumble. New

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