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  1. Episode 30 Season Finale Its Gone. Cassi and Gallant start punching each other before they run into the gallons of the gasoline so it would spill over the floor after a hour of fighting Cassi sees the hole Gallant doesn’t KAYLA NOW Kayla would lit the matches at the gas tank and it would explode and then Cassi gets Kayla and throws her out before getting to the exit and getting out until part of the roof fell onto her leg but Cassi was trying to get it off but she couldn’t and Kayla would see Cassi struggling before the whole building would collapse on to her leg Kayla runs over to Cassi
  2. Episode 29 Time Is Running Out. Cassi and Kayla are working on a plan in the bunker for the fight between Cassi and Gallant and after an hour of thinking they come up with something and then Cassi says look for anything that can cause a fire Kayla finds a match and Cassi says ok there we go do we have the springtrap suit that fucker is going in there and he’s going to burn in this place even if I don’t make it out the bunker is the only place that is protects me Gallant doesn’t know where this is at and we need to keep it like that. Kayla Bryan is with an adult right? Yeh he’s at the
  3. Episode 28 Whats This Doing Here? Cassi Kayla and Bryan are still inside the bunker at the pizzeria before hearing some sort of big can or something so they go check it out and see it’s 5 gallons of gasoline and Cassi is like FUCK Cassi says that this pizzeria isn’t lasting long get all of the animatronics turned on and move them to the moving truck after that Gallant is planning the big fight in episode 30 the season finale either way that pizzeria isn’t going to be around for much longer no matter what happens as long as the pizzeria is burnt to a crisp it’s a success Cassi says is ther
  4. Episode 27 He Didn’t Actually Die? We see Kayla Cassi and Bryan back at the pizzeria with Cassi being told that she can’t walk on her ankle for a while so Kayla and Bryan tell her that she needs to relax and she says no the fuck I don’t I need to get work done must keep this place up to date before Cassi gets an email from Gallant.Gaming.Gmail.Com “I’m not truly dead.” Cassi says fuck to the fucky of the fucks and says lets go Gallant isn’t dead we need to go to the underground bunker time to close up. After closing up the pizzeria they would help Cassi down the stairs before closing
  5. Game Preview. Arizona Cardinals at The San Francisco 49ers. Second year QB Kyler Murray has DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald. How Will Jimmy G and the 49ers rebound after losing in the super bowl. and finally Arizona has brought in Jason Kelce Montez Sweat and more oline and deline.
  6. After going 5-10 finishing last in the NFC west the Arizona Cardinals traded for DeAndre Hopkins for basically nothing besides losing David Johnson but with Kyler Murray winning offensive rookie of the year and drafting Isiah Simmons and looking to win the super bowl for the first time in franchise history or will they fall short in the playoffs if anyone knows good sliders for all madden let me know.
  7. Breaking news Carnage Star Ace Arrow was attacked by Jack Bishop and his shoulder was in pain very much and after the brutal attack by Jack Bishop Arrow was loaded onto a stretcher and taken to a hospital where the doctors said that he is most definitely out with an shoulder injury for 3 months or more.
  8. After the match Arrows left shoulder is in a lot of pain to where the medical staff would rush down to check on him. Arrow keeps saying that he’s fine but I don’t think he is waiting OH MY GOD NO. Jack Bishop is attacking Ace Arrow don’t do this no think about this OH MY GOD he just stomped on Arrow’s left shoulder when it was on the steel steps before throwing him shoulder first into the barricade Bishop is laughing now oh my god this is one disgusting act that anyone could do don’t do this think about what will happen to him JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. Bishop would stomp onto Arrow’s lef
  9. Episode 25 Time To Fight Part 1. As we see Cassi is trying to walk without the crutches but she keeps falling over when Kayla say that she doesn’t have to do this but Cassi insists that she has to do it for the safety for everyone else and Bryan says that he doesn’t want to see Cassi be killed by this fucker and Cassi says that she can walk without the crutches before driving off without knowing that Kayla and Bryan sneaked into the car Gallant was waiting for Cassi Gallant knew that she couldn’t walk without the crutches and she would be an easy target. Cassi would step out of the c
  10. Draft night 3 to happen when more people signup! I need to even the roster for both brands!
  11. I signed it only because you want me to!
  12. Gallant vs Cassi will happen in episode 26. Who will win Gallant Or Cassi?
  13. Episode 25 Why Are You Doing This? We see Kayla Cassi and Bryan back at the pizzeria in the office during working hours as everyone was leaving the pizzeria Kayla Cassi and Bryan left the pizzeria as well as Gallant thought they would still be there after closing hours so he went to the pizzeria to find nobody there and he said FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK before Cassi walks into the pizzeria with a pistol and closes the door and locks it and puts curtains everywhere around the windows and doors before turning on the lights Cassi says “What do you fucking want with Kayla and Bryan and what is your na
  14. Ace Arrow is sitting in a room being interviewed by Josh Trenton. Josh Trenton:Earlier today we saw the Riddler set his house on fire and then he stayed inside the burning house ultimately dying but then someone else walked out and it was the Penguin what are you’re feelings and thoughts on that? Ace Arrow: You see Josh he looks like a dead penguin like nobody should ever look like that it’s honestly disgusting and sickening to look at but honestly as for riddler I have no words on that but I guess that fire fucked him up real bad if he’s looking like that. Josh Trenton: Also ar
  15. Welcome to the first show for carnage Nate defeats Epic to move on to the second round of the tournament. Bob defeats Jo Nathan to move onto the second round of the tournament. FDS defeats Benjamin Franichis to move onto the second round of the tournament. Alex Costa defeats Jon to move onto the second round of the tournament. and our main event is Austin Mirage vs Kenji. Kenji defeats Austin Mirage to move onto the second round of the tournament.

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