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  1. The Arrow was looking at Arrow Scott with a smile. ”Arrow Scott do you know what tomorrow is? The day that we beat those old men to death and make them retire they are past their primes and they need to retire so let’s retire them and move on in the tournament and we can go home and get ready for our next opponents and what not.” Arrow Scott was looking at The Arrow like he was some kind of mad man ranting about how old men suck.
  2. The recent PlayStation direct revealed that we finally have a trailer for the new fnaf game coming out soon it’s called Five Nights At Freddys Security Breach and honesty it looks fucking amazing unfortunately I can’t play the game until it comes to switch but I cant wait to play it amazing graphics amazing details and what not but I would highly recommend checking out the trailer for security breach as it is amazing and this is the first ever fnaf free roam game it’s came so far from being a clicking game to now a free roam game cant wait for more games from fnaf in the future.
  3. The Arrow comes out. ”You Old Men Suck so much and me and my partner Arrow Scott are gonna to defeat you old men because we are just better than you morons you think that you can win? I hate to be the person to break this to you but you already had you’re time it’s time for me to end you idiots so please don’t even try because I’m going to end you because old men don’t deserve to win so you are past you’re prime and it’s time to retire and you should retire because you both suck and old.”
  4. During the PlayStation Direct it was announced that MLB The Show is coming to Xbox and I’m extremely happy for this because now I don’t have to ask Steph to play MLB on his ps4 and it’s honestly amazing that it’s finally coming to Xbox I don’t know when it’ll be released but all I know is that it’s coming to Xbox. Let me know what you think down below!
  5. Arrow Reigns and Arrow Heyman get on the jet to Apia and they arrive, Arrow Reigns isn’t very happy about a phone call he received. ”Are you fucking kidding me the fact that I have to comeback to settle something when I’m trying to get a good seat for mania, I don’t understand why a fight started this is such a peaceful community and how the hell did a fight start? It doesn’t matter anymore because I’m here and I’m settling it.” Arrow Reigns and Arrow Heyman would walk up to the village and asked who started fighting? They got their answer and then Reigns told Heyman to stay here an
  6. Name:Arrow Metcalf. Position:Wide Receiver. Age/Year in college:18 freshman. Height:6’4/Weight:229 ibs. Skin Tone:Black
  7. WELCOME TO N X T. New NXT Champion Kyle O’Rylie wants a challenge when the returning Seth Rollins says that he is here for one match and one match only and that’s against you and Kyle accepted. Pete Dunne defeats a local talent. Rodrick Strong says that he wants to face Big E at Takeover Brooklyn. Big E says sure he’ll face Rodrick Strong. Main Event Kyle and Seth Rollins vs Rodrick Strong and Big E. Kyle and Seth Rollins defeats Rodrick Strong and Big E.
  8. Jinder winning because it wasn’t built correctly and the run was ruined by that.
  9. WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAWWW. Last Night at mania Drew McIntyre retained but then Cena attacked Drew before The Miz came out and cashed in on Drew and won the championship and then McIntyre said that John when I get back my championship you best believe that I’m going to claymore you too hell. The Miz opens up Raw with MIZ TV The Miz says that he beat Drew McIntyre until John Cena shows up and says that he didn’t without my help and The Miz said that I didn’t make any deals with you and Cena said I know but I want a title shot at the championship until Drew McIntyre shows up and say
  10. The Fuck why is the government doing the jobs of parents?
  11. Raw preview The new WWE champion The Miz to kickoff raw with a special edition of MIZ TV. Drew McIntyre takes on Pete Dunne. John Cena to be at raw. The Miz in one on one action against Ali non title match. Rhea Ripley championship celebration. and more!
  12. Episode 66 Cassi and Kay take on Freddy and The Gang part 2 of a 3 part series. Cassi and Kay wake up and its time to begin nights 4,5 and 6 there’s a catch if they beat nights 4,5 and 6 then night 7 is only bonnie and chica Kay and Cassi would easily beat both nights 4,5 and now they are getting ready for night 6 if they win this one night 7 is easy for them if they fail over 5 times then they will get Freddy and Foxy. Kay said ok let’s do our strategy and it worked extremely well winning night 6 easily meaning that they don’t have to deal with Freddy and Foxy on night 7 and Cassi said h

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