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  1. Episode 46 Laid To Rest and Death? Cassi and Kayla are in tears but Cassi and Kayla would get Bryan’s body into the casket and then they would load it into the funeral car. As they were driving Kayla saw Gallant and then took out her gun and said stop the car someone is following us. Kayla would shoot him in the head and Cassi said good shot and then they would continue to drive. At the funeral home Kayla said that he didn’t deserve to die the way he did before she would break down in tears and then Cassi said that she would get revenge and make sure that Kayla gets to live her life to th
  2. AJF is better than you and you know it and then I do believe plays and AJF comes out with a replica of the North American Championship. ”I hereby claim myself to be the self proclaimed North American Champion thanks to Ace Arrow I got this off BPZ.Com but Ena Fujimoto who the hell do you think you are I don’t know who you think you are but you are pissing me off here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to show you all what happens when you piss me off.” AJF puts out a cardboard box of Ena Fujimoto and then kicks it in the balls. ”THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PISS ME OFF But it’s ok
  3. A week after Frozen Paths FWE comes back! Elsa defends vs Hanso and much more! Sven defeats Papa Troll. Anna defeats her mother. Kristoff defeats Oaken. Our Main Event is For the into the unknown championship Hanso vs Elsa/w Anna. Elsa defeats Hanso to retain the into the unknown championship after Anna kicked Hanso in the balls. Tune in next week for an all new FWE!
  4. Welcome to Raw vs Smackdown. Adam Cole defeats Kevin Owens with the last shot. Raw 1 Smackdown 0. Seth Rollins defeats Aj Styles with the curb stomp. Raw 1 Smackdown 1. Sami Zayn defeats Ali with the hulve kick. Raw 1 Smackdown 2. Street Profits defeats The Hurt Business with the from the heavens. Raw 1 Smackdown 3. Askua defeats Sasha Banks with the Askua lock. Raw 2 Smackdown 3. Roman Reigns defeats Drew McIntyre to win the Smackdown the bragging rights. Raw 2 Smackdown 4.
  5. The Booking Battles community is heartbroken to hear the unfortunate passing of “The Exulted One” Mr Brodie Lee Seahawk Pro Wrestling and NGW and Hardcore Championship Wrestling is sadden to learn about the unfortunate passing of “The Exulted One” Mr Brodie Lee may he Rest In Peace.
  6. Welcome to THE FIRST NGW PPV DESTRUCTION OF PATHS! Ace Austin defeats Chris Jericho with the fold! Leon Ruff defeats Bobby Fish to win the us championship! Randy Orton defeats Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins after hitting the RKO on Hawkins. After the match we saw the firefly fun house logo appear and then the lights went out and then they cameback on OH MY GOD ITS THE FIEND BRAY WYATT AND HES STARING DOWN AT RANDY ORTON and then the lights would go off again and then they would comeback on and the fiend was gone and Randy Orton is looking around for the fiend but couldn’t find him
  7. Episode 45 He’s Dead Again? Cassi and Kayla are looking for Bryan but when Kayla noticed that something was wrong she and Cassi went to his room and the door was unlocked but Bryan wasn’t in there but they did see blood and Cassi told Kayla to call 911 and Kayla would go call 911 while Cassi went to the mall following the footsteps of blood and then she said that’s it I told her to stay at the mall and she fucking ignored me well now I’m going to destroy her and make sure that she can’t function again she messed with the wrong person and now she’s going to pay. Cassi loads up a gun b
  8. Welcome to the second episode of VALOR! Austin Mirage is protesting his loss to slim on last weeks Valor before Bart comes out and says that he’s going to give Austin Mirage a match against a debuting superstar right now and it’s a tournament match and then “115” plays and Austin Mirage says that he will win! Hans Clayton defeats Austin Mirage with the Clayton Clash and gets a bye in the tournament. Sameer is seen focused on Beef K. Mikey defeats Slim to move on in the tournament. Sameer defeats BEEF-K before he would say that Hans Clayton I spoke to Bart and now you d
  9. Welcome to Carnage! Ace Arrow says that he wants Austin Omega but Austin Omega says he cant focus on Ace Arrow but Ace Arrow says that he will get what he wants. Tamer defeats Austin Omega to move onto the second round of the tournament after Ace Arrow attacked Tamer causing for a disqualification and Julius says that Ace Arrow will get to face Austin Omega at wildcard. FDS defeats Kenji to move on to the second round of the tournament. Nate defeats Bob to move onto the second round of the tournament. main event Ace Arrow vs Jo Nathan. Ace Arrow and Jo Nathan ende
  10. Welcome back to The Mr Smarti Pants show! Today I’ll have a special guest but he won’t be on today but just you guys wait! Lets list my thoughts on the shakeup and NOL. Shakeup Carnage -A this might be problematic but here’s why I think this Carnage did get Sameer and some other people but at the end of the day I think valor got the A++. Valor A++ Valor got some big names like Bailey Alex Costa Prince and Kieron and Jo Nathan I really think that Valor won this shakeup after acquiring Bailey because Bailey is the universal champion and tamer is the undisputed champion that makes some goo
  11. I’m better than you and you know it before I do believe comes on AJF and Ace Arrow walk out and AJF beings to speak. ”Ena Fujimoto welcome to Carnage but if you think that I’m going to let you take over my brand you must be mistaken but that’s ok because lm going to make you pay. And your judgment will come but it’s ok because you are my pawn I’m not your pawn I’m your enemy I’m not here to be your friend, If I was here to be friendly I wouldn’t earn my shots but since I’m not your friend that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you I respect you I’m just not your friend. Friends only betray you
  12. NXT Takeover and Summerslam predictions. Johnny Gargano defeats Andrade Cein Almas. Hideo Itami defeats Roderick Strong. Ember Moon defeats Askua to win the NXT women’s championship. UE retains against TM-61. Drew McIntyre defeats Adam Cole to win the NXT championship. Summerslam predictions. Kevin Owens defeats Brock Lesnar. Bludgeon Brothers defeats The New Day. Cedric Alexander defeats Rey Mysterio Buddy Murphy and Angel Garza Jr to win the Crusierweight championship. The Revival defeats American Alpha to win the smackdown live tag team tit
  13. Matchcard for Destruction Of Paths. Ace Austin vs Chris Jericho. Randy Orton vs Zack Ryder vs Curt Hawkins. Jeff Hardy vs Madman Fulton. Inner Circle vs Top Flight and Motor City Machine Guns. Team Taz vs Seth Rollins Aj Styles and Ricochet. Bobby Fish vs Leon Ruff for the NGW USA championship. Main event Cody Rhodes vs MJF w/Wardlow, Guevara for the NGW world championship. Bonus Questions. Who will get pinned in the 6 man tag team match between Hobbs Sparks and Cage vs Rollins Styles and Ricochet? Will Wardlow or Guevara get involved in Cody R
  14. Welcome to the 3rd draft night. Carnage selects Tamer. Valor Selects BEEF-K. Carnage selects Ace Arrow and his manager AJF. Valor selects Tony Tastic. Carnage selects Austin Omega. and finally Valor Selects Hans Clayton. If I need more characters I’ll dm some people and ask if they can signup or make another character.

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