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  1. So after what happened on raw last night we have Smackdown live tonight Murphy Vs Bryan, Bryan is going to reveal who attacked Roman I think it was Rowan and Bryan because Rowan was seen wearing a hoodie.
  2. Summerslam is coming up and I’m coming up to the NXT champion Meko I’m taking your title and I will have respect from the crowd when I put you to through a table and I win that title I’ll be holding that title over your head and then throw you out of the ring I will be your new NXT champion and I will have respect from the crowd.
  3. I think they could pull off Murphy as kotor winner
  4. Get a shooting guard and get some back ups for your good players
  5. Ig you wanna fight me try me fight me
  6. Are we talking about Daniel Jones that bust that the giants wasted their 6th round draft pick on in the first round over Dwayne Haskins lmao he’s a bust Haskins is better plus the giants have to reboot themselves cuz they don’t have OBJ anymore Eli sucks Shaquon is carrying no wonder why the giants didn’t make the playoffs last year but my Seahawks did and they were wrongfully robbed
  7. I didn’t see this one coming because after they have summerslam somewhere else they usually go back to Brooklyn
  8. Man look at these trashboys fans the Seahawks are better than your cowboys that’s why Zeke isn’t playing because he doesn’t have a new contract yet so uhh you’re screwed because the cowboys suck and when was the last time that the cowboys won the super bowl back in 1996 and then what happened they chocked to the rams they aren’t Americans team there the cowgirls hey here’s a joke for y’all cowboys fans the cowboys winning the super bowl because that isn’t happening (the fans are booing Arrowgargano out of the arena) also I have a picture of the cowboys show it on the tron please the fans look at the cowboys picture and start booing Arrow out of the arena hey fans you guys shouldn’t be cowboys fans anymore because they aren’t winning the super bowl again for a while because there Trash zeke has to carry I’m sure that zekes back is hurting from carrying y’all to the playoffs and so is coopers back your gonna either keep cooper or zeke your not keeping both because that would go over the cap space and that’s illegal because you won’t be able to sign anyone else because with the amount of money that they both want so my real cowboys joke is Dak Prescott he’s already throwing pics at the cowboys training camp so umm yeh (the cowboys fans didn’t like that joke at all and continue booing Arrow out of the arena) man y’all getting triggered makes me laugh because you know it’s true so I have something for y’all dirty cowboys fans (the fans see the Seahawks helmet and continues to boo arrow out of the arena) Well I guess I’m not welcomed here after the jokes and what I just put on the tron.
  9. I see were in Trash Vegas tonight that’s why I came out with a mask on so I don’t get your germs on me because I’m the best NXT wrestler I’m better than Bob and I’m better than that fake champion Alex as well I’m the real champion I don’t sit on my couch and go on social media and say something bad about someone I will say it to your face and if you don’t like what I have to say then go cry me a river you salty fans only Philadelphia and Seattle deserves me not Trash Vegas and don’t even get me started on La that’s also trash because the clippers can’t even win a championship and the Vegas knights are also trash can’t even win the Stanley Cup the lakers are overpowered but last year the only La team to make the playoffs was the clippers because the lakers started Lonzo so don’t say that the lakers are winning it all because that’s a lie.
  10. So the important things that happened on smackdown Dolph copying Goldbergs entrance, Buddy Murphy snitching on Rowan and Bryan Buddy Murphy told Roman that Rowan was behind the attacks that’s pretty much all you need to know about what happened on smackdown last night
  11. Brock vs Roman WM34 that match put me to sleep
  12. Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne for the UK title NXT Takeover Chicago that match should have been main event hopefully we get to see them face off again in the near future
  13. So we know that joe isn’t the attacker because he was right there when Roman was attacked so that only leaves 2 people left it’s either Bryan or Buddy Murphy so we will have to find out tonight on smackdown live but I’m excited for Goldberg vs Dolph at summerslam if it’s booked right it’s a dream match come true if it’s booked wrong it’s gonna be bad I’m hoping it’s gonna be booked correctly and then we have new women’s tag team champions but who attacked Roman? I think it’s Bryan because Bryan still hasn’t said his career alternating announcement yet I think it’s gonna be Bryan vs Roman at summerslam
  14. Backlash results Adam Cole beats Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the USA championship, Ali beats Austin Aries to win the 24\7 championship, Johnny Gargano beats Aj Styles to retain the IC championship,UE beats AOP to retain the raw tag team titles, Finn Balor beats John Cena to retain the wwe title, Seth Rollins beats Dolph Ziggler to retain the universal title thats your backlash results I'm Arrow see you for raw.
  15. Mamoswine Lapras Sandslash-Alola Ninetales-Alola Cloyster Glaceon Glalie-Mega Sneasel

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