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  1. I want Apollo to win this title so badly Andrade run is boring to me don’t know if that’s how anyone else feels like that but to me we need a new us champion because Andrade is jobbing and he only wins when he defends his championship I think a champion should be winning in non title matches too not just championship matches and for the N1LC why is Charlotte in it? Drew McIntyre on MVPS lounge its going to lead to McIntyre vs MVP but McIntyre is going to win by dq because I think Lashely is going to attack McIntyre during the match sending a message to him but honestly Vince please take the US championship off of Andrade.
  2. Welcome to Backlash Smackdowns first Ppv of the year. As our opening match is for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships as Heavy Machinery would be too much for the Usos after hitting the compacter on Jimmy for the win=your winners and the new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions Heavy Machinery. Ricochet would defeat Tye Dillinger after reversing the Dillingers finisher into the recoil and then would hit a 360 senton for the win=your winner and new US champion Ricochet. Becky Lynch defeats Charlotte Flair with the dissarmer=your winner and still Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Roman Reigns defeats John Cena after hitting 5 spears before hitting a final spear to get the 3 count=your winner Roman Reigns. As we our getting ready to close out Backlash we got two more matches left and our next one is for the ic title remember as soon as all 4 superstars are in the ring the match will begin Apollo and The Miz would start off as the next person would be Goldberg and Apollo goes right after Goldberg before The Miz would jump in and attack Apollo and after about 30 minutes the final superstar is coming out as we have heard reports that it could be Finn Balor as the timer counts down 5,4,3,2,1 as the lights become white and then Finn Balors theme song plays and OH MY GOD ITS FINN BALOR AND THE MATCH WILL START WHEN BALOR GETS IN THE RING as Balor gets in the ring the ref rings the bell and the match officially begins after a long hard fought battle Finn Balor would pick up the win and the ic championship is coming to Smackdown=your winner and new ic champion Finn Balor. As now it’s time for the main event of backlash as Shinsuke Nakamura Aj Styles and Dean Ambrose are all in the ring and the ref rings the bell and the match begins to a slow start but it picks up towards the middle of the match as Ambrose would try to go for a dirty deeds Styles would throw Ambrose outside the ring before Nakamura would run up on Styles and hit the KINGSASHA 1 2 3 and with that Shinsuke Nakamura is your new WWE champion=your winner and new WWE champion Shinsuke Nakamura.
  3. This is such good shit and the fans totally want THIS TO FUCKING HAPPEN but why is this even happening? They have people to feed to Braun Strowman use them this is so random why is this even a thing since when does 2 people get a random championship shot for no reason whatsoever at all this is annoying and it’s retarded please stop booking like this it’s not going to end well for them JUST STOP please this isn’t good shit I would rather watch annoying orange than this shit this is cringe to the point where I wanna stop watching Smackdown and forget about it but I don’t because I got nothing better to do with my life and yeh it’s annoyingly this is so random it’s not even funny. That’s my thoughts on this.
  4. Backlash Heavy Machinery vs The Usos for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship. Tye Dillinger(c) vs Ricochet for the US championship. Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch(c) for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. John Cena vs Roman Reigns. IC Championship Match Apollo Crews(c) vs The Miz vs Goldberg vs??? The match will officially start when all 4 superstars are in the ring. If the mystery man wins the ic championship comes to Smackdown and the US championship comes to raw. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Aj Styles vs Dean Ambrose(c) WWE Championship Match. Bonus question there is two Will Shinsuke Nakamura win the championship? Who will the mystery person be?
  5. ArrowGargano


    The scene begins with Arrow Mcintyre in a dark hoodie with a camera facing straight towards him in an unknown location. “Jo Nathan,I want you to pay attention because by the time we are done you won’t be overlooking me anymore you little bitch. You claim that he will end me but don’t you think that is a bit extreme coming from the guy who I’ve brutalized on two separate occasions. Come,let me give you a little tour of this wonderful factory which will be the destination where you can no longer stand and your Last Resort will be nothing but a match incapable of starting a blaze.” Arrow takes the camera and attaches to one of his many drones that had not seen some use for a good period of time allowing it to follow him as he exited the room that he was in allowing for the tour of the factory to begin. The dark ominous lighting contributed to the atmosphere that this would be the resting place of Jo Nathan. As Arrow continued to walk,he came across some stairs which showed a conveyor belt which could have been where some of the useless clones had been discarded. He chose to ignore them not wanting to give away his secrets before their encounter at Last Resort. “You want to talk about irrelevancy? Here is a man who hasn’t been able to make himself relevant in his entire career in BPZ and in order to become relevant again he targets me trying to make himself important. You think that by beating me you will somehow become a bigger star but you see that is where you are wrong. Jo Nathan,you have pissed off the wrong person and you made an even bigger mistake attacking someone with a chair when the person has issues with his rage. You claim to be intelligent but it seems your inner demon stopped you from making rational decisions.” A sinister smirk appeared on his lips as he came across a steel chair glancing over it before approaching it slowly folding it in half picking it up. “Do you really think that just because you attacked me with a steel chair it means you have the advantage? The real question is what happens if I take this chair and smash your skull against it? Will you have the advantage then? You will never be in control when you are facing someone like me.” The scene ends with Arrow Mcintyre laughing rather maniacally looking forward to the response of his future victim.
  6. Welcome to the 5th episode of NXT. Darby Allin challenges Matt Riddle for a match later tonight. Velveteen Dream talks about how he won the NXT championship at Takeover. WAIT IS THAT SETH ROLLINS? “Triple H your on at WrestleMania 33 and I’m making sure that you won’t leave the man behind THAT SUIT but make sure you leave as the man that isn’t scared of anyone trying to take his spotlight.” Darby Allin defeats Matt Riddle after hitting the Coffin Drop from the top rope before Velveteen Dream would attack Allin. The Street Profits throw a celebration party for winning the NXT tag team titles but it was interrupted by the Undisputed Era. Our Main Event is Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream for the NXT championship as Velveteen Dream defeats Adam Cole to retain the NXT championship after hitting the purple rain maker for the win.
  7. WELCOME TO THE FINAL SMACKDOWN BEFORE BACKLASH. As Ricochet would show off his Athletic Skills vs A local star and putting the star away with the 360 senton. Tye Dillinger says that ricochet will not defeat him at backlash but Dillinger will walk out us champion while ricochet is laying down out cold. Dean Ambrose is saying that nobody understands Nakamura and that Aj Styles is a cheap ripoff of John Cena. Aj Styles says that Ambrose isn’t anything but a lunatic who is not deserving of the WWE championship. Nakamura says that he will win and he will be WWE champion after backlash. Heavy Machinery defeats Lucha House Party to move onto face the Usos at backlash for the Smackdown tag team titles. we will see you at backlash for smackdowns first paper per view at backlash.
  8. Last night at No Mercy Rollins Stomp McIntyre claymore McIntyre goes down Triple H gets inside the ring as he’s looking at McIntyre he turns around Pidagree to Rollins McIntyre gets back up and Triple H is gone McIntyre delivers a claymore to Rollins 1 2 3 DREW MCINTYRE IS THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION BECAUSE OF TRIPLE H. Apollo Crews comes out and says who is my next opponent Goldbergs music plays OH MY GOD ITS GOLDBERG Apollo you wanna know who’s next it’s you YOUR NEXT Apollo Crews smiles at payback it will be Goldberg vs Apollo Crews for the ic championship. As we get ready for our first match on raw. As it’s Dolph Ziggler vs Alister Black winner faces Drew McIntyre and the loser of this match also gets in as the ref rings the bell and the match begins to a slow start but it picks up towards the middle of the match as Ziggler try's to go for a Zig Zag Black would use the ropes to get him off of him Ziggler runs at Black, BLACK MASS 1 2 3 Here is your winner Alister Black. As Alexa Bliss is in the ring we hear Bayleys theme song play and then the ref rings the bell and the match begins to a slow start but picks up towards the middle of the match BELLY TO BELLY 1 2 3 here is your winner and the NEWWWWWWWWW RAW WOMENS CHAMPION BAYLEY. As our next match is for the raw tag team championships as the ref rings the bell and the match begins to a slow start but it picks up towards the middle of the match the bar is about to win the titles with a Cesro Swing into a Brokick 1 2 3 YOUR WINNERS AND THE NEWWWWWWWW RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE BAR. Triple H explains why he attacked Seth Rollins instead of Drew McIntyre it’s because Rollins is Triple H’s puppet all a long and that Triple H wants Rollins at WrestleMania 33 in a no holds bards match before Drew McIntyre would have security to escort Triple H out of the Arena. Time For The Main Event. As both Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre are in the ring the ref rings the bell and the match begins to a slow start but it picks up towards the middle of the match Superkick by Rollins CLAYMORE BY MCINTYRE 1 2 3 here is your winner and still the universal champion Drew McIntyre.
  9. As we see Arrow walking through the center of the stage with a mic in his hand and he begins to speak. Jo Nathan that’s what happens when you try to hit me with a chair you pathetic dumbass that’s why you have no friends and I’m taking you to hell not heaven because monsters like you don’t deserve to be in the kingdom of god because you are just a monster who has a death wish. Keep dreaming about beating me again you imbecile that you are you will not beat me again after I’m done with you I will leave your body in shambles and I will leave you in hell you fucking creep for once in your life stop hiding you fucker do you see shadows in your head I would too if I got my ass handed to me. Before I leave did you guys enjoy me beating his ass? I did and I would do it again if given the chance because I don’t care and I will never care about assholes like him and I will be leaving him in pieces of a broken body just like how I did last week stop trying to cheap shot me final warning see you in hell bye bye. As Arrow leaves the ring after he dropped the mic and leaves with a smile on his face. Jo Nathan has a death wish and it’s going to cost him big time when he steps inside the ring again with Arrow McIntyre it will be a battle for the ages.
  10. Exclusive footage after No Mercy Seth Rollins stormed into Stephane’s office and confronted her before Drew McIntyre stepped in and said tomorrow night you get your rematch and Triple H is barred from ringside and Stephane signs off on it. Find out what Triple H will say on raw tomorrow when I post it.
  11. Monday Night Raw Preview Triple H will be at Raw and will explain why he attacked Seth Rollins instead of Drew McIntyre last night at No Mercy. Seth Rollins will face Drew McIntyre in a universal championship rematch in an extreme rules match and Triple H is barred from ringside. Miz hosts Miz Tv with Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre. The Bar takes on The New Day for the raw tag team championships. Alister Black takes on Dolph Ziggler in a rematch with major title stakes on the line. The match that was supposed to happen at No Mercy is happening on Raw Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn in an last man standing match. Who will be Apollo Crews next challenger for the ic title. Goldberg to be at Raw. Roman Reigns wants to have a 1v1 against John Cena tonight on raw to see who is the better superstar. An NXT superstar makes her debut to accept Alexa Bliss open challenge for the raw women’s championship.
  12. Welcome to No Mercy tonight we got a card for you. As The Miz and Apollo Crews are in the ring already after the match begins to a slow start but begins to pick up towards the middle of the match Miz tries to go for the skull crushing finale but Apollo would roll up The Miz 1 2 3 here is your winner and still ic champion Apollo Crews. As both The Club and New Day are in the ring the ref rings the bell and the match begins to a slow start but it picks up towards the middle of the match Kofi Kingston hits Trouble In Paradise 1 2 3 your winners and still raw tag team champions The New Day. Jinder Mahal Roman Reigns and John Cena are in the ring as the ref rings the bell and the match begins to a slow start but it picks up towards the middle of the match as Cena would lift up Roman Reigns for an AA Mahal would throw Cena outside the ring 1 2 3 JINDER MAHAL HAS A RAW CONTRACT 3MB MIGHT BE GETTING BACK TOGETHER? Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss as both Banks and Bliss are in the ring the ref rings the bell and the match begins after getting off to a slow start it starts to pickup towards the middle of the match before Bliss would hit the twisted bliss to retain the raw women’s championship here is your winner and still raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss. Dolph Ziggler and Aliester Black are in the ring and the ref rings the bell and the match begins after getting off to a slow start the match begins to pick up towards the middle of the match before Dolph tried to go for a superkick but Black would deliver a black mass 1 2 3 your winner Aliester Black. As Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre are in the ring the ref rings the bell and the match begins to a slow start after trading blows back and fourth ROLLINS HITS A CURB STOMP BUT MCINTYRE HITS A CLAYMORE TAKING DOWN MCINTYRE ROLLINS IS STILL STANDING AND NOW ROLLINS LOOKING TO GET A WEPON WAIT TRIPLE H GETS IN THE RING AND IS LOOKING AT DREW MCINTYRE BEFORE HE TURNS HIS ATTENTION TO SETH TRIPLE H JUST HIT A PIDAGREE ON SETH ROLLINS OH MY GOD ROLLINS JUST GOT SCREWED OUT OF THE TITLE And Triple H is leaving the ringside arena and now McIntyre is so confused on what happened but McIntyre is calling for a claymore and he delivers a claymore 1 2 3 its over HERE IS YOUR WINNER AND NEWWW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION DREWWWWWW MCINTYREEEEEEEEEERRRR
  13. NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Nick Aldis vs Marty Scrull(c)=Marty Scrull (If Marty losses he must Pay Nick Aldis a 100,000 dollars) NWA Women’s Championship Match Thunder Rosa(c) vs Melina Vs Allysin Kay=Thunder Rosa NWA World Television Championship Zacky Dice(c) vs Ricky Starks=Zacky Dice NWA National Heavyeight Championship Aron Stevens(c) vs Trevor Murdoch=Aron Stevens NWA Tag Team Championship Open Challenge:Eli Drake and James Storm(c) vs ????=Eli Drake and James Storm Grudge Match:Colt Cabana vs Mr Anderson=Mr Anderson Kamille vs Tasha Steelz=Kamille Wild Card Battle Royal(Final two participants earn spot together in Crockett Cup as a team)Brody King Vs Brian Milonas vs Beer City Brusier vs CW Anderson vs Caleb Konley vs Tim Storm vs vs Matthew Mims vs Danny White Vs Jordan Kingsley=Matthew Mims and Brody King. Bonus Question who is answering James Storms and Eli Drakes Open Challenge? The Revolt
  14. No Mercy card The Miz vs Apollo Crews(c) ic championship match The Club vs The New Day(c) Raw Tag Team Championship Match Jinder Mahal vs Roman Reigns vs John Cena if Jinder wins he gets a raw contract Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss(c) Raw Women’s Championship Match Dolph Ziggler vs Alister Black Seth Rollins/W Triple H vs Drew McIntyre Universal Championship Extreme Rules Match There’s one bonus question. Will Triple H get involved in the main event if so how? And who will he attack Seth Rollins or Drew McIntyre? Please Predict it would mean a lot to me and it would help me with certain things let me know what feuds you want to see at the next raw ppv and please answer the bonus question and enjoy. Smackdowns first ppv isn’t until the week after No Mercy so expect all 3 episodes of Raw Smackdown and NXT this week and the aftermath of both NXT Takeover Seattle and the aftermath of No Mercy this is the matchcard for No Mercy please predict.

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