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  1. Detroit Pistons @ Philadelphia 76ers pregame show after dominating the Celtics the Philadelphia 76ers are looking to go 2-0 on the season this game is presented by global warming and sprite cranberry tip off is at 12:30 or 1:30 can D’lo prove everyone wrong once again? Find out at the game.
  2. As Arrow comes through the center of the stage with a mic in his hand and tape around his ribs after that attack from Steph after they lost to FCE. Riddler you want war? Well guess what you just asked for war and not only war but global warming as well because I’m challenging you for winter warfar which we all know it’s presented by global warming but Riddler you attacked me when I was weak why was that? Because you can’t attack me when I’m looking at you Riddler you think that you can just betray me when you weren’t even up to your feet and then you put a ladder in the ring and dirty deeds me for what the fame? I’ll tell you why because you can’t do it when I’m looking hell I spent more time in the ring than you all you did was do a springboard dropkick but then got superkicked and then you moved out of the way for Bics finisher and then hit a double clothesline and then tag me in because you couldn’t get to your feet and help me out could you but now I’m challenging you for WW in an EXTREME RULES MATCH you think you can avoid me but you can’t now because you done messed up when you attacked me you thought you could go back to your little villain cave? Well guess what your wrong and I’m not leaving this ring till you come out.
  3. HBK Kane Triple H Steve Blackman The Nation of Domination HeadBangers Vader Flash Funk Bonus Questions Owen Hart vs HBK HBK and Owen Hart HBK 5 Owen Hart 4
  4. Arrow and Hans tie up and Hans sends Arrow to the ropes and Hans hits him with a dropkick but it didn’t send Arrow out of the ring as Arrow is just smiling now Hans is confused as hell right now why is Arrow laughing. Arrow and Hans hit each other with a clothesline, Arrow makes the hot tag to Steph and Hans makes the hot tag to Bic Steph comes flying off the middle rope but Bic would counter into a superkick Steph might be out 1 kickout by Steph as Arrow and Hans make there way back up to the ring apron Bic is about to end it but wait Steph hits Bic with a dropkick Bic is smiling but as soon as Bic and Steph run back at each other they would both hit each other with a clothesline and Steph and Bic would make a hot tag and Steph would make the hot tag to Arrow and Bic would make the hot tag to Hans as Hans didn’t see Arrow come out of nowhere with a dropkick but Hans would deliver a superkick of his own to Arrow ultimately sending it down Hans is going to the top rope Bic makes the tag, Hans jumps but Arrow hits Hans with the AKO Steph is still down but Hans isn’t legal as Bic would hit the 1916 into the Cutda Grace 1 2 3 here are you winners FCE but wait why is there a ladder in the ring? Steph put it in the ring but Arrow thinks he’s just going to throw it back out, but wait Steph just betrayed Arrow by hitting a dirty deeds onto the ladder WHAT THE HELL DID STEPH JUST DO? Steph leaves the ring Arrow is slowly getting back up to his feet and Arrow is feeling betrayed.
  5. I’ve been playing NBA2K19 more now because ea can’t fix there severs. #EAFIXYOURSEVERS
  6. Arrow vs Toxik extreme rules. And nice writeup.
  7. As we are in Arrows house as he is still recovering from the attack he got from FCE. Ok so you think that I’m not going to respond to the attack? Your wrong because we all know that I’m your dad on the forums so son you thought you could use your friend to attack me I raised you better than that. So when I kick your ass don’t be crying when you get eliminated first round by me and Steph I will see you tonight kid and I’m going to show you what betrayal truly is but I’m afraid FCE run has come to an end a dead end but there’s still time to change that is there. No because you can’t undo what happened already so I ask the question what does the FCE say?
  8. Hello I’m Arrow and I’m the NXT gm and Icon is the raw gm rosters will be out tonight or tomorrow or some point next week but I’m doing NXT and Icon is doing raw.
  9. My highlight of the year is almost getting my first win and having matches in kayfabe.
  10. Bryan because he’s been outstanding while Joe has been treated like crap in wwe go back to NXT and he’ll be golden but him on the main roster isn’t doing it bruh.
  11. As we are back on carnage we just got breaking news Arrow was discharged from the hospital and he is at home recovering before his match on Friday vs FCE but now we take you to Arrow. Hans you cheeped me and now you will pay the price you son of a bitch you had to cheap shot me to take me down you coward cmmon now your better than that. But on Friday I will kick your ass and I will move on to the next round of the tag team tourney and you will not know what hit you but Hans I will be there on Friday but you can’t cheap me because I’ll have Steph in my corner and when I kick your ass don’t be crying to daddy. Now Hans if your listening, listen to this clear and once you won’t know what happened when your out of the tag team tourney as the camera cuts back to carnage.
  12. Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics As the Philadelphia 76ers would go up on a 15-5 run in the first quarter but its close Philadelphia in the lead 20-18 D’lo Demar And Joel leading da wae for the Philadelphia 76ers 76ers would go up on another 15-5 run but there running away with the game 51-31 halftime In the 3rd Philadelphia 76ers would just hit 3’s going on a 20 point run as they have ran away with this game as they are up 85-58 As the Philadelphia 76ers man handle the Boston Celtics 104-64 D’lo 46 points in his first game with the 76ers leading them to victory from the 3 point lineup.
  13. Thanks for the shout mate I’m thinking about focusing on kayfabe more so I can get the hang of it.

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