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  1. Game 3 and the 2nd away game of the Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers @ Atlanta Hawks At the end of the first the Philadelphia 76ers are up 58-34 Ja Morant has been shooting 3’s and they have been cash money green just like dryamond and the amount of money lebron makes. At halftime the Philadelphia 76ers are up 100-75 as it is Ja Morant running away with this game for the 76ers and it’s going to put Ja Morant on the board for years to come as he just keeps scoring 3’s halftime score is Philadelphia 76ers 100 Atlanta Hawks 75 we will be back after these messages. At the end of the 3rd quarter its the Philadelphia 76ers winning by a lot Ja Morant has passed Wilt Chamberlains 100 points game and he has been hitting them 3’s putting the Philadelphia 76ers up by a huge lead Philadelphia 76ers 144 Atlanta Hawks 119 what an amazing game for Ja Morant. The Philadelphia 76ers destroyed the Atlanta Hawks 189 to 154 and Ja Morant was striking early with his 3’s and more than anyone has made on the team in a single game and he gets player of the game after his performance tonight as the Philadelphia 76ers will move to 3-0 on the season.
  2. Game Two Of The Regular Season Philadelphia 76ers @ Detroit Pistons Philadelphia 76ers are destroying the Pistons from the 3 point line and Ja Morant is making it work for the 76ers in the first quarter Philadelphia 76ers are leading the Pistons 41-38 at halftime Ja Morant has been making threes and he’s been running away with this game for the 76ers. The Philadelphia 76ers are running away with this game as Ja Morant has scored 3’s and more 3’s and he has broken Klay Thompson record for most threes in a game as the 76ers are winning 68-56 The Philadelphia 76ers destroyed the Pistons 88-72 Ja Morant scores the 3’s and he has 71 points what an amazing game for Ja Morant as he helps the 76ers go 2-0 on the season.
  3. This was a garbage ppv including the Rollins/Fiend match it was a dq finish it wasn’t a referee stoppage and it really hurt the fiends character and then they put the title on the fiend at crown jewel and what was the point of having him win the title at the ppv after this one don’t tell me that it was a referee stoppage because it wasn’t a referee stoppage even I know that this ppv gets a 2/10 stars.
  4. Preseason week 1 Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks yes the broncos are coming to Seattle to lose but Seattle has signed Ab and Kelvin Benjamin and a backup qb in Andrew Luck. Enjoy when I post this first game of preseason leave your predictions down below.
  5. Raw episode 4 Welcome to the final raw before Summerslam Lio Rush is going to face Seth Rollins for the US title as well as Randy Orton The ref rings the bell RKO to Rollins wait why is rush leaving the ring 1 2 3 ORTON IS THE NEW US CHAMPION Drew McIntyre sends a message to Orton and Gargano Adam Cole vs Aj Styles The ref rings the bell and then styles clash 1 kickout at 1 towards the ending styles would hit another styles clash for the 1 2 3 And finally two more matches before our main event Ricochet vs John Cena Cena and Ricochet battle it out but it was Ricochet winning after hitting an AAA and our main event is Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns as the ref rings the bell and then SPEAR 1 2 kickout by Drew halfway through the match Roman would hit another spear for the 1 2 3 thank you for watching the final episode of raw before summerslam.
  6. So yes Ik I have a Seahawks diary but I’m making a new one and by the title you probably know what I mean but if you don’t basically Seattle had a good fricking defense and won a sb with that defense and then it all went wrong from there but with the addition of Clowney and Wagner on the same team this could be an impossible defense to stop and with the offense with rookie wr D.K Metcalf the future of Seattle with Locket and Dissly Wilson has a loaded offense and with pre season hopes to make the team they will have to do well in order to impress the coaching staff who also has to prove that there still worthy of coaching the Seahawks with the Seahawks franchise relaying on the coaching staff and the front office they look to add young talent to the team and give them a chance in the preseason who will make the team and who will be out of a job? Find out in week four of the preseason and enjoy the rest of your days.
  7. ArrowGargano


    As Arrow would walk through the center of the stage with a mic in his hand and a kendostick in the other don’t worry I’m not going to attack you just yet but I’m going to say this Bailey I’m not scared of you. And if you think I am that’s a whole load of shit because I’m not really scared of you hell I’m not scared of Bart what’s he going to do because I have a weapon besides me and yes I’m stepping up to you and to you bart because I’m not scared of you and since the medical staff won’t let Brrow enter I’m entering so I have a present in words before I go. A K O will strike on someone in the rumble and I’m hoping it’s one of you two. As Arrow doesn’t leave the ring.
  8. I didn’t feel like typing it in after a while. Lol yuh call me lazy idc but enjoy nonetheless.
  9. Following the match on carnage we hear a theme song hit WAIT THATS ARROW ORTON as Arrow would break Brrows leg and arms before hitting an A K O before he would grab a mic Brrow you have failed this test and no longer will I be needing you worthless piece of shit. And now Arrow Orton is here to stay and Brrow Riddle will no longer be my testing guy but Steph is. Before I go who wants to see me hit another A K O on Brrow? Ok I’m going to do it anyways A K O TO BRROW RIDDLE.
  10. This is so tragic that I want to cry even though I don’t know how much he wrestled but he seemed like an amazing wrestler such a tragic day my thoughts and prayers are with the rocks family.
  11. My honest opinion on this years crossover Ok so first off they kill Oliver in the first episode of the crossover personally that was stupid and then just to bring him back? Also Crisis Aftermath not a fan of how they disrespected Superman like that pissed me off and I shouldn’t have to see that. Now back on with Oliver why the hell would you kill him off in the first episode just to bring him back to life just to die again like that doesn’t make sense and then Lex becoming a good guy? Who in the actual right mind would think that making Lex a good guy be ok is this Smallville? I don’t understand this shit you can’t kill Oliver in the first episode just to bring him back in the arrow episode and then now the hero’s are all on the same earth? Ok I’m fine with that but what I’m not fine with is with how they handle the arrow episode that confused me a lot and I’m still confused on what actually happened. Black Lightning’s first crossover ok it’s confusing as hell and I’m not even sure what the hell he was doing being killed off in the 3rd episode should have been made look strong. Now we come to where I’m going to go off Wtf is up with Oliver being brought back to life just to be killed AGAIN because that’s totally a good idea (not really) Im still deciding if this crossover made sense after the arrow episode because some things didn’t go together and I didn’t understand. Im fine with bebo making an appearance that’s fine with me. As I’m going to close out this rant with what I discussed earlier. OLIVER SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN FRICKING KILLED IN THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE CROSSOVER AND THEN BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE IN THE ARROW EPISODE JUST TO DIE AGAIN THAT MADE NO SENSE TO ME AT ALL. Im hoping that they fix this with next years crossover and actually do better ideas than the one they had with Oliver. Can I get a moment of silence for Oliver Queen he sacrificed his life for everyone else's. Now I’m going to strictly talk about the things that I saw last night First off Oliver should have died in this episode in his own episode not in the first episode of the fucking crossover Im going to rant about this so if you want to stop reading I don’t blame you Oliver deserves better than this bullshit why bring him back just to kill him again. Also why in the hell is Lex a good guy now is this Smallville. Like I’m still confused on what I saw last night. If I don’t get answers I’m going to be pissed. Oliver should have died in his own episode smh. How do you have bebo comeback and make an appearance when he was controlled by a magician. Shadow demons just fuck off with that. Also how’d the Antimonter survive the fight vs Oliver. I have no words on the bullshit. Like come on now even I know that doesn’t make sense. You can’t just kill off the main character TWICE IN ONE CROSSOVER. Ok to end this rant on a positive/negative note I enjoy them being on the same planet. A moment of silence for Oliver Queen. and why did you kill off Oliver twice just why.
  12. Arrow Notes Planet Molues is making a cameo The Monter back then is revealed His Wife is shown Moniter is at the dawn of time The AntiMonter is going to fight the other Moniter Our Parlgons are at vashing points Barry is gone Their Machine breaks Barry just appears Flashbacks of Oliver is shown Oliver appears in the real world Oliver says that the speedforce is their only hope out of vashning point Barry is asking Oliver to help him go to the speedforce Barry is in the speedforce but it’s updated The Flash from Justice League makes an cameo Lex knocks out Kara And he knocks out the paragon of destiny Barry has to save everyone before they fall out of the speedforce Batwomen is in Oliver’s company Oliver meets Kate John is where Oliver and Kara were fighting Barry is at the crossover from last year fight scene Oliver tells Barry that him and Kara were going to die saving the world but Oliver would sacrifice himself so that they wouldn’t die Barry is at John Diggle and Laura’s talking place Lex is meeting the moniter John is talking to Oliver and Kara Kate is talking to Oliver and Rey Palmer Lex vs Kara They are at the Antimonter universe They are about to fight the Antimonter Oliver appears and is pep talking them They are fighting the Antimonter Oliver vs The Antimonter Oliver is shooting blue stuff out of his eyes Oliver defeats the Antimonter Oliver officially dies Oliver and everyone else restarts the universe. DC Legends Of Tomorrow Notes Kara appears on the couch Lex Luthor wins the Nobel Piece Prize A Flash Villain appears in the supergirl city The Universe was restarted but it comes with a twist that Lex Luthor is a good guy Nash Wells is found unconscious Rey Palmer is seen Flash and Supergirl combines Earth Sarah is going to find Oliver only to find out that he was killed twice Katlin finds out that Nash Wells dooms them all Barry and Kara find out that Oliver didn’t make it Beobo makes an cameo appearance (Beobo is from DC Legends Of Tomorrow) Mick Rory is in Star City Siaman The Sourcer is using Beobo There is Anti Manter in Star City A shadow demon shows up The Antimonter is alive They defeat the Antimonter for good this time They have a moment of silence for Oliver Barry reveals a table with chairs with everyone logos on it including Oliver’s Teased Next Crossover.
  13. Questions for tonight’s finale and first episode Will They Escape Can Barry not die? Can The Pargons defeat the antimonter? and will Oliver suit up one last time?
  14. Have you found the contract yet? Im assuming no because it’s still not signed by you so I win my game now I’m going to give you an ass kicking that you deserve to shut your mouth and respect your elders and learn the way of being positive but you don’t understand I never kidnapped your kids and neither did Batman that was for a reason why I said we did because I wanted you to feel the anger. But it seems you haven’t felt that anger yet so here’s the deal come and sign this contract in the ring and I already signed it and then leave the ring and someone will collect it. You have until 7:00 today to sign that contract the match is still official but I’m going to have you know that I will not stop from getting my revenge on you and bring back the thundermans in the future. See you later Steph and don’t be scared of me just keep doing riddles and running away from the truth are you scared to find out what will happen to you when we step in this ring. Before I go and get ready good luck may the best man win. As the carnage screen is back to normal.

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