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  1. We see Riley Emerson walking down to the ring. “Alex Costa I’m not a fucking Baka Baka Baka like you, you’re a estupido so I don’t know who you think you are calling an idiot because it’s not me also congratulations you learned how to swim? Nobody cares and at superfight I will become the new atlas champion unlike you I don’t need to run from you but you need to run from me that’s why you were hiding in that tank because you are scared of me but at superfight you can’t run from me and the whole world will see that you are a fraud when I expose you for the fraud that you are and at superfight Alex I will become the new atlas campeona and there’s not a damn thing you or anyone can do about it.” We see Riley Emerson laughing. “Alex Costa I’m going to end the streak that you have so Alex on September 17th at valor superfight you will be hearing and NEWWWW atlas champion RILEY EMERSON and everyone will finally see how much of a fraud you really are and Alex I will not stop until you are knocked out cold and when my hand is raised and I have the atlas championship in my hands and then you will look like the Baka Baka so Alex I hope you are keeping my championship warm for me.” Riley Emerson is speaking about how she will win the atlas championship when a familiar theme song started playing. Response planned.
  2. We see Riley Emerson in the ring sitting in a chair with a table before she would sign the contract. “Alex Costa, get your ass out here and sign this contract. My name is signed and now it’s time for you to sign because nobody wants to hear you talk about the world championship. That's all you talk about so come on.” Riley would hear that Alex isn’t here. “Injured? Injured? Huh that’s funny because the last time I checked you were fine you are ducking me well at superfight you won’t be able to duck me then when I beat your ass and show you the true definition of injured you are just scared to face me face to face like a bitch no wonder why nobody wants to hear you talk about the world championship because your a bitch so please Alex cut the shit and stop faking that your injured and come out here sign this contract and I will see you at superfight.”
  3. Welcome to Dynamite. Jungle Boy defeated Cody Rhodes after Malakai Black attacked Cody Rhodes when the ref was down and then Black would put Jungle Boy on Cody Rhodes and then would wake up the referee in 15:00. Bryan Danielson defeated Ace Austin by disqualification when Austin got himself disqualified in 10:00. Sammy Guevara defeated Jon Moxley in 16:00 after hitting a top rope cutter. MJF says that he’s going to retire Chris Jericho and remain AEW world champion because nobody can touch him when Jericho called him a stupid fucking bitch. In the main event Adam Cole defeated Jake Hager with the last shot in 19:00.
  4. Welcome to AEW Tough Of The Ring. The winner will get an AEW world championship match on a rampage in the future. Bracket. Cody Rhodes VS Jungle Boy. Ace Austin VS Bryan Danielson. Jon Moxley VS Sammy Guevara. Adam Cole VS Jake Hager. QT Marshall VS Lee Johnson. Brian Pillman JR VS Griff Garrison. Kenny Omega VS Hangman Adam Page. Andrade VS PAC.
  5. Episode 1:What The Fuck Is Going On? We see Riggy and Xylo in their cabins when all the sudden they are scooped out and then they are dropped very hard on their heads Xylo yells WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR and then Riggy says hi to scare the shit out of Xylo and Riggy said I guess it’s just you and me and Xylo said no shit I just wanna go back to camp and relax do you know what’s going on here? And Riggy said no he’s in the same boat as Xylo and Xylo mumbled great. And now these two go on their jolly old way to get their weapons and stuff and Riggy got a very powerful sword called the Loki sword with a shield and armor Riggy would put the armor on and Xylo got a sword called the Hades sword and a shield with armor and Xylo put his armor on and then they were off on their jolly way Riggy said do you hear that? And Xylo said yes I do and then Mors said I’m afraid I can’t let you two go any further unless you beat me and Xylo said what if I stab you right now and Mors said you're welcome to try. Riggy said hi and Xylo said get ready to fight this bastard and Riggy and Xylo after hours and hours of fighting they finally defeated Mors when Xylo stabbed him with the sword of hades. Xylo said Jesus fucking Christ that was a pain in the ass and Riggy said we got through it tho that’s all that matters and Xylo said you know what that’s all that matters now let’s go. To end the episode.
  6. Welcome To All Out. Tony Khan announced that there was another member to the tnt championship match and it was Malakai Black who would end up winning it with the black dragon onto Cody Rhodes in 15:00. Adam Cole defeated Bryan Danielson with the panama sunrise through tables and ladders in 20:00. Andrade defeated Kenny Omega with the hammer ddt in 15:00. PAC defeated Christian Cage with the red arrow in 10:00. The Lucha Brothers defeated The Young Bucks to win the AEW tag team championships when Rey Fenix hit the firedriver for the 3 count onto Matt Jackson in 20:00. MJF defeated Jon Moxley to win the AEW world championship with the salt Of The Earth in 30:00 when Chris Jericho came out and challenged MJF but MJF said that in order to challenge me you have to put your career on the line and Jericho accepted.
  7. This is a fun little idea I had so I decided why not for context Ryggyrstigfridn is from origins of Olympus and so is the name Xylo but we are going to see how many bad guys they can take out together.
  8. We see Riley Emerson in the ring. “Alex you're right I’m not on you’re level because I’m on a level higher than you and all you ever keep blabbering about is that world championship nobody cares about that I can promise you that nobody cares about the world championship right now Alex next week contract signing me and you to make this match official and not hide behind a wall because I’m here waiting for you to do something but your not going to.” We see Riley Emerson laughing. “Alex you keep blabbering about how you’re going to beat me but if you ask me I think you are just talk because that’s all you are is just talk and blabbering about things that just won’t happen because I’m taking that title from you one way or another because you don’t deserve the championship you deserve nothing you stole my spotlight from me and now it’s time I take it back from you nobody will stop me from beating you and talking that championship from you Alex Costa at the end of the day I will be called the new atlas champion.” Riley would leave the ring.
  9. AEW All Out. TNT championship Cody Rhodes VS Jungle Boy VS Ace Austin(C) VS ???. Adam Cole VS Bryan Danielson street fight. Kenny Omega VS Andrade. Christian Cage VS PAC. Lucha Brothers VS Young Bucks(c) hell in the cell tag team championship match. MJF VS Jon Moxley(c) steel cage match works championship match.
  10. Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson are #ALLELITE.
  11. Welcome To Extreme Rules. Dakota Kai defeated Sasha Banks and Carmella to retain the smackdown women’s championship when she pinned Carmella in 20:00 with the go to kick but after the match Bayley would attack Dakota holding up the smackdown women’s championship. MSK defeated The Usos to win the smackdown tag team championships when Wes Lee and Nash Carter hit their finishing move to Jimmy in 21:00. Celtic Bros defeated AJ and Omos to win the RAW tag team championships when Sheamus hit the brokick to AJ for the win in 19:00. Cedric Alexander defeated Bobby Lashely via rollup in 20:00. Damian Priest defeated Ricochet to win the US championship with the reckoning in 18:00. Rhea Ripley defeated Becky Lynch to retain the RAW women’s championship with the riptide in 23:00. Big E defeated Karrion Kross with the big ending to retain the WWE championship. Drew McIntyre defeated Edge with the claymore with a chair on edges head in 20:00. Shoutout To BiC for making this amazing graphic! @Damidog The hype package shows the shield and how they dominated everyone until Seth betrayed Roman and Ambrose and it showed highlights throughout both men’s career including the heist of the century and Romans recent success and then it shows the build up to this match. Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins by making Seth Rollins say that he acknowledges Roman Reigns as the tribal chief when Roman was about to unload with drivebys with steel steps onto Seth Rollins in 30:00. And then Roman Reigns grabs a mic and says who’s next? And then you heard Finn Balors theme song to end the show.
  12. Extreme Rules. Sasha Banks VS Carmella VS Dakota Kai(c) smackdown women’s championship match. The Usos(c) VS MSK smackdown tag team championship match. Celtic Bros VS AJ and Omos(c) RAW tag team championship match. Cedric Alexander VS Bobby Lashely no disqualification match if Cedric wins he’s back in the hurt Business. Damian Priest VS Ricochet(c) US championship match. Becky Lynch VS Rhea Ripley(c) RAW women’s championship match. Drew McIntyre VS Edge no holds barred match. Karrion Kross VS Big E(c) VS Kofi Kingston WWE championship match. Seth Rollins VS Roman Reigns(c) acknowledge me match universal championship match.
  13. Welcome To Smackdown. Roman Reigns says that tonight on the go home show he and the Usos will beat MSK and Seth Rollins. Dakota Kai says that she will beat Sasha Banks and Carmella at Extreme Rules in a triple threat match for the smackdown women’s championship. Apollo Crews defeated Ricochet easily in a 5 second squash match. Britt Baker coming soon. In the Main Event MSK and Seth Rollins defeated The Bloodline when MSK member Wes Lee pinned Jimmy Uso in 20:00.
  14. Buccaneers. Seahawks. Jaguars. Falcons. Chargers. Bills. 49ers. Bengals. Jets. Titans. Chiefs. Dolphins. Broncos. Packers. Rams. Ravens.
  15. We see Riley Emerson at her house. “Alex, you think that whole little rant you did hurts me? If anything you talk like a motivational speaker and you think I want to escape from you? That’s the funniest shit I have ever heard. I'm not scared of you so why would I want to run from you? If anything you should be scared of me you keep seeing me as a walk in the park well guess what Alex I’m not no walk in the park I’m the person who will knock you out with a simple mistake and after superfight you will be looking at your new atlas champion because you are already looking at her right now and I’m not sure why you think I’m scared of you Alex on September 5th at valor superfight I end you for once and for all.” We see Riley Emerson smiling. “Alex I’m not scared of you I have never been scared of you and the fact that you think I’m scared of you is laughable because we all know that you are a fraud the fans know it I know it everyone knows it so Alex I hope you are ready for who you will be stepping in the ring with because I’m not a person you want to underestimate but you keep doing it so keep doing it because I will be laughing when you are no longer atlas champion and I am. When I pin you 1 2 3 and that bell rings Alex you will be crying and you will regret underestimating me because at the end of the day you will no longer be atlas champion after valor superfight you will be hearing ANDDD NEWWW atlas champion Riley Emerson after I beat you Alex everyone will be laughing at you not me see you soon Alex.”

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