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  1. Mine at the moment is Murder On My Mind by YNW Melly.
  2. Ok so this year WWE have said that two celebrities are in the match because they were talking a bit of trash to Braun Strowman. But how will this effect WM35? Also who do you got taking it home and Joining the likes of Cesaro, Big Show,Baron Corbin,oh God no (Mojo Rawley), and Woken Matt Hardy?
  3. Hello there mate my names Mc Chicken Nugget and I love wrestling I've been watch for years. My all time favorite wrestler is The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. But my favorite current wrestler is Dolph Ziggler.
  4. Max Chicken Nugget Figurehead: Dolph Ziggler Gimmick: Straight Up Cocky Show Stealing Type a Guy Aligment: Babyface Backstory: Multiple Time Champion in The UK, Japan, and Mexico Move-set: Superkick(Finisher) Sleeper Hold(Submission) Max HP( C-4) Flying Elbow(Signature) Fighting Style: Technician/Showoff
  5. Name Max Ziggler Born: Jul 29 1998 Set Debut: March 2016 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: American Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Technical Body Type: Muscular Light Heavyweight Moves: Max Power(Superkick) Headshot( Klaymore Kick) Face Gimmick: Underdog Heel Gimmick: Showoff Mask: No Hair: Yes Dolph Ziggler's Little Brother Twitch curtzix

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