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Everything posted by Shadow

  1. After everything i said....Advance warfare is £35.00 i give in gotta get it

  2. went out and bought cod ghosts because i did not want Halo advanced warfare

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    2. Shadow


      Yea that sounds like a better choice but all I got cod for was online ..is it that bad on ghosts?

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  3. oh the rise of troy star is dead again:\

    1. Joh


      dude,don't give up on this one. Just wait and the diary will eventually get the attention it deserves

    2. Shadow


      Never give up :-)

  4. It is clear thanks to voting that I will start a diary about my own wrestling company. But I am going away till Saturday night so here is a little thing to keep you excited.... http://imgur.com/rsNalux

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    2. BrendenPlayz
    3. CobheadJake


      First one is better, second one looks like a smaller and less intimidating Baron Corbin

    4. Shadow


      Cheers guys :)

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  5. Will the shop stock be updated anytime soon?

    1. BrendenPlayz


      what wrestlers do you want and ill update it

    2. Shadow


      Matt Sydal, jimmy havoc, ACH (If any of these are in the shop sorry I missed them)

  6. Want to start a wrestling diary so please come and vote http://strawpoll.me/3576600

    1. Shadow


      Cheers man I think I will leave it up till Monday

  7. Want to start a wrestling Diary so please vote in the comments below

  8. New picture

    1. Prince


      Looks awesome.

    2. Shadow


      Yea I did not notice it went up twice

  9. WWE diary in the works

  10. I want to change my name to shadow but I'm just 100 BPZ $ off can anyone help

    1. Marvsta


      Just sent you 100 BPZ Mate

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